Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/11/09


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At the pier, Rafe opens the DNA test results and gasps, saying that he was right—Sami is Sydney’s mother. Mateo makes a call nearby and tell Stefano that he has tracked down his problem. Stefano tells Mateo to rid him of it, and hangs up. Mateo aims his gun as Rafe tells himself that now comes the tough part—telling Sami.

At the hospital, Nathan comes up behind Stephanie and taps her on the shoulder, handing her a bouquet of flowers. She asks what they are for, and Nathan explains that the woman he performed the tracheotomy on in the pub sent them. Stephanie reminds Nathan they’re his, since he saved the woman’s life, but Nathan claims he couldn’t have done it without Stephanie’s help, and besides, they’ll look better on her desk than in his back pocket. Just then, Melanie rushes over, telling Nathan excitedly that she aced her midterm, and is first in her class. Nathan picks her up and hugs her, congratulating her. Stephanie looks on uncomfortably.

In Arianna’s room above the pub, Brady asks Arianna if she needs help. She admits that she does, but doesn’t know where it will come from. Brady tells her that he is going to help her find out who is behind all the drugs in this town. That will get her off the hook with the police and then she will never have to go back to jail. Brady asks her if that sounds good. Arianna asks if this means that Brady believes her.

At the pub, Sami confronts Nicole, demanding to know what is going on between her and Rafe. She explains that Rafe was going to tell her whatever it was, but he had to leave suddenly. She says she can tell Nicole knows what it is. Nicole claims she has to go and abruptly heads off, but Sami stops her, saying she isn’t going anywhere until she tells her what is going on. Nicole stammers, saying she has no idea what Sami is talking about, and if Rafe says she does, then he is wrong. Sami tells Nicole that Rafe said it was about Sydney. Nicole turns white. Sami demands to know what is going on with Sydney.

Rafe exhales, saying that these results change everything. Mateo takes aim, but just as he fires, EJ rushes over and tackles him to the ground. Rafe slumps to the ground.

Sami demands to know what Rafe and Nicole know about Sydney that she doesn’t. Nicole asks if Rafe was more specific, wondering if he meant Sydney’s health or the problems with EJ. Sami says he didn’t say anything—he just got a phone call about it and took off. Sami claims she can tell Nicole knows what Rafe was talking about and she wants to know what the hell Nicole hasn’t told her. Nicole stammers, admitting that she knows what is going on with Rafe, and what is has to do with Sydney.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano makes a call, asking if it is done. Just then, Kate walks in.

EJ knocks Mateo out with one punch and kicks the gun away. He rushes over to Rafe and shakes him, asking him to wake up. Rafe doesn’t respond. EJ checks his pulse and finds one. He sighs, wondering what he is doing, and muttering that he isn’t acting like himself. He spots the envelope containing the DNA results and picks it up. EJ opens the envelope.

Philip calls Melanie from the Java Café. He leaves a message, wondering if she ever answers her phone, and explains he called because he wanted to know if she had thought anymore about what they talked about—how she was falling hard and had to stop lying to herself about him.

Stephanie congratulates Melanie on acing her midterm, and claims she always knew Melanie would come out a winner. Melanie asks if she means that, and Stephanie nods, saying that Melanie is smart, and that she deserves this. Melanie reminds Stephanie that things haven’t been going so great between them lately, and Stephanie admits that that is true. She adds that she has been thinking that she and Melanie should face that head-on, and suggests that they do so now.

Arianna tells Brady that she is telling the truth about working undercover, but she wonders why Brady believes her. Brady says it’s because she took such a huge chance by telling him the truth. Arianna admits she risked her life, but reminds Brady that she could be making it all up. Brady wonders why she would do that and Arianna chuckles, saying it’s because she doesn’t want him to hate her. Brady asks why she doesn’t want him to hate her. She thinks he knows the answer to that, but Brady wants to hear her say it. Arianna admits that it’s because she loves him. Brady says that that is the reason he believes her—because he loves her, too.

Stefano hangs up as Kate comes over, asking him to get off the phone. She hands him a necklace and turns around. Stefano fastens it for her as Kate asks who he was talking to. Stefano tells Kate that there is only one rule around here and that is that she must never ask questions about his business. He asks if that will be a problem, and Kate admits that it will be.

