Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/13/09


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At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo tells Hope that it’s a surprise that she wants to come home, since he has asked her so many times before, and she has always refused. Hope replies that right now is what counts, and if they want to rebuild what they had, they can’t look backward. Bo asks her what brought this on and wonders if she really wants to come home because she loves him—or if she just wants to keep an eye on Carly. Hope admits that she wants to do both.

Carly runs into Mia, who is sulking on the pier. Carly says that she thinks Mia needs a friend. Mia asks if they have ever met before. Carly admits they haven’t, but says she thinks they have something in common.

Daniel sits with Sydney at the pub. Nicole rushes in, demanding to know what kind of man he is, since he took her child without saying a word to Chloe. Daniel replies that Chloe was sleeping, but Nicole snaps that she doesn’t want to hear any excuses. She says that he may be a brilliant physician, but he’s a real ass and an insensitive jerk when it comes to people. She demands that he get out of her way and give her her child, but Daniel tells her that she’s not touching that baby. Nicole asks what he means, and why he would say that. Daniel glares, saying he thinks she knows why.

At her place, Sami grabs her purse, telling Rafe that she has to find Sydney right away. She grabs her phone, planning to call Nicole, and says that she had better answer and tell her where her daughter is. Rafe takes the phone, telling Sami that he can’t let her do that. Sami demands to know what is wrong with him. Rafe vows that Sydney will be home very soon, but in the meantime, she can’t get on the phone and start making accusations. Nicole isn’t stupid, and she knows Rafe is onto her, so if she detects the slightest bit of anger or excitement in Sami’s voice, she could flee the country. Sami gasps, asking Rafe what they should do, since she can’t just sit around here and do nothing. Rafe thinks that they need to figure out a plan very carefully. Sami sighs.

Nicole claims that she has no idea why Daniel won’t let her have her child, but she does know he has a hell of a lot of nerve. Daniel tries to calm her down and explain himself, but Nicole refuses to listen, laying into him again for walking out of the apartment with Sydney without letting Chloe know. Daniel says he left a note, but Nicole explodes, accusing him of not caring about Sydney at all. She shouts that she is a fragile little person, and that he shouldn’t have thrown her in the stroller and taken her out. Daniel asks her sit down and take a breath, but Nicole takes out her phone, threatening to call the police. Chloe comes in just then, and Nicole complains that Daniel is holding her baby hostage. Daniel says that Nicole is being irrational. Nicole shouts that it isn’t irrational to want to hold her child after a stranger snatched her away. Chloe says that Daniel isn’t a stranger, but Nicole retorts that he is to Sydney. She claims she has every right to be upset, but Chloe insists that she go have a glass of water and clam down. Nicole huffs over to the bar. Chloe sighs, telling Daniel that this is all her fault. Daniel doesn’t think so, and tells Chloe that something is going on, and that what is upsetting Nicole isn’t the fact that he took Sydney for a walk. Chloe agrees that something is wrong, and vows to find out what it is.

Hope tells Bo that he can’t be surprised by her answer, since there is no way in the world she’d be comfortable with another woman living in her house. She’s even less comfortable since this woman replaced her in Bo’s life once before. Bo assures Hope that Carly never replaced her, and that she isn’t a threat to them. He adds that Hope is his family and the love of his life. He isn’t so much of a fool that he would give all that up just because Carly showed up on his doorstep. Hope says she doesn’t think that exactly, but that she thrown by all of this. Bo accuses her of not only not trusting him to do what is right by their daughter, but of being unfaithful as well. Hope says that isn’t completely accurate, as it’s Carly she doesn’t trust.

Mia wonders why Carly would think the two had anything in common, and Carly says it’s partly because they ran into each other here. She confides in Mia that she spent a lot of time on the pier herself when she was younger. Mia agrees that it’s peaceful, and that watching the ships helps her to forget about her troubles for a little while. Carly asks about her problems, but Mia knows she doesn’t want to hear about them. Carly thinks talking about it may help, but Mia claims she doesn’t even know where to begin. Chad storms over with an envelope in his hand, suggesting that Mia start by admitting that she is a lying whore.

