Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Java Café, Vivian greets Victor, asking him if the seat across from him is taken. Victor groans, saying that he really thought this day couldn’t get any worse.

At this house, Bo heads downstairs to find Carly on the computer. He asks what she is doing, but she thinks he knows. Bo starts protest, but Carly cuts him off, saying that she has made up her mind, and today is the day she makes contact with her past and her future.

Abe meets Hope at the pub, and she thanks him for taking time for her out of his busy schedule. He claims he always has time for his friends, and asks Hope what is going on. She explains that she has a big favor to ask, and it concerns her future.

EJ greets Arianna at the Cheatin’ Heart. She says that she has to go, but EJ ignores her, asking her if she remembers their discussion on the pier a while back, and how she said her brother wasn’t in town. EJ guesses that Arianna knew he was, and also knew that Rafe was trying to prove that Sydney is his daughter. Arianna admits she knew, and assumes EJ can understand why she had to keep it a secret. She apologizes for his wife turning out to be such a psychopath. EJ snickers, saying that that statement is funny, but Arianna says she didn’t mean it that way. EJ tells her it’s alright, as Nicole is where she belongs--behind bars. Arianna guesses he doesn’t know what has happened, and informs EJ that Nicole has been released on bail. EJ gapes.

At her place, Sami and Rafe admire a sleeping Sydney. Rafe thinks she is beautiful, just like her mother. Sami decides to call Caroline and check on the twins. She hands Rafe his phone, saying he has a message from Arianna. He checks it as she sees that she has a message from Brady. Sami reads it and gasps, telling Rafe that Nicole has been released on bail. Rafe groans. Sami sighs worriedly.

At the pier, Nicole assures Brady that she can explain everything. Brady says there is nothing left to explains, as she stole Sami’s baby. What makes it worse is that she managed to con him into hurting his own step-sister. He glares, saying that he doesn’t eve know who Nicole is.

EJ demands to know who gave Nicole the money to make bail, but Arianna claims she has no idea, and that she just heard that Nicole was out of jail. EJ excuses himself to make a phone call. Arianna peeks into her purse at the drugs Troy gave her. She slinks out of the bar while EJ’s back is turned.

Sami demands to know how this could happen, and asks Rafe if people really don’t understand what Nicole is capable of. Rafe tells Sami not to worry, and vows that Nicole won’t get anywhere near Sydney. Just then, EJ calls. He tells Sami that he has some disturbing news, but she says she already knows that Nicole is out on bail. She wonders what they are going to do. EJ tells her that they must keep an eye on Sydney, and in the meantime, he’ll make sure more charges are filed against Nicole, and that she’ll go back to jail. Sami thanks him for calling and starts to hang up, but EJ tells her he thinks they need to discuss the custody issue. Sami says they can’t do it now, as she just put Sydney down for her nap, but says she’d be happy to come over there alone. EJ demands that she bring Sydney. Sami groans, saying Sydney going to be fussy if she has to wake her up, but agrees to come over there with the baby. EJ claims he can’t imagine how Sami wouldn’t understand his devotion to his family given that they already share a child. He warns Sami that when it comes to his daughter, he isn’t just going to roll over--he is going to fight for what is his.

Nicole tells Brady that when she dragged him into all this, she truly intended to adopt Grace, but then she found out Sami was having EJ’s baby. Brady scoffs, asking if she then naturally decided to switch the babies. Nicole nods, saying that Sami was never going to tell EJ about his baby, and she had to make things right. Brady notes sarcastically that she is a real hero in all of this. Nicole declares sullenly that she just wanted what was best for EJ. Brady scoffs, asking her to look where that got her--she now has no EJ, no baby, and no friends in the world. Nicole asks what he is saying, and if she has lost him too. Brady nods, replying that that is exactly what he is saying.

At the cemetery, Chad shows Mia some flowers he bought, explaining that they were the last ones the store had. Mia sobs for her baby. Chad hugs her, vowing that they will get through this together. Just then, Will walks over. He apologizes for interrupting, and says he heard the news about Grace being Mia and Chad’s baby. He tell Mia that he just wanted to say that he was sorry, and that he never should have judged her.

Hope tells Abe that while she took some time off after Ciara’s kidnapping, she is now ready to get back to work. Abe wonders what this has to do with him, and Hope explains that she wants a new job, as the old one has a lot of baggage attached. Abe asks if she is saying that things are so bad between her and Bo that they can’t work together. Hope sighs, saying they’re still dealing with issues stemming from the kidnapping, and Carly is also back in town, so Abe can probably guess how things are going. Abe assumes she’s living with Doug and Julie while Carly is at her place with Bo, but Hope says that her dad and Julie are on a cruise, so she and Ciara are staying with Victor for the time being. Abe says he is going to have to make something perfectly clear--as long as Hope is staying at the Kiriakis mansion, his office isn’t hiring.

