Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s house, Carly admits to Bo that she is feeling nervous about moving in with Maggie, and asks Bo if he would like to come with her. He guesses that she’s worried Vivian might come after her daughter. Carly says that isn’t it now that Lawrence is dead, and that she was just hoping Bo could run some interference for her, as she fears she’ll make a complete fool out of herself when she talks to her daughter. Bo jokes that he can’t help her, as all kids think their parents are idiots. Carly sighs, saying she can’t even tell her that she is her mother, and that she can’t cry and has to act like it’s no big deal when really, it’s the most important thing she’s ever done.

At the pub, EJ asks Brady, Rafe, and Sami if they really think Nicole is going to pick up the phone and call from Cleveland. Rafe thinks it’s a possibility, and Brady nods, reminding EJ that Nicole has already called twice. EJ snaps that it came to nothing, and that they’re all wasting their time. Just then, Sami gets a call from the Cleveland area. She answers, asking if it’s Nicole on the other line.

At a bus station in Cleveland, Nicole lies on the ground unconscious as Sami calls out for her through the receiver. Sydney bawls in the background.

Back at the pub, Sami shrieks that she can hear Sydney crying and demands that Nicole talk to her.

Nicole mutters Sydney’s name.

Bo notes that Carly isn’t in any hurry to leave and asks if this is a sign that she is feeling insecure and ought to think about all of this a little longer. Carly says that isn’t it, and that she needs to tell him something. She then explains that she always thought she was pretty tough, but after years of being with Lawrence, she felt weak and worthless. She adds that ever since she showed up on Bo’s doorstep, he has been a rock for her, and he helped her to stop feeling so scared. Bo reminds her that she survived a plane wreck, eluded several assassins, and spoke with Vivian. He thinks doing any of those things would put her right at the top of any bravery list. Carly sighs and says that she gets that Bo doesn’t want any compliments, but she claims she needed him to know that she feels stronger now that he has helped her. She thanks him, telling him that he is a great guy. Bo admits that life can never be boring while she’s around. The two hug. Just then, Philip walks in, asking if Bo wants to go get a beer. He sees the two hugging and scoffs, guessing he doesn’t.

At the Java Café, Melanie confides in Arianna that she doesn’t feel like she is very mature, since she’s had to go through so many break-ups. Arianna suggests she try getting back together with Nathan, since her break-ups don’t seem very permanent. Melanie says that they are, but jokes that it takes three or four times for them to really stick. Mia comes over in a fog, telling Melanie that she forgot what kind of muffin she ordered. Melanie doesn’t blame her, since she ordered it nearly an hour ago. Mia snaps sarcastically that what kind of muffin Melanie wanted was on the top of her list of priorities and then storms off. Melanie tells Arianna that kicking someone while they’re down is just one more thing she has to be proud of. Mia heads over to the counter and stares at one of the fliers declaring that Sydney is missing.

Sami panics, telling the group at the pub that Sydney stopped crying. She begs Nicole to tell her what is happening. EJ snatches the phone from her just then, yelling through the receiver that that are coming for Nicole, and that she is going to pay. Sami tries to get the phone back as EJ continues to lay into Nicole.

As Nicole lies on the ground unconscious, the camera pans to a man’s hand hanging up the pay phone.

Bo introduces Carly and Philip. Philip tells her that he feels he should know her, and asks her sarcastically if she was planning on marrying his father before or after she married his brother. Bo tells Carly lightly that Philip has led such an exemplary life that he feels he has the right to insult strangers. Philip offers to go, since this clearly isn’t a good time, but Carly says she was on her way out anyway. She thanks Bo again and hugs him, then tells Philip to give his father her best, noting that the two are a lot alike. She heads off. Bo snaps that she is right, and that Philip is acting a lot like both of his parents. Philip retorts that he can’t be expected to welcome Carly back to town, but Bo thinks he was impolite and intended to upset Carly. Philip grumps that he will kiss up to her next time. Bo ignores him, asking why he is here. Philip admits he wanted to get a beer with Bo and ask his advice, but he isn’t sure about taking advice from a man who is separated from his wife and shacking up with another woman. Bo insists that Carly is jut a good friend and accuses Philip of making snap judgments just like his father. Philip replies that Ciara and Hope should be living here with Bo, not at his house. Bo scoffs in agreement. Philip then confides in Bo that he thinks it’s odd that Carly showed back up in town, and that now Vivian is back too, and dropped by earlier to say hello. Philip wonders what the hell is going on.

