Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Bo heads into his house, calling out for Carly. She doesn’t answer, and he sits down at the open laptop Carly was using a few minutes before. He checks the screen, wondering what she is up to now.

At the pier, Carly tells Mia that the baby’s adoptive mother wasn’t the only one that put her baby first—Mia did too, since she gave her daughter up so she could have a better life. Mia tells Carly that she doesn’t know her, but she seems to really understand her. Carly explains that sometimes a stranger can understand better than anyone.

Kate heads into the living room at the DiMera mansion and pours herself a drink. EJ thinks it’s a little early, but Kate says she has had a hell of a day. She grumbles that she knows they’re in a recession, but his father never should have cut costs when it came to hiring a hit man. Then after all that, she had to play this stupid ‘where’s the baby’ game, and it’s driving her wild. EJ asks what she is talking about, and Kate explains that that nursemaid called her to let her know Sami and Rafe are looking for the baby. She claims Chloe is clueless, but Kate thought she could handle watching a child for a little while. She admits to EJ that no one really knows where the baby is. EJ demands to know what Kate has done with Sydney.

Rafe busts into Daniel’s apartment and demands that Chloe hand over the baby. She hugs Sydney tighter, refusing to do so. Rafe vows that Chloe will be an accessory if she makes trouble for him, but if she doesn’t, she can still walk away. Chloe shakes her head, telling Rafe that she promised.

Nicole starts to head out of Sami’s place, but runs into her at the door. Nicole stammers, saying that she thought Sami had gone to see about Rafe. Sami glares, saying she thought Nicole was standing right next to her, but then she disappeared. Nicole claims that she could see Sami was worried and knew that she wouldn’t want to hear her tale of woe. She then explains that she just came to pick up some papers, and that she now has to go pick up Sydney. Sami snaps that she isn’t going anywhere.

Arianna and Brady kiss in her room above the pub. Arianna’s phone rings just then. Brady groans, telling her not to answer it, but she checks the caller ID, saying that it’s Troy, and that she has to answer. Brady reminds her that even real drug dealers use voicemail. Arianna guesses he is right. Brady tells her to forget it, and go ahead and answer, since he has to go anyway. Arianna wonders if he is still angry with her, but Brady says he isn’t, and claims that this is all going to end soon, since he plans on finding out who is running the drugs through this town. Arianna asks where he is going, and Brady explains he’s going to pay a visit to the one person everyone goes to when they need information on the scum of the earth—his grandfather.

Chloe snaps at Rafe that this isn’t his baby, and that he has no right to be here. Rafe warns Chloe not to become a part of this, saying that Nicole is going to go down, and he doesn’t want to see Chloe go with her. He vows not to tell anyone Chloe had the baby, and again demands that she hand Sydney over. Just then, Daniel rushes in, telling Chloe that everything is alright, and reminding Rafe that he asked him to wait. Rafe claims that there is no time, as Nicole already tried to flee the country once, and now she’s trying to have him killed with the DiMeras backing her up. Chloe asks what he is talking about, and Rafe explains that Sydney is Sami’s baby, and that Nicole stole her and let Sami think her baby died. Chloe claims Nicole would never do that, but Daniel tells her it’s true, and that Rafe has proof.

Sami snaps that she can hear the wheels in Nicole’s head turning, and guesses that she is probably wondering how much she knows. Nicole just thought Sami was worried about Rafe, but Sami retorts that he isn’t dead—something that makes her happy, and makes Nicole sad. She adds that she knows Nicole hates it when her plans go awry, but unfortunately for her, Rafe didn’t die, and he ended up telling her why Nicole wanted to have him killed—to keep him from telling her the truth. Nicole tells Sami she is wrong, but Sami says she’s the one that has been wrong, and stupid. She rages and flips over her des chair, shouting that she can’t believe she thanked Nicole for helping her grieve over the death of her daughter. She reminds Nicole angrily that she watched them grieve and did nothing. Sami remembers in horror that Nicole insisted she attend the christening service, where Nicole gave her child the name she picked. Sami wonders if Nicole has any idea how much pain she’s in for, and warns her that her life is about to become a living hell.

