Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/9/09


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Gus heads into Vivian’s room with news on Carly. She’s painting her nails, and curtly asks him to step out of her light. Gus explains that he’s received a report from the States, and that Carly has been arrested. Vivian sits up with a grin, asking Gus to tell her more.

Bo heads into the station and greets Carly, who is sitting in a jail cell. He apologizes for being late, saying that he’s been battling it out with Interpol. She asks if he’s made any progress, but Bo shakes his head ruefully, saying he just came down here to make sure she is alright. Carly admits she didn’t get much sleep, but says she is fine other than that. She then asks Bo who alerted the authorities, and who told them she was back in Salem.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope thanks someone over the phone for letting her know, and hangs up. Justin comes down the stairs just then, and Hope tells him that she just got a call from the station, and they have to get down there right away. The two rush off.

At the pub, a shocked Caroline asks Arianna why she has to quit. Arianna stammers. Caroline asks Brady to intercede, and convince Arianna that she can’t leave. Brady says somberly that he can’t do that.

At the pier, Rafe learns from Tim that the DNA test has been delayed. Rafe asks him to call as soon as he knows the results, and hangs up. EJ walks over just then, noting that Rafe is back in town. Rafe smirks. EJ asks him why he is back.

At Sami’s place, Nicole asks in surprise if Rafe is really back in town working on a big case. Sami nods, saying that all Rafe would say is that it has something to do with their future. She asks Nicole not to tell anyone Rafe is back in town, and exults over the two of them getting back together. She asks Nicole gleefully how awesome she thinks this is. Nicole says flatly that it isn’t awesome, and that this can’t happen. Sami scoffs.

At the hospital, Daniel leafs through brochures of honeymoon packages to Australia. He tries to get Chloe interested, but she is just worried about how long her test results are taking. Daniel tries to remind her that these things take time as a doctor heads over. Chloe greets her, asking her if she has her test results. The doctor says she does. Chloe asks nervously if she can ever get pregnant and have a baby.

Rafe wonders how it is any of EJ’s business that he is back in town. EJ reminds him that he and Sami share a child, so he has a right to know if Rafe is trying to worm his way back into Sami’s life. Rafe scoffs, saying that there is no worming necessary, since he and Sami are already back together. EJ tells Rafe that he just saw Sami, and she didn’t say a word to him about it. Rafe doesn’t think Sami felt the need to tell him the good news. He starts to head off, but EJ adds that he also ran into Arianna, and she seemed to have no idea he was back in town, either. Rafe snaps at EJ to stay away from his sister. EJ scoffs, betting Rafe would love for him to stay away from Sami, Arianna, and Johnny. In fact, Rafe would probably love it if he left town, but that isn’t going to happen, since he’s a gregarious fellow that likes people. He adds angrily that he has a strong sense of family, and he and Sami share a child. They always will, and there is nothing Rafe can do about it.

Sami wonders how Nicole can say something like that, since Rafe is back, and she knows how hard it was for Sami when she thought things were over. Nicole admits it was a terrible ordeal, and asks why Rafe is back in town. Sami thinks it’s because he missed her, and knew they were meant to be together. Nicole asks what else Rafe said about the case he was working on, but Sami explains that Rafe asked her not to push him about it, so she is trying to respect his wishes. Sami sighs, reminding Nicole that she is thrilled, and wonders why Nicole is being so negative. Nicole claims that she is just trying to protect Sami, and asks her what she thinks Rafe is up to. Sami says she neither knows nor cares. She demands to know why Nicole is acting like this, and why she can’t just be happy for her. Nicole says she can’t be happy, because Rafe is going to ruin everything.

Carly leans against the bars of her cell. Suddenly, Lawrence appears and strangles her through the bars. Carly gasps for air as he hisses that there is no way out. Carly begs him to let her go, but Lawrence vows to make sure she pays for his death. Carly struggles and breaks free, choking. She whirls around to confront Lawrence, but no one is there.

