Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/20/09


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, EJ leaves Stefano an angry voicemail, demanding to know if he is responsible for Mateo changing his story. He hangs up and turns around to find Stefano standing behind him.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She asks if he found Sami, and Rafe nods, saying he found Sydney, too, and she’s back with her real mom now. Arianna squeals and hugs Rafe, telling him how proud she is of him. She asks about Nicole, and Rafe says that she has been arrested. Arianna is pleased, saying she has been keeping a lid on things with Brady, but now she can at least talk to him about it. Rafe thinks Brady is going to be surprised at his old friend Nicole. Arianna nods, just glad that Sydney is back where she belongs. Rafe agrees, saying Nicole is where she belongs, too—and she’ll be behind bars for a long time.

From her jail cell, Nicole asks Brady in surprise if he is here to help her. Brady nods, saying that Chloe sent him a text letting him know Nicole had been arrested. Nicole is surprised Chloe bothered, since she’s so upset with her. Brady thinks it’s because Chloe just found out Nicole had been lying to her for the past year. Nicole doesn’t think Brady can be too happy with her either, but he reminds her that he is here. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t understand how he can forgive her, considering what she did.

Nathan wraps Stephanie’s ankle and tells her how sorry he is she fell. She says it’s ok, as it was just because of her shoe. Nathan wonders why she was trying to get away from him so quickly, and asks if she is upset with him. Stephanie says that isn’t it, as she actually thinks the world of Nathan. Nathan, surprised, says that he had no idea, and if he had, things might have been different. He moves in and kisses Stephanie. Nathan then interrupts her fantasy, instructing Stephanie to keep her ankle iced and elevated. She nods. He asks if she is feeling alright. She says she is and he starts to head off, but Stephanie stops him, telling him that she thinks he is making a big mistake. Nathan asks what she is talking about.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Mark tells Melanie that she is going to give him what he wants. Melanie giggles nervously, saying that she is flattered he came to visit her from Milan or Marseilles or wherever it was they first met. Mark reminds her it was Berlin, and she left him in the middle of the night. Melanie squeaks that he was asleep and she had a train to catch. Mark grabs her, telling her that she isn’t getting away from him this time—not until he gets what he came for.

Brady admits that he should have stopped Nicole a long time ago, but he saw how much pain she was in, and he knew how much she wanted to hold onto both EJ and Sydney. Nicole sobs that he is the only one that understands. Brady assures her that it will be alright, but Nicole wonders how it can be when everyone, especially EJ, hates her. Brady tells her tenderly that not everyone hates her, and he assures her that they are going to make it through this, and that everything will be alright. Nicole sighs, wondering why she couldn’t have just tried to build a life with Brady.

EJ demands to know if Stefano is back for good. He says he is, and EJ asks angrily if he came home because the police decided he was the one responsible for the hit on Rafe, not Stefano. Stefano replies that he’s been informed of that development. EJ scoffs, asking Stefano if he decided to set up his own son to take the fall for a crime he committed. EJ sarcastically tells Stefano that that was noble of him.

Nathan asks Stephanie what she means by saying he made a huge mistake. She flashes back to seeing him kissing Melanie, and stammers that she thinks he wrapped her ankle too tightly. Nathan agrees to rewrap it, and while he’s doing so, she can tell him what is really on her mind.

Mark tries to drag Melanie out of the kitchen, but she shakes him off, saying that he is being too rough. Mark sneers, reminding her that she took his money and left him in the night. Melanie agrees to go to the ATM and get his money back for him, but Mark vows to never let her leave his sight again. Melanie swears that she will pay him back, and he leers, saying he knows she will—dollar by dollar. He starts to drag her off again, but Philip walks in just then, asking Melanie what is going on.

Someone behind a newspaper listens in as Rafe tells Arianna that Caroline and Roman are spending time with Sami and Sydney, so he thought he would leave them alone for a while. Arianna thinks they all must be walking on air, and vows not to let anyone forget that Rafe is the real hero in all of this. Rafe asks her to stop, reminding her that EJ saved his life, and if it hadn’t been for EJ, that hit man would have blown his head off. Arianna thinks that was a weird thing for EJ to do, and Rafe agrees, saying that he thinks something is going on in that family. He claims he doesn’t get it, as he brought Sydney back into their family. He doesn’t understand why they’d want him dead.

