Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/21/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Days Of Our Lives Screencaps

At the hospital, Bo questions Carly about the dead body he found in her patient’s room. Carly explains that she thought it washer patient, Mrs. Parker, but the woman had already checked out. Just then, Daniel comes over, telling the two that he has news about last night’s incident. He then explains that he knows who put the body in the room and why.

Mia lets Will into Maggie’s kitchen, saying that she thought he’d be setting up for the dance. Will explains that he’s finished, and came by to see if he could pick her up at seven. She agrees just as her phone rings. Mia answers, and it’s Chad, asking if it’s alright that he pick her up at seven for the dance. Mia sweats.

Arianna and Brady roll around in bed in her room. Brady kisses her neck and she giggles, saying that they’re never going to get out of bed at this rate. Brady offers to get up and take a shower, provided Arianna comes with him. She reminds him they’ll never get out of here, then and he reluctantly gets out of bed and throws on some clothes. He admits he never thought arguing about EJ would lead to this kind of benefit. Arianna grins, admitting that the making up part is nice, but thinks they should skip the fighting part from now on. Brady agrees, kissing her, and then heads off. Just then, someone knocks on Arianna’s door. She gets up and throws on a robe, and then answers the door to find EJ outside.

Chloe comes to visit Nicole in prison, telling her that she got her a gift—a book of mysteries, since she knows she likes them. Nicole is surprised she came, since she must be so busy, but Chloe replies that she is never too busy for a friend. Nicole thanks Chloe for trying to cheer her up, but Chloe guesses that it isn’t working. Nicole admits that the only gift she wants is for Sydney to be safe from whatever hell Stefano has taken her to.

Sami comes out of her bedroom to find Rafe in the living room, staring at one of Sydney’s toys. Sami is surprised he is up, since he came to bed so late. Rafe then tells her that after she went to sleep, he went to se Stefano. Sami asks what happened, and Rafe explains that he finally got Stefano to tell him the truth. Sami immediately asks where Sydney is, but Rafe tells her sadly that Stefano doesn’t have Sydney—someone else does.

At her hideout, Anna cuddles Sydney, saying that the more she’s around her, the more she adores her. She then tells the baby that she knows she did the right thing, as Sydney belongs here with her.

Arianna tells EJ that this isn’t a good time, but he heads into her room anyway, telling her that this is important and that whatever she has going on is going to have to wait. Arianna agrees to hear him out, and EJ demands to know why she was in Cleveland, since she didn’t have to come. Shocked, Arianna asks what this is all about. EJ snaps that he is just trying to find his daughter, and he thinks Arianna knows more than she is letting on.

Sami asks Rafe if he really gave Stefano truth serum, and he nods, explaining that once he knew it had kicked in, he asked Stefano if he knew where Sydney was, or if he had anything to do with her disappearance, and Stefano just kept saying ‘no’ over and over. Sami asks if Stefano said anything about the woman Nicole mentioned, but Rafe shakes his head. Sami begins to panic, saying that this means that Sydney could be anywhere. She sobs, wondering how someone could take a little baby away from her family like that. Rafe tries to soothe her as Sami bawls that she just can’t understand how someone could be so evil.

Anna tells Sydney that her uncle, Tony, would have been crazy about her, and would have doted on her. Sydney grins and stuffs some Cheerios into her mouth.

Daniel explains to Bo and Carly that an orderly took responsibility for placing the body in the room and was reprimanded. Bo grumps that he should have been fired. Daniel agrees, saying that the hospital was planning to do so, but the orderly called this morning and quit. Daniel adds that the man is now nowhere to be found. Carly assumes that it was a silly prank and is glad that it’s all over. Daniel apologizes for her bad experience the night before. Carly says it’s not his fault, and then asks Bo to stick around, saying that she needs to talk to him. Daniel and Bo make small talk about Carly, and Daniel tells Bo about Carly introducing him to his late wife. Daniel admits that at the time, he had no idea Carly had been married to Victor. Bo doesn’t think either of them like to talk about it. Daniel then admits that he knows that Victor can hold a grudge, so it’s no surprise to him that Victor dislikes Carly. Daniel claims he is just glad that Bo doesn’t feel the same way. Bo shakes his head, smiling, and explains that he and Carly are old friends. Carly looks up from the nurses’ station and smiles at Bo. He smiles back.

