Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/1/09


Written By Jenni
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Carly heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and over to Hope. Hope snaps that there are plenty of empty tables, but Carly explains that she wanted to talk to her, and tracked her down with Maggie’s help. Carly then sits down and explains that she thinks the only way this will work is if she and Hope are completely honest with each other. Hope assumes that she must want to admit that she came back to Salem to steal her husband.

At the pub, Roman barks over the phone to someone that he doesn’t care how much overtime is involved, and that they had better get to work cutting paychecks. He hangs up as Bo heads over, asking for news on Nicole and Sydney. Roman tells him there’s nothing new to report, and Bo offers to drop a government task force meeting he has in order to help Roman. Roman retorts that the only thing he wants Bo to drop is his obsession with Carly.

Vivian and Victor are in the woods, bird-watching. Vivian exclaims that she can’t believe a goldfinch would be this far North at this time of year. Victor grumbles. Vivian guesses that she must be boring him to death. Victor admits that birds are nothing more than flying rodents to him, but she thinks he must have other things on his mind—like Kate, for instance. Victor scoffs, saying that he tries not to think of Kate at all. Vivian thinks he still does, though, especially since she married Stefano. She tells Victor that while that was a real slap in the face, he will end up having the last laugh. Vivian guarantees it. She imitates a bird call and heads off through the woods.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip leaves Melanie a message, asking her to meet him so they can talk and see what happens. Kate bursts in just then, telling Philip that he isn’t going to believe what she has to tell him.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ answers the phone to find Nicole on the other line. He demands to know where she is, but Nicole says that isn’t important right now. She says that the only thing he needs to know is that his daughter is safe and with the only person that has always loved her for who really is. EJ asks what it is she wants. Nicole reminds him that the two of them could have had it all, but he was abusive and selfish throughout their entire marriage. EJ wants to discuss this, but Nicole barrels over him, sobbing that all she ever tried to do was protect him and Sydney from what Sami wanted to do to them. She tells EJ that all he cared about was himself, however, so she is out of his life for good, and so is Sydney. Nicole then declares that this is nothing more than a goodbye call. EJ reminds her of what will happen to her if she is caught and wonders if she is out of her mind. He shouts that she can’t just kidnap someone’s child and expect things to turn all right in the end. Nicole tells him that she didn’t mean for things to happen this way. She explains that she came to the mansion to say goodbye and to apologize for what she had done. Then she found Sydney alone while Sami and EJ fought in the foyer. That was when she realized what Sydney’s childhood would be like, and she knew she had to protect her from EJ and Sami. EJ snaps that Sydney is his and Sami’s child, not hers. Nicole retorts that Sydney is her child and always has been, and that he and Sami will never see her again.

Bo reminds Roman that this is his personal life, but Roman retorts that Abe has taken a lot of flak over the way Bo jumped into Carly’s case. Bo snaps that there is no case, as Carly has been exonerated. Roman says that this is about politics and informs Bo that the D.A. hates his guts. Bo says that the feeling is mutual, but Roman reminds him that if the D.A. claims that Bo can’t be objective, then it will come back to haunt Abe, as he is the mayor, and doesn’t live in a vacuum. Bo grumbles that Abe will do what he has to as mayor. Roman asks if he really wants to say to hell with everything—his career, marriage, and his little girl’s happiness. Roman tells him angrily to use his head and break it off with Carly. Bo tells Roman to relax, and informs him that Carly is actually moving out.

Carly wonders if Hope really thinks she is that big of a fool to try to break up her marriage when Bo loves her more than anything in the world. She then claims that she had no intention on causing problems between Bo and Hope, and if she did so, then she is sorry. Hope snaps that she has a hard time figuring out what Carly’s intentions really are and asks Carly to enlighten her. Carly claims that it’s complicated, but Hope retorts that she has time to listen. She reminds Carly that she arrived in this mysterious cloud, accused of murdering her husband, and then all of a sudden, someone else confessed to the crime—but Carly is still living in her house with her husband. Carly assures Hope that she told Bo it was a bad idea. Hope snaps that she knows how protective Bo can be about the women in his life, and reminds Carly of Vivian, and how she would slice and dice anyone that harmed her nephew. Hope adds that she accused Carly of murder at first, but suddenly and inexplicably, she’s had a change of heart. She thinks Carly can now see why she is having trouble following all of this and why she is confused. Carly admits that she can see why.