Arianna asks Brady if he is sure he wants to do this, admitting that she fears that if he goes to his grandfather and talks to him about this, Victor will assume it’s about her. Brady vows that Victor won’t know she’s working undercover, but Arianna replies frantically that Victor finding out would ruin everything. Brady says he understands, but he also thinks one of the lowlifes working for Victor knows something about all of this. He asks if she trusts him, and she admits she does. Brady then promises her that pretty soon, their biggest problem will be deciding what restaurant to go to or what movie to attend. Arianna laughs, hoping so. Brady promises to call her later and asks her to be careful. She says she will be, and asks him to be careful, too. Brady wonders what could possibly happen to him.

Vivian tramps through the woods and calls Gus, complaining that she hates communing with nature. She asks him to hurry and find out where Carly is and what she is doing. Gus tells her something and Vivian asks if Carly is alone. She listens for a moment, and then demands to know who Carly is talking to.

Mia admits to Carly that she is a little embarrassed to have dumped her life story on her like that. Carly tells her not to be sorry, since it’s been a long time since she has had anyone to talk to. Mia asks why that is, but before Carly can answer, Bo rushes over and pulls Carly aside, asking Mia to excuse them. He demands to know what the hell she is doing out here, and Carly apologizes for taking off on him like that. Bo says that isn’t why he is upset, and tells her that he saw his computer, and that he knows what she was thinking of doing. Carly jokes that she can never pull the wool over his eyes, but Bo tells her that this isn’t funny, and that murder charges are hanging over her head. He adds that she could be extradited any second, and the Alamains are after her to exact revenge. Bo says that at this point, the only thing she needs to be doing is hiding.

Daniel tells Chloe that everything will be alright, but Chloe shakes her head, saying that she isn’t sure what Rafe told him, but Nicole warned her something was wrong, and she thinks Rafe is lying. Rafe snaps that it doesn’t matter what Chloe thinks, since Sydney isn’t Nicole’s baby. Chloe retorts that she is legally, and adds that she swore to Nicole that she wouldn’t give Sydney to anyone. She then explains to Daniel that Nicole told her that Sydney’s birth parents are trying to take the baby away, and she accuses Rafe of working for hem. Rafe shouts that Sami is Sydney’s mother. Chloe says that is impossible, since Sami’s baby died. Daniel explains quietly that Rafe has DNA results to prove it. Chloe asks if the hospital made a mistake, but Rafe shakes his head, telling Chloe that Nicole stole Sami’s baby, took it to EJ, and told him it was theirs. Chloe cries out that that is crazy, and that Nicole would never do something like that. Rafe says that Nicole did do it—she stole another woman’s baby and she is going to pay for it.

Nicole asks Sami if Rafe told her all of this, and Sami snaps that he did—right after Nicole failed at having him killed. Nicole shouts that she would never do that, but Sami ignores her, telling her she had a long run, but it’s all over now. Nicole tries to claim again that Rafe just hates her, and doesn’t want the two of them being friends, but Sami shouts that Rafe just hated seeing her play hostess to the woman that stole her child. Nicole thinks Rafe is trying to turn Sami against her, and claims that Grace has a lot to do with it. Sami glares, telling her not to dare ever say Grace’s name out loud, or she’ll kill her. Sami rages, saying she can’t believe Nicole used Grace to get away with her sick lies. Nicole insists she isn’t lying, and that Rafe is confused. Sami snaps that he has DNA tests to prove that she is Sydney’s mother. Nicole declares that the tests are wrong. Sami shrieks at her to stop it, and demands that she tells her where her daughter is, or she’ll force her to tell her.

Carly tells Mia that she has to leave, and asks if she will be alright. Mia says she will be, and tells Carly that it was nice meeting her. Carly hugs her and wishes her luck. Mia heads off. Carly sighs, asking Bo if there was really any harm in her talking to that girl.

Gus sends Vivian a picture of Carly and Mia talking. Vivian wonders who the girl is, and tells Gus not to follow that vicious murdering little tramp, but to follow the girl instead, and let her know where she ends up.

