Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Hope flings open the door at her house to find Carly outside. Carly stammers, saying that she didn’t expect Hope to be here, and turns to go, but Hope stops her, telling her she wants her to hear what she and Bo have been talking about. Hope invites her in. Bo sighs and shakes his head.

At the Java Café, a waitress puts a mocha latte down on the counter. Vivian makes a grab for it for Kate walks over, saying that the coffee is hers. Vivian claims it isn’t, but Kate insists it is, grabbing the cup from Vivian and glaring.

At a hospital in Cleveland, Sami asks EJ who has Sydney, if Nicole doesn’t. EJ says he thinks he knows as Stefano walks in. EJ demands to know if he was the one that took their daughter. Rafe demands to know if it’s true. Sami also asks if he took Sydney. Stefano doesn’t answer. EJ angrily demands to know where his daughter is.

In her room nearby, Nicole moans and prays that Sydney is safe, wherever she is.

Rafe holds Sami back as EJ threatens to make Stefano pay for this. Rafe asks Stefano if there is any truth to what EJ is saying. Sami again asks if he knows where Sydney is. Stefano admits he has an idea. Sami and EJ glare.

Mia heads into Maggie’s kitchen. Maggie greets her, asking if she has finished her shift. Mia says she has, but one of her co-workers is sick, and she has to go back to fill in for her. Maggie offers to make her a sandwich before she goes, and Mia thanks her. Maggie says she has ham or chicken, but Mia makes a face, saying all she could eat while she was pregnant was chicken, so she got pretty tired of it. Maggie asks if she is alright, and Mia nods, admitting that she thinks about Grace from time to time and how she never really got to know her. Maggie admits that she has been thinking about what Mia said about her mother. She thinks after everything Mia has been through this past year, perhaps things could be different between her and her mother. Maggie suggests she at least try to talk to her, but Mia grumbles, wondering why she would want to do that. Maggie says it’s because family is the most important thing in anyone’s life.

Bo asks Carly if she needs anything. She admits she doesn’t, and that she just stopped by to tell him that her moving into Maggie’s house didn’t work out. Furious, Hope asks if she really planned on moving in, and demands to know why. Carly scoffs. Hope accuses her of trying to cozy up to her husband first, and then her family. Carly snaps back that not everything she does is connected to Hope. Just then, Victor walks in. Bo sighs. Victor grins, telling the three that it looks like he interrupted just in time.

Vivian snaps that she didn’t know coffee was such a competition. She asks for another cup of coffee as Kate huffs over to a table. The waitress apologizes for the mix-up, explaining that it’s in the works. Vivian heads over to Kate and starts to ask if the coffee is warming her heart, then stops, claiming she forgot who she was talking to. Kate retorts that advanced age hasn’t seemed to soften Vivian. Vivian claims she isn’t soft. Kate adds that she isn’t Philip’s long-lost mother, either and mocks Vivian’s reaction to seeing Philip for the first time. She wonders if Vivian really thought she could form a bond with Philip when all he sees her as is a gestational device. Vivian snaps back that Kate is the mother that Philip wants to die and go to hell, since she married the man that tried to murder him. Kate gets up with a huff and puts on her coat, asking sarcastically where Victor is, since she never sees him anymore without Vivian hanging on his arm. Vivian wonders why she cares, since Stefano owns her soul and what’s left of her body. Kate accuses Vivian of thinking that Victor is ripe for the plucking since she is out of the picture.

Sami, EJ, and Rafe all shout at Stefano at once, demanding to know where Sydney is. Stefano claims that he didn’t take Sydney, and that he would never harm her, as she is his flesh and blood. Rafe interrupts, asking where the baby is. Stefano scoffs, saying that she’s wherever Nicole has hidden her. Stefano claims that if they’d stop and think about it, the only person who could know where Sydney is is Nicole.

Nicole lies in bed and dreams of holding Sydney back at the mansion. She moans that she hears Sydney crying, and that her Mommy is coming.

Vivian scoffs that whether or not she enjoys Victor’s company is her business. Kate claims that it’s her business if Vivian is only doing it to get close to Philip. Vivian claims that anything is possible, though not for Kate, since she’ll never be close to Victor or Philip ever again. Kate snaps at her to go to hell and storms out of the café. Vivian smirks.

Victor takes one look at Carly and snaps at Bo to get this intruder out of here. Bo starts to reply, but Ciara runs downstairs just then, hugging Victor. She asks him to stay and help them trim the tree, but Bop reminds her it isn’t here yet. He promises that they can do it later on this evening if there’s time. Victor then explains that he has an early Christmas for her at home. Ciara asks her mom to come along, but Hope explains that she needs to stay here to talk to her father and this woman. Hope helps Ciara with her coat, and she and Victor head off. Carly apologizes for coming by, but Hope says it is too late, as the damage is done. Hope then says that if Carly wants to make this right, then she needs to tell her why she wanted to move in with Maggie, and why it didn’t work out. Carly doesn’t answer. Hope scoffs, guessing that this is another one of her secrets.

