Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/10

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Carly wails to Bo that he should have seen the coldness in her daughter’s eyes, and claims that just being around seems to make her angry. Bo tries to soothe her, but Carly says that her daughter, Melanie, hates her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Vivian if her deduction is that Mia is Carly’s daughter. She nods. He reminds her that this is the same girl that was involved in that baby switch with Nicole and Sami, but Vivian waves him off, saying that she couldn’t care less about the history, as she wants some applause for her ingenuity. Victor rolls his eyes, saying that he needs a drink. Vivian thinks Mia and Carly look alike, but Victor disagrees, saying they don’t have the same coloring or bone structure. Vivian thinks Mia might look like her mystery father, whoever the home-wrecking swine is. Victor thinks Vivian might be dead wrong. She admits she isn’t certain that that wimpy Mia is Carly’s daughter, but she still thinks it’s a good guess. Victor reminds her that she said she was 99% sure. Vivian retracts her statement, adding that she has something to show him before he gets any more pessimistic. She then pulls a small black object out of her purse, showing it to Victor and explaining that it’s a tracking device. Victor reminds her using that is risky business, but Vivian thinks it’s worth the risk now that she knows what she is looking for.

In the living room at Maggie’s place, Melanie picks up a photo of Mickey and Maggie and confides in Mia that she doesn’t think all of this has hit Maggie yet. She wonders what will happen when her daughters go home and the phones stop ringing. She then adds that Melissa and Sarah are both sweet. Mia agrees, adding that they are lucky. Melanie nods, saying that it would be amazing to have a mother like Maggie, one who supports you and is always there to raise your spirits. Mia asks about Melanie’s mom. Melanie stares, shocked. Mia reminds her that she never talks about her, and asks Melanie what she is like.

Bo tells Carly that he thinks she is overreacting, as Melanie can be a complicated girl, and is sometimes defensive. Carly asks how well Bo knows her, but all Bo will say is that he has had a couple of run-ins with her. He assures Carly that Melanie is aggressive with most people, not just her. Carly guesses he means that Melanie is rude and obnoxious. She tells Bo about the rock she saw on Melanie’s finger, and Melanie informing her that she was marrying Philip Kiriakis. Bo, shocked, wonders what those two are thinking. Carly guesses that this makes things worse. Bo ruefully agrees.

At her place, Sami leaves EJ a frantic voicemail, reminding him that it has been 24 hours since she last heard from him, and she isn’t sure how much longer she can take this. She cries that they haven’t heard from the kidnappers, and she hasn’t heard from him, and she needs him to call her back right away. Sami hangs up with a sigh.

At Anna’s hideout, EJ shows Sydney that her mother is calling. Anna is surprised that EJ refuses to put Sami out of her misery, but EJ laughs gaily and puts the phone away, deciding to make her suffer a little longer. Anna is worried, but EJ ignores her, opening a book and preparing to read Sydney her favorite nursery rhyme. Anna tries to interrupt, but EJ snaps at her to stop badgering him. Anna reminds him worriedly that he is completely ignoring Sami, and she worries he may do something to make Sami and Rafe suspicious. EJ continues to ignore her.

Rafe heads into Sami’s house. She asks if he has any news. He sighs, reminding her that every time he questions EJ, she jumps to his defense. Sami says that doesn’t matter now and asks Rafe what his point is. Rafe then explains that something has happened for sure. Sami, confused, asks what that means. Rafe confides in Sami that he thinks EJ is keeping something from them, and that EJ isn’t with them.

EJ explains to Anna that Sami deceived him first, and that he is just returning the favor. Anna frets that the whole thing makes her nervous now that the FBI is involved. EJ sighs. Anna reminds EJ that he told her that Rafe was clever, and she fears that Rafe may have tripped him up already over the money conversation he had with Stefano. EJ claims that isn’t possible.

