Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Arianna asks Brady if he is out of his mind for bailing Nicole out of jail after everything she has done. Brady scoffs, saying that Nicole has suffered enough, and he can’t watch her rot in jail. Arianna asks angrily if he let Sami know that he helped the one person that tried to destroy her life. Brady asks what she is talking about. Arianna, surprised, concludes that he really has no idea. She tells him that Nicole switched the babies on the day the girls were born, so Grace belonged to Mia, and Sydney belongs to EJ and Sami. Brady gapes.

Nicole hurries along the pier. She flashes back to sobbing as Sami is reunited with Sydney. Nicole comes back to the present and vows to find Sydney. She starts to head off, but bumps into Chad.

At Sami’s place, Roman, Caroline, Rafe, Sami, Allie, Johnny, and Sydney all spend time together. Roman asks if Will has heard the good news, but Rafe explains that he had a big cross-country meet, so Sami is waiting for him to return home before she tells him about his little sister. Sami says that he should be home soon. Just then, Will walks in. He sees everyone standing around and jokes, asking if they are having a party. Johnny flies over. Sami picks him up, but he struggles to get out of her arms. She hands him over to Will, and Johnny hugs him enthusiastically. Sami chuckles.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ practically sobs, telling Stefano that he was supposed to be the one person he could count on. Stefano claims he can, as EJ is his son, and he loves him. EJ shouts that Stefano lied to him—he helped Nicole lie to him, and he let him mourn the death of a child that wasn’t even his. Stefano begs EJ to listen to him, saying that he couldn’t tell the truth because if he had, EJ would have gone running back to that low-life Brady bitch. He accuses EJ of being in love with her. EJ takes Stefano’s face in his hands, saying that this is his life, and Stefano can’t do this to him. Stefano swears that he just wanted to help. EJ repeats that he loves his father, but he can’t do this. He chokes Stefano. Stefano cries out. EJ whirls him around and forces him onto a table. He chokes him harder. Stefano wheezes and begs EJ to stop as he strangles him.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Philip and Melanie kiss. She pulls away and Philip grins, guessing that that answers his question about how she really feels for him. She protests, but Philip shushes her, saying that actions speak louder than words. Melanie promptly slaps him.

Nathan rushes over to Stephanie at the hospital, glad that she is still here, even though he thought she would be long gone. She reminds him that she decided to stick around to help. She asks if he needs a coffee or sandwich, but Nathan claims that he needs her to do something much more personal for him.

Stefano gasps and chokes, reminding EJ that he is his father. He begs him to stop. EJ redoubles his effort, squeezing even harder, and shouting that Stefano is nothing to him.

Brady tells Arianna that she must have gotten something wrong, as Nicole adopted Mia’s baby. Arianna admits that that was Nicole’s plan until she found out that Sami was having EJ’s baby. The she realized she could actually have EJ’s biological daughter. Brady confused, asks if she means Sydney. Arianna nods, saying that she knows how hard this is for Brady to hear. Brady claims there is no way Nicole would lie to him about that, or use him that way. He thinks that wherever Arianna got her information, it’s wrong. Arianna shakes her head, explaining that Rafe and Sami are celebrating Sydney’s homecoming right now. Brady gasps, wondering what he has done.

Chad thinks Nicole must be pleased as hell about the DNA results. She asks dully what he means. Chad asks if she is stoned or something, and reminds her that the results showed that he wasn’t the father, so she gets to keep the baby. He reminds Nicole that she got what she wanted, and wonders where the baby is. Nicole stares.

