Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Days Of Our Lives Screencaps

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano heads into the foyer to find EJ on his way out. He tells him that he heard about the candlelight vigil for Sydney tonight. EJ replies that he’d rather Stefano not attend, and storms off, slamming the door. Kate comes downstairs as Stefano shakes his head, saying that children are either selfish or geniuses, and it’s too bad they never seem to realize how much they need their parents. Kate doesn’t think they realize how much their parents need them, either.

At an inn near Salem, Melanie admires her engagement ring, telling Philip that ‘Mrs. Philip Kiriakis’ does have a nice ring to it. Philip wonders if that means that she is saying yes.

At the pier, Rafe talks to someone over the phone. Disappointed, he learns there are no new leads in Sydney’s kidnapping case. He then reminds the person his phone is always on. He hangs up as Carly rushes past, running into him. They both apologize as they back off. Carly and Rafe then stare at one another, exclaiming, “It’s you!”

Bo lets Doug and Julie into his and Hope’s house. Bo helps Doug with his coat as Julie deposits the gifts near the tree. She then explains that they barely got here on time, as they nearly weren’t able to take off from the airport. Julie admires the tree, thinking it’s wonderful that Alice thought of hanging the family ornaments on Bo and Hope’s tree. Julie adds that she thinks this means that Bo, Hope, and Ciara are all going to be back together for Christmas. Bo smiles uncomfortably as Julie proclaims that it’s going to be perfect.

Sami and Hope run into one another outside the pub, wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Hope asks if there is any news on Sydney, but Sami shakes her head. Hope knows how hard this must be for her, especially at this time of year. Sami claims that she is just trying to focus on the twins and stay strong for them. Hope then asks Sami if she can give her a little advice.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells someone over the phone that he understands about the border crossings being a mess, and asks them to keep trying. He hangs up as Arianna walks in. She explains that Henderson let her in, and kisses Brady. She compliments the Christmas tree, and Brady admits that Kiriakis family goes all out for Christmas. Just then, his phone rings again. He apologizes, excusing himself, and takes the call. He listens, and then tells the lawyer it has to be tomorrow, not next week. Brady then explains that the name is Nicole DiMera, and she’s in prison. Arianna gapes as Brady promises that the retainer is on its way.

In jail, Nicole flashes back to lying on the floor of the bus station, unconscious. She remembers Anna telling Sydney to hush, and then remembers seeing her boots as she left with Sydney. Nicole comes back to the present, saying that she recognizes the voice and wishes she could remember who it is.

At her hideout, Anna looks at her completed ransom letter which reads, “I have your daughter. Instructions to follow. Tell no one. I am watching you.” Anna puts the note down and resumes talking to Tony’s picture, reminiscing about how full of life he was. She knows he must be worried about her being all alone this Christmas, but she assures him that she isn’t—not anymore. Anna smiles at Sydney.

Sami and Hope head into the pub and sit down. Sami asks Hope if she is saying she should act on her gut instincts. Hope nods, telling Sami that if she gets any kind of feeling, she has to act on it quickly. She reminds Sami that she almost lost her little girl, and she isn’t sure if Ciara will ever completely recover. Hope then confides in Sami that Ciara still has nightmares, and might not ever get over this—all because her father felt they had to follow procedure. Hope claims that if she had acted on her instincts, Ciara would have been home safe and sound the very first day, and now she may never be the same. Sami sighs and looks at Hope pointedly; saying that she thinks Ciara’s life isn’t the only one that has changed forever.

Bo brings Doug and Julie coffee and tells Julie that while he is sure this Christmas will be beautiful, he isn’t at all sure it’s going to be perfect. Julie asks if it’s wrong for her to want Bo, Hope and Ciara to be happy. Bo claims it isn’t wrong, and that she wouldn’t be herself, and Mrs. Horton would be herself if they weren’t always trying to fix things. Bo then tells Julie that this is his and Hope’s problem, and they have to work it out on their own. Bo thinks she knows he is right. Julie retorts that she doesn’t know that, and that she refuses to hang one Horton ornament on that tree until they all sit down and figure this out. Bo sighs, saying he loves her and doesn’t want to disappoint her, but it would take an awful lot to get that Christmas miracle this year. Doug shakes his head sadly. Julie frowns, crestfallen.

Carly chuckles, admitting to Rafe that she was beginning to think she had imagined him. He admits that he recognized her immediately as the woman that saved his life. Carly claims she is just glad to see him looking so strong and healthy. Rafe then tells her that he went back to the boat to thank her but it was gone. Carly says that the boat wasn’t hers, and that she was just a passenger. Rafe asks why she is in Salem, and if she has family here. Carly explains that she lived here years ago, and now she’s back permanently.

