Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Rafe speaks over the phone to someone about Nicole. Meanwhile, Gabi admits to Arianna that she made a mistake. Arianna scoffs, reminding Gabi that Nicole stole another woman’s baby, and Gabi helped her run away. Gabi claims she didn’t know, and that Nicole told her her husband had been beating her. Arianna is surprised Gabi would believe some strange woman she met on the pier when she won’t even believe her own sister. Arianna guesses that Nicole was hiding nearby while she and Gabi argued. Gabi nods, telling Arianna that Nicole begged her not to tell anyone about what happened. Just then, Rafe comes over, asking the two where Sami is.

Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion and greets EJ, telling him that there’s no news on Sydney, but they do know how Nicole got away. She hands EJ Nicole’s diamond bracelet, explaining that she sold it to a woman for seventy dollars, claiming her husband was abusive. EJ asks when all of this happened, and Sami replies that Nicole did this the night before. EJ demands to know why she’s just now telling him all this, and Sami scoffs, saying she decided to talk to the police first, since they’re the ones looking for the baby. She then tells EJ that Gabi didn’t have any more information. EJ ask who she is, and Sami tells him she’s actually Rafe’s little sister, and she bought the bracelet, but she had no idea what was going on, as she thought she was helping Nicole. She adds that by the time they figured out what happened, Nicole had at least an hour’s head start on them. EJ sighs. Sami asks if he got any sleep, but he admits he didn’t. He thanks her for coming by, but Sami tells him there’s something else they need to discuss. She then tells EJ that she thinks they need to set aside their problems and work together to find Sydney.

Outside the pub, Brady leaves Nicole a voicemail, letting her know that the police found out about the bracelet and the story she’s using, so this won’t have a happy ending for her. He then apologizes for the things he said to her, saying that if he hadn’t said them, maybe she would feel as if she had a friend. He then adds that he is her friend and asks her to call him back. He sighs, pleading with her to help him help Sami get her baby back.

In a motel in Cleveland, Nicole cuddles Sydney and tells her that it’s just the two of them now. Just then, someone knocks on the door, calling out for Nicole. She hurriedly answers to find her mother, Fay, standing outside. Fay hugs both Nicole and Sydney, telling the two that she is finally here.

EJ invites Sami inside and asks her how they can work together to find Sydney. She explains that he can start by being honest with her. She asks him bluntly if Stefano is the one behind all of this.

Nicole lets Fay into her room. Fay gushes over the baby, asking if this is her granddaughter. Nicole tells her it’s Sydney and Fay grins, telling Sydney that she is her grandma. Nicole thanks her for coming and Fay surveys her clothes and new hairstyle critically, guessing that the DiMeras must be after her. Nicole admits they are, and tells Fay that she needs to take Sydney out of the country, and her mother is the only person that can help her.

At the hospital, Philip and Stephanie work on a laptop. Philip tells her he thinks they have everything the board needs, but they’ll have to do something to liven up the presentation. Stephanie drily suggests strippers, and Philip chuckles, saying that he likes the way she thinks. He then admits that he wasn’t sure there would be a time when they could ever work together again, but he’s glad that they’ve worked things out. Stephanie says she is, too, and Philip guesses that that means they’ve both moved on. Stephanie thinks moving on means you get into a relationship with someone else, and she’s still single. Philip assures her that she won’t be for long.

Melanie and Nathan have coffee at the Java Café. She admits that she thought she’d be exhausted after the night before, but on the contrary, she’s really wired. Nathan admits that the adrenaline keeps going even after one’s shift is through. The two trade stories about one of their patients, a little girl, and Melanie says she thinks the two make a good team. Nathan thinks they have terrible dating statistics. Melanie chuckles. He thanks her again for helping out, and she admits she just wanted to be around him, as she wouldn’t want to miss Stephanie swooning into his arms a second time. Nathan protests. Melanie admits she is just giving him a hard time. She says she wishes she could be elegant and dainty and faint like that, but she doesn’t think anyone would buy it. Nathan assures her that he likes her the way she is. Melanie thinks he has to say that and thinks he must feel like Superman after last night at the hospital and Stephanie going all gaga over him. Nathan insists that wasn’t what was going on, but Melanie thinks Stephanie is into him. Nathan takes Melanie’s hand, telling her that she has nothing to worry about. Melanie flashes back to kissing Philip and tells Nathan guiltily that she doesn’t think Stephanie is the problem.