Chloe hands Sydney over to Nicole, telling her how sorry she is for the misunderstanding, and assuring Nicole that Daniel didn’t mean to upset her. Nicole hugs Sydney, telling Chloe that she understands, and that she was actually pretty nasty to him earlier, so it’s no wonder Daniel didn’t want to give Sydney to her. She thinks Daniel probably hates her, but Chloe claims that he is just concerned. Nicole sighs, admitting that she just lost it, since she was so terrified not knowing where Sydney was. She asks Chloe to apologize to Daniel for her. Chloe says she knows Nicole has been under a lot of pressure lately, but she wonders if something else is going on. Nicole says that she can’t talk about it, and that she and Sydney have to go, but Chloe reminds Nicole that they are friends and that Nicole can trust her not say anything to anyone. Nicole then admits that everything is wrong, and that she is in big trouble.

Sami and Rafe show up at the DiMera mansion. Sami explains that she overheard Nicole calling Chloe and asking her to meet her here. Rafe hopes they haven’t left, of if they have, he hopes that someone might know where they went. They ring the bell, and Mary answers. Sami asks if Nicole is here. Mary says she isn’t, but that she should be back soon to pick up her little girl. Mary asks if Sami is here to pick up something of Johnny’s, but Sami says that she’s here for Sydney, and that she wants her— She stops, saying that she wants the baby.

Bo explains that Carly is in trouble, and Hope agrees, wondering why else Carly would travel halfway around the world to find refuge in Bo’s arms. Bo claims she had nowhere else to go, but Hope just thinks no one but Bo would be as sympathetic about her murdering her husband. Bo thinks Hope should take the time to get to know Carly, but Hope refuses, saying sarcastically that she is sure Carly had a heart of gold, and that her husband deserved to be murdered. Bo thought they were going to have a serious conversation. Hope grumps that she is serious, and that Victor warned her that Carly is trouble. Bo reminds her that Victor doesn’t trust anyone outside the family, and Hope agrees that that is true. She admits that she isn’t inclined to give Carly the benefit of the doubt, and that is wrong. Bo tells her that the situation is complicated, and Hope agrees, saying that she ought to be more compassionate. She then tells Bo that she is happy the two of them are back together. Hope kisses Bo and tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her, too. She suggests they give Ciara the good news, since she should be home from school Bo stops her, telling her that she and Ciara coming home right now isn’t a good idea.

Chad suggests that Mia start from the beginning, since she plans on spilling her guts to a total stranger. He demands that she tell the woman about the parties, and the random sex she had with any guy that even looked in her direction. Carly demands to know what Chad’s problem is. He snidely asks Mia if she needs a calculator to figure out how many guys she slept with. Carly snaps that he is going to need an ambulance if he doesn’t back off immediately. Mia explains that Chad has every right to be angry with her, and gestures towards the envelope, asking if he got the DNA results. Chad nods, saying that she was right, and that he isn’t Sydney’s father. Mia apologizes, as she knows he must be disappointed, but Chad accuses her of getting everything she wanted, since she never thought he was good enough to raise their baby. Mia claims that isn’t true, but Chad ignores her, saying that she may have been right. He might have sucked at being a father, but he knows he would have loved Sydney—which is more than he can say for Mia. Carly looks on in surprise as Mia’s lip quivers.

Sami explains to Mary that she is picking up Sydney for Nicole and meeting her back at her place. Mary says she understands, and says she will get the baby, but Sami would rather get her herself. Mary shakes her head, saying that Stefano wouldn’t like it, even if he isn’t here at the moment. Sami agrees to wait, and Mary heads off upstairs. Sami hugs Rafe, telling him that she can’t believe she is finally going to get her baby back. She says that this is all happening because of Rafe, and tells him that he is her hero, thanking him for being so smart and brave. Rafe claims that he would do anything for Sami, as he loves her so much. She says that she loves him, too.

