Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/22/09


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At Bo and Hope’s house, Carly tells Bo that she thinks she is falling in love with him. She then tries to go, but Bo pleads with her not to.

At the Java Café, Hope talks to Alice over the phone, saying that she understands about Christmas, and will talk to her later. Lexie comes in just then and the two greet one another. Lexie reminds Hope of how fun Christmas used to be when they were kids, and admits she looks at her hospital shifts as down time since she has been so busy lately. Hope smiles wanly. Lexie asks what’s wrong. Hope explains that she and Bo have to make a decision together—when they don’t seem to do anything together.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Rafe if someone in Salem really bought the boots that Nicole described. Rafe nods slowly. EJ asks him to spit it out who it is then, and Rafe explains that the boots were bought by none other than Stefano’s new bride and EJ’s stepmother, Kate DiMera.

At the prison, Kate, who is visiting with Stefano, grumbles that she wishes the guard would come back so that they could leave. Stefano asks her to go on ahead, but Kate refuses, saying that she wants to be a dutiful wife. Stefano then asks her to call Marco and tell him he wants new resources used in the hunt for Sydney, and that Marco will know what that means. Kate agrees to do so, but vows to come back with a file baked into a cake if Stefano isn’t out within the hour. Kate starts to head off, but Stefano reminds her to tell Marco about the new development—and how they are most likely looking for a woman.

At her hideout, Anna smiles at Sydney and picks up a picture of Tony, telling him that Sydney is as sweet as the day is long, and that it’s hard to believe she has his father’s blood in her. Anna grimaces, remarking that Stefano is an evil man. Anna then vows to do whatever it takes to make sure Sydney doesn’t grow up in the same hell Tony did.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Will asks Chad what he is talking about. He says that he is talking about the fact that Mia told him that she would go to the dance with him, and that she apparently told Will the same thing. Will thinks Chad is full of it, and asks Mia to confirm that Chad is lying. Mia doesn’t answer.

At the pub, Arianna and Gabi wrap tamales. Gabi grumbles about how boring it is, but Arianna doesn’t think she has anything better to do. Gabi retorts that she got invited to go caroling at the White House, but didn’t want to go. She then says seriously that she is glad that they get to spend Christmas with Rafe, at least. Arianna agrees, but she isn’t sure how great of a Christmas Rafe and Sami are going to have without Sydney. Gabi wonders if they have given up on finding her. Arianna assures her that they never will.

Sami gasps, saying that she can’t believe Kate is behind Sydney’s disappearance. EJ thought that Rafe questioned Stefano about a woman being involved, and wonders how Stefano could have neutralized the truth serum. Rafe is sure that he didn’t, and that Kate must be working alone. EJ claims that if that is true, Kate is a dead woman once his father finds out what she has done.

Anna picks up her ransoms note to Sami and/or EJ, letting them know that someone has their daughter. Anna sighs and picks up more magazine pieces, noting that this is a time-consuming way to write a letter.

Carly sighs, reminding Bo that he asked her not to leave, yet he isn’t saying anything. Bo admits that he is a bit taken aback. He then abruptly changes the subject, telling Carly that she should be worried about Vivian, as she is probably just warming up. He stammers that he will file a police report. Carly thinks she must have really thrown him. He nods, saying that what Vivian did was sick and morbid. Carly says she meant herself, and what she told Bo about her feelings for him. He admits it did throw him. Carly suggests that they pretend it never happened. Bo sighs, telling her that he doesn’t know what to say.

Hope confides in Lexie that she knows if she has Christmas at her house, her dad and Julie will think some Christmas miracle will bring her and Bo back together. Hope admits she isn’t sure she can handle them wanting to know why she is doing this to Ciara, and she even wonders why she is doing it herself. Lexie tells Hope how sorry she is. Hope replies that she knows Bo thinks she is just jealous of Carly, but the thinks she has good reason to be, as Carly seems to have staked a claim on her husband, her home, and her marriage. Lexie reminds her that they’re married to men who tend to be protective, but Hope says that isn’t what this is about, as Carly looks like she could hunt bears with a switch. Lexie then tells Hope that Carly has an enemy in town, and tells Hope about the corpse Vivian had planted in Carly’s patient’s room. Hope and Lexie giggle, and Hope asks what happened next. Lexie frowns, asking what she means. Hope, angry, asks who Carly called. Lexie admits she called Bo. Hope sighs.

Will asks Mia to tell Chad that he is full of it, but all she will say is that it is complicated. Will scoffs, saying it isn’t, since Chad thinks Mia agreed to go to the dance with him, when Will knows it isn’t true. Mia admits that it kind of is.

