Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At Sami’s place, Rafe is on the phone, telling someone he’ll have to call them back. Sami emerges from one of the bedrooms, telling Rafe that the twins are asleep. She adds that she can’t help but think of Sydney, since kids that age need a routine. Rafe thinks it must be hard for her to pretend everything is normal in front of the twins. He asks if she is sure she wants to go meet Will, as she must be exhausted, but Sami says she wants to be a good mother to all of her children. She asks Rafe if he would mind keeping an eye on the twins, and he agrees to stick around and do so. She then asks if there is any news on the lead he wouldn’t tell her about, but Rafe says there’s nothing new, and that he would tell her if there was. Sami promises to see him later, admitting that she doesn’t know what she would do without him. She heads off. Rafe takes out his phone and makes a call, telling someone that Sami is gone, so they should come over as soon as they can.

At the pier, EJ asks Arianna if Troy hurt her, or if he was thinking of doing so. Arianna says he wasn’t, but EJ demands that Troy leave, anyway. Troy grumbles that he isn’t scared of EJ and then hurries off. Arianna tells EJ that Troy is a friend of hers, but EJ doesn’t think he looks very friendly. He demands that Arianna tell him what is really going on. Arianna explains that Troy is a supplier for the pub, and that sometimes he comes on a little too strong. EJ claims that he gets lied to a lot, and tells Arianna pointedly that he can tell when someone isn’t being truthful.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Brady if he expects him to stand around and watch his grandson, a recovering drug addict, screw up his life by dating a drug dealer. Brady calls Victor a hypocrite.

Abe meets Rafe at Sami’s place, and Rafe fills him in on the new information Nicole gave him regarding Sydney’s kidnapper and her designer boots. Abe is surprised Rafe believes Nicole after all of the lies she has told, but Rafe explains that Nicole is desperate to make sure Sydney is safe, and that he is sure she wouldn’t lie about this. Abe asks what he can do for Rafe then, since he isn’t exactly an expert on women’s designer boots. Rafe reminds him he is an expert on Stefano DiMera, and that is where Rafe needs his help.

The mystery kidnapper checks the thermostat, telling Sydney that she has it nice and toasty for them. The woman grabs a wreath and a stepladder, and prepares to hang the wreath on the front door. Police sirens wail in the distance.

Victor scoffs, saying Brady’s opinion means very little to him, especially when weighed against his own life. He reminds Brady that he has only been clean a year, and shacking up with a drug dealer isn’t a good idea. Brady doesn’t think Victor has much faith in him, but Victor wonders why he should after he followed Nicole around like a puppy, and is now sleeping with a drug dealer. Victor then adds angrily that he isn’t a hypocrite, and that he isn’t pretending not to interfere in Brady’s life, and he isn’t pretending that Brady’s opinion means a damn to him. He reminds Brady that the people this woman deals with could end up killing him, and he won’t have it. Brady retorts that he doesn’t have a choice, but Victor tell him that that is where he is wrong.

Arianna tells EJ that she doesn’t give a damn whether he thinks she is lying or not, and add angrily that he has more on his plate to worry about than her issues with Caroline’s suppliers. EJ claims he is worried about Arianna, and if she had half a head on her shoulders, she would be worried too, since the pier isn’t exactly the safest place. He adds that the supplier seemed to be threatening her. Arianna snaps that it is none of his business, but EJ says he can’t help but worry about a beautiful lady alone in a place like this, as there are a lot of unsavory types out and about. Arianna pointedly agrees.

Abe asks Rafe if he thinks this woman works for Stefano Rafe admits that he is still the chief suspect, especially as it’s too big of a coincidence that some nut job just happened upon Nicole and Sydney in the bus station. Abe reminds Rafe that most child abductors are connected the child in some way and Rafe nods, saying they both know how much Stefano likes to play God. Abe think EJ might really kill Stefano if it turns out that he is behind this. Rafe grumbles that he might kill Stefano first.

The mystery kidnapper reaches to hang the wreath on the door, and falls, tumbling to the ground in a crash of glass. Sydney looks up from her playpen as the sirens wail closer to the house.

EJ thinks Arianna’s brother must have prejudiced her against him, which is odd, since he saved Rafe’s life. Arianna scoffs that no one told her how to feel in regards to EJ. She then snaps that she felt perfectly safe with Troy until EJ showed up. EJ thinks that makes about as much sense as her claiming that Troy is a supplier of Caroline’s. EJ asks what he supplies, and Arianna stammers that she gets seafood from him for the chowder. EJ laughs merrily as Arianna retorts that she is telling the truth, just like always.

