Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/10


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Hope, Maggie, Doug and Julie head back into Maggie’s place. Hope tells her how beautiful the ceremony was. Maggie nods tearfully, saying that Mickey touched many lives. She then decides to go check on the food. Hope offers to do it for her, but Maggie explains that she needs to keep busy. Julie explains that Alice is in the den with Marie and Bill. Doug asks about Bo, and if he came back to the house after the funeral. Hope frowns, saying he obviously didn’t.

Bo heads into the hospital and greets Carly. She thought he would be at Mickey’s service, but he explains that it’s already over, and that everyone has gone back to Maggie’s. Carly wonders why he isn’t there. Bo tells her that he wanted to give Hope some time, and he needs to fill a prescription for Alice Horton, as her blood pressure is a little high. Carly can see why, as she can’t even imagine what it must be like to lose a child. She begs Bo to hurry and get the prescription so he can go be with his family.

Maggie opens the door and greets Melissa, who apologizes for missing the funeral. Maggie hugs her, telling her how good it is to see her, and that her being here now is all that matters. Melissa adds tearfully that she nearly came him for Christmas, but work interfered. Maggie assures her that she and her father understood, and just hoped to see her next year. Melanie heads over, offering Melissa a cookie. She says she has never seen her before, and wonders if she worked for Mickey. Just then, Nathan comes in and hugs Melissa, greeting his mother. Melanie gapes in astonishment as the two exchange pleasantries.

Someone knocks on the kitchen door. Bray heads over to answer and finds EJ outside. He explains that he came to offer his condolences, but Brady snaps at him to send a card, as he isn’t welcome here.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna, saying that he’d like some coffee, but he didn’t realize until now that they’re closed. Arianna nods, saying it’s out of respect for Mickey, but she can pour Rafe some coffee if he wants. He thanks her as she gets the coffee, asking if there is any news on Sydney’s kidnapping. Rafe says that there is, actually.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano opens an envelope and riffles through the papers inside. He grins, “Very interesting.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian tells Victor that Carly gave birth to a girl. Victor smirks, saying that all they have to do now is find her. Vivian wonders if he doubts her ability to do so. Victor reminds her there are about 150,000 women and girls in Salem. Vivian refuses to be cowed by how difficult this all is, since Carly broke her nephew’s heart and humiliated him by bearing another man’s child. Victor reminds her that she forgot to mention that Carly stabbed Lawrence to death. Vivian scowls, calling Carly a cold-hearted bitch and vowing to avenge her nephew’s honor.

At her hideout, Anna cuddles Sydney, guessing that she is as anxious to hear from her daddy as she is. She says that EJ had better call soon, as he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he can put her off forever.

Vivian asks Victor what he is thinking, and he admits he is wondering if Carly has reached out to her daughter yet, and if she has, he wonders if anyone has witnessed it. Vivian flashes back to seeing a picture on a cell phone, and wondering who it is. Vivian comes back to the present and gasps, telling Victor that she knows who Carly’s daughter is.

EJ asks Brady if he is really authorized to turn people away from the door. As Doug, Julie, Hope, and Mia look on, Brady snaps that EJ doesn’t belong here. EJ steps inside, saying that he just came to say that he thought Mickey was a fine man, and he mourns his passing. Brady glares, but Doug tells him it’s ok. EJ then tells the group that when he first came to Salem and everyone discovered he was a DiMera, no one would give him the time of day except Mickey. He adds that he had the privilege of working with Mickey for a short time, and he considered him to be a mentor as well as a friend. He then asks someone to give his condolences to Maggie. Hope thanks him for his kind words, adding that she is praying for Sydney’s safe return. EJ thanks her, saying that her words come as a great comfort to him.

Arianna reminds Rafe that that information isn’t new, since they already know that Nicole thinks she knows the kidnapper. Rafe thinks that the woman had to have known that Nicole was in Cleveland. Arianna guesses the woman was working for Stefano, then. Rafe reminds her that they now know that both the original suspects, Stefano and Nicole, have been proven innocent. Rafe thinks he knows what his next step is, and that is to return to the scene of the crime.

