Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Rafe and his friend from the bureau, Tim, stroll along the pier. Tim admits that he never thought Rafe was the type to need a DNA test, and asks him if he’s hoping that it comes back as a match or not. Rafe says that this isn’t about him and hands over the baggies to Tim, explaining that the teething ring belongs to the baby, and the toothbrush to the mother. Tim says sarcastically that he doesn’t know how the agency has limped along without Rafe and promises to make a note that the teething ring belongs to the baby. Rafe ignores the comment, asking him to try to get to the results to him as soon as possible. Tim can tell that this must be personal, even though Rafe isn’t the baby’s father. Rafe nods, admitting that a lot of lives are tied up in the result.

Nicole heads into the hospital with Sydney and runs into Chad. She sighs, saying that she hoped he had changed his mind, since he might not be Sydney’s father. Chad thinks Nicole is trying to pull a fast one on him. She thinks it must be hard for him to face that Mia isn’t who she said she was. Lexie walks by as Chad shouts that he doesn’t have hard time believing that a family that kills people could talk Mia into lying for them. He announces that he isn’t afraid of Nicole, but she says she isn’t trying to scare him; she just wants him to do what is best for Sydney. Chad claims that as soon as he learns he’s the father, he plans to do just that, and get Sydney away from Nicole. Nicole wonders if she can ask a favor of Chad if he turns out to be the father.

Arianna walks over to Rafe as Tim heads off. She asks Rafe if that is the guy running the DNA tests, and Rafe nods curtly, asking if she was following him. Arianna admits she did so, but only because he snuck out without telling her where he was going. Rafe doesn’t think she needs to do that, but she disagrees, reminding him that he was missing for weeks and nearly murdered. Rafe assures her that he is fine. Arianna then asks if he is going ahead with the DNA tests. Rafe says he is, of course, and Arianna wonders if what she said to him the night before registered at all. Rafe says he remembers what she said before—that these DNA results may push Sami right back into DiMera’s arms.

At her place, Sami calls EJ, who is at the DiMera mansion, telling him that she left Grace’s scarf at the mansion, and she wanted to run by and pick it up, since Allie and Johnny are in school. EJ asks if she meant Johnny’s scarf, telling her that she said it was Grace’s. Sami sighs, admitting that she does that from time to time. EJ claims that he understands perfectly. Sami says she thinks about Grace a lot, and what she would have been like had she grown up. EJ tells her abruptly that he will swing by her place with the scarf, but Sami assures him that he doesn’t have to do that. EJ says he wants to, as there are a lot of people in the house, and it would be nice to be able to see her and talk to her alone.

Arianna asks Rafe if he really doesn’t think she has a point—that EJ and Sami might want to try to work things out if they learn they share two children together. Rafe admits sarcastically that she is right, and that he should probably just let Sami grieve for a baby that is actually alive and let Nicole get away with something he considers worse than murder just so he doesn’t lose his girlfriend. Arianna guesses he has strong feelings about this, and Rafe nods. He admits that he doesn’t want to lose Sami to an arrogant jerk like EJ, but he has to do this, as it’s the right thing. Arianna tells Rafe that in a perfect world Sami will find out everything Rafe has done to help her get her daughter back, and she will love him even more. Rafe asks if she doesn’t think that will happen. Arianna sighs, reminding him that they don’t live in a perfect world.

Stefano heads into the foyer of the mansion and greets EJ, asking if everything is alright. He says he was just thinking, and Stefano nods, saying it is too quiet and empty in this house. EJ begs him not to start, but Stefano shrugs, saying that EJ made his decision. He had a beautiful little girl that he adored, but now he doesn’t feel like she is worth going after. Stefano tells EJ that he will just have to live with that.

Stephanie heads into the pub and greets Nathan. She guesses he had an all-night shift at the hospital and Nathan nods miserably, saying he needed coffee just to make it the rest of the way home. Stephanie reminds him of how nice it will feel to get some sleep and Nathan smiles ruefully, admitting that he almost forgot what the word means. He starts to head off, but a woman at a nearby table chokes violently and falls over onto the floor. Nathan rushes over to help her.