EJ tells Kate that he isn’t one of her lapdog sons, and he’d appreciate it if she treated him with a little respect. Kate rolls her eyes, telling EJ that what she was trying to tell him is that she asked Chloe, Nicole’s best friend, to watch Sydney, and now Sami and Rafe are looking for her. EJ asks why, but Kate isn’t sure, nor is she sure why it’s so important to Stefano to have Sydney at the house. EJ wonders why Kate gave the baby to Chloe if Stefano had made it clear that Sydney being here was important to him. Kate scoffs, wondering why he cares, since Sydney isn’t his daughter, and since he threw her and his wife out of the house. Kate tells EJ that doing that was the smartest move anyone has made in this little drama. EJ sighs.

Chloe tells Daniel that he shouldn’t believe a word Rafe says, since Nicole told her that Rafe hated her. She adds that she is sure Rafe is playing some kind of trick. Daniel says he saw the proof, but Chloe claims he could have faked the tests, since he was with the FBI. Rafe, surprised, asks if Chloe really doesn’t know what Nicole did. Chloe says that she knows Nicole lied about her miscarriage, but she would never do what Rafe has accused her of. Rafe shakes his head, saying that Nicole did do it, and that Sydney belongs to Sami and EJ. Chloe flashes back to slipping up last year and telling Nicole that Sami was pregnant. She remembers Nicole’s shocked expression and gasps, coming back to the present and wondering what she has done.

Sami demands that Nicole tell her where her baby is, but Nicole thinks she is just distraught, as she can’t really believe that Sydney is her baby. Sami snaps that if she had any doubts about it, they were erased when she caught Nicole stealing from her. She scoffs, asking if the papers Nicole came to get had pictures of presidents on them. Nicole stammers that she was going to leave a note, and reminds Sami that she let her borrow the money before when she wanted to run away. Nicole claims that she has to do that now, or Chad will take Sydney from her. Sami chases Nicole around the living room, shrieking that Sydney is her baby. She shouts that she wondered why Stefano forced Nicole and Sydney to come back to Salem and now she realizes that it’s because he knew Sydney was her daughter. Nicole tells Sami that it isn’t true, and adds that there is no way she could have pulled off something like this alone. Sami snaps that she wasn’t alone, and that she had Baker helping her. Nicole gapes. Sami nods, saying she knows all about it, and how Nicole pretended to be someone else, and got Sister Teresa to take her to Baker’s clinic. Sami shakes her head, saying that this means that Nicole planned all of this from the beginning. She calls Nicole a cold-hearted bitch, wondering if she really hated her that much to do all of this. Nicole shakes her head, but Sami barrels on, saying that it wasn’t Grace that stopped breathing when she gave birth to her, it was Sydney, and Nicole was just waiting in the wings to pass Grace off as Sydney. Nicole claims she would never, but Sami shouts that the only Nicole will never do is tell the truth. Sami thanks God for Rafe and the fact that he never gave up. She then tells Nicole that she also thanks God Sydney will never have to grow up thinking that Nicole is her mother.

Daniel asks Chloe why she would say that and Rafe asks if she remembers anything Nicole did or said. Chloe doesn’t answer, and places Sydney in her stroller, telling Rafe to just take her to Sami. Daniel asks if she is alright, but all Chloe will say is that she can’t believe what she did. Rafe then apologizes for scaring her, explaining that he thought Chloe was helping Nicole, and he just couldn’t let her take Sami’s baby. He then heads off with Sydney. Daniel tries to soothe a sobbing Chloe, asking her what she remembered. Chloe sniffles, admitting to Daniel that she is the one that set this whole nightmare into motion.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion, and Victor scoffs, asking if he has come crawling back. Brady says he hasn’t, but Victor thinks he should, since any fool could see that he practically saved Brady’s life. Brady scoffs, but Victor reminds him that he is a recovering addict, and the last thing he needs is to date a drug dealer. Brady demands to know how Victor knew she was a dealer. All he will say is that his process of finding out information is more effective than the government’s. Brady demands again to know how he knew, and Victor wonders why it is so important, asking suspiciously if Brady has decided not to give up on Arianna. He asks Brady if he is really that big of a fool. Brady claims that he knew Arianna was dealing. Victor reminds him that she is currently dealing and Brady nods, explaining that he wants to stop it. Victor scoffs, saying that he can tell Brady is trying to play him, and he isn’t buying it.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna, asking if she has seen Sami. She notes that he has Sydney, but explains that she hasn’t seen Sami. She then asks if Nicole admitted to the truth. Rafe says she didn’t, and that she is still out there somewhere, but he vows that she is toast and that she will pay for what she did to Sami.