At the Java Café, Gabi tells Will that she is sorry, but from what she heard, Nicole has been fooling everyone in town for the past year, so she hardly sees why she is suddenly the bad guy. Will snaps that she is because his little sister is missing, and it’s all her fault. Arianna walks over just then and tells Will that he’s wrong, as her sister had no idea Sydney had been kidnapped. Gabi tells Arianna to forget it, as there’s no point in talking to a jerk like this guy. She then snaps at Arianna to stay out of it, as she doesn’t need Arianna to defend her. Gabi storms off. Arianna sighs.

EJ begs Nicole not to do this, but she snaps that it’s too late, as it’s already done. EJ warns her that running away will only make things worse, and besides, she’s putting Sydney into danger. Nicole claims that she would never do that, as she loves her. She adds that she will protect her little girl with her life, and that includes making sure her childhood isn’t a living hell due to EJ and Sami fighting over her all of the time. EJ retorts that Sydney isn’t her little girl—she belongs to him. Nicole replies that that wasn’t what he said a couple of weeks ago when he threw Sydney out. EJ reminds her that he didn’t know Sydney was his daughter, but Nicole says that doesn’t matter, since he still loved her. She cries that EJ threw that baby out like yesterday’s trash, and although he is now saying he loves her, actions speak louder than words. She then tells EJ that he threw every claim he had to Sydney away when he tossed her out, so this is goodbye forever.

Arianna tries to explain to Will that Gabi didn’t do this on purpose. Will whines that his mom is freaking out right now. Arianna says she knows Sami is, but that doesn’t give him the right to blame Gabi, especially since she had no idea who Nicole was. She adds angrily that Gabi would never hurt anyone and turns on her heel, telling Will that she has to go. She hurries off.

At the pier, Gabi looks through her wallet and decides to buy a bus ticket and head home. Arianna catches up to her and apologizes for defending her back there, but claims she hates to see Will blame her for something that wasn’t her fault. Gabi snaps that she doesn’t need Arianna to protect her. Arianna knows that, but claims she can’t help herself, since Gabi is her little sister. Gabi scoffs, claiming that Arianna just didn’t want her talking to that guy because Arianna was scared she might spill her secret regarding the drugs she’s selling. She accuses Arianna of just being afraid that she might blow her ‘good girl’ image and expose all the lies she’s been telling.

Vivian looks through her binoculars and tells Victor that that probably wasn’t an Eastern kingbird. Victor suggests she just finish her thought from earlier, and Vivian tells him that although it must have hurt to see Stefano and Kate get married, things are different now that she is back in town. Victor scoffs, asking Vivian if she really thinks Kate is jealous of her. Vivian nods, asserting that Kate already is, as she nearly had a coronary when she saw them together in that tacky little café. Vivian spots another bird and peers through her binoculars in delight.

Philip snaps that he couldn’t care less why Kate is so worked up, and unless she came to tell him that her marriage to Stefano is over, she can leave. Kate explains that this concerns him, and informs him that Vivian Alamain is back in town. Philip is surprised, since she’s been away for so many years, and asks why she is back. Kate isn’t sure, but tells him that Vivian has already managed to attach herself to Philip’s father. Philip thinks Victor may have sought her out since he’s been so lonely lately, and guesses that Victor might want to get married again. Kate gasps, hoping he doesn’t wed that old hag Vivian.

Carly tells Hope that she would really love to explain everything to Hope, but everything has just been a blur since Lawrence’s death. The one thing she does want to be clear on is that she is moving out of Hope’s house. Hope asks what brought this on. Carly claims she has many reasons, but the biggest one is that she doesn’t want to cause problems for Bo and Hope. She says that she is going to rebuild her life, and she thinks Hope should do the same—with Bo.

Bo tells Roman that the situation with Carly is more complicated than he realizes, and there’s still some things that he needs to iron out in regards to her. He says that he would appreciate it if Roman could keep a lid on Abe and the D.A. for him. Roman says he will do his best, but that doesn’t mean squat when it comes to Hope. Roman then adds that it’s all well and good if Bo wants to help Carly, but he had better get his marriage back on track fast unless he wants to be alone. Bo scoffs, saying that he has to go. Roman calls after him that he was glad he could help. Bo huffs out the door.