Sami asks Rafe what has happened and he tells her about EJ selling off his DiMera stock at a loss and claiming that he just wants to get rid of any assets connected to the DiMeras. Rafe also tells Sami about Stefano’s warning. She flies off the handle, asking Rafe how he could trust Stefano after everything he has done. She also wonders how he could choose to listen to Stefano when her daughter’s safety is at stake. Rafe tries to soothe her, saying that he never said he believed Stefano; he is just concerned. Sami grumps that Stefano has some nerve talking that way about EJ. Rafe thinks Sami is overreacting, but she shrieks that this is her daughter’s life they’re discussing. Rafe says he knows that, but he suspects that something else is going on. He asks Sami if she wants to tell him what that is. She sweats.

Chad heads into the pub and greets one of the waitresses. She tells Gabi that she has company and heads off for the kitchen. Chad didn’t realize that Gabi was working here. She says she isn’t, but is helping her sister out with some things before they open up this afternoon. Just then, the ice machine whirrs and makes an awful grinding sound. Gabi moans. Chad says he’s got it and heads over to fix it.

Melanie says she doesn’t talk about her mother, and can’t, because her mother died when she was a little girl. Mia apologizes for bringing it up. Melanie sighs, admitting that her father raised her, which was about as bad as it got, since he was angry and always took it out on her. She explains that he is dead now, and was the only family she had until she met her brother Max. Mia apologizes again, as she knows Max isn’t in town anymore. Melanie admits that she misses him and tells Mia tearfully that she has been thinking about her mom lately and how things might be different if she were around. She then tries to laugh it off, saying that there’s no use in thinking of what might have been.

Bo tells Carly that he knew Melanie and Philip were involved, but he had no idea that they had plans to get married. Carly says that her concern is Vivian, and Bo agrees. Carly shakes her head, reminding Bo that Melanie and Vivian could end up living in the same house, and that would make her daughter more vulnerable than ever. Bo thinks that Melanie being Philip’s wife may stop Vivian, but Carly disagrees, saying that Vivian will stop at nothing to avenge Lawrence. Carly then decides that she has to see Melanie. Bo is surprised, but Carly explains that the only reason she is in town at all is because of Melanie, and she has only spent about five minutes total with her. Carly decides to go see her right away. Bo sighs.

Sami tells Rafe that nothing is going on, and that she just gets upset when Stefano’s name is mentioned. Rafe sighs, saying that Sami seems upset. She explains hysterically that her daughter has been kidnapped, and it’s harder to be hopeful with every day that goes by. Rafe claims he understands and apologizes. Sami sighs, begging Rafe to quit interrogating her and asking questions about EJ, but Rafe says ruefully that he can’t do that. Sami sighs.

EJ suggests sarcastically that he and Anna pack it in, since Sami and Rafe are so smart that it’s impossible to outfox them. Anna retorts that she is involved in this too, and has a right to know what is going on. EJ snaps that she doesn’t have the right to insult his intelligence. He reminds her that he has orchestrated this scheme perfectly and that his every move has been executed seamlessly. He adds that his next move is just as flawless. Anna asks what that is. EJ starts to tell her, but his eyes bug out of his head as he shouts, “Sydney!”

Chad finishes fixing the ice machine. Gabi thanks him as he explains that they go haywire over at Java, too. She thanks him again, saying that her sister would have been angry if she had had to deal with it. Chad jokes lightly that Gabi is forever in his debt now. She chuckles. Chad then gets serious, saying that he doesn’t blame her for being thrown by the whole thing with the baby and Mia. He vows that he isn’t the same guy as he was back then and that he is really trying to be a better person. Gabi claims she never thought he was a jerk. Chad asks if they can be friends. Gabi agrees that they can be friends, but that is all, since she can tell that he is still into Mia.

Will heads into Maggie’s place and greets Mia. She guesses he got her text and he nods, reminding her that she made it sound like an emergency. Melanie heads in and greets him as Mia suggests they go somewhere else to talk, since she needs to get out of the house and away from all the photos of Mickey and Maggie. Will suggests they go to Java, and Mia agrees. The two head off. Melanie picks up a photo of Mickey and Maggie and remembers telling Mia how wonderful it would be to have a mom like Maggie that supported you and loved you. Melanie looks at the photo and sobs.

