Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Bo meets a fellow officer at the pub. He hands Bo an envelope, explaining that they got some news on the kidnapping from Atlanta. He adds that there is a surveillance tape inside showing a woman with a baby that looks like Sydney. Will comes over just then, asking excitedly if they have found his little sister. Bo holds up a warning hand as he looks through the papers in the envelope.

At Maggie’s place, Mia answers the door to find Carly outside. She explains that this isn’t a good time, but Carly replies that she heard about Mickey, and just wanted to make sure that Mia and Melanie were alright. Just then, Hope storms over, calling Carly a whore and asking her how she dares to show her face here after having slept with her husband. She shrieks at her to get out. Behind her, Maggie bursts into tears. Hope apologizes profusely as Maggie hustles Mia and Melanie into the kitchen to make some tea. Maggie then follows them, as does Nathan, Philip, and Lucas. Doug asks Hope if she would like for him to handle this, but she refuses, asking him to stay with Maggie. He heads off as well. Carly stammers that she didn’t think Hope would be here, as Bo told her she was going over to Mickey’s office. Hope snaps back that you have to be careful about what Bo says. Carly offers to leave, but Hope wants to finish the talk they’ve started.

Arianna, Brady, Chloe and Daniel head into the Java Cafe as Chloe and Arianna joke about Brady sleeping through most of the opera they’ve just attended. He claims closing his eyes just helps him appreciate the music more, but no one buys it. Brady ends by retorting that he would have been able to stay awake had Chloe been on stage instead of that woman with the pitch problem. Chloe thanks him. Daniel offers to get dessert, and the girls agree. He and Brady head off. Arianna then tells Chloe that she really admires her relationship with Brady, since exes can’t usually be so civil. Chloe replies that she and Brady have grown up a lot since they were married, so it’s possible for them to be friends now. Arianna wonders if Brady has the same thing with Nicole, and if it’s really true that he and Nicole are just friends.

Hope wonders angrily if her life is Carly’s new hunting ground, since she went straight from her husband’s bed to her aunt’s home. Carly reminds Hope that she didn’t think she’d be here, but Hope wonders why she is here at all, accusing her of wanting to chat up her widowed aunt before she arrived just so she could inflict pain. Carly suggests she go ahead and leave. Hope asks sarcastically if she plans on visiting Ciara at daycare. Carly begs Hope not to do this, as she needs to think about herself and the people around her instead of fighting. Hope snaps that she can’t exactly take advice from someone that is sleeping with her husband. Carly retorts that she understands that Hope likes to take the high moral ground, but she can’t continue to play the victim after months of pushing Bo away. She adds that this whole thing would be playing out nicely if Hope were truly the constant wife, but they both know that isn’t the case.

Arianna adds hastily that she understands if Chloe isn’t comfortable discussing this because of her friendship with Nicole. Chloe says it’s fine, especially since this is more about Brady than it is Nicole. Chloe then asks Arianna if she thinks Brady must love Nicole since he has done so many nice things for her. Arianna nods, guessing that Chloe thinks Brady is just a nice guy that stands up for others because of his own mistakes in his past. Chloe nods. Arianna sighs, saying that the opera they saw tonight was less complicated than their lives. The two chuckle as Troy walks over. He greets Arianna with a grin.

Bo thanks someone over the phone and hangs up. Will guesses he hasn’t found Sydney and Bo shakes his head ruefully, explaining that a woman was found shoplifting with a baby that fit Sydney’s description, but the child turned out to be her niece. The officer apologizes, but Bo says it isn’t his fault. He then heads off. Bo explains to Will that that is the hard thing about kids going missing at Sydney’s age—they all tend to fit multiple descriptions. He adds that that is why he sifts through a lot of these leads before Sami finds out about them, as he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. Will asks if he heard about Mickey and Bo nods, saying he is on his way over there. He asks if Will wants a ride, but he says he has to help Caroline with something. He heads off. Bo sighs, wondering if this day could get any worse. He then takes out his phone and calls Carly, leaving her a message to let her know that Hope knows about what happened between them.

Hope snaps that she never said she was blameless, but Carly thinks she is acting like she is. She claims she knows what Hope is going through, but Hope retorts that she never would have showed her face here if that were true. Carly says she thinks Hope is going to take whatever is making her miserable inside of her and blame it all on Bo. Hope can’t believe that Carly sleeping with her husband is somehow her fault. Carly reminds Hope that she moved out and took Ciara with her, making it clear that Bo wasn’t her husband anymore. She shouts that Hope isn’t the victim. Hope warns her to keep her voice down. She thanks God Carly was there for Bo, since there is nothing like a roll in the hay to make one forget one’s troubles. Carly snaps that Hope ended the marriage, so Bo moved on. She adds that she is sorry about Hope’s uncle, but she isn’t sorry about Bo.

