Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/23/09


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Brady comes to see Nicole in jail. She jumps up from her bunk, asking if there is news on Sydney. Brady shakes his head. Nicole explains that she has been doing a lot of thinking in jail, and she realizes now that for a while there, she had forgotten Sydney wasn’t hers. After all the lies she had to tell for so long, all that was going through her head was that she had to keep everyone from learning the truth. Nicole then admits that she basically thought Sydney was her baby. Brady says he could see that. Nicole then asks Brady if he can get her a picture of Sydney.

At her hideout, Anna selects one of the photos of Sydney with the day’s newspaper, telling Sydney that she thinks this one is perfect. Just then, her phone rings. Anna answers, “OMG, it’s you!”

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie gets off the phone with Max as she answers the door to let Philip in. Melanie tells Philip that Max was worried about her because Caroline invited her to her family Christmas celebration, and Melanie turned her down. Philip is surprised, but Melanie reminds him that they’re supposed to celebrate their own anti-Christmas together, and she can’t do both things. Philip wonders if she is having second thoughts.

Nathan and Stephanie head into the Java Café with armfuls of shopping bags. Nathan isn’t so sure about the helicopter they bought for Ciara, but Stephanie is sure she’ll like it, and that the boys will like the toys that light up and make noise. Stephanie yawns suddenly. Nathan wonders if she is tired, and she admits she tends to not get a burst of energy until Christmas Eve. Nathan reminds her that they’re going to be spending a lot of time together at Christmas. Stephanie is just glad that he doesn’t have to work. Nathan admits that he suspects someone pulled some strings down at the hospital. He then tells Stephanie that he will pick her up around eleven on Christmas Eve for midnight mass. Stephanie agrees, saying that it’s a date. She stops and stammers, saying that it isn’t a date. Nathan says he understands what she means.

Brady doesn’t think Nicole having a picture of Sydney is a good idea. Nicole asks if she is supposed to forget she ever knew Sydney. Brady sighs, saying he just thinks Sami and EJ would have a negative reaction to her having a picture of Sydney, and they need to keep everyone’s emotions stable before the trial. Nicole smiles, admitting that he is always looking out for her best interests. Brady thinks someone has to. Nicole then tells Brady that it is awful in here. She knows she deserves to be in jail, but knowing that Sydney is out there and that she can’t help her is driving her crazy. Nicole asks if there is really nothing new to report. Brady admits ruefully that there isn’t. Nicole then abruptly tells Brady that she thinks he is lying to her.

Roman strolls through the park and asks Anna over the phone why she is so surprised to hear from him. She stares at Sydney worriedly.

Mia and Will head into the pub and meet Kinsey and Tad. Tad thinks they all look great. Kinsey snorts, noticing that Mia went retro with a wrist corsage. Tad, trying to smooth things over, notes that Kinsey hated the corsage he bought, but he thinks it matched her eyes. Will asks if the two are on a date, but Kinsey scoffs, saying that Tad is just her ride. Tad admits jokingly that he is superficial enough to go with a mean girl just because she’s hot. Just then, Mia asks if anyone has seen Chad. Kinsey tells Mia sarcastically that that was pretty smooth, and that Will probably loved hearing her ask about the father--. Will cuts Kinsey off, warning her to can it. Chad walks up behind Mia as she admits that Chad was upset earlier, and she was just worried about him. Chad greets the four, telling Mia that she looks nice. She notices the corsage in his hand, and asks if he already bought that for her. Chad explains that the corsage is actually for his date, Gabi.

Upstairs, Gabi surveys herself in horror, and tells Arianna that her dress won’t work at all. She asks Arianna to tell Chad that she isn’t going to the dance. Arianna guesses that she hates the dress. Gabi retorts that Arianna can tell Chad that she got the plague, since that’s what she looks like wearing this dress. Arianna agrees to go tell Chad that Gabi doesn’t want to go. Then she can take off that hideous dress, and the two can go back to wrapping tamales. Gabi sighs.

Brady assures Nicole that he isn’t lying to her. She asks worriedly if they’ve called off the search, or if everyone has given up hope, but Brady says that isn’t it. He then admits that what he didn’t tell her was that there was a minor fuss, but the lead ended up going nowhere. Nicole asks what happened, and Brady tells her about the boots she described being bought by Kate. Nicole asks angrily if she has Sydney, but Brady explains that Kate had returned the boots unworn weeks before, and she has a firm alibi for the time of the kidnapping. Nicole glares, accusing Brady of holding something back. She thinks there is more than what he is telling her.

