Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Roman reminds Arianna that getting caught isn’t an option. She claims she understands perfectly, as she knows the dirt bags she deals with would kill someone as soon as they’d say hello. She adds that there is a way to find out who is running this operation, and once she does, he’s going down. Just then, EJ walks over, noting that Roman seems very focused on Arianna. He says that he is sure that whatever she has to say is very important. Roman and Arianna exchange glances.

Rafe is on the phone at Sami’s place, asking someone what the woman in question looks like. He nods, saying that sounds like Nicole. He asks about the child, but his face falls, telling the person that Sydney is only ten months. He asks him to fax over the photo anyway and hangs up. Sami, who is on the computer, guesses Rafe hit another dead end. He admits he did and apologizes. Sami says it’s alright, as she isn’t upset, she’s angry and frustrated. She vows that when they find Sydney, Nicole is going to wish she was never born.

In her hotel room in Cleveland, Nicole gathers up a few last things and tells Sydney that they are almost ready to go. She adds that once they’re out of here, they’ll be safe, and no one will try to keep them apart ever again. She grabs her purse and starts to wheel Sydney’s stroller out into the hallway, but the hotel manager is outside her door with a newspaper. The headline screams the news about Sydney’s kidnapping, and has pictures of both Nicole and Sydney. The hotel manager scoffs, asking Mrs. DiMera why she’s in such a hurry. Nicole turns pale.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian rummages through her purse. She jokes with Philip that he sounded just like his father when he told her they needed to get some things straight. She pulls out her phone and asks Philip how to work it, as she wants to take a photo of him to send to her friends. That way they can see what a handsome son she has. Philip snatches the phone and warns her to listen hard. He informs her coldly that she isn’t his mother, and that she never will be.

Melanie heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and leaves one of her friends a message, saying she is a little early for their study session, and reminding her to bring her physiology notes. She hangs up as Brady walks in with a stack of flyers. Melanie asks what is going on, and Brady tells her he’s putting up posters of Sydney. Melanie remembers that that psycho Nicole kidnapped her and tells Brady that luckily, he still has Arianna. Brady scowls, explaining that the two broke up. Melanie wants to know why, but all Brady will say is that it’s complicated. Melanie scoffs, guessing that they broke up because of Nicole.

Roman tells EJ that he isn’t sure what he means, and EJ explains that he assumed Arianna had more information from her sister about Nicole. Arianna stammers that there is nothing new to report, and tells EJ again how sorry Gabi is that she helped Nicole, especially as she had no idea who the woman was or where she planned on going. EJ claims he understands, as it isn’t Gabi’s fault. Arianna thinks it must be terrible to not know where your daughter is. EJ makes a face, but thanks her for her concern. Arianna promises to let him and Roman know if she hears anything, and she heads off. Roman tells EJ he doesn’t have any news, either, but EJ says that he does.

Rafe asks Sami if she has had any luck with the missing person websites. Sami shakes her head, explaining that she talked to her brother Eric, who left Nicole a message, but she hasn’t called him back. Rafe thinks that one was a long-shot, anyway and Sami agrees. Rafe suggests they get out of here and get something to eat, but Sami grumps that she isn’t hungry. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Roman, and he tells Sami that he spoke with EJ, and the two of them have a lead. He asks Sami to come down to the pub right away, and she agrees. She hangs up, ecstatic, and tells Rafe what is going on. The two rush out of the townhouse.

Nicole thinks the manager has her confused with someone else, but the woman shakes her head, saying that the woman on the front page of the paper is Nicole, before she turned into a brunette, and the little girl is her daughter—or at least she was until Nicole made her look like a boy. Nicole, exasperated, admits that it is her, but doubts that the newspaper article told the whole story. She then explains that her husband is a very powerful man who is controlling and abusive. She claims she’s a dead woman if he finds her. The woman doesn’t believe Nicole, and informs her that it is going to cost her if she wants her to keep quiet. Nicole tries to push past her, saying she doesn’t have time for this nonsense, but the woman shakes her phone in Nicole’s face, saying she has 911 on speed dial, and she isn’t afraid to use it.

