Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In bed in an inn near Salem, Melanie lies in bed with Philip and admires her engagement ring. Philip wishes her a Merry Christmas. Melanie hopes this isn’t her Christmas gift. Philip tells her it isn’t, and she sighs with relief, admitting that what she got him doesn’t compare with this ring. Philip tells Melanie that when she said yes the night before, it was the best Christmas present ever. The two kiss.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel helps Chloe with her coat in the foyer, asking if she is ready to do this. She nods, vowing to be the finest guest Victor has ever invited into his home. The two head into the living room to find Vivian telling Brady about Christmas in Oslo. Daniel introduces Vivian and Chloe to one another, and Vivian calls out for Victor, saying that some guests are here. Brady and Chloe greet one another. Vivian compliments Chloe’s ring and congratulates her on her gorgeous fiancé as well. She congratulates Daniel, too, and repeats Chloe’s name, thinking that it sounds familiar. She then decides aloud that this can’t be the same Chloe as that untalented opera singer that got Brady addicted to drugs. Brady jumps in just then, explains that he was responsible for his addiction, not Chloe. Vivian thinks there’s no need to defend the trashy slut now, as it’s all over and done with. Brady sighs. Chloe glares. Vivian gapes, saying this can’t be the same woman that she heard screeching in Prague not so long ago. Victor walks in as Daniel says that the two are leaving. Chloe says it’s alright, but Daniel refuses to stay here and listen to this crap. Vivian apologizes profusely, claiming that Victor would be embarrassed by her gaffe, too. Victor asks if she’s put her foot in it again, and she nods ruefully, explaining that she’s mortified. She then apologizes again to Chloe and asks her to stay. Daniel isn’t so sure, but Chloe insists. Vivian thanks her, and then says that she remembers Chloe from the stage, and truly, she was magnificent. She chuckles, saying she shouldn’t have called Chloe untalented, as she has no right to judge. Brady shakes his head. Victor smirks.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ comes downstairs and Stefano greets him, wondering if Johnny is going to sleep the whole day through. EJ replies that Johnny is at his mother’s. Stefano wonders angrily why EJ would let Johnny spend Christmas away from home. EJ scoffs, saying that this will never be Johnny’s home as long as Stefano lives here.

At her place, Rafe asks Sami if she is alright. She nods, admitting that she was just thinking of the candlelight vigil, and how everyone has pulled together to help them. She adds excitedly that her dad told her that lots of calls are coming in, but Rafe warns her that she needs to be careful about getting her hopes up, as the public tends to get emotional about these kinds of cases, and people will often think they’ve seen something when they haven’t. Just then, Rafe gets a call from his fiend Tim at the bureau. Rafe answers, wishes him a Merry Christmas, and asks what Tim has for him. Surprised, Rafe gasps, “What?” Sami looks on hopefully.

At her hideout, Anna tells Tony’s picture that he knows the last thing she would want to do is hurt Sydney or cause her any pain. She sighs, hoping that she did the right thing last night.

Rafe asks Tim to keep him posted and hangs up. Sami asks what is going on, and if they’ve found Sydney. Rafe isn’t sure, but admits the FBI has someone in their sights, and that this could all work out. Sami gasps. Rafe reminds her that this lead could dry up, but Sami doesn’t think Tim would have called Rafe on Christmas if this wasn’t important. Rafe agrees that the lead is definitely hot, but they just have to wait and see what happens. Sami sighs, agreeing to wait.

At the hospital, Nathan places some gifts under the tree and tells Stephanie that that is the last of it. She thinks the kids made out well this year, and Nathan agrees. Just then, Abe and Lexie come over with Theo. Everyone exchanges greetings and wishes one another a Merry Christmas. Lexie asks Theo if he is ready to be Santa’s helper. In reply, he rushes over to the tree, selects a gift, and hands it to Stephanie. She checks the tag and sees that it’s for her. Theo rushes over and high-fives Nathan, who thanks him. Nathan then walks over to Stephanie, wishing her a Merry Christmas. She beams.

Melanie gives Philip his gift. He opens it to find sunglasses and cocktail glasses inside. She reminds him ruefully that they were supposed to be on a tropical island. Philip thanks her, saying he loves the gifts, and promises they will use them when they go on their honeymoon. Melanie reminds him that getting time off may be problematic, as she is a nursing student, but Philip reminds her he is on the board of directors, and that he can arrange for it. Melanie asks if he is sure, and Philip assures her that she shouldn’t worry about anything, especially as his future wife doesn’t need to emptying bedpans anyway. Melanie retorts that that isn’t what nurses do, and that they are advocates for the patient and help run the hospital. Melanie reminds Philip angrily that she plans on becoming one of them, too.