Will asks who called as Mia hangs up. She claims it was some kid she knew from Salem West. She then stammers, telling Will that they need to talk about tonight. Will explains that he didn’t want to go to the dance at first because of Sydney, but his mom convinced him that it would be a good idea to be distracted. Mia claims she understands. Will starts to head off to check on Maggie, but Mia says she isn’t here. Will then invites her to go get some hot chocolate with him, but Mia says she has some things to do before the dance. Will heads off, promising to see her later. Mia sighs.

Nicole wishes she were free so she could help find Sydney, but Chloe thinks the police are doing all they can. Nicole disagrees, saying that she told them about the woman she saw the night Sydney disappeared, and they didn’t believe her. Chloe asks what else she remembered, and Nicole tells Chloe about the boots she saw before she lost consciousness. Chloe asks if that means that Stefano isn’t behind this, but Nicole thinks he is, and that he hired that witch to knock her out and take Sydney. She adds that the woman is probably keeping Sydney for Stefano until things cool down. Chloe asks if the police really think she made all of this up. Nicole then explains that Roman Brady does, but oddly enough, Rafe believes her.

Arianna asks EJ angrily if he suspects her of taking Sydney. EJ informs her that Nicole told them all that a woman took Sydney, and he knows his father isn’t involved, so he is following up every lead he has. Arianna is aghast that EJ is accusing her of taking his child, and shouts that she has no motivation, and that EJ has no proof of his accusation. EJ demands to know why she was in Cleveland, and Arianna claims she came to see Brady. EJ thinks that the two of them could have taken his child, but Arianna claims that that is unfair and paranoid. EJ shouts back that it isn’t, since Brady aided and abetted Nicole every step of the way. He snaps that he also knows Arianna would do anything for Brady. Arianna screams at him to get out, but EJ refuses to do so until she tells him the truth. Brady rushes in just then, telling him to back off.

Now alone, Bo tells Carly that they’re going to have to pay Vivian a little visit. Carly refuses, saying there’s no point, and that perhaps if they ignore it, things won’t escalate. Bo doesn’t think that is a good idea, but Carly reminds him that she needs to stay low-profile. Bo still thinks they should come up with some strategy to undermine Vivian, and suggests that Carly come over to his place to talk about it. She vehemently refuses, but Bo insists, asking her to stop arguing with him.

Brady demands to know what EJ is doing in Arianna’s room, and he snaps that he is trying to find his daughter. Brady wonders how that involves Arianna, and EJ replies that he knows that his father had nothing to do with Sydney’s kidnapping, and Nicole said a woman took the baby. EJ doesn’t think Arianna had any business being in Cleveland, but Brady explains that she came to see him. Arianna tells EJ that when Sami got the call from Nicole, she was at the Java Café with Melanie. She adds that EJ can ask Melanie or check the surveillance tapes, and then he’ll see that she had nothing to do with his daughter’s kidnapping. EJ breaks down, telling Arianna how sorry he is. He explains that he is having trouble sleeping and eating and he has run out of leads. He then apologizes for speaking to her the way he did. Arianna tells him it’s alright, and that she understands.

Sami tells Rafe that Nicole might be behind this, since Stefano isn’t. She suggests that Rafe try giving the truth serum to Nicole, but Rafe explains that he saw Nicole before she saw Stefano, and she’s a total wreck. Rafe is sure that Nicole is as worried about Sydney as they are. Sami says that they are back at square one then, but Rafe tells her about the boots Nicole saw. He assures Sami that the police are checking all the high end stores, since the boots were distinctive, but Sami isn’t happy that a pair of shoes are all that they have to go on. Rafe reminds her that it’s something, but Sami disagrees, shrieking that they are running out of time, and that he knows better than anyone that the more time that goes by, the less chance they have of finding her. Sami wonders who could want her child.

Anna shows Sydney a picture of Tony, telling her that he was the best man he ever knew, and that he struggled for a long time with being a DiMera. She thinks he suffered with it his whole life, and that is what ended up destroying him. Anna thanks God that Sydney will never have to go through that. She tickles the baby. Sydney giggles.

Gabi and Will run into one another on the pier. He notices her shopping bags and asks if she is doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. She nods, asking if Will is through with his yet, and he chuckles, saying that he waits until Christmas Eve to buy gifts. Gabi guesses that it probably isn’t easy for him to get into the holiday spirit, and wonders if they are any closer to finding his sister. Will admits they aren’t, but that he is trying to think positively and not obsess over it—at least for tonight. Gabi asks what is going on, and Will tells her about the dance. She admits that she heard about it, and asks if he has a date. Will nods, saying that he is going with Mia. Gabi tells him she met her. Will then admits that he thinks tonight is going to be a fun night.

