Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In her jail cell, Nicole sits up, calling out for Brady, but Rafe walks in, telling her that Brady isn’t here, and that he has finally given up on her, thought it’s been a long time coming.

At the Java Café, Philip tells Melanie a story about last year’s Titan Christmas party, and how one of the employees gave a drunken rendition of a Christmas song, then quit on the spot. Melanie giggles. Philip advises her not to sit on Santa’s lap at the party, and she makes a face, agreeing not to. Just then, Nathan walks in and coldly greets the two.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Vivian toast each other over eggnog. Victor tastes it and asks Vivian how much bourbon she put in it, complaining that he’s going to get plastered. She chuckles, saying she just wants to put him in the spirit of the holidays. Vivian wipes a bit of eggnog off his lip as Kate breezes in. She gasps, saying it’s true, and that Victor has lost his mind.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion, telling someone over the phone that his father will be in jail overnight. He hangs up and heads into the living room to find Troy waiting for him. He asks what he can do for him, and Troy apologizes for bothering EJ, given what he already has on his plate. EJ says he has no intention on discussing his daughter with Troy. Troy then explains that they have a problem with one of their drug-pushers—Arianna Hernandez.

In Arianna’s room above the pub, Brady asks Arianna if she has a plan. She explains that she is formulating one, but Brady wonders how she will meet Salem’s main supplier if she can’t even get a shipment. Arianna says she is going to actually use that to get to the head of the cartel. Brady reminds her that she already threatened to take her business elsewhere, and it didn’t work. Arianna agrees, saying that is why it’s time for a new approach.

Nicole begs Rafe to leave her alone, but he claims he didn’t come here to fight with her, and that he actually hopes she does have Sydney. Nicole wonders why he would hope that since he wants her to have nothing to do with Sydney. Rafe assures her that that isn’t true.

EJ hopes Arianna isn’t making trouble. Just then, Arianna calls Troy. EJ asks him to take the call, and he puts her on speaker phone. Arianna explains to Troy that she was thinking of what he told her about the delayed shipments, and she was hoping she could help. She adds that if it all works out, then that would prove to their boss that she is a team player, and perhaps then he would agree to set up a meeting with her. Tory says he can’t promise anything, but assures her he will bring it up to his boss. Arianna thanks him and hangs up. Troy then asks EJ how he wants to handle this.

Nicole finds it odd that Rafe wants her to have Sydney, since he did everything in his power to take her away. Rafe groans, asking Nicole not to make this any worse than it has to be, and to just tell him where Sydney is. Nicole freaks out, shrieking that she doesn’t know, and asking Rafe if he really can’t see what agony she is in over all of this. She reminds him that she has lost everything –her husband and her baby, and now her baby is missing, all thanks to her. Nicole grumps that she just wants to die, because that is what she deserves. Rafe sighs, telling her that she doesn’t deserve to die.

The mystery woman that kidnapped Sydney looks on as Sydney plays with a Santa doll in front of the fireplace.

Philip tries to talk a morose Melanie into going ice-skating or caroling. He reminds her she was happy a few minutes ago, and wishes Nathan hadn’t sucked the fun out of everything. Melanie says that that is what she hates about the holidays—you have to pretend to be cheerful when all you really want to do is crawl in a corner and hide until it’s socially acceptable to be depressed again.

Nathan heads into the pub and greets Stephanie, thanking her for meeting him. She asks if something is bothering him, and he admits as much. He then tells Stephanie that he called because he figured she would understand the whole dynamic between Melanie and Philip. Stephanie angrily asks him why he thinks she cares, and wonders if he thought she’d be flattered that he called her so they could talk about those two. Nathan admits he is an idiot, and Stephanie agrees, saying she has to go. Nathan stops her, asking her if they can talk about her and Philip. Stephanie says that that is her least favorite subject, but Nathan has to wonder what happened between the two of them, since they planned on getting married, and things seemed serious. Stephanie sighs and explains that she wanted Philip to be someone he wasn’t, and that no matter how much she loved Philip, she knew there were other guys out there that could make her happier.

