Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole clutches her and Sydney’s bus tickets at the station. She tells Sydney that pretty soon they could be home-free and on their way to Canada. She adds that her mother and Brady told her to do what is best for the baby, but she just isn’t sure what that is anymore. She asks Sydney tearfully if she is doing the right thing, and wishes she had some kind of a sign.

Will opens the door at Sami’s place to find Lucas outside. Lucas gives him a hug, explaining that they let him out of rehab early, since he was an exemplary patient. Will wonders if Lucas told his mom he was coming back, but Lucas admits he hasn’t said anything to anyone, as he wanted to see Will first and let him know how sorry he is. Lucas vows that he will never hurt Will like that again. Will tells Lucas that he is glad he is back, but things aren’t okay right now. Lucas asks what is going on and Will explains it’s his mom, and that she has lost her baby again—his little sister.

At the pub, Sami asks Brady what exactly Nicole said as Rafe looks on. Brady explains that he told her that she was putting Sydney into danger by making her live on the run. He asked Nicole if she wanted to keep Sydney safe, and when she said she did, he told her to come home. Sami asks Brady if he really thinks Nicole will. Brady isn’t sure, as the phone went dead, but Nicole sounded worried and sad to him. He is sure that she is rethinking everything she has done, and what’s more, he believes she may be bringing Sydney home right now. Sami hugs Rafe, relieved. EJ sips tea at a nearby table and smirks.

A man over a loudspeaker announces that the bus for Toronto is now boarding. Nicole tells Sydney that that is their sign. She adds that now she knows she is right, and she’s going to take her far away so they can be together forever.

Stephanie leaves a manila envelope at Maggie’s back door. Before she can leave, Maggie opens up, asking what she is doing. Stephanie explains that the hospital administrator asked that she make sure Maggie gets this. Maggie wonders why she didn’t just ring the bell, and Stephanie sighs, admitting that she has kind of been avoiding Maggie since their conversation about Melanie and Nathan. Maggie asks if she means the conversation where she told her that she feared Melanie might hurt Nathan. Stephanie nods and admits that their relationship is none of her business. Maggie reminds her that Nathan is her grandson, and she’s protective of him. That’s why she’s so worried he might get hurt ever since she spoke with Stephanie. Stephanie sighs, telling Maggie that no matter how they feel, it’s too late, as Melanie and Nathan are together, and there’s nothing either of them can do to stop it.

Nathan walks into the Cheatin’ Heart and sees Melanie getting ready to kiss Philip. He storms over, demanding to know what the hell is going on.

EJ tells Rafe, Sami, and Brady that they’re out of their minds if they think Nicole is coming back on her own. He snaps that Nicole is mental, and he’s tired of Brady pretending to be some hero in all of this. Brady says he isn’t trying to be a hero; he just spoke to Nicole and wanted to let hem all know. EJ shouts that he did, too, and she seemed angry and defiant, and certainly not in any mind to return to town with the baby. Brady says she may have felt like that when EJ talked to her, but she didn’t seem that way when he spoke with her. Brady figures that EJ probably bullied her, like he always does. EJ asks sarcastically if being a compassionate junkie worked out better for Brady. Rafe shouts at the two to stop wasting time arguing as Brady retorts that Nicole isn’t crazy, and that she realizes what she has done. EJ scoffs as Rafe again reminds them that they’re wasting time fighting. Brady admits he is right, and says that what they need to do is try to trace the call Nicole made to him. EJ snaps that he is living in a fantasy world.

Nicole flashes back to Brady begging her to bring Sydney home so she can have a safe and happy life. A man walks over and interrupts her reverie, telling her that the bus has boarded. He asks if she and her baby are coming or not.

Melanie stammers. Nathan asks her angrily if she is going to say that this isn’t what it looks like. Melanie claims it just happened, but Philip says that isn’t true. He then tells Melanie that Nathan deserves to know the truth.

