Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In bed in Carly’s room at the inn, Carly and Bo kiss. Carly tells Bo that she loves him just as his phone rings. He reaches over and grabs it, sighing when he sees that it’s Hope calling.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie tells Nathan that she has to go. She grabs her purse, but scatters the contents over the floor. As she and Nathan both reach for the handkerchief Arianna gave her, their hands touch. Nathan moves in for a kiss.

Stephanie runs into Philip outside Maggie’s house. She’s glad he’s here, saying that Maggie needs as many people around her right now as possible. Philip asks what she is talking about. Stephanie guesses he didn’t hear the news, and informs him that Mickey died. Philip gasps.

At her hideout, Anna tells EJ that she worries that the voice distorter didn’t disguise her voice enough. EJ reminds her they’ve discussed this, but Anna continues to worry that Sami may figure out that she is the one that took Sydney. EJ vows that Sami won’t find out, and asks Anna to give him some peace and quiet so he can think. Anna asks what it is he has to think about, and wonders if he has changed his mind about going through with all this.

At her place, Sami calls EJ and leaves him a message, berating him for turning his phone off. She asks him to call her back and let her know if he has heard from the kidnappers. Rafe comes out of the bedroom just then, joking that these FBI guys really like to talk. He notices the look on Sami’s face and asks her what is wrong. Just then, Julie calls. Sami answers, listens, and gasps, “OMG!”

Nathan and Melanie kiss passionately. Nathan breaks it off, wondering what he is doing.

Bo guesses that Hope is just returning his call, and decides to let it go to voicemail. Carly reminds him that it may be about Ciara, and urges him to answer. He does so, telling Hope that this is a bad time. She claims it’s important, and asks Bo where he is.

Sami tells Julie how sorry she is, and says that she wishes she could come over, but she can’t, as they are still waiting for news on Sydney. She asks Julie to give Maggie her love and hangs up. Rafe asks what happened, and Sami tearfully explains that Mickey has died. Rafe folds Sami into his arms, telling her how sorry he is.

EJ snaps that he hasn’t changed his mind, as he hasn’t come this far just to turn back now. He warns Anna again that all she has to do is make Sami do what she is supposed to, so he can have more time with his little girl. Anna thinks Sami must be beside herself by this point, but EJ tells her not to worry about that, and to just think of how happy Sami will be when all of this has a happy ending. Anna wonders when that will happen, since she is starting to get sick of worrying and looking over her shoulder all the time. EJ retorts that she had better stop thinking and just do what he tells her, as she is in this up to her eyeballs. Anna cowers as EJ asks her angrily if she understands that.

Hope blubbers as she tells Bo the bad news about Maggie finding Mickey dead. He asks where Maggie is, and Hope explains that she is at home. Bo says he is on his way, but Hope claims she needs a favor. She tearfully explains that she is at the pub, and that someone needs to go over to Uncle Mickey’s office and inform everyone there that he has died. Bo promises to do it for her, but Hope would rather the two of them do it together. Bo agrees, asking her to hang out with his mother until he can get there. Hope explains that her dad is meeting her at the pub soon. Bo promises he is on his way as well and hangs up. Carly asks what happened. Bo explains that Mickey Horton has died, and Hope needs him.

Will heads into the Java Café and finds Mia in tears. He asks what is wrong and she sobs, saying that his Aunt Maggie just called to tell her that Mickey died. Will, in shock, insists that Mickey was fine, and that the two were getting ready to go on a cruise together. Mia sighs miserably. Will shakes his head, worrying about Maggie, since Mickey was everything to her.

In her living room, Maggie shakes her phone, sobbing over the message from Mickey that she accidentally deleted. Lucas heads in somberly, telling Maggie that he just got the news. Frantic, she explains that she is trying to pull up a text message Mickey sent her, but it won’t come up. She wails that it is the last thing Mickey ever sent her. Lucas tries to comfort her, telling her how sorry he is. Maggie sobs that she needs to see what Mickey sent her, throwing the phone across the room in anger. She collapses into Lucas arms, bawling. Lucas tries to soothe her.

Sami calls Will and leaves him a voicemail, telling him that this isn’t about Sydney, but she has something to tell him. Sami hangs up, sighing that Will and Mickey were close, and that she can’t even imagine what Maggie is going through right now. Rafe thinks her having her family around her will help. Sami isn’t so sure. She reminds Rafe that Maggie is always taking in kids and playing a surrogate mother role, but she only able to do all of that because she had Mickey by her side. Sami adds that she is upset that she can’t go to Maggie and help her. Rafe says she can, and that she will watch Johnny, but Sami reminds him that she is waiting on EJ to come by. Rafe thinks EJ will understand, but Sami says that isn’t the only reason. She then admits that she isn’t sure what she can do to help Maggie, as losing Sydney has affected her so much that she feels different. She sighs, saying this is all too much for hr to handle. She swears to God that she will kill whoever took Sydney.