Bo thinks Carly should think this through, but she claims that she is tired of waiting for the right time. He asks if she is going to Maggie’s and she nods, saying that she needs to apologize for that inappropriate scene she had with Hope. She then reminds Bo that she may not have another chance to do this, since Melanie has quit nursing school and is marrying Philip. Bo tells her that he supports her if this is really what she feels she has to do. Carly says she doe, and asks him to wish her luck. Bo thinks she knows he does.

EJ excitedly declares to Anna that Sydney is walking. Sydney grins from her play pen and holds onto the rails, tottering a few more steps. EJ tells Anna that this is what all of this is all about. He adds that he always wanted to be there for these kind of ‘firsts’—the ones that he missed out on with Johnny. He then vows that he won’t let his pleasure be undermined by certain other people. Anna asks if he is talking about his father, Nicole and Sami. EJ nods, claiming that all three forfeited the right to participate in Sydney’s life. Thrilled that he gets to have all the ‘firsts’ this time, he picks Sydney up and squeezes her, telling her how clever she is.

Rafe asks Sami why she gets so defensive every time he brings up EJ or Stefano. Sami claims that it’s just because she wants to focus on bringing Sydney home, as that is all that matters. Rafe claims that is all he wants, too. He then asks Sami to trust him and believe that the two of them are in this together. Sami swears that she does believe that.

Victor chuckles, wondering if Vivian plans on walking up to Carly and asking her if she can attach the tracking device to her. Vivian retorts that she is sure that Carly is tracking her long-lost daughter, hoping to bond with her, and in the process, Carly is going to lead her straight to the child.

Chad claims that he and Mia are over, and that she is with Will now, but Gabi reminds him that he asked Mia to the dance. Chad says that was a mistake, and that he realizes now that Mia is too mopey and depressed to be his type. He adds that he likes fun and funny girls like Gabi. Gabi replies that he hardly knows her, and claims that she has to get back to work. Chad offers to help, but she says that he has done enough, and that she will see him in school. Chad asks her to meet with him sooner—just as friends. Gabi hesitates. Cha suggests they make some sort of plan.

Vivian heads into the foyer and puts on her coat, calling out for Victor to wish her luck. She opens the door to find Bo standing outside. He grins, saying she is just the person he wants to see. Vivian claim she is busy, but Bo says it can’t wait.

Carly shows up at Maggie’s. Melanie answers the door and tells her Maggie isn’t here, but Carly explains that she came to see Melanie.

Sami tries to explain to Rafe how confusing things have been for her, but his phone interrupts. He answers, promises to be there right away, and hangs up. Sami asks if it is about Sydney, but Rafe explains that there was an armed robbery at the pub, and Arianna was involved. Sami asks frantically if she and her grandmother are alright, and Rafe nods, saying that everyone is fine, but he has to get over there. He promises to call her, grabbing his coat and rushing out. Just then, Sami gets a call from EJ, who is back at the DiMera mansion. She snatches up the phone, laying into him for not calling. She then explains that she thinks she and EJ are doing the wrong thing, as they haven’t heard from the kidnappers. EJ says he just did, and asks Sami to come over immediately—alone. She agrees ad hangs up. EJ chuckles, telling himself that it’s time to let the games begin.

Carly tells Melanie that she wanted to apologize about her confrontation with Hope, claiming that she really only came by to offer her condolences to Maggie. Melanie reminds Carly that she slept with Hope’s husband, and couldn’t have expected her to be warm and fuzzy, but Carly swears she had no idea Hope would be here. Melanie reminds her incredulously that Mickey is Hope’s uncle. Carly claims she thought Hope would be somewhere else. Melanie sighs and shakes her head, saying that doesn’t justify Carly murdering her husband and sleeping with someone else’s. Carly wishes Melanie wouldn’t judge her until she knows all the circumstances. Melanie claims she doesn’t care and wonders why she needs to know why Carly does the horrible things she does. Carly sighs.

At the Java Café, Mia admits to Will that she said some confusing things to Gabi in regards to Chad, and she hates herself for hurting Will’s feelings. She adds that she screwed up, and claims that she has learned from it. She tells Will that she now realizes he is the only guy for her and she hopes that he will give her another chance. Will kisses her, saying that she knows he will.

