Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/10/09


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At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna asks Brady if it would make a difference if she had a good reason for dealing drugs. Brady scoffs, asking if she just likes to get kids hooked and to decimate lives. She says that isn’t it. Brady then guesses that the money is better than the tips she gets at the pub. Arianna is sure it looks that way, but that isn’t the reason either. Brady demands to know what it is, then. Arianna bursts into tears and starts to rush off, saying that she can’t do this, but Brady stops her.

At the police station, Hope asks Victor if he was the one that turned Carly in. Bo glares at Hope, wondering how Victor knew Carly was back in town. Hope asks if Bo thinks she told Victor. Bo asks her angrily if she did.

The federal agent, Cobb, heads over to Carly’s jail cell and informs her and Justin that the plane is fueled and ready to take her back to the country she came from. Carly balks, telling Justin that she can’t go back there, as she’ll be dead the second she steps foot off the plane. Justin nods, saying he knows, and Carly asks him if there is anything he can do.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Stefano that he can’t mean what he just said. She knows Rafe has been a problem for both of them, but this is too much. Stefano snaps, asking Nicole if she feels sorry for Rafe, and if she’d like to give him the chance to ruin her life. He claims he is surprised that Nicole hasn’t yet figured out that when you can’t solve a problem, you get rid of it. Nicole tells Stefano that he can’t do this. He sighs.

At Sami’s place, Rafe explains to Sami that she needs to know the truth about Sydney. Sami asks if this is about Nicole making everyone think Sydney was her baby. Rafe nods, saying that that is exactly what this is about. Sami asks him to go on, but Rafe isn’t even sure where to begin, as the whole situation is a mess. He warns Sami that this news is going to upset her and change everything. Sami wonders why she would be upset, and then gasps, telling Rafe that she knows what he is talking about.

Brady tells Arianna that she isn’t leaving until she tells him what she was going to say. Arianna sighs, admitting that she shouldn’t tell Brady because she promised she wouldn’t, but she feels like she’ll lose him if she doesn’t tell him. She agrees to go ahead and tell Brady everything.

Nicole thinks there must be some other way, but Stefano scoffs, asking if she thinks Rafe will have a change of heart and let her keep Sami’s baby. Nicole suggests they just pay him off, but Stefano growls that it won’t work, since Rafe seems to care about Sami more than he does about money. Nicole tells him flatly that she couldn’t live with herself if Stefano did what he is suggesting. Stefano declares that she will have to find a way, because as of this moment, it’s out of her hands.

Sami shakes her head, surprised that she didn’t think of this earlier. She asks Rafe if he has discovered who Sydney’s real mother is. Rafe gapes.

Victor explains that Hope didn’t tell him about Carly, but Bo wants to know how he found out. Hope accuses Victor of working her. Bo groans, guessing that Hope did tell Victor. She says she didn’t, but Bo thinks she must have said something that led Victor to put it together. Hope stomps off, telling Bo not to believe to her, then. Victor again assures Bo that Hope didn’t tell him anything, and that when he heard of Lawrence’s death, he figured Carly would turn up here. Bo snaps that Victor may as well have signed Carly’s death warrant. Victor claims he would do it again in a heartbeat, and Bo retorts that he is a vindictive SOB. Victor claims he doesn’t want to see his son end up with a knife in his stomach, but Bo thinks this really about Victor and Carly, and what he thinks she did to him so many years ago. Victor tells Bo again that the sooner Carly is out of his life, the better, but Bo claims that won’t happen, and that he will undo the damage Victor has done. He storms off. Hope comes back over and glares, telling Victor that he isn’t getting out of this with her, either.

Justin asks for a moment alone with his client, but Cobb says it won’t make a difference, since Carly is leaving the second the extradition order is processed. Bo walks over and tells Cobb to back off, as Carly isn’t going anywhere. Cobb claims it isn’t up to Bo, but Bo snaps that this is his jail in his town, and he calls the shots. Bo then tells the man to take a hike, and Cobb heads off. He asks Carly how she is doing. She says she is ok for now, but warns Bo that he and Justin are just delaying the inevitable. Bo reminds Carly that she showed up on his doorstep and asked for help. He promised he would protect her, and that is exactly what he is going to do. Justin tells the two that he has an idea. He can’t tell them what it is until he knows it will work, but asks them to trust him as he hurries off. Carly and Bo stare after him.