In the station, Bo tells another officer to be sure to try to keep Carly’s identity under wraps. He asks the man when she will be extradited as Hope and Justin rush in. Bo demands to know which one of them turned Carly in.

The doctor tells Chloe that the results were what Dr. Jonas suspected—the radiation treatments Chloe received have compromised her ovarian tissue, and her eggs are no longer viable. She hurriedly adds that Chloe still has a two percent chance of conceiving. Chloe grumps that that is the same as none. Dr. Ryan reminds Chloe there are other options, and that she could use donor eggs if she wants to be sure of getting pregnant. She tells Chloe that they can discuss this further at any time, and asks her to call if she has any questions. Daniel tries to soothe Chloe, but she shrugs him off, snapping at him not to tell her that everything will be fine, and that they’ll get through this. Daniel tells her they will, but Chloe huffs off, saying that she needs some time alone.

Rafe tells EJ that when it comes to Johnny, that is between EJ and Sami, but Rafe wants him to stay the hell away from his sister. EJ reminds Rafe that he already gave him that terrifying directive not two minutes ago. Rafe tells EJ that he won’t warn him again and storms off. EJ smirks, saying that he is sorry, but Arianna is dealing for him now.

Brady tells Caroline that if Arianna is quitting, then he is sure she has a good reason for doing so. Caroline asks if Arianna has found another job. She admits she hasn’t, but that she is investigating other opportunities. Brady glares, saying he doesn’t doubt Arianna will be fine, financially speaking. Caroline guesses that something happened between the two of them. Arianna says that isn’t true, but Brady admits it is.

Nicole warns Sami that Rafe is going to ruin her life, since he returned to town just as she had started to move on without him. Sami claims that Rafe is back because he wants to be with her. She adds that she is ecstatic and relieved that he is ok, and she doesn’t understand why Nicole is trying to upset her. Nicole says she isn’t trying to upset Sami—she’s just trying to be real. She tells Sami that she doesn’t trust Rafe, and she doesn’t think Sami should, either. Sami scoffs, reminding Nicole that she is married to EJ DiMera, who doesn’t have a moral bone in his body, but she wants to warn her against Rafe, an ex-FBI agent. Nicole whines that she tried to get along with Rafe, but claims he has it out for her and treats her like dirt. Sami asks if Rafe being back threatens Nicole, and she admits it does, since she fears Rafe will convince Sami to kick her and Sydney to the curb. Sami vows that she would never kick Nicole and Sydney out, and that Rafe would never ask her to do that, since he wouldn’t want a mother and child out on the street. She claims he is a good person, but Nicole reminds her that his fiancée was killed, and that Rafe wouldn’t even have a conversation about it with Sami. Sami claims she is trying to move past that, and she’d appreciate it if Nicole stopped bringing it up. Nicole tells her to forget about that if she wants, but she can’t forget that Rafe walked out on her without saying goodbye. She asks Sami is Rafe told her where he was this whole time. Sami says he didn’t, but that the bottom line is that she loves and trusts Rafe, and she’s happy he’s back. Nicole gets up, saying she refuses to listen to Sami self-destruct any longer. She tells Sami that she hopes she takes her advice; otherwise, a lot of lives will be destroyed. She puts Sydney in her stroller and huffs out the door as Sami tries to convince her to stay. Nicole refuses and shuts the door. Nicole then tells Sydney that she will have to stop Rafe from finding out the truth. She vows to never let Rafe take Sydney away from her, and heads off.

Caroline excuses herself to the kitchen, saying that Brady and Arianna clearly need to talk. Arianna quietly thanks Brady for not saying anything, but he says he only did so for Caroline’s sake. He accuses Arianna of using the poor woman, and taking advantage of her kindness. He adds angrily that Caroline would be horrified if she knew the truth, and he knows that is killing Arianna. Arianna reminds him that she quit, just like he asked. He scoffs, asking if she is proud of herself for doing so, then stalks off. Arianna sighs.