Nicole reminds Sami that Rafe has never liked her, and that he hates the idea that she and Sami have become friends. Sami wonders what that has to do with Sydney, and Nicole explains that it is Rafe’s goal to keep Sami from being her friend, so he probably decided the best way to do that was to make up some deep dark mystery surrounding her baby. Sami asks in surprise if Nicole thinks Rafe is making all of this up. Nicole nods, confiding in Sami that she doesn’t think Rafe is emotionally stable. That’s why he popped back up in Sami’s life with some big mysterious case that he can’t tell her anything about. Nicole thinks she’s only become the villain in the whole thing because Rafe doesn’t like her. Nicole then adds that she thinks Rafe is acting bizarre, and that the real problem is that Sami is buying into all of it.

Rafe jumps up and snatches the envelope from EJ, demanding to know if he thinks he can kill him that easily. EJ asks him to calm down, and points out Mateo, saying he’s the one Rafe has a problem with. Rafe looks over and sees Mateo passed out, blood trickling from his mouth. EJ notes that it looks as if Rafe has stumbled into something he shouldn’t have. Rafe admits that might be true. EJ wonders if it has something to do with the paperwork Rafe has, and asks Rafe if a man like that might kill to get it.

Brady and Arianna lie on her bed and kiss. Brady asks if she is sure she wants to do this, and she says she is, as right now, she just wants to forget about everything. The two kiss passionately.

Stefano warns Kate that she must never ask him questions about his work, reminding her that she found out what kind of power he had when he helped her get out of her legal troubles. He then adds that she accepted the arrangement he offered her, so she can’t continue to press him. Kate promises not to do so, but notes that Stefano is perspiring, and guesses that his blood pressure is through the roof. She claims that she is just worried about his health, and that whatever business he is involved in isn’t good for him. She pouts, saying that she just doesn’t know what she would do if he had to go back to the hospital. Stefano kisses her, glad that she is concerned, but he assures her that he has everything under control, and that she just has to trust him on that.

Cops swarm around the pier as Rafe explains to Roman that he came down here to meet an old friend. The next thing he knew, shots were fired, and he hit the ground. When he woke up, EJ was standing over him. Roman asks if that is how it happened, and EJ nods, saying that that is probably true from Rafe’s point of view. He explains that he was passing through when he saw the man pointing a gun at Rafe. Then he knocked the man down and hit him a couple of times to make sure he stayed down. Roman asks him if he has any idea who put out a hit on Rafe, but EJ thinks he should ask the shooter. Roman asks EJ if this man works for him, since they all know he is the head of the DiMera family. EJ scoffs, wondering why he would stop the man from doing his job if he hired him. Roman shakes his head and turns on Mateo, who stands between two officers, handcuffed. Roman asks why he tried to kill Rafe, and who he is working for, but Mateo won’t say a word. Roman reminds him of what EJ just said and Mateo scoffs, saying that he thinks he just got caught in the middle of a family fight. He then glares at EJ, insisting that he won’t take the fall for this. Roman assures him that a lot of people don’t want to see that either, and asks again who hired him. Mateo says Stefano did. Rafe scoffs. EJ shakes his head.

Sami says that she refuses to sit here listening to Nicole’s accusations against Rafe. She thinks that even if Rafe hated Nicole, he wouldn’t make up some story to keep the two from being friends, as he has more integrity than that. Nicole thinks Sami is giving him way too much credit, but Sami asks Nicole to stop. She tells Nicole that when Rafe told her he knew something about Sydney, he made it seem as if it were good news for her, and that Nicole was somehow a part of it. Nicole wonders why Sami would believe that, and Sami says it’s because she knows Nicole knows what is going on. She asks Nicole to just tell her what it is.

Melanie gapes, asking Stephanie if she wants to fight. Stephanie and Nathan burst out laughing, and Stephanie says she thinks they’ve done enough of that already. She admits that they’ve had their problems, but that all of that is in the past, especially since Philip isn’t an issue anymore. No one is—so Stephanie thinks she and Melanie need to work on their friendship and get it back to the way it used to be. She then suggests that she take Melanie and Nathan out to dinner to celebrate Melanie’s midterm score, and the fact that Nathan saved a stranger’s life. Nathan thinks that sounds nice, but admits ruefully that he doesn’t get off work for hours. He suggests the girls go instead, and Melanie agrees, saying she doesn’t have anything to do, so they can go celebrate their friendship. Stephanie says she’d love to. The two say goodbye to Nathan and head off with their arms around one another.