Melanie comes back to her and Arianna’s table with some muffins, joking that she ought to be better at apologizing since she has to do it so often. Arianna doesn’t think it’s easy to wait tables when you’d rather be alone. Melanie asks if she needs to be alone, and apologizes for carrying on about her stupid love life considering all that is going on with Sydney. Arianna admits that it’s nice to focus on something else for a while and assures Melanie that her love life isn’t stupid, it’s just complex—probably more than it needs to be. Melanie asks what she means, and Arianna reminds her that she has liked Philip since the moment she met him. Melanie admits that’s true, but claims it’s just a weakness, one that she needs to get over so she can be more strong and independent. Arianna isn’t so sure that’s an indication of strength, and reminds Melanie that not only does she have it bad for Philip, but he has admitted he wants to be with her, too. So Arianna has to wonder what the problem is, and what Melanie is so afraid of.

Sami shrieks at EJ to give her back the phone, and asks EJ angrily if he really thinks screaming at Nicole is going to get her back here. EJ hangs up and shouts back at her to calm down, and claims that if that was Nicole on the phone, the only reason she called Sami was to taunt her. Rafe gets off the phone with the FBI and tells Sami that they traced the call to a bus station in Cleveland. Sami panics, wondering where Nicole is headed, but Rafe assures her that the police are on their way, and are going to stop any bus leaving the station. Sami worriedly tells EJ that Nicole wasn’t calling to taunt her, and that there was a reason she wasn’t talking. Sami wonders what that reason is.

A man finds Nicole on the ground and worriedly asks if she is alright. Nicole doesn’t respond.

Bo guesses that Vivian showed up at the mansion and thinks Victor must have been thrilled to see her. Philip admits that Vivian and his father are pretty friendly, but he thinks it’s because Victor likes how crazy his mother gets about Vivian. Philip sighs, saying that once again, he’s caught in the middle of the ‘mommy’ wars. Bo wonders jokingly if it’s in their genes to screw up relationships. Philip reminds Bo that at least he has a good mother with strong values—all he has are two whack jobs. Bo doesn’t answer. Philip reminds Bo that he’s supposed to assure him his parents aren’t that bad, but Bo reminds him that Victor is also his father. Philip scoffs, saying that Victor isn’t any such thing, since Bo has always considered Shawn Brady to be his father. Bo admits that’s true, but says that he still has to deal with the fact that he has Kiriakis blood running through his veins. Philip thanks him sarcastically for lifting his sprits. Bo says he is just being honest, but Philip says he doesn’t want honesty—he wants to hear that everything is going to be alright. Just then Bo gets a call and says he has to take it. Just as he answers, someone knocks on the door. Philip offers to get it and heads over, opening the door. Nathan is standing outside. He and Philip glare at one another.

Melanie claims that she isn’t scared of anything, and that she just doesn’t think ‘having it bad’ for someone is the healthy basis of a relationship. Arianna thinks she has a better chance of making it work with a guy that turns her on rather than a guy that looks good on paper but doesn’t float her boat. Melanie isn’t so sure, but Arianna reminds her that tons of important men with proper wives explode in middle age and hit the Appalachian Trail. Melanie chuckles, but confides in Arianna that Nathan is wonderful, while Philip isn’t. Arianna reminds her she isn’t picking a Supreme Court nominee. She adds that Philip is wealthy and handsome, and most importantly, he gets Melanie on a level that Nathan doesn’t. Arianna wonders why that bothers Melanie.

