Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/25/09


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells EJ that she hopes he does distance himself from Stefano, but until then, she is keeping Sydney. EJ reminds her angrily that he would have never even known he had a daughter if it hadn’t been for Nicole. Sami tells him sullenly that she thought they’d gotten past that. EJ sighs, reminding Sami that Sydney is used to him, and that she just lost the person she knew as her mother. He thinks it makes sense that she stays with someone she is used to. Sami insists that Sydney is used to her. EJ suggests they take the conversation into the foyer lest they wake up Sydney. The two head off, shutting the door behind them. Nicole peers in at Sydney through the patio doors.

At their house, Bo catches Hope going through Carly’s purse. He asks her what she thinks she is doing. She ignores him and continues to rummage through the purse. Bo stares as Hope explains that she is going through Carly’s things, and if Bo thought he embarrassed her by catching her, or if he expects her to apologize, then he can think again, because she has no regrets.

Maggie and Carly have tea in her kitchen, and Maggie asks Carly why she wants to stay here. Carly explain that it would only be temporary-- just until she can get back on her feet and settled in town. She guesses Maggie isn’t crazy about the idea. Maggie says that isn’t it, but that she knows there are plenty of other places in town that Carly could stay where she would have a bit more privacy. She wonders if there is any particular reason that Carly prefers to stay here. She admits that there is.

At the Java Café, Vivian tells Victor that their mutual hatred of Carly ought to be a good place for the two of them to start. Just then, Kate walks over, aghast. Vivian grins, greeting her as Katie DiMera, and noting that she hasn’t aged--much. Kate scoffs that she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, and demands to know what Vivian is doing here. Vivian explains that he is back because there is no place like home, and there are no three people like Katie, Viv, and Vic. She grins, saying they’re all together again--just like old times.

Arianna heads into her room above the pub to find Rafe and Gabi waiting for her. Arianna asks what is going on, and what the two are doing in her room. Rafe pulls out the bag of cocaine and ask Arianna to tell them what she is doing with this first.

Nicole opens the patio door and sneaks over to Sydney’s playpen. In the foyer, EJ and Sami continue to argue. EJ asks Sami if she really thinks Sydney is better off living with someone she barely knows. Sami flies into a rage, asking how dare EJ say such a thing when she is Sydney’s mother and gave birth to her. EJ asks her to calm down, but she demands to know how it makes sense that EJ take Sydney while he tries to figure out where he will live. EJ again insists that Sydney is used to living with him. Just then, a thud sounds from the other room. Sami asks EJ what that was. Nicole looks worriedly towards the foyer door.

Arianna demands to know where Rafe found that, and asks he and Gabi angrily if they were going through her things. Rafe tells her sternly that it doesn’t matter how Gabi found it, but she jumps in to explain that she was just looking for some towels. She reminds Arianna that she told them that she was through with all of this. Arianna doesn’t answer. Rafe gives her a look. Arianna admits that she isn’t. Rafe scoffs angrily.

EJ tells Sami that someone is at the front door as Stefano opens it and walks in. Stefano tells EJ that he is glad he is here, as they can’t leave things the way they did the last time. Sami jumps in and calls him a bastard. Stefano sighs. Meanwhile, Nicole sits by Sydney’s playpen and admires her.

Vivian tells Victor that it seems like only yesterday when they were fawning over their miracle child Philip and his dimples. She asks Victor if he has any recent pictures as Kate glares. Kate then demands to know what Vivian is doing in Salem. Vivian ignores her, congratulating her on taking over her role as Mrs. Stefano DiMera. She asks Kate how that is going for her, but Kate claims that it is going well. She then says that she has to go, but promises Vivian that they will see each other again before she leaves town. Vivian says she isn’t going anywhere, and that she meant it when she said there was no place like home. Kate gapes as Vivian says Salem has always been her home, and that she is going to be living here from now on.