Sami guesses that the paternity test on Sydney came in, and her face falls as she assumes Chad must be the father. Rafe tries to interrupt, but Sami barrels on, saying that she knew Mia must have been lying about sleeping around. Sami shakes her head, saying that she just feels sorry for Nicole. Rafe snorts, saying that Nicole is the last person Sami should be feeling sorry for. Sami reminds Rafe that Chad is going to take Sydney away from Nicole, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that Chad isn’t the father. Thrilled, Sami grabs the phone, asking why Rafe didn’t say so before. She says that she is going to call Nicole, and give her the good news in case she hasn’t heard it, but Rafe stops her, saying that this has nothing to do with Chad or Mia. Sami wonders worriedly if something is wrong with Sydney, but Rafe says that isn’t it, either, and that it’s not all bad news—in fact, there is some very good news. Sami asks him to tell her what it is. He agrees just as Will walks in. He catches sight of Rafe and tells him to get the hell out.

Nicole starts to head off, but Stefano instructs her to leave the baby here, as she has already tried to run off once before. Stefano calls for Mary, and asks her to take Sydney into the kitchen to get something to eat. Nicole says goodbye to Sydney, promising her that she will be back soon. Mary heads for the kitchen with Sydney, and Nicole leaves through the patio doors. Stefano makes a call to Matteo, telling him that he has a problem that needs to be taken care of tonight--Rafe Hernandez. Just then, EJ walks in, asking Stefano what he plans on doing to Rafe.

Arianna explains to Brady that she started dealing in college. She was young and stupid then, and she was always the problem child in the family. In fact, she and Rafe didn’t speak for years after she was busted and sent to prison. Brady asks in surprise if she really went to jail. Arianna nods, admitting that it was awful. Brady doesn’t think it was too bad, since she went right back to dealing. Arianna says that it isn’t what he thinks, and asks him quietly if he is sure no one is here. Brady assures her that no one besides him is home. He asks her what is going on, saying that he can tell how scared she is. He tells her that she doesn’t have to be, and that she can just tell him what is going on. Arianna whispers that she is working undercover for the police.

Carly asks Bo in surprise if it was Victor that turned him in. Bo nods, calling Victor an ass, and explains that he found out based on something Hope said. Carly asks Bo not to be angry with Hope, but he says that he has to wonder how Carly came up as a subject between the two of them. Carly reminds Bo of how manipulative Victor can be, and how he rips people to shreds at the slightest scent of blood. Bo reluctantly admits that that is true. Carly sighs, saying that she last thing she wanted was to make tings worse between Bo and Hope.

Stefano explains that he was calling around to check on Hernandez and find out what he knows, but EJ doesn’t buy it, as he knows who Matteo is, and what Stefano uses him for. He demands to know if Stefano put out a hit on Rafe.

Will asks Rafe who he thinks he is—dumping his mom, and then showing back up like he can just walk into her life again. Sami claims that Will doesn’t understand. Will scoffs, guessing that Rafe gave her some lame excuse. He then whirls on Rafe, accusing him of hurting his mom by leaving so soon after Grace died. Rafe claims that he had to leave because of Grace, but Will thinks he is just using her as an excuse. Sami says that Rafe was just about to explain everything when Will interrupted. Just then, Rafe gets a phone call. Sami and Will continue to argue as Rafe answers. Tim is on the other line, and he tells Rafe that the DNA results he wanted are in. Rafe stares at Sami as she assures Will that Rafe will have a good explanation for everything.

Justin comes back to tell Carly and Bo that he has good news. Bo asks if he stopped the extradition, and Justin nods, saying he has for now. Better yet, Carly is going to be getting out of here. Carly asks how he managed to do that, and Justin explains that he cut a deal, and got Carly released into the custody of someone the court trusts. Carly asks who that is, and Justin explains it’s Bo. Carly tells Justin to forget it.

Brady is surprised that Arianna is working for the police. She nods, explaining that they are trying to bring down a major drug operation in Salem. Brady asks if she is working for his uncle Bo, but Arianna says she isn’t. She then admits that she has already told him too much, and that she may put people’s lives at risk if she says anything more. Brady scoffs, asking if he is just supposed to take her word on this. She says he is, but guesses that he can’t. She then blurts out that this was a huge mistake. She rushes off. Brady buries his head in his hands and sighs.