At the hospital, Nathan helps Stephanie to sit down in the waiting area as she protests that her ankle is fine. Nathan asks her to let him earn his pay and examines her ankle. He asks critically if she has been icing it and pokes around, asking if she feels any pain. Stephanie again insists that she is fine. Nathan disagrees, but admits that it has nothing to do with her ankle.

Vivian tells Philip that she is hurt, and wonders how he can be so cruel after she carried him for nine months. Philip snaps that she stole an embryo that just happened to be him. Vivian claims that she felt he was her son from the moment she felt him kicking. She says that giving birth to him was magical, and that watching him grow up was joyous. Philip just remembers a lot of tears and fights, and Vivian admits that she is sorry he got stuck in the middle of it all. Philip scoffs, saying that Vivian is a joke for showing up here after so many years and pretending there is a bond between them when all she did was use him. Vivian, shocked, says that that isn’t true. Philip vows not to let her use him again and points to the door, telling her to get out of his life and stay out.

Melanie wonders what is wrong with Brady, as Arianna is smart and beautiful and fun, while Nicole is conniving and evil. Brady admits that he knows what Nicole did was wrong, but she isn’t a monster. Melanie isn’t so sure, but Brady claims that Nicole has had a tragic life, and that the miscarriage pushed her over the edge. Melanie scoffs, saying it sounds as if he is defending her. Brady claims she just wanted a family, and that she really does love Sydney. Melanie adds that he loves Nicole too-- even after all of the pain she has caused him. Melanie then reminds him that he tried spilling his guts to Nicole, and she went ahead and married EJ anyway, so it isn’t even as if Nicole loves Brady back. Brady sighs, saying that he isn’t trying to get back together with Nicole, as he knows she wouldn’t be good for him. Melanie wonders why he is letting Nicole screw things up for him and Arianna, and he tells Melanie quietly that you can’t help who you fall in love with. Melanie shakes her head sadly, admitting that he is right about that. She then adds that since both he and Arianna are her friends, she just wants them to be happy. Just then, Arianna walks over and greets Melanie. She explains that she has to meet a friend for lunch and hurriedly heads off. Arianna and Brady stare at one another.

Sami and Rafe rush into the pub, asking for news. Roman explains that Nicole called EJ. Sami asks when she called. EJ says it was a little over an hour ago and assures Sami that Sydney is fine, as he could hear her in the background. He then explains that Nicole wanted to say goodbye, and tell him what a bastard he is, and how impossible he was to live with. The important thing is that she seems to think Sydney is better off with her, so she called to say goodbye. Sami asks if they traced the call. EJ shakes his head, saying that that is why he came to see her father. Roman tells Sami that they’re trying to get a location, and that they should hear something soon. Sami reassures EJ that they will get Sydney back. EJ takes her hand, saying he knows they will.

Nicole tells Marge, the motel manager, that she has nothing of value, and all the cash she has left has to go to feed her baby. Marge thinks she ought to turn Nicole in anyway, as there is probably a reward being offered. Nicole begs her not to call the police, but Marge insists. Nicole, desperate, tells her to go ahead, even though a lot of cops around might be bad for business. She reminds Marge of all the shady things going on in the hotel, and she figures the good news is that she and Marge might be able to share a cell together. Marge scowls, telling Nicole to get out of her face. Nicole says she will, gladly, and breezes past Marge. She turns back to warn her that she has bedbugs, and that if she doesn’t keep quiet about all this, Nicole will just have to send out a twitter to the entre Midwest about the motel’s infestation. Marge glares. Nicole heads off with the baby.