Nicole tells Sami that she can see she is in a lot of pain, but she thinks Sami is trying to blame her for the bad things that have happened to her. Sami warns Nicole not to mention Grace’s name unless she wants to be killed. Nicole tells Sami that she needs some help, and starts to leave, saying that they can talk later, but Sami grabs her arm, saying that she isn’t going anywhere. Nicole whines that Sami is hurting her. Sami then picks up the phone, threatening to call the police, but Nicole snatches it from her and throws it across the room, yelling that she can’t let Sami do that.

Carly and Bo head back into his house, and she explains that she wishes she could have done something for that girl. She asks Bo if he can haul that awful kid down to the station, and teach him a lesson, but Bo says there’s no law against a kid getting upset because his girlfriend messed around on him. Carly says that the kid called her a slut in public, right in font of her, but Bo thinks Carly has enough problems on her own without getting involved in some teenager’s problems. Carly admits that worrying about someone besides herself for a change was nice. Carly then reminds Bo that Justin told her she doesn’t have a lot of time here. She thinks that if she doesn’t do what she came here to do right away, she may never get the chance.

Mia drops a cup at the Java Café. She sighs and bends down to pick up the pieces. Just then, Vivian kneels down next to her, smiling, and saying that it looks as if Mia could use some help.

Kate thinks that EJ thinks something is going on. He says something always is when he is involved, but Kate doesn’t think EJ knows why Stefano is making such a big move in regards to Sydney. EJ snaps that there are certain aspects of his life that aren’t her business, but she retorts that Stefano doesn’t think they’re any of EJ’s business either. She snaps that he should be careful about throwing around the word ‘lapdog’ in regards to her sons, when he allows his own father to control his life. EJ tries to excuse himself, but Kate stops him, reminding him that his father tried to have Rafe killed. She wonders if EJ is even curious as to why he would do that.

Rafe curses when he gets Sami’s voicemail, and leaves her a message explaining that he has Sydney, and that she needs to call him back immediately. Arianna guesses that Rafe told Sami the truth and Rafe nods, saying that Sami was just supposed to stay at the pub and make some calls. He says he is sure she would have called him if she had found anything out. Rafe worries that something is wrong, and tells Arianna that he doesn’t like this.

Sami stands in front of the door, telling Nicole that she isn’t leaving this house. Nicole shrieks that she is wrong about everything, but Sami glares, wondering if Nicole has any idea how much pain she has caused. She vows that Nicole will pay for all of it, and can’t even imagine what EJ is going to say when he finds out about all this. She swears that Nicole will end up alone and miserable, and shrieks that she is taking Sydney back. She then slaps Nicole. Nicole shrieks. Sami shouts again that Sydney belongs to her and EJ, and slaps Sami again. Nicole cries out. Sami demands that she say out loud that Sydney is her child. Nicole cries hysterically, admitting that Sydney is Sami’s daughter.

