Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Bo heads into the living room at his house to find Hope wrapping presents. He tells her how beautiful she looks, and says he is glad she came by. Hope explains that she had a few more presents to wrap, and she also knew that Bo always forgets to water the tree. She warns Bo that she’s wrapped his presents and that he mustn’t peek. Bo claims that all he wants for Christmas is to have her and Ciara back home. Hope tells him that that is up to him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson heads into the house with a huge bouquet of flowers for Vivian. She’s reading tarot cards in the living room, and asks Henderson to put the flowers down. She notes that the cards will tell all kinds of things to a talented reader, and asks Henderson if there is anything he wants to know. He grumbles that he would like to know when she’s going. Vivian gapes. Henderson says he meant he needed to know if she’s going out this evening. Vivian says she is, and Henderson heads off. Vivian draws the card of justice and smirks, wondering what that might mean for Carly.

At the hospital, Lexie heads over to the nurses’ station and greets Carly, saying that it’s like she never left. Carly admits she is glad to be back and Lexie nods, saying she heard the board approved her application. Carly then admits she’s a little scared, since it has been a long time since she practiced. Lexie chuckles, saying that making life or death decisions under conditions of extreme stress can be a nice break from family life. The two chuckle.

Nearby, Maxine grumbles at Melanie that she was supposed to give the man a sponge bath, not a critique. Melanie retorts that the man would benefit from an aerobic workout. Maxine reminds her angrily that the man is not only 87 years old; he’s also a trustee of the hospital. Maxine warns her to start working on her people skills. Melanie asks sarcastically if she should be as sweet as Maxine is. Maxine ignores her, telling her to start by introducing herself to the new attending doctor. Maxine warns Melanie to be on her best behavior, but Melanie claims she will have the woman eating out of her hand in no time. Maxine points Carly out to Melanie. She groans, recognizing her as the woman she kicked out of her house.

At the pier, Brady tells Arianna that she is nuts for trusting EJ, and that she mustn’t be fooled into thinking there’s a human being somewhere inside him. Arianna reminds Brady angrily that EJ’s wife lied to him for over a year and kidnapped his child, but Brady thinks it’s ok to feel sorry for her. Brady rolls his eyes as Arianna snaps that Brady doesn’t have a right to tell her how to feel. Brady then asks Arianna if she really doesn’t see that Nicole did most of the things she did because of what kind of a man EJ is. Arianna snaps back that Nicole tried to have her brother murdered, so she is right where she belongs—in jail.

In her cell, Nicole grumbles to herself about telling the police what she knew about Sydney, and then being cut out of the loop and forgotten about like she was never a part of Sydney’s life. EJ strolls in, telling her he hasn’t forgotten about her. She asks immediately if Sydney has been found, but EJ says she hasn’t. Nicole wonders if he came here to gloat, but EJ says he came to find out everything she knows about the person his father is working with.

At her hideout, the mystery woman sings to Sydney as the camera pans in on a newspaper article about Sydney’s disappearance.

Tim calls Rafe, who is at Sami’s place, asking if he can talk. He explains that Sami went to bed early, and tells Tim that they now have forensic confirmation that Nicole was telling the truth about the woman in the bus station, but he needs to be completely sure. Tim asks Rafe when he needs this favor, and Rafe ruefully explains that he needs it about ten minutes ago. Time promises to do his best and hangs up. Rafe then makes a call to the jail. He speaks to an officer that tells him that Stefano is sound asleep. Rafe vows that he won’t be for long, as he is on his way over.

Bo sighs, telling Hope that it’s no wonder she is the best interrogator on the force, as she is always turning things back on the perp. Hope reminds Bo that he isn’t a perp, but Bo claims that he feels like one. He reminds Hope that he asked her to move back home, but she claimed it was up to him when it isn’t. He adds that he can’t drag her back here, as this country has laws against that. He tells Hope unhappily that they are stuck in a pattern, and he just wants to know how to get out of it, as it is driving him crazy.