Will explains to Lucas that Nicole turned out to be a real psycho. Lucas shakes his head, upset over the fact that Sami thought Nicole was her friend. Will admits it’s hard to believe. Lucas then says he doesn’t understand something. He tells Will that for Nicole to have pulled this off; she would have had to have known that Sami was pregnant while she was in witness protection. Lucas asks how she found that out. Will admits that he doesn’t have all the details, but he thinks it has something to do with Chloe.

Chloe rushes over to Daniel at the hospital. She tearfully tells him that Nicole has kidnapped Sami and EJ’s little girl, and it’s all her fault. Daniel assures her that she just happened to trust someone who was untrustworthy, but Chloe says that isn’t what she means. She tells him that she made a mistake, one he doesn’t know about, and Chloe thinks it’s one of the worst things she has ever done.

Brady reminds EJ angrily that he is trying to help. EJ snaps that he doesn’t need Brady’s help, as his help is what led to him and Sami thinking that their daughter was dead. Brady tells EJ to go ahead and hit him if that’s what he wants to do. EJ reminds Brady in a rage that his sick infatuation with his wife and his jealousy are what led him to aid Nicole in her delusion. Rafe jumps in and reminds EJ that his daughter is still missing, and asks the two to shut up so they can get some work done. He tells Sami that he is going to tell Roman about the phone call and heads off. Brady again tries to assure Sami that Nicole called and sounded conflicted, but Sami snaps that she agrees with EJ, and she doesn’t think Nicole is coming back, no matter how guilty she feels. She adds that she knows Nicole feels Sydney is her daughter, and that she’ll do anything to keep her.

The man asks Nicole if she is getting on the bus. She says she is and promptly heads off with Sydney.

Maggie makes some tea and asks Stephanie to have a seat. She does so and Maggie asks if she thinks Nathan and Melanie are serious. Stephanie replies that she knows they are. Maggie asks if Nathan said something to her, and Stephanie admits that this was why she didn’t ring the bell. Maggie apologizes for making her uncomfortable, but Stephanie says it’s her own fault, as she really made a fool out of herself. Maggie guesses that Stephanie told Nathan about her feelings for him. She says she did, but Nathan isn’t interested, since he and Melanie are a couple. She adds that Nathan did say that he like her at first, but she was still involved with Philip, so he didn’t want to get in the middle. Maggie nods sympathetically as Stephanie confides in her that she thinks Nathan is going through the same thing with Melanie now. Stephanie reminds Maggie that she said that she feared Melanie would hurt Nathan because of Philip. Stephanie tells Maggie that she was right, and that Melanie can’t seem to shake the guy.

Philip tells Nathan that this is all his fault, as he was upset about something, and he tried to kiss Melanie when she was just calming him down. Nathan shakes his fist, telling Philip that he ought to drop him right here. Melanie steps in between the two, asking Philip if they can have a second alone. He agrees and heads over to the other side of the bar. Nathan asks Melanie angrily what her version of the story is, but she says it’s the same as Philip’s. Nathan glares, asking if Philip was really so grateful for her comfort that he tried to kiss her. Melanie nods. Nathan demands to know if she would have stopped Philip if he hadn’t walked in when he did. She shakes her head sadly. Nathan guesses that what she said before about it being over between her and Philip was a lie.

Chloe tells Daniel about Nicole calling to ask her for bail, and how she hung up on her. Chloe thinks that if she had tried to understand, and had been a better friend, then maybe Nicole wouldn’t have gone totally insane, and this all might have turned out differently. Daniel tries to soothe her, telling her she isn’t responsible for Nicole’s sanity. Chloe sobs, saying she should have been a loyal friend and shown some compassion. She bawls as Daniel hugs her, comforting her.

EJ demands to know why he and Sami should trust Brady when he bailed Nicole out of jail and is basically her accomplice. Brady admits that he made a mistake when he bailed Nicole out. EJ snaps that it’s good of him to admit it. Brady insists that he thinks Nicole wants to do the right thing, and that he heard it in her voice. He is sure that he got through to her. Rafe bursts in just then, saying he has news, and that they know where Nicole was when she called Brady. Sami gasps in excitement.