Vivian tells Victor that she is hurt, as she thought he’d be delighted to see her. Victor scoffs, wondering what makes her think that, since he hasn’t tried to contact her once in the past decade. Vivian claims she just chalked that up to his busy schedule. He asks about her own schedule, and how she found the time to make a trip to Salem. Vivian explains that she is here on business. Victor asks if it really has nothing to do with the fact that her arch-enemy, Carly is back in town--the woman that killed her nephew. Vivian snorts, reminding Victor that Carly is a doctor who saves lives, not one that snuffs them out.

Bo asks Carly if she is sure that she is ready to do this. Carly nods, saying that the only way she can get her life back is to take action. She asks him to wish her luck, and he hugs her, saying that he does. He then asks her to be careful out there. She agrees and heads out the door. Bo sighs.

Mia asks Chad to excuse her and Will for a moment. He agrees and heads off. Will apologizes to Mia for the things he said to her, claiming that he feels badly about it. Mia says it’s ok, and admits that she lied to him, but it was only because she thought she was protecting her baby. Then it turned out that Sydney wasn’t hers at all; Grace was. Will tells her how sorry he is. Mia says that because of her lies, she lost her reputation and self-respect. Worst of all, she lost Will. Will tells her that it isn’t too late for them, but Mia says that he is wrong.

Arianna heads into her room above the pub and unwraps the package of cocaine. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Arianna hurriedly stuffs the drugs under some towels on her dresser, and answers the door to find her sister, Gabi, outside. She tells Arianna that Caroline is setting her room up for her, and adds that she thinks their mother would really like her. Arianna wishes she’d tell their mother that so she would stop worrying, but Gabi reminds her that that is just how their mother is. Gabi then asks about Arianna’s boyfriend and what he’s like. Arianna says he is smart, funny, and handsome--and he’s in love with another woman.

Rafe tells Sami that she doesn’t have to go over to the mansion, and that he’ll call EJ and arrange for them to meet the next day. Sami says it’s fine, as Rafe will help her control her temper, and besides, if they play nice now, it might help them later on down the line. Rafe isn’t so sure, but Sami says she can’t blame EJ for wanting to spend time with Sydney. Rafe vows that he has Sami’s back, and if EJ pushes her, she’ll just have to push back harder. Sami giggles.

Nicole assures Brady that she isn’t a bad person. She adds that if he turns his back on her, then she will have no one left, and she doesn’t know what she will do. Brady demands to know what is wrong with her, and then wonders what is wrong with himself for loving someone like Nicole.

Gabi asks Arianna if she is serious about her boyfriend being in love with someone else. Arianna explains that he would never admit it, but she knows it’s true. Gabi suggests she break up with him, but Arianna says it isn’t that easy, and besides, Gabi doesn’t know what it’s like to be in love. Gabi scoffs, reminding Arianna that she has read Twilight. Arianna abruptly tells her that the conversation is over, and that she just wants to be alone. Gabi apologizes for saying the wrong thing, claming that she just wanted to help. Arianna tells her not to worry about it, and says she’ll see her in the morning. Gabi heads off. Arianna leaves, but Gabi returns a few moments later, looking for some towels. Since Arianna isn’t there, she decides to help herself, and finds the cocaine Arianna hid earlier. Gabi gasps.

Nicole asks Brady if he loves her, but he says he loved her--past tense. Nicole doesn’t buy it, saying that you can’t just stop loving someone, and that it something she knows from experience. Brady scoffs, asking if she some expert on love now. Nicole tells him that Sydney taught her that love never dies, no matter what.

Sami and Rafe head into the DiMera mansion to meet EJ, who greets Sydney. Sami explains that she is fussy, and heads over to the playpen to put her back down for her nap. EJ asks Rafe if he has heard from Nicole. Rafe says there has been no sign of her, and he figures she’ll stay away in order not to jeopardize her freedom. EJ suggests they get back to the matter at hand, as Sami comes over to let them both know that Sydney has fallen asleep. EJ thinks it’s because Sydney feel comfortable in his presence. Sami demands to know where that comment is going. EJ explains that he has give it a great deal of thought, and he feels it’s best that Sydney live with him.

Will asks Mia to call him if she ever wants to talk, and she agrees to do so. Chad heads back over, and Mia asks him to give her a ride come, as she is ready to leave. Chad agrees. Mia kneels down and says goodbye to Grace.

Hope tells Abe that no matter what he thinks of Victor, he is Ciara’s grandfather, and her being with him right now is important. Abe doesn’t understand why Hope and Ciara can’t move back in with Bo, since Carly has been exonerated. Hope grumbles that it’s certainly great news. Abe asks why Carly is still living with Bo if she has been proven innocent. Hope thinks that is a very good question.