EJ demands that Nicole tell him everything she told Roman, and Nicole fills him in on her memory of the designer boots, and her conclusion that a woman must have taken Sydney. EJ snaps that he always knew his father was working with a woman, and that that woman is Nicole. Nicole scoffs that she certainly didn’t hit herself over the head. EJ shouts at her, saying that her suddenly regaining her memory is suspicious, and rails on her for leading federal agents on a wild goose chase. Nicole cries that she is just trying to help make sure Sydney is found safe, but EJ thinks Nicole knows she is safe, and that her and his father are biding their time until they can figure out their next move. Nicole sighs, saying she knows EJ hates her and thinks her capable of anything, but she isn’t working with Stefano. She claims she has no idea where Sydney is, and begs EJ to do everything in his power to find this woman, as Nicole knows in her heart that she has Sydney.

At the pub, Tim sneaks Rafe a tiny vial, telling him that it can’t be traced in the bloodstream, but it’s highly effective. Rafe thanks him, but Tim warns him not to screw up, because if need be, he’ll testify that he never gave that drug to Rafe. Rafe vows that he won’t screw up, and that no one will know Tim gave it to him. Rafe smirks and slips the vial in his pocket, saying that this might be the first time he has ever looked forward to talking to a DiMera.

Melanie greets Carly. Carly returns the greeting, calling Melanie a nurse, but she explains that she’s actually a student nurse. Carly asks about her arm, and Melanie admits she shouldn’t have made a big deal about it, and that she also shouldn’t have insisted that Carly not move in. Carly claims that it probably worked out for the best, since they’re now working together, and they might have gotten on one another’s nerves if they lived together, too. Vivian walks in just then behind the gigantic bouquet of flowers. She greets Melanie. Carly is surprised the two know one another. Vivian chuckles and notes that Melanie is dressed terribly, almost like a student nurse. Melanie says that she is one. Vivian guesses somebody has to be a student nurse, thought she never expected to actually meet one. Melanie excuses herself hurriedly to change some bedpans, and Vivian notes to Carly that she doesn’t know if she likes the fact that Melanie is so scrappy. Carly asks if she can help her find a patient, as she’d hate for her to be here longer than necessary. Vivian asks what she means, and Carly gestures at the flowers, saying they must be for a patient. Vivian explains that they are actually for Carly.

Brady thought he and Arianna weren’t going to fight about this. She snaps that he should stop trying to tell her what a swell gal Nicole is, reminding Brady that Nicole’s secret was more important than Rafe’s life. Brady agrees that what she did was horrible, and that he isn’t defending Nicole’s actions, but that’s what happens when you get involved with the DiMeras. Arianna says that EJ had nothing to do with it, and that he actually tried to save Rafe’s life. She thinks he is in real pain right now. Brady scoffs, asking her to tell that to Sami and ask her what it was like when EJ served her with a custody papers at her daughter’s funeral. Or she can tell it to Stephanie, who was locked in a morgue drawer and nearly died. Arianna claims she gets his point, but Brady isn’t finished. He admits that Nicole deserves to be in jail for some of the things she has done, but so does EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that Roman thinks she is telling the truth, as they found some forensic evidence that corroborates her story. Nicole asks if they know who the woman is, but EJ says the police need more information—information that she is going to have to provide. Nicole says she can’t remember anymore, but EJ demands that she try. Nicole snaps that that is just like him to tell her what to do. She scoffs, saying she used to think he was so strong, and she would have done anything for him. EJ smirks that that is all over now. Nicole sighs, saying it isn’t, thought she wishes it were.

Stefano calls for water, and an officer hands him a bottle as Rafe walks in. Stefano tells him to go away, but Rafe says that they are going to have a little chat first.

