Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/31/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/31/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At her place, Sami stares at one of Sydney’s unopened Christmas presents. She then flashes back to finding the ransom note EJ received. Rafe heads in, interrupting her reverie by blowing a party horn. He wishes Sami a happy New Year and hands her a box. She asks what it is and Rafe explains that it’s a party in a box. Sami thought it was just going to be the two of them celebrating. Rafe nods, saying he doesn’t think they need more than two people for their party. Sami giggles.

Daniel heads into the hospital and greets Nathan. Nathan admires his tux and Daniel smiles ruefully, explaining that he is taking Chloe to Chez Rouge tonight, and wasn’t able to convince her that dark jeans were formal. Nathan tells Daniel that he and Stephanie will be there tonight, too. Daniel is surprised. Nathan sighs, guessing that Daniel thinks he is still hung up on Melanie. Daniel says he doesn’t think that, and Nathan assures him he isn’t, as Melanie is engaged, anyway. Daniel says he heard. Nathan grumps that word gets around --or maybe Daniel saw that huge diamond on her finger, as it’s kind of hard to miss.

At Maggie’s place, Melanie gets off the phone with Maxine and grins, telling Philip that she got the night off. Pleased, Philip says that they can get ready to fly to Vegas, and promises to finish packing, arrange for them to take the company jet, and meet her back here shortly. Melanie reminds him they need to find an Elvis impersonator, but Philip was thinking they’d be married by the justice of the peace. Melanie sighs, guessing that is at least more dignified. Concerned, Philip asks Melanie if she is sure she still wants to do this.

Carly and a nurse walk past Nathan and Daniel and over to the waiting area. The woman compliments Carly on her hard work, but Carly claims it was a routine procedure. The nurse reminds her she saved a man’s life. Carly flashes back to stabbing Lawrence. As he crumples to the ground, he vows that she will never find her child. Carly comes back to the present, snapping that he doesn’t deserve any praise, as she just did what she had to do.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian looks over the records she had stolen from the hospital Carly gave birth at. She flashes back to showing Victor that Carly was checked into the maternity ward. Vivian then comes back to the present, vowing to find that little bastard and make Carly suffer. She grins, telling herself how satisfying it will be. Vivian then hides the records in a decorative box on a table.

Downstairs, Justin heads into the living room and asks Hope what is going on. Hope explains that Victor and Vivian will be leaving for Chicago to celebrate New Year’s any moment. Justin asks what happens then. Hope explains that they are going to find out what Vivian knows about Carly and how she plans to use the secret to destroy her.

Rafe opens the box and wraps a feather boa around Sami’s neck. Sami wonders where Rafe’s is, but he claims it must have gotten lost. He then takes out some champagne glasses, explaining that he got plastic ones so they won’t have a repeat of last year. Sami laughs, remembering how she threw a glass at Rafe’s head. He grumbles that he was just trying to keep her from getting shot. Sami knows he was, and adds that being cooped up with an arrogant know-it-all didn’t turn out to be so bad after all. Rafe thinks it was better than being stuck with an obnoxious brat who wouldn’t listen even though he was trying to save her life. Sami hugs him, glad that they moved past all of that. Rafe wonders if her days of going rogue are really behind her. Sami backs off, asking him worriedly why he would say that.

Hope tells Justin that she will tuck Ciara in as soon as Victor and Vivian leave. Justin agrees to give the rest of the staff the night off. Victor and Vivian walk in just then. Victor thinks Hope and Justin are conspiring about something, and he wonders what it is.

Melanie claims she isn’t having second thoughts. Philip asks if she is sure she doesn’t want Maggie at her wedding. Melanie admits that it would be nice, but as long as Philip is there, she’ll be happy. Philip asks if she is sure she doesn’t mind foregoing a big, splashy wedding. Melanie reminds him of the tug-of-war between his mom and Vivian, and admits that she thinks eloping is the best idea. Philip agrees. Melanie reminds Philip worriedly of the way his mother reacted when Chloe and his brother eloped. She hopes Kate won’t try to poison her or anything. Philip reminds Melanie that the elopement wasn’t the reason Kate wanted Chloe dead. Melanie apologizes for bringing it up. Philip tells Melanie that he doesn’t care what his mother does as long as Melanie doest get hurt. Philip then vows that he will never let that happen, and that he will always protect Melanie.

