Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/30/09


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At Bo and Hope’s house, Carly tells Bo that she thinks she destroyed his marriage. Bo claims that his marriage was over anyway, and that this has nothing to do with her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope listens in from the foyer as Victor asks Vivian to slow down in regards to her plan to destroy Carly. Vivian thinks now is the best time to strike, since Carly is falling apart form all of the pressure. Victor thinks finding a corpse could make anyone a little jumpy, and congratulates Vivian, saying that it was a good move on her part. Vivian claims that since Carly nearly had a meltdown over it, she’s now primed to go in for the kill.

At the pier, Troy tells EJ that he lost his phone. EJ flies into a rage, reminding Troy angrily that his phone had a lot of business-related numbers in it that EJ gave to him. EJ then demands threateningly that Troy tell him where that phone is while he still can.

At the Java Café, Arianna scrolls through Troy’s phone and grins, thanking God that she finally has the number of the guy running the whole drug operation.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells Rafe tearfully that she has to do the right thing. He asks if this has anything to do with Sydney. Sami flashes back to finding the ransom note from Sydney’s kidnapper. Sami comes back to the present and admits to Rafe that this is about Sydney.

Bo again tells Carly that his marriage ending isn’t her fault, and that he is glad that what happened between them ended up happening.

Vivian admits that Victor may be right, as she has been known to be impulsive in the past. Victor scoffs, saying that you can’t exactly categorize burying someone alive as impulsive. Vivian then tells Victor that the papers Lawrence left behind are a gift, since she now has the goods on Carly, and has a terrible secret that could blow her out of the water. Hope listens in expectantly just as Justin comes up behind her, startling her. She shrieks and leaps into the living room. Surprised, Victor says that he didn’t realize Hope was there.

Sami asks Rafe about the lead regarding Sydney, but Rafe is forced to admit that it didn’t pan out. Sami sobs, wishing that she just knew what to do. Rafe tries to soothe her.

Vivian demands to know how long Hope was standing there. Victor reminds Hope quickly that this is her house, too, and that she has the right to come and go as she pleases. Hope claims she was just coming down the stairs when she ran into Justin. Justin agrees that that is what happened.

EJ slyly asks Troy if he is a fan of gangster movies, noting that there’s always one character that won’t make it to the end of the move alive. Troy stammers. EJ takes out his phone and tells Troy that he is in luck, as no one has called him yet. He then tells Troy that this will be like a new reality show—he has to find his phone before someone calls EJ, and if Troy succeeds, he’ll be allowed to live. Troy promptly panics.

Roman meets Arianna outside the pub. She shows him Troy’s phone and explains that this is her ticket to meeting the boss, but unfortunately, the phone is locked. Roman thinks he can get a search warrant, but Arianna doesn’t think that will help unless he can get the password, too. Roman assures her that she doesn’t have to worry about that, as he has the law on his side.

A man brings some diapers and food to Anna’s hideout. Anna asks what is going on at the mansion, and the man explains that Sami Brady and her boyfriend are there, and that Frank will call if anyone shows up or leaves. Anna guesses there is no way of knowing if they’ve received her note.

Rafe can’t believe that EJ walked out like that without saying anything. Sami reminds him that he has done the same. Rafe protests. Sami takes it back, telling Rafe that they can’t let anything come between them right now. She adds that she knows Rafe doesn’t like EJ, but they have to try to get along with him, as he is Sydney’s father. Rafe agrees. Sami sighs, wishing Rafe could just tell her what to do. Rafe stares at her, puzzled.

Bo warns Carly that Vivian is closing in on her. Carly knows it’s true. Bo then assures her that they are in this together, and he vows to help Carly find a way to stop Vivian.

Vivian claims that she is pleased to see Hope, and tells her pointedly that her perfume gives her presence away, as the scent wafts just ahead of her wherever she goes. Vivian and Victor start to head off, Victor joking that talking to Vivian is like watching a Groucho Marx flick. Vivian brings up their New Year’s plans in Chicago as the two leave the room. Justin then asks Hope what is going on.

EJ tells Troy that he is joking, as luckily for him, he had his IT guy install a feature on his phone that allows him to disable the phones of all his associates. EJ adds angrily that he never thought he’d have to use it, as he never thought one of employees would be so stupid as to get themselves into this kind of a situation. Troy looks on worriedly as EJ presses some keys on his phone, muttering and cursing.

Roman takes Troy’s phone apart. Arianna asks what he is doing, and Roman explains that he is changing out the phone’s sim card.

Rafe tells Sami that there must be something she isn’t telling him. Before she can reply, Rafe gets a call from one of his friends at the FBI. Thinking that this may be about Sydney, he answers. Rafe listens, disappointed, and then hangs up. He tells Sami sadly that the lead they had on the kidnapper didn’t pan out.

Carly tells Bo that he cannot continue sacrificing his relationship with Hope just to help her. Bo again insists that Carly isn’t to blame for his marriage ending, but she disagrees, adding that she doesn’t want to be the other woman in his and Hope’s relationship.

Hope tells Justin what she overheard Vivian and Victor talking about, and the two wonder what is going on. Justin suggests that Hope rethink her plan to befriend Vivian, as being friends with her is like being friends with a boa constrictor. Hope doesn’t think that is very funny. Justin can tell she is upset about something else, and asks her what happened. Hope admits that when she went home, she caught Bo and Carly kissing. Justin stares, shocked.

EJ types furiously on his phone’s keypad, telling Troy that he had better pray his phone’s battery doesn’t die. EJ claims that if it does, then so will Troy. Troy gulps.

