Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/10

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/10


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Maggie’s kitchen, as Stephanie gathers her things to leave, Melanie wonders where Philip is. She answers the phone just then, listens, gasps, and promises to be right there. Stephanie asks her what is wrong as she hangs up. Melanie doesn’t think she’ll ever guess where Nathan and Philip are. Stephanie says that Nathan should be on his way home from work, but Melanie says he isn’t, and neither is Philip—because they’re both in jail.

An officer shuts Nathan and Philip into a cell, wishes them a happy New Year, and heads off. Nathan snaps at Philip, asking if he is satisfied. He claims he is, since now he knows Nathan will keep his mouth shut. Nathan asks if Philip really thinks he and Melanie won’t ever speak again. Philip says he doesn’t care, since Melanie doesn’t give a damn about Nathan or what he has to say. Nathan disagrees, saying that Melanie still respects his opinion. Philip reminds him that a medical degree doesn’t make him special. Nathan retorts that all Philip got a degree in was treating women like garbage. Philip insists that he and Melanie are happy together, and she loves him. He thinks Nathan is going to make a fool out of himself if he interferes, but Nathan thinks he’d be a bigger fool if he didn’t tell Melanie what he really thinks—that marrying Philip is the biggest mistake of her life.

Bo greets Carly at the hospital, telling her that he made that call to the Swiss hospital like he said he would. Worriedly, Carly guesses that Vivian knows her secret and had found her daughter.

In Vivian’s room at the Kiriakis mansion, Hope works on opening the puzzle box she and Justin found. Just then, the two hear Vivian and Victor outside, arguing about some herbal remedy Vivian wants to give Victor. Hope and Justin stare in horror. Outside, Vivian lets herself into her room, and she and Victor stare in shock as Justin and Hope kiss. Victor demands to know what is going on. Justin claims he can explain, but Victor insists that the two get the hell out of his house.

In jail, Nicole lies on her cot. A guard comes over to tell her she has a visitor. Nicole groans at whoever it is to go away, but it’s Brady, and he refuses to do so.

At the pier, Carly asks Bo if Vivian was snooping around the hospital, but Bo shakes his head, saying it was someone else. He then explains that there was a flood at the hospital years ago, and most of Carly’s files never got updated in the computer’s mainframe, so whoever was poking around didn’t get much. Carly is relieved that her daughter is safe and throws her arms around Bo, thanking him for looking into this, as she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.

Victor again demands that the two get out, and reminds Justin angrily that Hope is his son’s wife, and he won’t allow Justin to put the moves on her. Justin claims it just happened. Victor scoffs. Hope then jumps in, saying that this was all her fault, and that Victor needs to reconsider kicking her out, since she can’t very well tell Ciara that her grandfather wants them to leave. She then explains that she put Ciara to bed after midnight, and was heading for the kitchen via the back stairs when she ran into Justin. She guesses they were both feeling sorry for themselves over having to spend New Year’s alone, and one thing led to another after the fireworks started going off. Victor asks if she is really going to blame this on the fireworks. Justin then assures Victor that what happened was stupid and impulsive, and they know it was wrong. Vivian demands to know why the two felt the need to act like two hormonal teenagers in her bedroom of all places. Hope claims that she and Justin thought they heard someone coming, and ducked in here to hide, but Victor doesn’t buy it.

Philip, exasperated, explains to Nathan that Melanie loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Nathan wonders why Philip didn’t want him to talk to Melanie, if he is so convinced that she loves him. Philip tells Nathan to go ahead and trash him in front of Melanie. Nathan says he plans on doing just that. Philip grumbles, wondering why Nathan can’t just accept that he has lost. Nathan claims it isn’t about that, and that this is about the fact that Melanie is going to ruin her life if she marries Philip. Philip tells him to go ahead and make a fool of himself, but he had better not forget who else will get hurt in this situation. Nathan asks what eh means, and Philip reminds him of his new girlfriend, Stephanie Johnson. Philip asks where she fits into this little equation. Nathan says that she doesn’t, actually.

Carly apologizes for getting emotional, knowing that she can’t let her guard down with Vivian, since she is so persistent. Bo thinks they’ve bought themselves a little time, at least. Carly agrees and thanks Bo for helping her get a little peace of mind. She then asks Bo why he isn’t with his family, since it’s New Year’s. Bo says nothing is going on at home, and his mother is doing something with her church group. He then adds that Ciara is with Hope at Victor’s, and after Christmas morning with Justin putting not-so-subtle moves on his wife, he’d rather not repeat that scene. Carly is surprised he knew about that. Bo asks what she is talking about.

