Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/29/09


Written By Jenni
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Days Of Our Lives Screencaps

At the DiMera mansion, EJ brandishes the ransom note, asking Harold if he has seen it before. He says he hasn’t, and offers to contact the post office, but EJ says that won’t be necessary. Harold heads off. EJ stares at the ransom note, which says, “I have your daughter. Instructions to follow. Tell no one. I am watching you.”

At her hideout, Anna tells Sydney that it’s only a matter of time before her auntie becomes filthy rich. Sydney grins.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Nathan asks Melanie if she really doesn’t think she is rushing things with Philip. He reminds her that it isn’t as if her biological clock is ticking. Melanie angrily asks him to keep his opinions to himself as someone knocks on the door. Melanie answers and it’s Philip. He asks Nathan if he came by to congratulate them. Nathan smirks.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Carly sobs hysterically, telling Bo that all those panicky feelings she had before are coming back. She thinks things are just the same, but Bo disagrees. He takes her face in his hands, reminding her that she was alone before, and had to protect her daughter on her own, but things are different now that she has him. Bo kisses her. Hope walks up to the door just then and starts to let herself in, but looks up through the window and sees Bo kissing Carly. She gapes.

At the Java Café, Chloe thanks Brady for meeting her, and explains that since Brady has done so much for her and Daniel, they want to reciprocate by doing something for him. Brady asks what she is talking about, and Chloe tells him about Victor informing them all that Arianna is a drug dealer. Brady turns pale. Chloe guesses that the idea isn’t so crazy after all.

Arianna greets Rafe at the pub, asking if there is any news about Sydney. Rafe nods excitedly, saying that there’s possibly a huge break in the case.

Sami heads into the DiMera mansion and finds EJ reading the ransom letter. She asks what he is reading. He looks up, startled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian tells Victor that the million dollar question is who could be the father of Carly’s bastard love child. Victor also wonders where the child is now. Vivian vows to find out the answer to both questions, but says that it will take a lot of time and effort. She then notices that something is bothering Victor, and guesses that he is worrying that the child may have a claim to the Kiriakis fortune, and that Bo may be the father.

Hope turns away from the window ad starts to rush off in tears, but changes her mind and knocks on the door. Bo pulls away from Carly and hurries over to answer. Hope tells him coldly that she came by to pick up some of Ciara’s Christmas presents that she left behind. She walks inside and sneers at Carly, wishing her happy holidays. Hope then whirls around to confront Bo, guessing sarcastically that he has been keeping busy.

Nathan tells Philip that he came by to drop something off, actually, and adds that he has to go. He hurries off, telling the two to take care. Philip asks how long Nathan has been here, and Melanie says it was just for a few minutes. She then tells Philip that his mom and Vivian came by as well. Philip asks what they wanted, but Melanie would rather talk about it later, as she hasn’t yet told Maggie about their engagement. Philip says that is fine, as he has something to take care of, too. He kisses her, promising to call her later, and heads off.

Mia and Gabi stroll along the pier. Gabi sends Arianna a text message, letting her know she is with Mia. She complains about her siblings taking ‘overprotective’ to a whole new level. She and Mia make small talk about their interests, and Gabi tells her about a pre-med club she was in at her last school. Mia asks if she wants to be a doctor, and Gabi says she may want to be a vet or a nurse, but she really isn’t sure what she wants to do as of yet. Gabi then asks Mia what her plans are for the future, but Mia isn’t sure, admitting that she recently met a doctor that turned her off from the medical field. Gabi asks what happened, and Mia explains that the woman asked her too many questions, and even tried to move into her house. Mia adds that the woman claimed she was a friend of Maggie’s, but Mia doesn’t believe her, and thinks something else was going on. Gabi asks if she is still moving in. Mia shakes her head, thanking God and hoping she never has to see that woman again.