Carly heads into the café and greets Mia, saying that she didn’t know she worked here. Mia asks what she can get her, and Carly orders a large black coffee. Carly makes small talk, telling Mia that she is moving into Maggie’s today. Mia says flatly that that’s great. Carly chatters on, asking Mia how often she works, and saying that it must be hard to work and go to school at the same time. Mia tells her sharply that her boss doesn’t really like his employees chatting with customers. Carly apologizes. Mia then adds that she’d like it if Carly left her alone once she moves in. Carly is taken aback.

Rafe and Sami assure one another that this is good news. Brady agrees and offers to go get the Titan jet ready, but EJ snaps that he is handling everything, and suggests that Brady leave. Rafe insists that Brady isn’t going anywhere, reminding EJ that Brady is the one person Nicole will actually talk to. Brady replies that it’s probably because he doesn’t yell at Nicole. Sami shouts at both EJ and Brady to stop, as she needs their help. Brady agrees and then assures Sami that everything is going to be fine and that they’re going to get Sydney back. EJ, meanwhile, gets off the phone and tells the three that everything is ready. They all head out the door after EJ.

An officer kneels down next to Nicole and tells another officer that she was the woman that took that baby. He exclaims that she was trying to leave the country. The other officer remarks that Nicole is now headed straight for nowhere. Nicole vegetates as sirens wail in the distance.

Philip demands to know what Nathan is doing here, and he explains that he came to see Hope. Philip scoffs that she isn’t here as Bo calls Nathan over, asking if Hope asked him to meet her here. Nathan says that she didn’t, and that he just stopped by after work to talk about some foundation business. Bo yells at someone over the phone not to do anything until they have Nicole in custody. He then barks at the person not to do anything until he arrives and hangs up. He asks Philip to fill Nathan in, as he has to go, and tells Philip to meet him at the pub later if he still wants that beer. Bo hurries off. Philip guesses that Bo wants him to fill Nathan in as to why Hope is no longer living here. Nathan says he had no idea, and Philip explains that Bo and Hope are going through a rough patch and are trying to work things out. Philip then abruptly apologizes to Nathan about what happened with Melanie. Nathan snaps that he knows Philip isn’t sorry, and demands that he stop patronizing him.

Melanie doesn’t think Arianna understands. Arianna says she won’t say anything bad about Nathan, but she just thinks Melanie wants to be crazy about him because he’s good-looking, reliable, and comes from a good family. Melanie claims she is crazy about Nathan, and adds that he isn’t some stick-in-the-mud. Arianna doesn’t think he is one, and then reminds Melanie that she told her that Philip was unreliable, self-absorbed and arrogant. Melanie says he is, but Arianna thinks that is exactly what she wants. Melanie says she’s wrong to feel that way if that is true, but Arianna claims this is about feelings, not what is right or wrong. Melanie suddenly demands to know what makes Arianna an expert on this subject. Arianna admits nothing at all does.

Mia apologizes to Carly, saying that she doesn’t normally speak to people that way. Carly claims that she understands and adds that she thinks Mia is under a lot of pressure, and that she can help. Mia admits she thinks it was a mistake to tell Carly so much about herself, since it’s weird for her that she knows nothing about Carly while Carly knows a lot of personal stuff about her. Carly starts to say something, but Mia reminds her she can’t chat at work. Carly apologizes again and offers to leave her alone. She backs up abruptly, bumping into Melanie. A pot of coffee spills over Melanie’s arm and she roars in pain. Carly tries to hand her a rag and apologize. Melanie fumes and cries out in pain as Carly looks on worriedly.

Rafe and Sami sit on a plane. EJ sits behind them. Rafe grumbles that he thought he was going to get to fly on a corporate jet. Sami reminds him that EJ said flying commercial would be faster, but Rafe retorts that driving would have saved time. Sami assures Rafe that he is always right, and that he doesn’t have to try to one-up EJ. Rafe apologizes. Sami then admits that EJ is definitely wrong about something, and that Nicole didn’t call to taunt her, and she didn’t take Sydney to spite her. Rafe agrees. Sami wonders why Nicole wouldn’t talk to her. Rafe thinks she probably had to take care of Sydney, but Sami claims she knows Sydney’s cry, and that something was really wrong. Rafe reminds her that she doesn’t know that and takes her hand, urging her to hang in there. He vows that it won’t be long before she has Sydney back in her arms.

