Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pier, Carly tells Bo that he can’t believe a word Justin says. Bo wonders why Justin would lie about something like that.

Hope heads into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion and hands Ciara a gift to put under the tree for Vivian. Vivian comes in just then, surprised. Hope whirls around, saying she didn’t realize Vivian was home.

Chloe heads into the pub and greets Brady, asking if he received her message. He shakes his head, apologetically explaining that he has been swamped. Chloe sighs, saying that it’s about Nicole, and she needs Brady’s help.

In jail, Nicole shouts, wondering what she has to do to get some attention around here. Roman walks in just then, explaining that this isn’t a five-star hotel. He asks what her problem is, but Nicole claims she has an answer, not a problem, and that she knows who took her baby.

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe and EJ listen in on headsets from outside as Stefano and Sami argue. Stefano tells Sami that her life is going to be a living hell, as thanks to him, she will never see her daughter again. Sami thinks Stefano kidnapped her daughter, and urges him angrily to say so, since he must be proud of what he has done. Rafe whispers to Sami that she has him, and Sami barrels on, accusing Stefano of being the one that took Sydney from Nicole at the bus station. Stefano groans, wondering how many times he has to tell people he didn’t kidnap Sydney. Sami snaps back that everyone knows he is guilty. Stefano admits he is guilty of hating Sami, and informs her that Nicole is ten times the mother Sami could ever be, as she allowed him to love and cherish his grandchild. Sami retorts that he doesn’t know what the meaning of the word love is, and that all Stefano knows is manipulation. She thinks Stefano’s thugs are probably guarding Sydney right now and brainwashing her into being as twisted and psychotic as her grandfather. Stefano calls Sami vile, and then says that he will tell her what is going to happen to Sydney. EJ and Rafe listen in expectantly.

Carly asks Bo to forgive her, as she hasn’t had the best day. She then explains that Justin doesn’t think it’s a good idea that she moved back to Salem, so when Bo brought up his name, she just assumed that Justin was telling lies about her. Bo says he understands. Carly then reminds him that Justin has no idea that she has a daughter in Salem and that that is the real reason she wants to stay. Bo sighs. Carly wonders why he is looking at her like that.

Hope asks Ciara to run upstairs and try on her costume for the Christmas pageant, as Hope is sure that she will have to have it hemmed. Ciara rushes upstairs as Vivian compliments Hope on her sweet daughter, saying that she must be grateful to have her in her life. Vivian admits she felt the same about Lawrence, but he was taken from them too soon. Hope doesn’t answer. Vivian asks about the gift, and Hope sighs, admitting that she was just trying to be polite. Vivian guesses that Hope doesn’t approve of her moving in with Victor, and Hope admits that she thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Arianna towards the pub, but Troy stops her and grabs her arm, saying that they need to talk. She shakes him off, saying that this is too public and that they’d better meet after dark. Troy grabs her again, telling her that they have a big problem.

Brady sighs, not surprised that Nicole needs help. He ask Chloe sarcastically if Nicole is looking for a presidential pardon, and Chloe shakes her head, saying that Nicole just wants Brady to visit her, as she’s scared to death. Brady thinks she should be, as prison is no joke, but Chloe explains that she means that Nicole is scared for Sydney. Chloe asks Brady if he thinks Nicole is hiding her, but Brady shakes his head, sure that it is someone else that took the baby. Chloe then asks Brady if that means that he will go see Nicole and help her.

Nicole explains to Roman that right before she passed out at the bus station, she remembers hearing a woman’s voice telling Sydney to shush. Roman asks her what the woman looked like, but Nicole reminds him angrily that she was on the ground, about to pass out. Roman nods. Nicole, incensed, asks if he really doesn’t think this important. Roman scoffs, saying he thinks it’s convenient. Nicole demands to know if he thinks she made all of this up.

Sami tells Stefano that she is dying to hear what he plans on doing with Sydney, since he obviously has her. Stefano says he doesn’t, but that he will find her, and make sure that Sami never has the opportunity to ruin her life again. He vows to make sure that the judge in the custody dispute knows that she hid her pregnancy from his son, and when she did give birth, she lied about the baby all so she could cavort with her half-wit ex-FBI boyfriend. He chuckles, thinking the judge will love to hear about Rafe lying and hiding everything just for a roll in the hay with her. Sami insists that Rafe loves her, and only wanted to protect her and Grace. She reminds him angrily that Rafe was the one that found out about Nicole’s lies, even though Stefano did his best to bury them. Rafe whispers to Sami to take it easy as Stefano retorts that Rafe was only fired from the FBI because he’d rather have sex with Sami than do his job. Sami shrieks that that isn’t how it happened. Stefano ignores her, saying it’s a good thing Rafe and Sami don’t have Sydney, seeing as how they couldn’t even manage to keep their pretend daughter alive. Rafe, enraged, storms into the foyer of the mansion.