Melanie wonders why Philip would think she was having second thoughts. He reminds her of the way she described the Brady Christmas, and he thinks she thinks it sounds like fun. She agrees that it does, but that he won’t be there, and she just wants to be wherever he is on Christmas. Philip tells Melanie that he just wants her to know that he wouldn’t be offended if she accepted the invitation, since traditional Christmases can be nice. Melanie wonders if Philip is really the one that is having second thoughts about them spending the holiday together.

Nathan wonders why Stephanie feels she has to watch what she says around him. He admits that he knows he’s had feeling for Melanie. Nathan then stops, wondering why he said that, since everyone has feelings towards everyone. Stephanie chuckles, saying she likes it when he talks himself out of things. Nathan admits that it’s easier for him to do a tracheotomy than to talk, and adds that he thinks that’s sad. Stephanie agrees. Nathan goes on to say that they are friends, and all his feelings for her are nice ones. He just hopes that she isn’t uncomfortable around him, because he would never want to do anything to hurt her. Stephanie assures him that he won’t, as they are friends, and she doesn’t want to lose that, either. Nathan thinks they should get coffee and Stephanie nods, saying that they can toast to no longer being awkward around each other. They head for the counter, but Stephanie drops her purse. The two kneel to get it and look up at the same time, noticing that they are kneeling under some mistletoe. Nathan sighs, saying joking that this isn’t at all awkward.

Tad watches Mia talking to Chad across the room, and asks Will if it bothers him. Will says it doesn’t, because he knows Mia is upset about hurting Chad’s feelings. Tad reminds Will of his own feelings, and wonders if he really isn’t ticked that Mia said ‘yes’ to Chad after she agreed to go to the dance with him first. Will insists that Mia is going through a hard time right now, but Tad reminds him that he is too, and yet he can keep track of how people is taking to the dance. Will wonders what Tad’s problem is. He grins, saying that he is trying to make Will as miserable as he is.

Mia asks Chad how he came to take Gabi to the dance, and he explains that he ran into her after he left Maggie’s, and kind of asked her. Mia asks shortly if she kind of said yes. Cha nods, telling Mia that Gabi doesn’t really know anyone here, and he had just been dumped. Mia reminds him that she didn’t dump him. Chad agrees, apologizing, and Mia tells him that she is glad he is going with Gabi, as now she doesn’t have to feel like she completely ruined his night. Chad admits that she didn’t ruin his night, but he does still wish that he was going with her.

Arianna asks Gabi if she really wants her to go downstairs and tell Chad that she can’t go. Gabi complains that she can’t let him see her like this. Arianna think this will work out well for her, as Gabi can finish wrapping the tamales so she and Brady can go out later. Arianna then adds that she needs Gabi to do the dishes, but she’ll have to do them by hand, since Caroline doesn’t trust anyone that doesn’t work here to use the industrial dishwasher. Gabi scoffs, saying she isn’t doing any of that. She thinks Arianna is pretty pleased with herself. Arianna ignores the comment, telling Gabi that she could just wait for a few more minutes while they come up with something for her to wear that she really likes, and then she can go to the dance.

Brady isn’t sure how much of this Nicole wants to know, but she claims she wants to know everything, as she is going crazy in here. Brady then tells her about the candlelight vigil that EJ, Sami, and Rafe have planned for Christmas Eve. He explains that there will be a lot of media coverage, and EJ and Sami plan on making a public plea to the kidnapper to return Sydney. Nicole feels sorry for EJ, as she knows he hates making private things public. She thinks he must have been desperate to come up with the idea of the vigil. Brady admits that he is, and that he is devastated as well. Nicole wishes she could be there for EJ. She knows she screwed everything up, but she still loves Sydney—and she loves EJ, too. Nicole adds that she thinks she could really help if she could just get out of here. Just then, a woman walks over, saying that she thinks that can be arranged.

Mia is glad Chad is taking Gabi to the dance, since she seems nice, and is very pretty. Chad admits that he only asked Gabi so he could have a chance to dance with Mia. She reminds him that she is going to the dance with Will, but Chad doesn’t think the two are joined at the hip. She sighs, but Chad reminds her that she owes him at least one dance after breaking their date and humiliating him. Just then, Gabi comes downstairs. She and Arianna have shortened the dress she had on, and removed the sleeves. Kinsey thinks she looks gorgeous. Chad smiles appreciatively. Mia looks on jealously.

