Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/12/09


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At his house, Bo sits on the couch and grumbles to Carly that he ought to break Victor’s neck for turning her into the feds. Carly reminds Bo that he is Victor’s son, and that Victor just doesn’t want her causing problems for Bo. Bo says she isn’t doing that, but Carly says she is—between him and his father and between him and Hope. Bo assures her that while he and Hope are having problems, it has nothing to do with Carly. She asks him when he plans on dealing with what is going on with Hope, and Bo says he thinks that today would be a good day.

Hope runs into Justin on his way out of the Kiriakis mansion. She asks where he is going, and he explains that he is going over to Bo’s to help Carly with her defense. He then apologizes to Hope for jumping feet-first into Carly’s case the way he has. Hope reminds him that he has the right to defend whoever he wants, and besides, they both know what would happen to Carly if she were extradited. Hope thinks that Justin is doing the right thing by helping a friend. Justin thanks her for saying so, and adds that he will see her later. Hope promises to be here, and Justin heads off.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole demands to know what Harold means by saying he doesn’t know where Sydney is, since she left Sydney with Mary. Harold explains that Mary had a family emergency, and had to leave. Nicole asks where Stefano is. Harold informs her that he is out. Nicole then asks to know where EJ is. Harold replies that he is out, too. Nicole scoffs.

At the police station, Roman tells EJ that he is a little confused. He reminds him that a hit man tried to kill Rafe, and confessed that Stefano hired him to do it, but EJ intervened and saved Rafe’s life. Roman claims that he has to wonder what is going on between EJ and Stefano. EJ folds his arms, saying that Roman will just have to ask Stefano. Roman says that since he is Johnny’s grandfather, and EJ is Johnny’s father, Roman was hoping that this was a sign that EJ wasn’t going to follow in Stefano’s footsteps. Roman asks if there is any chance that that is what is going on here.

Sami rushes into her house and greets Rafe, asking if he is alright. She still can’t believe that Stefano tried to have him killed. Rafe assures her that he is fine, and tells Sami that she must listen, as he has something to say that he has wanted to tell her for a long time. Sami asks what it is, and Rafe explains that her baby is still alive. Sami is taken aback. Rafe nods, explaining that her baby didn’t die. Sami glares, telling him not to talk about her baby anymore. Rafe sighs, explaining again that the baby she gave birth to didn’t die, and he can prove it.

Nicole, sure that Stefano is hiding the baby somewhere, rushes into the foyer and calls out for Sydney, asking where she is, and assuring her that her mommy is home.

Sami demands to know why Rafe would say something like that to her, and asks if he is trying to hurt her deliberately. Rafe says that he would never want to hurt her—that is why he had to wait until he was positive. He then explains that he wasn’t talking about Grace—he was talking about Sydney. Sami asks if he means Nicole’s Sydney. Rafe says she isn’t Nicole’s, but Sami says she already knew that, and that the baby belongs to Mia. Rafe shakes his head, saying she is Sami’s baby, not Mia’s. He explains that on January 28th, Sami gave birth to Sydney, and that she is Sami’s biological child. Sami gapes.

Justin talks to Carly at Bo and Hope’s house, letting her know that while he was able to do some legal maneuvering to get her out of jail, it won’t last. Carly asks if the government lawyers can counter it, and Justin admits they probably already have. He sighs, saying that the extradition is going to happen—it’s just a matter of when.

The bell rings at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope answers it and finds Bo outside. He explains that he brought a puzzle for Ciara, since the one she has at home is missing half the pieces. Hope takes it from him and thanks him, saying that Ciara will love it, but she isn’t here right now. Bo says he knows, and that he came by to see Hope too, since he wants to tell her that he is sorry.

Harold patiently reminds Nicole that he already told her Sydney wasn’t here. Nicole replies that she needs to get in touch with Mary, but Harold doubts that will do any good, since Mary left Sydney in the care of the other Mrs. DiMera. Nicole can’t believe Mary left Sydney with Kate, and asks why he didn’t say that in the first place. She then demands to know where Kate is, reminding Harold that his loyalties lie with Stefano and EJ, not Kate. Harold tells Nicole that he will tell her where Mrs. DiMera is, provided she leaves the premises. Nicole, in a panic, swears to never set foot in this dusty mausoleum ever again.