Arianna admits to Brady that she had her guard up with EJ until she saw him fall apart over his daughter. She thinks she let her guard down at that point, and Brady is right that she can’t afford to do that. Arianna then tells Brady about the comment EJ made about tracking her down. Furious, Brady starts to storm off to confront EJ, but Arianna begs him to let it go. Brady refuses, saying that EJ has what’s coming to him. Melanie walks over just then, greeting the two and agreeing that EJ is a jerk.

Vivian explains that she told the florist she didn’t want anything too delicate or pretty. Carly reminds her that this is a hospital, and Vivian replies that she knows death and disease are just part of Carly’s milieu. Carly asks her to get out. Vivian agrees to do so, but first tells Carly that she and Victor got the flowers to welcome her back to the hospital. Carly asks what she means, and Vivian explains that Victor is her boyfriend, and that they share an animal passion, though it sounds mad and impetuous. Carly scoffs that it sounds nauseating, since all the two really share is probably their denture cream. Vivian apologizes for talking about her happy relationship in front of Carly, who is widowed, alone and hopeless. Carly pointedly says goodbye, but Vivian adds that it’s a shame that Lawrence had to die, since all that is in store for Carly now is misery.

Hope confides in Bo that she is used to being able to clear her head by talking to him, but now every time they speak, she feels as if she isn’t getting anywhere. Bo says he knows, but Hope continues, adding that he acts as if he’s fine and happy and that she is the one causing all the problems. Hope doesn’t think he is really happy, as she would realize it if he were. Bo admits that he isn’t happy.

Carly asks if Vivian is threatening her, but Vivian doesn’t think people who make threats bring flowers. Lexie comes over, telling Carly there is a patient complaining of chest pain, and then notices Vivian. Carly declares that Vivian keeps coming back, like nachos at bedtime. Carly then says pointedly that she knows the perfect place for Vivian’s flowers and huffs off. Lexie notes sarcastically that the two have patched things up nicely. Vivian shrugs. Lexie heads off, too, and Vivian smiles to herself, saying that she forgot to say goodnight to Carly.

Melanie tells Arianna about sitting in the hospital with Brady after EJ’s goons beat him up. She adds that EJ never had her beaten up—he just took all her money. Arianna can’t believe she ever felt sorry for the guy. Brady says he has to go. Arianna hopes he isn’t going to confront EJ. Brady says sarcastically that he knows EJ is in a lot of pain, and wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. Arianna thinks they have a lot on their plate right now without getting into anything with EJ. Brady then explains that he is actually going to see Roman about any progress that might have been made in Sydney’s kidnapping case. He says goodbye to Melanie and heads off. Melanie tells Arianna abruptly that she has given her advice before, and now she is going to return the favor. Arianna listens in surprise as Melanie tells her that she is an idiot if she lets EJ get between her and Brady. Melanie adds that EJ is nothing but poison.

EJ snaps that it’s sweet that Nicole loves him. She retorts that she is just masochistic, and then asks EJ to leave, as it is hard to look at him through these bars. EJ smirks, saying he likes them. He then tells Nicole that he knows she told Roman about the boots. He wants to know what she didn’t tell Roman. Nicole claims that she told him about the boots and the woman’s voice, and that that is all she remembers. EJ asks if she recognized the voice. Nicole snorts sarcastically that she did, and that she also knows who took her baby, but she decided to keep it to herself. EJ glares, saying that Sydney is his and Sami’s baby, not hers. Nicole replies tiredly that she knows that, and suggests that EJ do something more helpful than pouring salt on her wounds and go talk to someone who knows something, like Stefano. EJ tells her that they both know that no one is going to get his father to talk if he doesn’t want to.

Rafe sits with Stefano in his cell, saying that a lot of people would love to be in his shoes right now, as he is about to get the whole truth out of Stefano. Rafe grins as Stefano looks at his nearly empty water bottle in horror, asking if Rafe put something in it. Rafe nods, saying he forgets the Latin name for the drug, but it’s essentially truth serum. Stefano calls him a sneaky bastard and says that he can’t do this. Rafe says he already did, and tells Stefano that they need to be clear on one thing—he is going to find Sami’s daughter, and make sure Stefano and his lady friend are put away forever.