Will soaks in the news about Sydney and stares at the baby, flabbergasted. He thinks his mom must be so happy, especially after what happened. Sami nods, telling Will that while they will always miss and love Grace, they can now celebrate their newest blessing, Sydney. Caroline heads over to Rafe, thanking him for bringing Sami’s daughter back into their lives. Rafe says it was nothing, as he just wanted to see Sami happy again. Roman tells Sami that it didn’t take long for the twins to fall in love with their little sister. Sami agrees, and thanks Roman for what he did tonight to ensure that she got to spend some time with Sydney alone. Roman insists that that isn’t why he brought EJ down to the station, and tells Sami that the hit man has changed his story, and is saying that EJ ordered the hit on Rafe. Sami claims that the man is lying, and tells Roman that he can’t really think that EJ tried to kill Rafe. Roman tells Sami that he wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Kate rushes into the living room and shouts at EJ to stop before he kills Stefano. She manages to pull EJ off of Stefano, who chokes and wheezes. EJ shouts that Stefano had better be grateful he is a better man than him, or he would be dead right now.

Philip demands to know what that was for. Melanie snaps that he is a smart guy, and suggests that he figure it out. Philip reminds her angrily that she kissed him, and demands to know if she is trying to say she didn’t want it. Melanie shouts back that she did, and that he knows she’s had an attraction to him since the moment they met. Philip wonders why she is trying to fight it, and she explains that it’s because the only person that is more screwed up than her is Philip. Philip thinks that is why the two of them are so good together. Philip asks her gently not to fight this anymore, but Melanie begs him not to do this, and pleads with him to just leave her alone.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he is going to need her blood, since the bus accident wiped out their supply. He asks if she has given blood before, and Stephanie claims she had a few times, and that it’s no big deal. Nathan promises to be gentle, and says he will follow up with her soon. He hurries off. Stephanie sighs.

Rafe takes Johnny and Allie off to the TV room to watch a movie. Will gazes at Sydney, who chews on a stuffed animal and grins up at him. Sami reminds him gently that loving Sydney doesn’t mean they care for Grace any less. Will says he knows, but that he can’t help thinking of Mia. He reminds his mom that she was a big part of Grace’s life, and thinks she must be feeling so alone right now. Sami nods sadly.

Chad demands to know where Sydney is as Mia walks over, asking Nicole why she isn’t in jail. Nicole stammers. Chad asks what she means, and Mia snaps that it’s the place they put criminals. Chad thought Mia and Nicole were friends, and asks Mia what is going on. She tells Chad that she was actually looking for him to tell him all about it. She glares at Nicole, telling Chad that Nicole lied to her, and to everyone else.

Brady wonders how Nicole could let him do this to his own sister, or to anyone else for that matter. Arianna just wishes she had told him before he posted bail. Brady asks Arianna when she found out about all this. She fidgets, saying that Rafe told her it was a possibility. Brady asks how long she has known. Arianna admits that she’s known for a while. Brady asks her angrily why she didn’t tell him right away.

Kate demands to know what the hell is going on here. EJ snaps that his father destroys everything he touches. He adds that he will leave Stefano alone, and that he doesn’t need to fear him, as he will never lay a hand on him again. He then tells Stefano angrily that he can live the rest of his wretched life in peace because from now on, Stefano is dead to him. He spits angrily in Stefano’s direction. Stefano gasps that he remembers the last time those words were spoke in this house—he said them to Anthony, and to his eternal regret, his words became a reality. EJ’s eyes well up with tears. Stefano groans.

Arianna tries to apologize for not telling Brady the truth. He snaps, asking if she just didn’t tell him because lying is like second nature to her. She claims that isn’t fair, and accuses Brady of being hypocritical. Brady abruptly says that he has to go, but Arianna stops him, reminding him that he also kept a secret for Nicole. Brady admits he did, and thanks to that, Nicole stole his sister’s baby. He sighs, saying that the whole time Sami was mourning Grace, her own flesh and blood daughter was right here in Salem. He tells Arianna that he was the one person that could have helped Sami and he was the one person that could have saved her all that grief.