Kate, aghast, asks Philip if Victor has discussed getting involved with Vivian again. Philip claims that he was pulling Kate’s chain, and accuses her of being jealous of Vivian. Kate scoffs, saying she isn’t, but they both know Vivian is a hateful, malicious woman, and Kate has to admit that she never wanted to see her come back to town. She asks if Philip wanted that, but he claims he doesn’t care. However, he thinks that Kate is worried that Vivian might take her place with both him and his father. Kate reminds him that she almost lost him when she married Stefano, and she hates the idea that Vivian might drive a wedge between them now. Philip sarcastically congratulates her on her ability to rewrite history, and reminds her that she did lose him when she married that clown. He tells Kate to get out as Vivian and Victor walk in. Vivian exclaims over Philip. She rushes over and takes him in her arms, sobbing over ‘her baby.’ Kate huffs. Victor watches, amused.

EJ warns Nicole that despite her fantasy of a life on the run, she will be caught eventually. Nicole snaps that she knows EJ is sure of that, but he has been wrong before. EJ replies that either the police or his men will find her, no matter where she goes. He adds that it might take a week or a month, but she’ll be caught and punished. Sydney gurgles as Nicole sits down next to her. EJ asks about the baby and Nicole replies that she is fine. She tells Sydney that her mommy is here, and not to worry, but EJ retorts that she is just some woman that kidnapped her, not her mother. Nicole exclaims that she really can’t believe how long she put up with his controlling, bullying behavior. EJ reminds her that this is about Sydney and her welfare, but Nicole retorts that they’re not talking about anything else. She calls him an SOB and hangs up on him. EJ immediately gets on his cell phone, asking someone if they got the trace. He hangs up with a curse as Stefano comes in. Stefano asks where Nicole is, but EJ fumes that they lost the trace when she hung up. Stefano takes out his phone and offers to call his men and get Sydney back right away, but EJ stops him, saying that he is doing this by the book and trusting Roman. Stefano scoffs, saying that a DiMera running to the police for help is certainly a first. EJ snaps at Stefano to go to hell.

Arianna claims that she wasn’t worried Gabi might tell Will anything. Gabi assumes she might be afraid the police will find out, but Arianna says she isn’t afraid of that either. She tries to assure Gabi that things aren’t always what they seem, but Gabi wants to know what that means. She asks if the drugs are really hers. Arianna says they are, but that she isn’t dealing or using again. Gabi demands to know what she is doing with all those drugs. Arianna sighs, saying that it’s complicated, and she can’t tell her everything right now. All she can do is assure Gabi that she will never hurt her, Rafe, or their mom ever again. She then asks Gabi to keep quiet about the drugs she found. Gabi says she doesn’t get it, and that she clearly doesn’t get anything anymore. She storms off. Arianna sighs and makes a call to Roman. She says she knows he is busy looking for Sydney, but she needs a sit down when he gets the chance.

Fay shows back up at Nicole’s hotel room in Cleveland. She asks Nicole what is going on, and why she hasn’t left yet, and Nicole says she can’t, as she realized the money Fay gave her wasn’t enough. Fay says she is sorry, as that is all she has, but Nicole explains that she needs fake passports. Fay has no idea how to get them, but admits there’s a guy from the diner that she’s always thought seemed sketchy, so he may know how to get them. Nicole begs her mother to call the man, as her husband will find her if she doesn’t get out of the country, and there is no telling what he might do to her and her little girl. Fay takes out her phone and tells Nicole to stay strong for her daughter’s sake. Nicole claims that she is trying, but if they’re going to get away, they have to do it tonight. Fay says she understands and starts dialing the man’s number.