In a hospital in Cleveland, an officer stands in Nicole’s room and tells the doctor that she’s the woman that kidnapped that baby. He asks when she will be able to answer questions, and the doctor informs him somberly that it’s a question of ‘if,’ not ‘when.’ Nicole lies in bed nearby, comatose.

Melanie squawks at Carly to leave her alone. Carly asks her to let her look at her arm, as she is a doctor. Melanie glares, asking if she is trying to go around drumming up business. Carly urges her to run it under some cold water, but Melanie retorts that she knows what to do, as she’s a nurse. Arianna rushes over, asking what happened. Melanie shows her her arm, and Arianna asks if she is ok. Melanie glares at Carly, saying she isn’t.

Philip tells Nathan that he doesn’t want there to be any hard feelings between them, but Nathan scoffs, asking why would there be, since Philip got what he wanted. Philip tells Nathan that he can think whatever he wants, but the fact of the matter is that he and Melanie never would have worked out. Nathan retorts that Philip doesn’t know him at all, and that if he and Melanie had stayed together, Philip would have just continued to try to break them up, since that is what he has been doing since the moment he learned they were together. Philip thinks Nathan is paranoid, but Nathan claims Philip has been trying to brainwash Melanie all along and convince her that he isn’t right for her. Nathan then adds angrily that it might not have worked out for him and Melanie, but at least he was on her side, and wasn’t out to use her at every opportunity like Philip. Philip says it isn’t that simple. Nathan replies that Melanie deserves better than Philip, and that he is going to make sure he leaves her alone for good. Philip smirks.

Carly sits at a nearby table as Melanie complains to Arianna loudly that they don’t need clumsy doctors around the hospital, since they carry sharp instruments. Arianna reminds her quietly that it was an accident and Melanie buries her head in her arms, saying she knows, and that she is just in a bad mood about Philip, and that she shouldn’t be taking it out on Mia and Arianna when they’re focused on Sydney. Arianna admits that the person she’s really worried about is Rafe, since all he can do is sit around and wait, and he hates doing that. Just then, Gabi walks over, asking Arianna if she has any news. Arianna shakes her head, and introduces Melanie to Gabi. Melanie says this must be the sister Arianna fights with all the time, and then quickly apologizes, saying she has to go. She says it was nice to meet Gabi and hurries off. Carly follows her. Gabi asks Arianna if the two were talking about how unreasonable she is. Arianna asks if they can call a truce, but Gabi says she just wanted information about the baby. Arianna admits she hasn’t heard anything, and adds that she doesn’t want to bother Rafe. Gabi suggests that she call Brady.

EJ grumbles about the flight taking off late and stands up, announcing that it’s imperative that the flight leave on time. Just then, Brady hurries onto the plane and over to the seat next to EJ, telling him that it’s his, and asking him to move his briefcase. EJ glares, saying he can’t believe Brady is the reason they’re taking off late. Brady snaps sarcastically that he’s also the reason for the recession and World War II. EJ warns Brady to keep out of his way for the rest of the flight. In front of the two, Sami sighs. Rafe hopes they will eventually stop fighting, but Sami doubts it. She adds that she is glad Bray is here, since he’s the only person able to get through to Nicole. Rafe assures her that Nicole won’t get away this time, and that they’re in the home stretch now. Sami still thinks something is wrong, as she doesn’t understand why Nicole called but wouldn’t talk to her.

At the pub, Bo barks at someone over the phone not to call for a press conference until they see how this plays out, as he is looking for a baby, not more publicity. Mia heads over as Bo hangs up, and she asks for news on the baby. Bo explains that he heard something, and it looks like it will be good news. Mia thanks God. Bo knows this must be rough on her, and offers her a seat. Mia takes it and says this shouldn’t be hard for her, since Sydney wasn’t her baby. Bo knows she thought she was for a little while, and those feelings just don’t go away, as she is a mother, and that’s what mothers are like. Mia scoffs, saying that her own mother isn’t like that at all.