Nicole has a burger and fries at the pub. She calls Stefano, and leaves him a message, saying that she knows he has to do what he planned, but she is afraid something may go wrong. She asks him to call her back and hangs up as Mia walks over, asking Nicole if she thinks it won’t work with Mr. DiMera. Nicole asks what she is talking about, and Mia reminds her that Stefano is supposed to change the DNA results on Sydney, and that they both promised her that nothing would go wrong. Nicole vows that nothing will, and that the tests will show that Chad isn’t the father. Mia demands to know what Nicole is so nervous about, but she claims that it is between her and her father-in-law. Mia snaps that this is her business if it has something to do with her daughter. She reminds Nicole angrily that she put everything on the line for this. Now Will and everyone else in school hates her and thinks she’s a slut—all so Nicole could keep Sydney. Nicole reminds her that they have all made sacrifices for Sydney. Mia asks Nicole why she is calling Stefano and why she is so upset if it’s true that she and Stefano have everything under control.

Rafe asks Tim where he is, and he asks Rafe to meet him at the pier. Rafe agrees to do so, and hangs up. He throws on his jacket, telling Sami that he has to go. She asks what he is talking about, since he just said he was going to tell her the truth about everything. Rafe says he knows that, but he also wanted to wait until he was positive—and he will be soon enough. Sami tries to stop him, but he promises he will be back soon and rushes off. Sami sighs.

Justin and Bo try to convince Carly that this is a good deal. She claims she knows it is, and that she appreciates everything both of them have done for her. Bo wonders why she isn’t jumping at this, and Justin agrees, reminding her that she can’t stay with him because he is living with Victor. He then informs her that she has two choices—sit out the extradition here, or at Bo’s place. Carly thinks she has caused enough trouble for Bo, but Justin thinks that is up to Bo. Bo then asks Justin to let him speak to Carly alone, thanking him for all he has done. Justin nods and heads off. Carly tells Bo that he can talk to her all night—she won’t change her mind. Bo admits that he knows he can’t, and adds that he won’t stop her if she wants to run off and get herself killed.

Sami tells Will that they can talk about this later, as she needs to follow Rafe and find out what is going on. Will tells her sarcastically to go ahead and chase after Rafe and let him hurt her again. Sami asks him not to be like that, but Will shouts, asking her if she really doesn’t want him to be concerned about his own mother. Sami thinks there is more to this, but Will says there isn’t. He reminds Sami that she told him to never dump a girl by email. Rafe did just that to her, and she is just sitting back and taking it. Sami claims that she understands why Will is mad at Rafe, but she thinks something more is going on. Will finally admits that he and Mia are through. He says that Mia came to him, begging him to forgive her for lying about her sketchy past, but he couldn’t do it. Sami says she also understands why Will is angry at Mia, as she was angry with her too, but she now feels that there is more to this story than what Mia told them. Will tells Sami that he doesn’t want to hear it. He and Mia are done, and there is nothing she can say to change that.

Nicole admits that Mia is right. She is upset, but she shouldn’t be, because Stefano is going to take care of everything and make sure she doesn’t lose Sydney. Mia sighs, reminding Nicole that she ruined her life for her sake. She just needs to hear that it wasn’t all for nothing. Nicole reminds her that she did it for Sydney, not her. Mia admits that she thought that Sydney was better off with Nicole, but she had no idea it would cost her so much. Nicole softens, saying she is sorry Mia had to give up Will and so much more, but she also had to give things up, and she may have lost EJ forever. However, if she has Sydney, she’ll still have everything that is important to her. Mia replies sadly that she has nothing, and asks Nicole to take good care of her baby. Nicole vows that she will—no matter what it takes.

EJ demands to know exactly what is going on. Stefano snaps that EJ is his son, and he won’t tolerate threats from him. He claims that this is none of EJ’s concern, but EJ says that if it’s about Rafe, it’s about Sami, and if it’s about Sami, then it does concern him. Stefano shouts at him to forget about Sami and accuses EJ of having some toxic obsession with that woman. EJ reminds Stefano that he shares a child with Sami, but Stefano wonders how he can forget everything Sami has done to him. EJ says he will never forget what she did, but he also can’t allow anything to happen to her. Stefano glares, saying that EJ is protecting a woman that has caused him nothing but grief, and he wants to know why EJ still cares about her. He then adds that he thinks this is about more than just Johnny, and that there must be more between EJ and Sami, even if he won’t admit it. EJ snaps that whether there is more there or not, it is none of Stefano’s business. EJ then reminds him they were talking about Rafe, not Sami. Stefano doesn’t want to answer any more questions, but EJ demands to know why Stefano wants Rafe dead.