Tad heads over to Maggie’s and greets Mia, asking if he left his phone there the night before. Mia admits he did, and says it’s on the table. Tad picks it up and apologizes for the study group getting so weird. He tells Mia that he thinks Kinsey is a bit oblivious to how the things she says may hurt people. Tad then admits that she could just be a mean person, but either way, he felt bad that Kinsey was making Mia talk about stuff she didn’t want to talk about. Mia stares off into space. Tad asks if she is listening. Mia then tells him that she did something stupid and horrible, and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Chloe tells Nicole that she has to go, but promises to let her know if she hears anything about Sydney. She then says that she will try to visit Nicole on Christmas, but Nicole tells her not to, as she knows she must be excited about spending her first Christmas with Daniel. Chloe admits that she is, but that she feels badly that Nicole is in here all alone. Nicole pleads with Chloe not to feel guilty that she is so happy while she’s stuck in jail. Chloe decides to talk to Brady to get him to come and visit Nicole, but Nicole asks her not to, as Brady has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to see her again. Nicole sighs, saying that she will just have to learn to live with that.

EJ tells Arianna and Brady that he hopes they understand, and that he has no idea what has gotten into him. Visibly upset, he explains that he and Sami had hope when they thought his father had Sydney. Now that they know he doesn’t, and some stranger has her, it’s harder to have any hope at all. Arianna stammers. EJ asks her not to apologize, as this is what he deserves for rejecting his daughter. He tells the two brokenly that he just hopes he has a chance to make it right.

Anna tells Sydney that everyone must be suffering right now without her. She vows that soon, everyone will be suffering much more.

Bo and Carly head into his house, continuing to argue about whether or not they should retaliate when it comes to Vivian. Bo doesn’t think they can let her get away with what she did, but Carly thinks acknowledging it will only make things worse. Bo tries to get her to listen to his plan, but she refuses. Eventually, he forgets what he was going to say, and the two share a laugh over it. Bo then asks why Carly is being so stubborn, but she claims she isn’t. She reminds Bo that Vivian is coming after her, and she should have the final say about how to deal with what is going on. Bo doesn’t think she can be objective, She replies that he can’t either. Bo marvels at the fact that she is still impossible after all of these years. Carly decides she had better go. As she grabs her coat, she notices that the family picture of Bo, Hope, and Ciara is missing. She asks Bo about it, and he explains uncomfortably that Hope took it. Carly asks what is going on, and Bo admits that he thinks it is over between the two of them.

Mia admits to Tad that that she accepted both Will and Chad’s invitations to the dance. Tad jokes, wondering if she has early dementia. She doesn’t think this is funny, and says that she told him all of this because she needs advice. Tad thinks that the only thing she can do is call Chad and tell him she’s already going with Will. Mia doesn’t think that is a good idea, but Tad thinks it’s the only way. He admits Chad will get angry, and probably throw a temper tantrum, and then she’ll have to tell Will about it, and he’ll be mad, too. Mia sighs, and Tad reminds her that she wanted him to be honest. She then asks him not to tell Kinsey about all this, as she doesn’t want to hear what she’ll have to say abut it. Tad promises not to, but warns Mia that Kinsey will most likely hear it from someone else.

Chad runs into Gabi on the pier. She thinks he should be getting ready for the dance, but he claims he has time. He suggests that she come, too, since they’re selling tickets at the door. He invites her to come and hang out with him and Mia. Gabi, surprised, asks if he is going to the dance with Mia and Will. Chad wonders what Will has to do with any of this. Gabi replies that she thought Will and Mia were going to the dance together.

Sami paces worriedly, telling Rafe that at least when she thought Nicole or Stefano had Sydney; she knew she was being taken care of. Now that she is with some stranger, Sami has no idea what they might do to her. Rafe tries to calm Sami down, asking her to picture Sydney here on Christmas morning, tearing into her gifts with her brothers and sister. Sami sobs as Rafe assures her that they are going to get Sydney back. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. It’s EJ. He’s back at the mansion, and wants Sami and Rafe to meet him there, as he has a plan. Sami sighs.

Bo admits that he shouldn’t have said so much, as Hope would be upset with him for talking to someone else about their problems. Bo sighs, wishing he could just figure out how the two of them got to this point. Carly cries quietly as Bo explains that he and Hope used to be able to talk about anything. Bo then apologizes for burdening Carly with all of this. Carly sobs, telling him that she has to go. Bo wonders what’s wrong, and what he said. Carly bawls that he keeps talking about how he regrets that his marriage is ending and she regrets the way she feels about it all. Confused, Bo asks how she feels about it, and Carly admits that she is happy.