Stefano makes a call to a Mr. Davis and is put on hold. Stefano smirks, saying that Elvis thinks he can best the man who taught him everything, but he is about to get a little lesson from the master.

Victor asks Vivian who Carly’s daughter is, but she would rather not say until she is sure. She adds that she does have a strong suspicion about a young woman Carly has shown interest in. She grabs her bag and coat. Victor asks where he is going, and she explains that she is going to get the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

Carly flashes back to Vivian getting off the elevator and her getting stuck in it shortly afterwards. Carly comes back to the present, saying that Vivian can torment her all she wants, but she’ll kill Vivian before she lets her lay a hand on her daughter.

Bo heads into Maggie’s place and hands Hope Alice’s medication. She thanks him. Bo offers to give to it to Alice and then get out of here, but Hope says that he can stay if he’d like.

Back in the living room, Maggie frets over where to put all the flower arrangements. Mia offers to take some down to the hospital, and Melanie agrees, saying that it’s a fine idea. The two grab some flowers and head off.

Nathan grabs Stephanie’s hand and drags her over to Melissa, explaining to his mother that there is someone he’d like her to meet. Melissa hugs Stephanie, calling her Melanie and telling her she’s heard so much about her. Nathan fidgets uncomfortably.

Arianna urges Rafe to be careful as he heads off. Outside, Troy peers in through the window and makes a call, telling his hit man that Arianna is finally alone. He vows that the next funeral in town will be Arianna’s.

Melissa apologizes to Stephanie for the mix-up, explaining that she hasn’t seen her since she was a little girl. Maggie heads over just then, telling Nathan that his Aunt Sarah is looking for him. Nathan heads off with Maggie as Melissa apologizes to Stephanie again, saying that the only reason she even knows about Melanie is because of her mother, but she should have known Stephanie wasn’t her, since Maggie mentioned that Melanie was a troubled soul, and Stephanie clearly isn’t. Stephanie smiles uncomfortably.

Bo, now alone with Hope, tells her that he is surprised she wanted him to stay. She reminds him that today is about Maggie and Gran, not them. Bo agrees, and apologizes for hurting her. Hope claims that she was a fool for thinking she had more time to figure out what to do about their marriage. Bo says she isn’t a fool, but Hope interrupts, reminding Bo that she hurt him. She adds that she knows he thinks she is self-righteous, and admits she may come off that way when she is angry and upset. She then says that she is partly responsible for what happened to their marriage, and now that they can both be so reasonable, she fears there is no going back.

Vivian heads over to Carly, smirking and asking where she can get a cup of coffee. Carly snaps that she is busy and storms off. Just then, Mia and Melanie head in with the flowers they brought over. The two make small talk about the gathering at the house as Vivian grins to herself, saying that this must be her lucky day.

The hit man rushes off and hides as Brady heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She asks after Maggie, and Brady explains that she is taking care of everyone else and pretending to be alright, even thought she isn’t. He offers to help Arianna out with her work at the pub, but she refuses. Brady asks if something is bothering her, but Arianna just claims that she is stressed out about all the work she has to do before they open later. Brady offers to help once again, but Arianna swears she has it under control. Brady heads off. The hit man puts on a ski mask and sneaks into the pub.

Anna tries to call EJ but gets no answer. Angry that he can’t even be bothered to return her calls after all she has done for him, she vows to shake things up a bit.

EJ heads into the mansion. Stefano accosts him, asking EJ if he really thought he wouldn’t find out that he has been selling DiMera stock at bargain-basement prices. EJ smirks, saying he wasn’t doing it behind Stefano’s back. Stefano demands to know why he is doing it at all. Rafe heads in just then, saying that he would like to know the same thing.