Daniel tells Nathan that he didn’t see the ring, but he heard about the engagement from Philip. Nathan sarcastically remarks that he can’t believe Philip is bragging about how the two are getting married after two whole dates. Nathan adds that Melanie is too young, and it’s odd that the two want to get married so quickly. Daniel reminds Nathan that Melanie isn’t married yet, and if there are unresolved feelings between the two of them, it’s better to work them out now. Daniel tells Nathan to take care, and heads for the elevator. Nathan decides that Daniel is right, and that he can’t leave things like this.

Hope explains that she is worried about Ciara, as she is having problems at school interacting with the other kids. She adds quickly that Justin was just giving her advice about the situation. Vivian thinks he is a good friend. Hope replies that the two had better get going, as it’s a long drive to Chicago. Vivian thinks Hope is trying to get rid of them, but Hope says that she just doesn’t want them to be late, as traffic is terrible this time of year. Victor thinks she’s right and tells Vivian that they had better get going. He jokingly asks Hope and Justin not to burn the house down and the two head off. Hope grins, telling Justin that it’s time to get to work.

Daniel greets Carly at the hospital. She thought he left, but Daniel says that he forgot his wallet. He makes small talk with Carly about her good work in the O.R., but Carly refuses to accept praise for simply doing her job. She adds angrily that no one around here needs to stroke her ego, as her work is the one area in her life that she is actually confident about. Daniel sighs, reminding Carly that they have known one another for a long time, and that he can tell when something is bothering her. Carly then confides in Daniel that no matter how many lives she saves, it can’t make up for the one she took. Daniel asks what she is talking about, and Carly says she means Lawrence. Daniel reminds her that someone else confessed to that crime, but Carly quickly tells him that she did it—she killed Lawrence. She hurries off. Daniel stares after her, shocked.

Maggie and Julie compliment each other’s outfits in a room somewhere in Salem. Julie explains that Doug picked out her dress from a boutique one day. Maggie is impressed, and says that she thinks he is a keeper. Julies replies that they both lucked out, as there isn’t a man finer than her Uncle Mickey. Maggie agrees, and then asks Julie if she is ready to go. Julie says she is, but wonders jokingly if Chez Rouge is ready for them. They get ready to walk out the door, but Maggie’s phone rings just then. She sees that it’s Mickey, who promised to call as soon as his plane landed. She answers, explaining that she and Julie are on their way to Chez Rouge. Mickey interrupts her, and she listens, her face falling in disappointment.

Melanie looks over some photos of Mickey, Maggie and Nathan. Stephanie interrupts, knocking on the door. She asks if Nathan is here, but Melanie says he isn’t. She asks Stephanie if the two are still going to Chez Rouge. Stephanie nods, explaining that she just came by to pick up Maggie’s camera, which she forgot. Melanie explains that she was just thinking of how they all spent New Year’s Eve last year, when Stephanie was engaged to Philip, and she was jealous. Stephanie notes wryly that Melanie had someone accidentally spill a drink on her. Melanie quickly says that she is a better person now. She adds that she can’t believe that she and Stephanie are friends, she’s engaged to Philip, and Stephanie is dating someone she didn’t even know last year. Stephanie abruptly asks for the camera. Melanie hands it to her, and Stephanie starts to leave, but notices Melanie’s luggage packed. She asks if she and Philip are going somewhere, and Melanie nods, saying that they’re flying to Las Vegas. Stephanie asks jokingly if they’re going to see Wayne Newton. Melanie replies that they’re actually going there to get married. Stephanie gapes.

Nathan stands at the elevator and thinks. He then decides that he needs to do this in person.

Daniel heads into the Java Cafe and greets Chloe, complimenting her dress. She thinks he looks delicious. He reminds her that she told him the party at Chez Rouge was formal, but she thought he wanted to spend the evening with his coworkers here at the pub. Daniel suggests they ditch the first two options and have a private party for just the two of them. Chloe giggles as he pulls her in for a kiss. Just then, Daniel notices Carly across the pub, and excuses himself to go talk to her. Daniel heads over and tells Carly that they need to finish their discussion.