Hope is sorry if Victor doesn’t believe her, but claims that what she told him was the truth. Justin agrees, but adds that Hope isn’t to blame. Victor agrees that Justin shares the blame, and tells him to get out of his house and find another base of operations. Justin agrees to do so, and tells Hope to take care. He stomps off down the hallway. Victor asks Vivian for a moment alone with Hope, and she agrees, following Justin. Victor asks Hope what is going on, as cheating on her husband where her daughter could witness it isn’t at all like her. Hope apologizes for disappointing him. Victor asks again what is going on, and Hope tells him about going over to her house and catching Bo and Carly kissing. Victor tells her how sorry he is. Hope then explains that if she didn’t think her marriage was over before, she does now.

Brady tells Nicole that he got a message from a guard about her. At first he thought she remembered something about Sydney’s kidnapper, but then he learned that Nicole hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Nicole snaps, wondering if he is here to spread a little sunshine and convince her that everything will be alright. She reminds him angrily that innocent people get hurt and killed all the time, and God doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Brady sighs, reminding her that her hearing is tomorrow, and warns her that she needs to get herself together. Nicole wonders why, since she can’t remember anything more about the woman that took Sydney. Brady says that isn’t what he meant. Nicole wonders what he could mean, grumbling that her life is over now that she has lost EJ and Sydney for good. Brady reminds her that she has herself to live for, and assures her that she is strong, and that he knows she wants to be a better person. He thinks she has a conscience in there somewhere, and that her life isn’t over at all.

In the foyer, Justin tells Vivian that he will be at the Salem Inn if anyone needs him. Vivian thinks he just wants some privacy with Hope, but Justin snaps that what is going on between him and Hope is none of her concern. She claims it is, since she cares about Victor, and he is obviously beside himself. Justin thinks Victor will be fine, but Vivian retorts that seeing all this civil unrest in his family is upsetting him, and seeing his nephew kissing his daughter-in-law that way didn’t help. Justin scoffs, saying he’d really be thrown if he knew what his son was up to, then. Vivian asks what he means. Justin replies flatly that Bo has already moved on with Carly Manning.

Bo asks what it is he doesn’t know about Justin. Carly would rather not say, but Bo reminds her that she already said something, and can’t go back on it now. Carly explains that it’s just that she is sure that Justin has feelings for Hope. She asks if Bo is surprised, but he claims he isn’t. Carly add quickly that she isn’t at all sure that Justin will ever act on those feelings, and then asks Bo if it would matter to him if Justin did.

Victor snarls that he knew there was going to be trouble for Bo and Hope the second that whore Carly returned to Salem. Hope doesn’t think it’s fair for him to call Carly that Victor turns on her next, reminding her that her daughter could have found her in Justin’s arms. He snaps that the poor child has been traumatized enough as it is. Hope agrees that she has. Victor demands to know if Hope thinks agreeing with him will absolve her of her guilt. Hope claims that all she feels is shame. Victor glares, saying that he has always given her the benefit of the doubt, but not this time, as she betrayed his son, made a fool of his nephew, and didn’t protect his granddaughter against tremendous psychological damage. He then vows not to let Hope off the hook this time.

Philip calls Nathan a heartless bastard for not caring if Stephanie gets hurt in all of this. He wonders if Nathan really thinks chasing after Melanie won’t hurt Stephanie’s feelings. Nathan claims that isn’t what is going on, but Philip doesn’t buy it, reminding Nathan that he is dating Stephanie, but pining away for someone else. Nathan snaps that what he and Stephanie have is new, and that he actually isn’t pining away for Melanie. Philip accuses Nathan of coming up with a lame defense. Nathan lays into Philip, reminding him that he hurt Stephanie too, as they were engaged until Stephanie had the nerve to ask Philip to stop working for his criminal father. Philip snaps at Nathan to shut up. Nathan thinks that the same thing will eventually happen to Melanie—she’ll get sick of the Kiriakis lifestyle, and instead of doing the honorable thing and changing, Philip will throw her out just like he did with Stephanie. Philip calls him an SOB. Melanie and Stephanie rush in just then. Melanie begs the two to stop arguing.

Vivian demands to know what is going on between Bo and Carly, but Justin groans, asking her to forget he said anything. Vivian refuses, saying that she doesn’t want Victor to have any more nasty surprises. Justin guesses Vivian will find out the truth soon enough, and informs her that Hope caught Bo and Carly kissing. Vivian calls Carly a duplicitous little tramp, spitting that Lawrence’s ashes are barely cold, and she’s already trying to lure Bo into her sticky little web. Justin doesn’t think she had to do much luring. Carly asks if he is sure, and Justin says he is. He excuses himself, heading out the door with his luggage.