Maggie tells Mia that she knows she is hurt by everything that has happened, but she can’t let it change who she is. She adds that Mia is very sweet and loving, and she is sure that she is going to be happy again someday. Mia isn’t sure what she would do without Maggie assuring her things will be alright again. She adds that Maggie is the only person she knows that will tell her the truth, adding that most people pretend to care, but really, they’re only looking out for themselves. She frowns, saying that Nicole taught her that.

Nicole sobs to Sydney that she is here. Nicole then wakes up with a snap. She says to herself that she has to find Sydney.

Stefano thinks it’s obvious that Nicole did this, but EJ retorts that the only thing that is obvious is that Stefano is a liar. Sami then tells Stefano that Brady spoke with Nicole, and she would have been honest with him. Stefano snaps that Brady is in love with Nicole, and he has all of them believing her lies. Sami retorts that Nicole was hit on the back of the head, and Brady was with them when it happened, so he couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Stefano wonders how Sami can believe a person that has done nothing but lie for months. EJ glares, reminding Stefano that he helped Nicole to lie, and they have no reason to believe that Stefano isn’t still helping her. Stefano scoffs. Rafe gets a call from someone at the FBI and heads off to take it. Sami then admits that Nicole wasn’t the only one who lied, as her lies about her pregnancy started this whole thing. She thinks they’ve all lied, and there’s a lot of guilt to go around. She then tells Stefano that she knows he hates her, and doesn’t want her around his granddaughter, but she already lost one child, and she is not going to lose Sydney. Sami tells Stefano that if he has any information about where Sydney might be, he has to tell them the truth.

Carly claims that not everything is a secret, and explains that she couldn’t live here and Maggie had a room to rent, so she offered it to her. Hope admits that Maggie is a nice person, and that she would never be involved in all this drama if she knew the real reason Carly is back in Salem. Bo asks Hope if they can stop rehashing this, and Carly agrees that it’s a moot point, as she isn’t living here or at Maggie’s place. She tells Hope that she is checking into the Salem Inn, and then she and Bo can get back to whatever they were discussing before. Hope reminds Carly that they were talking about her, and asks her if she wants to hear what she has to say. Bo sighs.

Vivian tells someone over the phone that Carly is probably staying at a hotel and asks the person to get back to her. She hangs up as Gus comes over, telling her she was right about Lawrence having a secret bank account in Switzerland. He adds that since Vivian is the executor of the will, he could get the contents of the safety deposit box with no problem. She asks what was in it besides the letter. Gus hands it over, saying there were some personal items, but nothing of importance. Vivian looks over the letter and grins, saying that there’s someone that needs to see this letter right away.

Nicole throws the covers off of her, saying that she has to find her baby.

Stefano tells Sami that he has seen her fake tears and play-acting too many times to count, but this time his heart genuinely goes out to her. He adds that he has no idea where Sydney is. EJ thinks one of Stefano’s men knocked Nicole unconscious and took Sydney, but Stefano claims he would never do anything so stupid and cruel. EJ thinks he would, since he knows he is being cut-off from his granddaughter. EJ adds that he thinks Stefano helped Nicole in order to punish him. Stefano doesn’t believe that EJ means that, and says that while he has no idea where Sydney is, he does have an idea of how they can find her.

Rafe asks the man that called to check the database and call him back. He hangs up as Roman heads over. Rafe asks when he got to town, and Roman explains that he has been here for a couple of hours. Rafe tells Roman that he just talked to one of his friends at the bureau, and none of the witnesses saw anyone following Nicole. Rafe thinks it must have been a professional job. Roman says it might not have been, and explains that he just got a briefing from the Cleveland P.D. He thinks they may be on to who took Sydney.

Bo tells Hope shortly that this conversation is over. He adds that Carly is moving on with her life, and he thinks that they should do the same. Hope wonders how they can move on when he and Carly are keeping a big secret from her. She reminds him angrily that trust has been a major issue for them. Bo thinks they just keep talking in circles. Carly offers to stop having contact with Bo, if that will help. Hope turns on her angrily, reminding her that she came over here in person to let Bo know where she was going to stay. Hope thinks she could have called, but she chose to come to her house instead. Bo grumbles, wondering why Hope left if this is her house. Hope glares. Carly doesn’t think she belongs in this conversation, and starts to leave, but Hope grabs her coat, saying that she should be the one that leaves.

