Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami head onto the pier. EJ tells her that the drop-off point is right here. Just then, Rafe walks over. He asks the two what they are doing at the pier. Sami fidgets. Rafe notices the suitcase EJ is carrying, and asks what is inside.

In Arianna’s room above the pub, Arianna tends to Brady’s wound, insisting that he go to the hospital. He refuses, even thought she thinks he needs stitches. She then decides to bandage the cut up herself. He claims he is fine, but Arianna reminds him that he saved her life tonight, and she wants to take care of him for a change. She starts to head off for the bandage, but Brady stops her with a kiss.

Outside the Java Café, Troy argues with his hit man over the phone, reminding him that they had a two-strikes-you’re-out policy. Troy claims that Arianna is now his problem, as he is going to finish her off himself.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope runs into Vivian in the foyer. She says she is on her way out, and Vivian admits she is glad Hope is keeping busy, as she heard about Carly and Bo. She guesses that Hope is going out of her mind. Hope snaps that she would rather not talk about it. Vivian agrees that talk is cheap. She then suggests that Hope go after Carly with everything she’s got and really make Carly pay for what she has done.

Outside Maggie’s house, Bo asks Carly what happened. Just as Melanie walks outside, Carly tells Bo that she played this all wrong, and that she has to tell her the truth. Melanie scoffs, demanding to know if the two of them are talking about her.

Rafe again asks EJ and Sami what is in the suitcase. Neither of them answers. Rafe demands to know what is going on.

Back inside Maggie’s place, Melanie asks Bo and Carly again why they were talking about her. Carly agrees to tell Melanie the truth, though Bo protests.

At her hideout, Anna assures Sydney that them having to hide out like this won’t go on forever. She vows that all of this will be resolved at some point soon. She stares off into space worriedly.

EJ tells Rafe that he just has a change of clothes and some toiletries in the bag, as he is planning on taking a trip. Rafe is surprised he is leaving town, since Sydney is still missing, but EJ reminds him that he has one of the latest communication devices. Sami interrupts, saying that she is cold. She asks Rafe to take her home, but he refuses, saying that they’re going to stay here until they both tell him what is going on. Sami sweats.

Arianna and Brady kiss after having made love. Brady sighs, saying he can’t stop thinking of seeing that SOB with a gun in Arianna’s face. She reminds him that everything is fine now, thanks to him. He sighs, admitting that he would like to stay here all day, but he can’t, as Melanie called and apparently needs him urgently. Arianna asks him to tell Melanie that she’ll call her later. He agrees and heads off for the shower. Just then, Roman calls Arianna. He tells her they have to talk, as there’s a big problem. She gulps.

Carly explains to Melanie that they were talking about Bo’s wife, not her. Melanie wonders what more the two could be keeping from Hope, since she already knows they’re sleeping together. Carly asks Melanie to let her talk, but she barrels over her, gasping and asking Bo if he has never heard of birth control. He tells her to shut up and let someone else talk, but Melanie ignores him, accusing Carly of being pregnant. Bo and Carly gape as Melanie asks Carly if it wasn’t enough to just sleep with Hope’s husband without ending up carrying his child too. Carly stares in shock. Bo shakes his head.

Hope asks Vivian if she is advising her to take revenge. Vivian nods, saying that it isn’t as if Carly borrowed some sugar and forgot to return it—she borrowed her husband and took him to bed. Hope frowns. Vivian remembers that Hope doesn’t want to discuss it, but Hope thinks it may be good to vent. She then tells Vivian that ever since Carly came to town, she has had the feeling that she and Bo were keeping some deep dark secret from her. Vivian wonders what it could be. Hope claims she has no idea and asks if Vivian has any clue, but she says she doesn’t. Hope smirks, promising Vivian she will be the first to know if she finds out anything. Vivian asks Hope to forgive her for being so tactless, but Hope hugs her, saying that she knows Vivian didn’t mean to hurt her. Vivian agrees, saying that her heart is with Hope, as what she is going through is both painful and humiliating. Hope heads out the door. On the stoop, she flashes back to ransacking Vivian’s room with Justin’s help. She remembers finding the wooden puzzle box and comes back to the present, telling herself that both Vivian and Bo know something, and she is the only on in the dark. She vows not to be that way for long and heads off with purpose. Inside, Vivian calls Gus, asking him to come to the mansion immediately.