The mystery woman flips through a scrapbook she has made of all of the newspaper articles about Sydney’s kidnapping.

Arianna still can’t believe EJ had Brady beaten up. Melanie nods, thanking God that he just has a scar behind his ear since he’s so good-looking. Arianna asks Melanie what Brady did, and Melanie explains that he showed up at EJ and Nicole’s wedding. Arianna asks if he came to stop the wedding, and Melanie nods, saying he definitely didn’t show up to catch the bouquet. Arianna hurries off, saying she has to talk to that cute guy before it’s too late. Melanie grins, telling herself hat she is getting pretty good at this relationship thing.

Carly heads into Mrs. Parker’s room to let her know that her blood pressure is fine, and that her chest pains are probably just indigestion, but adds that she’s going to keep her here for observation just in case. The woman agrees and Carly heads back out the nurse’s station. She sees that Vivian left the flowers behind. Carly rolls her eyes.

Vivian sits at the Java Café. Someone sends her a text message. Vivian looks at it and smirks. She types a message, welcoming Carly back to the workforce.

Bo asks Hope if she thinks this will help, and she nods, saying that if he would be honest about being unhappy, that would show her that he believes that this is about both of them, and not just her. Bo insists that it is about both of them, reminding her of their wedding vows, and how they promised to be together for better or for worse. Hope retorts that he said the same thing to another woman. Bo glares and Hope apologizes, admitting that that was uncalled for. She then admits that Carly’s secret is really bothering her, and she thinks it’s because of Billie and how she and Bo found out their daughter was alive after all those years. Hope admits that she worries that Bo and Carly had a baby. Bo wonders how she could think that. He adds that Carly’s secret is hers, not his, and now that she is out of this house, she’s out of his life. Hope doesn’t seem so sure, and Bo again assures her that Carly’s secret has nothing to do with him or Hope or their relationship. Hope asks if she is expected to take that on faith. Bo admits that he is asking her to trust him-- just for now.

Arianna shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady answers the door, asking jokingly if she is here to collect for the EJ DiMera defense fund. She says that she actually wanted to talk to Brady, but not here, since his grandfather might see them. Brady suggests the Java Cafe, but Arianna says she has a better idea, and drags Brady off.

EJ groans, saying that he can’t believe he has to depend on Nicole and Stefano, neither of whom he trusts, to find his daughter. Nicole claims that she is just trying to help, and that she had nothing to do with what happened at the bus station. EJ thinks Stefano must have another accomplice. Nicole says worriedly that Stefano would never put Sydney with someone that would hurt her, and she asks EJ if he thinks Sydney is alright. EJ snaps back that Sydney was alright before Nicole kidnapped her. Nicole shrieks that she regrets it, and that was why she was calling to return her. EJ remembers that Nicole called him, then Brady, and then finally Sami. He says he believes she did want to return Sydney, and thinks that was when his father made his move. EJ thinks this is all because Stefano didn’t trust him to raise Sydney. He curses and storms off.

Stefano insists that Rafe can’t do this, but Rafe says he already has. Stefano retorts that none of what he says is admissible, since Rafe is illegally obtaining the information. Rafe scoffs, saying it isn’t as if he wants to check any of this in as evidence—he just wants to know where Sydney is. Rafe suggests they try a few warm-up questions and asks if Stefano tried to kill him. Stefano claims he didn’t. Rafe then asks if Stefano paid someone to kill him. Stefano chuckles merrily, admitting that he did. He then calls Rafe a smug SOB as Rafe asks if Stefano helped Nicole cover up the baby switch. Stefano admits that is true. Rafe then asks about his granddaughter Sydney, and asks if Stefano knows where she is.