Roman asks EJ if there is a change coming. EJ chuckles, complimenting Roman on his optimism. Roman retorts that it figures EJ would decide to keep being his father’s clone. Just then, another officer brings Kate in, who is shouting and protesting. She catches sight of EJ and tells him angrily that they arrested at her very own home. Roman explains calmly that she wasn’t arrested, and that she is just here for questioning, but Kate snaps that she was intimated and manhandled. The officer forces Kate into a chair, and Roman asks her where Stefano is. Kate claims she doesn’t know. Roman guesses that she helped Stefano pack before he left town, and in that case, she’s an accessory to murder. Kate scoffs, wondering how Roman can charge Stefano with murder when he was with her the entire day, up until the moment of his trip. Roman scoffs, telling Kate that she is already in a hole, and he’d love nothing more than to see her keep digging. He adds that she may have thought Stefano got her off the hook when it came to poisoning Chloe, but he’s gone now, and isn’t around to protect her. Roman snaps that she is all alone, and he wonders if Kate is really ready for what is coming to her.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chloe sings to Sydney, wishing she’d give her a smile. Chloe says that better yet, she could take a nap, but she doubts that will happen. Chloe flops on the bed wondering why Kate hasn’t called Nicole about the baby by now. Chloe wonders where her mommy is. Sydney babbles.

Sami asks Rafe if all this stuff about Sydney is the ‘case’ he has been working on, the one that he said would change her life. Rafe sighs, saying he knows this sounds strange, but it’s true. Sami shouts that it is impossible. Rafe claims it isn’t, and that he had a DNA test to prove it. Sami says that he can’t, but Rafe explains that he does, and that is because Grace and Sydney were switched at birth. Sami shakes her head. Rafe nods, saying that Grace wasn’t her child. Sami flies into a rage, asking Rafe how he could dare say that. She claims she felt Grace kicking in her stomach, and that she gave birth to her, nursed her, and loved her. Then she watched her die, and Rafe was right there beside her. Sami says firmly that Grace was her little girl and no one will ever take that away from her. She bursts into tears, saying that no one can replace Grace.

Kate explains that Stefano doesn’t normally check with her before he goes on business trips. Roman is sure Stefano checked with EJ, since EJ is running the family business, but EJ shrugs, saying he can’t account for the things his father does. Roman asks pointedly if he means the way Stefano put out a hit on Rafe and EJ showed up just in time to stop it. Just then, another officer comes over, telling Roman that the D.A. is on the phone. Roman heads off to take the call, and Kate hisses at EJ, demanding that he try shutting Roman down, since he is a lawyer. EJ ignores her, telling her that he knows she knows where Stefano is, and he wants to know where he has gone. Before Kate can answer, Nicole storms in, demanding to know what Kate has done with Sydney.

Daniel heads into his bedroom to find Chloe asleep with her arms around Sydney. Daniel chuckles quietly, guessing that Sydney wore Chloe out. He picks Sydney up, telling her that the thinks he has the answer to all her problems. Daniel tiptoes out of the room with the baby.

Maggie finds Mia at the Java Café and joins her. Mia isn’t so sure Maggie will want to sit with her, and guesses that Maggie wants her to move out, since she’s a slut. Maggie tells Mia sternly to never talk like that about herself again. She adds that she knows Mia thinks she has done everything wrong, but she did something right. She then explains that she and Mickey adopted because they couldn’t have children of their own. She reminds Mia that she gave someone the most precious gift they could get, and she wants Mia to start concentrating on that.

