Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/10

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/10


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At the courthouse, Judge Goldberg tells the court that he has reached a verdict regarding Nicoleís sentence. He asks her to rise as everyone in attendance waits expectantly.

At her hideout, Anna thanks someone over the phone and hangs up. She tells Sydney that her ex-mother is being sentenced right now. She shivers, vowing to never let that happen to herself, as sheíd rather die than be caught.

At the Java Cafť, Gabi asks Chad angrily why he didnít tell her about his baby as Mia looks on. Chad stammers that he thought everyone in town knew, but Gabi reminds him that she just arrived in town. Chad asks if her brother or sister said anything but Gabi replies that they obviously didnít. Chadís boss asks him to return to work just then, as the cafť is getting backed up. Chad promises to talk to Gabi about this later and hurries off. Mia comes over, telling Gabi that she feels awful and should have said something earlier. Gabi says itís ok, but Mia says it isnít, as Gabi deserves to know the whole story about her had Chad.

The judge tells Nicole that she is more remorseful and repentant than any defendant he has ever seen. He adds that while much of what she has done is unconscionable, itís also understandable, given that Brady Black gave the court so much insight into Nicoleís state of mind at the time of her miscarriage. The judge tells Nicole that given all of these factors, he will reduce her sentence accordingly. D.A. Woods groans and shakes his head. Sami flies out of her chair, screaming that he canít just let Nicole go free. The judge bangs his gavel, calling for order. Sami rages that he canít let Nicole get away with this. The judge calls for the bailiff as Sami fumes.

At the hospital, Maggie tries to assure Chloe that she will do just fine, but Chloe worries that people will be upset when she shows up instead of Maggie. She adds ruefully that no one cane\ fill Maggieís shoes here at the hospital. Maggie thanks her for saying so, and Chloe adds that she is really going to be missed. She and Chloe then make small talk about the cruise Mickey and Maggie are taking. Lexie comes over just then and interrupts, telling Chloe that she may want to call and check in on Nicoleís hearing at the courthouse. Chloe thought it was just a preliminary hearing, but Lexie shakes her head, saying itís actually anything but preliminary.

The judge warns Sami that he will hold her in contempt if he hears one more outburst from her. Sami grumbles as Rafe begs her to sit down. Sami does so reluctantly, and the judge proceeds to sentence Nicole to twenty years including time served instead of the maximum of seventy years. Nicole slumps to the floor. Brady rushes to the front of the courtroom and picks her up, holding her in his arms. Arianna looks on unhappily as the judge demands that Brady take his seat. EJ slowly applauds the sentence as Nicole comes to, moaning that she needs to say something. The judge reminds her that she has had her chance to speak, but Nicole says this isnít about her or her sentenceóitís about Sydney, the child they all love. She begs the judge to let her speak.

Mia tells Gabi that she and Chad have been through a lot together, and that having a baby and having her die is something they both carry around with them every day. Gabi claims she understands, but Mia interrupts, saying that what she is trying to tell Gabi is that she and Chad havenít gotten through this by just being friends with one another. She confides in Gabi that she and Chad are more than friends, and they always will be. Gabi reminds Mia that she went to the winter dance with Will. Mia nods, saying that she still feels like Chad is her soul mate, though. She then begs Gabi not to say anything about this to either Chad or Will. She adds that she is only telling Gabi all of this because she doesnít want to see her get played. Gabi asks if Mia means that she thinks Chad still has feelings for her. Mia nods, hoping she doesnít sound conceited. She again assures Gabi that she just told her the truth so she doesnít get hurt later on.

The judge gives Nicole permission to speak. She tells the court that she has done many things wrong, and deserves to pay for them, but Sydney is innocent, and what is worse than going to jail is the idea that that little girl is separated from the people that love her. She begs everyone in the courtroom to keep searching for Sydney, as the woman that has her canít be living in isolation. She thinks there must be a way to bring Sydney home.

Someone knocks on Annaís door.

Nicole tells the judge she is finished. The judge then has the bailiff take Nicole away and dismisses court. Arianna glares at Brady, turns on her heel, and stomps off.