At the Java Café, Justin leaves Hope a voicemail, telling her that there is something she needs to know about Carly. Maggie heads in as he hangs up and she greets him, telling him that there is something they need to talk about. Justin asks what is going on, and Maggie explains that she just heard Carly was going to be hired over at the hospital. Justin asks if she thinks that is good news or bad news. Maggie replies flatly that she thinks it’s a huge mistake.

Carly is surprised that Bo doesn’t want her to stay in town, and wonders if something happened. Bo says that it isn’t that he doesn’t want Carly to stay—he’s concerned that she pushed so hard to live over at Maggie’s. Carly replies that she knows her daughter hates her. Bo says he wouldn’t go that far, but with the two of them living here, Carly is bound to make sure they run into one another, and Bo fears that that may make things worse. Carly explains that she knows it would be smart to leave, but in her heart, her daughter is still her baby, and all she wants to do is take care of her and love her. She is sure Bo can relate to that. Bo admits he can. Carly thinks that despite whatever doubts Justin put into Bo’s head, she knows he can understand why she can’t leave Salem. Carly adds that she thinks Bo has always understood her.

Vivian is surprised, as she never thought of Hope as being phony. Hope replies icily that this is Ciara’s first Christmas away from home, and she wants everything to be as normal as possible so her daughter is happy. Vivian thinks Ciara would be happy if they just went home, but Hope retorts that that is none of her business. Vivian disagrees, saying that Bo and Hope’s marriage is her business. Hope glares.

Sami laughs loudly, calling Stefano a tired old joke. Rafe slips back out the door as Stefano rails on Sami for trying to hide EJ’s daughter from him. Sami claims that she was just protecting her daughter from Stefano. Stefano, on the contrary, thinks she actually wanted that scum Hernandez to be the father. Sami replies confidently that Rafe would have been the best father her daughter could have asked for. Stefano thinks they are coming to the truth now, and says that despite Sami’s accusations, he believes she is desperate enough to have planned Sydney’s disappearance—all to keep Sydney from himself and her father. EJ listens in as Sami claims that Stefano is insane. Stefano reminds her that hiding her pregnancy and pretending to adopt her own daughter was insane, too. Sami replies that she does everything she does because she loves and wants to protect her children. Stefano tells Sami in a fury that he can tell her about love, and real love was watching the look in EJ’s eyes as he held Sydney. EJ frowns. Sami reminds Stefano she isn’t here to talk about the past. Stefano laughs, saying of course she isn’t, because everything bad that has ever happened to Sydney comes back to her. He adds that he is suspicious of her coming here all alone to throw accusations at him, and he has to wonder why she did. Sami freezes. Rafe and EJ fret.

Hope wonders how her marriage could be Vivian’s business, and she explains that she wants this Christmas to be the best one Victor has ever had, and it’s hard to pull that off with Hope’s depressing personal problems. Hope assures Vivian that she has her depressing problems under control. Vivian is glad to hear it, and asks Hope pointedly if Ciara is going to cry when her father isn’t here Christmas morning. Hope says she won’t. Vivian then asks if Hope is going to be teary-eyed, or if Victor is going to have to see people staring sadly out of the window, wishing life were different so Christmas could be joyful. Hope glares.

Arianna asks Troy what is so urgent, and he explains that next week’s shipment is going to be late, as his supplier is having issues right now. Arianna angrily asks what she is supposed to tell her customers. Troy claims he doesn’t care what she tells a bunch of junkies, and adds that he doesn’t need her attitude. He reminds her that this was just a courtesy call on his part. Arianna tells him not to make her wait too long. He scoffs, saying that he will be in touch, and heads off. Arianna sighs, saying she doesn’t need this right now.

Chloe tells Brady that Nicole told her how sorry she was that she had used Brady, and that she would be willing to spend the rest of her life in prison if it meant finding Sydney. Chloe thinks that has to count for something. Brady admits that he knows Nicole loves that baby, and that she must be in agony right now. Chloe admits she looks pretty bad, and that she thinks Brady needs to go see her and try to help her.

Nicole swears that she only remembered this a few hours ago, and begs Roman to help his granddaughter. Roman agrees to look into it, but Nicole doesn’t think that he believes her. Roman promises to call the Cleveland police, but tells Nicole that they are through here, as he is heading up the investigation into Sydney’s kidnapping. Nicole sighs as Roman heads off. She assures herself that Brady will come, and that he will help her.