Vivian tells Philip that she is saddened, as she was hoping she could be there for Philip considering that his own mother, Kate, betrayed him by marrying Stefano. Philip snaps that she thought wrong. Vivian sighs, admitting that she has been out of touch, but when she heard Philip was going to be CEO of Titan, she was brimming with pride. Philip reminds her that she never once called him. Vivian claims that she was trying to keep her distance, since she knew Kate didn’t want her in Philip’s life. Philip asks her angrily if she planned to swoop in the second he cut ties with Kate. Vivian claims she would never try to replace Kate and tells Philip that she just wants to be the kind of mother Kate could never be. She adds that she would only have his best interests at heart. Philip retorts that if that is true, then she’ll never show her face around here again. Vivian tells him that she can’t do that. Despite what he says, she knows Philip needs her now more than ever—and she isn’t going anywhere.

Arianna asks Brady if he has heard from Nicole. He says he hasn’t, but she isn’t surprised. Brady admits that he knows Arianna is mad that he called Nicole, but he really believes that he can convince her to bring Sydney home. Arianna scoffs, asking if that is because of the great love the two of them share. Brady protests, but she cuts him off, saying that she has to go, but she wishes him luck in getting through to Nicole.

Sami and EJ have coffee alone at one of the tables. Sami thanks him for going to her father, as she knows going to the police for help isn’t his first instinct. EJ says he is trying something new, which is to do the opposite of what he thinks his father would. Sami chuckles, saying she thinks that’s a good plan. EJ adds that he is giving Roman the benefit of the doubt when he says that working with the police is the best way to bring Sydney home. Sami hopes it works out as well. Just then, Roman gets a call. Sami jumps up and rushes over to the bar, asking if they know where Nicole is.

Nicole meets a man at the bus station. He hands her the two passports, and she tells him how much she appreciates him putting them together so fast. The man barks that she can show her appreciation by paying him the rest of the money he’s owed. Nicole reminds him that he was paid this morning, but the man claims that was just a down payment. Nicole agrees to give him a hundred dollars and hands it over. The man snatches it as she remembers that she needs it for bus tickets. The man shrugs and heads off with her money. Nicole groans, wondering what she is going to do now. She then takes a seat next to an older woman who crows over Sydney. Nicole tells her that she can hold the baby if she likes and the woman kneels down to talk to Sydney. Nicole sneaks the woman’s cell phone out of her purse. She throws her own into a nearby trashcan and puts the woman’s phone into her purse.

Melanie and her friend Alicia have lunch at the Cheatin’ Heart. Melanie confides in Alicia that she and Nathan are dating, but that they aren’t really supposed to be, since they’re colleagues. Alicia asks if that means that the two can’t be seen together. Melanie says they technically shouldn’t be, but some people know and just kind of look the other way. She then shows Alicia a picture of Nathan on her phone, saying that he’s just gorgeous. Alicia catches sight of Philip, who has just walked in. She thinks he’s gorgeous. Melanie turns around and she and Philip stare at one another.

Stephanie claims that she doesn’t know what Nathan is talking about, but he thinks she knows things have been strange between them, and since they’re friends, he doesn’t want things to be awkward. She asks why he would think that, and he starts to tell her what Melanie thinks, but Stephanie doesn’t want to hear it, saying she can probably guess. Nathan tries to drop it, saying he’s sorry he brought it up, but Stephanie says she is sure Melanie thinks she has a thing for Nathan. Nathan admits that is true. Stephanie then guesses that Melanie is now intimidated because she thinks she might make a big play for Nathan.

Roman asks the person on the other end of the line to call if he hears anything else and hangs up. Rafe asks what is going on, and Roman explains that they didn’t get a trace. He then tells Sami that he is sorry, but it looks like they won’t be able to get one at all. Sami flies into a rage, reminding Roman that Nicole called EJ to say goodbye, and probably won’t call any of them again. Roman tries to clam her down, but Sami shrieks that she can’t just sit here and do nothing. She starts to rush off, but turns her ankle and falls into EJ’s arms. He catches her and tries to soothe her, asking her to calm down. Sami huffs and puffs.