Carly stammers that she has to get back to work, tells Hope that it was nice to see her, and hurries off. Hope remarks to Bo that she hopes Carly returns soon, so she and Bo can finish what they started. He asks what she means. Hope snaps that he knows what she means, and asks him why else she would have said that—unless she saw him and Carly kissing.

Rafe reminds Arianna of the lead Nicole gave them in reference to the boots the kidnapper was wearing. He tells Arianna that he called in a favor with his friend at the FBI, who is compiling a list of all the people that bought those boots. Rafe just hopes one of them might have some kind of connection to Nicole. Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. He tells Arianna that he may have his answer right now. Rafe picks up the phone and greets the person. He listens, nodding, as Arianna looks on hopefully.

Anna zips her boots and tells Sydney that she is going to get everything she deserves, provided no one get stupid and messes everything up.

EJ tells Sami that he didn’t hear the bell ring, and she explains that Harold let her in. She asks EJ what he has, but he stuffs the ransom letter into an envelope, claiming that it was just something one of his old college buddies sent him. He asks where Rafe is, and Sami explains that he is on his way. She then reminds EJ that they were working well together at Christmas. He agrees, asking what her point is. Sami thinks EJ is acting distant, and is sure that he is keeping something from her. She asks what that is.

Victor is sure that Bo couldn’t be the father of Carly’s child, as she left Salem years ago, and the two hadn’t seen each other at all until her return. Vivian asks if he has any sort of doubt about that, but Victor doesn’t. Vivian asks if that means that Victor doesn’t have a problem with her pursuing this ruthlessly. Victor tells her to go right ahead, provided that Bo doesn’t get hurt.

Bo asks Hope angrily if she was watching him and Carly. She scoffs, saying that she just saw them through the window, and adds that she really didn’t expect Bo to move on so quickly. Bo reminds her that this never would have happened if he and Hope had been together. Hope retorts sarcastically that it must be he fault that he kissed Carly. She then stops short, saying there’s no point in arguing about it anymore. Bo claims that what happened between him and Carly has never happened before, but guesses that Hope doesn’t believe that. Hope glares, saying that it must have been hard for him to restrain himself this long, and congratulates him sarcastically for being so selfless.

Brady scoffs, telling Chloe that that is crazy, and reminds her that this information came from Victor. Chloe nods, relieved, saying she remembers all the wild things Victor has said about her. She adds that she was pretty sure that Brady wouldn’t let a drug dealer into his life—not after all he went through in Europe. Brady admits that she is right. Chloe is glad to hear it, and tells Brady that he has to go. He thanks her for letting him know about this, and asks her to tell Daniel the same. Chloe agrees and heads off. Brady sighs.

Rafe hangs up, disappointed, and tells Arianna that while there is a short list of people who bought the boots, over half of them paid in cash. Arianna sighs, guessing there is no way to trace this woman. Rafe nods, saying that he is sure one of the women on that list took Sydney, so now he has to come up with another way to fin her.

EJ demands to know what Sami is accusing him of. She claims that he just seems distracted. EJ reminds her that he has a lot on his mind right now, and admits that he is upset that the Christmas Eve vigil amounted to nothing, and was a waste of time. He adds angrily that he and Rafe are on the same side, and it isn’t fair for her to suggest otherwise. Sami apologizes, and EJ does the same, explaining that he is just under a lot of stress. Just then, Harold comes in, telling EJ that there is an urgent call for him in the library. Thinking it might be about Sydney, EJ rushes off. Sami opens the envelope he placed on the table and takes out the ransom note. She reads it, gaping. Just then, EJ walks back in. Sami demands to know how he could keep this from her.

Back at Maggie’s place, Mia introduces Gabi and Melanie to one another. Melanie thinks Gabi is going to love it here in Salem. Mia notices her engagement ring and asks Melanie about it. Melanie explains that Philip proposed to her on Christmas Eve. Gabi thinks that is romantic, and congratulates her. Maggie walks into the kitchen just as Mia asks Melanie what happened to Nathan.

