Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/28/09


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At Maggie’s house, Melanie stumbles into the kitchen and answers the door to find Vivian outside. She bustles in with an armful of things, telling Melanie to call her Vivian, as soon she’ll be calling her ‘mom.’ Melanie, surprised, asks if she can do something for Vivian. Vivian says that she came to do something for Melanie and spreads some notebooks out on the table, saying that she came to help her plan a wedding.

Stephanie and Nathan head into the pub. They sit down at a table as Stephanie gushes over Nathan and how well he did reading the Christmas story. He’s surprised she stayed the whole time and Stephanie nods, admitting she did, and that she and the kids were mesmerized. She adds that she looked forward to giving Nathan a rave review afterwards, but he disappeared. Nathan flashes back to singing ‘Silent Night’ and staring at Melanie. Nathan then comes back to the present, telling Stephanie that there was a lot of chaos, and that he had to grab a breather after the story.

Vivian tells Melanie that they’ll release white doves into the air after the ceremony. Just then, someone else knocks on the door. Melanie hopes it’s someone with a strait jacket. She answers to find Kate outside. Kate hopes this is a good time, as the two have so many decisions to make. She adds that planning a wedding is a real bitch. Just then, Kate catches sight of Vivian and asks what she is doing here.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin congratulates Philip on his engagement. Philip adds sarcastically that his father is also being supportive. Victor puts down his paper and scoffs, saying that he will be supportive the second Philip stops giving huge diamonds to unworthy woman that eventually end up making a fool out of him. Philip heads off angrily as Justin reminds Victor that Philip seems to be in love with Melanie. Victor retorts that Philip is in love with himself, which his why he’s only attracted to women that will kiss his ass and take his money. Hope heads in just then, and Victor asks how her Christmas was. Hope replies that Ciara had a great day. Victor asks about her and Bo and if he tried to make amends, but Justin reminds him of his conference call this morning. Victor heads off, promising to catch up with Hope later. Justin asks Hope about Christmas. She replies that Maggie, Doug, Julie and Ciara all seemed to have a good time, but all in all, it was a total disaster.

Bo runs into Carly at the hospital, telling her that he’s left her several messages, and asks why she hasn’t called him back. Carly abruptly tells him that she was just on her way home. Bo thinks she has been avoiding him, and he vows that that is going to stop.

At the Java Café, Mia asks Chad how his date with Gabi went. Chad admits it was fun, and that Gabi is cool. Mia asks if he plans on seeing her again, but Chad doesn’t think so, as she went home for Christmas and probably won’t come back to town, since she was just visiting in the first place. Just then, Gabi walks in and greets the two. Chad is glad that she is back and she nods, telling him that she has great news—she’s staying in Salem. Chad beams. Mia grimaces.

Hope grumbles that she is angry that everyone expected her to be happy on Christmas, and since she wasn’t, she has to feel guilty for bringing everyone else down on top of being completely heartbroken herself. She then tells Justin that Bo ended up meeting up with Carly on Christmas, and that she saw them together at Sydney’s vigil. Justin thinks the two probably just ran into one another, but he’s sure it wasn’t fun for Hope to see them together. Hope grumps that she doesn’t care, and that Carly can do whatever she wants. She adds that Carly can take that secret that is so important to her and Bo to the grave for all she cares—or better yet, perhaps Vivian can put Carly in it.

Carly claims she is busy, and that she doesn’t want to be alone with Bo. She thinks he can understand why, yet he keeps leaving her messages, which is unfair. Bo stammers. Carly interrupts, saying that she doesn’t want to hear it, and angrily asks Bo to stay away from her.

Stephanie asks Nathan if he heard that Maggie hired a live jazz band for New Year’s Eve. Nathan says he did. Stephanie starts to say that she thinks this New Year’s will be the best ever, but stops, saying that she is going on and on about how excited she is while she can tell Nathan isn’t very enthusiastic. He claims he is looking forward to their date, but Stephanie can tell he isn’t, and adds that she thinks she knows why.

Vivian tells Kate that she is planning her future daughter-in-law’s wedding. Kate demands to know if Philip knows about this, and Melanie admits that he doesn’t, as Vivian just kind of walked in. Kate insists that Vivian leave, as she isn’t a part of this family, and neither Melanie or Philip care about her. Vivian claims that she and Melanie have a rapport, but Kate snaps back that Vivian is nothing to Melanie or her son. Vivian scoffs, reminding Kate that she gave birth to Philip, and has the stretch marks to prove it. Kate retorts that Vivian stole Philip from her and adds that Vivian is crazy. She insists that Vivian leave. Vivian refuses. The two argue over top of one another. Kate grabs the books and papers Vivian brought over and tosses them up into the air. Melanie looks on worriedly.