Nicole tells Sydney that she feels guilty about having to steal, but sometimes you have to do bad things if you have a really good reason, and she can’t think of a better reason then making sure the two of them stay together. She then tells Sydney that she is going to have a great life in Canada, and the best part is that she won’t have to grow up with all of those people fighting over her. Nicole claims she can’t wait to forget all about that miserable little town and the horrible people in it—all except Brady, who is a good person even though he wanted her to go back to jail. Nicole then gasps, figuring that everyone in town must know by now that Brady bailed her out. She worries that people may think that he helped her escape and takes out the woman’s phone, dialing Brady’s number. She prays that he isn’t in any trouble. Brady is walking along the pier when his phone rings. He answers, and Nicole greets him, telling him it’s her. Brady sighs.

Alicia thinks Mr. GQ is checking Melanie out, but she huffs that she doesn’t care, since she already has the greatest boyfriend in the world. Alicia tells Melanie that she has a shift to cover, and promises to talk to her later. Alicia hen heads off. Melanie heads over to Philip, who is having a drink at the bar She asks if he is stalking her. He grumbles that he is having a drink, and it has nothing to do with her, not that she cares either way. Melanie claims that she does care, actually.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he has a confession to make—that from the moment he bumped into her, he always thought she was the kind of person he’d want to be with. Stephanie wonders why he is telling her this now, and Nathan admits that he didn’t want to get involved in her and Philip’s drama. Having finished rewrapping her ankle, Nathan tells her she is good to go. He then apologizes for making a big deal out of this, and starts to head back to work. Stephanie stops him, asking him abruptly what he would say if Melanie was right about her having a thing for him.

EJ suggests that Sami sit down, but she says that she doesn’t care about her twisted ankle, and that she can’t just sit here and do nothing. Rafe stops Sami, reminding her that he promised they would get Sydney back. He asks her pointedly if he has ever broken a promise he made to her. Sami admits he hasn’t. Rafe soothes her, vowing that they will bring Sydney home safely.

Brady tells Nicole how glad he is that she called, and asks where she is. She tells him that she can’t say. Brady asks how the two of them are. Nicole says she and the baby are fine, and it’s actually him that she is worried about, since she figured people were accusing him of helping her to get away. She adds that she feared he might have been arrested. Brady is shocked that she is calling because she’s worried about him. Nicole tells Brady that she cares about him, and other than Sydney, he’s the only person she cares about. Brady tells her that if that is true, then she needs to come home right now.

Melanie asks Philip if something happened at work or with his father. Philip shakes his head. Melanie asks about his mother, but Philip wonders which one she means. Melanie doesn’t understand. Philip then explains that he is the biological son of Victor and Kate, but his surrogate was Vivian Alamain, thanks to the fact that she stole him as an embryo. Melanie, shocked, says that she had no idea. Philip admits that it isn’t one of his favorite topics, and adds that Vivian is back in town trying to coddle him and talking to him about how much she missed him. Melanie admits it’s a tough situation, but Philip thinks it at least give him the chance to be a screw-up, since he can’t be expected to be a success when he was stolen as an embryo. Melanie knows it isn’t normal to start out life that way, but she reminds Philip that she also had a rough childhood, so she knows what he is going through.

Stephanie admits that she is interested in Nathan, and hopes that all the awkwardness will go away now that everything is out in the open. Nathan stammers, thanking her for being honest. She guesses he feels tense now, and says she understands, but reminds him she’s the one that should be tense, since she just opened herself up to rejection and humiliation. She then says that she likes to be direct with people, and she can’t stand playing games. Nathan claims he feels the same way. Stephanie says she doesn’t think she would have had the courage to tell him the truth if he hadn’t told her that he thought at one time that she was the right person for him. Nathan sighs, saying he thinks she’s amazing and beautiful—Stephanie interrupts, saying she knows he thinks Melanie is the right person for him, and she gets that. She then tries to change the subject to the Bulls. Nathan tells her how sorry he is. Stephanie asks him to stop apologizing, saying it’s better this way now that everything is out in the open. She starts to head off, but Nathan grabs her, asking her to wait.