Carly heads into Maggie’s place with a sigh, saying that that last encounter didn’t go so well, so she will just have to try again.

Arianna explains to Gabi that it is over between her and Brady, and she doesn’t want to look clingy. Gabi retorts that she seems unhappy, and reminds Arianna that she could make all of her troubles go away if she wanted. Arianna begs Gabi not to do this, but she refuses. She raises her voice, shouting that she can’t stop Arianna from dealing and using. Arianna insists she isn’t, but Gabi scoffs, asking what she was doing with all of those drugs. Arianna begs her to keep her voice down, but Gabi refuses to tiptoe around the fact that her sister is a drug dealer. Arianna claims she doesn’t understand, but Gabi says she refuses to sit by and keep her mouth shut when Arianna going back to prison will break their mother’s heart. Arianna grabs Gabi by the arm and drags her outside. Gabi snaps that she isn’t afraid of Arianna, but Arianna replies that she is scared to death that Gabi is going to send her back to prison or worse. Gabi asks what she means, and Arianna whispers that she is working undercover for the police. Arianna then asks her to please keep her mouth shut from now on.

EJ opens his laptop and Brady scoffs, asking if he plans to do some work. EJ says he is actually doing a crossword, but isn’t surprised to see Brady making snap judgments without knowing all of the facts. Brady tells EJ to take it out on him if he wants, but not to do so to Nicole when they get to Cleveland, as she is fragile right now. EJ thanks God sarcastically that he has Brady around to offer advice about his own wife. Brady grumps that he just thinks EJ getting angry won’t accomplish anything. EJ snaps that making things worse is actually Brady’s specialty. Sami groans in front of them, telling Rafe that she has the worst headache of her life, but she is feeling good compared to how Nicole will be feeling once she is through with her.

Nicole wakes up in the hospital with a gasp and calls out for Sydney.

Gabi thinks Arianna is lying, but she insists that it makes perfect sense, and that that is why she got out of jail early, why there were drugs in her room, and why she wants Gabi to go home so badly. Gabi thinks she should tell Brady, as they can get back together once he knows the truth, but Arianna tells her that Brady already knows, and that isn’t why they broke up. Gabi asks if it’s because Arianna has done something worse, or if it’s because Brady is in love with that other woman. Arianna retorts that her being honest with Gabi isn’t an invitation for her to evaluate her life. She again asks Gabi to go home, but she refuses to do so.

Philip reminds Nathan that he dumped Melanie, and he has no right to decide who she can see. Nathan says that Melanie can see whoever she wants; he is just going to make sure that Philip doesn’t see her. Philip snorts that it isn’t his call. Nathan claims that if Philip really cares for Melanie, he’ll give her the time and space she needs to figure this out instead of forcing her into something she isn’t ready for. Philip snaps back that Melanie is tough and smart and Nathan has no idea what he lost when he decided to treat her like some sorority sister. Nathan replies that he treated Melanie with respect, a word Philip can’t even define. Philip insists that he just wanted to be Melanie’s boyfriend, while Nathan was trying to be her mentor. Nathan warns Philip one more time to leave Melanie alone, saying they won’t talk about this the next time. Nathan storms off. Philip calls him a doofus. Nathan heads down the sidewalk, muttering that Philip a jerk.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s kitchen and trips over Carly’s luggage. She moves it out of the way, grumbling, then heads for the door. Carly comes in just at that moment, and the two startle each other, shrieking at the same time. Melanie asks what she is doing here, and Carly introduces herself, explaining that she just moved in. Melanie stares in shock.

