Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, EJ snaps at the police officer that he is going to be sorry, and makes a phone call. He listens, then angrily tells someone to drag the judge out of his meeting.

Brady and Arianna work on Victor’s laptop in her room above the pub. Brady sighs, admitting that cracking this code is a lot harder than he thought, and thusly, so will be finding out who is running drugs through Salem. Brady tells Arianna about a Greek word he keeps running across in all the files his grandfather deleted. He sighs, telling Arianna he thinks that it means that his grandfather is the one behind all the drugs in town.

Nathan heads into Maggie’s house and greets Maggie and Stephanie, who are working on plans for a rooftop garden at the hospital. Stephanie didn’t think he was sill living here, but Nathan explains he had to come by to get a few things. Nathan looks over their plans and suggests they consider putting in a play area for all the long-term care children. Stephanie tells Nathan that that is a wonderful idea and thanks him. He grins and heads off. Stephanie sighs, saying every time she thinks Nathan is a nice guy, he goes and does something that makes her admire him even more. She just hopes he doesn’t get hurt. Maggie asks why she would say that.

Melanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and bangs on the door, shouting for Philip. He opens the door and she storms in, shouting that she doesn’t know what he is trying to do, but it stops right now. Philip smirks, assuming she got his messages.

The police officer assures EJ that he is just following orders, but EJ snaps that he is letting Rafe take away his daughter, and that is something that he won’t allow. Roman heads in just then, telling EJ that he looks determined. EJ scowls, saying that he plans on seeing Sami so he can get his daughter back. Roman retorts that he isn’t going anywhere.

From her jail cell, Nicole tells Mia that she knows what this looks like, but assures her she’ll be out soon. Nicole wonders if she has spoken to either Sami or EJ. Mia shakes her head. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief and tells Mia that she needs her help, or they could end up losing their little girl forever. Mia tells Nicole that she is already lost, but Nicole shakes her head, saying that they can get her back, as long as Mia does exactly what she says.

EJ snaps that Roman’s strong-arm tactics aren’t going to work with him, and that he is going to get his daughter back. Roman takes a call just then. He listens, then hangs up, telling EJ he has bad news. Apparently, the hit man has changed his story, and he is saying that Stefano wasn’t the one that hired him—EJ was.

Nicole tells Mia that Sami has her baby, but they can get her back if they work together. She tells Mia they have to do this soon, or she may never see he little girl again, as EJ and Sami can both be mean and vindictive. She then claims she has a plan, and if Mia will only does what she says, then she can hold her baby again. Mia bawls that her baby is dead, and that she will never get to see her again—and it’s all because of Nicole.

Melanie tells Philip to wipe the smile off of his face, and warns him that he needs to stop calling, texting, and accidentally running into her. Philip asks how else he is supposed to let her know how he feels. She snaps at him to keep his stupid conceited ideas to himself and stay out of her life. Philip reminds her that she could have told him all of this over the phone, and she didn’t. Instead, she came over to see him face-to-face, and Philip wants to know why she thinks she did that.

Caroline greets Victor at the pub. He asks if she should be working, and she joins him, saying that she just had the flu, but she feels much better now. She adds that he shouldn’t have sent flowers every day. Victor thinks flowers are nice any time, and besides, he was worried about her. Caroline replies that she was worried about him, since she heard all about Stefano and Kate getting married. Victor assures Caroline that he and Kate haven’t had a meaningful relationship in years, and for a long time now, there has only been one woman in the world for him. He gives Caroline a meaningful glance.

D.A. Woods and Abe show up at the DiMera mansion. EJ scoffs, saying that everything makes sense now. He assumes the press is outside and waiting so that Roman can get all the publicity he needs to ensure that his daughter can successfully sue for custody for Sydney.

Mia demands to know if Nicole planned on keeping this from her forever. Nicole stammers that they need to work together, but Mia snaps that no one cares about her stupid lies, since Sami knows Sydney is her baby. Nicole thinks they can still get Sydney back, but Mia snaps that she belongs to Sami. She cries that her baby is dead, and it’s all because of Nicole. Nicole claims she had nothing to do with Grace getting sick. Mia reminds Nicole tearfully that she swore she would give her baby a good life, and then she gave her away. She sobs that Nicole never cared about Grace at all. Nicole insists that she did care, and asks Mia if she can see that she had to do this. Mia tells Nicole that she is disgusting. Nicole sighs, explaining that Sami didn’t want EJ’s baby. She gave Grace to her because she knew she could give her a good life. Nicole then says she had no way of knowing that Sami would let Grace die. Mia goes ballistic, asking if Nicole is trying to blame Grace’s death on Sami.