EJ doesn’t think Rafe interrogating him and Sami this way is called for. Rafe abruptly asks EJ where is going on his trip. EJ stammers, saying he has to go to Chicago for business. Rafe retorts that the pier isn’t on the way to the airport, and then asks Sami why she is here. She fidgets, saying she was on her way to pick up Johnny, and ran into EJ. Rafe thinks it’s a little early to be getting Johnny. Sami claims she was doing some shopping. Rafe reminds her sternly that the only store around here is a hardware store. Sami, deflated, says she would rather talk about this someplace else, but EJ throws his hands in the air, telling Sami that Rafe wouldn’t be interrogating them if he didn’t know what was going on, so they had better tell the truth. Sami hesitates. EJ again urges her to tell Rafe the truth.

Vivian shows Gus the restraining order Bo had filed against her, explaining that he will have to be her eyes and ears and follow Carly around. She also asks him to look out for any young girl that could be Carly’s child. Gus thought Vivian already knew who it was. She claims she is fairly sure it’s that McCormick girl, but there may be a possibility she’s made a mistake. Gus is surprised she was wrong, but Vivian snaps at him not to use that word in connection with her. He apologizes, asking if she has any other girls in mind. Vivian nods, saying she has a few ideas.

Carly assures Melanie that she isn’t pregnant, but Melanie wonders why she should believe her, since there’s nothing else she could really be keeping from Hope. Bo suggests the two leave and Melanie remarks that now Bo can go cheat on his wife some more. Bo wonders if she ever stops running her mouth. Melanie isn’t finished yet, saying that she ought to keep Philip away from Carly, since she has a thing for Kiriakis men and might go all cougar on him. She gasps, asking if that is why Carly didn’t want her to get married. Carly says that isn’t the reason, of course, and that she just wanted to make sure Melanie didn’t get hurt. Melanie flies in to a rage over Carly caring about her and what she thinks of her. She shrieks that she can’t figure out why Carly just won’t leave her alone and let her live her life.

At EJ’s urging, Sami reluctantly tells Rafe about the ransom note they received, stating explicitly that they were to tell no one about it, especially Rafe, as he is involved with the FBI. Sami then explains that the person that has Sydney is indeed a woman and that she talked to both her and Sydney over the phone. Rafe asks when they got the note, and Sami explains the first one came on Christmas night. EJ jumps in, saying that they knew nothing at that point--until they received a note demanding five million dollars in the next letter. Sami nods, saying they received the note with the drop-off location just about an hour ago. She says miserably that she wanted to tell Rafe everything, but the woman told her not to. Rafe ignores her and instructs EJ to take the suitcase to the drop site. EJ heads off. Sami is surprised Rafe is going to go along with this. He tells her to go home and wait for him there, taking out his phone. Sami gasps, saying that he can’t call the FBI, as he might get Sydney killed. Rafe ignores her. Sami sighs worriedly.

Downstairs at the pub, Arianna wails that Roman can’t pull the plug on the undercover operation. She reminds him shakily that she will go back to prison, wondering if he is ok with that. He claims she knows he isn’t. She angrily reminds him of everything she has done and begs him hysterically not to let all the work she has done go to waste. Roman says he told his higher-ups the same thing, but it didn’t do any good. Arianna begs Roman for one more chance. He sighs, saying that he wishes he could help her. He adds that he has done all he can, and he can do nothing more. He apologizes as she panics.