Chloe asks Nicole what kind of trouble she is in, and she explains that she fears that Sydney’s birth parents are going to try to take her away. Daniel comes over just then, saying that he got paged and has to leave. Nicole apologizes for her behavior before. Daniel tells her not to worry about and heads off. Nicole tells Chloe that Daniel loves her very much, and she lucked out. She sighs, admitting she thought she had the same thing with EJ, and that at one time, she had everything she wanted. She admits that is gone now, but at least she always had Sydney. Chloe says she doesn’t get it, as she thought Mia wanted Nicole to keep Sydney. Nicole just says that the situation is complicated, and without EJ’s support, Sydney could be taken from her. She says she can’t fight this battle alone, but Chloe reminds her that she isn’t alone. Nicole says she knows Chloe is a good friend, but it’s just not enough. Chloe groans, wishing she just knew what was going on. Nicole says that all she needs to know is that she is about to lose Sydney, and that’s why she freaked out when she couldn’t find her. Chloe thinks there must be something she can do. Nicole tells her that she can help her make sure Sydney’s birth parents never get their hands on her.

Hope says that she doesn’t understand, since Bo just said he was relieved she was coming back. Bo says he is, but that Carly’s life is in danger, so it wouldn’t be safe for Hope and Ciara to be in the same house with her. Hope reminds Bo it is her house, but he says that he is Carly’s court-appointed guardian. Hope, exasperated, asks how long this is going to last. Bo says he has no idea, but reminds Hope this was all originally her idea. She moved out, and she and Ciara have settled in here. Hope grumbles that she doesn’t understand why Bo has to be Carly’s savior. He doesn’t think she understands everything that has happened to Carly. Hope asks him to help her understand. Bo wishes he could explain everything, but claims that it isn’t his place. He adds that telling Hope would compromise her and their daughter’s safety, as well as a lot of other innocent people. Hope asks him if he thinks it’s ok to compromise their marriage. Bo sighs, saying that Hope knows their marriage is everything to him. However, he can’t risk this—not as a cop, a husband, or a father. He says he is sorry. Hope retorts that she is, too, and asks Bo to leave. He reaches out for her, but Hope brushes him off, asking him to go.

Outside the pub, Nicole asks Chloe to take Sydney to her apartment, and not to call anyone or tell anyone she has her. Chloe asks what she is planning to do, and Nicole explains that she and Sydney are leaving town, but she needs to pick up a few necessities first. Chloe asks Nicole if she really thinks this is a good idea, and wonders if she wouldn’t just rather call a lawyer. Nicole sighs, saying that she would never win custody. She asks if Chloe will help her, and she agrees to do anything Nicole needs her to. Nicole thanks her and kneels down, telling Sydney that she will be back soon, and then they will never be apart again. She then tells Chloe that she will meet her at her apartment, and again warns her not to let anyone near Sydney. Chloe agrees and heads off. Nicole vows not to let anyone take her baby.

Sami waits impatiently on Mary, telling Rafe that she can’t wait to hold Sydney in her arms. Rafe promises that it won’t be much longer, and once they get her back, they’ll go to the police and have Nicole arrested. Sami practically spits, hoping that Nicole gets locked up for the rest of her life. Rafe vows that Nicole will get what is coming to her. Sami says she is just glad Nicole wasn’t here, because she probably would have strangled her. Rafe then decides that Nicole isn’t important right now, and that they just need to focus on Sydney. Sami admits she can’t wait to hold her and tell her how much she loves her. Just then, Mary rushes downstairs, telling Sami and Rafe that Sydney is gone. Sami panics. Rafe asks if Mary checked the whole house, and she nods, saying that she may be with Miss Katherine, since she left her with Sydney a little while ago. Rafe thinks Nicole may already have picked her up, and Mary says that is possible. She offers to call Nicole, but Sami says she will do it herself. She and Rafe head outside, and Sami suggests that they call her dad. Rafe doesn’t want to get the police involved and possibly tip Nicole off in the process. Rafe claims that he will track Nicole down himself, but Sami insists on going with him, since someone already tried to kill him once today. Rafe tells Sami that he wants her to go to the pub, since she will be safe there, and since Nicole might be there as well. Sami resists, but eventually gives in and asks Rafe to be careful. He promises to do so, and tells Sami that it’s time to go get her baby. The two hurry off.