Carly explains to Maggie that she has been staying with Bo, which isn’t fair to either him or Hope. She doesn’t feel like she really has time to look for an apartment, as she wants to get out of there as soon as possible. She then explains that Mickey and Maggie have always been kind to her, so she’d rather stay with someone she knows for now, if possible. Carly assures Maggie that she will tell them all about why she is back in town and everything that has happened if they only agree to let her move in. She just worries Maggie may find it all too complicated to want to get involved. Maggie says that she does want to help Carly, but she would have to run it by Mickey, since they already have two young girls living here. Carly explains that she has met one of them as Mia heads in. The two greet her, and Maggie explains that she and Carly have been discussing the possibility of her moving in. Mia nods sadly. Carly asks her if that would be alright with her.

Bo asks Hope if she really doesn’t think it’s a big deal that she is invading someone else’s privacy. Hope grumbles that this is her house, and she has every right to go through Carly’s things, especially since Carly has a secret she is keeping from everyone except Bo. Bo reminds Hope that it is Carly’s decision as to who she decides to entrust with her secret. Hope agrees, but says that doesn’t negate the fact that Carly’s secret is affecting other people’s lives. She claims that she and Bo wouldn’t be having problems if Carly hadn’t come back to town and moved in. Bo doesn’t think she is being honest with herself as to why the two of them are having problems, but Hope retorts he can’t deny that Carly has exacerbated them. Bo swears she hasn’t done so deliberately, and that Carly regrets making things harder for the two of them. Hope scoffs, saying that Carly is a liar, and the longer all of this goes on, the harder it is to believe anything that comes out of Carly’s mouth.

Nicole tells Sydney that she just wanted to say goodbye to her for the last time, and then she promises she will leave her alone forever, because that is what is best for her. Nicole tells her that she is all she cares about. Meanwhile, Sami lays into Stefano for helping to steal her child, and for letting EJ grieve for a child that wasn’t even his. She wonders how he can live with himself. Stefano scoffs, saying he can live very comfortably, actually, and that is only regret is that his son doesn’t understand why he did what he did, and that Sami broke a sacred trust. EJ grumbles that Stefano let him grieve a child that wasn’t his, helped his wife carry out a horrendous crime, and then allowed him to believe his wife was sane when she wasn’t. Stefano insists that he did what he had to do because Sami is a menace, and a rotten influence on Johnny. He adds angrily that EJ turns into a quivering statue every time she enters a room. EJ snaps that he can make his own decisions, and that he has had enough of Stefano’s lies and treachery. Stefano shouts, asking EJ when he is going to wake up and realize that Sami is the villain here, not him, since her lies started this whole sordid mess. Sami scoffs. Nicole listens in to the three arguing and wonders how she can leave Sydney here. She cuddles her, telling her that those three don’t deserve her.

Mia tells Carly that her moving in is up to Maggie. Maggie suggests they talk about this some other time, and Carly agrees, saying that she has to leave anyway. She tells Mia to take care of herself and heads off. Maggie tries to comfort Mia, but she is inconsolable, saying that she should have known hat Grace was her little girl. Maggie assures her that she can’t blame herself, as she only did what she thought was right. Mia tells her sullenly that he saw Will and Chad, and they both apologized for the way they treated her, but she doesn’t care. She tells Maggie that she would gladly let those two hate her for the rest of her life if only she could bring her little girl back. She sobs as Maggie hugs her, trying to comfort her.

Rafe tells Arianna that he wants answers--now. Arianna asks Gabi to excuse them for a moment. She whines sarcastically that she is just a kid, so Arianna doesn’t have to tell her anything. Arianna begs her to give her a moment alone with Rafe. Gabi stomps off, telling Arianna that she hates her. Rafe tells Arianna that he can’t do this, as he just got his own life back on track. Arianna asks him to sit down and let her explain, and Rafe does so reluctantly. Arianna then tells him that it is his turn to stay quiet. She kept quiet about Sydney and Nicole, even when she thought Brady deserved to know the truth. She adds that she kept his secret, so now it is Rafe’s turn to keep hers.