Rafe waits on the pier for Tim. He whirls around as footsteps quickly approach.

Arianna is back at her place above the pub. Brady shows up, saying that she can’t drop a bombshell like that and just run away. Arianna assumes he doesn’t believe her, and Brady admits there are some holes in her story—like how a convicted drug dealer ends up working for the other side. Arianna explains that it was part of the conditions of her early release. The police use informants all the time, and in fact, that’s how she got busted originally. Brady asks how they decided on her, but Arianna isn’t sure. She figured it might have been because she still had connections in Salem, or because she was desperate enough to do anything, and they knew it. Aghast, Brady asks if she had to sleep with someone. Arianna admits she didn’t have to, but she would have, as prison was hell for her. Brady asks why she didn’t tell him all this sooner, and Arianna explains that she was ordered not to tell anyone. That was part of the deal, and not even her own brother knows what she is doing. She asks Brady worriedly not to tell anyone, because if this whole thing comes out, she’ll go back to jail, or maybe even end up dead. Brady thinks this whole thing is crazy. Arianna asks him if he believes her or not.

Carly warns Bo that he can’t talk her out of this. He tells her to go ahead and jump off of a cliff if that’s what she wants. He claims that he won’t stop her, but once she leaves, there is no turning back. Bo reminds her that he isn’t only referring to what happened to Lawrence and what will happen to her when she goes home—they both know the other reason Carly came here to Salem, an important reason, and she needs to figure out if she really wants to give that up. He asks her to let him know what she decides, and starts to head off, but Carly tells Bo that she has already knows what she is going to do.

Hope complains that she opened up to Victor in a weak moment, and that she thought he really cared. Victor thinks Hope knows he does care. She wonders how he could take advantage of her, and Victor asks her why she really unburdened herself to him. Victor thinks it was because Hope knew Carly was in her house, sinking her teeth into Bo. Hope tells him to stop the drama, as they both know Carly only came to Bo because she needed help. Victor is surprised that the fact that Carly is Bo’s ex-lover didn’t bother her, but Hope thinks Victor had other reasons to turn Carly in—reasons besides him being worried about her and Bo with his ex in town. Victor admits that seeing Carly get her comeuppance was a bonus, but this was really about Hope and Bo. Victor asks Hope to be honest and admit that she isn’t too broken up over the fact that Victor got Carly out of Bo’s life.

Tim meets with Rafe and hands him an envelope. Rafe asks if these are the DNA results and Tim nods, saying that he hopes this is what Rafe is looking for. Rafe grins, saying that Tim has no idea.

Hope snaps at Victor that she isn’t like him, and that she isn’t out to get Carly, as she doesn’t even know the woman. Victor warns Hope that Carly is a menace, and if Hope ever wants to get back together with Bo, she had better hope that Carly gets sent back to wherever she came from, and is out of Bo’s life for good.

Justin tells Carly that he is glad Bo was able to convince her to take the deal. Carly sighs, admitting that Bo wasn’t the only reason. Justin assumes she is referring to whatever she hasn’t yet told him, but Carly doesn’t want to talk about that again. Justin sighs, telling her that he has some paperwork to finish, but promises to be back soon. He heads off. Carly sighs, saying to herself that Bo knows the reason. She’s just afraid that it will cause more problems between him and Hope if she stays. Victor comes up behind her just then, asking her if that really isn’t exactly what she wants.

Brady sighs, asking Arianna if he is supposed to believe that she is dealing drugs out of Caroline’s pub on her sons’ behalf—when they may or may not even know about it. Arianna admits that she doesn’t blame him for not buying it. Brady asks if this has been going on ever since she returned to town, and Arianna nods, admitting that it was supposed to be simple. She was just supposed to go in, hand them the top guy and then walk away free and clear. Brady guesses it didn’t quite work out that way, and Arianna shakes her head, admitting that she couldn’t get the cops anything they needed. She tells Brady there was one other hitch too—she fell in love with him.