Chloe explains to Daniel that she promised Lucas she wouldn’t tell anyone about Sami’s pregnancy, but then she ended up telling Nicole. She knows she shouldn’t have, but Nicole was pregnant with EJ’s baby, too, and she thought she had the right to know. Daniel thinks that sounds reasonable, but Chloe reminds him of what Nicole did with the information. She thinks she must have gone crazy, but Daniel doesn’t think it was such a long trip for Nicole. He then reminds Chloe that Sami lied to EJ about his child, and so did Nicole. None of that is Chloe’s fault. Chloe admits she is just scared for Nicole. Daniel takes her into his arms, trying to soothe her. Chloe sighs, saying that Nicole loves EJ and Sydney so much, and Chloe knows she only did all this to be a family. Daniel admits that love can make a person do crazy things, but at the end of the day, Nicole still tried to have a family by stealing another woman’s baby.

Victor chuckles, telling Brady that he reminds him of his mother, since she was always trying to see the best in others, too. Brady guesses that Victor thinks that is stupid, but Victor says that he just finds it naïve. He thinks the real reason Brady wants to rid Salem of the scourge of drugs is to protect Arianna. He sighs, wishing that Brady would see that wouldn’t change a thing, and that Arianna is only doing all of this because it’s more profitable than waiting tables for tips at the pub. Brady says that isn’t true but Victor says Arianna wants money, and Brady has it, and that is never going to change. Brady scoffs, saying that he is sure Victor can imagine a person that would do anything for money, and wonders why Victor thinks he has the right to judge Arianna. Victor claims he was never after money, but the power that went along with it. He admits that he hurt a lot of people in the process, but that he won’t let that greedy conniving bitch hurt Brady. He tells Brady that he can count on that.

Rafe tells Arianna to tell Sami that he took Sydney to her place if she should run into her. Arianna begs him to be careful, as he was nearly killed earlier. She asks him to let her call Roman, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that they can’t do that yet, as he is returning Sami’s baby to her, and this is a private moment.

Nicole sobs, telling Sami that she never thought anything could hurt like it did when she lost her baby. She explains that that is why she knew only too well what Sami was going through when Grace died, and why she couldn’t tell EJ that she miscarried. Sami snaps that Nicole couldn’t tell EJ because she knew it was a deal-breaker, and that he wanted to marry the mother of his child. Nicole sobs that EJ loved her, and that she loved him, too. She reminds Sami that she was lying to EJ and keeping his daughter from him. Sami gapes, asking if Nicole is really stupid enough to try to blame this on her. Nicole says she isn’t, but that Sami had Grace, and EJ had his daughter, and she just thought they could all be happy.

Brady heads back to Arianna’s room with a laptop in tow. She notes that that didn’t take very long, and Brady explains that Victor wasn’t in the mood to talk, and shut him down completely. Arianna admits she is glad, since she doesn’t want Brady to have any part in this. Brady scoffs, opening the laptop and telling her that he isn’t giving up--in fact, he’s going to go through Victor’s deleted files right now. Arianna protests, but Brady tells her she has herself a partner whether she likes it or not.

Carly admits to Bo that she hates sitting around here doing nothing. She claims that she is used to helping people, and she hates waiting for the other show to drop. She sighs, wondering if she just waits to get shipped back to ‘Alamainland’ or if they will just come after her here. She adds that she also hates being so dependent on Bo and that she is putting him at risk and keeping him form his family. Bo tries to soothe her, telling her it will be alright, but Carly insists that it won’t be, as she is looking for some kind of miracle, and she doesn’t know what it is. She admits that she ha nightmares because she remembers the way Lawrence’s eyes looked when she stabbed him—the moment he knew he would die. Bo tells her it will be alright, but she shakes her head, reminding Bo that she is a doctor, and she killed someone—someone that she loves very much. Bo claims she had no choice, since Lawrence wasn’t the same man she married. Carly sighs, saying that now that she is here, and she knows what she knows, she isn’t sure how she can ever leave. Bo tells her he understands.

Vivian tells Mia that she doesn’t mean to pry, but she looks unhappy. Mia claims that she is fine, and that she just broke a mug. Vivian is sure something else is going on, and asks Mia if anyone has said anything to upset her. Mia says she should get back to work, but Vivian urges Mia to tell her what is wrong, as she thinks she can help her.