Rafe apologizes to Sami, saying he wishes he knew the right way to break this news to her. Sami asks him to drop it, but Rafe refuses. He explains that he didn’t mean to imply that anyone could replace Grace. He reminds Sami that she will always be in their hearts, but this isn’t about her, it’s about the truth. Sami reminds Rafe that it can’t be the truth. She was with Grace up until she took her to the convent, and she wasn’t out of the sisters’ sight for a moment while she was there. She asks Rafe if he is saying Grace was switched at the convent, and she explains that she just doesn’t see how that is possible. Rafe reminds Sami that Dr. Baker told her that her baby wasn’t breathing right, and took her out of the room. Sami says that’s true, but claims Grace was only gone for a few minutes, and besides, this was a tiny clinic, not a huge hospital where a mix-up might happen. Rafe says that that is his point, and that this wasn’t a mistake—Grace and Sydney were switched on purpose. He reminds Sami that Nicole had a miscarriage last fall, and was faking her pregnancy. She was lying to EJ the whole time, and planning to get a replacement baby. Sami nods, saying Nicole took Mia’s baby, and that they had been discussing it for months beforehand. Rafe admits that that was the plan, but then Sami and Mia ended up giving birth on the same day. Nicole suddenly had a one in a million chance to have EJ raise his own child, so she went to Dr. Baker. Baker took Sami’s baby from her, and when he brought her back, it wasn’t her baby anymore. It was Mia’s. Sami stares, shocked.

Carly asks Justin if he is saying that she could be extradited any moment. Justin nods, saying that she could, and that she needs to be ready. Carly tells Justin that it can’t happen, as she can’t leave Salem until—She breaks off nervously. Justin asks her what she has to do before she leaves.

Kate assures Nicole that she didn’t do anything with her baby. EJ angrily demands to know how Nicole managed to misplace a child. Nicole retorts that she was told Mary would be watching her, but Mary is gone, and Harold told her that Kate had Sydney. Roman comes over just then, telling Kate that they have an interrogation room free. Kate smirks and heads off, telling Nicole to hold that thought. Nicole shakes her head, moaning that this is a total nightmare. EJ snaps that it’s funny the way these things just seem to follow Nicole around. Nicole ignores the comment, asking what EJ is doing down here, since she just assumed Kate was dragged down here in reference to Chloe’s poisoning. EJ explains that there was a shooting incident at the pier that involved Rafe, and he was there. Nicole throws her arms around EJ, thanking God that he is alright. EJ backs off and Nicole apologizes, saying that she is just grateful that he wasn’t hurt. She asks how he knew about the shooting, and EJ explains that he saved Rafe’s life. Nicole, surprised, demands to know why.

Sami tells Rafe that she loves Sydney, but she just can’t be her daughter. Rafe says she is, but Sami reminds him that he has been wrong about things before—like when he thought Nicole did something to Grace. Rafe says he didn’t have all the information then, but Sami shakes her head, saying that it doesn’t even make any sense, since Nicole didn’t even know she was pregnant. Rafe says that she did know, although he isn’t sure how she found out. He explains that Nicole found out where Sami was hiding, and went to Sister Teresa claiming to be a single mom. He asks Sami if Teresa ever mentioned a woman named Mary to Sami. Sami gasps. Rafe nods, saying that was around the time Nicole first starting pushing Sister Teresa towards Baker. Sami asks why she would do that, and Rafe tells her that Baker was Nicole’s doctor when she had the miscarriage. Rafe figures she must have been helping him pay off some gabling debts to keep her secret, but after a while, Baker became less important to her and more of a liability. Sami remembers that Baker was murdered not that long ago. Rafe says that a professional hit man did it, and he was set up to take the fall. Sami has a hard time believing that Nicole had access to hit men, and Rafe agrees, saying she wasn’t behind Baker’s murder. Sami asks if EJ did it, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that if EJ had known all along, he would have just thrown Nicole and Sydney out. He thinks that Stefano was actually the one behind it, and the one helping Nicole. That’s why he tried to kill him just at the moment he received the DNA tests proving that Sami was Sydney’s mother. Sami reminds him that DNA tests can be faked, but Rafe says the teething ring was Sydney’s, and the toothbrush was hers. He brought them to the FBI himself, so these results weren’t faked. Sami still doesn’t believe it, claiming that mothers know these kinds of things, and she knows Grace was her daughter. Rafe reminds her gently that her accepting Sydney doesn’t mean she has to throw Grace out of her heart, or love her any less. He assures Sami that Sydney is hers, and that it’s time for her to take her daughter back. Sami sobs.