Philip runs into Nathan at the Java Café, and demands to know what happened on Christmas, and if Nathan was behind Melanie being called into the hospital. Nathan scoffs, asking what Philip is talking about. Philip thinks Nathan just wanted to be near Melanie and snaps at him to get over it, as that ship has sailed. Nathan glares.

Brady rushes into the pub. Arianna greets him, saying that she was just about to call him, but Brady hauls her off to a corner of the bar, telling her that they need to talk about her cover. Arianna looks at him questioningly as Brady explains that time may be running out.

Sami calls EJ an SOB and wonders when he planned on telling her about this. EJ begs her to keep her voice down, but Sami shrieks that she doesn’t care who hears her. She then demands to know when EJ was going to tell her about this. EJ admits that he isn’t sure what he was going to do. Sami retorts that she is Sydney’s mother, and has a say, but EJ claims that he worried that she would go into hysterics over this, which is exactly what she is doing now. Sami snaps that she hates EJ, and reminds him that she isn’t the bad guy here. She rages at EJ for keeping her out of the loop just because she isn’t level-headed. EJ claims that he planned on telling her about all of this eventually, but he was waiting to see if the person would contact him again. Sami scoffs. EJ asks what her plan is, asking sarcastically if she plans on handing the note over to her father and have it plastered all over the evening news. Sami sighs, asking when he got this. EJ says it received it on Christmas, after he left her house, and he’s already checked with the staff, who claim to have no idea how the letter go here. He adds that he hasn’t yet spoken to Kate or Stefano, but Sami thinks he should. EJ refuses, reminding her that the letter says not to tell anyone about this. He reminds Sami that they need the kidnapper to keep playing ball, but Sami isn’t even sure that this is really from the kidnapper, as it could just be a hoax. Sami thinks that Rafe will be able to help them figure it out. EJ insists that Rafe is the very last person they should tell about the ransom note.

At the hospital, Vivian greets Carly, asking if everything is going smoothly for her at her new job, and claiming that she was surprised she and Victor didn’t receive a note thanking them for the flowers. Carly glares, saying that she knows what Vivian did, and she knows she put that corpse in her patient’s room. Vivian claims she is confused, but Carly ignores her, saying that she got the message, but she’s appalled by Vivian’s ghoulish obsession with the dead. Vivian asks her to keep her voice down, but Carly snaps that she is going home. Vivian stops her and slyly asks Carly why she seems so agitated and emotional if it’s true that she’s the bad guy here. She adds that she thinks Carly is the one with a guilty conscience.

Bo begs Hope not to leave like this, but she retorts that their marriage is over. She snaps that Bo can do what he wants, and fall in love with whoever he wants, as she just can’t care anymore. Hope starts to leave, but comes back, telling Bo there is actually one more thing he needs to know about Carly.

Nathan tells Philip that he had nothing to do with Melanie being called into work, as he doesn’t play the same stupid games that Philip does. Philip shrugs, hoping that Nathan understands that Melanie has made her decision. Nathan heads out the door, calling over his shoulder that he just hopes that Melanie doesn’t end up regretting it.

Maggie admires Melanie’s engagement ring, telling her how beautiful it is. She congratulates her. Melanie asks if she really means that, and Maggie says he does, as she has known since the day she met Melanie that she had feelings for Philip. Melanie asks ruefully if it was that obvious. Maggie nods, but claims she is happy that Melanie got what she wanted. Melanie nods, but fears that Maggie is skeptical. Maggie assures Melanie that she is happy as long as Melanie is. Melanie claims she is, and says she has to go find Philip, but assures Maggie that she knows what she is doing. Maggie replies that she hopes so.

EJ insists that Sami not tell Rafe, her father, or anyone else about the ransom note, as they need to do exactly what the kidnapper wants them to. Sami refuses to keep this from Rafe. EJ asks her angrily if telling her boyfriend about this is more important than saving her daughter. Sami insists that Rafe will keep this a secret and will help them, but EJ reminds her angrily that Rafe was in the FBI. Sami says that is why it’s important that Rafe know about this. EJ groans, telling her to go ahead and tells Rafe if she wants, but if something happens to Sydney, it’s on her head. Sami starts to reply, but the doorbell rings. EJ storms off to answer it and Sami follows. Rafe is at the door. The two stare back at him. Rafe wonders what is going on.