Stefano asks EJ if he really thinks he set him up. EJ snaps that he knows Stefano did, since Matteo named him as the person that put the hit out on Rafe, and he thinks Stefano had to get the police off of his back. Stefano pours a couple of drinks, saying he wouldn’t accuse his own son. He claims that Matteo is wishy-washy, and will probably change his story and name someone else tomorrow. He offers EJ a drink, but he refuses. EJ asks angrily if that is Stefano’s game—to make sure neither one of them are charged. Stefano tells EJ that Matteo will do as he’s told, and EJ will be exonerated by tomorrow. He toasts to EJ and finishes off his drink.

Stephanie files some paperwork and asks Nathan if he turned in that communicable disease report. He reminds her that they never got to finish their conversation from earlier. She asks again about the report and Nathan tells her he emailed it. He presses her to tell him about the big mistake he supposedly made. Stephanie says again that he just wrapped her ankle too tightly. He claims that if that is true, she wouldn’t have tried to get away from him so quickly afterwards. Stephanie replies she is just having one of those days, and asks Nathan to drop it. She starts to head off, but Nathan stops her, saying that he likes her, and he doesn’t want anything to screw that up. Stephanie claims that everything is fine, but Nathan says that he can tell there is some distance between them.

Mark tells Philip to use his head, and walk away before someone gets hurt. Philip ignores him, asking Melanie what she has done this time. Mark demands that he leave, as he and Melanie have business to conduct. Philip asks Melanie who the guy is, and she introduces the two. Philip guesses Mark must be an old friend of hers from Europe. Mark tells him to leave, and warns Philip not to make him say it again. Philip continues to ignore him, telling Melanie that he guesses from the way Mark was dragging her off that she must owe him money. Philip smirks, saying that it’s going to be a long night for Melanie, since she doesn’t have two dimes to rub together. Mark glares. Melanie fidgets.

EJ can’t believe Stefano is telling him not to worry when Sami can use these charges against him if she sues for custody for Sydney. Stefano shrugs, saying that they will just buy a judge and everything will be alright. EJ reminds Stefano that things haven’t been alright lately, and demands to know why Stefano wanted Rafe killed. Stefano claims that insects annoy him. EJ replies angrily that it’s time for the two of them to get to the truth, and claims that he has a theory as to why Stefano wanted Rafe dead. First, however, EJ wants to know if Rafe’s life is still in danger.

Rafe tells Arianna that he has some errands to run, and she admits she’d like to talk to Brady, since she left him upstairs. Rafe starts to head off, but notices the person behind the newspaper and plucks it out of her hands. A teenage girl glances up at him sheepishly. Arianna exclaims, “Gabriella?” Rafe demands to know what the hell she is doing. Gabi explains that their mom wanted her to come, since she’s worried about both of them.

Brady tells Nicole that however it turned out; she did the things she did out of love. Nicole sobs, saying that she still can’t believe they took Sydney away. She tells Brady that she misses her. Brady knows she does, but says there is nothing she can do about it, since Chad’s paternity test showed that he was the father. He promises that an adoption isn’t as black and white as she thinks, and that a jury will probably understand why she did what she did. Nicole is astonished, asking Brady if he thinks that is why she was arrested. Brady asks what she means, and tells Nicole that the police should have told her what she was being charged with. He figures the charge was something related to illegal adoption, and demands to know if Nicole is in here for another reason. She stares.

Arianna can’t believe their mother sent Gabi to Salem. Rafe asks why she was hiding behind a newspaper, and Gabi explains that she was trying to figure out what they were both up to, since no one hears from them anymore. Arianna asks if their mother wanted Gabi to check up on them. Rafe demands to know why she isn’t in school. Gabi claims she is on winter break. Rafe agrees to call their mother, and apologizes, admitting he has been busy. Gabi asks Arianna what her excuse is.

Brady asks Nicole what other reason they would have to arrest her other than for illegal adoption. Nicole stammers, asking what Chloe said. Brady says that she just sent him a text letting him know Nicole had been arrested. Nicole asks worriedly if the cops said anything when he came in. Brady says they didn’t, and says he thinks there is something Nicole isn’t telling him. He demands to know what the hell is going on.

