Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/14/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Daniel asks Justin in surprise if he’s asking him not to hire this woman. Justin nods, explaining that she has become somewhat of a problem, and that it would be better for everyone involved if she just left town. Just then, Carly comes over, greeting Daniel. Shocked, he hugs Carly, asking if it is really her, and that he can’t believe she is in Salem. Carly explains that she is actually interviewing for a job at the hospital. Daniel stops short and stares at Justin. Justin then admits that Carly was the doctor he was talking to Daniel about.

At the pub, Arianna asks Rafe if there is any news on Sydney. He shakes his head, and she asks about Sami, and how she is holding up. Rafe admits she hasn’t been sleeping or eating well, and that this is like losing a child all over again, as it brings back some awful memories. Arianna guesses it does the same for him, and Rafe admits that is true. Arianna is glad at least one good thing came out of this, and that Nicole is behind bars.

In jail, Nicole asks an officer if she has heard any news about her baby. The woman says she hasn’t, but that Nicole’s visitor might know something. Just then, Chloe walks in Nicole didn’t think she would come. Chloe sighs, reminding Nicole that she said it was urgent. Nicole assures her it is, and that it’s a matter of life and death.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells someone over the phone to be patient, as all will be revealed soon. Just then, Bo walks in, and Stefano hangs up. He asks who he was talking to, and Stefano explains that Warren Buffet wanted to borrow his yacht. Bo scoffs, glad to see his sense of humor is still intact despite the fact that his granddaughter is missing. Bo thinks Stefano knows exactly where she is. Stefano rages, saying he would never put his son and grandchild through this hell, especially as the poor child is probably wondering where her family is. Bo thinks he almost sounds concerned. Stefano snaps back that he is tortured, and will be until Sydney is returned. He adds that Bo ought to know exactly what he is going through, and for him to come over him and harass him and accuse him of being behind it is unconscionable. He then tells Bo to get out before he throws him out.

At Sami’s place, EJ explains that she has a way of getting under his father’s skin, and making him say things he wouldn’t normally say. Sami agrees, saying that now that EJ has decided to stay at the mansion, she has the perfect excuse to be around, antagonizing Stefano. EJ excitedly tells Sami that he really thinks this could work. Sami admits she thinks it’s worth a shot, but they can’t wait. She insists they have to do this right now, and that that is the only way.

Arianna tries to imagine things from Nicole’s perspective, saying that she’s in jail, and the child she sees as hers is missing. Rafe grumbles that Sydney isn’t hers, but Arianna thinks it must be hard to turn off your feelings for a baby you’ve been caring for for over a year. Gabi comes over just then, telling the two that she spoke to their mother, who read about Sydney’s kidnapping and is concerned. Rafe tells the two he needs to check on Sami, but will call their mother later. He hurries off. Gabi sighs, telling Arianna that she is concerned, too. She knows Rafe loves Sami, but she has to wonders if Sami is worth all of this trouble.

EJ tells Sami that he understands how anxious she is, but it’s important that they not be impulsive and that they do this the right way. Sami tells EJ that she knows exactly how they can pull this off.

Bo asks Stefano if he really has no idea where Sydney could be. Stefano snaps that if he did know, he’d tell EJ before he told the police, and he would be out following the lead, not sitting around here. He insists that he would move heaven and earth to find Sydney, and that she means the world to him. Bo asks sarcastically if that is why Stefano worked so hard to make sure Sami never found out about her baby. Bo then adds that Stefano is their one suspect in this case until proven otherwise. Stefano says that all he knows is that Nicole claimed she was hit on the head and the child disappeared. Bo asks if Stefano is saying he doesn’t believe her, and Stefano nods, saying that Nicole is deranged, and that he has his men on the case already. Bo would rather his men not be on the case, but Stefano retorts that Bo will never find Sydney without his help and resources.

Sydney’s kidnapper tells the baby that the two of them are going to be bonding and spending a lot of time together. Sydney babbles.

Carly asks Justin what he was saying to Daniel about her, but he claims it is moot since it’s obvious the two are old friends. Daniel admits they are, saying that Carly introduced him to his former wife, Rebecca, and that they’ve done some work together. He adds pointedly that Carly is brilliant, and it would be his privilege to work with her again, and then tells Justin that he intends on telling the board just that. Justin gets a phone call at that moment, and excuses himself to take it. Carly wonders how badly Justin was trashing her. Daniel stammers. Carly assumes Justin doesn’t want her working at the hospital, and is trying to sabotage her. Daniel assures Carly Justin didn’t succeed, and wonders why Justin has such a problem with her. Carly claims it isn’t worth discussing. The two then make small talk about Daniel having lived in town for a couple of years. Carly tells him how sorry she was to hear about Rebecca, and Daniel thanks her for the card she sent. He also tells her how sorry he is for her own loss. Carly thanks Daniel and assures him that he is a young man, and will find love again. He admits he didn’t think it would happen again, but it has, and he has found someone to start his life with. He tells Carly that he feels pretty lucky to have a second chance.

