Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/7/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the park, Hope tells Ciara that she thinks her dad is going to love the present she bought him, and the gift she made him in school. Hope then admits that she needs Ciara’s help coming up with a good hiding place for Bo’s gifts. Ciara suggests hiding them under her bed. Hope thinks that is a wonderful idea, but Ciara says she meant her real bed at her real house. Hope sighs, reminding Ciara that someone else is staying at their house, but Bo walks over just then, telling Ciara that actually, he is the only one living there right now.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Carly informs Melanie that she is going to be moving in. Melanie scoffs as Mia walks in. Mia is unpleasantly surprised to see Carly, and Melanie explains that she’s moving in, and that Mia had better watch out, as she is dangerous. Carly tells the two that Maggie said it was alright if she moved in, but if the two of them want her to leave, then she will. Melanie thinks that’s a good idea. Carly notes that Maggie said this wouldn’t be a problem, but Melanie snaps back that Maggie thinks she can solve the world’s problems with her donuts, but unfortunately, reality isn’t as forgiving. Carly scoffs that Melanie isn’t very forgiving, either. Melanie reminds Carly that she asked how they felt, and she told her. She then suggests that Carly leave.

At the hospital in Cleveland, Brady gets a call from Arianna. She says that she needs to talk, but he explains that he can’t, as he is in Cleveland, and they found Nicole. Arianna asks if she and the baby are alright. Brady explains that Nicole is in the hospital because she was knocked unconscious. Arianna asks about Sydney, and Brady informs her that the baby wasn’t with Nicole when she was brought in.

Outside Nicole’s room, Rafe assures Sami that the good news is that they know when and where Sydney was taken, so they’ve got every cop in the city working on this. Just then, an officer comes over, telling Rafe that they’re taking the statements of the couple that saw Nicole, and asks if he wants to sit in. Rafe does, and asks Sami if she will be alright. She says she will be just as the Robinsons come over. They assure Sami that they are praying for her baby and they both head off. Rafe kisses Sami and follows. Sami grumbles that she isn’t praying--she’s going to do something about this.

In Nicole’s room, EJ demands to know where his daughter is. Nicole sobs, saying she doesn’t know where her baby is. EJ snaps that this is all her fault. Nicole bawls, saying she was calling Sami, and she was looking at Sydney the whole time. She admits that she can’t remember anything after that, and she doesn’t know why. EJ screams that he knows this is just another of Nicole’s performances, and he refuses to fall for it, as he knows she is lying. He again demands to know what she has done with his daughter. Sami rushes in just then, telling EJ to stop it, as threatening Nicole isn’t going to help. EJ shrieks that Nicole is lying, and that she isn’t going to get away with it. Sami scoffs, telling EJ to look at Nicole, who isn’t getting away with anything. She then reminds EJ that Nicole was knocked unconscious, and couldn’t have done that to herself. EJ retorts that the whole thing is a performance, and that Nicole probably handed Sydney over to someone that was helping her. EJ reaches over to throttle Nicole, threatening to kill her. Sami screams at him to stop. Nicole blubbers. A nurse rushes in just then, telling EJ to leave before she calls security. Nicole sobs hysterically as Sami tries to convince EJ to pull himself together.

Bo guesses that his present is a watermelon. Ciara giggles. Bo then points out Santa to her, and hands her a dollar, asking her to go over and put it in his kettle. Ciara agrees, and Bo warns to go over and come right back, and to make sure they can see her. Ciara heads off as Hope worriedly takes a seat beside Bo. Bo admits that she should have asked if it was alright with her but Hope says that she can be too protective at times. She then asks Bo if Carly really left. She knows Carly said she was, but she wasn’t sure if she meant it. Bo nods as Ciara rushes back over, asking Hope if they can go home now. Hope nods, saying she doesn’t see why not. Bo beams.