Chad tells Mia that this is getting a little too weird for him, what with Nicole acting like the world is coming to an end, and Mia being so hysterical. Mia explains that Nicole lied to her, and then she lied to Chad. Chad feigns astonishment, claiming that he can’t believe Mia would lie. Mia sighs, explaining that she never slept with anyone besides him. Chad doesn’t buy it, but Mia explains that Nicole convinced her to lie about Chad being her baby’s father. Nicole slinks off as Chad tells Mia he doesn’t understand, as the DNA results showed that he wasn’t the father. Mia explains that it’s because Sydney isn’t their little girl. Nicole took Sami’s Brady’s baby, Will’s sister, so she could raise her with EJ. Chad gapes, asking where their baby is, then. Mia cries, telling Chad that she’s dead. Chad stares. Mia sobs that their little Grace is in heaven now.

Sami tells Will that she hopes Mia can take comfort in the fact that she got to spend time with Grace. She then asks Will to tell Mia that she’d like to talk to her and thank her for Grace, as she was a real gift. Will sighs, saying that he can’t, as he and Mia aren’t speaking anymore. He admits he said some really awful things to Mia, and that he hurt her feelings. Sami tries to sympathize, but Will just wants to focus on the good things, and claims that having Sydney back is all that should matter right now.

EJ claims that he now understands exactly why Anthony disowned Stefano and wishes he had realized it earlier. He blames Stefano for Sami not wanting her child raised in this house. He claims Stefano is the reason Sami hid her pregnancy, and that he is to blame for this whole chain of events. EJ asks angrily if that makes Stefano proud. Stefano snaps that EJ would know something more about pride if he would start taking responsibility for his own mistakes. EJ says he does, and warns Stefano that he will reconcile them all, even if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Brady tells Arianna that when Nicole had her miscarriage, she called him because EJ was out of town. He took her to the clinic because she didn’t have anyone else, and he saw how much pain she was in. That was why he agreed when Nicole asked him to let her tell EJ about her miscarriage in her own time. Arianna notes that that time never came. Brady nods, saying that Nicole didn’t want to lose EJ, and she also wanted a baby, so she convinced him to keep the truth from EJ. Brady shakes his head, saying that now he finds out it wasn’t the truth at all. He adds that he can’t believe that he fell for Nicole’s lies. Arianna says that she can believe it.

Sami tells Rafe that she thinks this Thanksgiving will be different from the ones in the past, and Rafe agrees, saying that Sami won’t be grumpy and pregnant, and giving him trouble in witness protection. She playfully smacks his chest, and tells him that she can’t wait for him to try her grandmother’s stuffing. Caroline promises there will be plenty, and Sami smiles, kneeling down next to Sydney’s playpen and asking if she is ready for her first holiday as a Brady. She claims there is nothing better, and it isn’t just because of the food, but the love they all feel for each other. She gives Rafe a pointed look, saying they do include non-Bradys from time to time, if they’re lucky. Rafe smiles, saying that he thinks he is lucky. Sami smiles tearfully, telling Sydney that being a Brady is about love and loyalty and sticking together no matter what happens. She tells Sydney that the love they all have for each other will warm her heart and get her through anything. Caroline, Roman and Sami link arms and smile at the baby. Will looks on morosely.

EJ tells Stefano and Kate that he can no longer live here, and claims that he will be moving out immediately. Stefano snaps that he can’t leave Salem—not with his daughter in town. EJ says that is true, but that he can move out and find his own place, and his own family—without Stefano. EJ excuses himself, saying that the air is stale in here, and that he will be back later to pack his things. He storms off. Stefano sighs.

Sami vows that this will be the best Thanksgiving ever. The family all chatter about the festivities as Nicole approaches the door outside. She listens in and sighs.

Brady demands to know if Arianna means that he is gullible, or easily fooled. Arianna says that isn’t it, and asks if Brady can see that he is blaming both himself and even her for the lies Nicole told. She adds that she doesn’t think he would have done any of the crazy things he did if he hadn’t been in love with Nicole. Just then, Arianna’s phone rings. She tells Brady that it’s Troy, and that she has to talk to him, since she blew him off earlier. Brady snaps at her to go ahead and talk to her supplier. She gapes. He adds that she is right, and that he is gullible, since he gave her the benefit of the doubt. After all, she’s an ex-con, and for all Brady knows, she really is a drug dealer. Arianna protests, but Brady shouts that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore and rushes off. Arianna sighs and takes Troy’s call. She listens, and then agrees to meet him in five minutes.