Will calls Mia to let her know Nicole got twenty years. Mia is surprised thatís all she got, but Will claims it could have been much worse. The two decide to meet at Maggieís place, and Will hangs up. Sami comes up and hugs Will, thanking him for coming. He explains that he called Mia to give her the news. Sami just hopes this will help her move on with her life. Will hopes so. Sami then tells Will that he is a good friend to Mia, and that she is lucky to have him. Will just wishes he could help his mother. Sami assures Will that she shouldnít worry, as they are going to get Sydney back. She swears that she has a feeling his little sister will be home soon.

Mia breaks the news of Nicoleís sentence to Chad. Mia isnít sure itís enough after all Nicole has done, but Chad reminds Mia that Nicole will be miserable for the rest of her life without her husband and child. Chadís boss warns him once again to get back to work. Chad agrees and asks Gabi to stick around, as he will be getting off soon. He then hurries off. Mia scoffs, saying that that is pretty controlling of him to expect Gabi to have nothing better to do than to sit around and wait for him. She tells Gabi that Chad used to act that way with her, too, but she is used to it. She adds that she knows it just comes from a caring place, and that itís Chadís way of showing her that he still has feelings for her and always will. Mia then starts to warn Gabi not to repeat any of this, but she says she wonít. Mia simpers, telling Gabi how nice it is to have a friend she can trust. She predicts that she and Gabi will become best friends. Mia then heads off, promising to talk to her later. Stunned, Gabi soaks in everything Mia has just told her. Chad comes over, telling her heíll be done in fifteen minutes, and wants to finish their conversation. Gabi snaps that they canít and demands that Chad stay away from her.

Brady heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She glares. He assumes she came to the hearing. She nods, saying coldly that she doesnít understand Bradyóand she doesnít think she ever will.

EJ tells Rafe and Sami that now that Nicole is in jail for a long while, they need to get back to finding Sydney. Rafe is just glad he doesnít have to call in any more favors at the FBI, and informs EJ that he was reinstated to the bureau. Rafe gets a call from the field office just then and heads off to take it. EJ grimaces. Sami asks what he is thinking, and EJ admits that he is wondering if it was a mistake for them to keep Rafe out of the loop in regards to the ransom note.

Will and Mia snuggle on Maggieís sofa. Will admits that he thought about sticking around to support his mom, but he knows she has Rafe, and he figured Mia would need him after everything she has been through today. Mia claims that she will be alright, as she has Will. Mia adds that deep down she knows the only place she wants to be is in his arms.

Chad canít believe Gabi is acting this way, even though he knows she was blindsided by the whole baby thing. Gabi interrupts, saying itís fine, but Chad retorts that it obviously isnít. He then admits that while he acted irresponsibly with Mia, he isnít a bad person, and what happened is completely in the past. Gabi doesnít answer. Chad guesses that she doesnít believe him. Gabi says he is right. He guesses that Mia must have said something to her, but Gabi says it doesnít matter what Mia said, since she and Chad arenít supposed to be friendsóend of story. He stares, confused, as Gabi storms off.

Brady asks Arianna in surprise if he is really a mystery to her after only a couple of minutes of testimony. Arianna asks if he really thought she was going to take this all in stride. Brady reminds Arianna that Nicole is going through hell right now and may spend the next twenty years of her life in prison. Arianna says this isnít about compassion on her partóitís about him wanting Nicole to be free after everything she did to his sister. Brady admits that he does wish Nicole was free.

Chloe visits Nicole in jail, telling her that this all happened so fast. She asks if Nicole plans to appeal, but she shakes her head, saying that she doesnít want to, as this is what she deserves. Chloe asks her not to say that, but Nicole vows to never forgive herself until Sydney is found. Chloe wonders if Nicole remembers anything else about the woman that took Sydney. Nicole admits that she gets the feeling that they all know the woman that kidnapped Sydney.

Anna assures Sydney that that was just a tree branch that hit the door. Anna stares worriedly at the door, hoping thatís all it was.