Arianna explains that she has no idea where Sami went and Gabi admits that she didn’t see her leave either. Rafe snaps sarcastically that with all the fighting they’ve been doing, they couldn’t be expected to keep an eye on a woman whose baby has just been kidnapped. They both apologize. Rafe sighs, admitting that he shouldn’t be taking it out on the two of them. Gabi moans that this is all her fault, but both Rafe and Arianna assure her it isn’t. Arianna adds that she was dealing with a world-class liar and that Nicole fools everyone. Gabi tells the two that the woman really seemed to be in trouble. Rafe reminds her that she was just trying to do the right thing, and that’s good, but he thinks she may be able to help him now if the three of them can work on a timeline. Gabi replies that she wasn’t wearing a watch. Rafe asks Arianna when they got back to the pub, and Arianna says it was a little before midnight. He asks how long the two were at the pier, and Arianna thinks they were there for twenty minutes or so. Gabi tells Rafe again how sorry she is, but he tells her that this is helping, and that he thinks he knows where to start looking.

EJ tells Sami that he is sure Stefano had nothing to do with this. Sami reminds him that just yesterday he was angry enough to threaten to move out. EJ assures Sami that he knows Stefano had nothing to do with this, and that he wishes he had, because at least then they’d have something to go on. He sighs, saying that his father doesn’t work like this, anyway. He plans things and doesn’t leave anything to chance. He then says that he is willing to admit Stefano covered for Nicole, but he had nothing to do with this. Sami asks if he is still planning to move out. EJ claims he is just sticking around in case Nicole calls, but then admits that that is a lie, and that he is staying because this is the last place he saw Sydney.

Fay is surprised that Nicole wants her to help her leave the country, and guesses that Nicole won’t be coming back. Nicole claims that this isn’t what she wants; it’s just the way it has to be. Fay snorts that she wasn’t good enough to come to her wedding or meet her grandchild, but now she’s suddenly good enough to help them leave the country. Nicole tells Fay that she didn’t see it while it was happening, but the woman that helped her get away was right—one of the first signs of trouble is that the man tries to isolate the woman and keep her away from her friends and family. Fay asks if she is talking about her husband—that DiMera guy. Nicole nods, telling Fay that she needs her help, and that it’s a matter of life and death.

Rafe and Roman sit in front of a laptop at the pub. Rafe asks Roman if it’s too late to look for Sydney and Nicole in Salem. Roman thinks so, but says the group of volunteers working ought to put pressure on Nicole. Rafe thinks she probably went to a big city to try to blend in, and Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Chicago seem like the obvious choices. Roman sighs, saying they can at least narrow down their search by about three million people. Rafe then tells Roman that he doesn’t think Nicole planned this. There was no way she could have known Brady would bail her out, and that Sydney would be alone and unattended at the mansion. They both know Nicole is impulsive and can think quickly on her feet, and the way Rafe sees it, she could con almost anyone out of anything.

Sami tells EJ that she keeps going over it in her head, and she still can’t believe she was too bust arguing with him to keep an eye on her daughter. EJ asks her to stop, but Sami wonders how she can explain this to Will after she keeps talking about wanting to be a good mother. Sami thinks she is a screw-up. EJ says that isn’t so, and if anyone is to blame here, it’s him.

Nicole tells Fay that she thought her husband would be different after the baby came, but he just got more controlling. She claims she tried to call her mother, but he overheard her. Nicole breaks off in tears, saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Fay asks if she called the police, but Nicole claims she couldn’t call them to the DiMera house, as there is no telling what might have happened to her once they left. She adds that she had to think about her daughter. Fay sighs as Nicole tells her about a dream she had. She was a little girl, and she was with her mother, and then her father. The all of a sudden, she wasn’t the little girl anymore—Sydney was. Nicole says that was when she knew she had to get her daughter out of that house, as she could no longer ignore what was happening. Faye sobs, “Like I did.”