Bo claims that he gets that Carly is angry at him, but she says that she is actually angry at herself, for being so impulsive and telling him how she feels. Bo thinks she was just being honest, and is probably upset by the fact that he didn’t react the way she wanted him to. Carly says she doesn’t want to hear what he thinks she expected—she just wants to forget about the whole thing and pretend it never happened. Bo claims that it’s too late for that.

Hope tells Justin that she just hasn’t been herself lately, as she has become so cynical and bitter. She thinks the old Hope would have been working to fix things, and would feel terrible about saying nasty things about Carly. She then admits that she also hates the fact that is giving up, and she isn’t sure what happened to her old self--the one that believed that love could conquer all. She claims that she doesn’t believe in all those wonderful sentiments anymore. Justin thinks she will again someday, but Hope shakes her head, saying that she wants out. Justin asks what she means, and Hope explains that she wants to file separation papers.

Will, Kinsey, and Tad head into the café and greet Gabi. Will says that he didn’t know she was back in town, and Chad nods, explaining that she is staying for good. Gabi then explains that her grandmother broke her hip, and her mom had to go to Chicago to take care of her, so she is staying in town and attending the high school here next semester. Chad asks where she will live, and Gabi explains that she’ll be staying upstairs at the pub, next door to her sister. Chad gushes, saying that he can’t wait to show Gabi around. Kinsey thinks the two should go shopping, as Gabi is too pretty for the awful clothes she wears. Tad groans. Kinsey claims she meant it as a compliment. Chad jumps in, telling Gabi that he is glad she is staying, so they can all hang out. Mia looks on jealously.

Stephanie thinks that Nathan would rather hang out at the pub on New Year’s, since that is what the rest of the hospital staff is doing. She claims she understands, and says that they can go to Chez Rouge some other time. Nathan insists that they go, since it was his Christmas gift to her. He then says that he has to go, as he needs to give Maggie’s Christmas gift to him back to her. Stephanie asks if the sweater fits and Nathan nods, admitting that the sweater is neon green, and he hates it, but was planning on telling Maggie that it’s too big. Stephanie thinks she may just return it and get him a smaller size, so she suggests he just tell Maggie the truth. Nathan thinks she is right and heads off, kissing her on the cheek. Just then, Philip walks in. He greets Stephanie, and she asks about his Christmas. Philip admits it was eventful, and tells Stephanie about his engagement to Melanie. She is surprised, as it happened so fast, but tells Philip that he should marry Melanie if he feels that it the right thing for him.

Kate tells Melanie that she called the country club this morning and booked it for her and Philip’s wedding, but Vivian interrupts, saying that the idea is unimaginative, and suggests a destination wedding, saying that they could fly everyone to Paris. Melanie stammers. Just then Vivian’s phone rings. It’s Gus, saying that he has received new information on Carly Manning, and he thinks Vivian will find it interesting.

Carly reminds Bo that he didn’t respond to her because he doesn’t feel the same way she does. She claims she can’t deal with this on top of everything else in her life, but Bo’s phone rings, interrupting the two. He takes the call, listens, and then hangs up. Carly asks if that was about Sami’s baby, but Bo says the call was about her. He drags her off, saying that they need to talk.

Vivian promises to call Melanie the next day, and asks her not to agree to anything Kate wants to do, lest she end up having the most boring wedding of the new millennium. Vivian breezes out the door. Melanie sighs, admitting that she wasn’t expecting that first thing this morning. Kate replies that Vivian is delusional and heartless. Melanie says sarcastically that Vivian seemed fond of Kate. Kate then explains that Victor only welcomed Vivian into his life to get back at her, and she assures Melanie that Vivian will be gone by the time she gets married. Melanie grumbles that Vivian seems like a permanent fixture in town—like one of those roach motels where the bugs check in but never check out.

Stephanie tells Philip that she is happy for him, and that she hopes things work out for him. Philip doesn’t buy that she is happy for him for the sake of being happy, and accuses Stephanie of being supportive only because she has her own best interests at heart. Stephanie scoffs, but Philip thinks she has a clear path to Nathan now that Melanie is out of the picture. Stephanie asks if he really thinks she needs Melanie out of the picture to have a shot at Nathan. Philip asks how things are going with Nathan, and Stephanie admits that they have a date for New Year’s Eve. Philip thinks that is a big deal, but Stephanie doesn’t think it’s as big of a deal as getting engaged. She then asks when Philip and Melanie are getting married. Philip isn’t sure, as they haven’t set a date yet, but they plan to do it soon. Stephanie reminds him that it takes time to plan a big wedding, but Philip says that he and Melanie plan on keeping it simple.