Nicole complains to Chloe that Sydney’s life is at stake, and no one will talk to her about it. She claims she is going insane, but Chloe retorts that Sami and EJ are doing the same thing. Nicole says she knows they are, and although she also knows Chloe is angry at her for not confiding in her, Nicole was hoping Chloe could tell her if there are any new leads concerning Sydney. Chloe admits that if there are, she hasn’t heard anything. Nicole moans, wondering how someone could do this to her poor baby. Chloe then says that she is sorry Nicole is in such pain, but Nicole insists that she deserves to be in jail. She claims Sydney doesn’t deserve to be punished, however, and admits that what hurts the most is the realization that she may have put that little girl’s life in danger.

Stefano claims that his reach extends all over the world, unlike the Salem police, and that even his son knows that, though he has been trying to thwart his efforts. Bo guesses he and EJ are at odds. Stefano scoffs that that is none of Bo’s business. Bo says it is, and that all of this makes sense now. He accuses Stefano of wanting to bring Sydney home so he can be the hero in EJ’s eyes. Stefano retorts that he wants to find Sydney for her own sake, and hat he isn’t doing this for EJ or Sami.

Sami tells EJ excitedly that she knows he wants this to be a gradual process, but they don’t have time to do this gradually. She says that she will be highly provocative, push Stefano’s buttons, and get him so angry that he tells her the truth today. EJ refuses, saying he doesn’t want to make his father explode. He adds that Stefano is dangerous; even more so since EJ has half the house bugged. Sami again insists that they don’t have time to wait for something to slip, and that she has to go over there right away and make Stefano so angry that he tells her where Sydney is. She pleads with EJ to let her do her part. Just then, Rafe walks in, telling EJ that Sami is right, and that her plan is the only way to go.

Carly asks Daniel when she gets to meet Chloe, and he asks her to have dinner with them this weekend. Carly agrees, as Daniel gets a page. He asks her not to go anywhere, promising to come right back. Justin walks over as Daniel leaves and Carly saps at him, asking him if he is embarrassed. He asks what he would be embarrassed about, and Carly reminds him angrily that he should have made sure she and Daniel weren’t friends before he tried to sabotage her career. Justin starts to head off, laughing, but Carly says he isn’t going anywhere until he apologizes.

Chloe tells Nicole that she feels sorry for her, despite how hard she has been on her. Nicole says she doesn’t want Chloe’s pity, but Chloe knows Nicole only did all of this because of her love for EJ. Nicole admits that it actually all started because she wanted to get one-up on Sami Brady. She admits she was attracted to EJ, but the first time she made love to him it was because she was in some sick competition with Sami. Chloe reminds her she did end up falling in love with EJ, and Nicole says that is true, and that she really did just want to be a part of a family. She says that even so, it was still all a competition, because EJ was still in love with Sami. Chloe says that’s just because the two share children together doesn’t mean anything, but Nicole says it’s more than just that, and now they have a daughter that’s missing. Nicole is sure it will only draw the two closer together.

Rafe tells EJ that Sami’s safety is a priority, and that she will have to wear a wire. EJ refuses, saying that Stefano is far to savvy for a wire to work. Sami grumps that Rafe is ex-FBI, and knows what he is talking about. Rafe thinks there may be another reason EJ doesn’t want Sami to wear a wire, and accuses EJ of fearing that Sami wearing the wire may work, and if it does, he’d be betraying his father.

Justin claims that he did what he thought was right. Carly scoffs, asking if he thought stabbing her in the back was right. Carly then reminds him angrily that Bo and Hope’s marriage is in trouble, and that their problems have nothing to do with her. Justin retorts that their problems are being exacerbated by her presence. Carly accuses Justin of being motivated by his fixation on Hope. Justin scoffs, saying that Bo and Hope are family to him, and because he believe in their family, and knows Carly’s presence is a threat, he wants her to leave town—the sooner, the better.

Bo wonders why he bothers, as he can never get a straight answer out of Stefano. Stefano tells Bo to get out of his sight. Bo agrees, but warns Stefano not to leave town before he walks out the door. Stefano grumbles that the whole lot of them are fools, as none of them realizes how much he loves Sydney, and that he only has her best interests at heart.