Brady groans, saying he knew his grandfather was into some crooked things, but he though he hated drugs. Arianna tells Brady that the account is old. He asks what she means, and she shows him a record stating that the business, whatever it was, was sold. Brady comes over and looks, and Arianna shows him that a final payment to an account in the Cayman Islands was made not that long ago. Brady thinks this means someone knew his grandfather was dealing drugs into Salem. Arianna nods, saying it also means his grandfather isn’t her boss.

Caroline tells Victor that he must know Shawn was the only man in her life. Victor says he knows that, and respects it, but he still can’t help hoping that one day, she might feel differently. Caroline admits that she cares for Victor very deeply, but she can’t overlook his line of work, as her conscience always stops her from accepting him with her whole heart. She tells Victor that she hopes he can understand that and move on.

Stephanie tells Maggie that she just meant that she doesn’t want to see Nathan get hurt, since he is so trusting and such a nice guy. Maggie assumes that she means Nathan shouldn’t trust Melanie, but Stephanie says that isn’t what she meant, and that Melanie likes Nathan very much. Everyone can see that. Maggie thinks that Melanie likes Philip more, as she has seen the tape, too. She then adds that she thinks Melanie can’t seem to get Philip off of her mind. Startled, Stephanie says that she has to go. In her hurry to get up, she stumbles. Maggie asks if she is alright, and Stephanie claims she just has a loose heel. Maggie thinks she ought to sit down, but Stephanie says she really has to go, and hurries off. Maggie stares after her, surprised. Outside, Stephanie leans against the door, sighs, and then rushes off.

Philip thinks Melanie wants him in her life as much as he wants her in his. She says that isn’t true at all, and in fact, she wants Philip out of her life for good, because she is with Nathan now. She then storms off. Philip smirks, “Sure you are.”

Nicole asks Mia not to misunderstand, and says she didn’t mean that Sami caused Grace’s death, as it was a virus and totally random. She says she just wanted Mia to understand that she did everything she could for Grace, and that in the end, no one could save her, no matter whose family she was a part of. Mia snaps, asking if Nicole is even listening. She reminds Nicole angrily that she held Grace while she was dying, and cried at her funeral, but she didn’t know Grace was hers because Nicole took that away from her. She wonders how Nicole could have done it, and demands to know what kind of a monster she is.

Melanie greets Nathan at the hospital. He didn’t think they would see each other until later, but Melanie admits that she wanted to come down here to talk to him about the intense messages Philip has been leaving her. Nathan tells her he already knows, as he happened to overhear Philip leaving one of them. Melanie asks why he didn’t say anything before, and Nathan says it’s because he figured Melanie would let him know if she wanted to. He then asks her if she realizes it’s up to her whether or not she wants to be with Philip.

Brady huffs into the Kiriakis mansion and hands Victor some papers, telling him that these are some notes he made on the drug operation in Salem—the same one Victor learned Arianna was working for. Victor asks what the significance of this is, and Brady snaps that Victor is in this up to his neck.

Woods asks EJ if he wants a lawyer present, but EJ snaps that he is a lawyer, and that he knows exactly what Woods is trying to do. He accuses him of wanting to arrest a DiMera to look good, as his reelection campaign is coming up. Woods scoffs, saying that they can cuff EJ right now if that is going to be his attitude. Abe suggests they all take a step back and try to remember why they’re here. Woods claims they just need some answers, but EJ says he’s given the police his statement. He believes Roman is trying to give his daughter the upper hand when she sues for custody. Roman snaps that he doesn’t want to do this, but he will arrest his grandchildren’s father if EJ keeps talking. EJ glares.

Mia tells Nicole that she loved Grace, and she felt disgusting for not feeling the same way towards Sydney, but it was because of Nicole and all her lies. Nicole says she is sorry Mia feels this way. Mia ignores her, reminding Nicole angrily that she had her lying to everyone just this past week, saying that she was a slut just to fool Chad, when he really wasn’t Sydney’s father at all. Nicole sighs, admitting that Mia had to sacrifice a lot. Mia explodes, saying she gave up everything—Will and her self-respect—but all Nicole cared about was keeping up with her lies. Mia shrieks that giving her little girl to Nicole was the worst decision she ever made, and she hates both herself and Nicole for it.