Brady and Arianna lie in bed together after having made love. Brady admits that he missed her, and she says that she feels the same way. She sighs, wishing she could get out of this nightmare, but she can’t. Brady assures her that she can, and that that is what he has been talking about. He tells her that he plans on starting to help her today. Arianna shakes her head, saying that he can’t.

Nicole tells Sami that she isn’t sure what to say—but if Rafe knows something, then why didn’t he just tell Sami instead of running off, especially since all of this is supposed to make her happy. Sami says that Rafe is going to tell her as soon as he gets back from wherever he is right now. Sami then sighs, admitting that she needs instant gratification, and she knows Nicole knows what is going on. She again urges Nicole to tell her the secret, and why she kept it from her in the first place. Nicole says it isn’t her secret—it’s Rafe’s. She doesn’t know what it is, but she is sure Rafe will come up with some fabulous story and tell Sami all about it when he gets back. She then mutters, “If he gets back.” Sami gapes, asking Nicole what she just said.

EJ makes a whispered phone call to Stefano, letting him know that the hit didn’t go off as planned, and that Mateo has been arrested. Stefano thinks that’s impossible, but EJ says that it isn’t, and that Mateo has named Stefano. He urges Stefano to get out of town while he clears up the mess, and to do it fast, since he heard Roman was sending a squad car over to the mansion to pick him up. Stefano, in shock, can’t believe that Mateo would betray him. He stops, and then grows furious, accusing EJ of being the one that betrayed him. EJ counters that Stefano betrayed him, since he ordered a hit without his knowledge. Stefano growls that EJ thinks he knows everything. He then shouts that now that Rafe has survived, EJ is going to find out soon enough why Stefano wanted him killed. He proclaims that he hopes God helps them all and hangs up on EJ. Nearby, Roman instructs the officers to take Mateo away. Rafe says that he should be going, but Roman reminds him that he knows better, and that he is going to have to give a formal statement. Roman adds that he would also like to know why Stefano wants Rafe dead, and asks him if he has any ideas.

Arianna tells Brady that she doesn’t want him involved in all of this. Brady can’t believe that she is saying this is safe for her, but not safe for him. Arianna says she can’t let Brady do this, but he says that he can’t let her do this alone. Arianna admits that she likes that he is protective, not that she deserves it after all the secrets she kept and the lies she told. Brady tells Arianna that from now on there will be no more regrets, and no more guilt. Arianna agrees, and the two kiss.

Melanie and Stephanie head into the Java Café, grumbling about their bills. Melanie catches sight of Philip and abruptly suggests that she and Stephanie go to the pub instead. Stephanie agrees and the two start to head off, but Philip has already seen them, and heads over to greet them. He asks jokingly if the two are running away from him.

Sami asks Nicole why Rafe wouldn’t come back, and Nicole reminds her that Rafe has walked out of her life before, and that he may do so again. Sami disagrees, but Nicole reminds her that Rafe has her believing that he is working on some big case in which she is the bad guy. She just doesn’t want to see Sami get hurt when Rafe disappears again. Sami sighs, admitting that she knows it’s her fault that Rafe left the last time. She adds that she knows she ruins all of her relationships, and that she is a difficult person to be around. She admits that it will probably be her fault if Rafe leaves again. Nicole tells Sami that she didn’t do anything wrong. She tears up as she tries to explain that Sami is the victim in all this. She abruptly starts bawling, and says that she can’t do this. Nicole gets up and rushes off. Sami calls out for her and grabs her purse, preparing to chase after Nicole.

Stefano’s luggage is packed and he’s stuffing things into a bag in the living room. Harold comes in to inform Stefano that his car is waiting at the rear entrance. Stefano thanks him and Harold heads off. Kate walks in, asking Stefano if he is leaving. He explains that he has to leave for a little while, and he isn’t sure how long he will be gone. Kate guesses that this has something to do with the phone call that upset him. Stefano urges her not to worry about a thing, and promises that he will be in contact. He then asks Kate to take charge of the house while he is gone. Kate is surprised he wouldn’t want EJ to do that. Stefano tells Kate to consult EJ on small matters, but he really doesn’t feel EJ is trustworthy enough right no to be making major decisions. He asks her to be safe and hurries off. Kate sighs. Just then, Mary rushes in with Sydney. She hands the baby off to Kate, saying that her sister has taken ill, and that she has to get to the hospital in a nearby town right away. She tells Kate that she will have to watch Sydney. Kate asks how long she will be gone, but Mary isn’t sure. She rushes out the door. Sydney stares up at Kate. Kate groans, “Wonderful.”