Sami kneels near the tree and helps Johnny build a castle with his new blocks. She gets up and asks Rafe if he has heard anything. He reminds her gently that they’ll all know when the phone rings. Just then, paper rustles in the background. Sami whirls around to find Johnny tearing at one of the gifts under the tree. Sami snaps at him to stop, then apologizes, explaining that those gifts are for his sister, Sydney. Sami then assures him that he can help Sydney open them when she gets home, and that that might be today. Johnny seems to accept this, and suggests they go back to building the castle. Sami thinks that is a good plan.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she feels badly, as she didn’t get him anything, but he asks her to go ahead an open her gift. Stephanie does so to find a calendar from 2009. She look up, confused. Nathan asks her look through it for the ‘X.” Stephanie does so and finds December 31st marked. Nathan grins, explaining that he made a reservation at Chez Rouge for two that night. Stephanie asks if this is a New Year’s Eve date. Nathan nods, telling Stephanie that she can make up for not getting him a gift by agreeing to go with him. Stephanie kisses him on the cheek. Nathan says he will take that as a yes. Stephanie beams.

Melanie apologizes to Philip for getting all huffy about nurses, but asks him not to say anything bad about them. Philip agrees. Melanie then explains that working at the hospital makes her feel like she is doing something good, and that she might one day be worthy of becoming Mrs. Philip Kiriakis. Philip hugs her, assuring her that she always was worthy, and she always will be.

Victor toasts to Chloe and Daniel, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Vivian continues to apologizing for what she said about Chloe, but Daniel asks her to drop it. Vivian then tells Chloe that she is great at planning weddings, and offers to help her plan hers, if she’s set a date. Chloe explains she hasn’t. Victor jumps in, saying that they’ve been waiting for her annulment from Lucas Horton to come through, but now that it has, he isn’t sure what the hold-up is. Daniel sighs. Brady remarks that he loves Christmases here. Daniel thinks he and Chloe are going to need lots of drinks and heads over to the bar to make the some. Victor walks over to Brady, saying that he is surprised that Arianna hasn’t yet joined them. Brady explains that she won’t be coming. Victor asks if there is trouble in paradise. Brady says there isn’t, and reminds Victor that whatever he thinks of Arianna; at least she never buried anyone alive. Victor doesn’t think that is any way for him to talk about family. Brady scoffs.

Arianna heads into Sami’s place. Sami thinks the tamales smell amazing, and tells Arianna that the twins made gingerbread cookies, too. Sami asks if Brady is coming, but Arianna shakes her head, saying that he wanted to spend the day with family, and admits that he also feels uncomfortable for bailing Nicole out of jail. Sami claims that she now understands that he didn’t know what was going on. Arianna asks for news, and Sami tells her about the possible lead the FBI has, and how they might actually find Sydney. Rafe nods, vowing that they are going to get her back.

Stefano wonders where EJ gets his nerve, and asks him how he dares to say this isn’t Johnny’s home, when he has loved and cared for the boy since the day he was born. EJ declares that Stefano gave up his rights, but he disagrees, reminding EJ that it has already been proven that he had nothing to do with Sydney’s disappearance. EJ scoffs, guessing that Stefano is going to bring on the self-pity, but he snaps that it’s EJ he pities, since he let Johnny spend Christmas with that bitch Sami. EJ reminds Stefano that Sami is Johnny’s mother, but Stefano retorts that even snakes are mothers. He asks EJ to use his head and reminds him that Sami has failed all of her kids. EJ doesn’t think she has failed her kids as badly as Stefano has, but Stefano retorts that everything he did was for EJ, calling him a heartless ingrate. He rages, saying that he can’t believe EJ is siding with the Brady family. He reminds him angrily that the only reason Nicole was able to bring Sydney to EJ is because Sami lied in the first place. EJ retorts that Sami only lied to him because she was afraid of Stefano. Stefano sighs, reminding EJ that this is a holy day and that they should open their hearts. EJ notices a gift on the table and Stefano explains that it is for him. EJ scoffs, saying he thought Stefano would be smarter than to waste his money. He drops the gift on the table and storms off. Stefano calls him a raving fool.

Melanie’s phone rings. Philip suggests that it might be Max, but Melanie explains that she talked to him the day before. She sees that it’s the hospital, answers, listens, and then promises to be right there. Melanie hangs up and tells Philip that three aides are out, so she has to get to the hospital. She promises that they can celebrate later, even in bed if that is what he wants. Philip sighs, disappointed. Melanie smiles, reminding him how anti-Christmas they both were, and how this turned out to be the best Christmas ever after all.

