Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/27/09


Written By Jenni
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At his place, Bo asks Carly if she is really planning on moving into the same house as her daughter. Carly thinks it’s a good idea, but Bo reminds her that her daughter doesn’t even know that Carly is her mother. Carly admits that that is true, but claims she was planning on breaking the news to her when the time was right. Bo reminds her she’ll be putting herself through emotional hell. Carly claims she can handle it, but Bo wonders if she can handle the fact that she will be putting her daughter’s life in danger.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ yells at someone over the phone, shouting that he needs the train stations and airports covered, as well as having phone lines traced. He warns the person to find Nicole and Sydney, no matter what it takes. EJ hangs up and buries his head in his hands. Stefano leans on the door into the foyer and smirks, telling EJ that he can shout all the orders he likes, or even hire an army, but he needs to prepare himself for the fact that he isn’t going to find Nicole.

In the woods, Sami tells Rafe that she just got off the phone with her dad, and he assured her that the police are looking for Nicole. Rafe hangs up his own phone and sighs, telling Sami that he has bad news.

At the pier, Arianna reminds Gabi that she wasn’t wearing the diamond bracelet when she left her room a few minutes ago. Gabi asks angrily if Arianna is accusing her of being a liar, a thief, or both. Arianna ignores the comment, demanding to know what is going on. Nicole hides around the corner and looks on nervously as Gabi snaps that her sister is being a jerk. Arianna reminds her she isn’t the one wearing a bracelet that could pay for an entire semester of college. Gabi admits sarcastically that he is turning tricks. Arianna claims that isn’t funny, and Gabi agrees that it isn’t funny that her druggie sister, of all people, is accusing her of God knows what. Nicole cuddles Sydney and looks on worriedly.

Sami asks Rafe in a panic if Sydney has been found, and if she is alright. Rafe says that isn’t it, and that he is sure the baby is fine, but no one has found her or Nicole. Sami asks what is going on, then. Rafe explains that he spoke to his guy at the FBI, and apparently, the D.A. didn’t file all of the charges against Nicole yet. Since he hasn’t, the FBI considers this a local matter, not a federal one. Sami reminds him angrily that kidnapping is a federal offense, but Rafe explains that the bureau doesn’t consider this kidnapping, and that they don’t like to get involved in custodial cases. Sami flies off the handle, shouting that Nicole has stolen her baby not once, but twice. Rafe sighs, admitting that the bureau doesn’t see it that way, since as far as they are concerned, Nicole is Sydney’s mother. Sami reminds him he had those DNA tests done to prove she wasn’t, but Rafe tells her that he had those done as a personal favor, and they were off the record. Sami snaps that she doesn’t care and reminds Rafe that this is her daughter they’re talking about. Rafe says he knows, and sadly tells her how sorry he is. Sami insists that they must find Nicole tonight, or she’ll be out of the country by morning. She heads off, shouting at Rafe that they have to find Nicole right away. She cries out suddenly, and Rafe hurries after her.

Arianna tells Gabi that she could get into a lot of trouble down here, but Gabi asks sarcastically if she means the way she did. Arianna warns Gabi that she may be able to snow their mother, but she can’t snow her sister. Arianna demands to know what Gabi is up to--right now.

Carly asks Bo if he really thinks that she would put her daughter’s life in danger. Bo reminds her that Vivian is out there, looking for revenge, and there’s no better way for her to do that than to go after someone Carly loves. Carly reminds Bo that Vivian doesn’t even know that she has a daughter. Bo doesn’t think she can know that for sure, but Carly says she does. She explains that when Lawrence learned she had had a child by another man, he was enraged and humiliated, and he would have wanted to make sure that Vivian never found out. Bo thinks she’s banking a hell of a lot on that, but Carly reminds Bo that Vivian came over and threw everything she could think of in her face to get a reaction, so if she had known about her daughter, she would have said something. Bo shakes his head, saying they’ll just have to pray Vivian never finds out. Carly assures Bo that she won’t. She adds that while she may not be able to tell her daughter who she is, she can still be there for her. She then says that Lawrence ran her life and kept her from her daughter for years, and she won’t let him continue to do so from the grave.