Chad tells Gabi that Mia is going to the dance with him, not Will. She figures she must have just misunderstood Will, since English is her second language, and boys mumble. She says that she has to go, and asks Chad to have fun at the dance.

Will shows back at Maggie’s place to give Mia some hot chocolate. She thanks him as he asks if his aunt is back. Mia admits that she isn’t, and then tells Will that they need to talk about something. Will asks what is going on. Mia hopes he will forgive her, as the weirdest thing happened.

Nicole looks up from her bunk as footsteps approach her cell. She stares in shock as Brady walks over.

Gabi heads into the pub as Arianna decorates the Christmas tree. She greets Gabi, asking if there is anything in those shopping bags for her big sister. Gabi thinks Arianna is in a good mood. Arianna claims it’s just because it’s Christmas, but Gabi thinks Brady might have something to do with it, too. Arianna admits that is true. Gabi then asks if she has bought Brady’s present yet. Arianna admits she has something in mind, but she can’t wrap it, as she wants to do something for Brady. She admits that she is going to need Gabi’s help.

Nicole tells Brady that she never thought she would see him again. He tells her quietly that he knew she was worried about Sydney. Nicole asks hopefully if they’ve found her. Brady shakes his head, telling her that he heard from EJ that Stefano is no longer a suspect. Nicole wonders if they are sure, as no one else would have a motive to take her. Brady says no one knows who took Sydney, and that the only lead they have is the woman Nicole saw. Nicole tells Brady that the idea of Sydney with some stranger is driving her crazy. She admits that she has no right to ask this, but she needs him to promise her something.

Sami and Rafe show up at the DiMera mansion and greet EJ. EJ tells Rafe that he needs to apologize to him, as he made some inappropriate accusations today against his sister, and he was wrong to do so. He admits that he and Arianna sorted it out, but he is still sorry. Rafe shrugs, saying that if Arianna forgave him, then that is fine by him. EJ then tells the two that he thinks they ought to offer some large monetary reward to anyone with information on Sydney’s kidnapping. Just then, Rafe gets a call. He answers, listens, and then says excitedly that this is unbelievable. Sami asks him what is going on.

Carly explains that she has told Bo and herself a thousand times that she doesn’t want to come between him and Hope. She then admits that Justin accused her of doing as much the other day, and she reacted badly because he was right. Bo tries to interrupt, but Carly barrels on, saying that she has been stuffing these feelings down inside of her for too long. She then says that now that Bo has admitted that his marriage is falling apart, she can no longer deny that she is falling in love with him. She then says that she really has to go now. Bo takes her by the shoulders, telling her that she doesn’t.

Will takes a call from someone on the dance committee, and then hangs up, asking what it was that Mia needed to tell him. She stammers as Chad knocks on the door and heads in. He says that he is glad that Will is here, and thinks that it’s time for them all to have a little chat. Will wonders what is going on, and Chad explains that there is some confusion about the plans for this evening, and then pointedly asks Mia who she is taking to the dance—him or Will?

Arianna tells Gabi that she was hoping their mother would come down for Christmas, but since she isn’t, she thought she would make homemade tamales and keep up the family tradition. She goes on to say that she thinks it would help Rafe to have a reminder of home considering what he and Sami are going through. Gabi nods, thinking Brady will like it too, since the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Arianna makes a face, saying she hates that expression. Gabi asks her a question in Spanish. Arianna replies that she hopes so.

Nicole asks Brady to promise to never stop searching for Sydney—even if everyone else gives up hope. Brady swears to do so.

Rafe gets off the phone and tells Sami and EJ that the boots Nicole described matched up with an expensive pair sold in high end stores. EJ scoffs, saying that doesn’t tell them anything new, but Rafe explains that a limited amount of the boots were made, and in fact, only one pair was ever sold in Salem. Rafe tells the two that the boots were bought by someone they both knew very well. EJ and Sami gape.

Anna cuts letters out of a magazine and finishes a ransom note that says ‘I have your daughter.’ She heads over to Sydney’s playpen, apologizing for being so busy this morning. She promises that after she sends out her little Christmas greeting, she’ll sing some carols. Anna then tells Sydney that they are about to spend their first Christmas together, and she vows to make it a special one.


Will asks, “Who do you really want to go to the dance with, Mia?” Mia scoffs.

Sami throttles Kate, “Just tell me where she is!”

Anna takes a picture of Sydney, “Smile for me, yeah. Perfect.”

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