EJ thinks Stefano is lying, and that if he knew something, he would have said so right away. Sami reminds EJ that they need all the help they can get, and tells Stefano that she would like to hear his plan. Stefano explains that from the moment Sydney went missing, he has had his best men tracking her. Stefano adds that EJ did the same, no matter what he says to the contrary. Sami asks if that is true, and EJ nods, saying that he put his men on the case the moment he knew Nicole was beyond the jurisdiction of the Salem police. EJ then asks Stefano what this has to do with finding Sydney, and Stefano explains that he wants himself and EJ to combine forces and thusly double their chances of finding Sydney.

Roman explains that Nicole’s mother’s name is Faye. While they didn’t always have a good relationship, this time she came through and helped Nicole. Roman then explains that the police department found the hotel Nicole stayed at, and the manager told them all about Nicole being there, and Fay visiting. Rafe asks if Roman thinks Fay took Sydney. Roman thinks it’s a possibility, but Rafe isn’t so sure that Nicole’s own mother could have knocked her unconscious and left her on the floor of the bus station. Roman thinks the FBI was stupid to ask Rafe to resign, and tells Rafe that while Fay wasn’t the best mother, he agrees that she couldn’t have done this to Nicole. Rafe thinks she is still a person of interest, since the attack on Nicole and Sydney’s disappearance could be unrelated. Roman thinks that’s possible and that Fay could be keeping Sydney if she thought it was in Nicole’s best interest. He thinks she feels a lot of guilt over the way Nicole suffered as a child. Rafe assumes the police have checked her house. Roman says she isn’t there, but it’s being staked out. Rafe sighs, doubting Fay will go back there if she has the baby. He thinks that Sydney could be anywhere by now.

Nicole unhooks her monitors, wincing in pain. She rolls out of bed with a grunt, but doubles over in pain. She collapses onto the bed with a moan.

Hope snaps at Bo that it was a mistake for her to come here and think that they could possibly rebuild their relationship. Bo sighs as Hope storms off. Carly tells Bo that this has to end, and that they have to tell Hope about her daughter.

Maggie knows that Mia is terribly hurt, but she begs her not to let this make her bitter or cynical. Mia says she already is, and that is what happens when your baby dies. Maggie asks Mia to wait, but she says she has to get back to work. She thanks Maggie for trying to help her and heads off.

Sami asks EJ if he thinks his and his father’s men working together is a good idea, but EJ shakes his head, saying that his father’s men are like his own personal spies. If EJ’s people ever found any evidence that Stefano was behind Sydney’s kidnapping, Stefano’s men would make sure the evidence was destroyed. Stefano barks that that is insane, and asks Sami to talk to EJ, but she says that she agrees with EJ, and adds that he wouldn’t be suspicious of his own father without good reason. Sami adds angrily that Stefano is going to burn in hell for this, and wonders how he could do it to his own granddaughter. Stefano growls at the two to go ahead and act like idiots, but they need to remember he’s had experience with this kind of situation before, and they are never going to find Sydney without his help. He storms off. Sami looks at EJ worriedly. He tries to assure her that everything is alright.

Nicole wakes up and tries to get out of bed again. She totters to the door and peeks out, but sees a guard right outside. She makes her way over to another door near her bed, but finds it locked. Nicole moans.

Hope approaches Mia at the Java Café, saying that things must have gotten much quieter around Maggie’s house since Nathan moved out. Mia tells her that they all have different schedules, so she didn’t really notice. Hope then tells Mia that Maggie loves having her at her house, and that she really cares for her. Mia admits that Maggie is the best. Hope asks if it’s just her and Melanie staying there now. Mia admits that a woman came by, planning to move in, but then she decided not to. Mia then tells Hope that her name was Carly. Hope says that she heard Carly was looking for a place and asks Mia why she decided not to move in to Maggie’s.

Carly tells Bo that things can’t go on like this. He admits that if the secret were the only problem, he’d want to tell Hope right away, but apparently their problems go much deeper than that. Carly is sure Hope wouldn’t tell anyone if they asked her not to, but Bo reminds her that she didn’t mean to tell Victor Carly was here, yet he caught on to the fact that Carly was back in town just a couple of hours after Hope found out. Bo then adds that they have to assume Vivian is back in Salem because of Lawrence, and that she arranged for someone to confess to the murder so she could get her own revenge on Carly. Carly sighs, admitting that if Vivian finds out she has a daughter, that is exactly where she will strike. Bo nods, saying that until Vivian is gone, or she’s no longer a threat, they have to keep Carly’s daughter a secret. Carly admits he is right. She then hopes the Inn has a vacancy, as she hasn’t even called yet. He asks how she can afford that place, but Carly explains she’ll get a job and an apartment soon. Bo doesn’t think her staying at a hotel is a good idea what with Vivian after her. He tells Carly that they both know it’s easier for him to protect her if she continues to stay at his place.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor calls out to Ciara that he will be downstairs if she needs him. He heads into the living room and finds Vivian waiting. He asks what she is doing here, and she explains that Henderson let her in. She asks Victor for a drink and he heads over to make her vodka on the rocks. Vivian thanks him for remembering, and for trying to indoctrinate his grandchild against that awful Carly Manning. Victor asks if she enjoyed that, and she nods, saying she thinks it’s very irresponsible of Bo to expose his daughter to a murderess like Carly. Victor reminds Vivian that someone else confessed to Lawrence’s murder. She scoffs that Carly put the knife in Lawrence and there’s no doubt of that. Victor says he is confused. Vivian snaps back that he shouldn’t play games. Victor claims that he knows she didn’t come back to town to see him or to bond with Philip. He thinks she came here to make sure that Carly gets what she deserves. Vivian doesn’t answer. He reminds her that he is on her side and Vivian admits that while she misses Lawrence terribly, she doesn’t have time to mourn, as right now is the time for revenge.