Brady tells the lawyer to arrange a meeting for tomorrow, or he’s going to stop payment on the check. The lawyer agrees, and Brady asks him to call after he’s met with Nicole. He then hangs up and heads over to Arianna, apologizing. She asks if he got Nicole a lawyer. He admits he did. She angrily demands to know when he was planning on telling her. Brady claims that he was going to tell her yesterday, but she was so happy about Gabi and the dance that he didn’t want to ruin her good mood, and figured it could wait a day. He says he is sorry, but Arianna stomps off, saying she is sorry, too. She then accuses Brady of still trying to protect Nicole. He is surprised she is so angry about this. Arianna then admits that he can do whatever he wants, as she is in no position to judge. She abruptly tells him that she has to go and grabs her coat. Brady asks her not to leave, but Arianna claims she has things to do at work, and that she will see him at the vigil. She storms off. Brady then notices a small gift on the table. He picks it up and groans.

Nathan and Stephanie head into Maggie’s place. Nathan asks if Maggie is ready, and she says she is, telling the two that Mickey already left to pick up Alice. Maggie then remembers that she forgot to lock the front door and hurries off to do so. Stephanie apologetically explains to Nathan that all of these Horton and Brady Christmases are full of excitement. He remembers that this is his first one in years. Stephanie admits to Nathan that she can’t blame Melanie for wanting to miss out on all of it. Nathan doesn’t blame Melanie either, since now there are all kinds of possibilities that he might have missed out on if she were around. Stephanie asks what he means. Nathan responds by kissing her.

Philip thinks this must be a first—Melanie not talking. She reminds him that this decision is life-changing and humongous. Philip asks if that means her answer is no.

Rafe tells Carly how grateful he is to her for saving his life, and explains that he has told his girlfriend, Sami, all about her. Carly thinks that makes sense, and tells Rafe that while he was delirious on the boat, he kept saying the word ‘Sam,’ so Carly thought that was his name, but he must have meant ‘Sami.’ Rafe says that sounds right, but he doesn’t remember any of it. Carly thinks that makes sense. She then asks Rafe if that means he is involved in all this mess with the missing child, the one that Sami just found out was hers. Rafe nods, asking if she knows her. Carly says she does. Rafe then asks her to come to the candlelight vigil they are holding for Sydney tonight, and explains that it will be on the pier. Carly agrees, promising to do anything to help. Rafe thanks her.

Doug sits on the couch with Julie and Bo, telling him that he understands these issues are serious. Just then, Julie gets a text from Mickey. Apparently, he’s in the driveway with Alice and needs Doug’s help getting her to the kitchen. Doug agrees and pulls Julie aside, asking her no to push. She claims she wouldn’t dream of it. Doug heads off through the kitchen. Julie watches Bo, who is arranging presents under the tree.

Hope admits to Sami that her life has changed, but reminds her that they are talking about her and her daughter. She hopes Sami will take her advice. Sami promises to do so, and thanks Hope. Hope then says that she had better go, as her dad and Julie are probably already at the house. She puts her coat on and asks Sami to hang in there. She promises to see her later at the vigil, and Sami thanks her for coming and spending her Christmas Eve with them. Hope promises to do anything she can for Sami and heads off. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. It’s Rafe, asking when Sami will be at the pier. She promises to be there soon, but claims she has something she needs to do first. She hangs up, telling Rafe she loves him. Sami then tells herself that Hope is right, and that she has to go with her gut.

Melanie tells Philip that this is sudden, and that when she thinks back on it, it isn’t as if they had this great courtship. Philip says that they are right for each other, and that he can feel it, more than he has ever felt it before. Melanie says she feels it, too, but claims she can’t be bought, and that she isn’t this month’s prize to be won with a kiss and a song. Philip says she was never that to him, but claims he can understand if she wants to wait. She says she does, and apologizes. Philip promises that he can be patient, and asks if that means she won’t be wearing the ring. She nods, saying that she will give it back, and tries to get it off her finger, but it’s stuck.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She asks if there is any news on Sydney. Rafe shakes his head, admitting that they are hoping to learn something from this candlelight vigil. Arianna hopes they do, too. Rafe asks her abruptly what is wrong. Arianna doesn’t answer. Rafe assumes this is about Brady, and she nods, telling Rafe that he got Nicole a lawyer. Rafe wonders why she is surprised. Arianna admits that she thought Brady had put Nicole behind him. Rafe sighs, saying he is no big fan of Brady’s but it’s Christmas, and he thinks Brady might be doing this one last favor for Nicole so he can move on with Arianna.

Brady opens Arianna’s gift to find cufflinks inside. The card explains that they belonged to Arianna’s grandfather. The card goes on to say that her grandfather was very special to her, and so is Brady.