EJ snorts, saying that Stefano sounds pretty sure of himself, and asks angrily if Nicole is a part of Stefano’s protection program. Stefano reminds EJ that Nicole has been three steps ahead of him this entire year, so why should things be any different now? EJ asks angrily why Stefano is always on Nicole’s side. Stefano claims that he is just acknowledging that Nicole is a formidable opponent, and that she has fought hard for this baby. EJ snaps that it’s just magnificent that his daughter is missing, and Stefano is cheering for the kidnapper because she has a good fight in her. Stefano claims that he just understands Nicole because she like a DiMera--she knows what family is all about. EJ asks in a rage if Stefano is implying he doesn’t. Stefano reminds him that he banished a defenseless baby from her home, but EJ snaps that he never would have done so if he had known the truth. He adds angrily that Stefano knew, and he never said a word. Kate hurries into the room, asking the two of them to stop fighting.

Rafe checks out Sami’s ankle. He thinks she just twisted it. Sami claims she is fine, and tries to get back up, but sits back down immediately, wincing in pain. Rafe reminds her that her father told her every cop in the city is looking for Nicole, so there is really nothing more they can do. He assures her that Sydney will be found. Sami nods, sobbing and saying that at least Sydney is safe and happy. Rafe asks what she means, and Sami reminds him that Nicole thinks Sydney is her daughter, and Sydney thinks Nicole is her mother--so at least wherever Sydney is, she’s happy. She bawls. Rafe tries to soothe her.

Gabi tells Arianna that now would be a good time for her to stop lecturing her, since she is living above a bar and doing drugs. Arianna tells Gabi that she is sorry they’re fighting all the time, and that she really does want to be her friend. Gabi snaps that if she wants them to be friends, then she will have to get clean. She storms off. Arianna follows. Nicole comes out from her hiding place with Sydney and scoffs, saying that the whole time Rafe was sneering t her, his own sister was doing drugs at the pub. She shakes her head, telling Sydney that she really doesn’t think she’ll miss Salem at all. Nicole then heads off wit the baby.

Kate demands to know if EJ really doesn’t realize that he has done enough to his father as it is. He retorts that this is none of her business, but Kate says it is, as Stefano isn’t well. Stefano reminds her that he can fight his own battles, but she doesn’t see why there needs to be a battle at all, since the two of them should be on the same side. EJ snaps that there is a war going on, and his father has come down on Nicole’s side. Stefano says that is ridiculous, and he was just acknowledging that Nicole is a brave and strong mother. EJ screams that Stefano colluded with her to keep the truth from him. Kate shouts at them both to shut up as Roman heads in, saying that Kate is right, though the two of them rarely agree. EJ demands to know why he’s walking into their house unannounced, but Kate reminds him that Roman could have news on Sydney. He admits he doesn’t, but says he came by to ask permission for his men to search the grounds for clues. Kate says sarcastically that Roman came to help, so EJ probably ought to slug him. EJ ignores her and tells Roman to go ahead. He thanks EJ, but adds that all of those goons EJ and Stefano have out and about are going to have to be called off. EJ glares.

Rafe reminds Sami that she is Sydney’s mother, and that the baby belongs to her, but Sami claims she can’t be judgmental--not after everything she has pulled. Sami then decides she wants to get up and continue their search. Rafe vows that they will find Sydney, and assures Sami that she is the best mother in the world. Sami tearfully admits that she just wants the chance to try being a good mother.

Bo brings Carly a beer, and she talks about how weird it is to look for something so long, and then have it suddenly right there in front of you. She admits that she can’t wait to wake up in the same house as her daughter, but Bo thinks she must be scared. Carly nods, admitting she is terrified. She adds that the thinks things might have gone differently if Lawrence hadn’t been so sick, but then again, maybe not, since men and women are so different. Bo scoffs. She then confides in Bo that when Lawrence got better, she was so relieved, because all she cared about was that he didn’t die, but when he learned he couldn’t have children, it was like he died anyway. She says that she is sure the man he was before could have forgiven her for what she did, and even if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t have taken it out on a child. However, Lawrence hated her daughter, and he hated the fact that she even existed. Bo asks if that was when he banished her baby from the kingdom, and Carly nods, telling Bo how cruel Lawrence was, and how much he enjoyed seeing her in pain. Bo shake his head as Carly admits that Lawrence smiled as she was forced to hand her baby over to that man. Bo is sure there is a special place in hell for Lawrence. Carly then admits that she was alright with what happened after a while, as she was sure that her daughter would be ok--but then Lawrence decided that he wanted to kill her. Later, Carly shows Bo a picture of her baby. She feared her daughter would be fussy since she was so unhappy and full of guilt during her pregnancy but instead, her daughter was joyous and perfect. She wonders how Lawrence could hate her. Bo isn’t sure. Carly just thinks he wasn’t the man she married, but Bo says that if he hated that little girl, then he wasn’t much of a man at all. Carly admits that at the end, Lawrence wasn’t even human. She flashes back to the night she killed Lawrence. He heads into her room and waves a picture in Carly’s face, telling her that he has a photo of her little girl, all grown up. Carly grabs for it, but Lawrence dangles it out of reach, telling Carly that her daughter has the same sluttish, lying eyes that she does. He adds that he can tell Carly thinks of her baby from time to time, and that is yet another betrayal. She reminds Lawrence quietly that she doesn’t talk about her daughter, since that is what he wanted. Lawrence screams that he didn’t want to be turned into a cuckold, and that he didn’t want living proof out there that Carly betrayed him. Carly sobs, begging him to calm down. Lawrence tells her angrily that he will calm down, and that everything will be fine once Carly’s daughter is dead. He crumples the photo as Carly sobs and begs him not to do this. Back in the present, Carly bawls as Bo hugs her, tying to comfort her.