Nicole tells Sydney that she should just leave, as taking her would be insane. Meanwhile, Sami tells Stefano that she can’t wait for her father to find out what he has done. Stefano wonders why when the police screw up everything they get their incompetent hands on. Sami vows to make sure Sydney and Johnny never see Stefano again. Stefano asks EJ if he really can’t see that that is exactly what Sami intended to do to him, and wonders why EJ doesn’t realize that Sami is the original liar in all this, and that she is behind every horrible thing that has ever happened to him. Sami shouts back at him, but EJ yells at them both to shut up. He cocks his ear towards the foyer doors. Sami asks him what the matter is.

Kate asks Vivian if she is staying here permanently, and Vivian nods, admitting she is, much to Victor’s delight. She adds that there is room in Salem for all of them, and besides, she has some old friends and ex-husbands to catch up with. Kate tells her loftily to go where she wants and do what she wants, but she had better stay away from both her and Philip, or she’ll be sorry. Kate huffs off as Victor chuckles. Vivian asks him if this amuses him, and he nods, saying that he was disconcerted when Vivian first breezed in here, but he is now starting to come around. Vivian claims she knew he’d see the light. Victor grins, saying that he had forgotten how stimulating it is to be around a woman like her. Vivian smiles coyly, telling him that the party doesn’t have to end just yet.

Bo tells Hope that he really doesn’t know what to say, since this is all just speculation on Hope’s part, seeing as how she doesn’t know Carly or anything about her life. Hope snaps that she does know Carly admitted to killing her husband. Bo reminds her the charges were dropped. Hope demands to know if Bo is saying Carly was lying, and that she didn’t kill Lawrence. All Bo will say is that Carly is the only person that knows what happened to Lawrence and why. Hope wonders what is wrong with him, since he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Carly may or may not be being truthful. Hope adds that whatever Carly’s motive for taking someone’s life, she doesn’t understand how Bo can throw everything away just to protect her. Bo refuses to argue about this, but Hope keeps on, asking Bo if he has considered that Carly might be exaggerating the danger she is in, and that she might be playing some kind of mind game with him. Bo admits that it hasn’t occurred to him, since Carly would never do anything like that. Hope says that that must mean that Bo believes Carly is in danger, and is therefore putting himself into danger. She claims that she can’t forgive that and storms off. Bo scoffs and shakes his head.

Arianna explains to Rafe that she is working undercover with the police as a condition of her early release. Rafe wonders why she didn’t tell him about this before, and she explains that she couldn’t tell him, as she thought it might be painful for him to relive all of this. Arianna apologizes profusely, saying that her contact at the police station made it clear that she couldn’t tell anyone. Rafe understands, but guesses someone else knows the truth--like Brady. Arianna sighs, admitting that he found out her secret, and though she tried to stay away from him, she eventually had to tell him everything. She adds that he wanted to help her, but she screwed up everything. Rafe asks what happened, but all Arianna will say is that she isn’t sure where she stands with Brady anymore. Rafe asks why that is. Arianna says it’s complicated, but it all goes back to one person--the same one that caused so much grief to Rafe, EJ, and Sami. Rafe sighs, assuming she must mean Nicole.

Stefano asks EJ what is wrong, and he explains that things are a bit too quiet in the living room. Sami reminds him that Sydney is sleeping, but EJ ignores her, rushing into the living room. EJ looks into the playpen, but Sydney is gone. EJ screams out for Mary and rushes off. Sami looks into the playpen and promptly freaks out.

Hope heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor greets her, explaining that he was just talking about her. He asks her to join him and his guest for a drink, and the two head into the living room. Hope spots Vivian and asks if she was the guest Victor was referring to. Vivian greets Hope enthusiastically, telling her how beautiful she looks. Hope tells her that she heard she was back in town, and Vivian smirks, saying that word travels fast in this incestuous little town. Hop explains that her being back is newsworthy, but Vivian doesn’t think Hope knows the half of it. Hope says she really doesn’t want to know, and starts to head upstairs, but Vivian stops her, asking her if she isn’t curious as to why she’s back. Vivian then offers to fill Hope in.