Outside, Vivian and Victor pass by the cafe. She suggests she grab an espresso before they leave. As she starts to head in, she sees Carly and Daniel talking. She tells Victor that it’s quite the night for conspiracies, and she has to wonder what that one is all about.

Outside Vivian’s room, Justin tells Hope that the staff is gone. She replies that Ciara is fast asleep. Hope then opens Vivian’s door, telling Justin that it’s time to find out what she is hiding. The two head inside.

Stephanie, surprised that Melanie and Philip are eloping, congratulates her. Melanie claims that she hasn’t forgotten that Stephanie and Philip were planning on getting married this time last year, but Stephanie insists that what the two had is over. She claims she is happy for Melanie, but thinks Melanie is the one that seems unsure about all of this.

Nathan and Philip run into one another outside the pub. Nathan asks Philip if Melanie is inside, but Philip says that they decided to skip the hospital party and fly to Vegas. Nathan looks at him questioningly and Philip nods, saying that he and Melanie are eloping tonight. Nathan scoffs, saying they aren’t.

Daniel tells Carly that he knows she can’t talk here, and suggests they meet the next day after work. Carly starts to refuse, but Vivian and Victor walk in. Carly trembles. Daniel says that that is just Vivian and Carly nods, telling Daniel quietly that Vivian knows her secret, and that she was the one that planned for someone to confess to Lawrence’s murder and put the corpse in her patient’s bed. Carly confides in Daniel that Vivian is dangerous. Daniel begs Carly to let him help but she asks him to just leave her alone. She hurries off, bumping into Vivian on the way out. She asks her to get out of her way, but Vivian feigns surprise, asking Carly not to be so hostile. She wishes her a happy New Year and hopes she has a wonderful year, even though some of them, like Lawrence never lived to see the new decade. Carly snaps at Vivian to get out of her way and hurries past her out the door.

Justin rifles through some drawers and asks Hope what kind of papers they are looking for. Hope looks around the bed, explaining that the documents contain information about Carly’s secret, but she didn’t overhear anything else. Justin hopes Vivian stashed the papers in this room. Hope goes through another table’s drawers, telling Justin that they’ll find something if the keep looking, but they have to work quickly.

Rafe thinks Sami has gotten quiet. She admits that she is thinking about Sydney. Rafe says he has some news that isn’t directly related to Sydney, but may help in regards to her disappearance. Sami asks what is going on, and Rafe explains that he may be reinstated to the FBI. Sami throws her arms around him, excited. Rafe explains that it isn’t official yet, but if it happens, he’ll have access to plenty of confidential files, and he can finally help find Sydney in an official capacity. Sami congratulates him, telling him how proud she is of him. Rafe then heads off to get a better bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. Sami takes out her phone and calls EJ, telling him that she thinks Rafe needs to know about the ransom note, and that she is going to tell him tonight.

Maggie tells Mickey that she is disappointed, of course, just as their phone call breaks up and cuts off. Maggie sighs, telling Julie that Mickey has been tied up in another meeting, and there’s no chance that he will make it back tonight. Julie suggests that the two take a cruise together, and reminds Maggie that her travel agent sad she could get the two a suite at a good price. Julie then asks Maggie to imagine watching the sun set alone with her husband. Maggie admits it sounds nice, as she and Mickey haven’t spent too much time alone lately. Maggie sighs, asking Julie what she should tonight, as she doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Julie begs her to come along with her and Doug. Just then, she notices Maggie’s ruby shoes. Maggie smiles, admitting Mickey got them. She flashes back to being in the hospital years ago, and Mickey bringing her some dancing shoes as a gift, telling her that she was born to dance. Maggie comes back to the present, guessing that she wasn’t born to do so tonight. Julie assures Maggie that she is going to party tonight, and that she isn’t going to sit in the corner. The two break into a chorus of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and head out the door.

Daniel heads back over to Chloe. She asks what is going on with Carly, but Daniel isn’t sure. Victor walks over and they all wish one another a happy New Year. Victor hopes Daniel wasn’t wishing the same to Carly a few minutes ago. Daniel reminds Victor that Carly is an old friend, and advises him to leave her alone. Victor claims he was just asking a question, but Daniel is pretty sure he was insinuating something, and that has to stop. He then warns Victor not to even think of trying to pull off whatever scheme he and his sidekick Vivian have come up with.