Hope doesn’t blame Victor for resenting her, but he claims that he feels a lot more than resentment. Hope sighs, saying that she knows Victor has been an advocate for her and Bo, but she really doesn’t think reconcilement is in the cards for them. Victor snaps back that that isn’t how it works, and that marriages take dedication and commitment. Hope replies that Victor needs to understand that she and Bo are the ones in pain right now, and they both need Victor to sty out of this and give them space, since his anger is only fueling the fire. Victor retorts that eh is in this fiasco up to his eyebrows and refuses to stay out of it. Hope says she is sorry, but she can no longer live here. She then tells Victor that she and Ciara will be out of the house first thing in the morning.

Bo tells Carly that it would matter to him if Hope and Justin were involved, since it would change everything. Just then, Carly gets a page. Bo asks if she has to go back to the hospital, and she nods. She thanks him for the good news and starts to head off, but Bo stops her, handing her a pair of New Year’s glasses that light up. She laughs and thanks him, saying that this reminds her of all those years ago, when they spent New Year’s together on the boat. Bo nods, saying they’re together again tonight. Carly smiles, wishing him a happy New Year, and heads off.

Stephanie asks Nathan and Philip what is going on, and why they’re both here. Nathan says it’s a long story that he doesn’t feel like telling right now and begs Stephanie to get him out of here. Stephanie agrees and heads off to post bail. A guard comes over to let Philip out, telling him that his attorney posted bail, but he’ll have to fill out some paperwork before he can leave. Nathan scoffs, thanking god for Daddy. Philip sneers. Nathan asks Melanie if he can talk to her alone, but Philip asks if Melanie can come with him. The guard refuses, and Melanie promises that she will meet Philip in a moment. Philip and the guard head off. Melanie asks what Nathan wants, and he explains that they need to talk about why he and Philip got into fight. He then explains that Melanie can’t marry Philip.

In the station, Philip tries to convince the guard that he needs to go back for his fiancée, but the man refuses. Philip sits by Stephanie, who asks why he and Nathan got into a brawl. Philip claims it was over nothing worth discussing, but Stephanie is surprised Nathan and Philip got arrested for nothing. She sighs, admitting that she knows she and Philip aren’t close anymore, but she was at least hoping they could be honest with another. Philip agrees, doubting that her boyfriend will tell her the truth anyway. Philip then explains that her ‘golden boy’ doctor is trying to hijack his fiancée.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn’t have any fight left in her. He thinks she needs to find it, and if she can’t, then the lawyer he hired for her will fight for her, and he’ll win, too, as he just assured Brady of as much earlier today. He begs Nicole to promise him that she will fight for her life in front of that judge tomorrow. Nicole sighs, reminding Brady of when he first returned to town. She claims that when she saw him, she knew he was the love of her life. She claims that if she had just acted on that and listened to her gut, then things would be different. Brady stammers that it might not be too late.

Philip tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he’s pretty sure Nathan is using her to try to get Melanie off of his mind. Stephanie thanks him sarcastically, saying that that is a heartwarming theory, and it’s great for her ego, too. Philip sighs, wishing this weren’t true, since Stephanie deserves better, but he is sure Nathan is down there right now, begging Melanie not to marry him. The guard comes over to tell Philip that he is free to go. Philip again apologizes to Stephanie, saying that it’s probably better that she knows everything now. He heads off. The guard brings Stephanie Nathan’s paperwork, telling her that all she has to do is sign on the dotted line, and she can take her boyfriend home. Stephanie grimaces.

Melanie tearfully tells Nathan that she is touched that he cares, but she is with Philip, and she has made her choice. Nathan retorts that she made the decision too impulsively, and reminds her that she only dated Philip a couple of times before they got engaged. Nathan says there is no need for her to get married so quickly, unless she wants to have children. Melanie says she has no plans on doing so right now. Nathan doesn’t think she should marry Philip, but she claims that she has to. Nathan asks what she means, begging her to hang out with him for a second and talk this through. Melanie reminds him he told her he didn’t want to have anything more to do with her. Nathan knows he said that, but it was stupid, and he didn’t mean it. Melanie sobs that he doesn’t get to tell her what to do anymore, and bawls that she no longer has any feelings for him. He takes her hand, asking if she is sure about that.

Vivian greets Bo on the pier, asking him if his New Year’s resolution is to reconcile with his wife. Bo snaps that it’s late for Vivian to be out and about. She agrees, thinking they both have that little succubus Carly on their minds. Bo scoffs that he is looking at the only succubus in town. She claims she is just trying to help Bo, because she wants to protect Victor from hearing about his lip-lock with Carly. Bo doesn’t give a damn what Victor hears, but Vivian thinks it will have a tremendous effect on him, especially since it will explain some other things that have happened. Bo demands to know what she is rambling on about. Vivian says she is talking about his indiscretion with Carly, and how it has driven Hope right into Justin’s arms.