Roman wonders why Anna is surprised he called, since he usually calls her around Christmas every year. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and asks him how he is doing. Roman says he is alright, but admits this isn’t the best Christmas Sami has had. Anna guesses that he can only be as happy as his unhappiest child. Roman chuckles, agreeing, but admits that he didn’t call Anna to talk about his problems. She isn’t surprised since he never talks to anyone about his problems. Roman then says that this might sound sentimental, but Anna has had a hard year herself, and is family, and since Bo and Hope are hosting the Horton Christmas this year, he was hoping Anna would come with him. Anna looks down at Sydney, saying that she would love that, but she just can’t come.

The woman sits with Nicole in her cell and introduces herself as Joanna Leoni, her public defender. Nicole asks if she can really get her out of here, and Joanna nods. She then tells Nicole that anything she tells her is privileged, unless it relates to a crime she is planning to commit in the future. Nicole claims that her days of crime are through. Joanna also thinks Brady should leave, but Nicole says that he is her friend, and that she trusts him. Joanna asks if Brady was an accomplice in the crime, but Nicole shakes her head. Joanna then asks if Nicole has been arrested for a crime like this before, but Nicole claims that this was her one and only time. Joanna is surprised at her age for being a first-time offender, and wonders why Nicole didn’t go for something a little more valuable. She says it’s a good thing she didn’t, though, since stores usually drop charges of theft under thirty dollars. Nicole insists she didn’t steal anything from any store. Joanna thinks she had better not try to plead not guilty, but Nicole explains that she switched two babies and pretended one was hers. Joanna asks if she is Rebecca Kastner, but Nicole says she isn’t, and that she’s Nicole Walker-DiMera. Joanna scoffs, asking if it is really her. Nicole nods. Joanna sniggers, saying that she is going away for at least a couple of decades. Brady raises an eyebrow. Nicole hangs her head.

Philip says sarcastically that he is having second thoughts about spending Christmas with Melanie on a beach instead of with his family. He thinks Vivian might even be his secret Santa. Melanie chuckles, suggesting they pop over to the DiMeras afterwards and see his mom. Philip grimaces. He then tells Melanie that all he meant was that if she wants a traditional Christmas with the Bradys with the caroling and Christmas mass, she can be with them instead of him on a tropical island. Melanie asks if he has really forgotten how shallow she is. Philip laughs. Melanie suggests they stop by the café for coffee before they go to the airport. Philip agrees just as his phone rings. Melanie suggests he take the call here, and she’ll meet him at the café. Philip agrees and Melanie heads off. Philip takes the call, listens, and then promises to be right there. He hurries off.

Stephanie reminds Nathan that people kiss under the mistletoe all the time, and that it doesn’t have to be binding. She just thinks that it means that it’s nice to have friends around Christmastime. Nathan agrees and kisses her on the cheek as Melanie walks in and stares at the two.

Anna tells Roman that she appreciates the offer, but she doesn’t think she will be very good company right now. Roman admits he and Sami won’t be very cheerful either, but everyone just wants to try to be together as a family. Anna thanks him again for being so kind, but declines again. Roman decides to give it one more try, and offers to come by on Christmas day and take Anna out for dinner. He admits that he just hates the idea of her spending Christmas alone. Anna chuckles, smiling at Sydney and telling Roman that she won’t be alone at all.

Brady asks Joanna shortly if she got her law degree off of the internet. She protests, but Brady snaps that he doesn’t think she’s going to be very professional in the court room if she can’t even keep her clients straight. Joanna claims it was just a clerical error, but Brady says there was no excuse for her to go off on Nicole like that and tell her how much time she’ll serve without hearing her side of the story. Joanna demands to know who Brady thinks he is. He retorts that he is the dude that is firing her and hiring a real lawyer for Nicole—one with a brain. Brady shouts for the guard, saying that the Ms. Leoni is through here. Nicole tries to stop him, saying that she can’t afford a lawyer. Brady admits he knows she can’t, but he can, and he is going to get her the best one. Nicole is grateful, but wonders why he is doing this.

Kinsey snaps a picture of Mia and Will as Arianna comes over to greet Chad. Gabi introduces the two as Kinsey calls her over to get her picture made. Chad starts to follow, but Arianna warns him not to lay a hand on her little sister, or her ex-FBI agent brother will deal with him. Arianna asks if Chad knows why he is an ex-FBI agent. Chad shakes his head, Arianna claims it’s because Rafe uses ‘ex’-cessive force. Chad gulps despite her lame, lame, joke. Kinsey calls him over and takes a picture of him and Gabi. Kinsey thinks they make an adorable couple, and declares that she loves the way Gabi smiles, as it’s a refreshing change from you-know-who. Mia glares. Kinsey then says they all have to go before they’re late. Arianna hugs Gabi, asking her to have fun and be careful. Gabi agrees, and heads out the door with Chad, Kinsey, and Tad. Mia grabs her purse and starts to follow, but Will stops her, saying that they need to talk.