Gabi asks Mia to find out if there is any kind of medical club at the high school. Mia agrees to do so, and Gabi admits that she was also thinking of volunteering as a candy striper. Maggie explains that she may be able to help, as she works at the hospital. Gabi thanks her, and Maggie asks if she was thinking of working a few days a week after school. Gabi nods, saying that she could even work everyday, if they needed her. Maggie promises to talk to the volunteer coordinator. Mia then interrupts, saying that she has been dying to be a candy striper, too, and was wondering if Maggie could put in a good word for her as well.

Carly snaps that she isn’t intimidated by Vivian. Vivian claims that isn’t what she intended, and that she just came by for a friendly visit. Carly doesn’t buy it, and reminds Vivian that her antics could land her in jail now that she is back in the states. Vivian thinks Carly is making it sound like she is guilty of some egregious crime, like murder. She asks Carly if she really thinks a crime like murder should go unpunished. Carly glares and storms off. Vivian vows to herself that Carly’s love child is going to help her punish Carly, and she won’t rest until she suffers every day for the rest of her life.

Hope tells Bo that she pushed him about Carly’s secret because she loved him and was worried that the secret might tear their marriage apart. She admits that she also feared it would put his life in danger, and claims she just wanted to protect Bo. Hope then tells Bo that now, however, she has lost all interest in Carly’s secret, and that she and it can go to hell. Hope storms off. Bo sighs.

Brady tells Arianna about Victor telling Daniel about Arianna being a drug dealer. Arianna tells Brady that she thinks she can fix this, as she has a meeting with Troy. Brady asks what she will do, and Arianna claims that all she can do is push for another meeting with the boss. Brady warns her to be careful. She promises to do so and heads off. Brady then decides that there might be something he can do to help her.

Anna tells Sydney that the next ransom note is prepared, but she has to wonder if it will ever be sent.

Rafe asks Sami if she wants to say something. EJ jumps in, saying that the pressure is getting to both of them, and they’re just frustrated that they don’t know how to proceed. Rafe asks if that is all. Sami then admits that she and EJ were having a disagreement, but she thinks that she is right. She then tells Rafe that there is something she has to tell him.

Melanie heads into the pub and greets Philip. She asks what is wrong with him, and warns him not to say nothing is, since she can read him like a celebrity blog. Philip chuckles, admitting that he was thinking about New Year’s. He tells Melanie that he has the best idea.

Lexie runs into Nathan at the hospital and tells him that they need to talk about the fact that he had another doctor check on one of his patients. Nathan stammers. Lexie adds that she thinks Nathan seems distracted lately, and explains that she knows about Melanie and Philip getting engaged, and the fact that Melanie and Nathan were dating up until recently. She ask if it’s safe to assume that that is what is distracting Nathan. Nathan claims he is dealing with it, but Lexie doesn’t think he’s doing that by giving up on Melanie. Lexie abruptly asks Nathan not to be so stupid.

Brady storms into the Kiriakis mansion, demanding to know what is wrong with Victor. Victor asks what he means, and Brady explains that he knows that Victor told Daniel that Arianna was a drug dealer. Victor claims he figured Brady would be proud to date such a successful business woman. Brady retorts that this isn’t funny. Victor agrees, saying it’s a disaster. Brady wonders who else he told, demanding to know if Victor said anything to Bo. Victor admits he hasn’t yet, but he says he will end this relationship anyway he can, as he wants Arianna out of Brady’s life.