EJ asks Roman if he really wants him to trust the Salem police to find his daughter when they themselves hire kidnappers. Roman explains calmly that while his mercenaries may be good at killing people, they’re not experienced in surveillance, or dealing with desperate women. He asks EJ if he really wants trigger-happy goons aiming their guns at the woman holding his daughter. EJ agrees to call off his men, but tells Roman that it’s on his head if he screws this up. Roman assures EJ that he will find his granddaughter. Stefano warns him that he has 24 hours before he takes over, but Roman ignores him, asking EJ to call Nicole, tell her he loves her, wants her back and won’t press charges. Stefano snaps that she won’t believe that after the way EJ has treated her, but Roman says it doesn’t matter if she believes it or not, as Roman just wants her on the phone long enough to trace the call. EJ takes out his phone and starts dialing.

Arianna chases Gabi into the pub, trying to explain that she doesn’t understand, but Gabi snaps that she understands perfectly, and accuses Arianna of lying all the time. She shouts that it was pointless of her to come here and storms off. Arianna sighs as Rafe rushes in, telling her that Nicole has taken Sydney. Arianna tells Rafe that this is all her fault.

At the pier, Sami leaves Nicole a message, saying that while she understands why she did what she did, she doesn’t want Sydney to have to grow up on the run. She promises Nicole that they will find a way to work things out, but she must bring the baby home. She hangs up as Brady walks over, asking Sami worriedly if it’s true that Nicole has taken Sydney. Sami nods miserably, saying that some idiot posted her bail, and the second she got out she came and took Sydney. Brady sighs, telling Sami that he was the one that posted Nicole’s bail. Sami gapes.

Carly sobs in Bo’s arms, telling him that she had to do what she did, or Lawrence would have killed her daughter. Carly again flashes back to the night she killed Lawrence. She begs him not to do this, as her daughter is just an innocent child. Lawrence rips the photos to pieces, telling Carly that it has already been decided, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. We then flash forward to Carly calling Lawrence a monster and stabbing him in the stomach. Carly comes back to the present and tells Bo that she had to do it, as it was the only way she could save her daughter. Bo nods and hugs her.

A police officer brings Roman a copy of Nicole’s mug shot. Kate remarks that she looks like Ma Barker. EJ screams at Stefano to get her out of here. Stefano takes her by the elbow, suggesting they leave. Kate scoffs as the two head off, saying she thought EJ was moving out. Roman asks EJ if he has a recent picture of Sydney, promising to get it back to him. EJ says he does and heads over to the desk. He stares sadly at Sydney’s picture and hands it over to Roman. Out in the foyer, Kate tells Stefano that while she realizes EJ is upset, he shouldn’t be talking to his father that way. Just then, Stefano gets a call. He thanks the person, asks them to keep him posted, and hangs up. Kate thought he was giving Roman 24 hours, but Stefano scoffs, saying he just wanted Roman to think that. He tells Kate that the last thing he needs right now is a Brady in charge of such a critical situation. He excuses himself to make another phone call.

Rafe asks Arianna how this could be her fault, and she explains that she should have told Brady that Nicole switched the babies, as he was the one that posted her bail. Rafe gasps as Arianna explains that Brady sees Nicole as the victim in all of this. Rafe groans, calling Brady an idiot. Arianna apologizes, but Rafe says this isn’t her fault, as he was the one that insisted that she keep quiet. Arianna worries that Brady may be helping Nicole run away. Rafe asks why she would think that, and Arianna explains that Brady is still in love with Nicole.

