Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/10

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Justin and Hope greet one another at the Kiriakis mansion. Justin sets a box down on the floor as Hope apologizes. Justin claims it isn’t her fault, as they did what they had to. He heads back upstairs as the bell rings. Hope answers it to find Bo outside. She calls for Ciara, letting her know her father is here. Bo notices the boxes on the floor and asks if someone is moving out. Justin comes downstairs just then, saying that he is the one that is leaving.

Troy meets with a man at the pier, asking if he knows what he has to do. The man nods, saying that he knows Troy wants this hit to be quick, clean and final. Troy nods and hands the man a picture of Arianna, explaining that this is his target.

At the pub, Arianna prepares to do inventory alone.

Brady shows up at Sami’s place. Rafe lets him in and heads off to get Sami. Brady looks down at the table near the door and notices a note from Sami. He calls after Rafe that he thinks Sami already left.

Sami meets EJ at the Java Café, wondering why he wanted to meet here. EJ explains that he didn’t want his father to overhear their conversation and informs Sami that he received another note from the kidnapper. Later, inside at a table, EJ shows Sami the note, which instructs Sami and EJ to follow the note to the letter if they ever want to see their daughter again. EJ shows Sami a line of numbers along the bottom. He thinks the first numbers, 01/05/10, must refer to the date. Sami nods, thinking the numbers after it, 815, must refer to the time. She checks her watch, noticing that it’s eight already. She wonders what they are supposed to be able to do in fifteen minutes. EJ isn’t sure, but guesses the rest of the numbers may give them a clue. Sami shakes her head, saying it’s just random letters and numbers. EJ thinks the ‘n’ may stand for ‘north.’ Sami wonders why they are even messing around with this when they could be calling Rafe, who will know exactly what this means. She takes out her phone, but EJ stops her, saying that she can’t call Rafe.

Bo is surprised Justin is moving out. He tells Bo that he will be at the Salem Inn if anyone needs him, and asks Hope to get the door. Justin heads off with an armful of his belongings. Hope then explains that Justin was asked to leave. Bo wonders why Victor kicked Justin out, and asks if anything happened between Hope and Justin. She nods, guessing that Bo already knew that.

Brady guesses that Sami left and Rafe nods, asking why he came by. Brady then tells Rafe about how he went to see Nicole. Rafe asks if he bailed her out again, but Brady says he didn’t, and that he was called because she isn’t doing well. He explains that he just tried to convince her not to give up on herself or on remembering who might have taken Sydney. Rafe asks if he succeeded, but Brady isn’t sure. He then asks Rafe if he is angry he went to see Nicole. Rafe admits that he is upset that Brady seems to do something nice for Nicole ever time he turns around. He then warns Brady that if Arianna gets hurt, he is coming after him.

The man thinks it would be a shame to just kill Arianna and asks if he might have some fun with her first. Troy shakes his head, telling the man that this must look like a simple robbery. He instructs the man to clean out the cash drawer, take her purse, and leave her body wherever it drops. The man says he understands.

Gabi comes downstairs and greets Arianna. She is surprised to see Gabi up so early, and asks if she is excited to start her first day at Salem High tomorrow. Gabi admits she is. Arianna then reminds Gabi that she promised to help her with inventory. She asks her to start with some canned goods in the back, but Gabi’s phone interrupts. She listens, and agrees, telling the person that she is free. She then hangs up and tells her sister that she is meeting Chad for coffee at the café. Arianna groans. Gabi thinks counting all those cans can wait, and she promises to be back soon. Arianna grumbles that it can’t as Gabi heads off.

Sami thinks she has to tell Rafe, and reminds EJ that he kidnapper addressed the note to ‘mom and dad,’ so they must know that EJ told her about the ransom note. She thinks Rafe might be included as well, but EJ snaps that Rafe isn’t Sydney’s father. Sami reminds him that they only have fifteen minutes to figure out how to find Sydney. EJ retorts that what is best for Sydney is for Sami not to be so hysterical. Sami claims she isn’t being hysterical, and reminds EJ that Rafe does this for a living, and that he might know exactly what that code means. EJ asks Sami what will happen if Sydney is killed because she insists on involving her boyfriend in all of this. EJ adds angrily that he thinks Sami knows that involving the FBI is the last thing they need to do right now, and he refuses to discuss it further. Sami sighs, suggesting they just figure out what the last few numbers mean. EJ agrees and puzzles over the note. He then gasps, saying that he can’t believe he didn’t think of this before.