Maggie tells Nathan that his grandfather has one last gift for him. She hands him some papers, explaining that Mickey was able to get Nathan’s latest arrest expunged so that it won’t show up on his record. Nathan is surprised, as he didn’t know Mickey was working on the case. Maggie nods, explaining that one of his associates dropped off the paperwork. She reminds Nathan that Mickey always tried to look out for him and Nathan nods, remembering that he promised to stay out of trouble. Maggie smiles, saying that he should at least try to stay out of jail. Melissa walks over just then, asking what Maggie means by that. Nathan sweats.

Hope sobs, telling Bo that she can’t help but remember the last funeral where they weren’t standing by one another’s side. Bo nods, saying it was Zach’s. Hope flashes back to the funeral, sobbing that she is tired of losing the people she loves. She flings her arms around Bo as Justin walks in.

Vivian heads over to Melanie, saying that she has been meaning to call her to discuss the wedding. Melanie reminds her that she and Philip made it clear that they didn’t need her help, but Vivian interrupts, greeting Mia and asking for her name. Mia introduces herself, and Vivian compliments her on her lovely bone structure, guessing that she got it from her mother. She heads off, asking Melanie to call her. Mia notes that Vivian is pretty strange. Melanie agrees, and then spots Carly from across the room. She muses, “Speaking of strange…”

Stefano demands to know how the hell Rafe got in here. He explains that the door was open and Stefano curses Harold. EJ interrupts, telling Rafe that he appreciates his thoroughness, but both he and his father have already given their statements to the FBI. Rafe says that is true, but he has to wonder about the sudden liquidation of the DiMera assets, and why EJ has a sudden need for fast cash.

Anna packs a bag, telling Sydney that her Uncle Tony never fully trusted her father and always had a contingency plan. Anna claims she does, too, and tells the baby that spending more time with her would just be icing on the cake.

Hope thanks Justin for coming. He apologizes for missing the funeral, but Hope is just glad that he is here now. Bo heads off to give the two some privacy. Hope sighs.

Nathan assures Melissa that she is overreacting, as this isn’t that big of a deal. He adds that both times he went to jail, it was over something stupid. Angry, Melissa guesses it all involved Melanie somehow. Nathan admits it did, but that doesn’t mean that Melanie is to blame. Melissa thinks she must be, and adds that she doesn’t get a good feeling about this girl. Nathan shouts that Melanie is engaged to another man, so how he and Melissa feel about her doesn’t really matter. Melissa wonders why he is so upset and Nathan sighs, admitting that his grandfather’s death is hitting him harder than he thought. Melissa apologizes and hugs him, saying that she just worries about him. Nathan assures her that he is fine, and that anything he had with Melanie is over now. He vows to keep his distance from her from now on.

Carly comes over to Melanie and Mia. Melanie starts to excuse herself, but Carly notices her engagement ring and wonders who the lucky guy is. She guesses it’s Nathan, but Melanie rolls her eyes, commenting that Carly is out of the loop, since everyone knows she is marrying Philip Kiriakis. Mia thinks they should get back to Maggie’s. Carly apologizes to both of them, offering condolences for their loss. Melanie and Mia head off without another word. Carly sighs.

The hit man pulls a gun on Arianna, telling her to put her hands in the air. She does so, begging him not to shoot. The man gestures towards the cash register, telling her to empty it. Arianna moves over to it fearfully as the man barks at her to get moving.

EJ tells Rafe and Stefano that he is trying to rid himself of everything that he owns that is connected to the DiMera empire, as he wants to become more independent. Rafe is surprised he’s selling his stock at a loss, but EJ claims that money isn’t an object here, as this is all about self-respect, and doing the right thing for his children. Rafe seems to accept this and says he has to question Mary and Harold. Before he heads off, he gives EJ an updated sketch of Sydney. EJ looks it over, as does Stefano. Stefano moans over his precious Sydney, bur EJ snaps that Sydney isn’t anything to Stefano. He suggests that Stefano get used to loving Sydney from afar, because when he gets her back, he is keeping her far away from his father. Stefano frowns.