Victor asks Brady where he is getting these idiotic ideas from, and claims that these papers don’t prove a thing. Brady snaps that that is because Victor sold the business, and his hands are now clean. Victor demands to know why Brady is accusing him of this, and Brady tells Victor that he broke into some of his files from Titan. Victor gapes, furious, as Brady demands to know who the buyer was. Victor guesses angrily that Arianna put Brady up to this. Brady says it was pretty smooth of Victor to trash her as the dealer when he was her distributor all along. Victor warns Brady that Arianna is going to ruin him, and that he is just trying to help Brady. Brady believes that Victor is just out for himself, like usual. He then warns Victor to be careful, or he will wind up alone with no one to look at except his servants.

Mia calls Nicole a cold, heartless bitch, and says she hopes she sits in jail for the rest of her life. Nicole, now angry, tells Mia that while she is out celebrating, she can do a little reality check. Nicole reminds Mia that she came to her, alone and friendless, because her boyfriend knocked her up in the back of a car and abandoned her. She supported her emotionally, financially, and physically-- she delivered her baby, and Mia didn’t even want to hold her. Mia grimaces as Nicole snaps that Mia abdicated all responsibility when Nicole gave her thousands of dollars and she ran off to Japan. She tells Mia that if she doesn’t like the way she handled things after she left, she can just take a long look in the mirror.

Melanie tells Nathan that she has been thinking about things a lot, and she cares about him, so she wanted to be honest. She admits that she feels torn between him and Philip. Nathan is confident that he can tip the scales in his own favor, and tells Melanie that he’d be willing to fight for her. Melanie is glad to hear it, and the two kiss.

Maggie heads into the Java café and asks Philip if he has seen Mia, one of the waitresses around. Philip says he hasn’t, and Maggie starts to head off, but Philip stops her. Maggie admits that she knows Philip cares for Melanie, and she does too. She thinks she has really developed into a nice young woman in the year she’s been at her house. Philip nods in agreement. Maggie sighs, saying she thinks Melanie is in a very good place now with her grandson, Nathan, and she’d appreciate if Philip would butt out. Philip thinks that if Maggie is so concerned about someone coming between Melanie and Nathan, then that means Melanie isn’t really isn’t in a good place. Just then, Maggie gets a call form Mickey and heads off, saying she has to take it. Philip smirks.

Abe reminds them all they’re just they’re just here to make inquiries, but Woods says that he has heard enough, and tells EJ that his office will get back to him as to whether they will press charges. EJ tells him snidely to give his best to Chad, and Woods huffs off. Roman then says that he is through here if the D.A. is, and warns EJ to stay out of trouble for his children’s sake. EJ snaps at Roman to make sure he gets a warrant before he comes back next time as Roman walks out. Abe clears his throat, saying that he knows this is awkward, since EJ is his brother-in-law. EJ retorts that this is ridiculous, as it makes no sense whatsoever that he would put a hit out on Rafe, and then risk his own life to save him at the last minute. Abe says that he thinks something else is going on here, and that it has something to do with EJ’s family situation. EJ gets a call just then from a judge’s office. He thanks the person and hangs up, telling Abe that there is a court order allowing him to go down to the station and speak with the hit man. Abe asks angrily what eh means, and EJ reminds Abe that he is his own attorney, and he is entitled to speak to the man that is accusing him. Abe says that he will have to accompany EJ, and asks if he plans on seeing Nicole while he is there. EJ grunts that he hopes not.

Nicole tells Mia that she loved both Grace and Sydney, and that she only switched the babies for Sydney’s sake. She admits, however, that she allowed Sami to think that her baby died. Mia sobs that she was the one that lost her daughter. Nicole huffs, saying that telling her the truth wouldn’t have accomplished anything. It would have just made things worse for Mia, so she was just sparing her a terrible loss. Mia bawls that she is feeling it now, only when it’s too late. She asks Nicole if she really doesn’t understand what she did to her. Nicole claims that she does.