Julie and Bo set candy out as she reminds Bo of how long he and Hope have been together. She adds that they have two beautiful children, and they shouldn’t let some silly disagreements end their marriage. Bo doesn’t answer. She adds vehemently that life isn’t perfect, and that Bo and Hope can’t decide to say goodbye every time things aren’t going well. Bo groans, saying that he isn’t an idiot, and knows that life isn’t perfect. Julie huffs that he could have fooled her. Bo explains that he and Hope having Christmas here isn’t going to make all their problems go away. Hope walks in just then, agreeing with Bo. She and Julie hug as Julie tells her about the delay in Salt Lake City. Hope explains to her that Bo is right, and that having Christmas here isn’t going to solve everything. Bo then asks Julie to respect their privacy and let them work this out on their own. Maggie walks in just then, agreeing with Bo. Julie wonders how Maggie could say that when Bo and Hope aren’t working things out. She asks Bo why he won’t let the people that love him and Hope help them. She wonders how she is supposed to stand by and watch the two of them split up. Doug comes out of the kitchen, admonishing her. Hope rushes over and hugs him. Doug asks Julie angrily to leave his daughter and her husband alone.

Nicole hears Anna’s voice in her head, telling Sydney to hush. Nicole tells herself that she remembers that voice. Just then Sami walks in, asking Nicole if it’s true that she’s remembering something.

Julie tells Doug that she just wants to help, but he reminds her that Bo and Hope’s marriage is their business. Julie agrees and apologizes for interfering. Bo says it’s alright, as they all know she cares, and comes with opinions. Julie promises from now on to keep them to herself. Maggie suggests they start hanging ornaments as Lucas and Will walk in with Allie. Hope and Bo stare at one another as we pan in on the ornaments. The camera pans back out on Tom and Addie’s ornaments, hanging on the tree. Doug and Julie hang theirs and kiss. Later, Will hangs his, and Lucas helps Allie to hang her own ornament. Nathan hangs his, and then joins Stephanie, putting an arm around her. We then pan in on Shawn, Belle, and Claire’s ornaments, as Bo helps Ciara to hang hers. Bo takes his ornament from Hope, and their hands touch briefly. He hangs his. Hope then takes Zach’s from the box. She flashes back to Bo telling her that they’ve lost Zach, and nothing feels worse, but they are family, and they need each other right now to lean on. Hope comes back to the present and Bo looks on as she hangs Zach’s ornament. Hope then turns around to find Bo gone. She sighs.

Rafe reminds Arianna that Brady isn’t the kind of guy that turns his back on people. Arianna agrees, and admits that she respects that about him. Rafe then asks her what she got Brady for Christmas, and she tells him that she gave Brady their grandfather’s cufflinks. Rafe chuckles, hoping she can explain that to their mother. Arianna thinks she will understand once she meets Brady.

Hope heads outside and greets Bo, who is fighting back tears on the porch. She asks if he is alright, and he says he is, and that he just needed some air. He adds that he thinks her family really loves her. Hope claims that they love him, too. Bo says that he always felt like he was part of the Horton family, and it’s hard to watch her family hurting for them the way they are. Hope wishes there were a way to fix this. Bo wishes there were, too. Tearfully, Hope tells him that if this were a movie, he’d take her in his arms and whisper to her that everything is going to be alright. Bo reminds her it isn’t that simple. Hope knows it isn’t, as too much has happened. She thinks they just moved on every time because everyone kept telling them they were meant to be. She tells Bo to look at where they are now. He nods painfully, telling Hope that he is going to go check on his mother and Sami, but will be back. He heads off. Hope bursts into tears.

Sami asks if Nicole remembers the voice she heard talking to Sydney. Nicole nods, confiding in Sami that the voice seems familiar, and she knows she has heard it before. Sami guesses that she can’t place it and asks if Nicole has told the police. Nicole says they wouldn’t believe her. Sami asks if she told anyone, but Nicole says she hasn’t, as the voice is vague, and the police would think she was lying, so she doesn’t see why she should bother. Sami snaps that she is going to bother, because this is about bringing her little girl home. She tells Nicole that Sydney’s life is at stake, so she is going to remember, and then she is going to tell her everything.

Stefano calls Anna, saying that he was thinking of Tony, and wanted to wish her a Merry Christmas. He then asks her to come and spend the day with them tomorrow, and offers to send the jet for her, as he would really like for her to stay a part of the family. Anna scoffs. Stefano adds that he is just trying to feel closer to Tony. Anna suggests that he drop dead, then. She hangs up in a rage.