Chloe watches as a young patient of Daniel’s, Lily, hugs Daniel and thanks him for fixing her leg. Lily’s mother nods, telling Daniel that Lily is already back to playing soccer. Daniel is glad to hear it, and asks Lily to send him a picture of her MVP trophy at the end of the year. Lily tells Daniel that she loves him and hugs him. Chloe looks on miserably.

Gus tells Vivian that Carly is going to be extradited soon. Vivian finds that interesting. Gus asks if the news pleases her and Vivian nods, saying that she is just surprised at how quickly the police were able to catch that wretched woman. Gus reminds her that they did know she was in Salem already. Vivian admits that that is true, and adds that Carly has friends there that might try to protect her. Vivian then grins, saying that Carly does seem to make enemies on occasion, however.

Bo demands to know if Hope and Justin know how much danger they’ve put Carly in, as there are people out there trying to kill her. Justin assures Bo that he and Hope didn’t turn Carly in, but Bo grumps that no one else knew she was in town. Bo demands to know if they’re trying to say it’s a coincidence that the Feds showed up about an hour after Hope learned Carly was at the house. Hope claims it is. Bo asks angrily if it is just another coincidence that Hope showed up at the station shortly after Carly was brought in. Hope says another officer called her to let her know Bo had come down to the station with a woman that had been arrested, and told her that Interpol was involved. Hope says she just put two and two together and figured Carly had been caught. Bo scoffs. Hope demands to know if he thinks she is lying.

Daniel says goodbye to Lily, and she and her mother leave. Chloe heads over and Daniel stammers, asking how long she was standing there. She says she was there long enough, and suggests sadly that the two go home. Daniel puts his arm around Chloe and the two head off.

Nicole rushes into the DiMera mansion and breathlessly greets Stefano, thanking God that he is here. Stefano throws down his paper and asks her angrily if she is crazy, as EJ could be back any minute. He reminds her that he told her not to push things, but Nicole says it doesn’t matter, since everything is falling apart. Stefano asks what she is talking about, and Nicole informs him that Rafe is back in town, and getting ready to blow up her life.

Rafe heads into Sami’s place and hugs her. She asks if he solved his case. He shakes his head, explaining that there has been a delay, so he decided to wait in his favorite place with his favorite person. Sami kisses him, telling him that the whole secret agent thing is pretty sexy. She then admits that EJ came by earlier, but that she was discreet and didn’t let it slip that he was back in town. Rafe thanks her, but says that EJ knows despite all of that, since the two of them ran into one another at the pier. Sami asks if that will be a problem. Rafe hopes not.

EJ heads into the pub and greets Caroline, asking if she has seen Arianna. Caroline explains that she quit, and that she is upstairs packing.

Arianna tosses some things into a suitcase and picks up her phone. Her back is to the door, and she doesn’t notice as EJ pokes his head inside and listens in. She calls Rafe, telling him that she is moving out and will explain everything later. She asks him to call her back and let her know what is going on with the DNA tests. She hangs up as EJ listens in, surprised.

Bo lays into the federal agent that arrested Carly, snapping that she is going to get killed if they extradite her. The man retorts that Bo has made himself clear, and adds that he will let him know once he gets word about transporting Carly. The agent heads off. Justin offers to go see Carly, but Bo snaps that she needs lawyer she can trust. Justin tells Bo to stop acting like a jackass, telling him to stop playing ‘savoir’ with Carly’s life and let her make her own decisions for once. Justin heads off to speak with Carly. Hope reminds Bo that she gave him her word that she wouldn’t contact the authorities for 24 hours. She demands to know if Bo thinks she went back on her word. Bo grumbles that she has done a lot of things lately he never though she would do. Hope sighs, wondering what is happening to them. She guesses that none of this is about Carly, and that it is all really about the two of them. Bo says she has got that right, and unfortunately, Carly is just collateral damage.