Carly heads into Bo and Hope’s house and greets Bo. He asks how things with Maggie went, and she tells him that Maggie was very welcoming, and even offered to put in a good word for her at the hospital. Bo says that is nice, but guesses that isn’t the real reason Carly visited Maggie. Carly admits that that is true, and that she made a big decision--one that Bo isn’t going to like.

Mia doesn’t think she should be doing this, but Maggie reminds her that she has to talk about her feelings one way or another, and that she can’t bottle them up inside her. Mia thanks her for being so kind. Maggie explains that she cares about Mia very much, and adds that she would like Mia to help her bake some pies for the homeless shelter for Thanksgiving. Mia explains that she doesn’t know anything about baking, but Maggie says it helped her when she was going through a rough time. She tells Mia that it helps to focus on what is good and positive in their lives, and while she and Mia have both suffered loss, it helps to remember all of the blessings that they have been given. Mia grumps that she can’t be in the spirit of the holiday right now, and if Maggie wants someone to count their blessings, she ought talk to Sami, since she is the person that actually has one.

EJ rushes back into the living room, and Sami asks him in a panic what Mary said. EJ vows that he will go out and look for Sydney right away. Kate waltzes in just then, complaining about her encounter at the cafe, but everyone ignores her. Sami asks worriedly if she has seen anyone with her baby. Stefano explains that someone might have taken her. Kate admits hat she saw someone outside a few moments ago, but they were disappearing into the mist, and she couldn’t tell who it was. Sami panics. EJ vows that he will find the baby and rushes off. Sami shrieks that Nicole has taken her daughter.

In the woods near the mansion, Nicole cuddles Sydney, telling her that this is their last chance to be together. She wraps a blanket around Sydney and hurries off.

Rafe tells Arianna that he wants her to tell him everything, but first she needs to find Gabi and explain everything to her. Just then, Rafe’s phone rings. It’s Sami, and in hysterics, she explains that Nicole has stolen Sydney. Rafe gapes. Sami sobs, saying that Sydney was lying down in her playpen taking a nap, and now she is gone. She begs Rafe to come help her.

Maggie explains to Mia that one of the worst times in her life was when she was drinking. She never felt so low and lost, and then one day she realized she needed some help, so she went to a meeting. Once there, she learned how important it was to be thankful for what she still had, and for her life and the people that loved her. She explains that she still wanted to do good in the world, and tells Mia that she can go upstairs and feel sad and lonely, or she can help her bake these pies. Maggie say she know what choice Mia should make, but it is up to her to make it. She asks Mia what it will be. Mia smiles.

Sami, Rafe, and EJ meet up in the woods near the mansion. EJ asks if Rafe has seen anything or anyone, but he says he hasn’t. Sami panics. Rafe snaps that he doesn’t understand, as the two knew Nicole was out on bail. He wonders how they could let this happen.

At the pier, Nicole tells Sydney worriedly that they have to get out of town, but she doesn’t have any money. Gabi walks by as Arianna calls her. She ignores the call as Nicole heads over, asking Gabi if she could possibly help her.

Hope tells Vivian that she really isn’t interested in what she has to say. Just then, Victor gets a call, and heads off to take it. Vivian tells Hope that she doesn’t want to intrude, but she heard about her and Bo’s marital problems, and she doesn’t think anything should break up their love. Hope starts to head off, but Vivian stops her, saying she doesn’t think that Hope has heard about her terrible tragedy. She explains that her nephew was murdered, and it haunts her day and night, as he was very special to her. She claims that he won’t be forgotten, and that she will make sure of that. Hope asks how she plans on doing that, and asks if it has anything to do with Carly Manning.

Bo reminds Carly that they have been through this, and that she doesn’t have to move out, but Carly says it isn’t a question of when she moves out, but where. Bo asks what is going on, and Carly explains that she asked Maggie if she could move in with her.