Vivian heads over to Daniel at the bar and tells him that Victor told her that they share a mutual acquaintance, Carly Manning. Vivian explains that Carly is her nephew’s widow. Daniel apologizes for her loss, but Vivian retorts that Lawrence wasn’t lost—he was murdered. She then tells Daniel that she understands that he helped Carly get a job at University hospital. Daniel admits that he did, as Carly is a wonderful doctor. Vivian agrees and thanks Daniel for helping Carly from the bottom of her heart.

Theo and Stephanie help hand presents out to the kids at the hospital as Maggie greets Nathan, wishing him a Merry Christmas. She admits she has a favor to ask, and reminds Nathan that his grandfather started this Christmas tradition a long time ago, and since Nathan is the first Horton on staff in a long time, she was hoping he’d read the Christmas story in Tom’s honor. Nathan stammers, refusing.

Kate helps Stefano with his coat. He asks where they are going, and Kate explains that his new wife has a very special gift for him. Stefano asks what it is, and Kate explains that she is giving him hope.

EJ heads over to Sami’s place. Arianna helps him with the gifts he brought. Surprised, she asks if they are all for his son, but EJ explains that some are for Allie, so she won’t be so jealous. Arianna then tells him that Rafe is on the phone right now, and there may be good news. Sami comes out of the bedroom just then, and EJ asks her what is going on. Sami excitedly tells him that Rafe’s friend at the FBI is zeroing in on a lead, and there may be a break in the case. EJ asks if someone has been arrested, but Sami says she doesn’t think so. EJ glares as Rafe hangs up, guessing that EJ heard the news. EJ snaps, asking Rafe how dare he. Rafe gapes. EJ lays into him for not telling him immediately when they got information about Sydney. EJ then demands to know what in the hell is the matter with Rafe.

Someone knocks on the door of Anna’s hideout. Worriedly, she peeks through the curtain, asking who is there.

Brady explains that he has a commitment across town, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. He heads out the door. Vivian asks Chloe to help her rewrap her turban, and Chloe agrees. The two head off. Daniel asks what is going on with Brady, and Victor admits he thinks Brady may have trouble being around a well-adjusted family. Victor then tells Daniel that Brady, the recovering addict, is dating a drug dealer. Daniel is surprised that Arianna is a drug dealer, and asks Victor if he is sure he got the right information. Philip walks in just then, telling Daniel that he can take that to the bank, as his father is never wrong. Vivian, who has returned with Chloe, greets Philip. Victor asks what he is doing here, since he thought Philip wasn’t going to grace them with is presence this Christmas. Vivian is just glad he changed his mind, as it makes her holiday complete. Philip admits that he isn’t sure any of them will be happy to see him after they hear what he has to say.

The kids gather around a candy striper to collect their gifts as Nathan reminds Maggie that she already talked him into taking his grandfather’s medical bag, and that is more than enough, as he is already having trouble filling his grandfather’s shoes. Nathan claims that he would feel presumptuous reading to the kids the way his grandfather used to. Stephanie comes over, asking him not to feel anything but proud—proud of his grandfather, and proud of the fact that everyone here respects him so much. She adds that everyone has been buzzing about Nathan reading the Christmas story, and she knows it would make the staff and the kids happy if he would agree to do so. Nathan sighs, admitting that he can’t disappoint the kids, and agrees to read the story. Maggie and Stephanie beam.

Rafe snaps at EJ that he didn’t say anything to him because there is nothing to tell. EJ reminds him he got a call from the FBI. Rafe claims it was a confidential phone call from a friend, but EJ thinks that he has a right to know about it, as he is Sydney’s father. Rafe retorts that this is about Sydney, not him. Sami begs the two to stop and Arianna agrees, reminding them that it’s Christmas. Sami assures EJ that they planned on telling him about this the second he walked though the door, as they knew he was coming over to see Johnny. Rafe sighs, telling EJ that he got a call from the bureau about a person of interest, but he hasn’t heard a word since then. EJ apologizes for overreacting. Rafe says it’s no problem.

Anna opens her door to find package outside. She gasps; glad she got it, as she knows Sydney will love it. Anna takes the package inside and opens it.