Philip meets Justin outside the pub. Justin says he has great news, and explains that he got himself and Philip great football tickets for Christmas. Philip groans, telling Justin that he is actually on his way to the airport right now. Justin asks what he means, and Philip explains that he has decided to avoid the family Christmas with Vivian, his mom, and the man who tried to have him killed. Justin thinks he is being a real Scrooge, as no one should hold a grudge this time of year. Philip says he is sorry, but he can’t stick around. Justin sighs, saying it ought to be easy to find someone who wants the ticket, anyway. Philip thinks this is about more than a football game, and asks Justin what is going on. Justin claims he can tell Philip is in a hurry, and asks him to go on to the airport, but Philip refuses to leave until Justin tells him what is going on. Justin sighs, saying it isn’t a big deal, and admitting that Adrienne doesn’t want him to come home for Christmas.

Nathan tells Stephanie that the kiss was nice, and heads off to get them some coffee. Melanie comes over, remaking that Stephanie and Nathan seem to be have a romantic Christmas planned. Stephanie asks Melanie if that bothers her, but Melanie scoffs, stammering that it doesn’t, and wondering why it would.

Will tells Mia that he spoke with Tad, and Tad told him that Mia knew that Chad thought they had a date planned. Mia stammers. Will angrily accuses her of lying to him. Mia claims that she was just trying to figure out how to fix things, and she feared that Will might not want to go with her if he knew she had agreed to go to the dance with Chad, too. Mia tearfully tells Will that she didn’t want him to be mad at her, but since he already is, she would understand if he didn’t want to go to the dance with her anymore.

Justin admits that he always liked spending Christmas in Salem, but Philip isn’t sure how fun it will be with his dad and Vivian, not to mention that Hope hasn’t been in the best of moods lately. Justin is sure things will be fine, and asks Philip about his trip, and if he is going solo or taking someone with him. Philip smiles, replying that he is taking someone—Melanie.

Brady asks Nicole jokingly if a good criminal lawyer isn’t something every little girl wants for Christmas. Nicole says she is serious, and wonders why Brady is doing this, as she wouldn’t blame him if he never wanted to talk to her again after everything she has done. She reminds him that she used him over and over again, but Brady says he doesn’t have the right to judge anyone considering his own past, and insists that he really wants to help Nicole. She thanks him tearfully, and then asks him if he really thinks this candlelight vigil will help find Sydney. Brady doesn’t think it can hurt. Nicole then vows that she would stay in here forever if Sydney could just come home. Brady knows she would, but reminds Nicole that it doesn’t work that way. He takes her hands through the bars. Nicole sniffles, reminding him that it is Sydney’s first Christmas, and they don’t even know if she is alright.

Roman asks Anna who she is spending Christmas with. She explains that Tony is here with her in sprit, and that he is going to help her do what she has to do. She stares down at Sydney, who grins up at her.

Stephanie says she just thought Melanie was bothered due to the look on her face, but Melanie claims that she is just trying to decide if she should get decaf so she can sleep on the plane. She then tells Stephanie about Philip whisking her away to a tropical island for Christmas. She thinks it sounds like heaven, but Stephanie claims that she prefers snow and family around Christmas. Melanie grumps that it’s hard for her to miss what she never had. Stephanie thinks that is too bad, as it’s wonderful. She hopes Melanie can have a Christmas like that next year. Melanie agrees, clearly saddened.

Philip asks Justin if the divorce is going through, and Justin nods, saying that that is clearly what Adrienne wants. Justin adds that it doesn’t make much sense for him to go home, since the kids are all going their separate ways. Philip thinks that is tough, but Justin claims he will manage. He then suggests Philip get out of here so he can leave town with a beautiful woman, but Philip wants to make sure he will be ok. Justin assures him he won’t fall apart because Philip turned him down for a football game, but Philip wonders if he can keep from falling apart over the fact that he isn’t spending the holidays with his wife and children. Justin reminds Philip that he has Victor and Vivian, and that it’s a white Christmas. He heads off, shouting ‘Merry Christmas.’ Philip sighs and heads off for the café.

Mia tells Will that he has been great lately, considering what she has been through, but she would understand if he didn’t want to go. Will says it’s alright, and admits that he does want to go to the dance with Mia. She’s glad. He then says that he needs to call his mom and check to see if there is any news on Sydney. Mia thinks he should do that in private, and says he will meet him at the dance. Will claims it will just take a second, but Mia hurries off. Will sighs.