Melanie tells Nathan that she thinks she has to be honest with him. He thinks she’s saying it the way other people say they’re going to be sick. Melanie says there’s really no difference, and explains that she has good news and bad news. Nathan would rather have the bad news first, but Melanie decides to give him the good news instead. She explains that all of those feelings she had for Philip are now gone for good, and that she is completely over him. Nathan asks for the bad news. Melanie admits that she kissed Philip the night before.

Stephanie tells Philip that Melanie and Nathan are a couple now, and she respects that. Philip doesn’t think they’re so happy and flashes back to kissing Melanie. Stephanie asks why he would say that, but Philip claims he didn’t mean anything by the statement, other than that Nathan doesn’t appreciate Melanie for who she is. Stephanie scoffs, asking if he does. Philip ignores the comment, saying that there is someone that appreciates Nathan, and whom Nathan can appreciate back. Stephanie tries to interrupt, but Philip says that he is talking about her.

Arianna and Gabi sit at a table at the pub. Arianna asks Gabi not to go home for Rafe’s sake. Gabi asks if this is really about Arianna not wanting her to tell their mom what she is really doing. Brady walks over just then, asking Gabi if she is sure she knows what that is.

Roman gets off the phone and tells Rafe that the Amber alert has been extended to cover Ohio and Illinois. Rafe thanks him, but Roman says there is no need, as this is his granddaughter. Roman then asks if Sami went home to get some rest, but Rafe thinks she went to see EJ. Roman is surprised Rafe is so calm about it, but Rafe explains that it’s their child that’s missing, so if they can help each other through that, he’s happy for them. Just then, Will walks over in shock, asking if Sydney is missing.

EJ asks Sami if she really thinks Nicole left town, and Sam nods, saying she believes Nicole could con someone into giving her a ride. EJ is sorry for Sydney, who gets carsick, and asks Sami how much the woman gave Nicole. Sami says she got seventy dollars. EJ doesn’t think she can get far on that. Sami agrees that Nicole is going to need some help, and she thinks she and EJ need to try to figure out who Nicole might go to.

Nicole assures her mother she didn’t mean it to come out that way, but Fay tells her she knows she grew up in hell, and they both knew she did nothing to stop it. Fay tells Nicole how sorry she is she went through that again, and thanks God Nicole was strong enough to leave. She then adds that this may be her second chance to make things right. Nicole asks if that mean she will help them, and Fay nods, telling Nicole to just let her know what she needs to do.

Nathan stares in shock, repeating that Melanie kissed Philip. She nods, assuring him the old her wouldn’t have said anything, and would have just two-timed them both, but she doesn’t want to be that person anymore, so she had to be honest. Nathan nods unhappily. Melanie asks him to be honest with her, and asks if she just ruined everything.

Stephanie tries to change the subject to the rise in volunteers, but Philip asks her to stop pretending that she and Nathan wouldn’t make a perfect couple. Stephanie asks him if this really has nothing to do with his desire for Melanie. Philip ignores the comment, reminding Stephanie that they are two people that work well together and have a common goal. He suggests that they try to start helping each other.

Gabi groans, saying that she can’t believe some guy she doesn’t even know is here to tell her off. Brady says that isn’t what he planned on doing, but he did want her to know that things aren’t always what they seem, and that is something he has experience in. Gabi guesses that this is Arianna’s boyfriend, but she grumbles that he is her ex. Gabi says of course he is, since Arianna now has better things to do with her time. Gabi huffs off to pass out more flyers, saying she has to do it since this all her fault. Arianna sighs. Brady guesses that that is her sister, and jokes that they seem to get along well. Arianna reminds him he knows all about how well her personal relationships work out, and adds that he didn’t have to stick up for her. Brady says that he wanted to.