Bo suggests that Mia give him her cell phone number, offering to call her when he hears anything about Sydney. She readily writes her number down as Bo explains that he doesn’t want her worrying any longer than she has to. She admits that Will always told her that Bo was nice, and she should have known that, since Will’s whole family is nice. Bo jokes that she must not have met Kate yet. Mia smiles wanly, saying that she always wished she had a family like Will’s. She then gets up, thanking Bo and saying that it was nice to see him again. Bo tells her not to worry about Sydney, as he has a feeling that everything is going to be alright.

Sami, Rafe, EJ and Brady rush into the hospital in Cleveland and tell a nurse that they were told that Nicole DiMera was brought in. The nurse says she was, but that she’s unconscious, and can’t have any visitors. EJ asks about the baby. The nurse asks what he is talking about. Sami explains that her daughter was with Nicole, but the nurse tells her that the woman wasn’t brought in with a child. Sami panics.

Philip and Bo have a beer together at the pub. Philip asks Bo if he has ever noticed a judgmental streak in the Horton family, and Bo replies sarcastically that Hope has always been warm and forgiving. Bo guesses that Philip is talking about Nathan and Philip nods, telling Bo that Nathan dumped Melanie, but thinks he has the right to tell Philip not to date her. Bo thought it was over between Philip and Melanie after that tape leaked onto the internet. Philip admits they might not be through. He then adds that he thinks Bo is angry with Hope because she didn’t treat him with respect. Bo admits that that bugs him. Philip then decides he doesn’t need Bo’s advice. Bo reminds Philip that he asked him down here for a beer. He adds that Philip has a tendency to screw things up with great-looking women. Philip vows that he won’t do that this time. Nathan dumped Melanie, and now he finally has a shot. Philip vows not to blow it.

Melanie asks Carly in surprise if she is living here now. Carly guesses Maggie didn’t mention it as Mia walks in. Melanie asks her to meet their new roommate and tells Mia to watch out, as she is dangerous. Mia starts to head upstairs, but Carly says that if Mia and—Melanie interrupts, telling her that she can call her ‘burn victim’ Melanie. Carly finishes, explaining that she will go if Mia and Melanie want her to. Melanie tells Carly that her leaving is a good idea, actually.

Sami suggests they call pediatrics and see if Sydney is there, or question the paramedics, but the nurse says it would be stated on the admissions form if Nicole had been brought in with a child. Brady rushes over with a doctor, telling EJ, Sami and Rafe that this is the doctor that has been treating Nicole, and apparently she was brought in unconscious and suffering from a head injury. EJ asks if she is awake, but the doctor says that Nicole can’t answer any questions. Besides, only family is allowed. EJ tells the doctor that he is her husband and rushes into Nicole’s room. An officer tells Rafe that a couple that saw Nicole and Sydney were brought in for questioning. Rafe heads off to talk to them. Brady rushes off to answer his phone. Sami sighs. Brady takes a call from Arianna in another waiting room. She tells him that she needs to talk to him. He explains that he can’t talk, as he is in Cleveland, and they’ve found Nicole.

EJ stands by Nicole’s side and shouts at her to wake up, as it’s all over. Nicole comes to and groggily asks him where Sydney is. EJ reminds her angrily that she is supposed to be telling him where Sydney is. Nicole moans. EJ demands to know where his daughter is.

Rafe rushes over with the couple Nicole was staring at at the station, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. The couple tells Sami that Nicole was with a baby in a stroller. They add that she was staring at them and their baby like she was thinking about something, and then she got up with the baby and left. The couple heads off as Rafe guesses that that was when Nicole went to the pay phones to call Sami. Sami says she knows Nicole called her, because she could hear Sydney crying in the background. Sami guesses in a panic that Nicole was hurt trying to protect Sydney. Rafe reminds her that they don’t know that, but Sami reminds him that someone has her baby. She wonders who does, and where Sydney could be.


Arianna tells Brady, “Hey, kind of need to talk to you. I need to tell you something.”

Stefano asks Rafe, “And what do you think is going to happen when they get their little girl back, huh?”

EJ screams at Nicole, “I am gonna kill you! You understand?” Sami tries to hold EJ back as Nicole blubbers.

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