Mia finishes up a pie and asks Maggie how it looks. She tells Mia that it is perfect and tells Mia to just wait until they start baking. Mia thanks Maggie for making her feel as if she is part of a real family. She adds that now that her baby girl is gone, family is more important to her than anything. Maggie agrees, hugging her.

Stefano makes a call at the mansion, telling someone to bring back the baby unharmed, or he will fire each and every one of them. He hangs up in a rage as Kate suggests that he call EJ for information. He snaps at her not to be a fool, and adds that his son won’t tell him anything, as he has rejected him. Stefano sighs ,saying God only knows that he was trying to act in EJ’s best interest. He fears that EJ has made a big mistake by banishing Stefano form his and his daughter’s lives. Kate asks what he plans on doing, and Stefano says he is going to do what he should have done a long time ago.

Nicole introduces herself to Gabi as Laura, and tells her that her and her baby are in a bind. Gabi asks what is wrong, and Nicole tells her that her husband is abusive to both her and her daughter. Gabi gasps. Nicole nods, saying she is trying to get to her sister’s in Chicago, but she has no money. Gabi suggests that she call the police, but Nicole tells her that her husband is a cop, and she can’t go to them. Gabi thinks that is horrible. Nicole agrees, and explains that she just needs 70 dollars to get a bus ticket out of town. She offers Gabi her diamond bracelet, saying it’s worth a lot more than that. Gabi is hesitant, but Nicole begs her to do this for her little girl. Gabi agrees to give Nicole all the money she has, and takes out her wallet, handing Nicole some cash. Nicole thanks her and takes off her bracelet. Gabi doesn’t want take it, but Nicole insists, telling Gabi that she can’t repay her otherwise, as she plans on never bringing her daughter back to this town again.

EJ snaps that his and Sami’s daughter is missing, and they don’t need Rafe implying that they were irresponsible. Rafe sighs, admitting that he shouldn’t have said that, and that no one is to blame here. He suggests they all work together to find the baby. EJ notices some tracks on the ground, but Rafe notes that they all go in different directions. Sami moans as Rafe tells her and EJ that Nicole could be anywhere.

Nicole thanks Gabi, telling her that she and her baby will never forget what she has done for them. Gabi hopes that she makes it to her sisters safely, and says goodbye to Sydney. Nicole wishes her luck and start to head off, but stops. Gabi asks what is wrong, and Nicole tell her in a panic that someone is coming.

Vivian informs Hope that Carly has been proven innocent, but Hope replies that someone just confessed to the crime. She adds that Vivian has a very casual attitude about all of this considering that her nephew was the murder victim, not to mention that Vivian only returned to town shortly after Carly did. Vivian asks what her point is, and Hope snaps at her that it wasn’t a coincidence, and that she may as well drop the act. Vivian suggests Hope drop hers, and her concern over her husband’s ex-lover. She adds that she thinks the only person that is really unhappy to see Carly go free is Hope.

Bo asks if Carly is planning on moving into the same house as her daughter. Carly nods excitedly.

Maggie and Mia get the rest of the pies in the oven, and Maggie thanks her for her help. Mia thanks her as well, but Maggie is just glad to see that she is feeling better. Mia sighs, hoping that some Thanksgiving, she can be as happy as Sami is right now.

Sami suggests they all split up. EJ agrees, saying that the search will be more effective that way. She and Rafe head off in one direction, and EJ takes off in another.

Nicole hides near the stairs as Arianna heads over and greets Gabi. Gabi ignores her. Arianna begs her to talk to her, but Gabi refuses. She starts to head off, but Arianna notices her new diamond bracelet and grabs her wrist, demanding to know where she got it. Gabi claims she got it a while ago and that she doesn’t owe Arianna an explanation. Arianna again insists that Gabi tell her what is going on. Nicole peers around the stairs worriedly.


Carly sobs, “I had to do it. He was gonna kill my baby.” Bo replies, “I know.”

Gabi snaps at Arianna, “All you do is lie.”

Brady tells Sami, “I did not know she--” She slaps him, “How dare you?”

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