Vivian shakes her head, wondering why Victor isn’t keeping up with the news. She informs him that someone else has confessed to Lawrence’s murder, and that Carly is completely innocent. Victor scoffs, saying that Lady Macbeth had less blood on her hands. Vivian think Victor is being unkind, but he reminds her that she tried to bury Carly alive once. Vivian claims that she is willing to let bygones be bygones. Victor smirks, saying he thinks Vivian just wants Carly out in the open instead of behind bars, so she can carry out her own creative torture. Vivian thinks he’s being cynical .Victor ignores her, warning her to do whatever she is going to do soon. Vivian accuses Victor of wanting that black widow out of his son’s home before his daughter-in-law gives him the old heave-ho. She guesses that Victor spoke to Bo about it, but he was stubborn when it came to protecting Carly. She shakes her head, telling Victor that if his own son won’t listen to him, then he is going to have to take a different approach.

Maggie mixes batter in her kitchen, and is interrupted by a knock on the door. Carly is outside, and Maggie greets her enthusiastically, hugging her and telling her she heard she had been cleared of the charges against her. She thinks the news is wonderful and Carly admits that she is relieved. Maggie asks Carly what her plans are, and how long she is staying in town. Carly confides in her that she plans on staying in Salem indefinitely, but she is going to need Maggie’s help to do so.

Chad heads into the pub and greets Will, telling him that Mia is still pretty upset, and doesn’t want to talk. Will thinks it will take her some time to process all of this. Chad tells Will that he wanted to thank him, since Mia got to know Grace because of him. Will admits he wishes Chad could have known her, too. Chad tells Will that he was hoping he could tell him more about Grace. He would have asked Mia, but it’s all too upsetting for her. Will admits that it is upsetting for him, too, since he still misses Grace, but he agrees to tell Chad about Grace, as he deserves to know.

Sami lays into EJ for wanting Sydney to live in this house of horrors, after everything his father has done. Just then, Rafe gets a call, and excuses himself to take it. He heads into the foyer and answers. Gabi is on the other line. She tells Rafe that this is an emergency, and that she needs him to met her at the pub. Rafe asks if anything is wrong with her, but Gabi says she’ll explain everything in person. Rafe agrees to meet her and hangs up. He heads back into the living room to tell Sami that something is going on with his sister, and he has to go. He promises to call her later and heads off. EJ then tells Sami that she is right about his father, and he is moving out, something he should have done a long time ago. Sami, flabbergasted, agrees, but wonders why EJ is making this decision now. EJ explains that Stefano knew all about the baby switch, and that is why he tried to have Rafe killed. Sami admits she had figured as much. EJ vows that he isn’t going to be like his father, and that he is moving out. He adds that as far as he is concerned, Johnny and Sydney will never see Stefano again.

Nicole tells Brady that she knows he is disappointed in her, but she thinks he will understand once he calms down. Brady glares, telling Nicole that he will never understand what she did. He then suggests that she take the next hour to try to make amends with the people she has hurt. She asks what he means, and Brady explains that he is revoking her bail, and that she is going back to prison. Nicole tells him that he can’t do this, but Brady says he can, and he will--he’ll just tell the police that Nicole misled him. Nicole begs him not to abandon her, as he is the only person she has left in the world, but Brady demands that she do the right thing for once. He storms off. Nicole tearfully tells herself that she will do the right thing. She heads off.

Chad asks Will if he has a picture of Grace. Will nods and pulls it out of his wallet, telling Chad that he can keep it. Chad admires the photo. Will explains that he has more at home, and that he can email him some later, if he wants. Chad thanks Will, saying that he would appreciate that. He says that he should leave, and thanks Will again. Will says it’s no problem, and that he will see Chad around. Chad heads off sadly, staring at Grace’s picture.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady calls the police station and arranges for Nicole’s bail to be revoked immediately. He hangs up as Arianna walks in. She assumes he’s rectifying the Nicole situation, and Brady nods. She asks if he is still furious with her, and he nods, saying that’s he should have told him the truth before. Arianna snaps back that things might have been different if Brady had come to her before he rushed off to Nicole’s rescue. She thinks that the reason Brady didn’t do that is because he loved Nicole. Arianna claims that she can live with that--what she can’t live with is the fact that Brady is still in love with Nicole.