Melanie demands to know if Philip is following her. He reminds her that he was there first. She thinks he must have known she was coming, but Philip thinks that is impossible, since she never returns his calls. Stephanie explains that she and Melanie were just out celebrating the fact that Melanie aced her midterm. Philip congratulates her, and she tells him pointedly that Nathan stayed up later tutoring her. Philip adds that he heard Nathan saved someone’s life down at the pub, and that Stephanie was right there beside him, helping out. Stephanie claims that she didn’t do anything, and that Nathan was the man of the hour. Melanie explains hurriedly that she and Stephanie can talk, and that they have to go. Stephanie agrees, but tells Philip they’re going to the pub. He asks if he can join them, but Melanie refuses.

Chloe shows up at the DiMera mansion and rings the bell. Kate answers. Chloe grimaces, explaining that Nicole called her and asked her to meet her here. Kate wonders why Nicole would do that, but Chloe isn’t sure. Kate says she doesn’t care and drags Chloe in the house by the arm, telling her to come with her.

At the police station, EJ tells Rafe that he really had nothing to do with the attempt on his life. Rafe says that he was actually wondering why EJ had nothing to do with it, and what is going on between him and Stefano. EJ asks why Rafe cares. Rafe shrugs, saying that EJ hung his old man out to dry, which is a pretty bold move. He suggests that EJ watch his back from now on. Just then, Roman heads over, telling EJ that they have an interview room all ready. EJ reminds Roman that he is his own counsel, and tells Roman to just stick to questions about what happened on the pier. Roman agrees, and EJ follows another officer out of the room. Rafe asks Roman if he can give his statement tomorrow, since nothing is going to change before then. Roman reminds him of procedure, and asks Rafe what the rush is. Rafe declares loftily that he doesn’t give a damn about Stefano, and besides, they both know a conviction will go nowhere with EJ as their star witness. He then tells Roman that there is something he really needs to take care of, and it involves his daughter. Roman sighs, and agrees to let Rafe go, but warns him to be back first thing tomorrow. Rafe agrees and thanks Roman. He rushes off.

Sami chases Nicole down, apologizing for upsetting her. Nicole claims that it isn’t Sami’s fault, but she reminds Nicole that the have been through a lot together, and they’re friends. Sami assures Nicole that she doesn’t want to lose that. Sami then begs her to tell her what is bothering her. Nicole sobs that nothing is, and that she isn’t Sami’s friend at all.

Arianna gasps and sits up in bed, remembering that she has to finish packing for her move. Brady sighs, remembering that it is his fault Arianna had to quit. She assures him that all he was doing was keeping low-life pushers out of the pub and adds quickly that she never dealt any drugs out of the place. Brady asks her how it works, and she explains that she deals along the pier and in parks to stay connected to the buyers. The police take the rest of the shipment and give her cash. Then she calls Troy to let him know she needs another shipment. Brady asks if Troy has ever suspected anything, but Arianna says that he thinks she is his best dealer. Brady thinks this all sounds dangerous, and she agrees, saying that that is why she has to find the head guy and get out of this mess. She then asks Brady to help her pack, but he refuses to do so. He says that instead he is going to go downstairs and tell Caroline that they have kissed and made up, and that Arianna wants her job back. He is sure Caroline will be thrilled to learn she isn’t quitting. Arianna says she likes that idea, and the two kiss.

Melanie stammers that Philip can’t come with her and Stephanie because they have private things to talk about. She adds that she hopes she’s not offending him, and Philip says she isn’t. He gathers his things and jokingly asks the two not to say too many bad things about him. Melanie assures him that they won’t, and that they won’t even think of him. He heads off. Melanie tells Stephanie abruptly that she’d rather stay here and just have a cookie and a latte. Stephanie abruptly asks Melanie what is going on between her and Philip.

Kate points Sydney out to Chloe, saying that she has no idea why Nicole left her here, but she did, and Chloe needs to take the baby with her. Chloe agrees to do so and greets Sydney. She wonders aloud why Nicole would ask her to meet her here. Kate sighs, saying she has no idea why Nicole does most of the things she does. She adds that she is sure there is probably something in it for Nicole. Chloe snaps that Kate would know all about that, and asks sarcastically about her poor husband. Kate informs Chloe that Stefano is in excellent health, and is actually away on a business rip. She asks Chloe to take Sydney and leave, promising to call Nicole and let her know what is going on.

