Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/6/10

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/6/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, Rafe asks where Sami has been, as he was worried about her. She apologizes, claiming she just got distracted. Rafe starts to tell her his good news, but his phone interrupts. Rafe sighs and heads off to the bedroom to take it. Sami flashes back to EJ hugging her and promising that he will get the money to get Sydney back. Sami comes back to the present, sighing and whispering that there is something she needs to tell Rafe, too.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ shouts into the telephone that this isn’t possible. He listens for a few moments, declares he is on his way, and slams the phone down angrily.

In her cell, Nicole tells her lawyer, Marcus, that she already pled guilty and that she isn’t changing her mind. Marcus tells her that the term ‘diminished capacity’ isn’t an attempt to trick the court, but Nicole interrupts, saying she wasn’t crazy when she took Sydney; she just didn’t want her to be around EJ and Sami while they fought all of the time. Marcus reminds her flatly that this is her last chance, and wonders if she really wants to spend the rest of her life in prison.

At the Java Cafe, Chad brings Gabi some coffee ad asks if she is ready for her first day back at school. Gabi admits she is nervous, and Chad offers to help get her through it. She reminds him they don’t have many classes together, but Chad says they can eat lunch together, and perhaps even spend their free period together as well. Gabi thinks that sounds great, and promises to check her schedule once she gets back to the pub. Mia walks in and glares at the two. At a nearby table, Troy gazes at a picture of Arianna and flashes back to hiring a man to kill her.

At the pub, Arianna sways to salsa music and works on inventory. The man Troy hired sneaks in and draws his gun. He creeps up behind an oblivious Arianna.

Sami tries to convince herself that she has to tell Rafe about the ransom note. He heads back into the living room just then. Sami prepares to spill the beans, but Rafe interrupts her with is own amazing news, and informs her that he has been reinstated as an FBI agent. He hugs and kisses Sami, asking her how it feels to be in the arms of an FBI agent. She giggles and congratulates him as Rafe explains that the guy that fired him retired, and when the man that took his place heard about his work unraveling the baby switch, he was impressed. Sami is amazed, but Rafe says that isn’t all. He adds that his boss also wants him to stay in Salem and be the agent in charge of Sydney’s kidnapping case. Sami hugs him again, congratulating him and telling him how happy she is. Rafe wishes they could really celebrate, but tells Sami that they need to focus solely on Sydney. Sami agrees. Rafe then tells her that he just spoke with the D.A., and learned that Nicole’s sentencing hearing is today.

At the hospital, Nathan greets Stephanie. She notes that he got out of jail, and he nods, saying that Maggie bailed him out. She thinks he must be getting used to being arrested. Nathan huffs, saying that the last time he was arrested over giving that drug to Chloe, he was released on his own recognizance, and this time, the charges against both him and Philip were dropped, so Maggie got her bail money back, and he managed to stay in the will. Nathan smiles wanly at his joke, but Stephanie grumps that she isn’t that forgiving.

Philip picks Melanie up and carries her into the Kiriakis mansion. She reminds him they aren’t married yet, but Philip says he is practicing, as the assault charges were dropped, and he is now allowed the leave the state. He promises Melanie they will be in Vegas soon, and when they come back, he will carry her over the threshold as ‘Mrs. Philip Kiriakis.’ Philip moves in for a kiss. Melanie pushes him away, shaking her head.

Sami heads into the living room, promising Rafe that she will be ready in a few moments. He grumbles about the suit he’s wearing as Will comes in. He asks why the two are dressed up, and Sami explains that Nicole’s sentencing hearing is today. Will is surprised, and Sami explains that they actually moved the date of the hearing up. Rafe then tells Will the good news about him being reinstated back into the FBI. Will congratulates him and asks the two to wait for a few moments, as he would like to attend the sentencing as well. Sami asks him to hurry and Will rushes off to his room to change. Rafe then tells Sami about Brady coming by to tell them that Nicole is depressed. Sami isn’t surprised. Rafe claims he doesn’t care, and that Nicole is getting what she deserves, as keeping a secret is the exact same thing as telling a lie, especially when it comes to the people you love. Sami gulps.

Marcus reminds Nicole that prison is very hard—physically, emotionally, and mentally. He tries to explain that he wants to use her diminished capacity as a mitigating circumstance, but Nicole refuses to allow it. Marcus fumes, saying that he is just trying to do his job. He wonders if Nicole wants to spend the rest of her life in prison. She says she doesn’t, but that whatever the judge decides is fine by her, because she is guilty, and will be until the day she dies. Nicole adds that she doesn’t deserve mercy.