Kate suggests they book a cruise for Melanie and Philip’s wedding, but she refuses. Kate then asks Melanie who her favorite performer is, as she’d like to go ahead and book them. She suggests Beyonce, since Philip is a fan of hers. Melanie shrieks that she doesn’t want any of that, and doesn’t care if the wedding takes place in Maggie’s backyard. Kate assures Melanie that she doesn’t have to convince her that she isn’t a gold-digger, as her signing the pre-nuptial agreement will take care of that. Melanie snaps that she just doesn’t like Kate’s ideas, or that crazy Vivian coming over here to try to make her do things she doesn’t want to. She adds that she thinks it’s weird and creepy that those two are using her to have some kind of sick competition with each other. Kate accuses Melanie if being rude and ungrateful. Melanie reminds Kate that she isn’t going to cozy up to someone whose husband tried to kill her fiancé, and since Philip disowned Kate, she will have to do the same. Kate snaps back that Melanie is pretending to be loyal now, but they both know how dishonest and flighty she can be. Melanie asks Kate to leave. Kate ignores her, vowing that there will be consequences if Philip is hurt or cuckolded by Melanie. She scoffs, saying she doesn’t even know what that word means. Just then, Nathan knocks and enters.

Hope asks Justin to help her by having the separation papers drawn up. Justin apologizes, saying that he can’t do it.

Back at his and Hope’s house, Bo explains to Carly that his source told him that someone was poking around her records in that Swiss hospital, but they couldn’t confirm who it was. Carly tells herself that he should have expected this, but now that it is, she realizes that she just can’t let Vivian find out that she has a daughter.

At the pier, Gus meets up with Vivian and hands her a slip of a paper. She promises to reward him with a nice end-of-the-year bonus. He thanks her and heads off. Vivian looks over the paper, grinning and shaking her head.

Kinsey tells the teens about some insults she and a guy they all know were trading the other day. Mia pulls Will aside to talk. He thinks Christmas must have been hard for her. She nods, thinking it must have been difficult for him, too. Will admits that he really thought they would have found Sydney by now. Just then, Gabi interrupts the two, asking if they are planning on going to Kinsey’s New Year’s Eve party. Will says they are as Chad interrupts, telling Mia that he is leaving early, so she’ll have to cut her break short. She rolls her eyes and heads back behind the counter. She listens in unhappily as everyone else laughs at one of Tad’s stories.

Hope asks Justin if he thinks there is a conflict of interest, since he is Bo’s cousin. Justin admits that that is partly it, but it’s also because he doesn’t think she and Bo should split up. Hope demands to know what is really going on here, saying that she thinks Justin is acting nervous. She accuses him of being angry at her or disappointed, but Justin say that isn’t it. He then admits that he can’t be objective about her divorce because of his feelings for her.

Carly wonders how Vivian could have found out about the hospital, as she was so careful. Bo reminds her gently that Vivian knew she had a secret, and that they knew she’d pull out all the stops to find out what it was. Carly frets, saying that if Vivian found her records, then she’ll learn she had a daughter, and pretty soon, she’ll find out her daughter is right herein Salem. Carly vows not to let that happen.

Vivian thanks Victor for meeting her at the pier. He grumbles that he was in an important meeting, so this had better be important. Vivian says it is and hands him the paper Gus gave her, asking Victor to feast his eyes on that. He looks the paper over and gasps.

Kate and Melanie stare at Nathan as he explains that he is just at Maggie’s to drop something off. Kate asks if he has heard the good news about Melanie and Philip getting engaged. Nathan congratulates her questioningly as Kate gets a call. She says she has to go and asks Melanie to remember what she said. Melanie tells her to do the same, and Kate heads off. Melanie apologizes to Nathan, telling him that she wanted to break the news of the engagement herself first. Nathan says it’s no big deal, and that he is just surprised, since he didn’t know Philip and Melanie were in such a rush to get married. She claims they aren’t, and that it just felt right, so they decided not to wait. Nathan claims he is happy as long as she is, then pointedly asks if she really is happy.

Stephanie congratulates Philip again. He tells her he really hopes things work out with Nathan, as she deserves the best. She smiles and heads off. Outside, Kate calls one of Stefano’s men to let him know her car has a flat tire, and she asks him to send another car to the pub. She then heads inside the pub and greets Philip, telling him that she just came from Melanie, and that the two made a lot of plans for the wedding. Philip snorts that she isn’t going to be any part of the wedding. Kate say she understands if that is how he feels, and agrees to back off. Kate starts to head off, but then stops, telling Philip that before she left, Melanie’s ex-boyfriend stopped by, which she thought was odd. She guesses that Philip and Melanie must have decided to have one of those open marriages. Philip glares.