Nicole makes a call from a payphone as an announcement sounds that her bus is delayed for ten minutes. She calls Fay, telling her not to worry, and that they have the passports and are nearly on their way. Fay asks about Sydney, and Nicole smiles, saying that she is a real trooper. She then assures Fay that they will be fine, but says that she has to go, as the bus will be leaving any minute. She then hangs up and heads through the waiting room. Nicole catches sight of a mother and father with their baby. She flashes back to EJ holding Sydney for the first time. She then flashes back to Sami holding her later. Nicole comes back to the present and sighs.

Melanie tells Nathan that she wasn’t lying, and that in her head, she knows she wants to be with him. It’s her heart that’s the problem. Nathan shouts that he gets it, but Melanie claims he doesn’t. She says it isn’t as if she doesn’t have feelings for Nathan—she does—but she has feelings for Philip, too. Nathan scoffs, telling Melanie that she is twisted, and he’s leaving. Melanie sobs, begging him to stay, and reminding him that he said he would fight for her. Nathan yells that that was when he knew where he stood. He shouts that she can choose him over Philip until she’s blue in the face, but he has no reason to believe her. Melanie bawls.

Daniel begs Chloe not to put this all on herself, and reminds her that Nicole would have found a way to do what she did with or without Chloe’s help. He asks her to say that this isn’t her fault. Chloe tearfully repeats that it isn’t. Daniel kisses her and heads off, promising to be right back so that they can talk. Just then, Lucas walks over, calling Chloe a big-mouthed traitor. Chloe greets him, saying that she thought he wouldn’t be back from rehab for another month. Lucas snorts, asking what the hell she thinks she is doing. She asks what he means, and Lucas reminds her in a fury that she not only cheated on him, she took information he gave her in confidence and used it to ruin Sami’s life, too. Chloe sighs.

Rafe tells everyone that the cell Nicole used was traced to a tower in Cleveland. EJ wonders how they are going to find Nicole in such a big city. Brady suggests that they stop wasting time and head to Cleveland right away. EJ snaps that Brady isn’t going, as he isn’t a part of this.

Nicole tearfully tells Sydney that she loves her, but her love is keeping her from her mother, father, and the rest of her family, and that isn’t fair. The same man from earlier comes over to tell Nicole that the bus is boarding again, but Nicole wipes away her tears and shakes her head, saying that she and the baby aren’t going to Canada after all. She heads off with Sydney.

Melanie begs Nathan to give her another chance, though she knows she can be indecisive. Nathan doesn’t see the point, since Philip will be in her heart no matter how many more times they try to be a couple. Melanie claims that she is working on getting Philip out of her life, but it’s going to take some time. Nathan says he doesn’t have any more time and tells Melanie that they’re done. Melanie sobs, begging Nathan not to do this, but he repeats that they’re done and huffs off. Melanie sits at the bar and sobs. Philip comes over and puts an arm around her.

Maggie talks with Mickey over the phone as Mia studies at the kitchen table. Maggie tells Mickey she loves him, asks him to have a nice trip and hangs up, joking with Mia that Mickey is grumpy. She asks what she is studying, and Mia admits she’s working on her French. Maggie asks her in French if she likes coq au vin. Mia, surprised, says she didn’t know Maggie spoke French, and asks if she will help her get an ‘A.’ Maggie agrees, though she admits that her French is just passable enough to get a smile out of waiters. Mia thinks Maggie can get a smile out of anyone, as she is a beautiful person. Maggie thinks she’s sweet to say so, but Mia explains that she and Melanie were talking about how Maggie is Salem’s Lady Liberty, since she is always taking in the broken and the broken-hearted. Maggie hugs her, telling her that she and Melanie aren’t broken, they’ve just been through some hard times and need a sense of family. Mia admits she doesn’t know what she would have done without Mickey and Maggie’s help, and thanks her. Maggie tearfully says that she should be thanking her guests. She then says she has to go to the market and hurries off, flustered.