Mia sobs that she loves her baby, and that is why she gave her away. Chad scoffs, saying that Mia gave her to a crazy ex-porn star. Mia shrieks that Nicole isn’t crazy, and that she is a good mother. Chad thinks Mia is delusional, but tells her to do whatever she wants, since it isn’t his kid anyway. Carly calls Chad a mean bastard, but he snaps that Mia’s baby is the real bastard. Carly warns Chad to stay the hell away from Mia, and Chad flies into a rage, insisting that she butt out. Carly thinks Chad has hurt Mia enough, but he claims it’s nothing compared to what Mia did to him. He claims that now that he thinks about it, as sleazy as Nicole is, she has to be a better mother than Mia could ever be. He storms off. Carly holds Mia as she sobs hysterically.

Chloe heads into Daniel’s apartment with Sydney. Daniel calls from the hospital, wanting to know how things went with Nicole. Chloe admits that she has never seen Nicole so scared before, and it’s no wonder she was acting insane, since Sydney’s birth parents are threatening to take her away from Nicole. Daniel heads Sydney babbling in the background, and Chloe admits that she is watching her for Nicole. Daniel is surprised Nicole agreed to let the baby out of her sight and Chloe admits Nicole is crazy about Sydney. Chloe says she thinks Nicole would do almost anything to keep her.

Nicole heads into Sami’s place and calls out for her. She doesn’t get an answer and sets her purse down. She flashes back to Sami giving her an envelope with fifty thousand dollars in it. Nicole comes back to the present and tells herself that the money has to be around here somewhere. She starts rifling through the desk drawers, saying that this money is her only hope—and the only way she and Sydney will be able to escape.

Justin greets Hope at the mansion, and she asks how things went with Carly. Justin says things aren’t going well, and unless he can find a loophole, Carly is going to be extradited any minute. Justin asks how things went with Bo. Hope says that he came by earlier, and that she told him that she wanted to come home. Justin thinks that’s great, but Hope says it means nothing, since it isn’t happening. Justin doesn’t understand. Hope explains that Bo told her it was too dangerous, and that as long as Carly was in the house, she and Ciara couldn’t be.

Caroline greets Bo at the station. He gives her a hug and asks why she is here, but she is surprised he can’t guess, since his wife and child have moved out, and his ex-fiancée has moved in. Bo admits that all of that has happened. Caroline wonders if he is going to try to tell her that Carly won’t come between him and Hope, but Bo says he can’t say that, because it has already happened.

Carly tries to convince Mia that everything will be ok, and that that boy had no right to be so vindictive and cruel. Mia sobs that he has every right, since all she has done is lie to him. Carly guesses that he thought he was the father of her baby and Mia nods, saying that everything is a mess, even though she thought she was doing the right thing by giving her daughter away. Carly asks if she is having second thoughts. Mia admits that she feels the made the right decision most of the time, but other times, she just misses her daughter so much. Mia breaks down. Carly tries to soothe her, saying that that is what mothers do—sacrifice their own happiness so their child can have a better life. Carly says that that is what Mia did, and that is why she is a good mother. Mia thanks her for saying so, and Carly asks about Mia’s own parents, and if they have been supportive of her. Mia tells Carly that her parents aren’t a part of her life anymore.

Hope explains that Bo doesn’t think it’s safe for her and Ciara to come home until the issues with Carly have been resolved. Justin admits that that makes perfect sense. Hope admits that she feels she made a fool of herself, since she thought Bo would be excited to hear that she wanted to come home. She adds that she blames herself, since she was the one that wanted to move out in the first place. Justin reminds her that Bo is just trying to protect her and Ciara. Hope agrees that that seems logical and reasonable, but a part of her can’t help but feel like her husband is rejecting her for another woman. Justin sighs.

Caroline tells Bo that this is no good and has to end. He sighs. She guesses that he thinks this is none of her business, and Bo admits that that is true. He adds that this is between him and Hope, and that they will work it out like they always do. Caroline reminds him that he just told her that Carly had already come between him and Hope, but Bo claims that he shouldn’t have put it that way. He explains that they’re fighting an extradition—one that would most certainly get Carly killed. In the meantime, Carly is under a court order to stay at his place, so this is really all about saving Carly’s life. Caroline thinks that it will ruin Bo’s marriage in the process. Bo reminds Caroline that Hope took their daughter and moved out. He thinks it’s great that she wants to come back, but it wouldn’t be safe. Caroline demands to know what Bo thinks his father would say about all this. Bo sighs, admitting that his pop would call him a fool, since Ciara and Hope are family. Caroline nods, saying that they are his first priority. Bo agrees, and Caroline asks him to prove it by asking Carly to move out. Bo tells her that he can’t do that.