Sami wonders why EJ changed his mind about telling Rafe just because he was reinstated in the FBI. EJ says he just reconsidered because Rafe may be able to really help them now that he is officially an agent. Sami is elated, suggesting they tell Rafe now, but EJ shakes his head, saying that he kidnapper could cut off all communication if they learn Rafe has been reinstated. He then decides that they had better just get the ransom money together and wait for instructions from the kidnapper, as telling Rafe could be too risky. Sami, exasperated, reminds EJ that two minutes ago he said that they should tell Rafe. EJ thinks itís too risky and tells Sami that they have to keep this between them. Sami stares over EJís shoulder at Rafe, who has just walked in.

Lexie helps Maggie with some boxes in her kitchen. She spots a picture of Mickey, Maggie, Alice and Tom and exclaims that she doesnít think sheís seen it before. Maggie picks it up and smiles, explaining that it was taken on her wedding day. Maggie then admits that it sounds clichť, but she is thrilled to still be married to her best friend after all of these years, even though their marriage isnít always perfect. Lexie is surprised and Maggie chuckles, admitting she and Mickey get mad and throw pillows at each other. Lexie laughs, saying she always imagined Mickey and Maggie as one of those Ďhappily ever afterí type of couples. Maggie grins and shakes her head.

Mia kisses Will, telling him that she needs him now more than ever. Will jumps up, startled, saying that he thinks he heard the back door close. Mia grumps, wondering why he cares and asks if he heard her say that she needs him.

Nicole asks the officer for a moment alone with Chloe and he agrees, telling her that she has until the police transport arrives. Nicole then tells Chloe that she wishes they had spent less time fighting in the past and more time being friends. Chloe vows that they are friends, and that she will write and visit Nicole in prison. Nicole then tells Chloe not to take Daniel for granted, as that was a mistake she made with Brady. She explains that she spent the past year chasing an illusion when real love with Brady was looking her right in the face the whole time. Nicole sighs, saying that she threw that away, and she wishes more than anything that she could take it all back.

Brady claims that Nicole is a good person that has just made some mistakes. Arianna demands to know what Brady would do if Nicole didnít have to go to jail. Brady wonders why that even matters since Nicole is going to jail. Arianna demands an answer, and Brady is forced to admit that he doesnít know what he would do. Arianna snaps that she is sure Brady wants to say goodbye to Nicole before she is sent away. He says he does, but that he also doesnít want to cause any problems between himself and Arianna. He tells him to go, and that theyíll talk about it later. Brady hurries off. Arianna sighs, telling herself that Brady loves Nicole, and he knows it as well as she does.

Rafe demands to know what EJ and Sami were talking about. Sami explains that they were just talking about the sentencing, ad how neither of them could believe the judge only gave Nicole twenty years. EJ is just thankful she has to spend time in jail. Rafe shakes his head. EJ asks if he isnít happy Nicole got twenty years, but Rafe says he meant that EJ and Sami were talking about something that had nothing to do with Nicoleís sentencing.

Mia and Will make out as someone knocks on the door. Mia suggests they ignore it, but Will thinks the person will just alert his aunt and uncle, and theyíll end up coming in here. Mia sighs and agrees to get rid of whoever it is. She and Will try to arrange their disheveled clothing as Mia flings the door open. Gabi is outside. She stares at the two in shock.

Maggie reminisces about her wedding day, and how nervous and excited she was. She admits that thinking back on everything she and Mickey have gone through, sheís just lucky that she managed to hold on to him for all of these years. Lexie thinks Mickey is lucky to have her, too. Maggie then tells her that she admires Lexieís family as well. Lexie admits that her and Abeís disagreements about Theo nearly drove them apart, but they managed to work things out. She just hopes that she and Abe will be as happy as Mickey and Maggie are when they get older. Maggie is sure they will be, since Lexie also married her best friend, too. Lexie thanks Maggie for being so wise and hugs her, telling her that she loves her. Maggie says she loves Lexie, too.

Nicole tearfully asks Chloe to leave before they take her away. Chloe hugs her, vowing to always be here for her. Chloe then heads off, sobbing. Nicole hears footsteps in the corridor. She pleads with Chloe not to come back, and Brady walks in instead. Nicole gasps.