Anna asks EJ when this will all be over. He cuddles Sydney, promising it will be over soon, and then Sydney will be back with him, where she belongs.

Doug meets Hope at the pub. She asks how Julie is. Doug sighs, admitting that she has been on the phone for hours, adding that Melissa is taking Mickey’s death very hard. Hope sighs, moaning that this all happened so suddenly. Doug thinks it’s hard on everyone, but he thinks Mickey would have wanted it that way, since he never liked to slow down. He then asks Hope if Bo is meeting her here. She nods, but wonders what could be keeping Bo.

Bo gets dressed, telling Carly that Hope didn’t want to come right out and ask him, but he knows she can’t handle breaking the news of Mickey’s death to everyone at his office. Carly says she understands and tells Bo that she is fine, and that he shouldn’t worry about her. Bo apologizes for having to leave, but Carly tells him to do what he has to. She adds that she will be here for him if he needs her.

Melanie thinks Nathan seems upset. He admits he is, since his grandfather is dead, and Melanie is getting married. He wonders what he was thinking. Melanie knows he wasn’t, saying that she thinks he just got carried away. Nathan asks her angrily if she is trying to say she had nothing to do with this. She reminds him that he kissed her, but Nathan retorts that she didn’t exactly push him away. Melanie claims she was just thinking of Mickey and Maggie, and isn’t in her right mind. Just then, Stephanie and Philip walk in. Philip tells Melanie that Stephanie just told him about Mickey. Melanie rushes into his arms, telling him how awful all of this is.

Rafe asks Sami if she will be alright. She nods tearfully, asking Rafe to go find Will and bring him home so she can break the news about Mickey’s death. Rafe agrees, but adds that Sami shouldn’t feel guilty about hating the people that took Sydney, considering the hell they have put her through. Sami admits she just feels out of control right now. Rafe reminds her that she shouldn’t keep her feelings bottles up inside her, and urges her to come to him, as she can tell him anything. Sami claims she is fine, and asks Rafe to go find Will. He agrees, but before he goes, he tells her he loves her and reminds her that they are in this together. He heads off. Sami punches the door, shouting out loud to EJ that this just isn’t right.

EJ tells Anna and Sydney that he has to go, but he vows that he will be back soon, and then he and Sydney will be together forever. EJ heads off. Anna and Sydney stare after him. Anna sighs.

Hope admits to Doug that she feels stupid for wanting to file separation papers one minute, and then needing Bo to help her break the news to everyone in Mickey’s law office the next. Doug thinks there must be some part of her that doesn’t want to file for separation, as she hasn’t done so yet. Hope says she can’t continue to live in limbo, but Doug thinks there are a lot worse places than limbo. He then urges Hope not to do anything that can’t be undone until she is sure. Hope sighs, admitting that it may already be too late when it comes to Bo.

Carly worries about her daughter, as she knows how much Mickey and Maggie mean to her. Bo tells her that he and Hope are heading over to Mickey’s office right now, but he will be going to Maggie’s afterwards, so he promises to call Carly and let her know how her daughter is doing. Carly thanks him, but Bo warns her it may be a while before he can call her. Bo then says he has to go. Carly thanks him for a lovely afternoon as he heads out the door. Carly sighs and takes a photo out of her purse. She stares at it, telling her daughter’s picture that she is too young to be going through this alone.

Maggie bawls, telling Lucas how stupid she is for throwing the phone. Lucas begs her not to worry about it, but Maggie shrieks that she needs to see the last message Mickey sent her. Lucas assures her he has a friend that will be able to retrieve it. He asks her what it said, and Maggie sniffles, saying that Mickey called her ‘Red,’ and told her how glad he was they were taking the cruise. Luca reminds her that that means Mickey was happy and wasn’t in pain at all just before he died. Maggie sobs that she wasn’t there for him. Lucas thinks Mickey was thinking of the woman he loved just before he died, and that that is all anyone can ask for. Maggie quiets down, guessing that Lucas is right. Lucas then reminds her how lucky Mickey was to have her. Maggie sobs, wondering what she will do without Mickey, as he was everything to her. Lucas hugs her, comforting her, as Maggie cries hysterically.