Troy smirks at Arianna, telling her that she looks pretty classy, and that all she really needs is a tiara. Brady heads over, asking if he can help Troy with something. He claims he was just saying hi and hurries off to another table. Chloe asks who that was, and Brady explains that Arianna has pub groupies that fall for her after one cup of coffee. Brady thinks Troy was just jealous, like the seventy year old man that told him he wasn’t good enough for Arianna. Chloe doesn’t think it’s so funny, noticing that Troy is still staring at Arianna. Brady laughs it off, saying that Troy is like the clown in the opera they just saw. Chloe frowns, saying that he was dangerous, but Brady claims that Troy is just a clown.

Maggie hangs up the phone and tells everyone in the kitchen tearfully that Melissa’s flight was cancelled. She’s trying to get on another in the morning, but the weather is still pretty bad. Philip heads outside to make a call, promising to do whatever he can to get Melissa here. Maggie thanks them all, wondering what she would do without them. Julie says she isn’t sure what they would all do without Maggie. The two then head off to check on Alice, discussing the fact that she is probably too frail to attend Mickey’s service. Lucas asks Doug how he is doing. Doug grumps about telling Hope earlier not to give up on Bo. Lucas notes that Carly’s car is still outside, and he asks Doug if he wants to do something about it. Doug admits that he does, but he thinks Maggie was right—this is Hope’s call.

Hope says she should have known that Carly wouldn’t be sorry for what she has done, since she came back to town in the first place with the intention to bed Bo. She accuses Carly of gloating about it. Carly claims that she just came to town because she needed help, and swears that she never expected to fall in love with Bo again. Hope, aghast, asks if Carly is serious. Carly says she is, and that what happened between her and Bo was about love, at least on her part. Hope asks angrily if she has decided to love Bo since she murdered her own husband. Hope adds that she should have never expected Carly to feel guilty over Bo since she stabbed Lawrence in cold blood and never turned a hair. Melanie walks in just in time to hear the last and laughs, asking Carly if she is really a murderer too. Carly sighs.

At the pier, Arianna thanks Brady, saying that she had fun tonight with Chloe and Daniel. Brady admits that Daniel said the funniest thing to him—that Arianna seemed uncomplicated. Arianna chuckles. Brady thinks it’s a good thing, since that means Daniel didn’t listen to anything Victor told him. Just then, Brady’s phone rings. He wants to ignore it, but Arianna asks him to take it, since she needs to call Gabi anyway. Brady says that he needs to call Philip back as Arianna hunts for her phone. She then declares that she must have left it at the café. She promises to be right back and asks Brady to go ahead and call Philip.

Chloe and Daniel make small talk about the opera back at the café. Daniel then asks her for the story behind her and Brady, since they seem to get along so well. Chloe notes that Arianna said the same thing and tells Daniel that she just thinks she and Brady make better friends than husband and wife. Daniel asks if that is because of the drugs. Chloe thinks that is partly it, but it’s also because when they move to Europe, she was totally focused on her career, while Brady didn’t really know what he wanted to do. She thinks Brady ended up feeling like a baggage handler. Arianna walks in just in time to overhear Chloe telling Daniel that she thinks a big part of the romance between her and Brady was his ability to save her when she was in trouble. Once she didn’t need to be saved anymore, problems surfaced. Daniel asks if she thinks Brady is still like that. Chloe says she isn’t sure, especially considering all that has happened with Nicole. Daniel reminds Chloe that Brady is with Arianna now, and that she doesn’t seem like she needs to be saved. Arianna frowns.

Melanie scoffs, saying she didn’t like Carly from the second she spilled hot coffee on her, but she’s surprised that Carly just ended up being a genuinely bad person. Carly begs Melanie to let her explain, but Melanie doesn’t want to hear it. She tells Carly that since Maggie and Hope are so upset, she should probably leave. Carly claims she has tried, but Melanie snaps at her to try harder. She adds that Carly offing her husband actually seems in character for her now. Carly insists that Melanie doesn’t know the whole story. She asks angrily if Carly has robbed a bank, too. Hope puts her arm around Melanie, asking her to go back into the kitchen and let her handle Carly. Melanie agrees, but gets n one last parting shot at Carly, letting her know that it’s shameful that she is here making things worse when everyone is already so sad. She huffs off. Carly moans that Melanie hates her. Hope wonders sarcastically how that happened. Carly reminds Hope that she didn’t know Hope was here, and didn’t know Hope knew about her and Bo sleeping together. She glares, adding that Hope was the one that chose to make the most private parts of their lives public. Hope wonders how Carly can dare to ask her to respect her privacy after she slept with her husband. Carly claims Hope doesn’t understand, but she screams that she does, insisting that Carly dragged her husband into her sordid ugly life, and then into her bed. Just then, Bo walks in.