Hope complains that she can’t believe Victor would go around spreading gossip to Bo that he knows would hurt him. Bo says it wasn’t Victor. Hope guesses it was Vivian, then. Bo admits he didn’t know whether or not to believe her at first but she was clearly telling the truth. Hope claims it isn’t what Bo is thinking. Bo asks what he should be thinking, then.

Brady heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She tells him they aren’t open. Brady suggests she lock the door, then, and Arianna agrees to do so, claiming she forgot when Gabi left. Brady asks if she is here alone, and she nods, saying she needs to do inventory. Brady replies that he doesn’t like her being here by herself, reminding her of what his grandfather told Daniel. He adds that the more people that know about her supposed dealing, the more danger she will be in. Arianna tells Brady that she almost got the head of the cartel the day before. She then tells him about Troy’s lost phone, and how she and Roman nearly pulled his contacts list, but were unable to do so when a signal was sent to disable the phone. Brady asks if Troy is on to her, but Arianna explains that Roman had an undercover cop pretend to be a customer that found the phone where Troy left it, and she returned it to him. Brady is just glad to hear that Troy isn’t a threat to Arianna.

EJ tells Sami excitedly that the numbers don’t have the correct markings, but he’s sure they refer to coordinates on the map. Sami asks him to check them on his GPS, and EJ does so. EJ says he’s got it, and Sami tells him they must leave, since they only have a few minutes to get there. EJ then informs Sami that the location is only 200 yards away, so this person must know what they are doing. Sami thinks they must have to meet somewhere near the river. EJ replies that it might be the pier. They both get up and dash off. Outside, Gabi sees them go flying by and wonders if that was Sami Brady.

Tim shows up at Sami’s place. Rafe greets him, hoping he has something new to report in regards to the kidnapping case.

Bo asks Hope angrily if he should be thinking that Justin never had his eye on Hope, when they both know the SOB has been after her ever since he returned to Salem. Hope claims it wasn’t like that. Bo asks if Justin kissed her, but Hope says that she actually kissed Justin. Bo angrily accuses her of doing this out of spite. Hope doesn’t answer. Bo rages, asking if she has feelings for Justin.

Arianna assures Brady that Troy isn’t a threat, and that the police have her back. Brady claims he can’t relax until this whole thing is over. Arianna changes the subject, telling him how sorry she is that she had to work on New Year’s. She asks Brady what he did. He sighs, saying he needs to tell her something, especially as Rafe already knows about it. Arianna asks what he is talking about, and Brady tells her that he went to see Nicole. Arianna retorts sarcastically that her day just got a lot better.

The man Troy hired peers in through the window of the pub and curses. He calls Troy, reminding him that he said Arianna would be alone, but there’s some guy in there with her. The man then listens to Troy and nods.

Rafe appreciates the fact that Tim came by to tell him there isn’t any bad news, but he has to wonder why he came by at all since there are no new leads, and this clearly isn’t about Sydney. Tim explains that it is actually all about Sydney.

Sami and EJ arrive at the pier a couple of minutes early. EJ tells Sami to be careful, as this may be a trap. The two look around and notice a large yellow ribbon tied to one of the posts on the dock.

Hope admits that she doesn’t know how to feel about anything anymore, and wonders how she got from being one half of Bo and Hope for most of her life to this. Bo reminds her that it all started when she took their daughter and moved out of the house, so they never had the chance to work anything out. Hope thinks they had plenty of chances. Bo asks her sarcastically if Carly coming back to town ruined everything. Hope claims that what is wrong between the two of them has nothing to do with either Carly or Justin, although she admits they might have been able to work things out if Carly didn’t come back. Bo wonders how, since she knew before that he would have done or said anything to get her and Ciara back home. Hope replies that she would have wanted him to promise to never go against her instincts, and she would have wanted him to apologize for putting their daughter’s life in danger so he could play hardball with the kidnappers. Bo retorts that paying the ransom would have only gotten Ciara killed. Hope doesn’t think he can possibly know that, especially since it’s all based on some vision he had. Hope then says that all she really wanted to hear was that Bo didn’t have feelings for Carly, but she guesses she has the answer to that question. She gets now that however many years they were Bo and Hope, the reality is that a part of Bo always belonged to Carly.