Sami claims that she is here because she knows Stefano has Sydney, but he thinks she is desperate and knows nothing; otherwise she’d be working on his emotions. Sami claims that you have to have a heart to have emotions, and Stefano doesn’t, which is why Tony died hating him, and why EJ hates him, too. Stefano tells her to shut up. Sami insists that she just wants to know where her daughter is, and asks Stefano if he just took her daughter because he despises her. Stefano admits that he will always hate her for what she did to his family, and that he does hate her enough to keep her from her daughter. Sami, glad that he is finally admitting it, demands that he tell ‘us’ where her daughter is. Stefano angrily asks her what she means by that. Sami stutters that she meant she wanted him to tell her. Stefano marches over menacingly and rips open Sami’s shirt, revealing the wire pinned into her bra. Sami gasps and shrieks. Stefano gestures angrily at the wire, “Us?!” Rafe and EJ sweat.

Hope tells Vivian that she isn’t denying that Christmas will be difficult, but she plans on trying to make the day a happy one for Ciara. Vivian hopes seeing her and Victor happy won’t remind Hope of what she is missing, and Hope assures her that she won’t let her and Bo’s issues drag down everyone else’s good time. Vivian asks about their issues, hoping she isn’t being too nosy. Hope supposes everyone already knows anyway, and explains that after Ciara was kidnapped, she and Bo hugely disagreed on how to handle it. Vivian says that’s tragic, but wonders if that is the only reason the two are having problems.

Bo, back at his place, tells Roman over the phone that Nicole a piece of work, and thanks him for calling and letting him know. He hangs up as Carly heads in, saying she forgot something. She grabs a bag and starts to head off to call a cab, but drops it on the ground, spilling its contents. Bo kneels down to help her, despite her protests. He finds the Mayan scroll from their wedding ceremony on the carpet and asks Carly in surprise if she really kept it all these years.

Brady tells Chloe that he wants to do everything he can to find Sydney, but he doesn’t think going to see Nicole will help. Chloe says it will help Nicole, though, and she needs it, since she is so sad and lonely. Brady sighs, telling Chloe that he recently spoke to a pretty smart person, and they told him they thought he was addicted to Nicole. Arianna walks in behind him as he explains that he has been there for Nicole while all she did was pull him into her problems and her own neediness. He thinks the only way to break that addiction is to stay away from Nicole completely. He admits that he still cares about her, but he cannot and will not go to visit Nicole.

Rafe and EJ burst into the living room and Rafe yanks Sami away from Stefano, threatening to break his neck. Stefano ignores him, and stares at EJ, aghast. Sami buttons her shirt, telling Rafe that she is alright, thought she feared Stefano might kill her. Stefano stares at EJ in horror, asking him if his own son is really working with them. EJ smirks.

Hope tells Vivian that no marriage breaks up for only one reason. She starts to mention something about Carly, but stops herself. Vivian admits she heard Carly had moved in with Bo, but Hope replies that she was just staying there, and that she has already moved out. Vivian tells Hope that she is no fan of her nephew’s widow, so if Hope ever has problems with Carly, all she has to do is let her know. Hope thanks her. Carly hugs her, telling her that hey have to look out for one another now that they are living under the same roof. Hope surprised, agrees.

Maggie admits to Justin that she was thrown when he said Carly still had feelings for Bo. She asked Carly about it, and she denied it, but Maggie isn’t sure if Carly was trying to convince her or herself. Justin is relieved that he isn’t the only one that is concerned, but since everyone involved is an adult, he thinks they probably need to mind their own business. Maggie reminds Justin that Bo and Hope are family, and need their help. She adds that Ciara ha been through enough already. Justin agrees that she deserves some happiness. Maggie doesn’t think she is going to get it as long as her parents are estranged and Carly is moving in on Bo.

Carly reminds Bo that Marlena gave them the scroll right before the wedding ceremony. Bo nods, and we flash back to Bo and Carly reading from the scroll shortly after the ceremony.

Sami and Rafe stand in the foyer of the mansion. Sami explains their plan to Roman, saying that they were going to try to goad Stefano into a confession, but then she ruined the entire thing by saying the wrong word. Rafe assures Sami it will be alright, as they can still get Stefano on assault charges. Roman asks Sami if she will press charges, and she nods emphatically, saying that she wants to see Stefano behind bars.

Stefano tells EJ in the living room that he is no better than a Brady. EJ retorts that at least the Brady family didn’t kidnap his daughter. Stefano wonders how he could team up with scum like Rafe, and EJ snaps that he will do whatever it takes to ensure that Stefano doesn’t take Sydney out of the country. Just then, Roman walks in and tells Stefano that he is under arrest. Rafe and Sami follow as Stefano demands to know what the charge is. Roman tells him he is being arrested for assaulting Sami and cuffs him, reading him his rights. Stefano spits at EJ, accusing him of being a Judas.