EJ greets Mateo in his jail cell, asking him to come over and talk to him. Mateo sullenly refuses, but EJ shows Mateo that Abe is right there behind him, and that nothing will happen. Mateo walks over, and EJ asks him why he changed his story. EJ says he knows Mateo is lying, and wonders if Commander Brady or D.A. Woods asked him to do it. Mateo says that he refuses to answer to EJ. EJ grabs him by the collar, telling him that he is going to tell him the truth while he still can. He demands to know who is trying to frame him. Abe grabs EJ, forcing him to back off. He shouts that EJ knows the man is a witness, and asks him what the hell is wrong with him. EJ tells Abe to tell Roman Brady that he is going to be sorry—both him and his daughter. EJ storms off.

Nathan runs into Stephanie at the nurse’s station. She tells him that she can’t wait until they get the rooftop garden they’ve been planning. She gushes about the project some more, then says that she is acting like an idiot. She hurries off, but her heel breaks and she pitches forward. Nathan grabs her to keep her from falling. Stephanie giggles.

Brady heads into Arianna’s room. She guesses things didn’t go well with Victor and Brady nods, saying that Victor clammed up and wouldn’t say a word. Arianna apologizes for causing problems between him and his grandfather, but Brady claims there have been problems from the beginning, and that this isn’t her fault. He is sorry that Arianna is mixed up in all this, as he doesn’t want to lose her. She vows that he won’t. Brady then promises that he will continue to work hard on this, and find out who is behind the cartel in town. Arianna thanks him, and heads off to do some paperwork, promising to bring him up some coffee later. She heads downstairs. Brady turns his phone on, and finds that he has a text message telling him that Nicole has been arrested.

Nicole tells Mia that she loved both Grace and Sydney as if they were her own, so she knows how Mia feels. Mia wonders if Nicole is admitting how wrong she was for what she did. Nicole sighs, saying she didn’t do anything wrong. She explains that she knows what it feels like to lose a baby. She lost EJ’s baby, and now she is losing Sydney. She claims she is still Sydney’s mother, and bursts into tears, crying over her little girl. Mia tells Nicole that she is sick, as she doesn’t feel at all guilty or sorry for what she did. She accuses Nicole of making everything about herself, when this is about Grace, Sydney, and her mother, and what Nicole did to them. She says that she doesn’t care if Nicole is in jail for the rest of her life, but she does hope that she burns in hell. She storms off. Nicole sobs.

Nathan bandages Stephanie’s ankle in nearby room. He wonders if she was upset with him, since she tried to get away from him so quickly. Stephanie claims that she wasn’t, and that she actually thinks the world of Nathan. Nathan, surprised, says that he had no idea, and if he had, things would be a lot different. Stephanie asks what he means, and Nathan moves in for a kiss. Back in the real world, Nathan interrupts Stephanie’s reverie, asking if she heard what she said. She stares. He tells her again to be sure to ice her ankle, and to keep it elevated when she is sitting down. He tells her she can leave, and asks if she is alright. She says she is. He starts to head off, but Stephanie stops him, telling him that he is making a huge mistake.

Melanie eats ice cream in Maggie’s kitchen. Someone bangs on the door and Melanie heads over to answer, saying to herself that it had better not be Philip. Instead, a greasy man with a foreign accent is at the door, asking Melanie what in the world she is doing in a place like this. Melanie is surprised to see the man, whose name is Mark. She says it’s been a couple of years, and that her life has changed a lot since the last time she saw him. She then explains that she can’t do the things she used to do. Mark puts a hand on her shoulder, telling her sternly that he came a long way to see her, so she had better not try to say no to him. Melanie gulps.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion and leaves Stefano a message, asking him to call back, as Mateo has completely changed his story, and EJ can’t figure out why. He tells Stefano’s voicemail about Mateo saying that EJ ordered the hit, and claims he can’t understand why Mateo would say that. A light bulb suddenly goes on, and EJ gasps, saying that it was Stefano that did this. He curses Stefano and hangs up in a rage.

Nicole moans, telling herself that she may never get out of here, and that that is probably what she deserves. Just then, Brady walks in, saying that he is here to help her. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief.


Nathan tells Stephanie, “Then you'll have more than enough time to tell me what's really on your mind.”

Nicole asks Brady, “Why couldn't I have tried to build a life with you?”

EJ tells Stefano, “I think it's time you and I got to the truth, don't you?”

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