Melanie snaps that Carly’s phony interest in her is starting to freak her out. Bo demands that Melanie not speak to Carly that way. Melanie demands that Carly back out of her life, as they aren’t friends, and don’t even know each other. Bo reminds Melanie that she has made a lot of snap judgments about Carly without knowing anything about her, and that she has been nothing but disrespectful and rude, even before she knew about his and Carly’s relationship. Melanie asks Carly nastily if she told her boyfriend that she was being mean to her. She adds that that just reinforces her feeling that Carly is too involved in her personal life and is becoming creepy. Just then, Brady shows up. Bo suggests that he and Carly go, and the two hurry off as Melanie glares after them. Brady asks what is going on, and Melanie complains about Carly not leaving her alone. Brady stares in surprise as Melanie admits she hopes her disrespectful attitude will convince Carly to take the hint and stay out of her life.

Maggie and Hope meet at the Java Café. Maggie explains that she can’t stay long, as she has to get home and fix Alice her lunch. Hope thought Melissa was with her. Maggie says she is, but she is worried about Alice, as she is very fragile right now, and the slightest thing can set her off. Hope asks about Maggie and how she is doing. She claims she is fine. Hope sighs, saying she knows how strong ands stoic Maggie is, but the real reason she asked her here is so that someone would worry about her for fifteen minutes instead of the other way around. Maggie explains that she doesn’t want the focus to be on her, as she isn’t the needy type, and would rather spend her time caring for Alice and Melissa. Hope thinks she is just avoiding dealing with what she is going through, and warns Maggie that she will have to deal with it eventually. Maggie then abruptly asks Hope if that is what she is doing—focusing on her so she doesn’t have to deal with her marriage.

Sami begs Rafe not to involve the FBI, as it may get Sydney killed. Rafe assures her coldly that Sydney is his top priority, and that he will get her home safely. He then asks EJ to get Sami out of there. EJ pulls her off by the arm. Sami wonders what they are going to do. EJ says they are going to do whatever Rafe tells them. He takes Sami by the arm and heads off around the corner as she protests.

Anna tells Sydney that she has to leave her. She adds that she hates doing it, but it can’t be helped. She asks Sydney to be good. Sydney munches a cracker and stares up at her.

Carly and Bo head into Carly’s room at the inn. She sighs, saying that could have gone better, and wonders why everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be wrong. Bo thinks they should talk about something else. Carly asks him angrily if he really expects her to drop the subject after years of looking for her daughter. Bo just thinks Carly should stop beating up on herself, since she tried to forge some kind of relationship with Melanie, and she would have none it of it. He adds that he thinks Carly needs to let it go. She agrees that she will for the moment, especially considering that Vivian is in the picture, but she wonders how long she really has to let this go. Bo doesn’t think it will be for long, but she reminds him that Vivian is after her and her child, and won’t stop. Bo thinks there are ways to expose Vivian and force her to stop. Carly wishes she could believe that. Bo asks her to have a little faith, reminding her that he said he would be there for her. She then thanks Bo for stopping her today, since she nearly told Melanie the truth. She adds that she thinks Melanie deserves better than her for a mother since she just gave birth to her and gave her away. Bo asks her to stop, but Carly thinks Melanie is going to hate her even more once she finds out, and will want nothing more to do with her.

Hope claims that she is focused on Maggie because she loves her, and because her own problems seem petty compared to Maggie’s. Maggie wonders if Hope really wants to help her. She says she does, of course, and Maggie begs Hope to let her help her. Hope chuckles, saying that she loves Maggie, but she’s impossible. Maggie reminds her of the way they talked before Hope found out about Bo and Carly. She thinks Hope wanted Bo back very badly. Hope admits she did. Maggie wonders if she still feels that way.

Anna shows Sydney a baby monitor, saying that Benny outside will have it, and will come running if she cries. Anna then promises to be back as soon as she can.