Arianna greets Brady, who is now alone, admitting that she was eavesdropping on his conversation, and heard that he had decided not to go see Nicole. She claims she knows that was a hard decision for him to make, since he has always been there for Nicole every time she needed him. Brady says he isn’t that guy anymore. Arianna admits that she is proud of him, no matter what happens between them. Brady then tells Arianna that he loves her, and he hasn’t stopped. He hopes she can keep that in mind. The two kiss as Arianna jokes that she will have to consider that.

Nicole asks Chloe incredulously if Brady really isn’t coming. Chloe nods, saying that he is trying to stay away from her. Nicole says that this is terrible, as Brady needs to know about the woman that took Sydney. Chloe asks what she is talking about, and Nicole explains that a woman took Sydney, as she remembers hearing her voice, and insists that everyone has to look for this woman. Chloe sighs, surprised that Nicole would make all this up just to get Brady to come see her. Nicole insists that she isn’t making this up. Chloe shakes her head. Nicole ask Chloe sadly to leave, as there is no point in talking to someone that doesn’t believe her. Chloe heads off. Nicole sobs miserably that no one believes her.

Rafe and Sami head back to her place. He asks if she will be alright, and she says she will be once they find Sydney. Rafe assures her they will, and Sami says she knows it. She admits it was nice seeing Stefano carted off to jail even though she knows he’ll be out in a little while. She tells Rafe that she hated what Stefano said about him. Rafe thinks Stefano just said those things to make Sami angry. She assures Rafe that everything she said was true about him being a dad to Sydney, provided that he wants to be. He says he does, and then tells Sami that he has to go take care of something. He asks if she will be ok. She says she will be, and asks what he has to go do. Rafe doesn’t want to tell her anything until he’s sure about it. The two argue about whether Sami likes him being overprotective or if she finds it annoying. Sami really doesn’t want Rafe to leave, but he head off. Sami sighs.

Hope meets Justin at the café, and he tells her about Carly likely being hired by the hospital. Hope fumes, saying that Carly just wants that job because of Bo. Justin hopes that Bo will see what she is up to and cut things off, but Hope isn’t counting on that. She admits she is still trying to find out Carly’s secret. Justin asks if she found out anything, but she says she didn’t, though she did pretend to be friendly towards Vivian. She admits to Justin that she thinks she might be able to find out why Vivian returned to Salem, and if she can, she might learn from Vivian what Bo refuses to tell her. She asks Justin not to say anything, as she knows he doesn’t approve of what she is doing. Justin says he has changed his mind, and tells Hope to go for it.

Bo tells Carly that things have changed a lot over the years, and she admits that is true. She says again that she just kept the scroll because of its good memories. She then says she has to go, stuffs the scroll into her bag, and hurries off. Bo sighs.

Arianna asks Brady about Nicole’s defense, but he would rather talk about her. He asks her how things are going with her bringing down Salem’s drug business. She tells him about Troy having problems with his supplier, and her next shipment being late. Brady doesn’t like the sound of that since the sooner Arianna can meet the head guy and bring him down, the sooner she will be out of this mess. Arianna admits she is tempted to just say ‘the hell with it’ and spend the rest of the life behind bars. Brady assures her that she isn’t going back to prison, and Arianna agrees, saying she actually thinks she might have away to meet the guy heading up the drug ring.

Roman visits Stefano in his jail cell, telling him that D.A. has agreed to drop all the charges provided that he tells them where Sydney is. Stefano insists that he has no idea, and that the charges will only stand as long as the smoke they’re created on. He adds that his lawyer is already filing a motion, and he’ll be out of here soon. Roman isn’t so sure about that, but Stefano snaps that his daughter was the one recording him without permission, so she is the guilty party. Roman scoffs, reminding Stefano that assault is a felony and he can count on spending at least 24 hours behind bars. Roman assures Stefano that during that time, the FBI will be searching his home and his cars, and then they’ll all find out where he is hiding Sydney.

EJ shows up at Sami’s place. She apologizes profusely for screwing everything up with Stefano, but EJ beams, saying that she was very brave, and that he couldn’t be more proud of her.

A guard comes to see Nicole. She grumps at the woman to go away, but she explains that Nicole has a visitor. Excited, Nicole sits up, thinking it must be Brady, but instead Rafe walks in. Nicole groans. Rafe smirks.


Vivian says, “I will protect Philip from his mommy dearest with my life.”

Stephanie tells Melanie, “Nathan and I will be spending Christmas together.”

Nicole tells Rafe, “I just want to die, because that is what I deserve.”

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