Justin heads over to Carly’s cell. She admits she wasn’t expecting him. Justin explains that he wants to help her, but he can only do that if she tells him the truth. He warns Carly that this time, she can’t leave anything out.

EJ sneaks off as Arianna flashes back to her indoor picnic with Brady. She tells him how glad she is that he is here. He says he is glad, too. Arianna comes back to the present and sighs miserably.

Victor finds Brady sulking in the living room of the mansion, and guesses he went to see Arianna. Brady doesn’t want to talk about it, but Victor demands to know if she admitted she was a drug dealer. Brady makes a face, and Victor takes that as a ‘yes.’ He says he is sorry, but thinks it’s better Brady find out the truth before he got more involved with Arianna. Brady again snaps that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Victor agrees, saying they should be taking action instead. He takes out his phone, and tells Brady that he will call Bo to have Arianna arrested immediately.

Back at his apartment, Daniel wonders why Chloe is in bed at 11am. She tells him that she thought they could take a nap or something, since he doesn’t have to be in to work for a few hours. Chloe then adds that she is very proud of Daniel and the way he touches other people’s lives. Daniel says he is proud of Chloe, too, as she has been so brave considering everything she has gone through. Chloe says she didn’t feel so brave when the doctor broke the news that she couldn’t have kids. She admits that while she needed some time alone, she now realizes that what is important is her and Daniel loving one another and sharing their lives together. Like the doctor said, there are options for them down the road if they really want kids. She is sure everything is going to be alright as long as they have each other. Daniel agrees, and the two kiss.

Brady tells Victor that he can’t call the police, as they have no proof that Arianna is a drug dealer. Victor shrugs, saying that he will just make a few phone calls, but Brady refuses to let him frame Arianna. Victor wonders how you can frame someone for something they’ve actually done. Brady thinks there must be another way to handle this. Furious, Victor tells Brady that they can just let Arianna continue to destroy people’s lives, since Brady has the hots for her. Brad thinks there must be a way to get her to stop dealing, and vows to figure out how to do it. Victor snaps at him not to be so naïve, and claims that he can’t believe Brady wants to give this lowlife a break. Brady claims that he still loves and cares for Arianna, and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Victor refuses to let Arianna take advantage of Brady. Brady tells him not to interfere, and vows never to forgive Victor if he does. Victor calls Brady a fool, saying that he can attack him all he wants, but that doesn’t change who Arianna is or what she has done.

Arianna gets an idea. She grabs her jacket and hurries off.

Nicole tells Stefano about the case Rafe is working on, and how he told Sami it would change her life. Nicole is sure that he must be talking about Sydney, and the fact that she is Sami’s daughter. Stefano tells her not to jump to conclusions, but Nicole reminds him that before Rafe left, he was hounding her about Grace and the convent. Stefano shrugs, saying that none of that means Rafe can prove anything. Just then, the front door closes. Stefano hurries Nicole and Sydney out onto the patio and greets EJ, who has just walked in. Nicole watches from the window as EJ tells Stefano that he ran into Rafe Hernandez, and received some disturbing news.

Sami guesses sarcastically that EJ was thrilled to see Rafe. He admits he was, especially after he told him he and Sami were back together. Sami thinks Rafe probably loved rubbing that in EJ’s face. Rafe says it was fun, but admits he wishes EJ didn’t know he was in town at all. Sami agrees, saying that EJ could make trouble for them, but not everyone is like EJ. Rafe asks what she means, and Sami admits she opened her big mouth and told someone that he was back in town. Rafe gapes as Sami explains that she had to get it off her chest, and besides, she had no way of knowing she would react like that. Panicked, Rafe asks who ‘she’ is. Sami admits that she told Nicole Rafe was back in town. He gasps.

Carly demands to know how Justin knew she had been arrested. Justin says that Hope figured it out, but assures Carly that neither he nor Hope ratted her out. Carly admits that she doesn’t know Hope, but she knows Justin, and she knows it isn’t like him to betray a friend. Justin assures her that she is his friend, and that is why she has to tell him the whole story behind Lawrence’s death, so that he can defend her. Carly asks if that is the real reason he wants to know, or if he is just angry because Bo knows, and he doesn’t.