Chloe confides in Daniel that she didn’t see it at the time, because she was such a mess, but she now thinks that Brady saw her as his project. The second she could make it on her own, it was over between them. Daniel doesn’t think that means Brady is still that way. Chloe admits she hoped for the best, but seeing everything Brady did for Nicole makes her think twice. She then tells Daniel that she told Arianna that Brady just helped Nicole because he’s a good guy, but that wasn’t the whole truth. Arianna listens attentively as Chloe says that Arianna had better start acting like she needs to be saved if she plans on keeping Brady. Daniel isn’t so sure, since Brady is dating Arianna, and she seems to have a pretty uncomplicated life. Arianna walks over, telling the two that she lost her phone. Daniel spots it on the floor near her chair and Arianna picks it up. She then tells the two that she had fun tonight, adding that she hopes they can do it again. She then heads off. Chloe, peaked, asks Daniel if he thinks Arianna overheard what she said. Daniel is sure she didn’t, since she seems to be a straightforward person. Outside, Arianna sighs unhappily.

Melanie heads into the pub. Nathan greets her. She asks if he has seen Philip, as she is supposed to meet him here, but Nathan hasn’t. Nathan wonders why the two are meeting here, since it isn’t on the way to the airport. Melanie informs him that she and Philip are putting the wedding off for now. Nathan is glad, as he wants to discuss what happened between them earlier. Melanie snaps that Nathan isn’t the reason she and Philip cancelled their plans—it was out of respect for Maggie. She adds angrily that he is with Stephanie, and she is with Philip, so that kiss between them meant nothing. Just then, Stephanie walks over. Melanie blushes as Stephanie asks her why she isn’t on the way to Vegas. Melanie tells Stephanie that she and Philip aren’t going just as Philip walks in. Melanie throws herself into his arms. He asks if she is alright. She claims she is, but Philip doesn’t buy it.

Hope scoffs, welcoming Bo to his worst nightmare. Carly quickly explains that she came by to offer her condolences to Maggie, thinking that he and Hope would still be at Mickey’s office. Hope sarcastically apologizes for interrupting their pillow talk. Bo sighs. Hope asks shrilly if she is out of line, considering that someone she loves has died, and the woman that slept with her husband has come to her aunt’s home to gloat about it. Bo suggests that Carly leave. She agrees, apologizes, and heads off. Hope snaps that Bo can leave too, as this gathering is only for family. Bo refuses to leave until he and Hope clear a few things up.

Nathan tells Philip that Melanie was just telling him that she felt guilty over being disappointed that she and Philip had to put off the wedding. Nathan then offers to help Stephanie with some platters, and the two head off for the kitchen. Philip tells Melanie that she doesn’t seem disappointed, and claims that she had the same look on her face that she did when he and Stephanie walked in on her and Nathan in Maggie’s kitchen. Philip wonders what is going on between the two of them. Melanie sweats.

In the kitchen, Maggie, now alone with Mia, tells her that she doesn’t have to stay here if she doesn’t want to. Mia says she does, hugging Maggie and telling her that she loves her. Maggie sobs, thanking her for saying so. Mia then explains that Will’s father is picking up the programs for the memorial. She adds that Will was here earlier to see her, but Rafe showed up and told him that Caroline needed him. Maggie is just glad Will isn’t alone. Mia hugs Maggie again, saying that no one should be alone tonight. Maggie agrees.

Lucas greets Will at the pub, asking how he is holding up. He says he’s ok, and that his main concern right now is his Aunt Maggie. He asks how she is. Lucas isn’t sure, and Will decides that he had better get over there. Lucas is glad, since the family isn’t doing so well, and Mia just looks lost. Will tells Lucas that Mia really depends on Maggie, so it’s probably hard for her to see Maggie so upset. Lucas then tells Will that Bo and Hope are having issues, too. He decides to let Mia tells Will all about it, saying that he is sure Mia would be glad to see him. Will sighs, telling Lucas about his recent break-up with Mia. Lucas is sorry to hear that, but reminds Will gently that he can still be there for Mia even thought they are broken up.

Hope asks Bo in surprise if he really thinks they can clear things up after what he has done. Bo asks if anyone heard her and Carly talking and Hope admits that Melanie did, as she didn’t realize she was in the room. Bo sighs, deciding to go find Melanie and ask her not to say anything. Hope asks nastily if he doesn’t want his dirty laundry aired in public, but Bo explains that he was thinking of the family, as he’d rather spare Maggie the sad details of their private lives. Hope explains tearfully that everyone already knows, as she walked into the living room and found Carly here. She admits that for a moment, it didn’t eve register with her that anyone else was in the room. She then tells Bo to go. He hesitates, but she shrieks at him to leave. He heads off. Hope sinks into an armchair and cries hysterically.