Back at the DiMera mansion, an FBI agent looks over the ransom notes and puts them in a baggie to take back to the lab. Rafe asks for Sami and EJ’s phones. EJ protests, but Rafe takes them anyway, telling the other agent to get them processed and try to get a trace on any incoming calls. The man promises to give Rafe a call later and heads off. Rafe gets a phone call just then. He thanks the person and hangs up, telling Sami and EJ that everything is ready at the drop site. Sami just prays nothing else goes wrong. Rafe glares, saying that he wasted weeks turning his wheels and chasing false leads because he was lied to. He sneers, saying sarcastically that he sure hopes nothing else goes wrong. Sami sighs.

Arianna decides that there must be something she can do, vowing that she won’t go back to prison. Roman admits that he wishes there were something she could do. She pleads with him to let her talk to the higher-ups. Roman agrees to set up a conference call, but warns her that it won’t change anything. She thanks him profusely as he counsels her to make this work, as he wants this as much as she does. He then promises to be in touch and heads off. Arianna sighs worriedly.

Outside, Troy peers in through the window and vows that tonight is the night, and Arianna is going down.

Melanie tells Brady that she plans on asking Arianna to be her maid of honor. She asks Brady not to say anything to her, and he promises not to. She then admits that she wants Brady for a favor, too. He jokes that he won’t be a bridesmaid, but she explains that she wants him to give her away. She tells Brady that she wanted to ask Mickey before, but she can’t, and Max is tied up in London. Brady stares. Melanie jokes that he shouldn’t get too excited. Brady stammers. Melanie pouts, guessing that he thinks her marrying Philip is a big mistake, and that she is just a total screw-up. Brady stammers some more.

Carly begs Bo not to try to give her a pep talk and convince her that she is a good mom, and that when Melanie understands why she gave her up, she’ll forgive her instantly. Bo says that that isn’t what he was going to say, and again tells Carly that she has to stop beating up on herself, as she only gave up her daughter to protect her. Bo reminds her that she has made every effort to reconnect with Melanie, but Carly sighs, saying they’ve all failed miserably. Bo tells her gently that Melanie has had a tough life and that she can be defensive and angry. Carly moans that it’s almost as if Melanie knows she is the reason her life is so screwed up. Bo tells Carly that the only reason Melanie even had a chance at life was because Carly was selfless and gave her up. He knows her life wasn’t perfect, but Carly did the best she could. Carly then admits that seeing Melanie doesn’t bring her relief; it only brings back the pain she felt when she had to give her up. She adds that thought she had healed and worked through it, but she was wrong.

Vivian snaps at Gus, wondering how making her feel inadequate is going to help matters. He apologizes as she rages that she can’t answer his passive-aggressive questions without some information. She then informs Gus that she needs a birthrate so she can have some facts. Gus promises to do his best. Vivian grumbles that this restraining order stopped her in her tracks. She vows to get rid of Bo and the restraining order, and then Carly and her horrid little girl will be all hers.

Sami begs Rafe to understand as EJ heads off to the foyer to give the two some privacy. Sami tries to apologize to Rafe, but he tells her to hold off until they get Sydney back safely. Sami wonders if they will, since the kidnapper made it clear that she wasn’t to involve the police or FBI. Rafe glares, asking her pointedly to trust him for once. Sami sighs.

EJ leaves Anna a frantic message over the phone in the foyer, telling her that Rafe Hernandez knows everything, and that she must call him back immediately.

Brady says that he never said that Melanie was a screw-up. She thinks he should be more excited about giving her away. He claims he is, but that he is concerned about her rushing into this. Melanie doesn’t want to hear it, but Brady reminds her that she was excited about being a nursing student, and was even in the top of her class. He wonders why she would want to take a long honeymoon with Philip and give all of that up. Melanie then remembers that a friend of hers got a leave of absence from Dr. Jonas. Since he is on the board, and she helped save Chloe’s life, he might give her one, too. Brady thinks it’s a good idea to ask. Melanie then asks if Brady will agree to give her away. He says he will, and she hugs him ecstatically, thanking him. Melanie then decides to call the hospital and set up a meeting with Dr. Jonas, saying that the only downside to all of this is that she has to work with Dr. Monster. Brady asks if that is Carly and Melanie nods. Brady then demands to know what her problem is with Carly and why she hates her so much. Melanie asks Brady to give her one reason not to.