Kate notices Victor’s sunglasses and asks if Vivian is abusing him already. Vivian claims it was a skating accident. Victor adds that she isn’t welcome in this house, but Kate claims that she came by to see Philip. Victor explains that he isn’t here. Kate isn’t surprised, what with Victor and Vivian cavorting around like a pair of lovers. Vivian scoffs that Philip isn’t any of Kate’s concern, since she is dead to him. Kate retorts that Vivian isn’t Philip’s mother, and he finds her disgusting. Victor reminds the two that it’s the holidays and asks them to stop being so bitchy. Vivian and Kate continue to argue about Philip as Victor heads off for more eggnog. Vivian accuses Kate of not bonding with Philip the way she did. Kate snaps back that when she thinks of Vivian stealing her and Victor’s embryo, it makes her sick. Vivian reminds her that it’s the holidays, as Victor said, but Kate thinks it’s just time to kick Vivian’s butt to the curb. Victor comes back, warning Kate that no one is going to be doing any butt kicking. He reminds her that he made his decision, and she made hers, so they need to leave it at that. Kate says she is going home, and starts to head off, but Vivian stops her, surprised she isn’t going to jail. Kate asks what she is talking about. Vivian explains that her husband, Stefano, is in jail, and that everyone is talking about it.

In jail, Stefano flashes back to EJ telling him that he is dead to him, and spitting on the floor. Stefano comes back to the present and shouts for the guard. When the man appears, Stefano demands a phone call, saying there is someone he needs to speak to immediately.

Nicole asks Rafe sarcastically if his heart is really that forgiving. Rafe explains that he sees that Nicole feels regret for what she did. Nicole says he doesn’t see that at all, and she accuses him of thinking he’s heroic and above all this. She then tells him that if something happens to Sydney, it will be on him as much as her, because Sydney would be safe with her and EJ if Rafe hadn’t interfered. Rafe shouts that the baby belongs with her mother, Sami, but Nicole reminds him that she was with her father. Nicole then claims that Sydney is missing because Rafe couldn’t let things alone. Rafe thinks Nicole is only blaming him because she is sacred. She admits she is, raging that she has told practically very person on the planet that she doesn’t know where Sydney is. She adds that she thinks Rafe wants it that way. He glares.

Melanie tells Philip that she is sorry, but she’ll have to end their date. He jokes that he likes her when she is moody. She sighs, but he says it’s true, and that he is happy being around her no matter what mood she’s in. H adds that he feels like he is in the right place personally. Melanie wishes she felt the same way, and Philip assures her that she will soon. She gets up to go, but Philip wants to schedule another date. He suggests Christmas, but she flatly refuses, telling him to spend Christmas with his family. He protests, but she says goodnight and abruptly heads out of the café.

Brady complains that he doesn’t like that Arianna has to do all of this and put her life on the line for the cops. Arianna reminds him that she agreed to this, and if she hadn’t, she would still be in jail and wouldn’t have met him. Brady agrees that that is true, and asks her to promise to let him try to figure something out if her plan doesn’t work. Arianna agrees just as her phone rings. She answers, and it’s Troy, who says he spoke to the boss about her request. He then asks her to be down at the pier in ten minutes. She hangs up, stunned. Brady takes this is a sign that the meeting was arranged, and he assures Arianna that he has her back. She asks what he means. Brady explains that he is coming with her, and that there is no way he is allowing her to meet this dirtbag alone.

Troy tells EJ that it’s odd that the sister of an ex-FBI agent is dealing, but he figures every family has a bad seed. EJ agrees, but Troy warns him that this girl may be more trouble than she is worth. EJ tells him not to worry, as he plans on handling Arianna himself.

Rafe shouts at Nicole that getting Sydney back is all he wants, and all he has been breaking his back to do for months. Nicole rolls her eyes, saying she knows Rafe enjoys playing Sami’s hero, but the truth is is that EJ and Sami are going to bond over Sydney once she is found. Rafe scoffs. Nicole says she finds it hard to believe that EJ and Sami really haven’t grown closer, and that Rafe really hasn’t even once felt out of the loop. Nicole thinks those things have happened, and that it is driving Rafe crazy.

Kate demands to know what Vivian is talking about, as she was just with Stefano. Vivian thinks it’s terrible that Stefano didn’t use his call to let his wife know he was in jail. Kate groans as Vivian wishes her a Merry Christmas. She knows it will be merry for her, since she has been reunited with Victor and her darling son. Kate vows that if Vivian messes with Philip, she’ll have to deal with her, and she doesn’t play nice. Vivian scoffs, saying she knows exactly how to deal with Kate, and adds that she intends to protect Philip from Kate with her life. Kate starts to calls Vivian spiteful, but Philip walks in and interrupts, asking them what is going on here.