Hope asks Bo if he is concerned their problems will affect Carly’s situation. Bo sighs, saying that up until now, Hope’s decisions about her and their daughter have only affected him, but now they are affecting Carly. He tells Bo that Carly is a good person, and he doesn’t like the idea that their marital problem might end up signing her death warrant. Hope insists again that she had nothing to do with Carly’s arrest. The federal agent, Cobb, comes over to tell Bo that he has clearance to extradite the prisoner, and that he will be doing so immediately.

Brady answers the door at the Kiriakis mansion to find Arianna outside. She explains that she tried to walk away, but she can’t, because she loves him. Brady asks if she is then willing to stop dealing drugs, and to go down to the police station and tell them everything she knows. Arianna sighs, saying that Brady doesn’t understand. He claims he does, and that there is nothing more to talk about. Arianna shouts that there is.

Stefano asks EJ what news Rafe had, and EJ explains that he is back together with Sami. Stefano says that’s lovely for the two of them, and wonders if Rafe told EJ where he has been and what he has been doing. EJ says that Rafe really didn’t say anything, as it isn’t as if the two are friends. EJ says there was something else, however, and that he heard Rafe’s sister leaving him a message about him getting some DNA results. Nicole peers in the window worriedly as EJ asks Stefano what he thinks that could mean.

Rafe groans, reminding Sami that he asked her not to do one thing, and she went ahead and did it anyway. She says she is sorry, but Rafe explodes, saying that she could have sabotaged everything. Sami assures Rafe that Nicole won’t say anything, as the two are friends. Rafe shouts that she isn’t Sami’s friend, and in fact, Nicole is the very last person he wanted to know that he was in town. Sami reminds him that EJ knows, and that he isn’t getting all worked up about that. Rafe retorts that that is because EJ isn’t involved in this.

Vivian laments over her poor, dear nephew, and asks Gus to pack her bag. He protests, but she tells Gus that she has decided to wipe Carly off the face of the earth, and to hell with all her plans. She grins, adding that Salem is really lovely this time of year.

Bo tells Cobb that this is a mistake, and that Carly will be killed if she goes back to her country. The agent shrugs, saying that it’s out of his hands, as the wheels are already in motion. Hope begs Bo to let her help. He snaps that the only thing she can do is find the person that turned Carly in. Victor walks in just then, saying that that person is him.

Justin can’t believe that Carly thinks he sees this as some kind of competition between him and Bo. He insists that all he wants to do is help Carly get out of here. She begs him to do it then, and stop interrogating her. Agent Cobb walks in just then, telling Carly that she has a one-way ticket home, and her flight is getting ready to leave. Carly sweats.

Brady can’t imagine what Arianna has to tell him, but she wonders what would happen if she told him she had a very good reason for doing what she is doing.

Stefano figures Rafe probably impregnated some girl and is trying to deny responsibility. EJ says that might be it, and heads off to the study to make some phone calls. Nicole comes back in in a panic, telling Stefano that she told him Rafe knew about the baby switch, and she was right. Stefano admits that for once, Nicole appears to be right. He vows to make sure that the truth never comes out, as he has to keep Sami away from EJ and Sydney. Nicole wonders what he is going to do. Stefano says he has no choice, and that Rafe is a problem that must be taken care of quickly.

Sami asks what Rafe means by saying EJ isn’t a part of this. He sighs, saying that he wanted to be a hundred percent sure before he said anything, but now he is just going to tell her the truth. She asks what he means. Rafe promises not to keep her in the dark any longer and say its time for him to tell her everything.


Bo shouts at Victor, “You vindictive son of a bitch!”

Stefano makes a call, “I have a problem that has to be dealt with tonight.”

Sami asks Rafe, “You found out, didn't you?”

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