Philip announces that he and Melanie Layton are engaged. Victor sarcastically asks if the church he booked to marry the Johnson girl is still available, and suggests that Philip marry Melanie on the same day. Daniel tells Victor to give it a rest as Vivian congratulates Philip. Chloe says she is happy for Philip too, as she knows his heart, and knows he wouldn’t want to marry Melanie if he didn’t love her completely. Philip thanks her for saying so, and the two hug. Philip then says that he hopes the rest of his family will wish him well, too. Daniel comes over, telling Philip that if he believes Melanie is the one, then he is behind him a hundred percent. He hugs Philip, congratulating him. Victor looks on, glaring.

In the foyer, Stefano grumbles, asking why Kate brought him to the Kiriakis mansion. Kate explains that firstly, when he finds out what is going on here, he’ll see that things aren’t so bad at the mansion, and secondly, Philip invited her here, and she is hoping that he is going to invite her back into his life. She is hoping that all of this gives Stefano hope in regards to EJ. Stefano sighs and puts on a fake smile as the two head into the living room. Daniel sees them and groans, saying that it’s time for him and Chloe to leave. The two hurry off as Victor demands to know what the two are doing here. Kate explains that Philip invited her, and Stefano adds that he goes wherever his wife does. He greets Vivian, telling her how marvelous it is to see her. Vivian is glad to see he hasn’t changed and is still oozing smarminess from every pore. Victor warns the two that that is enough as Kate thanks Philip for inviting her. Philip admits that he wanted to share the good news and informs his mother that he is engaged to Melanie. She gapes.

Arianna returns to her room above the pub and flops on the bed with a sigh. She notices a gift on the table and picks it up curiously as Brady heads in. She smiles, asking if he got the gift, and Brady grins, admitting that he did. Arianna hugs him, telling him how happy he makes her.

Rafe puts a toy together as EJ checks his watch impatiently. Just then, Johnny runs out of the bedroom ahead of Sami. EJ picks him up and hugs him, asking if he has had a good Christmas. Johnny admits he has, and EJ explains that he has a lot more presents for him to open. He asks if Johnny likes that. Johnny giggles, admitting he does. Sami looks on, smiling at the two.

Kate reminds Philip that this is totally out of the blue, and admits that she isn’t sure what to say. Vivian says she does, and congratulates Philip, saying that Melanie is a delightful girl, and not hard to look at, either. She wishes him a long and happy marriage, and hugs him, kissing him on the cheek.

Abe plays Santa for the kids as Nathan prepares to read the Christmas story. Melanie greets Maxine, asking if this floor is where she’s needed. Maxine, surprised, thanks Melanie for coming in, and admits that she is a very different girl from the one she first met. Nathan then begins the Christmas story as the kids gather around.

Now alone with Rafe, Sami asks if there is any word. He hangs up his phone and sighs, admitting that the lead didn’t pan out, as the suspect was just visiting her three children for Christmas. Sami sighs.

Anna hands Sydney a new doll and begins to sing “Away in a Manger.”

Vivian slams some eggnog down in front of Kate. Kate glares. Stefano suggests that she say a few words as Philip’s mother. She agrees, congratulating Philip and wishing him every happiness in the world. She adds that she has always wished that, and always will. Victor wryly toasts to yet another phase of Philip’s life. Vivian thinks this is a wonderful Christmas present, as it is something a mother relishes and remembers for the rest of her life. Stefano pointedly tells Kate that he agrees, as this should be a night she never forgets—the night her darling son became engaged. Vivian grimaces.

Brady compliments Arianna on her tamales, saying that all there is at his grandfather’s place is bitterness and resentment. He admits that that is what made him realize he missed her smile, her tamales, and everything else she does so well. The two kiss.

Nathan continues the story of the birth of Jesus, and we flash back to Tom reading the same story years ago for the sick children at the hospital. We come back to the present, where Nathan finishes the story. Maggie then leads the group in a rendition of ‘Silent Night.’ Nathan puts his arm around Stephanie. Maggie puts hers around Melanie. Melanie watches Nathan and Stephanie tearfully.

Rafe assures Sami that while they may have lost the battle, they will win the war. Sami just wishes Nicole could remember whose voice she heard that night at the bus station. Rafe thinks they may find Sydney a different way, but Sami worries, reminding him that there has been no contact, so they have no idea who took Sydney, or even why.

Anna tells Sydney that any minute now, the little errand they ran last night will begin to work its magic.

EJ walks into the mansion to find a letter on the table. He opens it to find Anna’s ransom note. EJ gasps.


Kate snaps at Vivian, “Philip doesn't care about you, and Melanie doesn't care about you.”

Carly tells Bo, “I want you to stay away.”

Hope tells Justin, “I want out.”



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