Stefano begs EJ to think of what he is doing, and claims that if he lets Roman handle this, he’ll bungle it the way he bungles everything else. He begs EJ to let him involve his men, who will be able to find out where Nicole was phoning from. EJ scoffs, saying he has thought of that, and the only way the telephone company will comply is if the police hand them a court order. Stefano says that EJ is making a terrible mistake, but EJ is sure that Roman will find Nicole, arrest her, and then reunite him with his daughter. Stefano scoffs that his life will be a living hell a few weeks after that, but EJ ignores him, telling him that if he doesn’t respect his decision to play this by the book, then there will be consequences. EJ then claims the first one will be that Stefano is never allowed to see his grandchildren again. He asks if he has made himself clear. Stefano scowls.

Hope asks Carly if she is handing her husband back to her, but Carly claims that she never had Bo in the first place. She adds that she hopes that by taking herself out of the picture, it will help both Bo and Hope. Hope admits that she doesn’t know what to make of Carly. She admits that she is relived that Carly won’t be sleeping in her home with her husband anymore but they both need to face the fact that just because Carly moves out doesn’t mean that Bo will walk away from her. Bo walks in just then, saying that Hope is right, and that he isn’t walking away from Carly.

Vivian crows over Philip, telling him that he’s just gorgeous. Victor remarks that Vivian is just overwhelmed, and she admits she is. She hopes she won’t be a pest, but she does want Philip to tell her everything that has happened to him since she left. Philip reminds her it’s been ten years, and thinks that might take a while, but Vivian claims she has all the time in the world for her darling son. Victor drags Kate off to the foyer, suggesting they give a mother and her son some time alone. Kate accuses him of being amused by this whole thing, and Victor admits that Vivian is a breath of fresh air in the house after all that has happened. Kate reminds him angrily that Vivian brought them both nothing but misery. Victor thinks Philip was happy to see her, but Kate snaps that Philip couldn’t care less about Vivian, unlike Victor. Victor explains that he was reading an article about how the people you surround yourself with can affect our mood and behavior. That why it’s good for him to have Vivian around, since happiness can be contagious. Kate demands to know what is going on between the two of them, and asks if Vivian is luring him into one of her schemes. Victor retorts that they’re in the middle of a family reunion, and Kate isn’t welcome. He snaps at her to get out.

Roman meets with Arianna at the pub, and she explains to him that she has a new boss. Whoever was running the operation before was either killed, or sold the business off, so she’s back to square one. Roman groans. Arianna adds that she is feeling a lot of pressure to step up sales, so she’s going to need some cash fast to make it appear she’s moving product. Roman tells her that’s no problem, and that he’ll get the money to her shortly. Arianna vows that she will meet this guy soon and hand him to Roman on a platter. Roman is glad she wants to bring this guy down, but he has to wonder where all of this enthusiasm is coming from all of a sudden. He asks Arianna if something has happened.

As Victor walks back into the living room, Vivian guesses that Philip is having great success at Titan, and has already mapped out his future to the day he runs for president. Philip admits that he actually tends to wait around and see what happens and Vivian claps her hands delightedly, telling him that she is the same way. She bets they have a lot more things in common and asks him confidentially if there’s a girl in the picture. Philip admits there is someone, and though not everyone thinks she is perfect, the jury is still out. Vivian is sure things will work out, because someone as handsome as Philip could have any girl he wanted anytime. She winks, telling him to call her if he ever has any problems. Victor smirks.

Stefano asks EJ if he has contacted Roman, and EJ explains that he is on his way to see him now. Stefano glares, saying he can’t believe EJ trusts the Bradys more than he trusts his own family. EJ snaps back that he doesn’t trust the Bradys, and he doesn’t trust Stefano. If he’s learned anything over the past few days, it’s that the only person he can trust is himself.

Will finds Gabi at the Java Café and apologizes for the way he acted earlier, asking her for her name. She tells him that it’s Gabi, and Will explains that he was just angry before, and worried about his sister. Gabi says that once a while ago, she and her family thought they had lost Arianna, so she knows what Will is going through. She tells him that she hopes everything works out for him and heads off as Will thanks her.

Roman says he gets that Arianna doesn’t want to go back to jail, and that this operation is a hell of an opportunity for her, but something else is going on—something that has lit a fire under her. Arianna sighs, saying that she just wants her life back, and she wants her family to be proud of her—not have to hang their heads in shame when her name is brought up. She says that what happened to her in college and what she did was stupid, and she just wants to be able to move past it. Roman says he understands, and says that he wants her to do this job, but he also wants her to watch her back. He warns her to be careful, saying that she knows damn well this guy running the drug ring is dangerous.