EJ brings Sami some aspirin and water. She grumps that she can’t believe Kate still hates her so much after all this time. Rafe asks Sami if she really thinks this is about revenge, saying that it doesn’t make much sense for Kate to go after Stefano’s grandchild, even if she hates Sami enough to take one of her kids. EJ reminds Rafe that Stefano blackmailed Kate into marrying him, and that this could be Kate’s way of getting back at both of them. Just then, Kate walks into the foyer, yelling for Harold to have some bags brought in from her car. Rafe warns Sami to play it cool, but as soon as Kate walks in, Sami goes after her and strangles her. Kate squeals as Sami calls her an unbelievable bitch.

Mia explains that she and Chad were talking about the dance, and he misunderstood what she said. Chad scoffs. Mia reminds him that he told her “It’s a date” out of nowhere. She claims she didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so she didn’t say anything. Chad thinks she could have said no, and wonders angrily if she thought her, him and Will would all go to the dance together. Mia reminds Chad angrily that he knew she was upset the night before and going through a hard time, and that she isn’t sure what else to say. Chad says she doesn’t have to say anything, as she only has one date for the dance now. Chad tells the two to have fun and hurries off. Mia tries to stop him, but Chad slams the door behind him. Will angrily asks Mia if she really went to talk to Chad when she was upset the night before. She says she just went to thank Chad for covering her shift, and asks Will if they can drop it. Will agrees to do so as soon as she tells him who she really wants to go to the dance with—him or Chad. Mia scoffs.

Arianna asks Gabi when her bus comes the next morning. Gabi admits it will be here early. Arianna tells her that she will miss her. Gabi jokes that she won’t have anyone to fight with now that she and Brady have made up. Arianna reminds her that she could say she’ll miss her too. Gabi says she will, although she is kind of looking forward to going home, since she has no social life in Salem. She then tells Arianna about the winter dance everyone is going to. Arianna admits she didn’t know about it, and tells Gabi that she can go if she likes, as she can finish the tamales herself, but Gabi refuses to go without a date and look desperate in the process. Arianna grins, and then frowns, as she notices she is almost out of cornhusks. She hands Gabi some cash and asks her to go buy some, as she can’t leave the bar. Gabi sighs, agreeing, and sighs that she can’t wait to write in her diary about getting to buy cornhusks tonight. She heads off. Arianna chuckles.

Sami demands to know where Sydney is as Rafe pulls her off of Kate. EJ demands that Kate answer the question. Kate wonders how she would know where Sami and EJ’s daughter is. Sami snaps that they have proof that Kate has her baby. Kate calls Sami crazy, and declares loftily that she knows Sami is delusional, but she can’t believe EJ has fallen for this. Sami breaks free from Rafe and dashes after Kate, threatening to get the truth out of her. EJ holds her back as Stefano walks in, threatening to throw them all out if anyone touches his wife.

Carly apologizes for putting Bo in this position. He thinks this is partly his fault. She wonders how it could be, since he never encouraged her feelings, but Bo says she was vulnerable when she returned to town, and he should have been more careful. Carly insists that he isn’t responsible for how she feels, but Bo says he isn’t talking about how she feels. He sighs and stammers that he isn’t in the best of places right now, and it felt good to help and her and make someone else’s life better. He then adds that he and Carly also have a lot of great memories, and shared a lot together. The two stare at one another. Just then, Hope walks in.

Kate announces that she wants Sami arrested for assault. EJ snaps that that will be nothing compared to what he will do to Kate if she doesn’t start talking. Kate declares that everyone in this house is crazy. Stefano promises to take care of this. EJ interrupts, offering to tell them what is going on before the police get involved. Stefano agrees to listen, and EJ tells him that they have proof that Kate was involved in Sydney’s kidnapping. Kate says that is impossible, and Stefano agrees, telling EJ that Kate was with him when Sydney was taken. Sami thinks he’s lying, and Stefano retorts that she should get her friend to slip him a little more truth serum. EJ informs Stefano that they finally know who owns the boots Nicole saw at the bus station. He tells Kate angrily that she should avoid the one-of-a-kind footwear the next time she commits a felony. He describes the boots to her and she scoffs, asking if this is all about a pair of shoes. EJ nods, telling Kate that it’s fitting that her vanity ended up being her downfall. Kate laughs, saying her vanity is actually going to help her, since she returned those boots because they made her feet look big, and as EJ knows, you can’t return expensive footwear that has been worn. She takes out her phone and pulls up an email. She hands the phone to EJ, saying that this email will prove she returned the boots to the store unworn. EJ shows the phone to Sami and Rafe, saying that Kate is right, as the boots were returned unworn two weeks ago. Kate then asks someone to remove that piece of trash from her living room. Sami glares as Rafe leads her away. In the foyer, Sami sobs, telling Rafe that she really thought this nightmare was all over. Rafe reminds her that they still have the lead, and he vows that they will find the woman that owns those boots. He and Sami then head off.