Victor asks Vivian sarcastically to let him know how to get through to his son, since she clearly got a degree in family counseling since she’s been gone. Vivian claims that it’s obvious, and that since Victor’s view on Carly is distorted, Bo needs advice from someone that doesn’t loathe Carly as much as he does. Victor asks who that would be, and Vivian suggests someone else from his family--someone like Kate. Victor grumbles that she is a traitor, and informs Vivian that Kate recently married Stefano. Vivian thinks that must have been sad for Victor, but he declares that he laughed his ass off when he heard the news. She thinks that was just Victor’s defense mechanism and that he must secretly be lonely. Victor says sarcastically that he can’t be now that Vivian has come back to light up his life. Vivian doesn’t think he can be serious. Though they have had their hills and valleys, they understand each other, and she has always been on his side.

Maggie and Carly have tea at the kitchen table, and Maggie promises to give Carly a good recommendation at the hospital. Carly thanks her for doing so, but Maggie says it is no problem, since they would be lucky to have her on staff. Just then, Maggie’s phone rings. She explains that it’s work calling, and that she has to take it. She heads out of the kitchen, and Mia walks in a few moments later. She recognizes Carly from the pier, and asks if she knows Mrs. Horton. Carly nods, saying that she and Maggie are old friends, and that they’re just catching up. Carly asks Mia how things have been going, and Mia sighs, admitting that things have actually gotten worse. Carly asks what happened, and Mia explains that the woman that she thought adopted her baby switched hers for another woman’s. Carly, aghast, asks why she would do that, but all Mia will say is that it is complicated. Carly ask if she knows where her baby is. Mia bursts into tears, telling Carly that she is dead. Carly folds Mia into her arms, telling her how sorry she is.

Hope brings Ciara over to their house, and Bo asks her to go upstairs and pick out a book while he talks to her mom. Ciara heads off, and Bo thanks Hope for bringing her by. She says she doesn’t mind, but she hates that Carly’s schedule dictates when Ciara can come over. Bo sighs, asking her not to start. Hope starts to head off, but Bo asks her to stay for a few moments. Hope replies that has errands. Ciara calls for Bo upstairs, and he says that he had better go. He heads off. Hope starts to do the same, but catches sight of Carly’s purse on the table. She picks it up and flashes back to her trying to get Bo to tell her Carly’ secret. He refuses, but Hope claims that she has a right to know.

Victor laughs. Vivian is glad that he finds all of their wonderful memories together amusing, but Victor replies that they have nothing substantial between them to build on. Vivian disagrees, saying that they both hate Carly. Victor admits that is the only thing, and Vivian grins, saying it’s a good place to start.

Carly tells Mia that she wishes there was someone to help her through this, since she already told her that she and her mother don’t speak. Mia admits that Maggie has been really great to her, and Carly agrees that Maggie is wonderful. Mia decides that she is going to head up to her room, but before she goes, she and Carly exchange names. Mia hopes to see her soon, and thanks Carly again for being so sympathetic. Mia heads off as Maggie comes back in, asking Carly where they were before. Carly reminds her that they were talking about a recommendation, and Maggie agrees to take care of it in the morning. Carly thanks her, but admits she has one last favor to ask. Maggie asks what it is, and Carly tells her that she was hoping Maggie had an extra room to rent.

Hope tells herself that she can’t invade Carly’s privacy, but then decides that it’s alright, since Carly started all of this by invading her home. She decides to find out the real reason she and Ciara can’t come home, and opens Carly’s purse. Bo walks up behind her, asking her what she thinks she is doing.

Rafe heads into Arianna’s room and greets Gabi, asking if Arianna is in trouble. Gabi says that he could say that, and shows Rafe the package of cocaine she found. Rafe gasps as Gabi explains that she thinks their sister is dealing again.

Arianna demands to know if Brady is still in love with Nicole. Brady admits that he is. He knows he should hate her, and a part of him does, but there’s another part of him that can’t. Arianna tears up, thanking Brady for being honest. She rushes off. Brady sighs.

Nicole heads over to the DiMera mansion and stands on the stoop, practicing her apology to EJ. She overhears EJ and Sami shouting at each other, and sneaks around the side of the house. Inside, Sami tells EJ that while she appreciates that he is trying to distance himself from his father, she is keeping Sydney until he moves out. EJ snaps that she was planning on keeping Sydney from him forever, and that he never would have known her if it hadn’t been for Nicole. Sami thought they were past all that. EJ sighs, reminding Sami that Sydney is used to him. Since she just lost the person she knew as her mother, he thinks it’s best that Sydney be with someone she’s familiar with. Sami insists that Sydney is familiar with her. EJ decides to take the conversation outside and heads into the foyer with Sami, shutting the door behind him. Nicole peers in at Sydney through the patio doors.


Vivian tells Kate, “I'm going to be living here from now on.”

Rafe asks Arianna, “Why don't you tell us what you're doing with this?”

Sami shouts at Stefano, “How can you live with yourself?”

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