Rafe reminds Sami that when he walked in, EJ was asking Sami to agree with him about something, and that he couldnít have meant Nicoleís sentence. EJ explains that the two were agreeing not to release a statement to the press about the sentencing, as they want to concentrate on what is most importantófinding Sydney. Rafe apologizes for being so suspicious. EJ says itís alright, and then tells the two that he needs to get home and see if there is any news. He promises to keep the two updated and heads off. Sami thinks she should go home, too, and Rafe agrees to go with her. Sami heads off. Rafe stares after her suspiciously.

Gabi hands Mia her scarf, explaining that she left it at the Java Cafť. Mia asks Will to go get her some water, and he heads off to the kitchen obediently. Mia demands to know why Gabi is looking at her like that. Gabi explains that she doesnít understand why Mia was kissing Will.

Will heads into the kitchen and greets Maggie. She says she didnít know he was here, and he explains that he is hanging out with Mia and Gabi. Maggie tells Will that his uncle is packing upstairs, and she is just finishing up herself. She asks Will to remind Mia to water the plants and turns the light off if they all go out later, since she will be the only one here. Will promises to remind Mia.

Mia claims she and Will werenít kissing, but Gabi asks why their faces were all red, and why her lipstick is smeared. Gabi adds angrily that she thought Mia said she and Chad had something special, and that Chad was her soul mate. Mia claims he is. Gabi wonders why she is stringing Will along then, and reminds Mia that that is both mean and immoral. Mia huffs that she doesnít care what Gabi thinks, and adds that she doesnít have to explain herself to Gabi.

A vision of Nicole visits Arianna and mocks her, saying that she will always be in Bradyís heart. Arianna refuses to let that happen.

Nicole canít believe that Brady has come to see her. He sighs, admitting that he hates this, and that he feels like he should have been able to protect her from all of this. Nicole reminds him that he tried to get her to do the right thing, and that the mistakes she made were in spite of him, not because of him. She adds that Brady is the only one that ever cared about her, and that she doesnít want him to get hurt. He asks what she means, and she asks him to check Arianna out, as she heard she might be a drug dealer. Brady sighs, saying that that is all a misunderstanding, and that it isnít true. Nicole asks him again to be careful, and to make sure no one ever hurts him again the way she did. She then asks Brady for one more favorótelling him not to write her, call her, or visit her while she is in prison. She vows not to see him or talk to him if he does. Brady, bewildered, wonders where this is coming from. Nicole explains that it will be too hard for her, and that the only gift she can give him is to finally let him go.

Sami and Rafe head back into her place. Sami thinks heís been quiet since they left the courthouse, and wonders if anything is wrong. Rafe thinks sheís the one that can answer that question.

EJ gets a call back at the mansion. He answers and gasps, ďOMG!Ē EJ hangs up and promptly rushes out the door.

A car door closes outside Annaís hideout. She whispers to Sydney that someone is here.

Mia apologizes to Gabi for being so mean, explaining that she just came at a bad time. Gabi retorts that if Chad is so important to Mia, then she needs to leave Will alone, and stop leading him on. Will walks in just in time to hear the last, and stares in confusion as Gabi huffs off. He wonders what she meant.

Brady tells Nicole that he canít just walk out on her this way. Just then, the officer comes back to tell Nicole itís time to go. Nicole shushes him, telling him that although she will never see him again or hear his voice, he will always be in her heart.

Maggie sits in her kitchen and sobs.

Sami insists that she has nothing to tell Rafe, and wonders why he is acting so suspiciously. Rafe thinks Sami wasnít honest about what she and EJ were talking about when he interrupted them. Rafe asks Sami if she is sure she doesnít want to tell him anything.

Anna bundles Sydney into a blanket and opens the door. EJ is standing outside. Anna gasps.


Justin tells Bo, ďI am done being the good guy. To hell with that.Ē

Hope asks, ďMaggie, are you okay?Ē She tearfully replies, ďNo.Ē

Rafe tells Sami, ďSydney might already be back in your arms if it wasn't for EJ.Ē

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