Outside, Carly flashes back to being buried alive. Vivian, inside the café, flashes back to gleefully rolling around on top of Carly’s grave and laughing hysterically. Back in the present, the two exchange glances. Vivian grins. Carly hurries off.

Victor asks Chloe to see it from his point of view, and points out that she can’t want to see her husband hanging around such an attractive and intelligent woman. Victor claims he is sure Chloe must be threatened by Carly. Daniel asks angrily what he is doing, and Victor grumbles that he just wants Daniel’s fiancée to talk some sense into him. Daniel says abruptly that they are leaving. He takes Chloe by the arm and the two head off. Vivian comes over, asking how it went with Daniel, but Victor snaps that he is clueless idiot. He adds that he is sure the thing with Chloe is just about sex, and will wear off in a few weeks, but Carly is a more formidable opponent. Vivian reminds Victor that she has made a resolution to find Carly’s bastard child. She assures Victor that when she does, Carly will pay dearly.

Hope asks Justin where one of the doors leads, and he explains that it goes into his uncle’s room. Hope suggests they try the closet. The both reach for the handle at the same time, their hands touching.

Sami hisses at EJ that of course she doesn’t want to put Sydney in danger, but telling Rafe may help. Just then, Rafe comes back with the champagne, and Sami tells EJ that she will have to call him back. She hangs up as Rafe asks her who called. Sami explains it was EJ, and that he just wanted to give her an update on the search for Sydney. Rafe asks if anything has happened. Sami says nothing has, but EJ was acting obnoxiously, and it bothered her. Rafe pours champagne as Sami tells him how happy she is for him. Rafe hands her a glass, saying that he knows this past year has been hard for her, but 2010 is going to be much better. He swears that this time next year all her kids will be running around waiting for the ball to drop, and it will be chaotic. Sami grins, hoping he is right. Rafe then proposes a toast to them and their family. Sami grins.

Melanie claims that she wouldn’t be getting married if she had doubts, but Stephanie wouldn’t blame her if she were, since it hasn’t even been a month since Melanie was dating Nathan. Melanie retorts that she and Nathan broke up because of Philip, and the fact that Melanie and Philip have had a connection ever since they met. Stephanie replies that she and Nathan have a connection as well, and that it is getting stronger every day. Melanie scoffs, demanding to know why Stephanie is saying that like some kind of a threat. Stephanie claims it isn’t, and that she just wants Melanie to know how good she and Nathan are for one another. Melanie asks if Stephanie thinks she plans on getting in the way of that. Melanie snaps that she knows Melanie won’t, because she won’t let her. She tells her to have fun in Vegas, and starts to head off, but Melanie tells her to come back.

Nathan vows that Philip isn’t going to marry Melanie tonight or any night. Philip wonders if Nathan has been hitting the booze early, but Nathan snaps that Melanie is only marrying Philip because of him. Nathan adds that he hurt Melanie, and now she is punishing him by marrying Philip. Philip scoffs, saying that Melanie loved him long before Nathan’s overblown ego came to town. Nathan claims he knows Philip’s type, and thinks he is just interested in Melanie for the chase, and will lose interest soon enough. Nathan then vows that he won’t let Melanie ruin her life that way. Philip reminds Nathan that he had his chance and blew it, but Nathan claims this isn’t about him, and that he is going to make sure that Melanie knows that rushing into marriage is not only stupid, it’s pathetic. Philip demands to know where Nathan is going. Nathan retorts that he is going to see Melanie, and Philip can’t stop him. Philip responds by punching Nathan and knocking him on the ground.

Victor reminds Vivian that seeking revenge on Carly involves Daniel now, and that is worrisome, since he is family. Vivian hopes he isn’t thinking of backing out on their plan. Victor says he isn’t, but that they have to be careful, as he doesn’t want any blood on his hands. Vivian vows that she has it all worked out, and suggests they get going so they can enjoy their evening Chicago. Victor glances at his watch and tells her ruefully that it’s too late to make their reservation. Vivian suggests they have dinner elsewhere and plan Carly’s demise, but Victor says that talking to Daniel made him lose his appetite. Vivian winks, asking Victor seductively what he would rather do instead.