Victor asks Hope not to leave, as she and Ciara being here has been beneficial for him. Hope sighs, guessing that he is still hoping that she and Bo will make up. Victor interrupts, saying that he knows the two will get back together if it’s meant to be. Hope thanks him for understanding. Victor claims that what irks him is that Carly is still a thorn in her side. He declares that that woman is worse that Chloe, Sami and Nicole put to together. Victor then adds that he has no idea why Bo is so blinded by Carly, and hopes Hope can figure it out. He heads off. Hope says she prays she can figure it out, too.

Brady urges Nicole not to give up, and to keep fighting. Nicole notes that Brady has done too much for her. He thinks it’s funny that she brought up their first meeting when he returned to town, because truthfully, all he wanted to do then was take her in his arms and whisk her away from the DiMera mansion. He thinks he should have done that. Nicole sobs that things have changed since then. Brady agrees, saying that perhaps their chance has passed, but Nicole is beautiful and tough, and she can’t give up on herself. He again urges her to fight for her life.

Hope calls Justin, who is outside Salem Place. He asks how things went with Victor, and she sighs, saying that things didn’t go so well. She admits she nearly woke Ciara up and moved out immediately, but Victor convinced her to stay. Justin is glad, since he is convinced the key to Carly’s secret is at the mansion, and Hope needs to stay there in order to figure out what is going on. Hope then tells Justin that they need to talk about what happened between them. Justin asks what she means, and Hope explains that what they did was wrong.

Back at the hospital, Carly flashes back to the last time she and Bo spent New Year’s together. They’re on a boat, and he kisses her, ringing a bell and tells her they need to ring it eight times to make sure all is well. The two kiss as the bell rings. Bo assures her that everything will be alright. Carly comes back to the preset and sighs, wishing Bo a happy New Year under her breath.

Bo tells Vivian that he knows she loves being the bearer of bad news, but she hasn’t told him anything he doesn’t already know. Vivian says she isn’t through, though she hates to ruin his New Year’s. Bo insists that she spit it out, whatever it is. She then explains that she and his father found Hope and Justin celebrating the New Year in a personal sort of way. Bo stares. Vivian thinks he’s gone as pale as Victor did, and he doesn’t even yet know that Hope and Justin were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Bo gapes.

Brady asks if Nicole will be in court tomorrow, and she nods, promising to do what she has to. Nicole thanks him again, and Brady heads off. Nicole then tells the guard she needs to call her lawyer. The woman hands her a phone, and Nicole makes a call, telling her attorney that she wants to change her plea, and throw herself on the mercy of the court.

Stephanie rips up Nathan’s release papers. The guard tells her that all she had to do was sign on the dotted line, but Stephanie huffs that Nathan can call his grandmother, and have her bail his ass out. She storms off.

Nathan asks Melanie to look him in the eye and tell him that marrying Philip is what she really wants, and that she can’t spend the rest of her life without him. Melanie sobs that Philip is the one, and that she does want to marry him. Philip walks in just then, asking Melanie if she is ready to go. She tells him tearfully that she is, and the two head off. Nathan sighs.

Justin reminds Hope that what they did wasn’t wrong; it was just a strategy to keep Victor and Vivian from suspecting that they were searching Vivian’s room. Hope sighs, admitting that it did work. Justin just hopes she doesn’t have any regrets. She wishes him a happy New Year and hangs up. Justin does the same, flashing back to the kiss he and Hope shared. Carly interrupts his reverie, asking where he is going with his luggage. Justin explains that Victor kicked him out and he is heading over to the Salem Inn. Carly asks if this has anything to do with Hope.

Bo doesn’t believe a word out of Vivian’s lying mouth, but she claims that both she and Victor saw Hope and Justin kissing. Bo wonders why Vivian would tell him all this, and wonders what he is supposed to do with the information. Vivian retorts that it’s what he’s already done and tells Bo that his careless actions with Carly have driven his wife into Justin’s bed. She says she has to go home and help herself to some of the wonderful champagne Victor has, but wishes Bo a happy New Year. She hurries off. Bo sighs, wondering what Hope has gone and done.


Rafe warns Brady, “If my sister gets hurt, I'm coming after you.”

Sami hisses, “We have to do what's best for Sydney, EJ!”

Bo asks Hope, “You telling me you have feelings for him?”

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