Mia apologizes to Carly for Melanie’s behavior, saying it isn’t as if she doesn’t like Carly, and if she really wants to move in, it’s not up to her or Melanie. Carly admits that’s true, but reminds Mia that she asked them both how they felt about it, and she wants to know the truth. Mia again tells Carly that she is just uncomfortable around her because she knows so much about her. Carly then tells Mia that while she can’t change how Mia feels, she really wishes she wouldn’t be so hard on herself for sharing her feelings with other people, especially someone that likes her. Melanie scoffs that she is laying it on pretty thick. Carly retorts that she just wanted to say that to Mia before she left. Melanie asks Carly pointedly if she can help her with her bag just as Maggie walks in, thanking Melanie, and telling her that she planned on putting Carly in the room next to hers. Carly informs Maggie that Melanie was talking about taking her bags to her car, since she isn’t staying here after all.

Brady fills Arianna in on Nicole calling Sami from Cleveland, and how Nicole didn’t say a word, but Sami could hear Sydney crying in the background. Brady then sighs, saying he thinks someone must have snuck up on Nicole, and that he’s sorry, as they were so close to getting Sydney back. Arianna tells Brady how sorry she is as a police officer approaches him, asking if he can speak with him. At the same time, Arianna says she needs to tell him something, but Brady puts the phone down before he hears her. He tells the officer to go ahead. Arianna, thinking that he is talking to her, tells Brady that she was wrong about a lot of things, and that she really cares for him. She adds that being with him is the best thing that ever happened to her, and she hopes she doesn’t screw it up. Brady, who hasn’t heard a word, tells the officer that he will be right there and picks up his phone. Arianna tells Brady that now would be a good time to say something.

The nurse gives Nicole an injection, telling her that it will help her sleep. EJ shouts that she can’t put Nicole to sleep. The nurse glares, telling him that she is getting the doctor. She heads off. EJ sits by Nicole’s side and puts his hand around her throat, telling her that this is her last chance to tell him where Sydney is. Nicole sobs, claiming she has no idea, and that EJ has to find her.

Maggie asks what is going on here, and Melanie explains that the three of them decided that Carly would be better off living somewhere else—preferably where her room mates are closer to her own age. Maggie assumes Melanie decided this, since Mia couldn’t possibly be so cold. Carly tells Maggie that Mia actually agrees with Melanie, albeit for private reasons. Mia tells Maggie that she is sorry, but Melanie tells her not to back down, since they won. She says she’s late, but tells Carly that she is sure she’ll be happier somewhere else. Melanie then flounces off. Maggie tells Carly to ignore Melanie, as she isn’t nearly as tough as she pretends to be. Maggie adds that Melanie doesn’t make the rules here, and that Carly is more than welcome to stay if she likes. Carly tells Maggie that she actually agrees with Melanie that it wouldn’t work out. Mia explains she has a headache and heads upstairs to her room. Maggie tells Carly abruptly that she wants to know what really happened here, since the two of them are now alone.

Brady tells Arianna that he has to go, but thanks her for calling. She stammers. He hangs up and heads out of the waiting room with the police officer. Arianna sighs, telling herself that the direct approach didn’t work out so well.

Sami demands that EJ stop what he is doing, as they need Nicole to be calm so she can think. EJ snaps that that will just make her lies seem more convincing, but Nicole shrieks that she isn’t lying. Sami demands that she calm down and tell her everything that happened. Nicole tearfully explains that she was at the pay phone, trying to call Sami to tell her that she made a terrible mistake. Sami says she believes her, and asks her what happened next. Nicole sobs, saying that she felt someone’s presence behind her, and she caught something out of the corner of her eye. Before she could turn around, however, she remembers a giant burst of pain, and then nothing, until she woke up here in the hospital. EJ shouts that she is lying. Nicole bawls.