Melanie heads into the pub and spots Stephanie and Nathan giggling at a table. She heads over and greets them. Nathan gets a call from the hospital just then and heads off to take it. Melanie asks Stephanie if she ruined the moment. Stephanie says there was no moment. Melanie wants to know if the two are on date, but Stephanie says that Nathan just called her to meet him so they could talk. Melanie, surprised, asks if Stephanie is sure it was just to talk, and not to work something out between them. Stephanie retorts that that is her and Nathan’s business. Melanie starts to head off, but Stephanie stops her, informing Melanie that she and Nathan are going to be spending Christmas together. Melanie grimaces. Nathan comes over just then and stares at the two. Stephanie smiles. Melanie glares.

Arianna stammers, saying that Troy called about the late shipment, not about her meeting the boss. She then tells Brady that she has some things to take care of before her shift starts. Brady hands her her coat and kisses her, promising to find a way to get her out of all this, as he doesn’t like her involvement. He then heads off, saying that he will see her later.

Rafe tells Nicole that this is just her insecurity talking, and that he is actually sick to death that this little girl is missing. He claims that he doesn’t care about the results of Sydney being found, and who might bond with whom. He claims that is only concern is doing right by both Sydney and Sami. He starts to head off, but Nicole asks him to wait, as she has to tell him something. She begs him to let her talk for a moment.

Vivian and Kate both greet Philip, but he snaps at them both not to talk to him. He starts to head off, but Kate wants to come with him. He retorts that she isn’t coming anywhere with him. Victor asks Philip to stay, saying that Kate is the one that should leave. Kate pleads with Philip, saying that she only came by because she misses him. Victor scoffs, betting that she cries about it day and night on Stefano’s shoulder. Kate snaps that he shouldn’t talk, considering the wretched woman he is shacking up with. Kate wonders if Victor thinks Philip could be happy seeing his father with the most reviled woman in Salem. Vivian gapes as Philip calls them all disgusting. He says he can’t believe that someone was just telling him how lucky he was to be able to spend Christmas with his family. He thinks he’s just lucky the three of them haven’t killed anyone or buried anyone alive.

Nathan asks Stephanie and Melanie what he missed. Melanie forces a smile, saying she is just here to get some takeout. She asks the two to have a wonderful Christmas and then huffs off. Nathan asks Stephanie what the two were talking about, and she admits that they were talking about him. He thinks Melanie seems upset and Stephanie says she is, since she told Melanie that she and Nathan were spending Christmas together.

Stefano snaps at the guard that he wants his phone call as Kate hurries in, asking why he didn’t let her know what was going on. Stefano complains that they won’t let him make any calls and tells the guard pointedly that he has his rights. Kate asks why he was arrested, and Stefano tells her that that awful Sami and her boyfriend were behind it. He admits that the worst part is that EJ was in on it, too. He moans that they’re all joining forces against him and the only person he has left is Kate. He then says that he needs her to do something for him—something that can’t wait. Kate agrees, saying she understands.

Nicole tells Rafe that while she isn’t Sydney’s real mother, she only wants what is best for her, and that he has to believe that. Rafe admits that he does. Nicole agrees to tell him what she knows, but warns him that she has no idea where Sydney is, and that she only wishes that she did. She then tells Rafe what she remembers after being hit on the head, and that she heard a woman’s voice. She explains that she told Roman and Chloe, but they didn’t believe her, and adds that she is telling Rafe because she hopes that he will believe her, and that he will do something about it.

The mystery woman/kidnapper reads an article in the paper about Sydney’s disappearance as the baby plays on the floor.

Vivian, now alone with Victor, tries to assure him that this will all blow over. Victor snaps that Philip hating his mother won’t blow over, or his self-destructive behavior. Vivian appreciates that Victor is a concerned father, but tells him to look on the bright side, as Kate now thinks that they’re a couple. Victor grumbles that Kate thinks he is out of his mind. Vivian reminds him that Kate tried to poison her own daughter-in-law, and that Victor looks like a saint next to her. Victor starts to head off to bed, but Vivian stops him, telling him that everything with Philip will work out. She then reminds him that smoking Carly out, then having a front row seat while she and Kate squirm will be satisfying—like a double feature. Brady heads in just then, telling Victor that they need to talk. Vivian excuses herself to go talk to the cook about dinner. Victor asks where Brady has been, and he explains that he was in Cleveland, helping Sami look for her baby. Victor scoffs, guessing Arianna was there, too.

Arianna finds Troy at the pier, and ask him angrily where the boss is. He asks her to relax, but Arianna refuses, wondering angrily how long he plans on stringing her along until this guy finally shows. EJ comes up behind the two as Troy assures Arianna that she will get what she wants as long as she chills out. Arianna demands to know if the boss is coming or not.