Stefano wonders how EJ can be so disrespectful, but EJ reminds Stefano that he drove another son away by making decisions for him that only suited himself. Stefano wonders how he dares to mention Tony’s name, since he loved him with all of his heart. EJ says that he loves Tony, too, and that he is emulating him by trying to break away from their father the same way Tony did. He tells Stefano that he is setting up his own operation and his own life. Stefano claims he understands, but begs EJ to let him make one last gesture of love and bring Sydney and Nicole home to him. EJ warns him one last time to stay away and storms off as Kate walks in. Kate guesses that Stefano didn’t get through to EJ. Stefano groans that EJ is making a terrible mistake by aligning himself with the Brady family. He sighs that the he could lose his son and his grandchildren based on the way things are going. Kate explains that she knows just how he feels and tells Stefano to brace himself, as she has some news.

Fay heads back into Nicole’s room, telling her that she has news, as things happened much more quickly than she thought. She tells Nicole that the man she called didn’t know how to forge passports, but he knew someone that could. The bad news is that it would cost Nicole nearly all of the money Fay gave her. Nicole hands Fay the envelope, telling her to do whatever it takes. Fay tells her she can’t do this, and reminds Nicole that she has to think of how she will take care of herself and Sydney. Nicole assures Fay that she will worry about that tomorrow. For now she needs the passports, as she and Sydney have to leave the country before EJ finds them.

Carly thinks Bo and Hope need their space, and she heads off. Bo assumes that Carly told Hope about her moving out. Hope nods, but tells Bo that it doesn’t matter, since he is going to keep helping Carly do whatever it is she came back to town to do. Bo asks if that is a bad thing. Hope scoffs that it isn’t for Carly, but she can’t keep pretending that Bo’s involvement with her isn’t causing problems for the two of them. Bo reminds Hope that Carly moved out, and that is what is most important, but Hope scoffs, wondering if Bo just assumed she would move back in. Bo asks if that isn’t a possibility. Hope snaps that Bo is still attached to Carly, and says he has to go. Bo stops her and kisses her, telling her that he loves her. Hope shakes her head and heads off. Bo sighs.

Stefano assumes the news must be about Sydney, but Kate apologizes, saying that it isn’t, and that she meant to tell him before the kidnapping. She then explains that his ex-wife, Vivian, is back in town. Stefano says he should have seen this coming, since Lawrence was murdered and Carly showed back up. Stefano asks if Vivian mentioned him or her plans, but Kate says she hasn’t, although she is making nice with Stefano’s old pal Victor. Stefano chuckles, calling Victor one poor bastard.

Vivian tells Philip that she can’t stop staring and apologizes for gushing over him and embarrassing him. She claims it isn’t every day that a mother is reunited with her son in this way. Philip asks Victor for a moment alone with Vivian and Victor acquiesces, heading off. Philip then tells Vivian to lose the smile, as they need to get some things straight.

Arianna tells Roman that she is aware of the danger, and not a moment goes by that she doesn’t worry she’s dropped a hint to the wrong person. She reminds him that she has made it this far, and assures him that she will get the job done. Roman warns her again that getting caught isn’t an option. Arianna says she knows, and that the dirt bags she deals with would just as soon kill her as say hello. She then assures Roman that when she finds the guy running all of this, he’s going down. Just then, EJ walks into the pub. He and Arianna stare at one another.

Fay heads back into Nicole’s room, telling her that the passports will be ready soon. She gives Nicole the small amount of money left over, and explains that the guy with the passports will meet her in an alleyway near the bus station. Nicole thanks her with tears in her eyes, telling her mother she has no idea what it means that she came through for her and Sydney like this. Fay hugs her, saying that after all of the hell Nicole and that poor baby have been through, she would do anything to help her free herself from her husband and escape. The two hold one another as Nicole sobs.


Sami asks, “Daddy, what is it?” Roman replies, “I just spoke with EJ. I think we have a lead.”

Philip tells a shocked Vivian, “Get out of my life and stay out.”

Nicole cries, “I'm telling the truth!” The hotel manager retorts, “Yeah, like hell you are!”

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