Brady snaps that Arianna didn’t give him a thing, but he’s sure that there are other retailers out there, and compliments Victor on his product, as it’s some of the most high-quality he’s ever seen. Victor demands to know what he has done. Brady ignores the question, asking Victor if he really thinks that because he doesn’t handle the stuff, that he isn’t responsible for the hell it creates. Victor doesn’t reply. Brady then shouts, asking if Victor thinks it’s ok to sell poison as long as his family doesn’t take it. Victor hopes that this is Brady’s self-righteous way of hurting him, and that he isn’t using drugs again. Brady says he isn’t—no thanks to Victor.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mia studies with Tad and Kinsey. Kinsey tells the two that the extra credit question on the test will ask them to name their favorite Emily Dickinson poem. Tad grumbles that the broad never left her room, and doesn’t know anything. Mia morosely quotes some Dickinson, claiming that the poet knew how people felt. Kinsey tries to change the subject, saying that she is tired of Mia’s doom and gloom. She reminds her that Will’s little sister is missing, and at least he is trying to be optimistic. Mia sighs, saying she is right. Kinsey thinks they ought to try to go caroling—ironically, of course—to cheer Will up, but Mia doesn’t think singing Jingle Bells will help. She storms outside. Kinsey groans, telling Tad that Mia is getting on her last nerve, and she hopes she never has to hear the word ‘baby’ again. Mia mopes outside, saying that it is all her fault.

Sami runs into Will outside the pub, asking what he is doing waiting out here. Will explains that he is thinking of calling Mia and telling her that he can’t go to the dance. Sami asks if they got into a fight, but Will says it’s because of Sydney. Sami then assures him that he shouldn’t worry, as they are going to find Sydney. Sami adds that Will is going to that dance with Mia.

Rafe asks Abe if he thinks Stefano would use a woman to do his dirty work. Abe nods, telling Rafe that Stefano used a nurse to try to smother Philip. Rafe says that he thinks they are on the right track, and that Stefano probably didn’t plan on getting thrown in jail before he could get the baby. Rafe thinks whoever the woman is, she’s probably getting desperate. Abe reminds Rafe not to get ahead of himself, as they haven’t even proven that a woman was involved. Rafe thinks this feels right, and that they are going to find Sydney and bringing her back home.

Mia heads back into the kitchen and apologizes for walking out. Tad says he didn’t expect a load of laughs when he knew they were studying Dickinson. Kinsey says that this is all her fault, and apologizes for bringing something up that Mia didn’t want to talk about. She says she thought things were looking up for her, as she heard through the grapevine that Will and Mia were back together. Mia says they are kind of, and tries to change the subject back to the test. Kinsey doesn’t think ‘kind of’ sounds too promising. Tad warns her that Mia doesn’t want to talk about it. Kinsey sighs, telling her that she knows she is going to ace this test. Kinsey adds that she thinks Mia should be with Will right now, and letting him know how serious she is about him after the bad breakup they had. Mia reminds her quietly that her baby died, and Will’s little sister is missing, so she doesn’t need Kinsey talking to her about being serious. Kinsey sighs.

Inside the pub, at a table, Will confides in Sami that he doesn’t think he can go to a dance right now and pretend to have a good time. Sami admits that it might be hard for Mia, too, and Will agrees, saying that everyone knows about Grace and what happened, and some people aren’t very nice about it. Sami sighs, wishing kids didn’t have to grow up so quickly. She thinks that it is partly her own fault. Will denies it, but Sami ignores him, saying he could blame his father, too, since he happened to end up with two pretty childish parents. Will jokes that the two have grown up so much lately that he is considering extending their curfew. Sami chuckles. Then on a serious note, she tells Will that she wants him to have fun and be happy, and that he doesn’t have to worry about his doing that betraying Sydney in any way. She then tells Will that she thinks Rafe is on to something, and that she feels Sydney will be coming home soon.

Gabi shows up at Sami’s place and finds Rafe alone. He explains that he is babysitting, and Gabi’s face falls, saying that she was hoping Arianna was here. Rafe asks if they and another fight, but Gabi shakes her head, saying that Arianna isn’t answering her phone, and she is starting to get worried.

Arianna snaps at EJ that they have to stop meeting like this. He agrees, saying he’d rather meet in a quiet restaurant, but Arianna seems to prefer dark and dangerous places. Arianna retorts that she doesn’t normally bump into over-analytical jerks while she is here. EJ says he didn’t track her down to analyze her. Arianna asks if he really tracked her down, and he nods, saying he wanted to thank her for coming to Cleveland to help look for his daughter. Arianna is taken aback.

Victor tells Brady that that was uncalled for, but Brady replies that he had to try to get through to him. Victor snaps that he sold that business. Brady reminds him angrily that he didn’t shut it down—he profited off of it. Victor wonders angrily if he is to be expected to throw money away. Brady says he did expect that, and threatens to force Victor to do the right thing, since he won’t do it on his own. Victor accuses him of being sanctimonious. Brady ignores him, demanding that Victor tell him who he sold the business to, or he is calling the police immediately. Victor glares.