Arianna explains apologetically that there isn’t much cash here, as they went to the bank last night. The man points the gun, calling her a liar. She gestures at the cash drawer, asking him to look for himself. Just then, Brady rushes in. Arianna shrieks as Brady and the hit man trade punches. The hit man manages to escape and flees out the door. Brady gives chase. Arianna worriedly calls after him to be careful.

Everyone gathers in the living room to say a few words about Mickey. Julie begins, saying that Mickey was always there to bail her out, no matter how much trouble she got in. She claims to be a better person just for having known him. Hope goes next, remembering a night out at dinner when Mickey was particularly attentive of Ciara. She notes tearfully that Ciara thought he was one of the best, kindest men in the world. Hope adds that Mickey and Maggie’s marriage was an inspiration to all of them. Nathan goes next, talking about how when he was little, his grandfather would come and visit and tell them all stories about himself and his grandmother. Nathan says he most remembers the story about Maggie not being able to walk, and then learning to walk again. He adds that he could always tell how much his grandfather loved his grandmother, and he hopes he meet someone he can love like that, too. Melissa goes next, talking about how her parents adopted her and loved her as if she were their own. She cries, saying how lucky she was that they loved her unconditionally, no matter what. Melanie follows, admitting that she didn’t know Mickey all that well, but she knows he was smart for choosing the most wonderful woman in the world to be his wife. She adds that she thinks Maggie is the best role model anyone could ask for, saying that she hopes she grows up to be a thousandth of the person Maggie is. Maggie thanks her and stands, remembering how she had lost her own family when Mickey found her living out on that farm. She flashes back to first meeting Mickey at her back door at the farm. Maggie comes back to the present, saying that she thanks God every day for bringing Mickey into her life. She then thanks them all for lifting her spirits today. Doug proposes a toast to Mickey. Everyone raises a glass to Mickey.

Brady is back at the pub with Arianna, telling her that he would have caught the guy if that car hadn’t pulled out in front of him. He says that the police had better catch him, but Arianna isn’t sure that they will, since neither of them could I.D. his face. Brady hugs her, glad that he showed up when he did, as he isn’t sure what he would do without her. Arianna sighs.

Vivian heads into the mansion. Victor guesses from the smirk on her face that she made some progress. Vivian grins, saying that she is 99% sure who Carly’s daughter is. Victor demands to know who she is, but Vivian wants him to ask nicely. He starts to walk out, saying he doesn’t have time to play games, but Vivian stops him, explaining that Carly’s daughter is none other than some blonde-haired moppet named Mia.

Bo runs into Carly at the hospital. She asks what he is doing back here, but he wants to know why she is so upset. She explains that she ran into Mia and Melanie, and sobs that her daughter, Melanie, hates her.

Melanie looks through some old photos of Maggie and Mickey. She sighs.

Rafe starts to leave the mansion after questioning the servants, but Stefano stops him, warning him to keep an eye on EJ, as he can be duplicitous. Rafe ask what he means and Stefano advises that Rafe keep an eye on EJ, since he and Sami seem to be getting closer and closer all the time.

Anna asks EJ if Rafe suspected anything about the money. EJ says he didn’t, and that he has everything covered. Anna just hopes the ransom drop happens soon. EJ says he will put his plan into action soon enough and cuddles Sydney, telling her that this is all for her.

Maggie agrees to meet everyone at Chez Rouge for the luncheon. Hope offers to drive her, but Maggie explains that she is going with Sarah, who is pulling the car around. Hope heads off, promising to see her there. Nathan and Melissa ask if Maggie is ready. She says she has to get her bag, and the two head out the door. Maggie picks up a photo of Mickey and flashes back to their wedding day, as well as other memorable moments from their past. She sobs and puts the photo down, kissing her fingers and touching the glass. She heads out the door as we pan in on the photo.


Melanie asks Carly, “Why am I supposed to care why you do horrible things?”

Gabi tells Chad, “I can tell, you're still into Mia.”

EJ informs Anna, “I've orchestrated this entire plan.”

Sami shrieks at Rafe, “This is my daughter's life we're talking about!”

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