Brady tells Arianna that the main reason he went to go see Nicole is to get her to try to keep remembering who took Sydney. Arianna asks if he was able to convince her. Brady hopes so. Arianna hopes they bring that little baby home soon, for both Sami and Rafe’s sakes.

EJ finds a phone in a plastic bag under the ribbon. He takes the phone out just as it rings. EJ answers, and Anna is on the other line. She asks to speak to the child’s mother. EJ hands the phone to Sami, who worriedly asks if Sydney is ok. Anna, whose voice is now distorted, assures Sami that Sydney’s fine. Sami rails on her, wondering how she could do this to an innocent baby. EJ asks her to remain calm as Anna tells Sami to listen, as she wants to speak to her mother to mother. Sami wonders how a mother could do this to another mother. Anna scoffs, wondering how Sami could have done all the vile and despicable things she has done. Sami stammers that she has changed and that she just wants her daughter back. Anna assures her that Sydney is safe for now, but she will never come home unless Sami does something for her.

Brady tells Arianna that he still wants to celebrate New Year’s with her, and suggests they go out for dinner and dancing, even though it’s a few days late. Arianna thinks that is a great idea and kisses him. Gabi walks in just then, asking if she should leave, but Brady and Arianna break it up. Arianna asks about Chad. Gabi explains that he bought her a latte and wonders if that counts as a date. Arianna shakes her head, reminding Gabi that Chad works at the café, so the latte was free. Gabi wonders why Arianna is so down on Chad and hurries upstairs. Brady offers to cancel his early meeting to help with inventory, but Arianna says he needs some alone time with Gabi to talk about Chad, especially as she is starting her first day of school tomorrow. Brady doubts Gabi will listen, but Arianna vows to lay down the law. Brady chuckles and promises to call her later about their date. He then heads off, reminding her to lock the door. Outside, the man Troy hired sighs, relieved that Arianna is alone at last.

Hope calls upstairs for Ciara, but Bo asks her not to rush her, as they still need to talk. Hope then vows that if Carly’s big secret hurts Ciara in any way, she’ll be forced to act. Bo snaps that he would gladly give his life before he let anything happen to his daughter. Ciara comes downstairs just then. Hope asks her to be careful, and she promises she will be. Bo picks her up and carries her out the door as Hope calls after Ciara that she loves her.

Sami swears that she will do anything to get her daughter back. Anna tells her to listen closely, and explains that she sent the first note to EJ because he has the money. However, from now on, she will only be dealing with Sami, since she is the one that carried Sydney for nine months. Sami claims she understands. Anna is glad, as the two of them need to deal with this mother to mother and heart to heart—assuming Sami even has one. Sami wonders who Anna is, but Anna claims that isn’t important, and that what is important is that Sami tell no one about these negotiations. Sami swears that she won’t tell anyone. Just then her phone rings. It’s Rafe. She doesn’t answer, and he leaves her a voicemail, asking her to get home soon, as he has big news.

The man Troy hired groans as Gabi comes downstairs with a package. She shows Arianna that their mother sent them a cake for Epiphany. Gabi suggests they have some people over to help them eat it. Arianna gets nostalgic for holidays past, and remembers that last year at this time, she was in prison, but now she is out and has her brother, sister, and all her friends around her. Arianna then tells Gabi that it is time the two had a chat about Chad. Gabi groans, hoping this won’t turn into a sex education lecture. Just then, Troy calls Arianna, asking her to meet him alone. She agrees and hangs up, telling Gabi that she needs some time alone for a work thing, but promises that they will finish this conversation later. Gabi sighs and heads off.