Rafe sits Sami down and takes a look at her ankle as Roman brings her a glass of water. Sami thanks them both, saying that she will be fine. She admits she knows she is acting crazy, but it’s hard to sit here and do nothing. Rafe assures her that she isn’t crazy, and that she is jut acting like a loving mother that lost her child. Rafe asks her never to be sorry about that.

Nicole tells Brady that she can’t come home, as Sydney will be taken away from her. Brady thinks she is a good person deep down, and that she knows this is wrong. He reminds her that they both played God with that little girl’s life, and now it’s time to do what is right. Nicole whines that Sami did the same thing, but Brady tells her to drop it. Nicole claims that she has nothing left to say now that she knows Brady is alright. Brady asks her not to go, but she wonders why he cares, since he now has a great life with his new girlfriend. Brady informs her that the two broke up—and they did so because of Nicole.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she really has to get back to work, but Nathan says that he needs to apologize if he led her on in any way or wasn’t honest with her from the beginning. Stephanie says he didn’t do anything wrong, and while she can’t honestly say that she thinks Melanie and Nathan will be happy together, she can wish him the best of luck, and hope that neither of them get hurt. She heads off. Nathan sits down in a chair with a sigh.

Philip tells Melanie that he doesn’t need her pity. Melanie says she doesn’t pity him, but she does know what’s like to have a hard childhood. She says it’s especially hard when you start blaming yourself for your childhood, and thinking that it’s your own fault. She takes Philip’s hand in hers. He thanks her for being there for him.

Arianna heads into the pub, visibly upset. Rafe asks what’s wrong, and she explains that she ran into Brady. Rafe asks if Brady has spoken with Nicole. She says he hasn’t, and that he seems pretty upset about it. She then explains that she needs to go upstairs, finish her work, and try to get what is left of her life back on track. Roman, who is sitting nearby with Sami, tells her that he needs to go talk to Rafe. She assures him that she will be fine, and he heads off. EJ comes over with some coffee and asks about the lead. Sami says it didn’t pan out, but the next one will. They then take turns reassuring each other they will get Sydney back.

Nicole tells Brady how sorry she is that she ruined things for him and Arianna. Brady explains that that is in the past, and that the most important thing is he should hate Nicole, but he doesn’t, and he can’t. Nicole isn’t sure what to say, but Brady begs her to say she’ll come home. He knows she loves Sydney and wants her to have a good life, and to be happy and safe. Nicole admits tearfully that she does want that. Brady begs Nicole to make the right decision and be the woman he knows she can be—the one he fell in love with. Nicole sobs, saying she knows he is right. Just then, the phone battery dies. Nicole bawls, asking Sydney what she should do.

Stephanie flashes back to fantasizing about kissing Nathan. She shakes her self out of it, saying that it didn’t happen, and it never will.

Melanie and Philip move in to kiss one another. Nathan walks into the bar and sees the two. He stares in shock.

Brady rushes into the pub and tells Roman, Rafe, Sami, and EJ that he just got a call from Nicole. Sami asks where she is. Brady says he isn’t sure, but he thinks he may have talked her into bringing Sydney back home.

Nicole tells Sydney that they could be in Canada right now. She adds that her mother ad Brady both urged her to do the right thing for Sydney, but she isn’t sure what that is anymore. She sobs, asking Sydney if she is doing the right thing.


Nathan asks, “What the hell is going on?” Philip replies, “Nathan deserves to know the truth.”

Brady tells Sami, “I swear to God, I think she's on her way back.”

Nicole says, “I have to go. The bus is gonna leave any minute.”

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