Maggie heads into her kitchen to find Mia sitting alone at the table. She explains that she ran into Tad and Kinsey, who told her that she was upset. Mia admits she never should have agreed to the study session, since no one wants to be around her. Maggie says she knows the holidays are a hard time, since everyone expects people to be happy. She tries to counsel Mia to try to take things one day at a time, but Mia grumps that she doesn’t want to.

Chad walks over to Gabi at the Java Café. She’s staring at a poster of Sydney, and he asks if she knows her. Gabi explains that she knows her family, and Chad says he does, too. They exchange introductions, and Chad assumes she must be new here. Gabi nods, saying she is just visiting family, but she likes it in Salem, and is considering transferring to school here. Chad thinks it’s a great idea, as she can be closer to her family, but Gabi says that if she moved here, it would be so she could be on her own.

Abe heads into the pub and greets Will and Sami. Sami promises to see Will later at home, and he heads off. Abe asks how he is doing. Sami thinks he is doing as well as can be expected, but truthfully, she’s running on empty. She explains that she still can’t believe Sydney is gone, so she tries not to think about it. Abe vows that it will be alright. Sami thanks him for saying so, and says that she believes both him and Rafe when they say everything is going to be ok. She adds that she really thinks Rafe is on to something, and that they are going to get Sydney back.

Arianna asks EJ incredulously if he really tracked her down just to thank her. Just then, he gets a call and answers hurriedly, asking someone if they’ve found Sydney. He listens, disappointed, and then begs them to keep calling, even if they haven’t heard anything. Arianna looks on with concern.

Sami heads into her place, and Rafe greets her, saying that he has a surprise. Excited, Sami asks if he has found Sydney.

The mystery kidnapper lies on the stoop, unconscious. The open door rattles in the wind. The camera pans in on the thermometer in the house, which drops steadily. Sydney looks on from her play pen.

Victor warns Brady that there will be serious repercussions if he calls the police. Brady vows to get the drugs out of this town, and while he doesn’t want his grandfather to get hurt, this is important to him. Victor scoffs, saying that the police will be nothing more than a minor annoyance to him. He wonders if Brady has thought about how this will affect Arianna, on the other hand. Brady says that Victor doesn’t scare him. Victor tells him flatly that he’s stupid, and that he has no idea who he sold the business to, or how quickly and efficiently they’ll cover their tracks. Victor thinks that if Brady calls the cops, Arianna won’t make it through the weekend.

Arianna apologizes to EJ for trying to play games with him after all that he is going through. EJ tells her it was actually nice to have someone to spar with since everyone has been so sympathetic recently. Arianna says that it’s just part of her nature to argue. EJ thinks she just puts up a tough exterior because her interior inst so tough. EJ says that in this rare moment of the two getting along, he’d like to ask about her brother, and if he knows anything about Sydney, since all of his leads end up going nowhere. Arianna stammers. EJ knows this puts her in an awkward position, but she heard him on the telephone back there, and she knows he’s desperate to find his little girl. Arianna puts her hand on his. Brady walks over just then and stares at the two.

Mia explains to Maggie that she feels that every time she laughs or makes a joke, she’s really betraying her little girl. Maggie admits that that is tough, and that she went through the same thing when she lost her daughter. Maggie says it just took time for her to realize that feeling badly all the time wasn’t fair. She reminds Mia how happy Grace was, and she thinks a baby with such a joyful spirit wouldn’t want Mia to live her life in sadness. Mia agrees that Grace was a happy baby. Maggie then adds that she thinks Grace is sitting up there waiting for Mia to throw her head back and laugh like she used to. She then tells Mia that God just chose to take Grace home—she didn’t give up her life. She thinks Grace would hate for Mia to give up hers.

Rafe apologizes profusely as Sami surveys the Christmas decorations, stunned. She sobs, telling Rafe how wonderful he is, and how sorry she is for being weird and jumping to conclusions. She apologizes for ruining the wonderful thing he did for her. Rafe says this is his fault, as he gave her false hope, but Sami thinks he was just doing something nice for her and the kids. She looks over the tree, beaming and telling Rafe that she loves it, and the kids will, too. She then adds that Sydney will love it once she gets home. She tells Rafe how much she appreciates this and kisses him. The two wish each other a Merry Christmas and Rafe hugs Sami, telling her that he loves her.

The mystery woman still lies in the doorway unconscious as Sydney looks on. The temperature in the house drops to fifty degrees.

Arianna assures EJ that Rafe would tell him if he knew anything, as all he wants to do is bring Sydney home. Brady storms over, suggesting that EJ ask Rafe instead of playing on Arianna’s sympathies. Arianna asks Brady not to do this. EJ suggests Brady listen since Arianna doesn’t seem like the kind of person who needs someone else to speak for her. He thanks Arianna again for sparring with him, and heads off. Arianna asks Brady to never do that again, but he assures Arianna that she has no idea what EJ is really like. Arianna snaps that she doesn’t need to be protected—especially from EJ.