Carly asks Mia if she has any contact with her parents, and she shakes her head, saying that she never saw her father much, and that her mother kicked her out after she got pregnant. Carly tells Mia how sorry she is. Mia says it’s alright, and that things just weren’t good between her and her parents, which is why she wanted something better for her own baby. Carly asks if Mia has ever met the people that adopted her baby, and Mia nods, explaining that they live in Salem. Carly asks if they let Mia see her baby, and she admits they do sometimes. Carly thinks she must be happy with the arrangement, but Mia says she isn’t really, since the mother and father are now having relationship issue. Mia then tells Carly that overall, she still feels the right woman is raising her baby.

Nicole curses, wondering where Sami could have hidden that money. She guesses the kitchen and rushes off to check.

Outside the pub, Sami leaves Kate a message, asking her to call as soon as she gets it. Sami hangs up and sighs, knowing that Kate will never call her back. She runs into Chad inside and greets him. He sulks, asking if she has come to gloat about Sydney not being his baby. Sami is surprised that he heard, and Chad explains that he got the DNA results. Sami tells him how sorry she is. Chad scoffs, knowing that she isn’t sorry, since now her best friend Nicole gets to keep her baby. Sami asks if he has seen Nicole or Sydney, but he says he hasn’t, as he has no reason to. He then asks Sami to leave him alone. She heads off and notices that her cell phone battery is nearly dead. She decides to go home in case Rafe calls.

Rafe rushes into the hospital and asks a nurse where the daycare facility is. She explains that it’s on the third floor, and Rafe thanks her, asking her to call up there and see if Sydney DiMera is there. Daniel walks over just then, telling the nurse that he will take care of this. He asks Rafe what is going on, and why he is looking for Sydney.

Bo tells Caroline that he has a legal obligation to Carly, and that he can’t ask her to leave. Caroline warns him that the longer he stays involved in this woman’s problems, the worse it is going to get. Bo assures Caroline that he has it all under control. Caroline sighs, saying that if it comes down to saving Carly or saving his marriage, she just hopes Bo will make the right choice.

Justin tells Hope that she can’t look at things that way. She sighs tiredly, telling Justin that she really doesn’t want one of his cheery pep talks. Justin says that he is just trying to be her friend, and reminds her that one good thing came out of this, and that is that she and Bo are communicating. Hope admits that she and Bo talked openly and honestly for the first time in a long time, but then things went south. Hope then confides in Justin that her ego is hurting, because she thought her husband would be happy that she was coming home. Instead he told her it was inconvenient. Justin says that he understands that this is hard for her. Hope says that it hasn’t always been easy for her and Bo. They’ve been through the worst tragedy a parent can go through, and they made it through, and are closer than ever. Justin thinks that will happen this time, too. Hope shakes her head, telling Justin that she is really scared for her marriage.

Mia tells Carly that her baby’s adoptive mother, Nicole, loves Sydney like she is her own. Carly tells Mia that that is a pretty name, and Mia nods, saying that Sydney is the prettiest little girl she’s ever seen. Carly asks if Sydney looks like her, but Mia shakes her head. Carly is glad that Mia was able to find her daughter a good and loving home. She asks Mia to never let anyone make her think she made a bad decision. Mia agrees that she is right, and that if she knows one thing, it’s that Nicole will always do what is best for her little girl.

Chloe asks Sydney if she is hungry, and looks through her diaper bag. Just then, Rafe bursts in, demanding that Chloe give him the baby. She holds Sydney tighter and backs away.

Nicole has found the envelope with the money, and shoves it into her purse, telling herself that this is enough for her and Sydney to get out of Salem and start a whole new life. Nicole opens the door to leave and finds Sami standing outside.


EJ asks Kate, “What are you talking about? What have you done with Sydney?”

Rafe tells Chloe, “Nicole's not gonna get away with this. She's going down.”

Sami threatens Nicole, “Tell me where my daughter is or so help me God, I will make you tell me!”

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