Nicole guesses that Rafe doesn’t believe her either, and asks him to leave, but Rafe says he does, although he isn’t sure why. He admits that something is telling him that she isn’t lying, and that despite the things she has done, he knows that she loves Sydney and that that baby is the most important thing in the world to her. Nicole agrees, and says it’s not just because she has some sick fantasy about being her mother. She claims that she knows Sydney deserves to finally be where she belongs—with her real family. Rafe agrees, and Nicole thanks him for trusting her. Rafe then tells Nicole that while her information about the woman taking Sydney was helpful, he needs more. He asks Nicole if there is anything else she remembers.

Stephanie explains to Nathan that since the Horton and Brady families usually attend Mass together on Christmas, she assumed that he would be there. Nathan admits he will, and Stephanie sighs, saying that she shouldn’t have made it out to be a bigger deal than it was. She thinks it was petty of her to embellish the truth just to push Melanie’s buttons. Nathan tells her abruptly that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that they really can spend Christmas together. He reminds Stephanie that the Horton and Brady families usually join forces when it comes to hanging ornaments, and asks Stephanie if she will be around for that. Stephanie beams, claiming she wouldn’t miss it.

Melanie decorates cookies in Maggie’s kitchen. Philip shows up, and though she says she is busy, he comes inside, saying he doesn’t think he’s ever decorated a cookie. Melanie thinks that is sad. He asks what she is doing for Christmas. Melanie isn’t sure, but it definitely won’t involve the Horton family. She guesses she will just spend the day alone, especially since her brother is in London. She asks about Philip, but he grumbles that the Kiriakis family is just a twisted version of a nice family on a holiday. Melanie apologizes for him having to spend the day with that awful woman that stole him as an embryo, especially since he is angry with his real mother. Philip would rather not talk about either of his mothers, and suggests they focus on each other. Melanie stammers. Philip reminds her that he wanted her to spend Christmas with him, and that she said no. Philip suggests that she not celebrate Christmas with him instead. Melanie stares, confused.

Stefano asks Kate to go see his idiot son, and drill it into his head that he isn’t going to get away with this, as he has gone too far this time. Kate says she understands. Stefano scoffs, saying that if Sami, Rafe, and EJ think putting him behind bars is going to help find Sydney faster, then they are sadly mistaken.

Nicole tells Rafe that she keeps trying to remember more, but she may be trying too hard, as she is coming up blank. Rafe promises to let his FBI contacts know they’re looking for a woman, and says that at least this helps them to cut the suspects in half. Rafe thanks her and heads off, asking her to take care of herself. Nicole flashes back to lying on the floor of the bus station. She hears the woman’s voice asking Sydney to hush. Nicole opens her eyes and sees the woman leaving with Sydney. Nicole focuses in on her boots and comes back to the present, shouting for Rafe to come back.

Philip suggests that he and Melanie could just hang out and watch movies that have nothing to do with Christmas, like The Exorcist. Melanie giggles, wiping frosting from Philip’s face. She admits he’s the only guy that could look handsome covered in frosting. Philip chuckles and distracts her, squeezing some frosting on to her face. He jokes that the look doesn’t work for her. The two laugh, and Melanie agrees to not celebrate Christmas with Philip. He beams.

Rafe pulls out his notepad as Nicole tells him she remembers the woman’s boots clearly. She flashes back to watching the woman leave with Sydney, and tells Rafe that the boots are designer—black with a pointy toe, and that they have panels, leopard-print panels.

Brady snaps that he made it very clear that he and Arianna are together. Victor thinks it’s a travesty. Brady reminds him that he loves Arianna, but Victor knows his being with a drug dealer isn’t good, no matter how Brady spins it. Victor vows that nothing good will come of this relationship.

EJ walks over, demanding to know what Troy is doing to Arianna. Troy claims he wasn’t doing anything and asks EJ who the hell he is. EJ asks Arianna if Troy hurt her, but Arianna says she is fine. EJ tells Troy to get out of here, and he heads off, grumbling. Arianna insists that Troy is her friend, but EJ doesn’t think their conversation seemed very friendly. He asks Arianna what is going on here.

Nicole paces around her cell, sighing and flashing back to seeing the mystery woman’s boots as she leaves the bus station with Sydney.

Sydney plays on the carpet as her kidnapper hands her a bottle. The woman crosses the room, and the camera pans in on the same boots, sitting on the floor near the door.


Victor shouts, “Damn it, Brady, tell me you're not using again.”

Rafe tells someone over the phone, “Hey, okay, she's gone, so come as soon as you can.”

Sami assures Will, “We are gonna find Sydney.”

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