Stephanie asks Nathan if he really thought she would just forgive and forget, considering he attacked Philip when he learned Philip was marrying Melanie. Nathan claims that Philip threw the first punch, but Stephanie wonders if he can really be that dense and thoughtless. She reminds him that he told her he wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with her, and instead he got in a fight over Melanie. She wonders if he knows how that made her feel. Nathan says it probably made her feel badly, and admits he screwed up. He apologizes.

Philip asks Melanie if she is saying that she doesn’t want to get married. She says she does and asks him to put her down. He complies and Melanie explains that she meant they can’t start kissing, or they’ll never get to Vegas. Philip says they’ll be taking the Titan jet, so there’s no rush, but Melanie wants him to pack a bag, as hers are all ready to go. She pulls Philip up the stairs.

The man Troy hired creeps up behind Arianna. The door opens behind him and the man stuffs his gun into his pocket. Brady walks in and tells Arianna that he thought she locked the door. She claims she thought she did, then notices the man behind her. She tells him they are closed, gesturing towards the sign. Brady asks what he is doing in here. The man stares.

Chad brings Gabi another coffee. She excuses herself and walks off. Mia heads over to Chad. He asks how she is doing, but she says it isn’t a good day, as Nicole is being sentenced today. Chad says he needs to get off of work, as he intends on testifying as well. He rushes off as Gabi comes back over. She asks what is going on with Chad, but Mia isn’t sure she wants to know. Gabi insists she does, and Mia asks her to come with her .Gabi asks where they are going, and Mia says they’re going to the courthouse, as Chad is going to be testifying, and she sure he would want Gabi to be there for support. Gabi agrees to go. Mia smirks.

Sami and Rafe take a seat in a courtroom. EJ greets the two, assuming they got the news. EJ says that he is sure Nicole got this hearing moved up. Sami agrees, thinking Nicole wanted to make sure no one else would get the chance to tell their side of the story. Rafe smirks, saying that this is Nicole’s unlucky day.

Nathan bumps into Stephanie as she makes a cup of coffee. She groans. Nathan thinks he and Stephanie need to come to some kind of understanding. Stephanie retorts that she can’t be charming and agreeable just because he apologized and admitted he was a jerk. Nathan claims he isn’t a jerk, and that he just screwed up. He then tells Stephanie that he did a lot of thinking while he was in jail, and he has decided to make some major changes—starting with her.

In his room, Philip throws some clothes into a suitcase. Melanie wonders why he is packing that shirt, since it doesn’t match any of the pants he is taking. Philip thinks he just might not wear pants that day. Melanie giggles. Philip suggests she have Henderson pack so she can supervise, but she doesn’t think Henderson would approve of her choices. Philip wonders why he has to. Melanie laughs, saying she knows she can’t tell Philip what to do. He asks if that means she likes him just the way he is. She nods. He flops on the bed and kisses her. She reminds him the jet is waiting, Philip doesn’t think she cares. She admits she doesn’t, and the two kiss again.

The man tells Arianna and Brady that he just wanted some coffee. Brady asks suspiciously if he really didn’t see the sign. The man shrugs, saying that he hasn’t had his coffee yet. He apologizes and heads off. Arianna asks what Brady is doing here, as she thought he had a meeting, but he explains that he saw Gabi at the café, and she told him Arianna was here alone. Arianna explains that Troy called and wanted to meet with her. She urges him to go ahead and go to his meeting, but Brady says he had to cancel, since Nicole’s sentencing hearing was moved up. Arianna guesses Brady wants to there for Nicole. He admits he is going to the hearing, and asks Arianna to come with him. She refuses.

Back in the courtroom, D.A. Charles Woods tells Chad that he doesn’t have to testify, Chad insists, reminding his father that Nicole took his baby, ad he wants the court to know what that meant to him. Charles begs him to just let Mia testify, but Chad refuses. Gabi and Mia walk in just then. Gabi, confused, asks why Chad needs to testify at this woman’s kidnapping sentencing. Mia thinks Gabi had better just hear Chad’s side of the story when he takes the stand. Gabi agrees, and the two take a seat. Rafe gets a phone call and heads outside. Sami takes the opportunity to ask EJ if he go the five million dollars. He reminds her they have 24 hours, and asks worriedly if she told Rafe anything. She says she didn’t and that she feels terribly about it. EJ reminds her sternly that this is about them and their daughter, not her boyfriend. EJ then asks Sami to try to concentrate on putting Nicole behind bars. The judge comes in just then and calls court into session. He announces that Nicole has pled guilty to three felonies for illegally adopting a baby, switching it for another baby, and kidnapping the child later. Nicole’s defense lawyer nods, and the judge asks if the prosecution has a recommendation for sentencing. Charles stands and tells the judge that based on the severity of the crime; they’re asking that Nicole be given the maximum sentence, and that her sentences run consecutively so that she ends up with a term in prison of seventy years. Marcus protests, but the judge doesn’t want to hear any pleas for mercy, and explains that he will be basing Nicole’s sentence on the testimony he hears today. He then calls EJ to the stand. Nicole sighs miserably.