Hope checks the closet as Justin worries that they might not find anything. Hope thinks Vivian may have locked the papers in a safe deposit box. Justin reminds her that they’d need the keys to it to get it open. Just then, behind some dresses, Hope finds a niche in the wall. She opens it and discovers a wooden box inside. She calls Justin over and shows it to him. The two smile at one another.

Rafe tells Sami that he thinks they should all go camping once they get Sydney back. Sami jokes that she got attacked by a snake and a tiger the last time she went camping. Rafe thinks breathing in the fresh air and making s’mores would be fun. Sami agrees, but asks if they can rent an RV. Rafe wonders what he is going to do with her. She brandishes her glass, reminding him she has a real one this time. He guesses that things don’t change much, but then remembers that they do, since last New Year’s he was just falling in love with her, and this year, she means everything to him. Sami asks suspiciously if he is saying all this to make her go camping. He groans, saying that he was trying to have a moment with her, but it’s gone. Sami tackles him and kisses him, disagreeing.

Melanie says she doesn’t appreciate Stephanie’s subtle intention that she might come between her and Nathan. Stephanie replies that she wasn’t trying to be subtle. Melanie proclaims loftily that Stephanie doesn’t have to worry about her anymore, because tomorrow she will be Mrs. Philip Kiriakis. Stephanie asks if she really won’t look at another man again, and Melanie nods, saying that that is the plan. She then tells Stephanie that she is really happy for her and Nathan, since they are both great people. Stephanie is glad to have Melanie’s blessing, and tells her she has she has hers, too, calling her Mrs. Philip Kiriakis. Melanie claims that isn’t her name yet, but Stephanie is sure it will be soon.

Nathan and Philip trade punches as a police officer rushes over to break it up. Nathan flops on a bench, panting. The officer threatens to haul the two in, but Philip says it won’t be necessary, since he is leaving. He adds that he is getting married tonight, and starts to head off, but Nathan bum-rushes him, punching him in the back. The two roll around on the ground as the officer tries to break up the fight.

Hope explains to Justin that this is a puzzle box like some of the ones her grandfather used to give her. Hope admits that she is pretty sure she can figure this one out.

Back at the hospital, Carly flashes back to being buried alive. She begs Vivian for food and water via a walkie-talkie, but Vivian refuses, saying that Nicky and Lawrence were more important to her than the air she breathes, but Carly took them from her, so she is going to take the same from Carly. Carly shrieks as Vivian says goodbye, claiming that they won’t speak again. Carly screams. She comes back to the present shakily, vowing to never let Vivian find out about her daughter.

Stephanie says that she had better get going, and Melanie agrees. Stephanie gathers her things as Melanie’s phone rings. She answers and listens, surprised. She then hangs up with a sigh, telling Stephanie that she will never guess where Nathan and Philip are now.

An officer locks Nathan and Philip into a jail cell, wishing them a happy New Year.

Daniel and Chloe stroll along the pier. Daniel asks Chloe if she remembers being on the pier this time last year. She grins and nods, remembering that she twisted her ankle, and her hero, Daniel, carried her all the way to the hospital. Daniel thinks she was just faking it to get into his arms and Chloe agrees, admitting that she can be clever. The two kiss as fireworks explode above their heads. Daniel wishes her a happy New Year and picks her up, saying that they may as well carry on the tradition. The two kiss again.

Vivian and Victor head up to her room at the mansion. Hope and Justin stare at each other in horror as they hear the two outside the door, arguing about an herbal remedy Vivian wants Victor to try. The two walk into her room to discover Justin and Hope kissing. The two back off of one another sheepishly. Victor and Vivian stare in shock.

Sami and Rafe lie in bed and listen to the fireworks. Rafe is disappointed they missed them again this year, but Sami thinks it’s plenty interesting in the bedroom. She then tells Rafe that there is something he needs to know. He promises to listen, but wants to get more champagne first. He heads off as Sami receives a text message. It’s from EJ, who wants to meet her, but doesn’t want her to say anything to Rafe. Sami sighs.


Nathan tells Philip, “You're gonna ruin her life, and I'm not gonna let that happen.”

Justin says, “Bo has moved on, Vivian--with Carly Manning.”

Carly rushes into Bo’s arms, “I don't know what I would have done without you.”

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