Melanie explains to Philip that she stopped by the house to borrow something from Maggie for the wedding, and that was when she found out about Mickey. She then tells Philip that Maggie told her she wanted her and Philip to go ahead with their plan to marry in Vegas. Nathan excuses himself to go talk to Maggie. Philip thinks they should go, too, but Stephanie suggests Philip go ahead of them, since Melanie needs to wash her face. Philip agrees and heads off. Melanie rubs her eyes, asking if she really needs to wash her face. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that actually, she and Melanie need to talk.

EJ heads into Sami’s place. She flies into a rage, wondering why he didn’t call her back after the thirteen messages she left. EJ says he just decided to come over instead, but Sami is furious that he can’t be bothered to listen to her voicemails when their daughter is missing. EJ begs her to calm down, but Sami refuses. She reminds EJ they haven’t yet heard from the kidnappers, and she worries that they don’t really want the money, and are just trying to torture them. EJ swears that isn’t what is going on here. Sami shrieks that he doesn’t know everything, and adds that she thinks it was wrong of them not to tell Rafe what is going on. She thinks Rafe needs to know, and vows to tell him, since Rafe was the one that helped them find Sydney in the first place. EJ protests, but Sami claims she is done listening to EJ, and that she is telling Rafe about the ransom note no matter what EJ says.

Doug asks Hope what she meant by saying that Bo had done something that can’t be undone. She says she just thinks it might be too late for her and Bo. Doug asks if Bo has said so, but Hope shakes her head, asking Doug not to be angry with Bo. He says he isn’t, and that he is just sad for both of them. Hope sighs, saying she can’t help but think of Maggie, and how she’ll never be able to wish Mickey a good morning, or snuggle against him in bed when it’s cold at night. She then remembers that God took Mickey from Maggie, but in her own case, she was the one that chose to move out of her and Bo’s home. Doug reminds her that she still has time, and that despite all that has happened, he knows she and Bo still love one another. Hope grimaces, saying that that is what makes this all so complicated. Doug then gets up to leave, saying that he will see her at Maggie’s later, urging her to take her time if she and Bo need to talk. Doug heads off. Hope says to herself that maybe all she and Bo need is for her to come home. She sighs as Bo walks in. He heads over and wraps his arms around Hope.

Rafe runs into Mia and Will outside Maggie’s place. By the look on Will’s face, he guesses he has heard about Mickey. Rafe says his mom has been trying to call him, but Will explains that his phone is dead, and that Mia was the one that broke the news to him. Rafe tells Will how sorry he is, adding that his mom wanted him to go over to Alice’s to pick up a casserole, as Alice is too ill to bring it to Maggie herself. Will agrees to do so. Rafe then explains that he would do himself, but he is pretty sure Alice wants to see Will for another reason as well, not just about the casserole. Will hesitates, but Mia asks him to go ahead, as Maggie has a lot of people here to support her.

Sami tells EJ that this isn’t his decision anymore, and that she plans on telling Rafe about the ransom note as soon as he returns. EJ demands to know why Rafe left her here alone, and Sami explains tearfully that he went to find Will so she can tell him that Mickey Horton has died. EJ, shocked, tells her how sorry he is. Sami bawls that there is too much death, and she just can’t take it anymore. EJ hugs her and soothes her, promising that they will tell Rafe about the ransom note if that is what she wants.

Stephanie reminds Melanie that she needs something borrowed for her wedding, and takes off her earrings, offering them to Melanie. She refuses, saying it wouldn’t feel right to take off for Vegas, especially now that Philip is here. Stephanie thinks she and Philip should go, since that is what Maggie wants, but Melanie claims that doesn’t matter. Stephanie reminds her that Maggie won’t be alone, as Nathan and the rest of her family will be here for her. She advises Melanie to take Philip, go to Vegas, and stop worrying about Maggie.

Sami asks if EJ really means that she can tell Rafe about the ransom note, and he nods, saying that he can tell Sami thinks it’s the right thing to do. He reminds her that they both agreed to work together, so he feels that Sami can tell Rafe if that is what she really wants. Sami thanks him, but EJ says it’s no big deal, as it’s important to him that Sami trusts him.

Bo admits to Hope that he is glad that Doug went over to talk to everyone in Mickey’s office, as he isn’t sure that he could do it. Hope apologizes for pulling Bo away from whatever he was doing. Bo reminds her that she is the priority right now, since she has lost Mickey. He asks if he wants to head over to Maggie’s, but Hope isn’t sure that she is ready to face her family. She adds that she talked to her dad about the two of them. She reminds Bo of what Mickey and Maggie had, and what the two of them had. Just then, a nurse heads over from the hospital, asking Bo if he got Dr. Manning home this morning. Bo says he did, and she thanks him, saying she has never seen Carly fall apart that way. She just thanks God Bo was there. The woman heads off. Hope, angry, reminds him he took Carly home this morning, and she has to wonder why it took him so long to calm her down. Bo fidgets. Hope assumes that that was where Bo was when she called and sobs, asking Bo if he slept with Carly. Bo stares, wide-eyed.