Nicole tells Sami that all she has been trying to do is remember that voice, and that she would do anything bring Sydney home safely to her and EJ. Nicole vows that she would tell Sami if she knew who this woman was. Sam sighs, guessing that she was hoping for a Christmas miracle, and tells Nicole that she believes her. She then begs her to focus and do whatever she can to remember who this person is. She asks Nicole to call her the second she remembers anything. Nicole promises to do so and Sami heads off, wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Melanie admits the ring felt tight when she put it on, and says that she’ll just get some soap and water. Philip tells her not do that, insisting that this is fate, and that they were meant to be together. She reminds him that he said they could wait, but Philip doesn’t think they should, again insisting that they were meant to be together forever. Melanie reminds him that that is a really long time, but Philip doesn’t think it’s nearly long enough. He pulls her in for a kiss.

Sami rushes over to Rafe on the pier, telling him she has great news. She reminds him of the voice Nicole heard at the bus station, and she explains excitedly that Nicole thinks she might know who it is. She then tells Rafe that Nicole is trying to remember, and thinks she will soon. Rafe thinks that is great news, and hopes it might actually lead to something. Sami hopes so, too. EJ walks up behind the two as Sami admits to Rafe that she can’t help wondering how their lives might have been different if Nicole hadn’t ended up switching the babies. Rafe vows that they will get Sydney back and that they’ll have that life, but Sami reminds him that EJ is in the picture now and that everything is complicated because of that. She tearfully tells Rafe that they could have had Sydney and raised her themselves. Rafe assures Sami that he loves Sydney, and that he will raise her as if she is his own. Sami moves in to kiss him, but EJ interrupts. Sami tells him the news about Nicole recognizing the voice she heard, but EJ thinks Nicole is just stringing them all along to get attention. Sami says she believes Nicole this time, and she also believes that Nicole will help them get Sydney back. Rafe tells Sami that it will be great if Nicole remembers, but they’re going to get Sydney back anyway. He assures Sami that that will be his gift to her. The two hug as EJ looks on.

Abe begins the candlelight vigil at the pier. Nearly everyone from Bo and Hope’s is there, as well as Arianna, Carly and Caroline. Bo squeezes Sami’s shoulder as Abe thanks everyone for coming, and reminds them that they’re all there to make a public plea for Sydney’s safe return.

Back at her place, Hope tells Julie that she has to get down to the candlelight vigil, and asks Julie if she and her father would mind watching Ciara. Julie says that they’d love to have some time with her alone, and asks Hope to tell Sami that they are praying for Sydney. Hope heads off as Julie stares after her worriedly.

EJ talks into a camera, asking the viewing audience to please call if they have any information, as no detail is too small. He pulls Sami over next to him, saying that while things haven’t always worked out the way he and Sydney’s mother would have liked, they love and miss their daughter very much, and need her back in their arms. Sami cries quietly as EJ begs someone to help them. Later, Sami speaks to the assembled crowd, explains that she just recently found out that Sydney was her daughter. She explains she carried her and gave birth to her, but lost her. Sam then begs whoever has her little girl not to let her lose her daughter again. She sobs, pleading with them to bring her daughter back. Rafe and EJ take her hand, and EJ suggests they all join hands and pray. Sami bawls.

Melanie and Philip flop on the bed. Philip thinks the answer to his question must be yes, based on the way Melanie just made love to him. She wonders how she could say no and giggles. Philip wishes the future Mrs. Kiriakis a Merry Christmas. She does the same, and the two kiss.

Stefano has a drink in front of the tree and sighs. Kate joins him on the couch and wraps her arms around him.

Bo consoles Caroline. Carly catches his eye. Hope sees the two looking at one another, and her face falls. Brady heads over, greeting Abe and Rafe. He finds Arianna in the crowd and hugs her, kissing her on the forehead. She beams.

Nicole prays, saying that last Christmas all she did was beg Him for a baby for her and EJ. She cries, saying that all she wants now is for Him to bring home Sami and EJ’s baby safely.

Sami, Lucas and Will all hug as Rafe comes over. He pulls Sami aside and vows that they will get Sydney back. Sami says she knows. Rafe hugs her, comforting her, as EJ watches.

Anna flicks off the radio and sighs, telling Tony’s picture that even his wicked father is trying to do the right thing. She grabs her coat, saying that this means that she and Sydney are going to take a little drive into Salem and do what has to be done. She heads off with the baby as we pan in on a miniature nativity scene on the table.


Nathan tells Stephanie, “I made a reservation for two at Chez Rouge.” She asks “A New Year’s Eve date?” He nods, “Uh-huh.”

Sami asks Rafe, “Have they found Sydney?”

Stefano shouts at EJ, “Everything was for your sake, you heartless ingrate!”

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