Stefano asks EJ to stop fretting about Rafe, as he will be free to annoy people as long as he wants, and besides, EJ will be exonerated of the attempted hit on Rafe. Stefano then claims there is nothing else to discuss, but EJ reminds him that he runs the family business, and he needs to know what is going on. If there’s a threat to the family, he needs to know about it. Stefano claims Rafe isn’t a threat, but EJ isn’t so sure. He tells Stefano that when Rafe was shot at, he had DNA results with him. Stefano asks innocently what he was doing with DNA results, and wonders if Rafe is back with the FBI. EJ claims Stefano knows he knows, and wonders if his father is going to make him drag this out of him. Stefano stares. EJ shouts that he knows Stefano knew that the DNA evidence proved that he and Sami were Sydney’s rightful parents. Stefano stares. EJ yells that Nicole switched the babies. Stefano feigns shock, saying that that is unbelievable, and that Nicole should be in jail. EJ says she has been arrested, and demands to know if Stefano is saying that he had nothing to do with this. Stefano scoffs, reminding EJ that he was in seclusion out of town. EJ snaps back that he found a way to get to Matteo and get him to change what he was saying, so he doesn’t think it’s that far of a stretch to assume that Stefano also knew about Sydney. Stefano snaps that it isn’t important what he knew and didn’t know—all that matters is that Nicole is in jail, and Sydney is back in their family. EJ retorts that he believes that if this hit had gone off, no one would have ever have known about the baby switch. He accuses Stefano of ordering the hit for that very reason, which means that he knew Nicole’s secret from day one. Stefano gapes.

Nathan gets a page and heads off, promising Stephanie that they will talk about this soon. Just then, another nurse gets a call about a bus accident. She hangs up and sighs, telling Stephanie that some poor doctor is going to be in the E.R. all night. Stephanie gets an idea and tells the nurse that Dr. Horton is still here. The nurse thanks her and says she’ll call for him, since he’s an intern and won’t be able to say no. She picks up the phone and asks someone to page Dr. Horton. Stephanie smiles.

Melanie thanks Philip sarcastically for the support. Philip asks Mark how much Melanie owes him, and he snaps that she took ten grand. Philip whistles, telling Melanie that she doesn’t pull any small scams. Philip takes off his watch and hands it to Mark, betting that he will take this as payment. Mark admits that the watch is nice, but it isn’t worth ten grand. Philip admits that that’s true, and that it’s probably worth half that. He then asks Mark if he has heard of the Kiriakis family. Mark says everyone in Europe has, and that if you don’t respect that family, you don’t live long. Philip nods, telling Mark that he is Philip Kiriakis. Melanie grins. Mark stammers, handing Philip his watch and telling him it’s nice to meet him. Philip tells him to keep it, saying that fifty cents on the dollar isn’t too bad in this economy, but he must agree to never bother Melanie again. Mark says Philip has nothing to worry about, as he was just here to say hello. He kisses Melanie on both cheeks, hugs Philip, tells him it was wonderful to meet him, and rushes off. Melanie breathes a sigh of relief, thanking Philip and saying that she owes him. Philip agrees, and adds that he knows exactly how she can repay him. Melanie glares.

Arianna scoffs that Gabi hasn’t changed much, as she still seems to think that everything she and Rafe does is wrong. Gabi retorts that she isn’t the one that ran off and broke their mother’s heart by doing drugs and going to prison. Rafe warns Gabi to keep her voice down and lose the attitude, since Arianna is her sister, and she loves her, whether Gabi realizes it or not. Gabi apologizes, but Arianna admits she knows she let everyone down by going to jail. Gabi says she is glad Arianna got out early, but everyone was upset by the fact that Arianna just seemed to drop out of sight. Arianna promises to call their mother. Rafe agrees, saying they’ll both call her in the morning and then plan a visit. Gabi thanks them both and Rafe asks how she got here. She says she took the bus, but that she isn’t going home tonight. In fact, their mother wants her to stay here for a few days and keep an eye on both Rafe and Arianna. Arianna refuses to allow her to do so.

Nicole claims that nothing is going on, and that she is just paranoid and feeling sorry for herself. She claims that those cops were saying horrible things to her while she was being photographed and fingerprinted, and she thinks they could have shown some compassion considering she just lost her daughter. Brady asks her not to focus on that right now, and reminds her that he came here to help her. He asks if he can do anything for her, and Nicole admits that there is something he can do.