At the Java Café, Victor leaves Brady a message, telling him that it would behoove Brady to call him back, since he’s both his grandfather and his employer. He says that he hopes Brady comes to his senses soon, and hangs up. Philip walks in just then, asking Victor if he can buy him a coffee. Victor notes that Philip looks flushed, and asks if he is coming down with something. Philip claims he is doing just great, and Victor scoffs, asking if this is about Melanie, Stephanie, or someone new entirely. Philip doesn’t think it matters, and Victor throws his hands up, saying of course not, as he is only Philip’s father and employer. He asks if Philip closed that deal they talked about last week, but Philip admits he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Victor asks snidely if he was too busy trying to bed Melanie. Philip says that he cares about Melanie, and Victor scoffs, wondering why he would want to date women with class and intelligence, when there are so many brainless vixens running around town. Philip thought Victor would be happy for them, and Victor replies sarcastically that he is just choking with happiness. Philip claims that Victor should be, since Melanie is smart, funny, and beautiful. Victor tells Philip that they both know Philip is only interested in Melanie for one reason, and once he gets his fill of that, he’s going to drop her like a bad habit. Philip smirks.

Melanie heads into the hospital and greets Maxine. She thought Melanie had the night off, but she explains she heard about the bus accident, and came to see if she could help. Maxine thanks her for doing so, but says that the crisis is now over, since most of the injuries weren’t life-threatening. Melanie then asks where Nathan is, and Maxine smiles knowingly, suggesting that she check the waiting room.

Nathan bandages Stephanie’s arm as she complains about the cookies tasting like cardboard. Nathan chuckles, telling her to try to take a few bites, and to finish all the juice. She agrees, and he reminds her not to engage in any strenuous activity for the next day or so. She tells him to go see his other patients, as she is fine. Nathan starts to head off, but Stephanie gets up to adjust the thermostat, complaining of the heat. She stands up and falls into Nathan’s arms. They tumble onto the couch as Melanie walks in.

Nicole tries to convince herself to go into Sami’s house, saying that Sydney needs to know how much her mommy loves her. Inside, Sami tells Will that she hopes he can make things right with Mia. Will vows to try, and Sami tells him how proud she is of him for being so forgiving. Will thinks Mia has been through a lot, but Sami reminds him that Mia put him through a lot, too. She is glad Will is going to reach out, as it proves what a big-hearted and forgiving guy Will is. She wishes she could be like him. Will asks if she is talking about Nicole. Sami sighs, saying that what Nicole did hurt a lot of people and while part of her can understand why Nicole did it, she will never be able to forgive her for it. She changes the subject, telling Will that she just wants him to be happy. She hugs him, telling him that she loves him. Will starts to head off, saying goodbye to everyone, as they congratulate him on his race. Will heads out the door and down the hall as Nicole jumps back behind the corner. She curses.

Melanie greets Nathan and Stephanie, and Nathan explains that Stephanie is feeling a little light-headed from donating blood. Melanie thinks that is awesome that Stephanie did that, and tells Nathan that she would like to help by giving blood as well. Nathan agrees to set her up with Maxine, and apologizes again about their date. Melanie says it’s no problem. He then asks her to keep an eye on Stephanie, as he has other patients to tend to, and heads off. Stephanie claims she is fine, but Melanie doesn’t think she looks fine. She adds that it was really cool of Stephanie to give blood. Stephanie admits she ought to do it more often. Melanie notices the bandage on Stephanie’s ankle and asks what happened. Stephanie explains that she twisted it, thanks to her loose heel, and Nathan bandaged it for her. Melanie notes that Stephanie has had a rough day. Stephanie smiles, saying it wasn’t that bad.