Rafe runs into Stefano elsewhere in the hospital, and demands to know what the hell he is doing here. Stefano scoffs, saying he is obviously here to help find his granddaughter. Rafe wonders if Stefano ever thinks of anyone besides himself, and reminds him angrily that EJ and Sami are going through hell right now. He claims the last thing they need is to see the person that helped Nicole lie to them. Stefano snaps that everything he did was for his family’s sake, and he isn’t going anywhere until he knows Sydney is safe. Rafe wonders how Stefano can manage not to take responsibility for all this, but he scoffs that he isn’t answering to a boor like Rafe. Rafe retorts that he only tried to kill him, and then wonders aloud why Stefano supported Nicole over his own son. Stefano suggests he strut along elsewhere and continue his little game of make believe. Rafe snaps back that he can see where EJ got his charm. Stefano says that speaking of Elvis, he ought not to be allowed to be alone with Nicole, as he has quite a temper.

Nicole quietly tells EJ that she isn’t lying, and that he is wasting time yelling at her when he should be out looking for the person that has her baby. EJ snaps that Sydney is his and Sami’s baby as the doctor rushes in, telling EJ and Sami sternly to leave. Nicole sobs as the two head outside. EJ insists Nicole is lying, but Sami says they don’t know that. EJ claims the whole thing is staged and that Nicole must be working with someone. He vows not to let her get away with it this time. Sami sighs.

Ciara, Bo, and Hope head into their house. Ciara asks where the Christmas tree is, and Bo explains that it will arrive later on in the day. Hope kneels down, reminding Ciara that she has to go hide Bo’s present somewhere safe. Ciara grins and takes it, rushing upstairs. Bo jokes that it’s tough for them, since Ciara just wants a tree and some gifts, but Hope thinks she wants them back they way they used to be. Bo agrees that that is all Ciara wants for Christmas. Hope smiles.

Carly explains to Maggie that she was there for Mia when she was really alone, and she doesn’t understand why she feels embarrassed, since it isn’t as if it’s a secret that she had a baby. Maggie thinks Mia is also embarrassed about feeling close to Carly, and explains that trust is very scary to her. Carly says she can tell Mia is shy, but Melanie certainly isn’t. Maggie chuckles, admitting she sometimes wishes she could shuffle the two girls, since Mia takes everything so seriously. Carly doesn’t think Mia has had an easy time of it, and Maggie says Melanie hasn’t either, but it’s had different results. Carly admits Melanie had no problem dealing with her. Maggie apologizes, admitting that Melanie has a problem with boundaries. Carly says she knows Melanie is angry about the coffee incident, but when it came to wanting her not to move in, Carly thinks Melanie was just sticking up for Mia. She admits she likes that about Melanie. Perhaps she can’t move in after all, but she is glad someone is around to defend Mia.

Rafe admits that Stefano is right about EJ’s temper, and that he can barely contain his anger with Nicole. Stefano wonders if he is surprised. Rafe says he isn’t, but that he is concerned. He tells Stefano about Nicole calling Sami, possibly to turn herself in, and about how EJ snatched the phone and started screaming at her, even though it seemed as if she wanted to come back. Stefano scoffs that it seemed as if she was pregnant, and that Sydney was her baby. Rafe interrupts him, saying that the point is that they need Nicole to talk right now, and EJ is preventing that from happening. Rafe adds that if Stefano really wants to help, he needs to muzzle EJ and keep him from acting like a DiMera.

EJ tells Sami that he could really kill Nicole, and he wonders if she knows what it feels like to have loved someone and look into their eyes and know they’re lying. Sami thinks they need to be careful, as they can’t be sure Nicole isn’t telling the truth. EJ says he is sure, and claims Nicole is working with someone, and that she knows where Sydney is. Sami says he may be right, but his screaming at her isn’t going to help. Sami thinks they need to get Nicole to calm down, and perhaps then she will let something slip. She adds that the best thing EJ can do right is to go in there and tell Nicole that he forgives her. EJ says she won’t buy it, not after what he just did. Sami decides it’s up to her, and says she will talk to Nicole, but EJ claims that won’t work either. Sami says they have to figure out something. EJ agrees just as Brady walks in. EJ tells Sami that he has an idea.