Chad and Gabi chat about the upcoming dance as Mia walks in to the cafe. Chad introduces the two, and Mia figures Gabi must be Rafe’s sister. Gabi nods, and says she knows about Mia from Will, since the two are dating. Mia hurriedly explains that they are just friends. Gabi says she should get going, and tells the two that it was nice to meet them. Chad then asks Mia what happened, as he thought she was studying with Tad and Kinsey. Mia says they left early because she was a complete drag, per usual. Chad thinks they think Mia should just get over what happened. Mia doesn’t think anyone really understands. Chad assures her that he does.

Sami chuckles, saying she never pegged Rafe for a family guy, but the next thing she knew, he was making her tamales and risking life and limb for laughing penguins. Rafe hope he just gets to see everyone open the gifts this year, especially Sami. Sami tells Rafe that she really doesn’t think she takes enough time to appreciate the good things in her life. She kisses Rafe, telling him how much she loves him.

Sydney sobs as the temperature in the house hits forty degrees.

Will sits with Maggie, telling her that he didn’t want to go to the dance, but his mom talked him into it. Maggie is glad, since she was just trying to get Mia to have more fun. Will admits his mom said the same, but he has been thinking, and with the exception of Maggie, Mia is pretty much alone.

Mia tells Chad that Maggie told her that Grace would want her to move on and have fun, but it feels weird to do so. Chad advises her to do what he does, and just try to get through her normal routine. Mia says it must work, since he isn’t falling apart every second like she does. Chad reminds her that he didn’t know Grace the way she did, or carry her for nine months, or lose his family over her the way Mia did. He thinks she has more of a right to be upset than he does. Mia says she is tired of feeling sorry for herself, and wants to move on. She thinks she is just going to try going through the motions, like Chad suggested. Chad remembers that she likes to dance, and suggests she go to the winter dance. Mia admits that it could be fun. Chad is glad, saying that it’s a date, then. Mia chuckles uncomfortably.

Brady thinks he and Arianna have enough on their plate without arguing about EJ. Arianna agrees, asking if Brady spoke to his grandfather. He says he did, and that Victor basically admitted that he was a drug lord. He adds that Victor sold the business, and because he did, he feels that he is absolved of all guilt. Arianna is just glad she doesn’t have to turn his grandfather over to Roman, and asks if Victor told him who he sold the drug business to. Brady says he didn’t, and that he actually fears that Arianna is working for someone who is a lot more dangerous than Victor.

Troy calls EJ and asks if Arianna bought that they didn’t know one another. EJ says all went according to plan. Troy wonders if EJ found out what he needed to know, but all EJ will say is that he is getting there.

Rafe tells Sami he has an early Christmas gift for her and hands her a box. She opens in it, and inside is a ring. Rafe explains that it’s a ‘mother’ ring, and that he got all of her kids’ birthstones in it—Will, Allie, Johnny, Sydney, and even little Grace. Sami tells him tearfully that it’s perfect, and that she loves it. She adds that she believes they will all be together on Christmas, even Grace, though she will only be here in sprit. She then says that she knows they will have Sydney home too, and it’s all because of Rafe. She thanks him.

The temperature in the kidnapper’s hideout drops to thirty degrees. The kidnapper moans and twitches.

Brady can’t believe EJ chased Troy off before Arianna could get any information out of him, and scoffs at EJ’s horrible timing. Arianna thinks EJ was just trying to help her, but Brady doubts it. Arianna retorts that EJ is in a lot of pain, and was probably just taking a walk so he didn’t have to be at home alone. Brady warns her to never trust EJ or think there’s a human being hiding somewhere inside him. He thinks the worst thing Arianna could do would be to feel sorry for EJ.

At home, EJ learns over the phone of the new information Nicole has on the woman that kidnapped Sydney. EJ hangs up, vowing to go talk to Nicole himself.

Rafe sits on the couch with Sami, who has fallen asleep. Rafe gets a text message and eases himself off the couch. Once in Sami’s room, he calls Roman and leaves him a message, letting him know that the boot Nicole described matches the boot print the FBI found at the bus station. Rafe tells Roman that if his plan works out, Sydney could be home by morning. Rafe heads back into the living room and smiling, he kisses the top of Sami’s head.

The kidnapper wakes up and rushes into the house to check on Sydney. She shivers and peeks into the play pen. Sydney grins up at her.


Brady tells Arianna, “It's time that EJ DiMera gets what's coming to him.”

EJ warns Nicole, “Nobody is gonna get him to talk.”

Rafe tells Stefano, “Actually, you and I-- we're gonna have a little chat.”

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