The bell rings at the DiMera mansion. Kate shouts for Harold, but he doesn’t respond. She huffs over to the door and answers it to fin Chloe outside. Kate groans that her day just got worse as Chloe breezes past her, saying that she needs to see EJ. Kate asks her where Brisbane or Adelaide is. Chloe ignores her as Kate follows, asking where the baby is. Chloe heads into the living room and tells EJ that there is something he needs to know.

Nicole sobs that she knows what Sami thinks of her, but Sami spits that she has no idea. Nicole cries that Sami doesn’t understand, and reminds her of how young she was when she had Will. Sami warns her not to go there. Nicole sobs that she had accepted the fact that she could never have children, but then she got pregnant. She tells Sami that children come so easily for her, and she gets pregnant even when she doesn’t want to. Sami shakes her head angrily as Nicole shrieks that it isn’t fair, since Sami didn’t even tell EJ about the baby. Sami asks Nicole in disbelief if she thought she wouldn’t miss one of her kids since she has so many. Nicole says that it isn’t it, but she thought it was alright since Sami had Grace and she loved her and EJ got to have his little girl. Sami can’t believe Nicole is trying to say that she did the right thing, but Nicole claims it could have been. Sami rages that she can’t stand here and listen to another word of this. She shouts at Nicole to tell her where Sydney is immediately, because her daughter is coming home. Nicole shakes her head, whispering that Sydney is hers, and she will never give her to Sami.

Arianna asks Brady if he really thinks that he can retrieve the deleted files. He says that they have one advantage—and that is his grandfather’s innate distrust of others. A computer guy would have permanently deleted these files, but Victor is no computer nerd. Brady finds some shipping orders Victor deleted a couple of weeks back and opens them. Arianna groans, saying that they are in code. Brady admits ruefully that this will take longer than he thought, but he vows to find out what is going on if it’s the last thing he does.

Bo gets a call and takes it. He listens for a moment in disbelief, and asks the person if they are sure they mean Lawrence Alamain. He thanks the person for letting him know and hangs up, shaking his head. Carly asks what is going on. Bo tells her that she won’t believe this.

Mia chuckles, saying she must be a real mess, since Vivian is the second person today to ask her what is wrong. Vivian asks if the other person was a stranger as well. Mia tells Vivian that her manager will be back any moment, and she doesn’t get paid to chat. She asks Vivian if she can get her anything. She promptly orders a double espresso to calm her nerves. Mia smiles and heads off. Vivian calls Gus, telling her she talked to the girl, but she isn’t sure why Carly is back. She adds that it might not matter, because the only thing that does matter is that she murdered Lawrence, and she isn’t going to run and hide anymore.

EJ asks Chloe what is going on and wonders where Sydney is. Kate peers in from the foyer and EJ walks over and shuts the door in her face. Chloe explains to EJ that this is about Sami and Nicole, and EJ needs to speak to them immediately. EJ asks her why, but Chloe says that she can’t be the one to tell him—it has to be them.

Sami snaps that she doesn’t know if Nicole has been paying attention, but Rafe has DNA evidence proving that she is Sydney’s mother, so Nicole can’t call the shots anymore. Nicole glares, saying that she will never let Sami take Sydney from her. Sami screams that Sydney isn’t her child. Nicole shrieks that she is, and that Sydney loves and needs her, not Sami. Sami retorts that that is because Nicole stole her. Nicole yells back that Sami held Sydney and didn’t realize she was hers, because she knew she belonged to Nicole, and she knew how much she loved Sydney. Sami goes after Nicole, telling her that she is going to kill her. Nicole picks up a glass from the desk and brandishes it, telling Sami that she has sacrificed everything for Sydney and she won’t let Sami stop her. Sami asks if Nicole thinks she is threatened, and shrieks that she won’t let Nicole take Sydney from her. Nicole screams back that Sami can’t take the baby from her. Just then, Rafe shows up with Sydney. Sami and Nicole stare. Sami bursts into tears.


Mia tells Maggie, “There is more to the story, but I can't tell you. I can't tell anybody.”

Justin tells Carly, “The real killer has come forward and confessed.”

Nicole shrieks at Sami, “She's mine. She's mine!”

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