Melanie greets Arianna at the pub, telling her that her sister is cute. Arianna agrees that she is adorable. Melanie can tell she is in a bad mood, and asks what happened. Arianna tells her that she talked to Brady, and that they found Nicole. Melanie thinks that is great news, but Arianna tells her they still have no idea where Sydney is. Melanie says that is great, and while it may seem shallow, at least Arianna can take comfort in the fact that Brady wanted to talk to her. Arianna claims she is worried about Brady, since Nicole took that baby and ran, and Brady is acting as if she is the victim in all this. She confides in Melanie that Brady thinks Nicole was going to bring Sydney back until EJ got on the phone and yelled at her. Melanie thinks Nicole is lucky EJ didn’t come after her with a tire iron. Arianna agrees, wondering why Brady can’t see Nicole for who she is, and that she is the one that caused all this pain and misery. Melanie hopes that Brady will now begin to see Nicole for who she really is, but Arianna fears that he never will.

Brady asks for news, but Sami tells Brady that Nicole is still claiming that she has no idea where Sydney is. EJ snaps that that means she’s still lying. Brady doesn’t think Nicole would do anything to endanger Sydney. Sami suggests that Nicole might think she is protecting the baby, but Brady says getting knocked unconscious while Sydney disappears isn’t exactly being protective. Sami admits that she and EJ have considered the fact that Nicole has someone working with her. Brady guesses angrily that that was EJ’s idea, and Sami tries to calm him down, saying that that he has to leave if he won’t agree to work with EJ. She reminds Brady that Nicole put him through hell. Brady agrees, apologizing, but insists that Nicole isn’t working with anyone. Sami says they need to find out the truth either way, and that they need Brady’s help to do that. He hugs Sami, telling her that that is why he is here.

Stefano thanks Rafe for his concern, but admits he doubts EJ would take any advice from him. Rafe agrees with that, saying he doesn’t think that EJ will ever trust him again. Stefano hopes he will, telling Rafe that time heals everything. Rafe scoffs. Stefano wonders how Rafe can be so cynical about their reconciliation, especially since Sami and EJ have been getting closer. Rafe claims that they are just working together to get their daughter back. Stefano wonders if he has considered what will happen if they get Sydney back, and comments on how selfless Rafe is. Rafe claims he is doing this all for Sami. Stefano then says that he thinks EJ and Sami are going to try to make a family for Sydney once they get her back, and claims he can picture the Christmas card with the four of them on it. Rafe thinks that it’s a fair argument that EJ and Sami might try to work things out for the kids. However, he doubts that that will happen, since EJ is as big of a jerk as Stefano is. He then adds that he is going to tell EJ that Stefano is here, since he loves spreading good news. He warns Stefano to stay away from Sami and heads off. Stefano scoffs, calling Rafe a poor fool.

Brady agrees to go talk to Nicole and see what he can find out. Sami thanks him, wishing him luck. Brady heads into Nicole’s room. EJ reminds her that Nicole has had Brady wrapped around her finger for the better part of a year, but Sami asks him not to think about that right now. Rafe comes over just then, telling EJ that someone is waiting for him in the waiting room, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. EJ, confused, heads off. Rafe then hugs Sami, asking how she is holding up. She tells him that Brady is talking to Nicole right now and that they’re hoping he might talk her into giving up some more information. She then asks where EJ went, but Rafe tells her she doesn’t want to know.

EJ heads into the waiting room and sees Stefano. He demands to know what he is doing here. Stefano claims that he came to help, but EJ tells him if he really wants to help, he’ll leave.

Brady heads into Nicole’s room and asks how she is doing. She says she isn’t well, since no one knows where Sydney is. She wonders why Brady is here, since he hates her, like everyone else does. Brady admits that he thought Nicole needed someone to be on her side. She wonders why he would be on her side, and Brady says it’s because she’s made mistakes like he has. Nicole then tells him that the doctors gave her something that made her sleepy, but every time she closes her eyes, all she can hear is Sydney crying. Brady tries to assure her that everything will be alright, but Nicole says it won’t be, since Sydney is probably scared right now. Brady agrees, and tells Nicole that that is why everyone is trying to figure out what happened, which is where Nicole can help them. Brady then asks her to tell him everything. Nicole sobs, demanding if he thinks she had anything not do with this. She says EJ thinks that, too, and wonders if Brady can really believe that she is hiding Sydney. She sobs.