Lucas accuses Chloe of not even caring how miserable everyone else is, since she is so happy with Daniel. Chloe claims that she actually feels horrible about what happened, and that she tried to reach him in rehab, but Will refused to give her the number. Lucas scoffs, saying Chloe could have shown a little effort and showed up to tell him in person. Chloe apologizes for the fact that he is finding all this out just now, and admits that she feels sick about telling Nicole about Sami’s pregnancy. Lucas snaps that she should feel sick. He adds angrily that because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, Sami has been kept from her baby for nearly a year. He says this is all Chloe’s fault as Daniel rushes over, demanding that Lucas stop throwing around false accusations. He adds that he knows what Chloe has done, and blaming her for it isn’t going to help Sami or Will, and it sure as hell isn’t going to bring Sydney back. Daniel suggests Lucas do something to help find that little girl. Lucas calls him an SOB. Daniel accuses him of being a dry drunk—someone that is sober, but still behaves like an alcoholic. Lucas tells Daniel to shut up, but he refuses to do so until Lucas realizes that pointing fingers is the wrong thing to do. Daniel claims that all that matters right now is finding Sydney.

Rafe reminds EJ that Brady is the one person Nicole may respond to, and that the most important thing right now is bringing Sydney home safely. EJ reminds Rafe angrily that Brady conspired with Nicole from day one, and none of this would have ever happened if it hadn’t been for him. EJ then demands to know how they can even be sure Brady is telling the truth, since for all they know, Nicole called to tell him she was heading to Tanzania. Brady groans, asking why he would lie about something like that. EJ says it’s because Brady is a junkie, and he helped Nicole the whole way along, even up to helping her illegally adopt a baby. EJ claims he knows Brady is a liar, as he has proved it time and time again. Sami sighs.

Nicole stands in front of the payphone, telling Sydney that she has to do this. She puts a coin in the slot and gets ready to call EJ, but changes her mind, deciding that she can never do that, and that she’ll have to call Brady. Nicole dials.

Nathan heads over to the nurse’s station at the hospital. Stephanie thought he was meeting Melanie, but Nathan grumbles that he already did. Stephanie starts to ask what happened, but guesses Nathan won’t want to discuss it with her. Nathan snaps that he doesn’t, then softens, saying that it’s only fair that he tell her, since she put herself on the line before and told him that she was interested in him. He then explains that what Stephanie felt before when she told him about her feelings is the same way he felt with Melanie is just now. Stephanie asks if he means he felt rejected and humiliated, and wonders what happened. Nathan admits that Melanie isn’t over Philip at all. Stephanie, surprised, asks if Melanie said that, but Nathan says she showed him, actually.

Melanie tells Philip that this is what she gets for being flaky and indecisive. She then accuses Philip of getting a kick out of screwing things up for her, but Philip claims that isn’t true at all. He offers to go if it will make her feel better, but she admits that she wants him to stay so she can tell him off some more. Philip tells her to go for it, but she says she actually has to thank him for sticking up for her in front of Nathan and taking blame for the almost-kiss they shared. Philip guesses that Nathan didn’t buy it, and Melanie nods, saying that she told Nathan that she would have let Philip kiss her. Philip asks if that was why Nathan stormed out, and Melanie nods miserably. Philip says he can’t apologize for wanting to kiss her, but he is sorry she’s upset. Melanie claims she is upset because she lied to Nathan instead of being honest about her feelings for Philip. Philip sighs, telling Melanie that he knows he has screwed things up, and he hasn’t treated her well in the past, but all of that is going to change now that he knows he wants Melanie, and for the right reasons this time. Melanie bawls that she can’t do this and starts to rush off, but Philip stops her, begging her to choose him and be with him.