Gabi agrees to make plans with Chad, and he tells her that he is meeting some friends at Java later. He suggests that she stop by, and she agrees to do so. Excited, Chad heads off, promising to see her soon. As he heads out, Rafe heads in, giving him a questioning look. Gabi explains that Chad didn’t know they were closed. Rafe asks worriedly if Gabi is here alone, but she says Sharon is in the back. He asks about Arianna, and Gabi says she is at the police station, filling out paperwork. Gabi assures Rafe that she is fine, and just a little rattled. Gabi then asks for news on Sydney, but Rafe says there isn’t any. Gabi thinks the whole thing is sad and horrible, as only someone with no heart would kidnap a child.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami looks over the ransom note EJ claims to have received. It instructs the two to wait for a phone call, and then bring the money to the drop-off point indicated in the phone call. EJ thanks God he already got the money, and Sami agrees. She then worries that the kidnappers might not return Sydney, and she suggests that they tell Rafe what is going on. EJ asks if she is insane, reminding her that their daughter’s life is hanging in the balance. He adds that they both agreed not to involve Rafe. Sami declares that she has changed her mind, and that she plans to tell Rafe, as she is sure that he can help them. EJ wonders why she is having a sudden change of heart now that they are so close to getting Sydney back. Sami again claims she is convinced that Rafe can help them. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Anna. In a disguised voice, she asks if Sami has the money. She gulps, saying she does. Anna asks her to listen carefully.

Will tells Mia that he ought to go check in with his dad, and she agrees, offering to walk him to his car. As they get ready to go, Tad and Kinsey walk in. Kinsey promptly announces that Mia’s eyes look puffy. Mia informs her that someone she cared about just passed away. Kinsey retorts that Mia cries when it’s cloudy outside. Tad asks her to be quiet, telling her that Will’s uncle died. Kinsey babbles that she heard he just keeled over. Tad asks her again to be quiet and tells Will how sorry he is, as his uncle seemed like a nice guy. Kinsey changes the subject, asking why Will and Mia are together, as she heard they had broken up. Mia informs Kinsey that they are back together just as Chad walks in. Kinsey breaks the news to him about Will and Mia, declaring that the news is heart-warming, to say the least. Chad frowns, congratulating the two. Kinsey and Tad head off for a table as Kinsey suggests that Mia try tea bags for her eyelids. Will decides that he and Mia should leave, and the two head off. Just then, Chad gets a text message. His eyes light up as he exclaims in disbelief.

Melanie admits that she was harsh with Carly earlier, and shouldn’t have called her names. Carly claims she gets it as Melanie explains that the thought of anyone having anything in mind other than Mickey and Maggie just made her sick. She adds that she has cooled down some, and won’t lash out at Carly anymore, but she thinks what she is doing with Bo is wrong. Carly sighs. Melanie then says that she doesn’t want to hear Carly’s excuses and apologies, and suggests she go talk to Maggie if she feels she needs to apologize to anyone. Carly says she will, and changes the subject to Melanie’s wedding. Melanie informs her that she and Philip are planning to get married in February. Carly thinks Melanie is young, and notes that it’s unusual for people her and Philip’s age to want to get married, especially as she and Philip haven’t even known each other that long. Melanie glares, saying that Carly has now crossed a line.

Vivian stares at the paperwork Bo has given her in shock, asking what this restraining order is all about. Bo reminds her angrily of the elevator incident with Carly, but she swears she had nothing to do with it, and that the old elevators in the building are to blame, not her. She adds that she can’t believe Bo is going to take the word of some cold-blooded murderess. Victor walks in just as Bo tells Vivian not to talk about Carly that way. He then warns her to stay away, saying that if anything happens to Carly, what happened to Lawrence will look like child’s play. Vivian gasps, saying she now knows why Bo is so quick to defend Carly so passionately. Bo scoffs, wondering what she is talking about. Vivian asks him pointedly if he is sleeping with Carly. Victor grimaces. Bo gapes.