Hope, stunned by Justin’s announcement, claims that she had no idea he had feelings for her, even thought they’ve been spending so much time together. Justin claims he just realized it recently, and Hope suggests that he may just be feeling lonely because of the holidays and because of Adrienne. Justin thinks it’s more than that. Hope sighs, sorry that she can’t tell Justin what he wants to hear. Justin thinks that because of her reaction, she must still love Bo, despite her protestations otherwise. Justin adds that she must still want their marriage to work out, and asks if all this really doesn’t make that clear to her.

Bo vows that he and Carly will stop Vivian before she gets to her daughter. Carly wonders how, reminding Bo that they both know how resourceful and crafty Vivian can be. Carly doesn’t think it will take long for Vivian to find out who her daughter is. Bo again promises that they won’t let Vivian lay a finger on her child. Carly agrees vehemently, reminding Bo that she killed Lawrence to protect her daughter, and she has no problem killing Vivian, too.

Victor asks Vivian where she got the paper, and she explains that it came from a hospital in Switzerland where Carly was a patient. She notes that she obviously didn’t just check in for a little nip-tuck. Victor thinks that it’s hard to read. Vivian explains that the hospital was flooded, but thankfully, Carly’s records are useful, if slightly illegible. She points out to Victor that Carly was checked into the maternity ward, according to this document. Victor asks if that means she had another child with Lawrence. Vivian smirks.

Will tells Mia that he is leaving, but promises to call her if there is any news on Sydney. Gabi comes over to make small talk with Mia, saying that everyone is nice. Mia doesn’t think Kinsey is very nice, but Gabi defends her, saying that she is funny. Mia retorts that Kinsey is mean, and a lot of other kids at school can be mean, too, especially if you don’t know them. Gabi asks worriedly if Mia thinks she will have hard time fitting in. Mia isn’t sure and asks if she was popular at her old school. Gabi isn’t sure. Mia says that that means she wasn’t, and tells Gabi not to worry, as she knows everyone. Mia then tells Gabi to stick with her, assuring her that she’s got her back.

Vivian is sure Lawrence wasn’t the father, as he would have told her about another child, despite their differences over the years. She then asks Victor if he remembers that unfinished letter she found that Lawrence wrote to Carly. Victor remembers that Lawrence sounded livid and Vivian nods, wondering what could make him angrier than Carly having a love child with another man. Victor thinks it would be the ultimate betrayal, and Vivian agrees. She then tells Victor that she checked the records, and the father is listed as ‘unknown,’ so Lawrence couldn’t have fathered the child. Victor wonders who did, then.

Carly panics, telling Bo that Vivian is back in Salem for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to avenge Lawrence’s death. She worries what Vivian when do when she finds out about her child—the one Lawrence wanted dead. Bo tries to soothe her, but Carly shrieks that she will do what it takes to make sure her child is safe. She begs Bo to tell her what to do. He soothes her, hugging her, as she sobs hysterically.

Hope tells Justin that she has to go, as she needs to pick up some things at the house that Ciara left behind. She then adds that she wishes that she believed in her marriage as much as he does. Justin sighs and heads off. Hope spots a picture of herself and Bo on the mantle. She flashes back to some of their best memories over the years— ice-skating together, their weddings, and their sailing trips. Hope comes back to the present, deciding that she does believe in her and Bo’s marriage. She puts down the photo and rushes out the door.

Philip asks why Nathan came to see Melanie. Kate isn’t sure, but she is sure that Nathan came to see her. Philip thinks the guy must still be hung up on her. He then claims that he isn’t worried, since Melanie knows what she wants, and that’s him. Kate remarks that she admires Philip’s courage for having faith in Melanie when no one else does.

Melanie says that she is happy, and wonders why Nathan would ask her that. He claims that he just thinks her engagement is sudden. Melanie doesn’t think so, and explains that she and Philip spent Christmas together, and things went so well that Philip popped the question. She thinks it was romantic and sweet. Nathan accuses her of overselling this, and admits that maybe this isn’t his place, but he thinks she is talking herself into it. Melanie says that he is right, and that this isn’t his place.

Vivian says that that is the million-dollar question—who fathered Carly’s bastard child. Victor wonders where the child is. Vivian vows to find the answers to both of those questions.

Carly sobs, telling Bo that all those panicky feelings that she felt before are coming back. Bo assures her that it isn’t the same this time, as she isn’t alone—she has him. He pulls her in for a kiss. Hope runs up the sidewalks and over to the front door. She stares in the window, watching as Bo kisses Carly.


Anna tells Sydney, “That's right, beautiful. Your auntie's going to be filthy rich.”

Sami asks, “EJ, how could you keep this from me?”

Hope sneers at Carly, “Happy holidays.”

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