Hope tells Bo that he doesn’t need to apologize, though she admits she was furious that Bo blamed her for turning Carly in. Bo claims that she had every right to be furious, especially since he accused her of lying when she denied having any involvement. Hope doesn’t think she should have trusted Victor. She admits she wanted to know more about Carly, and wanted Victor to fill her in. She sighs, saying she thought she was being discreet. Bo says that Victor can read between the lines better than anyone. Hope probably said one small thing, and then he was able to make some phone calls and put two and two together. Hope is just glad Carly is out of jail. Bo asks her why she wanted to question Victor about Carly. Hope reminds him that Carly was a huge part of his life, and at one point, Carly was able to replace her. Hope says that she just wanted to know if Carly was going to do it again.

Carly tells Justin that she can’t say anything more, as this has to remain private. Justin asks if there is something she needs to do here, or someone she needs to see, as he can arrange it. Carly claims it isn’t that easy. Justin sighs, asking if there is anything he can do to help. Carly wishes there were.

Maggie tells Mia that she knows she has had a rough time lately. She doesn’t want Mia to take this the wrong way, as she would never ask her to leave, but she wonders if Mia has thought about contacting her parents. Mia says that she couldn’t get her mom to talk to her if she paid her, and tells Maggie that her mother has a lot of problems. Mia shakes her head, saying she thought she had it all figured out after she had her baby, and that she took off to Japan to join a dance company. Maggie tells Mia that she had a similar dream when she was Mia’s age. Mia asks if she danced, and Maggie admits she did for awhile, but being a star just wasn’t in the cards for her. Mia says it wasn’t for her, either, since the dance company turned out to be bogus. Eventually she had to face reality and come back home. She sobs, saying she’s 16, and she’s already failed at being a daughter and a dancer. She thinks it’s a good idea she didn’t try to be a mother. Maggie asks her to let the past go, and reminds Mia of what she said. Mia admits she did do one thing right—and that was to give her little girl a chance at a good life. Maggie agrees.

EJ asks Nicole what she is thinking, and demands to know if she is saying that she wishes Rafe were dead. Nicole stammers, saying that that isn’t it at all, and that she was just thinking that EJ might have gotten himself killed trying to save Rafe. She tells EJ that she loves and cares for him, though she isn’t sure why, considering the way he has treated her lately. EJ asks Nicole pointedly if she knows why his father put a hit out on Rafe, or where he has gone. Nicole asks worriedly what he means, and EJ explains that Stefano has left town and disappeared. Nicole panics, asking if he took Sydney. EJ, confused, asks why Stefano would take Sydney.

Sami sobs, wondering how she didn’t know Sydney was her daughter. Rafe reminds her gently that she had just gotten out of witness protection, and was trying to deal with both Grace and EJ. Sami flashes back to her and Rafe looking at Grace sleeping in the convent, and talking to one another about how she doesn’t look like either her or EJ. Sami gasps and comes back to the present, reminding Rafe that they talked about how Grace didn’t look like her, EJ, Allie, or Johnny. Rafe nods, and reminds Sami that she has always had a special connection to Sydney, even though she hated Nicole. Sami just thinks mothers like little babies, but Rafe says it was more, and that she and Sydney had a connection. He just thinks that Sami couldn’t let herself believe the truth, and that she wanted to be a good mother to Sydney, but Nicole took away that chance.

EJ asks Nicole why his father would take Sydney. Nicole reminds EJ of how Stefano has always doted over her, and admits that she thinks Stefano still feels as if he is Sydney’s grandfather. EJ scoffs, saying that Nicole has lied to him so often that he has trouble judging what she says anymore. Nicole snaps that he knows she isn’t lying about Stefano’s feelings for Sydney. EJ tells her that if she ever loved him, then she will tell him what is going on. Kate interrupts the two just then, and Nicole again demands to know where Sydney is. Kate explains breezily that she handed her over to Chloe. Nicole rushes off to get her phone. Kate explains to EJ that normally she would never trust that girl with a baby, but she seems to be the only friend Nicole has left. Nicole calls Chloe and wakes her up from her nap, saying that Kate told her she had Sydney. Chloe says she does, and that Kate was supposed to send Nicole over here to pick her up. Just then, Chloe gasps, saying that Sydney is gone. Nicole panics.