Stefano claims that he is as surprised as anyone about Nicole, and that he was only after Rafe because he was sure the man was investigating their family. EJ tiredly reminds him that a lot of people investigate their family, but Stefano doesn’t have them all killed. He asks Stefano to be honest about why he has always been so protective of Nicole. Stefano says it’s because she’s EJ’s wife, and he loves her. EJ says that was before she faked her pregnancy and tried to pass of someone else’s baby as his. He reminds Stefano of him telling him about it while he was in the hospital, and how Stefano told him he wanted to talk to him about something, then immediately changed his mind after he saw Sami. Stefano says he can’t remember and growls that that woman shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near him. EJ thinks Stefano got so angry with her that he wanted to make sure she was no longer a part of EJ’s life. Stefano claims that that is nonsense. EJ shakes his head, saying there are all these ingredients—Stefano’s hatred of Sami, his incredible loyalty towards Nicole, and his fear of Rafe. EJ thinks it all comes back to the baby switch and again accuses Stefano of knowing about it from the beginning.

Melanie asks Philip angrily if she should get down on one knee, kiss his ring, tell him she can’t live without him, then take him upstairs to the bedroom. Philip says she could do that, but he really just wanted to know how she managed to scam someone out of ten thousand dollars. Melanie says it was easy, as Mark is loaded despite his awful clothing choices. She tells Philip that she told Mark she could get him an Arabian horse for ten grand. Philip scoffs, saying the guy deserved to be scammed. Melanie admits it was easy. Philip says he has to wonder how many more Marks are out there, just waiting to get even with her.

Nicole tells Brady that he doesn’t have to do this right away, but she was hoping he could post her bail. She swears she won’t be leaving the country, since the court seized her passport, and she can’t afford to travel, anyway. She sighs, telling Brady that this place is awful, and she has been punished enough, considering she lost her daughter—the most important person in her life. Brady reminds Nicole that she is going to have to accept that Sydney is no longer her daughter. Nicole sobs that she just wants to crawl into a hole and try to remember her sweet little smile and how happy they used to be. Brady asks her gently to take it easy, and vows to post her bail for her. Nicole smiles gratefully.

Stefano vows that he didn’t know about the baby switch. EJ demands to know why Stefano is lying, and shouts that he knows Stefano was getting ready to tell him about it in the hospital. Stefano claims he is mistaken, but EJ thinks Sami pissed Stefano off so much that he decided to side with Nicole. Stefano claims that he isn’t the villain here, and that he loves EJ and would never do anything to hurt him. EJ retorts that Nicole said the same thing, but unfortunately for both of them, Rafe found out the truth. That’s why Stefano tried to have him killed. Stefano, enraged, yells at EJ to think. He shouts that Sami would have never let him know about his daughter, and because of Nicole, he got the chance to raise her. Stefano wonders what is so terrible about that. EJ gasps in astonishment.

Nathan runs into Stephanie and asks her if she can guess who just got asked to stay all night and help out in the E.R. Stephanie tells him how sorry she is, and Nathan tells her about the bus accident. He thanks God no one was killed, but there are a lot of broken bones and people needing to be stitched up. Stephanie asks innocently about his date with Melanie, and Nathan sighs, saying that he will obviously have to cancel. He says that he ought to call her right now, and heads off to do so. Stephanie tells herself that she hated doing that, but Melanie just doesn’t deserve Nathan.

Melanie’s phone rings, interrupting her and Philip. It’s Nathan, calling to cancel their date. He tells her how sorry she is, but she says it’s alright, and that she’ll just have to get used to it, since she is dating a doctor. Nathan thanks her for understanding, and promises that he will see her tomorrow. Melanie hangs up with a sigh. Philip smirks, guessing that Nathan chose duty over pleasure, and she’s out of luck. Melanie retorts that Nathan is off saving lives, since there was a bad accident. Philip admits that he is pretty noble and benevolent, and he has to wonder what Nathan would think if he knew about all these scams Melanie pulled in Europe.

