Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo sighs, telling Carly that he just doesn’t understand Hope, as it’s Christmas, and he just wants his family back. Carly know he is hurting, but claims there is still a chance when two people love each other the way Bo and Hope do. She strokes his face, urging him not to give up. Justin comes up to the door just then, grumbling and wondering why he has to be the one to tell Bo. He sees Carly and Bo through the window and gasps. He quickly turns around and starts to walk back down the sidewalk. Hope comes over just then with Ciara, greeting him and asking him why he’s standing out in the cold.

Sami rushes into the hospital in Cleveland, asking EJ where Rafe is and what is going on. EJ gestures at Fay, explaining that the police think she helped Nicole take Sydney. Fay vows it isn’t true, but EJ reminds her that some things in her car don’t support that statement—like the wig, bus tickets, and baby toys. Sami gasps. EJ walks over to Fay, asking her quietly if she knows what it means to cross a DiMera. He wonders if she knows what they do to people. Fay recoils as EJ demands that she tell him everything she knows.

At the bus station, Rafe shakes Nicole, calling her a selfish bitch and vowing that she will tell him where Sydney is if it’s the last thing she ever does. Brady and Arianna rush in just then, and Brady separates the two, telling Rafe to take it easy, as Nicole doesn’t know anything. Rafe scoffs. Rafe goes after Nicole again, but Brady tells him not to hurt her. Rafe suggests Brady and Arianna stay out of this and allow him to do his job. Nicole sobs that Sydney is still out there and no one knows where she is. She mumbles that she has nothing left to live for without Sydney and collapses on the ground. Brady shouts her name.

Fay vows that all she was trying to do was help Nicole get out of the country, and that’s what the disguise and bus tickets were for. She claims that Sydney disappearing was never part of the plan. EJ doesn’t believe a word she say, but Fay says she isn’t lying. She adds that when the police find Nicole, she’ll explain that she never saw her or the baby after they left the hotel. Sami stops her, asking EJ what she is talking about, and where Nicole is. EJ assures her that Rafe and half the police department are searching for Nicole, and that she won’t get far in her condition. Sami panics, saying that Nicole may be the only one who knows where Sydney is. She worries that they may never find Sydney now.

Brady kneels on the floor of the bus station, checks Nicole’s pulse and shakes her, begging her to wake up.

Justin tells Hope that he came by to pick up a case file, and asks what Hope and Ciara are doing here. She explains that Bo texted her to let her know that the Christmas tree was ready to decorate. She chuckles, saying she knows Ciara is in her pajamas, but she begged, and Hope caved. She decides they had better go in. Justin stammers as Hope knocks on the door. Bo answers and greets the two, saying he wasn’t expecting them, as he thought Ciara would be in bed. Hope reminds him coldly that he texted her. She asks if this is a bad time, but Bo claims it isn’t, especially since the Christmas tree is here and ready to be decorated. Ciara and Hope head inside. Ciara takes one look at Carly and asks Hope what she is still doing here.

Mia shows up at Sami’s place and greets Will. She admits she should have called first, but she was passing by and thought she’d drop in. She offers to leave, but Will doesn’t want her to. Mia sighs, telling him how sorry she is that his little sister is missing. She admits that she was wondering if there was anything she could do to help.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate flops down on the couch next to Stefano with a sigh, asking if there is any news. He shakes his head, saying that every minute lost is going to make finding Sydney that much harder. Kate tells him that he can’t think like that, and she won’t allow him to do so. She pleads with him to stay positive. Stefano pats her hand, telling her that her support means everything to him.

Nicole wakes up with a groan. Brady tries to help Nicole to her feet as Rafe taunts her, telling her that closing her eyes won’t make this go away. Brady then helps her to sit down as Rafe continues, telling her that she is going away to prison for a long time and will never see Sydney again. Rafe thinks that if Nicole loves Sydney, then she will tell them where they can find her. Brady shakes his head and soothes her, reminding her that Sydney is depending on Nicole to care for her, and he knows she wants to do that. He adds that now is the right time to tell them anything they need to know, and asks her for the ten millionth time where Sydney is.

Hope tells Ciara not to be impolite, but Carly says it’s alright, as she was just asking a question. Hope snaps back that it wasn’t Ciara’s place to do so. She then explains to Ciara that Bo can have company if he wants. Bo hustles Ciara over to the tree to hang icicles, and ask Justin if he came by to help. He says that he actually came by to pick that case file they talked about. Justin then suggests that he and Carly give the family some time alone, and Carly agrees. Bo explains that the case file is in the kitchen, and the two head off. Bo takes Ciara’s coat off as she asks Hope to join them. Hope explains that she isn’t staying.