Outside the pub, Daniel leans over Sydney’s stroller, asking if she is sleepy. Sydney stares up at him, and Daniel guesses she isn’t. He sighs, saying he doesn’t blame her, since her world is a little messed up right now. Daniel thinks she just needs a good life, a lot of happiness, and a mom and dad that love her.

Sami tells Rafe that it seems so strange that Nicole would do all of this. Rafe reminds her that he was guarding her in witness protection, and that practically the first thing she told him was how awful Nicole was. Sami admits that the two have had a complicated history, but she says she thinks this is all too much of a coincidence—that she would give birth the same day as Mia, and that Sister Teresa would take her to Baker’s clinic, and that Nicole would be there, ready to switch the babies. Rafe agrees that it is complicated, but he thinks Nicole was desperate and grieving, and would have done anything at that point to hang on to EJ. Sami asks if it is really true that Sydney is her baby. Rafe nods. Sami bursts into tears.

Bo vows that no one has ever or will ever replace Hope in his heart. He assures her that Carly is the last thing they need to worry about, and as far as he knows, she won’t even be in Salem for long. Hope still says that she is worried, since she and Bo need to rebuild their trust. Bo asks if they should go to counseling. Hope says that might help, but she would rather just come home.

Justin tells Carly that he has to get a brief over to courthouse, but asks her to call if she needs anything. Carly agrees and thanks him. He wishes he would have had better news, but Carly shrugs, saying that there is nothing he could have done. The two say goodbye and Justin heads off. Carly gets on the computer and does an internet search. Suddenly, she gets up and throws on her jacket, rushing out the door.

Chloe is on the phone with Daniel, telling him that everything is fine. Nicole rushes in as Chloe hangs up, telling her that her door was open. She asks in a panic about Sydney, but Chloe soothes her, telling her that everything is fine, and that Daniel just took Sydney out in her stroller. Chloe claims the baby is fine, but Nicole demands that she call Daniel and have him bring Sydney to her right away. Chloe asks worriedly what is wrong, but Nicole shouts that nothing is wrong, and that she just wants her baby.

Sami bawls and asks Rafe if he is one hundred percent positive that Sydney is her baby. Rafe says he is. Sami throws her arms around Rafe and laughs through her tears.

Bo is surprised that Hope wants to come home, since she has turned him down every time he has asked her to return. Hope says that now is what counts, and that if they want to rebuild their trust, they can’t look backward. Bo says he has to know the truth—does Hope want to come home because she loves him, or because she wants to keep an eye on Carly?

Mia sulks on the pier. Carly runs into her, and tells her that it looks like she could use a friend.

Roman hands Kate and EJ their statements to sign, asking if they want to add anything. Kate snaps at Roman to go to hell. Roman grins, warning her that they’ll be talking about all of this again. He then heads off. Kate tells EJ that she assumes Stefano didn’t take a business trip. EJ admits he didn’t, and asks Kate if she knows where he went. She claims she has no idea, and that all she knows is that Stefano was livid that EJ prevented a certain activity from happening. She tells EJ that he shouldn’t have gotten involved. EJ snaps that he is involved, and that he is staying involved.

Daniel finishes up on a call about a patient and asks Sydney what he has to do to get her to like him. Just then, Nicole storms into the pub, asking Daniel what kind of man he is, taking her child without telling Chloe. Daniel stammers that she was asleep, but Nicole claims she doesn’t care, and that Daniel should have woken her up. She then shouts that Daniel may be a great doctor, but when it comes to people, he is an insensitive jerk. She demands that he give her her child, but Daniel tells her that she isn’t touching that baby. Nicole is taken aback.

Rafe asks Sami if she is ready, and she beams, telling him she is, and that it’s time to bring Sydney home.


Hope tells Bo, “That's not completely accurate. It's Carly I don't trust.”

Rafe tells Sami, “But we need to figure out a plan very carefully.”

Nicole confides in Chloe, “I'm in trouble, big trouble.”

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