Sami asks Anna if she should bring the money to Pier 47 immediately and Anna says she should, warning her to do as she’s told if she wants everything to work out. Sami hangs up as EJ tells her that they can take the secret passage out of the mansion. Sami thinks they should call Rafe, but EJ reminds her that they don’t have time. She asks if he really thinks they’re going to get Sydney back. EJ says he does, and asks Sami to hurry. She grabs her coat and bag, heading for the foyer. EJ rushes after her.

Rafe tells Gabi that while it’s true there are a lot of disturbed people out there, he is sure they are going to get Sydney back safely and punish whoever took her. Gabi counsels Rafe to go work on finding Sydney, assuring him that she and Arianna are fine. Rafe then asks Sharon to make sure she keeps an eye on Gabi. She smiles, agreeing to do so. Before Rafe goes, Gabi stops him, asking him if he got the wrong impression of Sami the first time they met her. He says he did, as he thought Sami was a handful. She asks if they are a good couple now, and Rafe nods, vowing that they will be even better once they get Sydney back. He rushes off. Gabi decides that she might have been wrong about Chad.

Victor demands to know how long Bo and Carly have been sleeping together. Fuming, Bo warns both Vivian and Victor to stay away from Carly. He storms off. Victor rages over that whore Carly sleeping with Bo and ruining his marriage. He reminds Vivian that she keeps saying that she is going to get Carly. He demands that she do so now.

Chad and Kinsey gush over Chad’s news. He asks if they are in, and they agree excitedly. Gabi walks in and asks what is going on. Chad explains that his parents are allowing him to take three friends to their condo in Vancouver for the Olympics. He adds that he’s got tickets for the snowboarding finals, too. Tad wonders if this is real. Kinsey admits that she is actually jealous of herself right now. Chad then asks Gabi if she would like to come, too.

Carly starts to tell Melanie that she didn’t mean to, but Melanie interrupts, accusing Carly of not meaning to do a lot of harmful things, like ruining the Horton’s wake and Hope’s life by sleeping with her husband. She asks Carly sarcastically to keep passing off the blame and pretending that she had the best intentions. Carly is just sorry that Melanie has such a low opinion of her. Melanie wonders why Carly cares what she thinks about her. Carly claims it’s just an expression, but Melanie doesn’t buy it, saying that for some reason, Carly does care. Carly declares that this was a mistake and hurries out the door. Once outside, she tells herself that she can’t leave things this way.

Gabi starts to decline the invitation, but Kinsey reminds her of how much fun it will be. Mia walks in as Kinsey pulls out her pone, itching to spread the news and make all of her friends jealous. Chad reminds Gabi that this is the winter Olympics, and something she’ll never forget. Mia grimaces.

Victor rages, wondering if Bo has even thought of how this might affect his daughter. Vivian asks him to calm down, but Victor refuses, fuming that some idiot in town will eventually find out and end up blurting out the whole sordid thing to Ciara. Vivian reminds him of his stomach, but Victor snarls that it’s churning already. He adds that Vivian is as responsible in this as anyone. Shocked, she asks what he means. Victor reminds her angrily that she was the one that made Bo be so protective of Carly, and practically drove the harlot right into his bed. Vivian is aghast. Victor warns her not to waste another minute, and to find out for certain who this woman’s daughter is so they can find her weakness and destroy her.

Bo runs into Carly outside Maggie’s house. He asks how it went, but Carly admits that nothing good happened. She adds that she thinks she played this all wrong, and that she needs to tell Melanie the truth. Melanie walks over just then, asking what Carly needs to tell her the truth about.

Anna cuddles Sydney, hoping this all goes as planned.

EJ and Sami arrive at Pier 47. Just then, Rafe walks over, asking what the two are doing here. Sami hangs her head and groans.


Melanie shouts at Carly, “Not only are you sleeping with her husband behind her back, but you're carrying his kid.”

Hope confides in Vivian, “It's like they're keeping some deep, dark secret from me.”

EJ urges Sami, “Just tell him the truth.”

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