Lucas comes out of the kitchen and greets Mia. He asks Will to go check on the twins, and Will heads off. Lucas tells Mia that it is nice to see her, and she says that she’s glad to see him doing well. Lucas then explains that he has amends to make as part of his twelve-step program, and he apologizes for misjudging her. Mia tells him not to worry about it. Lucas thanks her for saying so, and then asks her what is going on with her and Will. Mia asks what he means, and Lucas tells her that while Will didn’t say anything to him, he can tell that Will feels badly about what happened between him and Mia. Will walks in as Lucas tells Mia that he thinks the two should get back together and give it another shot. Will admonishes him.

EJ asks Sami quietly if she really trusts this woman—the same woman that allowed her husband to offer his daughter up as some kind of pornographic star. Sami shouts that that is her point, and adds loudly that Fay didn’t even have the guts to call the cops on her husband. Sami thinks Fay may have wanted to help Nicole, but she certainly doesn’t have it in her. Fay wheels around, calling Sami a bitch. She wonders how Sami and EJ can dare to judge her when neither of them know what really happened. EJ shouts back that Sami had nothing to do with this, and that Nicole engineered this little scheme all by herself. He adds angrily that if there is one thing Nicole is good at, it’s bringing pain into people’s lives. He tells Fay not to dare blame anyone but Nicole for this, least of all Sami, who is a wonderful, caring mother.

Nicole screams that she has no idea where Sydney is, and she wishes to God she did. Brady quietly soothes her, telling her that he had a long flight to get here to learn the truth, and he isn’t leaving without it. Arianna looks on, visibly upset, as Nicole sobs that Brady is the only person that cares about her, and that she is sorry for dragging him into her terrible mess of a life. She bawls that she will regret it for the rest of her life if she ever hurt him, because he’s her best friend, and she loves him. Brady asks Rafe and Arianna for a minute alone with Nicole, and the two head a few feet away. Brady tells Nicole that if it’s true that she ever really loved him, then she has to tell him where his sister’s baby is, and let this nightmare be over.

Bo asks Hope to stay. Ciara agrees, pleading with her father. Hope agrees.

Will snaps at Lucas to leave Mia alone, and claims that Lucas has no right to speak to Mia. Lucas scoffs, saying he thinks he does, since he is Will’s father. Mia asks Will to stop, but he insists Lucas doesn’t have the right to judge anyone. Mia explains that Lucas wasn’t judging her; in fact, he was really nice and even apologized to her. Will is surprised. Mia explains that Lucas feels sorry for her after what she has gone through, but he shouldn’t. She claims she brought it on herself, and because if her, a lot of other people are suffering. Mia says she is the one that is really sorry—more sorry than anyone will ever know.

Stefano and Kate sit at the chessboard. She worries over her knight. Stefano moans, wondering how he lost control of the whole situation. Kate thought playing chess might calm him down, but Stefano retorts that he won’t calm down until his granddaughter is found. He snaps at Kate to pay attention to the board before she loses her queen. Kate reminds him that this stress isn’t good for him, but Stefano continues to sulk, saying that even if Sydney is found, his own son is going to try to keep her from him. Kate thinks EJ is just upset and not in his right mind. Stefano replies that EJ had better get in his right mind fast, because he isn’t putting up with his selfish crap anymore. He adds that Sydney is his grandchild, and vows not to let anyone take her out of his life. He then takes Kate’s queen. She takes his hand, asking him to take a deep breath. Stefano sobs, saying that he can’t help but think of Sydney and the way she used to look at him. Stefano prays that God will keep her safe, and he swears that he will fight EJ and Sami for Sydney once she is found. He vows to Kate that he will win. Kate says she has no doubt of that.

Roman heads over to Sami and EJ and tells them the Cleveland P.D. was able to track Fay’s movements, and she wasn’t anywhere near the bus station when Sydney disappeared. EJ groans. Roman tells the two there is good news, and says that Rafe managed to track down Nicole. Sami asks if she has said where Sydney is, but Roman doesn’t know anything more. He assures her that Rafe is questioning Nicole, and should be bringing her back here soon. Roman heads off to question Fay. Sami asks EJ to promise her something. He agrees to do so, and she asks him to swear that he won’t try to protect her from the truth, as she is Sydney’s mother, and has a right to know what is going on. EJ agrees, assuring her that they are in this together.