Carly stares at a baby photo of Melanie, telling Bo that she didn’t want to ever let her go after staring into her big blue eyes for the first time. She blames herself, wishing she had been more determined to keep Melanie, but Bo asks her to stop second-guessing herself. Carly thanks him for being so supportive and grabs her coat, saying that she has to get to work. She admits that she is being selfish, as she just wants to love Melanie and be her mother, but she had better face facts that that is probably never going to happen. She then heads off. Bo tells himself that Carly is wrong, and that he will make sure it happens.

Anna’s phone, which she has left behind at the hideout, rings. Sydney stares up at it.

EJ leaves Anna another message, saying that it is imperative that she call him back on the special number he gave her.

Sami assures Rafe that she wanted to tell him about the ransom note, and nearly did, but then she spoke to Hope, who told her that she and Bo should have just paid the ransom the kidnappers asked for so that Ciara wouldn’t be as traumatized as she is. Sami says tearfully that she is just scared, and then wonders how Rafe found her. She demands to know if he had her followed. He admits he did. Sami snaps that she obviously wasn’t the only one in the relationship that wasn’t trusting. EJ walks in as Rafe admits that she is right, but reminds her that he was right not to trust her. Sami is taken aback.

Arianna is on the phone with someone named Caesar, begging him to back her up and tell everyone about the progress she has already made. She then hangs up quickly as she notices Troy walking in. She asks what is going on, and Troy explains that he needs to set up a meeting, as something big is going down. Excited, Arianna asks what is going on. Troy promises to tell her more later, and asks if they can meet in her room, as the boss might show up. Arianna, even more thrilled, wonders if they can meet in half an hour. Troy readily agrees. Arianna smiles, saying that is just perfect.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian greets him, telling him that she was just working on some plans for Philip and Melanie’s wedding. She knows Brady is good friends with Melanie, and tells him that she’d like some more information about her, since she is marrying her son. Brady reminds her that Philip isn’t her son, but Vivian waves him off, saying that she carried Philip for nine moths, and that he is her son, so she’d like to know more about her future daughter-in-law. Brady groans as Vivian pumps him for information about Melanie’s likes and dislikes, claiming that she wants to know everything.

Melanie heads into Daniel’s office. Since he isn’t around, she takes a seat and makes herself comfortable, putting her feet up on the desk. Carly heads in just then. Surprised, Melanie asks what she is doing here. Carly explains that Daniel is in emergency surgery, and she is supposed to take something over for him involving a student nurse. Melanie groans, saying that that would be her. Carly grins, asking what she can do for her.

Hope claims that her feelings don’t matter anymore, but Maggie disagrees. Hope thinks it’s too late, as Bo is in love with someone else, but Maggie knows that Bo doesn’t love Carly. She then tells Hope that Bo loves her, and that she should take advice from someone who knows how fleeting love can be. She urges Hope to tell Bo how she feels, and to not waste another second.

EJ asks if something is wrong as Rafe gets a phone call. He excuses himself to the foyer as EJ frets, wondering what they are going to do, as they were instructed not to tell Rafe. Sami curses the instructions, claiming that they should have told Rafe all along, as he may have been able to do something. EJ reminds her that she has no idea if that would have made a difference, but Sami wails that at least then her boyfriend wouldn’t hate her. EJ snaps that he understands she’s upset that this didn’t work out, but this isn’t about her and her boyfriend. Sami still thinks Rafe could have helped, and moans that it kills her knowing that they will never be sure if they did the right thing or not. EJ apologizes as Rafe comes in, informing the two that someone as been spotted at the pier, approaching the money.


Kate grabs Vivian’s arm, “Don't you ever refer to him as your son ever again.” Vivian exclaims, “Ow!”

Bo says, “Our marriage is over.”

Melanie asks Carly, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

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