Arianna reminds Brady that she still has a lot of inventory to count. She claims she is almost done, and will stop by the hearing later, but Brady doesn’t like the idea of her being here alone. He then heads off reluctantly. Arianna flashes back to confronting Brady about helping Nicole. He claims it’s because she has had a tragic life, but Arianna thinks Brady is addicted to Nicole. Arianna comes back to the present and sighs.

The hit man meets up with Troy outside the café, explaining that a guy showed up, and he didn’t think Troy would want him to kill them both, since the whole thing is supposed to look like a robbery. Troy fumes, reminding him that his boss threatened to replace him in the organization with that bitch and he can’t let that happen. The man offers to go back and kill them both. Troy nods, saying that he had better not blow it this time. He checks his watch and curses, saying that he will have to meet Arianna so she doesn’t get suspicious.

EJ testifies that Nicole allowed him to mourn Grace, a child that wasn’t his. He adds that Nicole let him believe Sydney was adopted, and he rejected his own child, something he will never forgive Nicole for. We then flash forward to Sami, who testifies that she raised Grace as her own because Nicole switched her for Sydney. She sobs that she gave Grace all the love she could, and that when she died, a part of her died as well. She vows to never forget Grace, and adds that she would do anything to have her back. We then flash to Mia, who says that Nicole forced her to lie about her baby, and that she will never forgive herself for lying to people that she cared about. We then move on to Chad, who testifies that he wanted to raise his daughter and planned on doing so, but he never got the chance because Nicole lied to all of them. Gabi stares at Mia in shock. We then go back to Sami, who talks about Nicole crying over Grace’s death and pretending to be sympathetic just so she could keep lying about Sydney. EJ testifies that Nicole tried to flee the country with Sydney once the game was up, and was on a plane on her way out of town when she was stopped. Lastly, Sami testifies that Nicole took her daughter again, and because of what she did, someone else was able to swoop in and take Sydney. Sami adds tearfully that her little girl has been kidnapped, and they don’t know if they’ll ever get her back, all thanks to Nicole. Nicole sighs.

Stephanie claims she would rather pass on Nathan’s ‘turning-over-a-new-leaf’ speech, but Nathan says that isn’t what this is. He tells Stephanie that he thinks of himself as an honest guy, but he wasn’t honest this time because he foolishly let himself get sucked into this Melanie fiasco. He claims that he just forgot what it is he really wants. Stephanie asks what that is.

Melanie and Philip lie in bed together. She tells him that when she makes love to him, it’s like nothing else matters. Philip grins, saying that he does what he can to bring joy to the world. Melanie asks about the jet, but Philip assures her it will wait all day. Melanie says she is excited to leave, and asks Philip go pack. He agrees and heads off. Melanie snuggles under the covers and loses her eyes. She dreams of a hand caressing her leg. She opens her eyes to find Nathan in bed next to her. He asks her to forget the jet, and suggests they spend the whole day in bed together. Melanie admits that that sounds like heaven.

The judge thanks everyone for testifying, as he knows it was painful for them. He then adds that everyone that testified spoke again Nicole. He wonders if anyone will speak on her behalf. Brady walks in just then, saying that he will. Sami glares. EJ smirks.

Arianna groans, asking Troy if the shipment is really going to be late again. He nods, explaining that the boss has some issues right now. She asks him to call her when it comes in, and he agrees to do so. Troy then asks her why the pub is closed. Arianna explains she is doing inventory. Tory nods and heads off. Arianna grabs her purse, deciding to hell with the inventory—she’s going to the hearing.

Nathan asks Stephanie if she decided to fall in love with Philip. She shakes her head, saying that she couldn’t help but do so, since he was so funny and handsome, but he was also a Kiriakis, and she finally realizes that things weren’t going to work. Nathan explains that he realized the same thing with Melanie. He says he did some major thinking in jail, and he now knows he wasn’t even chasing Melanie—it was just some fantasy, and he’s done with that now.

Melanie kisses Nathan in her dream. Aloud, she says that she could do this all day. Philip agrees, kissing her, and suggests they start their honeymoon early. Melanie sits up with a start and shakes her head, telling Philip that she has a favor to ask.