Roman hugs Sami, assuring her that they will get Sydney back. Sami thanks her dad for being there for her, and asks if there is any news. Roman says they have a few ideas that might pan out and then tells Stefano, who has returned, that the police need a statement from him. Stefano retorts that he is tired of being accused of taking Sydney, and that if the police want a statement, they can speak to his lawyer. Rafe heads over to Nicole’s room, telling the guard that he needs to ask her a few questions. The man tells him that she isn’t allowed any more visitors, on doctor’s orders. Rafe says he knows all about orders, as he used to be in the FBI, but orders aren’t going to get this case solved. He explains to the guard that a little girl is missing, and he needs answers from the woman in that room. He tells the man that he is sure he wouldn’t want to be responsible for anything happening to that baby. The guard gulps.

Nicole finds a hair pin in her bedside table and heads over to the door near her bed. She attempts to pick the lock on the door, praying that it will work.

Carly tells Bo that she can’t stay here. He asks her what happened at Maggie’s. Carly claims that it just didn’t work out. Bo guesses someone vetoed the move, and asks if it was her daughter. All Carly will say is that Bo was right that she shouldn’t have tried to rush things. Bo thinks Carly just wanted to be near her. Carly admits that is true, but now she thinks her daughter hates her.

Hope gets her coffee and gives Mia a tip. She then tries to pump her for more information as to why Carly wouldn’t stay at Maggie’s. Mia thinks Carly decided to go to a hotel instead. She asks how Hope knows her, and Hoe says she knows her from when she lived here before. Mia guesses that that is how Maggie knows her, too. Hope then asks Mia what she thinks of Carly. Mia admits that she doesn’t like to say bad things about people that she doesn’t really know, but her first impression was that she shouldn’t trust Carly. She then tells Hope she has to get back to work and heads off. Hope takes her coffee and says under her breath that Mia is a smart girl.

Vivian admits to Victor that she just doesn’t think having Carly arrested, extradited, and executed is quite the right punishment. Victor chuckles, guessing that not enough torment is involved for her. Vivian agrees, and Victor assumes she wants to make Carly really suffer through some long, drawn-out revenge. Vivian says she does, but that she can’t do it alone. She asks Victor if he wants to help her. He chuckles again, wondering if she even needs to ask. Vivian grins.

Stefano calls Kate, who is back at the mansion. He fills her in about Nicole being found, and the fact that Sydney is still missing. He says that Nicole claims she has no idea what happened. Kate assumes that Stefano doesn’t believe her. He sighs, admitting he doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Kate admits she is concerned, as she doesn’t want Stefano getting all worked up. He angrily reminds her that this is the worst nightmare he’s ever gone through, and he can’t be expected to be cool and collected. He adds in a rage that EJ and Sam are trying to keep him from his granddaughter, and they’re going to pay for it. Kate asks what he means, but Stefano tells her to never mind that for now. He says that all that is important is the fact that his granddaughter is going to be found.

Roman tells Sami he has another meeting with the Commander of police in Cleveland, and promises to call as soon as he knows anything. She thanks him as he heads off. Sami sighs, telling EJ that it is hard to know what to believe, and that she can’t tell if Nicole is lying, or if it’s true that Stefano was behind all of this. EJ admits it’s difficult to say, and asks if she is alright. Sami shakes her head, saying she keeps thinking that the more time that goes by, the harder it will be to find Sydney. EJ vows that they will find their daughter.

The guard tells Rafe he didn’t see anything and steps aside. Rafe thanks him and heads into Nicole’s room. He finds her bed empty and checks the door near the bed, finding it open. Rafe curses.


Hope tells Justin, “My gut reaction might have been right. She came back to take my husband.”

Victor tells Vivian, “The sooner we get Carly out of the picture, the better.”

Brady asks, “What in the hell are you doing here?”

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