Roman succeeds in pulling up Troy’s contact list from his phone. He shows Arianna, telling her that these are the numbers they need. Just then, the screen goes blank. Arianna worriedly asks what happened. Roman groans, saying that the sim card has been disabled, and that that must mean Troy’s boss knows that he lost his phone. Roman then admits to Arianna that she has a whole new set of problems now.

Sami begins to tell Rafe about her disagreement with EJ, but Rafe’s phone interrupts. He speaks to someone briefly, and then hangs up, telling Sami that surveillance is going to be set up around the mansion. Sami worries that the kidnappers might find out about it, and asks Rafe what they would do if they got a ransom note. Rafe explains that they would arrange for a drop, and then put tracking devices in the briefcase the money would be delivered in. Sami isn’t so sure that is a good idea.

Vivian and Victor have coffee at the café. Vivian admits that she believes Hope was eavesdropping on their conversation. She then reminds Victor that if she was successful in getting rid of Carly, then Bo and Hope could live happily ever after. Victor agrees. Vivian just hopes that Carly will end up leading her to her bastard love child.

Bo follows Carly around at the hospital. She groans that she feels like she has a babysitter. Bo nods, telling Carly that he wants whoever is watching her to let Vivian know exactly who her babysitter is. Carly reminds him that Hope is probably going to find out in the process.

Justin is stunned that Hope saw Bo and Carly kissing. He wonders what Hope plans on doing about it.

Sami worries about a possible ransom note, and admits to Rafe that doing things by the book may not be the best idea, since the kidnapper might find the tracking devices and end up hurting Sydney. Rafe thinks it’s best to go by procedure, but Sami reminds him that he didn’t always feel that way. Rafe reminds Sami that following procedure in tat safe house would have just gotten her killed.

Troy admits that he is a little scared of EJ. EJ sneers, saying that Troy obviously isn’t as stupid as he looks, then.

Roman makes a phone call, telling someone that he has an assignment for them.

The man that brought the groceries to Anna asks her what she will do if federal agents get involved. Anna scoffs, saying she isn’t worried, as they won’t get involved if they haven’t yet.

Rafe checks his watch, wishing EJ would hurry and get back, since he doesn’t like sitting around and doing nothing. Sami brings up the ransom note again and Rafe admits to her that he wants to be honest with her, and that he really doesn’t think a ransom note will be sent. He is sure that if this kidnapping were about money, the kidnappers would have made their move by now. He then admits ruefully that things would be a lot simpler if this were just about money.

Victor brings Vivian another coffee and stares over her shoulder at the drawing she’s made, which is of a stick figure hanging from a gallows. Victor smirks, guessing that figure hanging is Carly. Vivian replies that she thinks it’s a good idea to look forward to the future. Victor commends her on her dedication. Vivian grins, vowing to take Carly’s child from her the way she took Lawrence.

Bo and Carly continue to argue about Bo’s marriage to Hope. Carly thinks he only kissed her because he missed Hope, but Bo assures her that he wasn’t thinking of Hope when he kissed her. Carly scoffs, saying that she doesn’t believe he was thinking at all.

Justin warns Hope that Vivian will use whatever she’s found out to destroy Carly, but Hope remarks sarcastically that she will miss coming home to find Carly in her husband’s arms. Hope then adds that whatever happens, she isn’t going to take Bo back. Justin reminds Hope that she is a good person, and that if she doesn’t try to stop Vivian, she’ll never forgive herself. Hope sighs.

Troy is at the Java Café, hunting around for his phone at the table he and Arianna were sitting at. A woman walks over, holding out his phone and asking if he is looking for this. He takes it from her gratefully and she explains that she would have called, but the battery is dead. Relieved, Troy thanks her and heads off. Roman follows.

Rafe hopes Sami isn’t angry with him for telling her what he really thought. Sami claims she isn’t angry, and that she loves him, especially as he is trying so hard to be there for her. Rafe vows that he always will be. Sami hugs him tearfully.

Bo and Carly agree not to discuss their kiss or Bo and Hope’s marriage again until Vivian is no longer a problem. Carly suggests they call the director of the Swiss hospital and find out exactly what records were stolen. Bo agrees, hoping they’ll be able to find out what Vivian knows. He promises to make the call for her. Hurt, she asks if he doesn’t want her input. He says he doesn’t need it, as great minds think alike. Bo heads off. Carly flashes back to Bo taking her in his arms years ago and saying the same thing to her.

Hope tells Justin that she has to do something about Carly, and Justin agrees, saying that he wants to help her, and play Watson to her Holmes. She reminds him that lawyers like to talk and detectives like to think. Justin protests, but Hope asks him to be quiet. Justin explains that he was just going to say that he was thinking of what Vivian and Victor said about going to Chicago for New Years’. Hope nods, agreeing, and tells Justin that he can help her.

Troy meets Arianna at the pub and explains that he was too hast before when he told her that she couldn’t move up the ladder in their operation. Arianna says it’s alright, but troy thinks he overreacted. Arianna shrugs and heads off. Troy fumes, telling himself that DiMera must have Arianna waiting in the wings so that he can get rid of him. Troy vows that pretty soon, Arianna is going to have a serious accident.

EJ heads back into the mansion. Rafe heads off to get Sami’s coat, and she assures EJ that she didn’t tell Rafe about the ransom note, even though she thinks Rafe should know. EJ explains to her that it’s not that he doesn’t want Rafe to find out—it’s the FBI he’s worried about. Rafe comes back in just then, and he and Sami head off. EJ sighs.


Phillip tells Nathan, "We're eloping. Tonight." He replies, "Oh, no... no you're not."

Hope tells Justin, "It's time for us to get to work."

Sami tells EJ, "I think I'm gonna tell him about the ransom note. Tonight."

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