Sydney’s kidnapper sings her a lullaby. The camera pans from the woman’s feet to one well-manicured hand. The woman hums and rocks in her chair.

Arianna admits she wasn’t too sure about Sami herself at first, but Rafe loves her, and she respects their relationship now. Gabi thinks the whole thing is strange, since EJ is the father of Sami’s child, but Rafe is acting as if it’s his own. Arianna says that Rafe just loves Sami’s kids, but Gabi thinks the whole thing is creepy. Arianna replies that it’s complex. Gabi abruptly asks what will happen when they find Sydney. Gabi thinks EJ and Sami might be so happy they fall back in love, and then Sami will dump Rafe.

EJ tells Rafe that he and his father are dead to one another, and that he isn’t afraid to betray him. EJ then claims that his only concern is for Sami’s well-being. He doesn’t like the idea of setting her up as bait when something bad could happen to her. Rafe vows that they’ll be with Sami every step of the way, and Sami agrees, saying that Rafe and EJ will listen in and make sure she’s ok. She tells EJ that she is positive this is their only chance to get that bastard. EJ doesn’t reply. Sami insists that they have to get their daughter back.

Carly snaps that if Justin wanted her to leave town so badly, he should have discussed it with her instead of sabotaging her career behind her back. Justin retorts that he did attempt to discuss it with her, and she was defiant. She claims she has a right to defend herself. Justin claims he has the right to defend his cousin’s marriage. Daniel heads back over and interrupts the two, asking if he can speak with Justin. The two head a few feet away, and Daniel tells him it’s unfortunate that he would try to use his influence with the board to discredit Carly. Justin says he doesn’t know the whole story, but Daniel claims he doesn’t want to. He then adds that the hospital would be lucky to have Carly, and that she’ll get hired if he has anything to do with it. Carly grins.

Gabi is surprised that Arianna really has no worries about all of this. Arianna admits she has been worried about Rafe getting hurt since the day he met Sami, but she brought it up to him once before, and he got really angry. She adds that Gabi really has no idea how much Rafe loves Sami, and nothing either of them can say will change that. Gabi guesses they have to back off, and she sighs, hoping that Rafe doesn’t get burned.

Rafe finishes adjusting Sami’s wire and Sami tells him it’s fine. EJ says he spoke with a contact at the house, and he thinks it’s best that they all go together in his car. Sami agrees, heading off to get her jacket. Rafe asks EJ if he and his father are really on the outs, but EJ snaps that it is none of his business. Sami comes back just then, telling the two that it’s time to go get Sydney back.

Nicole tells Chloe that it’s strange for her to be talking about EJ and Sami and whether or not they love one another, especially as it now seems so petty that she was ever consumed by it. Nicole then says that all she cares about now is Sydney and finding her. She then apologizes to Chloe for disappointing her after she has been such a good friend. Chloe admits tearfully that Nicole was a good friend too, and that she misses her. Nicole tells Chloe that now that she isn’t so upset with her, she was hoping Chloe could do her a favor. Chloe isn’t so sure, but Nicole pleads with her to help. Chloe sighs.

Now alone with Daniel, Carly thanks him for standing up for her to Justin. She explains that the two have issues. Daniel asks if she wants to talk about it, but Carly would rather not. Daniel sighs, saying this reminds him of how she stopped going to the medical conferences years ago, and how he heard she had stopped practicing medicine for no apparent reason. Carly admits that she and her husband had a falling-out, and he insisted that she stay at home to be a full-time wife and mother. Daniel is surprised she deferred to him. Carly then admits that Daniel is going to hear some things about her and her past, but all he needs to know now is that she is free and clear, and ready to start practicing again—provided she gets the job. Daniel vows to make sure that happens. Carly then congratulates Daniel on his new relationship, saying she knows Rebecca would be happy for him. Daniel thanks her for saying so, and says he is sure she’ll find someone too, though he admits he hated it when people said that to him. He says he has to go and heads off, laughing nervously.

Bo meets Justin at the Java Café. Justin thanks him for meeting him, and tells him that they need to talk about Carly. Bo reminds him it didn’t go so well the last time. Justin knows that, but tells Bo that he can no longer sit by and keep quiet when he may one day regret it. He then explains that no matter how many times Carly insists she is back in Salem to get a job, or because her secret is keeping her here, Justin knows the real reason Carly is back is so that she can destroy Bo’s marriage.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Rafe quietly tells Sami that he and EJ will be right here, in her ear, and protecting her. Sami nods and walks into the mansion as EJ makes his way around the side of the house to the patio. Sami walks into the foyer and Stefano groans, telling her that if she is looking for EJ, he isn’t here. Sami snaps that she isn’t here to see EJ, and that she wants her daughter back. Rafe speaks into his headset, telling Sami quietly that that is good, as she needs to build this up slowly. Stefano insists that he loves Sydney, and that he is tired of being forced to put up with these accusations. He demands that Sami get out of his sight, but she refuses to go anywhere until he tells her where her child is. Stefano tells her she has no right to speak to him that way in his house and again demands that she leave. Sami again refuses.