Chad and Gabi head out of the dance and stroll along the pier. Gabi explains that she needed some air, as it was too crowded, and she isn’t a fan of slow dances, anyway. Chad notices that she is shivering and wraps his scarf around her neck. He asks if she is sure she doesn’t want to go inside, but Gabi says she doesn’t, and then admits that she didn’t really need any air. Chad jokes, asking if she was avoiding slow-dancing with him, but Gabi says that isn’t it, either.

Brady heads into the pub, on the phone with an attorney. He promises to have his retainer to him in the morning, but he has to agree to meet with Nicole by noon. The man protests, but Brady asks him not to give him that sentimental crap about the holidays, as he knows lawyers of his caliber don’t have souls. He then hangs up as Arianna rushes over. She says she has a tamale with his name on it, and hugs him. He is glad, as he is hungry, but tells Arianna that there is something she needs to know.

Philip leads a blindfolded Melanie into a hotel room. She can tell they were never on a plane, and guesses they never made it to that tropical island. Philip chuckles and takes off her blindfold, saying that they’re at an inn outside Salem. Melanie surveys the room, which is decorated to the hilt for Christmas. She asks if they are in Santa’s workshop. He admits that it’s more traditional than they planned, and asks worriedly if she hates him. Melanie says she doesn’t, and that all this traditional Christmas stuff is nice. She then tells Philip that she really doesn’t care where she is as long as she is with him. He hopes she isn’t disappointed. She swears she isn’t and kisses him. Melanie then asks about the phone call Philip took, guessing that someone he knew needed a friend. Philip admits that Christmas has a way of making people feel alone. Melanie figures he wanted to stay close to town in case his friend needed him, and notes that Philip has a kind streak that he tries to hide. He thinks Melanie does too. Melanie admits they do share some things in common, and she thinks they can have a really good time at this inn. She tells Philip that all they have to do is decide if they want to be naughty or nice. The two kiss.

Arianna tells Brady that she has news for him, too, and tells him that she and Gabi are getting along, and that she helped her get ready for a dance, and that the two even laughed. Arianna hugs Brady again, saying that she thinks this is going to be the best Christmas ever. Brady sighs.

Anna tells Tony’s picture that he probably wouldn’t approve of what she is doing, but she is taking care of the baby, and besides, Stefano has to pay for what he did. She thinks that Stefano treated his eldest son horribly, and drove him to desperate and dangerous things. She swallows back tears, saying that Stefano took the person she loved the most from her, so she took Sydney away from him and the rest of them. She thinks now they will all finally understand what grief feels like.

Nicole sits on the bunk, saying she may not be able to get a picture of Sydney, but she can close her eyes and see her. Nicole then vows that if she ever gets out of here, she will find Sydney.

Gabi tells Chad that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to dance with him, it’s just that she doesn’t know how, and she didn’t want to look stupid in front of everyone. Chad admits that his parents forced dancing lesson on him, and hated them for it, since he feared all the other guys would find out. He admits he is finally glad tonight, because now he can teach Gabi how to dance. She reminds him there’s no music, but he pulls out his mp3 player and plays a slow song. He takes Gabi’s hand, and the two sway to the music. Mia walks over just then and stares as Chad tells Gabi that she is a natural.

Melanie sets up some Christmas tunes to play on her own mp3 player. Philip admits that Christmas isn’t so bad as long as you get to spend it with someone you love—like Melanie for example. He hands her a gift. Melanie starts to open it, but sees a diamond ring attached to the bow. She gapes and stammers. Philip explains that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, not just Christmas. Melanie thinks she must be hallucinating. Philip claims she isn’t, and gets down on one knee, asking her to marry him. Melanie stares in shock.

Arianna and Brady have coffee while she gushes about how happy her sister was, and how much she loves her, her mom, the rest of her family, and Brady. Arianna ecstatically enthuses that now her motto is ‘joy to the world.’ She then asks Brady what he wanted to tell her. Brady claims uncomfortably that it was nothing at all.

Anna assures Sydney that they will have a wonderful Christmas together—just her, Sydney, and Tony.

Nicole closes her eyes and remembers Anna hushing Sydney after she hit her over the head. Nicole’s eyes snap open, and she whispers to herself that she knows that voice.


Bo tells Doug and Julie, “It would take an awful lot for us to get that Christmas miracle this year.”

Hope asks Sami, “Can I give you a little advice?”

Carly and Rafe exclaim at the same time, “It’s you!”

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