Anne props a copy of the day’s paper next to Sydney and holds up a camera, asking her to smile. Anna snaps the photo, grinning and telling Sydney that this is going to be the best Christmas card ever.

Back at Sami’s place, Rafe apologizes, saying that he should have waited until he was sure before telling Sami about Kate. She reminds Rafe that he can’t protect her from everything, and besides, it felt good to choke Kate. Sami then sighs, admitting that she isn’t sure how much longer she can stand this. Rafe hugs her, asking her to hang in there.

Mia tells Will that she wants to go to the dance with him. She explains that Chad usually shuts her out, but last night, they were really communicating, and when he assumed they’d go to the dance together, she didn’t want to hurt him by refusing. She hopes that Will can forgive her and that he will give her another chance. Maggie walks in just then, and Will tells Mia he will pick her up at seven. He heads off. Maggie thinks she interrupted a bad moment there and Mia sighs, admitting it’s hard not to come in on her at a bad moment these days. Maggie asks what is going on, and Mia explains that she made a date with Will for the dance, but Chad thought she was going with him, and he came over here and confronted her, so everyone is pretty much mad at everyone else. Maggie chuckles, saying it sounds like Mai is going to have a good night. Mia laughs.

Gabi and Chad run into one another on the pier. She doesn’t think he looks like he is in a very good mood. Chad agrees that he isn’t. Gabi then reminds him that the dance is soon, and that girls like it when the guy showers. Chad admits he isn’t going to the dance, and that Gabi was right about Mia going with Will. Gabi tells him how sorry she is, but says she had better go, as she has to buy cornhusks for her sister. Chad abruptly asks her to go to the dance with him, and not because Mia dumped him, though he would understand if she didn’t want to go. Gabi smiles, asking if he is really inviting her to a dance that starts in two hours, as if she has nothing better to do. Chad, cowed, apologizes. Gabi tells him she would love to go with him, provided he takes a shower. Chad grins and agrees.

Hope asks Carly if she is alright, as Lexie told her about the incident at the hospital. Carly smiles wanly, admitting that Vivian has struck again, and that it doesn’t appear that she has mellowed at all with age. Carly then tells Bo that she has taken up enough of his time, and promises to think about what he said. She then hurries off. Hope sighs, saying that Carly doesn’t need Vivian in her life right now on top of everything else. Bo doesn’t think anyone needs Vivian in their life, and asks Hope why she dropped by. She explains that she came by to talk to him about Christmas, saying that her grandmother isn’t up to having it, and the family consensus seems to be that she and Bo should have it here. Bo is surprised, since she and Ciara don’t live here anymore, and Hope admits that she thinks her family thinks it will bring her and Bo back together. Bo asks Hope if that is what she wants.

Stefano apologizes to Kate for EJ’s attitude, admitting that he is under a lot of stress right now. Kate thinks she has heard worse from her own sons. She and Stefano toast as he chuckles that family can be exhausting. Kate then reminds Stefano that she doesn’t need him to defend her from EJ, but Stefano insists that he will not have anyone talk to Kate that way—especially someone he loves. Just then, his phone rings. Stefano answers, and it’s Lexie. He excitedly tells her about the train he has ready for Theo to set up with him on Christmas, but Lexie explains that they won’t be spending the holiday with him.

Arianna greets EJ, who is having a drink at the pub. He explains that he wanted to apologize again about the way he acted, and admits that it was inexcusable of him to accuse her of kidnapping his daughter. Arianna reminds him that he already apologized, and that she forgave him, and besides, it doesn’t look as if things have gotten easier for EJ. EJ agrees, telling Arianna that he got another lead today, but it headed nowhere. Arianna just wishes the kidnapper could see the look in EJ’s eyes, as she is sure that they would give Sydney back if they could. EJ claims that she has just given him a wonderful idea and kisses her on the cheek, wishing her a merry Christmas and hurrying off. Gabi breezes in after him, and Arianna asks about her corn husks. Gabi explains that they are still at the store, and that she doesn’t have time to get them since she needs to get ready for the dance. Arianna thought she didn’t want to go alone, but Gabi explains that a really hot guy invited her to go. She worries about not having anything to wear, but Arianna reminds her that that is why God invented big sisters.

Mia wonders if Maggie is angry with her for not saying ‘no’ when Chad invited her to the dance, and because she liked the fact that they were getting along and that he asked her. Maggie chuckles, wondering what they are going to do with Mia, since she dared to be happy about a boy wanting to take her to a dance. Mia doesn’t think this is very funny. But Maggie reminds her it isn’t very serious either. She thinks Will looked as if he had the world on his shoulders when he walked in and Mia has been through hell. She reminds Mia that this is a mole-hill, not a mountain, and she shouldn’t over think it. Maggie suggests that Mia tells Will how handsome he is when he shows up, and then try to act like a couple of kids going to a dance. Maggie thinks both Will and Mia deserve that.