Chloe chides Daniel for not finishing his chocolate mousse cake, claiming that leaving some on the plate isn’t human. Daniel counters that the definition of happiness is knowing that he is going home with Chloe and will wake up to her humming the opera they just saw. Chloe pushes the plate aside and decides she can’t sit in a coffee shop with a man who just said the most beautiful thing in the world. She decides that they had better go home. Daniel kisses her, saying that he likes they way she thinks. Chloe suggests they go and Daniel agrees, chuckling that they may get arrested if they don’t. The two hurry off, giggling.

Arianna finds Brady sitting on the bench where she left him, stunned. He breaks the news to her about Mickey Horton dying. Arianna sympathizes with Maggie, shocked by the news. Brady tells her that Philip is trying to make arrangements for the family to return, as the funeral is tomorrow. Arianna guesses that that is why Caroline asked her to open the pub late. She offers to attend the funeral with Brady, but he shakes his head, saying it’s ok. He then says that he is sorry to end their date, but he feels he needs to go over to Maggie’s and see if she needs anything. Arianna says he understands, as he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t go.

Maggie pats Mia’s hand, explaining that she feels tired, and thinks she will go lie down. She then bursts into tears, saying that she nearly added that she was going to wait for Mickey’s call, since she is used to him calling to talk to her at night when he is on business trips. She tearfully remembers the way she used to sleep on his side so she would feel close to him. Mia asks if Maggie would like to sleep in her room, but Maggie shakes her head, sobbing that Mickey is never going to call again, so perhaps she can feel safe if she sleeps on his side. She heads off. Mia grabs some cups and takes them to the sink. She drops one, shattering it on the floor as Will walks in. She bawls. Will heads over and wraps his arms around her as she cries inconsolably.

Hope paces outside, crying. Doug rushes over and hugs hr. She collapses into his arms, grateful that he has returned. Dug holds Hope as she sobs.

Carly stuffs some things into her suitcase back at the inn. Bo shows up, but Carly doesn’t think he should be here. He asks what she is doing, and she explains that she is leaving town before the Hortons run her out on a rail. Bo reminds her of her daughter, but Carly replies that her daughter hates her and for good reason. She tells Bo sadly that he should have seen the look on her face. Bo warps his arms around her, pleading with Carly not to go.

Brady promises to come by the pub tomorrow after the service. Arianna says that they will still be closed, but she’ll be there. They wish one another a good night and head off in opposite directions. Troy comes down the stairs, phoning his hit man to let him know they have an open window of opportunity tomorrow, as Arianna will be alone. He chuckles, saying it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Nathan and Stephanie head into Maggie’s kitchen. Nathan thinks it seems as if Maggie has finally gone to bed, which is good. The two notice the broken cup on the floor, and Nathan picks up the pieces to throw them away. Stephanie then asks him what was going on between him and Melanie when she and Philip walked in earlier. He asks what she means, and she explains that the vibes between the two of them were pretty strong. Nathan reminds Stephanie of Hope and Carly, and how crazy everyone has been acting. He thinks that he and Melanie were just affected by the suddenness of Mickey passing away. Stephanie apologizes as Nathan assures her that there is nothing going on between himself and Melanie. He then hugs Stephanie, thanking her for being here.

Outside the pub, Philip hangs up his phone, telling Melanie that he was able to make sure Melissa will be back in town tomorrow. Melanie thinks Philip is awesome, but he claims that all he did was throw his father’s money around. Melanie then admits that she has been thinking ever since they decided not to go to Vegas, and she has decided that she would rather have her wedding in Salem so that Maggie can come. Philip agrees and asks her to set a date. Melanie admits that she doesn’t ant to wait too long and suggests next month. Philip says that is fine by him, and Melanie thanks him. He asks if she is ready to go, but Melanie says that she is going to stay at Maggie’s to make sure that she doesn’t need anything. Philip agrees to spare her for one night since pretty soon, they’ll be spending the rest of their lives together.

Maggie heads into her room and takes off her necklace, sighing. She sits on the bed, picking up a photo of herself and Mickey on their wedding day. She sobs, rolling over onto Mickey’s side. She clutches his pillow and cries bitterly.

Hope apologizes to Doug about what happened earlier, but he claims everyone knows that wasn’t her fault. He asks if it is true about Bo and Carly. Hope nods tearfully, saying that something happened that she and Bo can’t get back from. She sobs on Doug’s shoulder that she waited too long, and that she has lost Bo for good.

Carly claims that she has ruined Bo’s life, but he disagrees, telling her that for one thing, she didn’t have anything to do with his marriage falling apart, and secondly, he doesn’t want her to go. Bo then pulls Carly in for a kiss.


EJ says, “I just came to offer my condolences.” Brady snaps, “Send a card. You're not welcome here.”

Vivian tells Victor, “I know who Carly's daughter is.”

Hope tells Bo, “It feels like there's no going back now.”

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