Sami tries to call Rafe, but gets no answer. Johnny and EJ joke about bath time. EJ suggests he strap Johnny to the car and run him through the carwash. Johnny giggles. EJ suggests the washing machine next. Johnny laughs and shakes his head. Sami giggles. EJ asks where Johnny would like to go, and he says the bath. EJ picks him up and takes him down the hallway, chuckling.

Will admits that he is worried about Mia. Rafe asks Will if he can still be friends with Mia, even though they have broken up. Will doesn’t think that has ever worked. Rafe chuckles, admitting that he knew that was a dumb thing to say even as the words came out of his mind. Will admits that he is still worried about Mia, as at least he has always known his mom would be there for him, and Mia doesn’t even have that. Will sighs, saying the only person Mia really has is Maggie.

Doug is back at Maggie’s place, explaining that everyone at the office is hard at work calling Mickey’s clients and rescheduling his court cases. Doug explains that he has Mickey’s clerk’s email address, and will let them all know about the arrangements for the funeral. Maggie, dazed, tells Lucas and Doug that Howard, Mickey’s clerk, has a son getting married next month, and she’ll have to remember to send a gift. Lucas promises her that he will take care of it. Maggie remembers that Mickey always said he hated weddings, but when it came down to it, she’d practically have to drag him out of the reception hall. She bursts into tears, wondering what she is going to do. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Mia offers to answer it and opens the door to find Carly outside.

Philip heads into the kitchen to comfort Melanie. She tells him about Stephanie loaning her her earrings and suggesting that the two go ahead and fly to Vegas to get married, since that is what Maggie would want. Philip claims that the only thing that matters is what Melanie wants to do.

Bo sighs. Hope tearfully thanks Bo for not trying to lie about what happened between him and Carly. Bo says he is sorry for ruining what is already a horrible day. Hope sees no point in sitting around and talking about it, as she needs to get to Maggie’s. Bo asks if she would like him to drive her, but Hope says she needs to start to learn to do things on her own. She rushes off in tears.

Melanie admits that she doesn’t think she and Philip should leave unless he really wants to. Philip says he doesn’t want to, as all of this would be on their minds, and he wants Melanie to be happy on their wedding day. She thanks him, suggesting they go check on Maggie. Philip agrees, and the two head out of the kitchen.

Hope heads into Maggie’s kitchen and finds it empty. She sighs.

Will thinks he had better go pick up that casserole. Rafe agrees, asking Will if he wants company, but he shakes his head, explaining that he has some things to think about regarding Mia. He then admits that he thinks Rafe was right about him trying to be friends with her, especially since the next couple of days are going to be hard on her. Rafe thinks he should at least try, assuring Will that he won’t regret it. Will heads off with a sigh.

Anna cuddles Sydney, telling her what a lucky little girl she is to have a daddy that loves her so much. She vows that no one will ever take that away from her.

EJ comes back to tell Sami that Johnny fell asleep in the middle of his favorite book, though he had to read it to him six times. Sami chuckles, saying that EJ seems to be a sucker for kids. She then admits that she knows EJ wants what is best for his children, as he really cares about them. She sighs, asking EJ if he would tell the FBI about the ransom note if it were up to him. He says he wouldn’t. Sami adds that she knows that Rafe would have to tell the bureau if she told him about the ransom note, so she decides to continue keeping it a secret. She knows it sounds strange, but when EJ left it up to her whether or not to tell Rafe, she was really able to consider what is best for Sydney, and she thinks EJ is right not to want to tell Rafe or the FBI. She then adds that she truly trusts EJ. He grins, assuring her that she always can.

An officer calls Bo about an update regarding the DiMera kidnapping case.

Mia tells Carly that it isn’t a good time, but Carly claims she heard about Mickey, and just came by to check on both her and Melanie. Hope storms over, calling Carly a whore, and asking her how she dares to show her face here after sleeping with her husband. Carly gapes.


Melanie tells Nathan, “You're with Stephanie, and I'm with Philip. There's nothing to discuss.”

Bo makes a phone call, “Hey, Carly, it's me. Um...Hope knows.”

Hope snaps at Carly, “Thank God you were there to comfort him, huh?”

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