Will asks how his mom is doing after Roman fills him in on the kidnapping. Roman assures Will that she is holding up. Will shakes his head as Roman tries to explain to him that a lot of times, kids his age don’t want to talk to the police, especially if they happened to be out on the pier late at night. He tells Will that they are looking for anyone that may have give Nicole a ride last night around midnight, and he was hoping Will could ask around and see if anyone did. Will promises to do so, and sighs that his mother can’t seem to catch a break. He heads off. Roman tells Rafe that Will is right about that. Rafe says that he and Roman need to get to work figuring out if Nicole had relatives in any of the three cities they mentioned. Roman claims they’re working on it, though they don’t know where the mother and sister ended up. Roman then explains that he already spoke to her brother, and he has no idea where Nicole is. Rafe asks if Roman trusts him and Roman nods, saying that his name is Brandon, and that he was actually married to Sami a few years back. He is sure Brandon would never help Nicole hurt Sami. Rafe replies that they need to find Nicole’s mother and sister, then.

EJ tells Sami that he gave Roman Nicole’s address book, but he already told him that she keeps any important numbers in her phone. Sami is sure Brandon wouldn’t help Nicole, but Fay or Taylor might. EJ tells Sami that Nicole never mentioned either of them, and he wonders if she would be so quick to go to them for help. Sami guesses she is just grasping at straws. She heads over to the desk and finds Sydney’s baby book open. She asks EJ if he was looking at it and flips through the pages. EJ sits next to her and points out one, telling Sami that it was taken the day Sydney came home from the hospital. He sighs, saying he still can’t believe he never realized the truth when Sydney has the same fiery temper and killer smile Sami does. He says that he thinks Sydney is just like her. Rafe walks in just then.

Outside the pub, Brady apologizes to Arianna for the things he said to her the night before. He admits he was angry at Nicole, but more than anything else, he was angry at himself. Arianna says she understands, and that that isn’t important enough to worry about at a time like this. Brady asks what is going on with her and her sister, and Arianna admits she got careless, and Gabi found some cocaine in her room. So she thinks she’s dealing and using again. Brady guesses that she can’t know Arianna is undercover, and she nods, admitting that she can’t put her fate into her little sister’s hands. She sighs, saying that the look in Gabi’s eyes just reminded her of everything she has put her family through. Brady is sure Gabi will know the truth soon enough. Arianna hopes so.

Rafe tells Roman that he finally convinced his friend at the bureau that this wasn’t custodial interference, so the FBI has designated it a kidnapping, and are on the case. Roman is glad, saying that it’s about time. Rafe sighs, reminding Roman that he noted earlier that he seemed calm about Sami spending time with EJ. Rafe says he’s now decided they’ve spent enough time together, and he warns Roman that if he finds EJ yelling at Sami, he’s going to knock him out. He heads off. Roman smirks.

Nicole tells Sydney that she is sorry she had to lie to Grandma, but she had to get her to help them. Just then, Faye knocks on the door. Nicole answers and she bustles in with a stroller and some bags, saying she got everything Nicole needed, plus some cash. She hands her an envelope, admitting she could only scrape together twelve hundred dollars, but she does pretty well with tips, so if Nicole calls her when she gets to where she’s going, she can wire her more every week. Nicole sighs, saying she can’t risk it. Fay wonders if Nicole trusts her. She claims she does, but reminds her mother that she is dealing with the DiMeras. If they find out Fay knows where she is, they won’t stop at anything to get her to talk. Fay says he understands and tells Nicole that she has to go before she is late for her shift. She cries and kisses Sydney, saying that she has to make this quick, as she hates to say goodbye. She starts to head off, but Nicole says there’s one more thing.

Philip tells Stephanie that he thinks Melanie and Nathan are wasting their time, and he and Stephanie could work together to speed up that process. Stephanie reminds him that she isn’t Melanie. Philip snorts that he can tell the two apart. She says that Melanie might play those kinds of dirty tricks, then stops herself, saying that she is wrong, and that actually, Melanie has changed, and she isn’t like that anymore. Philip scoffs that Melanie may think she has changed, and Nathan may think he has changed her, but he hasn’t. Philip claims that that is a good thing, as he likes Melanie just the way she is.