Brady calls EJ a smug hypocrite, and says that he can’t believe EJ of all people is accusing him of being a criminal—the son and partner of Stefano DiMera himself. EJ snaps that Brady could have prevented all of this, but now he suddenly wants to help. Rafe snaps at both of them to cut it out and says that what they all need to be doing is concentrating on finding Sydney. He then tells EJ angrily that whether he likes it or not, Brady’s connection to Nicole is important, and it’s all they have right now. He reminds EJ in a fury that none of them knows what Nicole will do next, so they all need to rely on each other. Sami then says that Brady might be right, and that Nicole could be trying to contact them right now.

Nicole hangs up the phone, deciding that she can’t call Brady, and that there’s only one person she should call. She puts more money in the phone and dials.

Philip is surprised that Melanie isn’t answering him, but she scoffs, reminding him that they haven’t made it past about a day and a half of being together. Philip admits that she is right, but thinks that things will be different now. He says that things have changed from his point of view, and that he thinks that he and Melanie would be unstoppable as a couple. Melanie believes that Philip thinks he has come to this amazing decision to settle down and be happy with her, but she isn’t ready to settle down right now. She adds that just because Nathan walked out on her doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have feeling for him anymore. She guesses that when people say she is unreliable and can’t make up her mind, they must be right.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he will spare her the gory details. She says she is sorry for whatever happened, as she can tell that he is upset. Nathan starts to head off, but Stephanie stops him, telling him that he is a good guy, and is kind and sincere, so it’s unfair that he isn’t getting what he wants. Nathan thanks her for saying that, but tells her that she is wrong.

Daniel finds Chloe still at the hospital, and asks why she is here, as he thought she was going home. She admits that she wanted to stick around to thank him for sticking up for her in front of Lucas. Daniel claims he was just telling the truth, but she reminds him that he always has her back, no matter what happens. Daniel admits that it sometimes feels like it’s them against the world, but he vows to always slay any dragons in her way. She wonders how she got so lucky. The two kiss.

Maggie runs into Lucas at the pier, and he tells her that he is completely rehabilitated and back in Salem for good. Maggie is glad to hear it. Lucas abruptly asks her if she knows what a dry drunk is. He then adds that someone told him he was acting that way, since he is still bitter and judgmental. Maggie asks if something happened since he returned to town. Lucas admits that he confronted Chloe when he heard about what happened to Sami, and that he couldn’t believe she had betrayed him by telling Nicole about Sami’s pregnancy. Maggie guesses that he now feels guilty, and Lucas nods, admitting that he knows it’s really his fault, since he was the one that broke Sami’s confidence by telling Chloe in the first place. He says that he feels responsible for what happened to Sydney, and adds that he doesn’t think he can show his face in front of Sami or Will again if something happens to that baby. Maggie thinks Lucas has learned a lot in rehab, sine he is now taking responsibility for his actions. She tells him how proud she is, and the two hug.

Rafe comforts Sami as EJ scoffs, saying that thanks to Brady, Sami has deluded herself into thinking Nicole might call her, when the whole idea is ridiculous. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. She snatches it up and breathlessly tells Rafe it’s a 216 area code. Rafe says that that’s Cleveland.

Nicole stands at the payphone, listening as Sami’s phone rings.

Nathan explains to Stephanie that he doesn’t always deserve to get what he wants, since bad things happen to people all of the time. He adds that it’s probably a good thing this happened anyway, since if it hadn’t, he would just be delaying the inevitable. Nathan then tells Stephanie that he has decided to move on, even though he hates that tired expression. Stephanie thinks tired expressions work sometimes, and grins to herself as Nathan heads off.

Melanie tells Philip that she needs to go home. He wants to take her, but she snaps that she is going alone. Philip says he understands if it takes Melanie some time to figure this all out, but he isn’t giving up. She begs him to let her go, but Philip claims that he never will. Melanie groans.

Sami answers the phone and asks if this is Nicole.

Nicole lies on the floor of the bus station, unconscious. The receiver of the phone dangles nearby. Sami calls out for Nicole, asking if she is there.


Sami shouts, “There's a reason that she wasn't talking. Why wasn't she talking to me?”

Someone finds Nicole, “Miss, are you-- oh, dear Lord.”

Mia snaps at Carly, “I'd like it if you just left me alone.”

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