Sami insists that she and Nicole are friends, considering everything they have been through together, but Nicole says that they aren’t. She then tells Sami that she just needs to know that she did everything she did because she had to protect herself. She adds that that is why she and Sami can’t be friends—because she is about to learn something that is going to make her very sad. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. She sees that it’s Rafe and answers. He asks where she is, and Sami explains that she is at the pub. Rafe asks her to meet him at her place right away. She asks what happened, as he sounds very strange. Nicole looks on worriedly, as Rafe explains that Stefano tried to have him killed. Sami demands to know why he would do that, and Rafe says it’s because Stefano knew he had proof. Sami asks what proof he is talking about. Nicole turns white and rushes off. Rafe again asks Sami to come home, as he needs to explain things to her face-to-face. She agrees to do so and hangs up. She turns to tell Nicole what happened, but finds that Nicole is gone.

Melanie insists that nothing is going on between her and Philip. Stephanie assures Melanie that she doesn’t have to try to protect her. Just because she and Philip were engaged doesn’t mean that she still cares. Melanie assures Stephanie that nothing is going on between her and Philip. Stephanie sighs, saying that she is over Philip, but it’s obvious that Philip and Melanie aren’t over each other. Melanie asks if she can really tell, and admits that she didn’t want to hurt Stephanie’s feelings. Stephanie promises that she won’t, and that she has always known Melanie had feelings for Philip. Just then, Philip calls Melanie. She sighs and lets it go to voicemail. She finally admits that she does like Philip. Stephanie asks about Nathan. Melanie admits she likes them both, and that she has no idea what she should do.

At the pier, Philip leaves Melanie a message, saying that he knows he promised to stop chasing her, but seeing her today, he sensed something between them, and he knows that she did, too. Nathan comes up behind Philip as he tells Melanie that he won’t stop chasing her until she admits that the two of them belong together. He hangs up and walks off. Nathan glares, saying they will just see about that.

Arianna sighs, saying that she can’t believe how close she came to running away and losing Brady forever. Brady assures her that she doesn’t have to worry anymore, since this is a fresh start for the two of them. Brady sighs, wondering how they are going to find this guy supplying all the drugs in Salem. Arianna isn’t sure, telling Brady that the guy is like a shadow—you turn the light on and he disappears. Brady promises that he will help, and reminds Arianna that his grandfather’s contacts were the ones that knew Arianna was a drug dealer to begin with. Brady suggests he tell Victor what is going on, and then perhaps his contacts can lead them to the head guy. Arianna warns him that his grandfather can’t find out the truth, since no one knows she is undercover except her police contact and now Brady. Brady asks about her brother, but Arianna insists that Rafe can’t know, either. Brady promises to find a way to get all the information he needs without divulging any secrets. Arianna asks if he will really do that and he nods, telling her that she isn’t alone anymore. The two kiss.

Roman sarcastically thanks EJ for all the help he offered during his questioning. EJ shrugs, saying he just stated what was necessary. Roman tells EJ that he got some strange news, and that it appears his old man has up and disappeared. He asks if EJ happened to tip him off, but EJ says he didn’t, reminding Roman that he has been with him this whole time. Roman suggests that he run a records check on the phone in EJ’s pocket, and EJ tells him to go ahead, as long as he has a warrant. Roman shakes his head, saying that he just doesn’t get why Stefano put a hit out and EJ stopped it. He wonders whose side EJ is on.

Chloe is back at Daniel’s place with Sydney. She tells Sydney how cute she is and coos. She then sighs and wonders where Nicole is, and why she hasn’t called to pick up her daughter.

Nicole sneaks into the mansion and heads over to Sydney’s playpen, surprised that she isn’t there. Harold walks in and Nicole demands to know where her daughter is. Harold says he has no idea.

Sami rushes into her house and hugs Rafe, telling him how glad she is that he is alright, and wondering why Stefano would try to kill him. Rafe tells her he has important news, and that he has waited a long time to tell her this. Sami asks what it is, and Rafe explains that her baby is still alive.


Bo asks, “Can I come in? I wanted to say I'm sorry.”

Rafe tells Sami, “Grace was never your child.” She gasps, “How dare you?”

Nicole asks EJ and Kate, “Where is Sydney? What did you do with her?”

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