Brady testifies about Nicole’s miscarriage. Arianna walks in just in time to hear him tell the court that he believes that Nicole, on some level, really thought Sydney was hers, because the miscarriage drove a part of her crazy. He adds that now that the truth is out, Nicole is still suffering, and there is no sentence the judge could hand down that would be any wore than what Nicole is feeling right now. He then begs the judge to be merciful. Sami scoffs as Brady takes his seat. Nicole gets up to testify as well. The judge says she doesn’t have to, and that it won’t be held against her if she doesn’t, but Nicole says she has to do this. She tearfully admits that what she did was unforgivable and terrible, and that it seems as if every decision she has made has been not only wrong, but disastrous. She then admits that she deserves the worst sentence that can be handed down, and adds that she doesn’t care if she goes to prison for the rest of her life, as all she care about is making sure Sydney comes home safely. Nicole bawls, saying how sorry she is. EJ and Sami glare as Brady looks on sympathetically.

Stephanie asks Nathan what happens now that his Melanie-chasing fantasy is over. Nathan claims that is up to her, as he would really like to spend more time with her. He knows that what he did to her was stupid and rotten, but if she is the kind of person that gives second chances, then she knows where to find him. Nathan then heads off. Stephanie sighs.

Philip asks if Melanie has changed her mind about the elopement, and wonders if she wants the big church wedding, but she says that isn’t it, and claims that she just wants to honeymoon in Europe. Philip agrees readily, and Melanie explains that she wants to show him all the places in Europe she got guys to cough up their cash, as she wants Philip to know who she is—the real her. Philip claims that that won’t scare him. Melanie asks if he is sure, as what she needs to show him may take months to see. Philip says it could take years for all he cares, and tells Melanie that he’d love to do it. She grins.

As Nicole steps down from the stand, the judge admits that he has never seen a defendant as remorseful as Nicole is. EJ jumps up, saying that that is ridiculous. He wonders if the judge has heard a word any of them has said. The judge reminds EJ that he has had his turn to speak, but EJ interrupts, declaring that every word that comes out of Nicole’s mouth is a lie. The judge snaps back that he finds it odd that a DiMera would come into a court of law and demand justice. EJ gapes as the judge suggests that he give Nicole the same punishment EJ has received for his own innumerable crimes—namely, nothing. EJ glares.

Philip heads into the hospital and greets Stephanie, telling her that Melanie wanted him to stop by the hospital and tell everyone that she won’t be back for a while. Stephanie asks what is going on, and Philip tells her about their long honeymoon in Europe. He then asks if Stephanie has spoken to Nathan. She says she has. Philip asks if he plans on going ballistic over Melanie again, but Stephanie thinks their fight knocked Melanie out of Nathan’s system for good. Philip is surprised, but Stephanie just thinks that Nathan has realized that Melanie was a fantasy, and not the girl he thought she was, and that he just needs someone more real. Philip asks if she means herself. Stephanie chuckles, saying that anything is possible.

Nathan runs into Melanie, who is filling out some paperwork. She breaks the news of the honeymoon to Nathan, saying that she may be gone for months. He reminds her that she starts nursing school soon, but Melanie says that is why she’s here—she’s dropping out. Nathan scoffs.

Gabi confronts Chad angrily back at the café. Surprised, he asks what is going on, and she tells him she would have liked a heads-up. Mia walks in as Gabi lays into Chad for asking her out on a date before letting her know about his and Mia’s baby. Mia grins. Chad sighs.

EJ wonders how the judge can dare to bring his prejudice against the DiMeras into this case. Sami jumps up and agrees that this isn’t about EJ. She wonders how the judge could believe Nicole’s crocodile tears. Nicole sighs miserably as the judge bangs his gavel, ordering EJ and Sami to take their seats before he has them both thrown in jail for contempt. Rafe urges Sami to sit down, reminding her that this isn’t helping. The judge then tells Sami that he feels for her, considering all she has been through, but he also knows the whole story behind this case, he knows all about the people involved, and he knows that Sami has been involved in quite a lot of custody disputes in her lifetime. She protests, but the judge adds that he knows that she lied about her pregnancy and kept the paternity of the child from the father, so she can hardly pretend as if she is blameless in all of this. Sami gapes. The judge then says that he has reached a verdict concerning Nicole’s sentencing. Everyone waits expectantly.


Arianna tells Brady, “I don't understand you, and I'm beginning to think that I never will.”

Gabi snaps at Chad, “Stay away from me, okay?”

Nicole tells the court, “There's something I need to say.”

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