Justin finds Hope alone in the living room and asks how things went with Bo. She tells Justin that Vivian told Bo about their kiss. He asks if she told him the real reason why they kissed, but Hope shakes her head, saying that she knows Bo would go ballistic if he knew what she was up to. She then apologizes over the fact that Justin had to get hurt in all of this. Justin tells her he is just upset that he won’t be here anymore to look out for her. Hope claims she will be fine and Justin agrees, but asks her to call him if she needs anything.

Bo is at Maggie’s place, and she apologizes for the way she, Julie, and Alice pushed things between him and Hope on Christmas Eve. He says it’s fine, as he knows the three meant well, and he also wishes things were different between him and Hope. Maggie then tells Bo about hers and Mickey’s New Year’s resolution to spend more time with each other, and go on that cruise Julie keeps talking about. Bo is glad to hear it. Maggie then gently reminds Bo that sometimes people lose sight of the big picture. She reminds Bo that for him, Hope is the big picture, ad that the two love each other. She adds that she thinks Bo needs to make his own resolution to figure out to fix his marriage.

Anna warns Sami not to breathe a word of this to her boyfriend, as she has read about him and his work at the FBI. She warns Sami that those initials won’t give her any kind of power. Sami vows not to tell anyone, and Anna again warns her that she will never see her little girl again if she does. Anna then tells Sami that she wants five million dollars, and more instructions will follow once Sami has the money ready. Sami reminds her it will take time, but Anna retorts that she only has twenty-four hours. Anna starts to hang up, but Sami wants proof that Sydney is alright. Anna puts her on the line and EJ and Sami both say hello to her. Sydney babbles. Sami vows that they are coming for her, and will bring her home soon as Anna hangs up abruptly. Sami collapses into EJ’s arms with a sob. He assures her that Sydney is healthy and safe, and that he will get the money to get Sydney back.

Hope tells Justin that she has racked her brain, and that she can’t think of anything else they could have used as a cover. Justin wonders ruefully if kissing him was that bad. Hope chuckles, saying it wasn’t, but it was unfair of her to kiss him after he told her about his feelings for her. Justin assures her she didn’t lead him on, and that he knew why they had to do what they did. He adds that he never for one moment though that Hope just wanted to kiss him. Justin grins, saying for all he knows, perhaps someday it will be something she wants to do.

Bo sighs, telling Maggie that if he knew how to fix his marriage, he would have done so already. Maggie thinks something might be stopping him, and Bo admits that’s true, as things are complicated. Maggie reminds him there was a time she wasn’t sure she and Mickey would make it, but they worked things out because the realized how badly they needed one another. Bo agrees, saying that now they have a terrific marriage. Maggie thinks he and Hope do as well, and that they can fix things. She advises him to start slowly and try to rebuild things, as she is sure he and Hope can work things out.

Gabi runs into Brady at the café. He thought she was going to be with her sister, and Gabi guesses that Arianna told him about the lecture she was planning on giving her. Brady says he meant that he thought Arianna wouldn’t be alone. Gabi explains that some work thing came up and Arianna asked her to leave. She then asks Brady if Chad is still working.

The man Troy hired creeps up behind Arianna with his gun drawn.

Sami heads back into her place and blubbers to a picture of Sydney, apologizing for getting her kidnapped. She sighs, admitting that she lied to her father at first, but now she is forced to trust him with their daughter’s life. Rafe comes back just then, asking Sami if everything is alright. Sami admits that she is just distracted. Rafe explains to her that Tim came by, and that he has some news. Just then, his phone rings. Rafe heads off to answer it with a sigh. Sami admits to herself that there is something she needs to tell Rafe, too.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ bawls into the phone that he wants the five million dollars, regardless of the state of the markets. He threatens to move his money to another account if the bank doesn’t come through for him. EJ gets another call and clicks over. He listens, gasps, and declares that that is impossible.


Nathan tells Stephanie, “I am making some major changes. And they start with you.”

The man Troy hired stalks Arianna.

Sami tells the court, “We don't know if we're ever gonna see her again, and it is all because of Nicole.”

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