Arianna meets Troy at the café. He pretends to be meeting her for the first time, then quietly adds that he can play along. She admits she’s glad they can meet in public now so they don’t have any more awkward confrontations, like the one with EJ the week before. Troy then asks her what she wants to talk about, and Arianna explains that she moved a lot of product last week, and she placed the profits in the account that he told her about. Troy congratulates her on her banner week and asks her to keep up the good work. Arianna then tells him that she wants to discuss moving up the corporate ladder. Troy tells her to forget it, and advises her to know her place. Toy then heads off. Arianna sighs.

Sami starts to tell Rafe everything, but his friend from the bureau calls and interrupts. Rafe answers, hoping it’s about Sydney. EJ drags Sami off to the living room as she protests, saying that Rafe needs to know the truth, as he can probably help them. EJ begs her not to do this, fearing that Rafe may accidentally alert whoever has Sydney. Sami shakes her head. EJ groans, wondering why he even bothers trying to convince her. EJ says that he has a meeting and has to go, but will be back shortly. He again reminds Sami that she will have to live with the consequences of her decision, and he just hopes they both don’t live to regret it. EJ gives Sami one last pointed glance and heads out the door. Sami sighs as Rafe walks in.

Nathan, surprised, asks Lexie if she thinks he is being stupid. She admits that she is biased, as Philip isn’t her favorite person, but she thinks that if Nathan loves Melanie, then he should do something about it, as he may not have much time.

Melanie guesses that they are flying to New York to watch the ball drop. Philip shakes his head. Melanie then guesses that they are having a lavish party where everyone gets drunk and stupid. Philip shakes his head again, saying that he has done that before. Philip then says that he knows Vivian and his mother gave Melanie a hard time about the wedding. Melanie admits that is true and jokes with Philip, saying that according to those two, they’re getting married on a cruise ship complete with white doves and Beyonce. Philip thinks that that sounds terrible, and admits to Melanie that their wedding actually ties into their New Year’s Eve plans; since that is the night they are going to elope. Melanie stares.

Maggie promises to see if she can get Mia and Gabi positions as candy stripers. Gabi thanks her and tells Mia that she had better get going. She heads off. Maggie asks Mia what that was all about, and wonders if her sudden interest in candy striping has anything to do with her sudden competitiveness in regards to Gabi. Mia snaps that Maggie is acting as if she is selfish and doesn’t have a mind of her own. Maggie claims she never said that, but Mia freaks out, saying that her mother used to say things like that all the time to her, even around Christmas. Mia tells Maggie angrily that her mother always accused her of thinking of no one but herself, and being a selfish bitch. Maggie is sorry her mother spoke to her that way. Mia claims that her mother made her feel like a loser her whole life, and like all she did was get in the way. Mia vows to do her mother a favor and stay away. In fact, from now on, as far as she is concerned, her mother is dead.

Carly heads over to Bo and Hope’s, apologizing for bothering Bo, but claiming she had no one else to talk to. Bo lets her in and she tells him about Vivian coming down to the hospital to intimidate her. Carly then stops abruptly, saying she shouldn’t be here. Bo assures her it’s alright, but Carly says she knows Hope saw the kissing, as she could tell by the way she looked at the two of them when she came in. Carly apologizes profusely.

Hope rushes into the mansion and starts to head upstairs, but overhears Vivian greeting Victor. She hides behind the foyer doors and listens in as Vivian tells him about confronting Carly at the hospital, and how she could tell she was frightened out of her wits. Hope raises an eyebrow as Vivian tells Victor gleefully that that will make it all the more easy to destroy Carly completely.

Troy meets with EJ at the pier to let him know that he met with Arianna. Suddenly, Troy realizes that he has lost his phone.

Arianna starts to leave the café, but notices Troy’s phone sitting on the chair next to her. She picks it up, smiling.

Rafe asks Sami what is going on. She insists that she has to do the right thing. Rafe wonders what she is talking about, and if this has anything to do with Sydney.


Vivian tells Victor, “I have the terrible secret that can blow her out of the water.”

Bo warns Carly, “Everything's closing in on you.”

Sami complains to Rafe, “I just don't know what to do.”

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