Gabi asks Arianna what is wrong with her staying for a few days. Arianna thinks she should be with their mother, but Gabi explains that she went to their grandmother’s for Thanksgiving, and told her to stay here with her brother and sister. Rafe asks Gabi to hold on and pulls Arianna aside, asking her what the problem is with Gabi staying for a little while. Arianna wonders where she will stay, reminding Rafe that her room is too small, and he’s at Sami’s with her and the kids. Rafe reminds Arianna that their mother is at their grandmother’s for the week, and he doesn’t want Gabi at the house alone. He asks Arianna if there is a vacant room down the hall from hers. Arianna says there is, but doesn’t think that this is going to work. Rafe promises to talk to Caroline himself, and assures Arianna that it won’t be a problem. Gabi walks over, glad to hear that she won’t be a problem. Arianna smiles half-heartedly.

Brady comes back to tell Nicole that she is all set. She asks if she can go, and he explains that she’ll have to do some paperwork first, but that they’ll be bringing her her things soon. She sighs with relief, telling Brady that she can’t tell him how much this means to her. He asks if she has any cash. She says she has a little, and that she’ll be fine, but Brady explains that he is setting her up in a motel out of town. He promises it will be discreet, and tells her not to worry about money, since he is taking care of everything. Nicole isn’t sure how she deserved having a person like Brady for a friend. She hopes when everything comes out, and everyone hates her, that Brady will understand that she did what she did because she loved EJ and that little girl. Brady says he knows, and that he is her friend. He strokes her face through the bars, vowing that nothing will change that. He then heads off. Nicole sighs, “Want to bet?”

Nathan runs into Stephanie and wonders what she is still doing at the hospital. She explains she wanted to stick around to see if they needed help, since she knows the E.R. is getting packed. Nathan asks jokingly if she is good at stitching up wounds. Stephanie stares. Nathan explains that he is kidding, but says that he will probably be calling her soon for help. Nathan then thanks her for what she is doing, saying it’s a nice thing. He heads off. Stephanie smiles.

Melanie asks Philip not to say anything to Nathan. He asks if she means about her being a scam artist, but Melanie claims that isn’t what she was doing. Philip says she was just scamming men out of their money, and wonders why she cares what anyone thinks. Melanie says she cares about Nathan. Philip moves in, saying that she can keep telling herself that, but things would be a lot better for her if she would just be honest with herself. Melanie must agree, because she kisses Philip passionately.

Rafe and Gabi stroll along the pier. Rafe tells her that it is nice to see her again, and that he is glad that she will be here for Thanksgiving. Gabi doesn’t think Arianna seemed too thrilled, and Rafe explains that it’s because she has a new boyfriend and probably just wants privacy. Gabi asks if her new boyfriend knows about her being a jailbird. Rafe says he doesn’t, and warns Gabi that no one else in town knows either. Rafe thinks Arianna’s boyfriend would be okay with it, however, because he is a nice guy. Gabi hopes so, as she doesn’t want to see Arianna get hurt again. Rafe agrees.

Brady heads into the pub and greets Arianna. She apologizes for not bringing up the coffee, saying that things got pretty hectic around here. Brady explains that he actually had to leave, and guesses that she didn’t get his note. He then explains that he got a text from Chloe saying that Nicole had been arrested, so he went down to the station to post bail for her. Arianna gapes, saying that she can’t believe Brady would do that after all Nicole has done. Brady stares at her in amazement.

An officer lets Nicole out and hands her her purse, telling her that she is out for now, but word is that she will be back soon. Nicole tells her not to worry about her, and the officer heads off. Nicole takes out her wallet and stares at a picture of Sydney, saying that she is going to find her baby and do what has to be done.

EJ shakes with rage, telling Stefano that he was supposed to be the one he could trust and count on. Stefano claims he can, reminding EJ that he is son, and that he loves him. EJ shouts that Stefano lied to him—he helped Nicole lie to him, and he let him mourn the death of a child that wasn’t even his. Stefano tries to explain to EJ that if he had known, he would have run straight to that low-life Brady bitch, because he is in love with her. EJ shouts that it is his life, and that Stefano can’t do this to him. Stefano claims that he just wanted to help. EJ says he loves Stefano, but he can’t do this. He takes his face in his hands, and begins choking him. Stefano struggles and gasps. EJ swings him around and forces him down on a table, strangling him. Stefano chokes out EJ’s name. EJ squeezes harder.


Sami tells Roman, “Come on. EJ didn't have anything to do with trying to kill Rafe.” He replies, “I wouldn't be so sure about that.”

Mia asks Nicole, “Why are you here? Why are you out of jail?”

Brady gasps, “Oh, my God. What have I done?”

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