Bo tells Hope that he doesn’t think they have much of a marriage if she doesn’t trust him. Hope wonders if he has any idea what this is doing to her, and asks if she is just supposed to push down her feelings because that is what is best for Carly. Bo retorts that she keeps demanding information that isn’t his to give, and that isn’t within her rights to know about. Hope grumps that Carly’s rights trump everything—even their marriage. She then abruptly kisses Bo, telling him that she loves him. He says he loves her too, but he doesn’t think that that is enough. Hope agrees that it isn’t.

Arianna drags Brady into her bedroom and pushes him on the bed as he protests. She unbuttons his shirt as he says he thinks they should talk about their argument earlier. Arianna thinks they should move on to plan B. Brady admits he likes the sound of that as Arianna kisses him.

Melanie heads into the Java Café. Vivian greets her, offering to buy her coffee, since she must be exhausted from working her demeaning job. Melanie sarcastically replies that she will put in a good word for Vivian in regards to their volunteering positions, since she is sure Vivian would want to give back. Vivian isn’t sure what that means, and changes the subject, asking Melanie what she would like from Philip for Christmas, admitting that she likes a man to give her a nice piece of real estate. She claims she can’t wait to see what Philip gets for Melanie, but Melanie explains that she and Philip are just going to spend Christmas together alone. Vivian then asks Melanie how long she has been working with Carly. Melanie says that this was actually Carly’s first day, but she met her once before. Melanie fakes a smile, sighing that she can’t wait to keep working with Carly.

Lexie and Carly make small talk by the nurse’s station. Carly admits that she forgot how much she loved being a doctor. Lexie asks about the patient she spoke to her about earlier, and Carly jokes that she’s diagnosed her with a case of late-night burritos. Carly heads off to check on the woman and get her signed out. Carly heads into the patient’s room and greets her, but shrieks aloud when she finds the woman dead with a sprig of baby’s breath in her hair.

Stefano moans Sydney’s name and wonders what is wrong with him. Rafe assures him that he can’t fight the affects of the drug and asks Stefano if he loves his kids. Stefano says he does. Rafe asks if he would do anything for them. Stefano admits that is true. Rafe then asks if Stefano hates Sami, and if he enjoyed torturing her. Stefano chuckles, admitting that he did enjoy it. EJ walks in as Stefano admits to loving his wife. Rafe then asks if Stefano took Sydney. Stefano pounds his hand on the table, insisting that he didn’t. EJ grimaces.

In the patient’s room, Lexie asks Maxine about Mrs. Parker. Maxine claims she checked out earlier. Lexie demands to know how their dead friend got in her bed, then. Maxine isn’t sure, but Lexie warns her they can’t have mistake like this happening. Carly picks the baby’s breath out of the woman’s hair and tells Lexie that this was no mistake. Carly flashes back to Vivian telling her the bouquet of flowers was for her and remembers that the bouquet contained baby’s breath.

Bo tells Hope that he can’t do this and rushes upstairs. Hope grabs her coat and knocks a picture of her, Bo and Ciara off the desk. It shatters on the floor. Hope picks it up, visibly upset, and rushes off with it as Bo comes back downstairs after her. He’s too late, as Hope has slammed the door. She rushes down the front walk in tears.

Nicole stomps around her cell, cursing Stefano.

Stefano swears that he didn’t take Sydney, and that everything he did, he did to make sure that Sydney remained at home with her father. EJ glares as Stefano vows that that is the truth. Rafe then asks Stefano if there is a woman working for him that has Sydney, but Stefano moans that he has no idea what Rafe is talking about. Rafe gets up and heads out, telling EJ in passing that Stefano is telling the truth. EJ stares.

The mystery woman sings to Sydney. Sydney giggles. The camera pans back to reveal that the kidnapper is Anna.


Bo tells Carly, “I think it's over between the two of us.”

EJ snaps at Arianna, “I think you know more than you're letting on.”

Sami shrieks at Rafe, “We are running out of time!”

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