Nicole cries quietly, telling Brady that if she knew where Sydney was, and didn’t say anything, that would make her a monster. She wonders if Brady really thinks she is a monster. He says he doesn’t think so. Nicole tells Brady that in spite of all the horrible things she has done, she still has a heart—otherwise she wouldn’t be able to love Brady and Sydney the ways she does. She then explains to Brady that after she talked to him, she had second thoughts about taking Sydney to Canada. Brady says he knows, as he heard it in her voice. Nicole tells Brady that that is why she called Sami—because she knew what she was doing was insane and wrong. Brady explains he was there when she called. Nicole sobs, saying that she tried to do what he wanted her to, but then everything went black, and then she woke up in the hospital with everyone telling her that her daughter was missing. She corrects herself, saying Sami’s daughter was missing. Brady asks if this was the last place Nicole saw Sydney and she nods, explaining that she thought she could come down here and wrack her brain and maybe remember something. Brady asks if she does. She admits she saw some kind of blurry image, but she couldn’t make it out. She bawls, admitting that she can’t remember anything. She wonders to herself in horror what she has done, when all she wanted to do was keep Sydney safe. Brady hugs her, assuring her that everything will be alright. Nicole vows to never forgive herself if something happens to Sydney. Arianna whispers to Rafe that she is sure Nicole is telling the truth. Rafe storms over and grabs Nicole’s arm, telling her it’s time to go. She asks where they are going, and Rafe says that there is no point in staying here if she isn’t going to tell them anything. He hauls Nicole off as she sniffles and sobs. Brady and Arianna stare at one another. Brady sighs and heads off after Rafe and Nicole.

Hope suggests Ciara go pick out some Christmas songs and put together a playlist on her portable mp3 player. Ciara agrees to do so and heads off upstairs. Hope snaps at Bo to never put Ciara on the spot like that again. Bo sighs, saying he just wants Ciara to know that her parents can get along. Hope retorts that Ciara isn’t stupid, and that she can tell that something is going on. Justin and Carly head out of the kitchen. Justin tells Bo and Hope they’re leaving, and asks them to have fun decorating. Hope tells Justin that she needs to speak to him about something later and he promises to see her at Victor’s. Carly also says goodnight, and the two head off. Bo sighs, glad that he and Hope are alone at last.

Mia and Will, now alone, make small talk about his cross-country season. He then tells her that he is also on the committee for the winter dance. Mia chuckles, and Will admits that he got roped into it. Mia thinks it will look good on his transcripts. Will admits he isn’t even sure if he will go. Mia thinks he ought to, since he is on the committee, and asks if he is worried that Sydney won’t be home by then. Will says that isn’t it, and that he wouldn’t want to go unless Mia went with him. Mia wonders if he is asking her to go. He laughs nervously, saying he is, but he doesn’t want her to feel any pressure. Mia says she doesn’t, and that she would love to go with him.

Kate makes a move and Stefano groans, holding up a pawn and telling Kate that this is what his granddaughter has been reduced to. Kate worried that they were coming back to that. Stefano shouts that she isn’t a pawn, she’s a little girl, and he will never allow her to be used in this way again. Stefano then asks if Kate made her move. She says she did. He surveys the board, makes a move, then tells her she’s in checkmate, and that he won. Kate grins, admitting he always does.

EJ vows to Sami that he will make his father pay if he had anything to do with this. Sami asks him not to do anything dangerous. EJ is surprised she cares. Sami says she doesn’t, except for the fact that EJ is Johnny and Sydney’s father, and they need him. EJ agrees hollowly. Just then, Rafe and Brady bring Nicole in. Sami glares at her.

Justin and Carly sit together at the pub and make small talk about their plans for the holidays. Justin admits he isn’t going anywhere, since Adrienne and the kids are traveling. He asks about Nicholas, but Carly says he isn’t coming home, and she isn’t going to push it, considering what happened to his father. Carly stops herself, saying it’s strange that she called Salem Nicholas’ home. Justin thinks it’s been a long time for both of them, but Carly says that at least he had family here, while she has no one. Justin reminds her that she has Bo, but Carly says he is just a friend. Justin reminds her that she has lived all over the world, yet she decided to come back to Salem after Lawrence’s death. He thinks she must have come back here to see Bo. She again says that Bo is a friend, but Justin thinks it’s more than that, and that Carly still loves him. He asks her to admit that she has never stopped loving Bo.