Mia runs into Will outside the pub. He starts to head off angrily, but she stops him, asking him if it is going to be like this every time they see one another. Will turns on her furiously, asking her if he is just supposed to forgive her and forget that she was everybody’s girlfriend for five minutes. He says things might have been different if she had told him the truth to begin with. Mia says she wanted to, but she couldn’t. Will asks if she didn’t trust in his feelings for her, but all she will say is that she didn’t want to lie to him. She says that he will never know how sorry she is, but Will just thinks she is sorry she got found out. He accuses her of only caring about herself, and adds nastily that it is a good thing her baby will never grow up to know what a horrible person Mia is. He storms off. Mia’s eyes fill with tears.

Stefano tells EJ that the less he knows about all this, the better, but EJ angrily demands to know if he was better off not knowing Sami was hiding his child from him, or if he was better off not knowing that Nicole took someone else’s child and passed it off as his own. Stefano begs EJ to trust him, but EJ refuses, saying he got the same song and dance from Nicole, and it was all just empty words. Stefano reminds EJ that he loves him, and asks him if he really can’t see that everything he does is for EJ. EJ claims he understands and heads off. In the foyer, he grimaces, vowing not to let Stefano play him again.

Rafe asks Tim if he is sure about this lab, since a lot is riding on these results. Tim swears that he only uses the best, and Rafe should know that. Rafe admits he does and thanks Tim, saying that he owes him a lot for this. Rafe prepares to open the envelope containing the test results.

Arianna tells Brady that he has no idea what a nightmare this has been for her, especially since she couldn’t be with him the way she wanted to be. Brady suggests that she quit, but Arianna says she can’t go back to prison. Brady suggests she talk to Bo, as he can probably work something out, but Arianna says she can’t talk to him, as no one, not even Bo, can know what she is doing. Once people find out, she’s broken the terms of her release. Brady asks if she really plans on continuing to deal coke for the cops, but she claims she doesn’t have a choice. She explains that she has been pushing Troy to get her a meeting with the guy running the cartel, but he balked, and she fears her cover will be blown if she pushes too hard. She tells Brady that if that happens, they’ll kill her. Brady thinks she needs help. Arianna isn’t sure where she can get it, but Brady claims he does.

Carly tells Victor that it has been a long time, but he doesn’t think it has been long enough. She glares, saying she knows he is the reason she is in here and Victor nods, saying that unfortunately, it won’t be for long, since he heard they were letting her out, and that she is moving in with Bo. Carly asks sarcastically if she has ruined his day. Victor warns her that he won’t let her destroy Bo’s life the way she has destroyed every other life she’s touched.

Bo heads into the station, and Hope asks for news on Carly. Bo explains that she is being released, and that she won’t be extradited just yet. Hope wonders how he pulled that off, but Bo says Justin did this, not him. He then explains that Justin arranged for Carly to be released to his custody. Hope asks angrily if that means Carly will be moving back in with Bo. Bo shrugs, saying that that is what Justin came up with. Justin comes over just then, telling Bo that Carly will be out within the hour. Hope says angrily that she heard what Justin did for Carly, and that she is impressed. Justin decides it’s time to get Hope back home and tells Bo to call if anything goes wrong. Hope storms off and Justin follows. Bo sighs.

Sami sends Rafe a text asking him to call her, and heads into the pub. She overhears Nicole calling Chloe, and leaving her a message, saying that she needs her help, and asking Chloe to meet her at the mansion. Sami heads over, demanding to know what is going on between Nicole and Rafe. Nicole claims she doesn’t know what she means, but Sami says that she knows something is up, as Rafe told her he had really big news, but then got an urgent phone call and rushed off. Nicole tells Sami abruptly that she has to go, but Sami says she isn’t going anywhere until she tells her everything.

EJ makes a call outside the pub, telling someone that his father asked him to follow up on the job Matteo is doing for them tonight. He asks the person where Matteo is, and learns that he is at the pier. EJ thanks the person and hangs up, hurrying off.

Now alone, Rafe looks over the test results and gasps, saying to himself that Sami really is Sydney’s mother. Matteo hides behind a crate nearby and calls Stefano, telling him that he has tracked down his little problem. Stefano barks at him to get rid of it, then. Matteo hangs up and aims his gun at Rafe.


Stefano tells Kate, “You are not to ask me any questions about my work.”

Sami tells Nicole, “You and Rafe both know something.”

EJ shouts, “Rafe! Talk to me, Rafe! Rafe!”

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