Philip tells Victor that he gets it now—Victor only liked Melanie because she wasn’t Stephanie. Philip thinks that Melanie is only now a classless low-life because he and Stephanie are through. Philip sighs, saying that he doesn’t think he can ever win with his father. Victor asks what he means, and Philip angrily declares that it’s sick the way Victor mocks every woman he chooses to date. Victor scoffs, telling Philip to let him know when he finds a woman that isn’t an ill-educated gold-digger. Philip says it isn’t about that at all. He claims that Victor doesn’t like Melanie, and he never will, because he wants Philip to be alone, miserable, and bitter—just like he is. From a nearby table, Vivian, who has her back turned to the two, listens in.

Stefano and Kate play a game of chess. Kate assures Stefano that EJ will come around eventually. Stefano groans, saying that he can’t believe the way EJ spoke to him. Kate tells Stefano that her children have told her she was dead to them many times, but in the end, they seem to understand that she does what she does out of love for them. A parent’s first instinct is to protect, and she doesn’t think anyone has done more for their family than Stefano has. She claims that no one is more devoted to his children and grandchildren than him. He thanks her for knowing just what he needed to hear. Kate claims that she is saying all this because it’s true. Stefano agrees that it is.

Chad and Mia stand by Grace’s tombstone. Mia explains that Grace’s funeral was the day Chad came back to town. Chad sighs. Mia tells him that she is sorry for all the lies, but most of all, she is sorry that he never got to know his little girl—their little girl. She sniffles.

Outside the Cheatin’ Heart, Arianna sends Rafe a text message warning him that Nicole is out of jail.

Rafe doesn’t get the message because he and Sami are outside telling Roman, Caroline, Allie, and Johnny goodbye. Nicole hides out around the corner as the four head off. Sami and Rafe head back inside to admire Sydney. Rafe wants to get her to tell Sami that she loves her, but she doesn’t think they can expect Sydney to start using complete sentences. Rafe thinks it’s worth a try and urges her to say ‘Mama.’ Sydney does so. Sami gasps in delight. Rafe grins. Outside, Nicole puts her hand on the doorknob. Brady comes up behind her and grabs her by the collar, saying that he knew he’d find her here. Nicole shrinks back in fright.

Stephanie gets up to leave, but Melanie doesn’t think she’s ready to go, and hands her a cookie to finish first. Melanie slyly tells Stephanie that things didn’t quite work as planned tonight, since she and Nathan were supposed to go out on a date. Stephanie asks her pointedly how things are going, since Melanie was so conflicted the last time they spoke. Melanie says that that happens to the best of people, and that she is no longer conflicted about anything. Stephanie asks what she has decided, and Melanie tells her that Nathan is the only guy for her. Stephanie smirks.

Victor scoffs, feigning sympathy for Philip for having a father whose only goal in life is to make him miserable. He then says it’s no wonder Philip is such an insolent bastard and a colossal screw-up. Philip shouts that he has damn good reason to be a screw-up. He pounds his fist on the table and storms off. Vivian heads over and asks Victor if she can join him. Victor stares at her in shock.

Arianna meets with Troy at the Cheatin’ Heart. She passes some cash off to him, and asks if they are good, as she really has to get going. Troy tells her that they need to talk about her attitude, as her running around and brushing him off isn’t going to fly. Arianna apologizes. Troy explains that they have new boss now, and he expects Arianna to be productive. She says she will be, and Troy warns her not to blow this for both of them. She swears she won’t and he heads off. Arianna sighs and starts to do the same, but she runs into EJ at the bar.

Sydney and Rafe watch a sleeping Sydney, and decide she is so tired because of her exciting day playing with her family. Outside, Brady demands to know what the hell Nicole is doing here. She says she just wanted to see her baby one last time, but Brady tells her to forget it, as she isn’t going to see either Sydney or Sami. In fact, she is coming with him. Nicole asks where they are going as Brady drags her off by the collar.


Will tells Mia, “I just wanted to say I'm sorry.”

EJ tells Sami, “When it comes to my daughter, I don't just roll over and play dead. I fight for what is mine.”

Nicole asks, “Are you saying that I've lost you too?” Brady nods, “Yep.”

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