Nathan isn’t sure what to do with the information Melanie just gave him. She admits that she probably shouldn’t have blurted it out like that, and offers to give Nathan the details. He isn’t sure he wants them, but she says that isn’t what she meant. She tells him about Mark coming from Europe to collect on a debt she owed. She explains that Philip was there, and helped her out of the situation, and she was so grateful that she kissed him. She adds quickly that Philip was really nice about it, and offered not to say anything about it. Nathan wonders why she did, and she admits that it’s because she wants to change, and she needs Nathan to know what she is really like. He claims he already does. Melanie sighs, telling Nathan that he is sweet, but she can’t be sure that Mark is the last piece of Euro trash that will show up on her doorstep. Nathan says he doesn’t care about that, but he does need to know that this is the last time Melanie will kiss Philip. She sys she hopes so, and that she told Philip to leave her alone from now on. Nathan asks if that is what she really wants, and Melanie says it is. Nathan vows to make sure that Philip never touches her again.

Arianna and Brady sit together in the park. Arianna admits that sometimes it feels as if she is never going to be able to outrun her mistakes. Brady advises her to take it one day at a time, and tells her that he thinks she is doing a great job hanging in there so far. Arianna decides to call Rafe to see how he is doing, but notices that her phone is dead. She asks to borrow Brady’s, and he hands it over. She hits the wrong button and gasps, noticing that there are six calls to Nicole since the night before. She demands to know if Brady s really glad that Nicole is out of his life.

Nicole tells Fay that she will never forget what she has done for her today, and tells her that she is a good mother. Fay isn’t so sure about that, but says she knows Nicole is. She hugs both her and Sydney and tells the baby she is lucky to have Nicole. She then tells Nicole that she loves her. Nicole says she loves her too, and the two hug again.

Rafe announces himself with a cough and Sami jumps up, asking if there is any news. Rafe says there isn’t, but he and her dad do have some ideas. He then tells EJ about his sister helping Nicole and apologizes, saying she didn’t know what she was doing, and thought she was helping. EJ says he can’t very well blame someone else for being conned by Nicole. Rafe thinks Sami should go home to get some rest, and she puts on her coat. EJ offers to give her Sydney’s baby book. But she tells him to keep it, thanking him for the offer. She and Rafe head off.

Will heads into the Java Café and spots Gabi putting up fliers. He heads over and thanks her, explaining that that is his little sister. Gabi says he must be Will, and introduces herself as Rafe’s sister, Gabi. Will gasps, saying she must be the one who helped Nicole get away.

Brady can’t believe that Arianna is angry about him calling Nicole, and he explains that he was just trying to get her to come home, but she hasn’t answered any of his calls. Arianna claims that is a good thing, since Nicole already got him to post her bail, and there is no telling what else she might get him to do. Brady scoffs, thanking her sarcastically for the vote of confidence. She apologizes, saying she has no right to judge. She just feels like her life is so messed up, and he is still hung up on Nicole, so she isn’t sure they stand a chance as a couple.

Rafe and Sami head into her place. He asks her to get some rest, and promises to wake her if he gets any news. Sami reminds him that he got as little sleep as she did, but Rafe scoffs, joking that sleep is for girls. She sighs, reminding him that he has been there for her to lean on since the day she met him. Rafe vows he isn’t done yet. Even though his faith was shaken after Grace died, it’s back now, and he knows that he will find Sydney for her. She hugs him, telling him that she believes it. She tells Rafe how glad she is to have him and that she feels sorry for EJ, who is all alone with a book of pictures,

EJ stares at the pictures in Sydney’s baby book. He gets a call just then and answers the phone. It’s Nicole, and EJ asks her quietly where she is.


Hope tells Carly, “I have a hard time figuring out just what your intentions are.”

Roman tells Bo, “You better get your marriage back on track fast.”

Nicole says, “EJ, I am out of your life, and so is Sydney.”

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