Sami can’t believe that Brady posted Nicole’s bail. Brady hurriedly explains that he had no idea she switched the babies, and he sure as hell had no clue she would kidnap Sydney. Sami asks if he has any idea how long Nicole has been lying. Brady says he does know now, and explains that he was there when Nicole lost her baby. Aghast, Sami asks if he knew Sydney wasn’t Nicole’s all along. Brady admits he did, but that he had no idea Sydney belonged to Sami. Sami slaps him anyway, asking him who the hell he thinks he is.

Kate asks Stefano if he is calling command central. Stefano doesn’t answer, and warns Kate to keep her mouth shut about all of this. Kate wonders what he is going to do when he finds Nicole, and asks if EJ is right about him being on Nicole’s side. Stefano claims his first concern is Sydney, and getting her home safely. Kate asks if he really doesn’t plan on letting EJ have a say in all of this. EJ walks out just then, asking what it is he doesn’t have say in.

Sami wonders how Brady could do this after all Nicole has done, but he again insists that he had no idea that Sydney was Sami’s. He tries to explain the was helping out a friend, but Sami snaps that Nicole just has Brady wrapped around her little finger. Brady doesn’t think Sami understands, as he saw how traumatized Nicole was after she lost her baby. Sami claims she knows what that feels like, and that she understands what Nicole went through. What she doesn’t understand is Brady, since Nicole was married to another man and in love with another man. Brady again apologizes, saying he had no idea what was really going on, but now that he does, he will fix it. Sami refuses to let him do so, saying that she doesn’t trust him. Brady shouts that he didn’t know what was going on, but Sami snaps that it wouldn’t have made a difference if he did, since Nicole can apparently get him to do whatever she wants. She adds nastily that he may be off of cocaine, but he is still addicted to Nicole. She storms off. Brady sighs.

Kate explains to EJ that she was considering leaving town for a little while in order to give EJ some time alone, considering all that he is dealing with. EJ asks why he would have a say in that, and Stefano reminds him that Kate is his wife, after all, and this is his house. Kate adds that she is going to try to be more sensitive to EJ from now on, given his predicament. EJ starts to excuse himself, but Kate stops him, telling him that she really is sorry she didn’t stop Nicole. EJ says it’s alright and pointedly tells her that this isn’t her fault. He then heads upstairs. Stefano chuckles, telling Kate what a magnificent liar she is, though he has to hope she would never lie to him. Kate claims that she wouldn’t think of it. She then tells Stefano that she thinks he and EJ ought be working together, since they both want Sydney back. Stefano says that he actually wants two things--he wants Sydney back, and he wants to spend some time with Nicole-- alone.

Arianna tries to call Brady, but he doesn’t answer. Rafe asks if she really thinks he would help Nicole kidnap Sydney, and she nods. Rafe takes out his phone to call Roman, but Arianna tells him not to do it, as she doesn’t want to see Brady get into trouble. Rafe scoffs, saying it’s too late for that, and that Brady is just one more victim of Nicole DiMera.

Nicole talks to a manager of a hotel in Cleveland. She pays her, and the woman warns her that she runs a clean and quiet place, so she needs to keep her daughter quiet. Nicole explains that this is her son. The woman takes one look at Sydney and shakes her head, telling Nicole to keep the TV off after ten unless the Cavs are on. Nicole asks what she means and the woman shakes her head, telling her that the Cavaliers are the only reason Cleveland even exists. Nicole assures her that they’ll be quiet. The woman tells Nicole that she had better not make trouble, but Nicole assures her that they won’t be here long enough to cause any trouble. The woman seems to accept this and heads out of Nicole’s room. Nicole rolls her eyes, telling Sydney that it’s time to get to work. She heads out of the room with the baby.

Bo heads downstairs and finds Carly staring at a doll. She asks if she woke him up, but he says that he doesn’t seem to get much rest these days. He asks if she is reconsidering moving into Maggie’s, but Carly says that it’s actually the one thing she’s more sure of than anything. Bo says he understands, as he misses Ciara all the time. Carly nods, telling Bo that she has so much to learn about her daughter, as she doesn’t even really know her. Bo reminds her that Vivian is going to be very interested in the fact that Carly is moving in over there, and asks her if she is sure she isn’t leading Vivian right to her daughter. Carly says that she has thought about that, and that as long as she doesn’t show too much interest in her daughter, she can at least live in the same house with her. Bo promises to keep any eye on both of them, but Carly doesn’t want him focusing on her screwed-up life. Bo chuckles, admitting his own is pretty screwed-up, too. He then asks Carly jokingly not to get too attached to that doll, as Ciara was looking for it before she left. Carly admits she found it in the cushions, and that she gave a doll like this to her daughter, too, Carly wonders if she still has it. Bo thinks it might be difficult for Carly, living in the same house with her kid and not being able to love her the way she wants. Carly says that as a father he should know that a parent will do anything to be with their child. Bo agrees.