Chloe wonders what favor she could possibly do for Nicole, and Nicole replies that she needs to know what is going on with Sydney, and the only person who can tell her is Brady. Nicole then adds that she needs Chloe to ask him to come here. She admits that she shouldn’t be asking Chloe for anything, as she has already been such a good friend, but she just needs this one last favor.

Stefano snaps at Sami that she has always been obnoxious and selfish, but this time she has sunk to a new low. Sami sulks that she wants her daughter back. Stefano calls her an idiot, and tells her that he also wants Sydney back. He snaps that she should go see Nicole in jail if she really wants Sydney back, but Sami insists that Nicole is a dead end, and that she doesn’t know anything. Stefano wonders why she thinks he would kidnap Sydney and frame Nicole for it, vowing that he could never do such a thing to his son. Sami reminds him that he kept the baby switch from EJ, and allowed him to grieve for a child that wasn’t even his. She tells Stefano that ripping that child from EJ’s arms is the lowest thing he has ever done, and if he ever want EJ to forgive him, then he had better return Sydney right away. Stefano says he will never do that.

Daniel calls Carly, who is strolling along the pier. He explains over the phone that he’s looked into her application status, and things are looking great. She thanks him, telling him what a relief that is. He adds that nothing is definitive yet, but that it looks god. He asks her to take care and hangs up. Carly beams.

Bo tells Justin that he is way off-base, but Justin explains that Carly is applying for a job at the hospital. Bo claims he already knew that, and the fact that Carly is sticking around doesn’t bother him at all. Bo says that what does bother him is Justin making presumptions and insinuating something inappropriate is going on when all he is trying to do is help a friend. Justin reminds him that his marriage is vulnerable, but Bo shouts that that is enough, and that Justin needs to start worrying about his own marital problems, while Bo will deal with his own. Justin doesn’t think Bo can handle it because he can’t see what is going on around him. Bo admits that he can see Justin cares about him and Hop, but all he is doing right now is fanning the flames and making things worse. He asks Justin once more to stay out of it. Justin reluctantly agrees and heads off. Bo shakes his head and sighs incredulously.

Carly flashes back to Justin saying that he saw a connection between her and Bo, and accusing her of loving Bo and wanting him back. Bo greets her, interrupting her reverie. He says he can guess what was on her mind, telling her that he talked to Justin. She sighs, telling Bo that whatever Justin told him wasn’t true, and that Bo can’t believe him.

Gabi decides to go pass out some more photos of Sydney. Arianna wishes she could help, but admits that she will be here until closing. Gabi asks her what she will do after work, and suggests she call Brady, especially since Nicole is in jail. Arianna asks Gabi to let her live her own life and make her own decisions. Gabi says she will, but she just wants Arianna to be happy, and it’s obvious she’s crazy about the guy. Gabi then heads off, promising to see Arianna later. Arianna takes out her phone and sighs.

Chloe promises to ask Brady, but says she can’t force him to visit Nicole. Nicole knows she can’t, and just ask Chloe to do her best. She then thanks Chloe for doing her this one last favor. Chloe asks Nicole to take care of herself, telling her she likes her new hair cut, and heads off. Nicole chuckles. She heads over to her bunk and hears a woman’s voice in her head, shushing Sydney. Nicole gasps, saying to herself that whoever took the baby was a woman.

Sydney’s kidnapper assures the baby that she will have a happy life once she gets used to things around here. Sydney grins and babbles.

Stefano tells Sami that he can’t give her something he doesn’t have, and asks Sami what makes her think he’d hand Sydney over to her anyway. Sami retorts that she is Sydney’s mother. EJ and Rafe listen in as Stefano scoffs that Sami barely has time for her children since she has about a dozen now. Sami snaps that she doesn’t have as many as Stefano does, and besides, she loves her children, unlike him. Stefano rages that the very sound of her voice drives him crazy. Sami retorts that she would tell him to go to hell, but not even the devil wants him. Stefano chuckles, saying Sami is going to be the one living in hell, since he is going to make sure she never sees Sydney again.


Nicole informs Roman, “It was a woman who took Sydney.”

Carly tells Bo, “You've always understood me.”

Vivian tells Hope, “Anything to do with your marriage to Bo is my business.”

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