Will heads out of his place with his suit, telling Sami that he has a Christmas surprise for the twins. She asks what it is, but Will claims that it is a secret. Sami asks him to have fun. Will agrees to try and heads off. Sami sighs, telling Rafe how wonderful Will is to try to make this a good Christmas for the twins. Rafe agrees that not many kids are lucky enough to have an older brother like Will. Sami then asks Rafe if he still has hope that they will get Sydney back. He admits that he does. EJ knocks on the door just then, and Sami lets him in. EJ explains that he has an idea as to how to get Sydney back, and tells the two breathlessly that he talked with someone that had an idea as to how they can reach the kidnapper. Rafe asks if he is thinking of an on-air appeal, but EJ says he actually meant to have a Christmas Eve vigil. That way they could really dramatize how many people love and miss Sydney, and he could even offer a large monetary reward for her safe return. He adds that he was also thinking that he and Sami could pray together. Sami thinks that’s a wonderful idea.

Kate asks Stefano if he got bad news, and he admits that the Carver family is apparently too busy to spend Christmas with them. Kate tells him how sorry she is, but Stefano thinks he should have realized by now that Abe brings out Lexie’s judgmental side. Kate then admits that she doubts her son will want to see her either. Stefano grumbles that the younger generation appears to be unbending. Kate agrees completely, saying she’s done a lot for Lucas, and though she has meddled, she did it with love. Stefano chuckles, saying she also did it with arsenic. He admits that while this past year has been hellish, it was also the year he won her hand. Kate reminds him he did so was with the help of some damning forensic evidence, but Stefano doesn’t care how it happened, so long as it happened. He then says that he is thrilled they are spending Christmas together and that there is no one he’d rather spend the holiday with than his partner in crime. Kate thinks he is sweet. Stefano pulls her in for a kiss.

Hope asks Bo if he is asking her if she wants to get back together or have Christmas here at the house. Bo tells her to answer whichever question she wants, and Hope admits that she does want to get back together, but she doesn’t want to do so if they only reconcile to make their families happy. Bo admits he doesn’t want to do that either. Hoe says she can’t help but think of the Christmases they have spent together, listening to him curse as he tried to put the tree in the stand. Bo remembers Hope trying to break into her presents early. Hope grins, reminiscing about Ciara coming down the stairs for her presents on Christmas morning. Bo then suggests that the have Christmas here, knowing that things might not change, but hoping that they will.

Maggie lets Will in and marvels at his suit, telling him that he looks like a million bucks. Mia comes downstairs just then in her dress, and Will tells her how nice she looks. Maggie agrees and snaps a photo of the two, telling them how cute they look together. Will then tells Mia that they are meeting Tad and Kinsey at the pub. She worries that Chad might be there, and that he might be upset at having to go stag because of her, but Will tells her not to worry about Chad, as he will undoubtedly come up with something.

Chad heads into the pub with a corsage. He checks his watch.

Upstairs, Gabi tries on a red dress of Arianna’s, moaning that she looks like she’s going to a PTA meeting. Hurt, Arianna tells her that that is her best dress. Gabi nods, saying that is what she means. She decides she can’t go to the dance, and that she will have to call Chad and cancel.

Bo thinks they should definitely have Christmas here, if only for Ciara. Hope nods, saying that she’ll agree as long as they both know it isn’t a commitment. Bo promises that all it will be is a family spending Christmas Eve together. Hope grabs her coat and rushes off abruptly. Bo calls after her, but Hope slams the door and rushes down the front walk, sobbing. Bo sighs and takes out his phone, calling Carly. She is at the hospital and sighs, sending the call to voicemail. Bo leaves her a message, telling her they’re not finished, and that they need to talk.

Sami tells EJ that this is a wonderful idea. EJ adds that he thought they’d have the vigil before her family goes to mass on Christmas Eve, as he doesn’t want to ruin any plans she may have made for the holiday. Sami vows to do whatever it takes to get Sydney back, and that she can’t think of anything she’d rather do this Christmas than have this vigil. She thanks EJ again.

Anna looks through the pictures on her digital camera, selecting one and telling Sydney that she is sure this one is the best. Just then Anna’s phone rings. She answers and gasps, “OMG, it’s you!”


Justin tells Philip, “Adrienne doesn't want me home for Christmas.”

Nathan kisses Stephanie on the cheek.

Nicole asks Rafe, “You're holding something back. There's more, isn't there?”

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