Sami puts up a flyer outside the pub with both Nicole and Sydney’s pictures on it. She heads inside and greets Rafe. He explains that he just got off the phone with her father, and that no one has spotted Nicole at the airport or bus station. Sami curses. Rafe asks if she is alright. Sami sighs, saying she has been handing out flyers, but she isn’t sure how much good it will do. Arianna comes over and takes them from Sami, suggesting that she have a seat and take a break for a moment. Gabi walks past with a bag. Rafe stops her, asking where she is going. Gabi snaps that she is going home. Rafe demands to know if she had another fight with Arianna. Sami asks Arianna if that is their sister, and she nods. Rafe starts to introduce the two, but Gabi says she is leaving. She points at Arianna, claiming that it is all her fault. Sami grabs her wrist suddenly, demanding to know where she got her bracelet.

Outside the pub, Brady leaves Nicole a message, telling her that she is making a huge mistake. He knows she thinks this is a good idea right now, but reminds her that she is going to be on the run for the rest of her life, and she knows that isn’t what is best for Sydney. He then says that he knows Nicole loves Sydney, so she has to do what is right for her. He begs her to call him back and hangs up.

Nicole heads back into her hotel room with a bag, and tells Sydney how well she has been behaving. She places Sydney on the bed and explains that she has to make sure no one ever recognizes her. Sadly, Nicole removes her jewelry and wedding ring. She takes out a pair of scissors, and prepares to cut off her hair.

Bo chats with Chelsea over the phone, and then hangs up. Carly guesses that that was his other daughter, and Bo nods, saying that she usually calls him late because of the time difference in London. Carly worries that things won’t go well with her and her daughter, since she missed out on so much, but Bo confides in her that things didn’t always go so well between himself and Chelsea. He claims that it was worth all the turmoil they went through, and besides, when you’re dealing with your own flesh and blood, there’s a pull between you. It may take some time, but eventually Carly’s daughter will be glad to know her, and will respect her for what she did. Carly asks if he thinks she is doing the right thing and he nods. He says that he went something pretty close to what she did, so if she never need his help or to talk, he’ll be there for her, Carly tears up, saying it’s been a long time since someone was in her corner. She thanks Bo.

EJ hands Roman Nicole’s address book, but isn’t sure how helpful it will be, since she lives her life through her phone. Roman says it may help, since Nicole may be reaching out to someone in her past. EJ then asks how Sami is. Roman admits she is pretty much running on auto-pilot right now. He then reminds EJ that he and his father were arguing when he came in earlier. Roman asks EJ if he thinks Stefano may have helped Nicole or knows where she is. EJ admits that he could have done it, but that Stefano seems genuinely worried about Sydney. He then tells Roman that Stefano told him that Nicole has always been three steps ahead of him, and that Stefano thinks Nicole might actually get away with all of this.

Kate thinks EJ and Stefano should be working together to find Sydney. Stefano explains that EJ partly blames himself for not knowing where Sydney is, and that he needs a focus for all his frustration and fury. The last thing he needs is a loving father right now--he needs someone to hate. Kate didn’t know how deep Stefano could be. He chuckles. He admits that he will make amends after he finds his granddaughter and finds Nicole. He adds that he plans to show her what it means to interfere with his family.

Sami demands to know where Gabi got her bracelet. She asks why she cares as Brady walks over, explaining that the bracelet belongs to Nicole. Sami tells Gabi to tell her everything, and she admits that she got it from a woman that was running away from her husband. Sami asks in a panic if she had a baby with her. Gabi asks how she knew that. Rafe tells Gabi that the woman was Nicole DiMera, and the baby was Sami’s daughter. Everyone stands around, looking shocked.

Nicole shows Sydney her new hairdo, assuring her that it’s still her mommy underneath. Nicole has cut off her hair and dyed it black. She smiles, telling Sydney that no one will ever find them now.


Nathan tells Melanie, “You have nothing to worry about.”

Sami asks EJ, “Is Stefano behind this?”

Nicole tells Faye, “I have to get Sydney out of the country, and you’re the only one that can help me.”

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