Bo, Ciara, and Hope finish hanging the icicles from the tree, and Bo asks Ciara to get the cookies from the kitchen. She agrees and heads off. Christmas music plays in the background and Hope sniffles, thanking Bo for playing it. Bo reminds her they played this at one of their weddings and Hope nods, saying it was Christmas Eve when they renewed their vows. Bo tells Hope he doesn’t want to have to go through Christmas, their anniversary, and the anniversary of Zach’s death alone this year. Hope assures him that he won’t be alone.

Sami stalks over to Rafe and hugs him. Fay comes over and demands to know why Nicole lied and told her that baby was hers when she wasn’t. Nicole sobs, assuring Fay that she was the one that lied, and that none of this is her mother’s fault. Roman hands Nicole over to another officer, and they take her off to be examined by a doctor. Sami tearfully tells Rafe that wherever Sydney is, she hopes she knows that they love her. EJ looks on as Rafe assures Sami that she does know.

Ciara comes back with the cookies and Hope asks her to help her pick out the best ornaments to hang on the tree. Ciara finds some mistletoe and asks what it is. Hope tells her, and Ciara asks if they can hang it up. Hope shakes her head sadly, telling Ciara that they can’t because it is old and dried-up and has lost its magic. Bo sighs.

Carly snaps that she called Justin and Bo for help because they were the only two people she thought she could trust. Justin reminds her that her legal problems are solved, and wonders sarcastically if she is having trouble tearing herself away from Salem. Carly retorts that she doesn’t have any money or a job, but Justin reminds her that she has friends and relatives all over the world. Carly accuses Justin of being passive-aggressive, since he keeps asking her these innocent questions with a sly look on his face. She demands that he be direct, and tell her flat-out if he thinks she should leave Salem. Justin admits angrily that if she really cares about Bo and Hope’s marriage, she will get the hell out of town. He wonders if that is direct enough for her. Carly gapes.

Bo helps Ciara finish the tree by hanging the star on the top. Hope congratulates her for getting it so straight and helps her on with her coat. Ciara then asks Bo where Santa will come this year. Hope jumps in and explains that Ciara will have presents at Grandpa Victor’s house and here, too. Ciara smiles and seems amenable to the idea. Hope instructs her to give her father a kiss and tell him she loves him. She does so. Bo hugs her back, telling her he loves her more than she will ever know.

EJ gets on the phone with someone and instructs them not to make a move or even breathe until he calls. He hangs up as Roman comes back with Nicole. He explains to Brady that she’ll be going to jail without the possibility of bail this time. Nicole asks Roman to wait, as she has something to say to everyone.

Hope takes off with Ciara. Bo stands on the front stoop and watches miserably as they leave.

Carly thinks Justin is out of line for accusing her of trying to seduce a married man when he has no proof. Justin says he saw the two of them together when he went to ring the bell tonight. Carly demands to know what exactly he saw. Justin starts to say that perhaps Carly was just comforting Bo, but he stops himself, saying that isn’t true, and that he saw a connection between Bo and Carly. He claims he is convinced that Carly never stopped loving Bo, and that she wants him back. Carly goes on the offensive, reminding Justin that he was supposed to stay in Salem for just a little while too, but the second his marriage crashed and burned, he found himself living in the same house as Hope. Justin scoffs, saying he doesn’t want to make this about him, but Carly accuses him of interrogating her about all of this because he wants to know if and when Hope will be available. Carly then says that she thinks Justin wants Hope all to himself.

Nicole admits to the group that there was a time when she would have done anything to keep Sydney from Sami and EJ, and she thought the worst thing that could happen would be for Sydney to be taken away from her. Nicole admits that she now knows she’d rather Sydney be in Sami’s arms than wherever she is right now. She sobs, telling Sami how sorry she is. EJ snaps at Roman to get Nicole out of here. Roman tells Nicole that it’s time to go, and hauls her off. Arianna tries to assure Brady that he did all he could, but he sulks that he didn’t do enough. He heads off and Arianna follows. Sami thinks it’s time to call Will and fill him in, but Rafe suggests they do so in person, since there is nothing left here for them to do in Cleveland. He promises that Sydney is coming home soon. Sami sighs, agreeing to go home, and the two leave. EJ stares.

A woman pushes Sydney down the pier in her stroller.


Maggie tells Carly, “You are desperate to stay in Salem and I'd like to know why.”

Sami tells Bo, “The more I think about it, the more I am convinced Stefano is behind this.”

EJ shouts at Stefano, “You tell me where she is, you sick bastard!”

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