Bo tells Hope that Ciara is upstairs playing with her dollhouse. He offers to make Hope some tea, and she jokes that she feels like a guest in her own home. Bo grins, promising to never offer her tea again, provided she moves back in. Hope sighs, admitting this isn’t easy, and that she probably looks like the bad guy. Bo says he never said that, but Hope reminds him that he didn’t exactly disagree, either, and she knows it’s true, since she is the one keeping her daughter from her father and breaking her heart in the process. Bo thinks what is going on just involves the two of them, but Hope says he knows it’s gotten a bit more complicated than just that. Bo thinks she must be talking about Carly, and reminds her that she is gone now. He knows Carly being gone won’t solve everything, but he is hoping it’s a step in the right direction. Hope puts her arms around him, telling him the best step in the right direction would be for him to tell her what is really going on with Carly.

Maggie tells Carly how sorry she is about all of this, but Carly tells her not to be. She says she has to go, but tells Maggie how lucky Mia and Melanie are to have her around. She heads off. Mia walks into the kitchen, asking if Carly is gone. Maggie doesn’t reply, and Mia assumes that Maggie must hate her. She adds that she knows she isn’t being fair, since Carly tries very hard to be nice. Maggie replies that Carly is nice. Mia tells Maggie tearfully that she isn’t sure why, but she just can’t deal with Carly. Maggie hugs her, trying to soothe her. Carly watches the two through the window, then walks off with a sigh.

Stefano reminds EJ that this is a terrible time for him, and he should be around family, but EJ scoffs that Stefano doesn’t qualify as family anymore. Stefano claims he can help, but EJ thinks those are the three most dangerous words in the English language. He snaps at Stefano to leave and huffs off.

Melanie thinks that Brady just went to Cleveland to try to help. Arianna believes that that is what he thinks he is doing, but she fears that Nicole will find a way to use him again. Melanie assures her that that nutcase is going to jail for a long time, and then Brady will be all hers. Arianna insists that she isn’t jealous of Nicole. Melanie sighs, telling Arianna that she has brooded over Brady for long enough. She claims it is time for Arianna to do something, and to actually fight for Brady. Melanie wonders if she is prepared to do that.

Brady tells Nicole that he has no idea what happened at the bus station. Nicole claims she doesn’t either and sobs, vowing on her own life and on Sydney’s life that she isn’t hiding her.

Bo reminds Hope that they have been over this, and he has to wonder why she just can’t accept that this isn’t his secret to tell. Hope reminds him that they are partners, and that they share everything. He retorts that she moved out of the house. Just then, the bell rings. Hope huffs over to the door, saying that she can at least pretend she still lives there. Bo grumbles that she chose to move out. Hope flings open the door to find Carly outside. She smirks. Bo sighs.

Arianna agrees to fight for Brady. Melanie claims her work here is done. Arianna thinks she is making it sound too easy, but Melanie tells her that those who hesitate are lost, and Arianna doesn’t want to lose Brady, seeing as how cute he is. Melanie heads off. Arianna thinks Melanie is right, and makes a phone call to the local airline.

Nicole bawls, begging Brady to help her, reminding him that he told her that he loved her. Brady vows to do so as Nicole’s sobbing quiets. He heads out of the room as Nicole tearfully prays that her baby is safe. Sami asks Brady if he got anything else out of Nicole. Brady then admits that while he knows Nicole was able to fool him about some things, he truthfully believes that she doesn’t know where Sydney is, and that she genuinely seems grief-stricken. Sami collapses into Rafe’s arms. Brady says he has to make some calls and apologizes for not being able to help more. Sami wonders worriedly who could have Sydney. Just then, Stefano walks in. EJ declares that he knows who has her, and asks Stefano if it’s him


Hope smirks at Bo, “Just one more secret you don't want to share?”

Kate glares, “Vivian, go to hell.”

Sami asks Stefano, “Do you know where Sydney is?”

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