Melanie walks into the Java Café and greets Brady, peeking over his shoulder at his phone. He shuts it quickly, explaining that he is doing some work for Titan, and knowing her history, he can’t let her see it. Melanie says sarcastically that he seems to be in a lovely mood and sits down. Brady retorts that people in a bad mood generally want to be left alone. Melanie explains that she has a big problem, and she needs to talk to one of her friends about it. Besides, she just came here to get coffee, and as soon as she saw Brady, she knew he would know what to do. Brady asks what is going on, and Melanie explains that she is dating Nathan, but a small part of her still wants Philip. Brady admits that is a problem. He suggests that she dump them both and try going it alone.

Chad tells Nicole that according to her, he isn’t the father, so why is she trying to make a deal now? She says that she knows what Chad thinks of her, but that doesn’t change the fact that she loves Sydney with all her heart. Chad snaps that her film work makes him think that she can fake things—like loving Sydney for instance. He accuses Nicole of all of this being an act. Nicole informs him that even people that hate her know that she is a good mother and that she loves Sydney. She says what is most important is that Sydney loves her too, so she is asking Chad to do this for the baby’s sake. She then asks Chad if she can see Sydney from time to time if it turns out that he is the father. Chad demands to know what the hell she is up to now.

EJ tells Stefano that he misses Sydney every day, and his heart is broken over Grace. He then adds that he is very sad and lonely and the last thing he needs is Stefano driving all this home to get him to do what he wants. Stefano claims that he is being sincere, and that he isn’t trying to manipulate EJ. He says that no one knows better than him how precious life really is, and how short a time they all have. EJ groans, saying he doesn’t need this speech, but Stefano ignores him, reminding him how happy he was when Nicole and Sydney were here. EJ says flatly that it was all a lie, and he was just deluded. Stefano says that EJ was happy, and Sydney and Nicole are still out there. He reminds EJ gently that Grace can never come back, but Sydney can. EJ says that he has made a decision. He isn’t going to press charges against Nicole. Although he can never forgive her, he feels that she has suffered enough.

Arianna reminds Rafe that if he is right, then Sami is going to want to murder Nicole. Rafe sighs and shakes his head, confiding in Arianna that Nicole is actually living with Sami, and Sami is babysitting Sydney and promising to make sure Nicole doesn’t lose her. So Sami isn’t going to kill Nicole—he is. Arianna thinks Rafe will have to wait in line, since EJ probably won’t let this go, either. Rafe thinks that Nicole has a lot of nerve, as she has done a lot of dangerous things to some dangerous people. Arianna can’t believe she did it all for a baby that wasn’t hers. Rafe claims that Grace taught him that it doesn’t matter who the biological parents are—once you fall in love with a child, you’ll do anything for them.

Nathan takes a look at the choking woman and asks Caroline to call 911. She hurries off to do so as Nathan urges the woman to relax. He tells Stephanie that he thinks it’s an anaphylactic reaction, and asks for his grandfather’s medical bag. Stephanie hands it over and Nathan takes out a syringe.

Melanie accuses Brady of being jaded. He reminds her that she asked for his advice. She says abruptly that she knows what is going on here, and accuses Brady of screwing things up with Arianna again.

Arianna confides in Rafe that she had a chat with EJ the night before. Rafe gapes, and Arianna nods, saying that EJ was going on and on about how Rafe abandoned Sami. He scoffs, saying that EJ doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Arianna thinks EJ still has feelings for Sami, but Rafe doesn’t buy it—not after everything EJ has done to her. Arianna says she isn’t defending EJ, but he has this horrible feeling that he is going to want to do what he thinks is right once he learns that Sydney is his and Sami’s child. Rafe tells her that it doesn’t matter what EJ wants—all that matters is what Sami wants. He reminds Arianna that she went through a horrible custody dispute with EJ, and also saw him throw Nicole and Sydney out of his house. Rafe claims that the only thing keeping Sami close to EJ is Johnny, and that Johnny is the only thing they share.

Nicole tells Chad that she isn’t up to anything and that she is just trying to be realistic about Sydney’s future. Chad thinks she is trying to get him to make a deal before he gets the test results, and he won’t do it. Nicole just wants to come to an agreement, but Chad snaps that he will be calling the shot once those test results come back. He suggests they wait until then to make an agreement, and then storms off. Nicole glares angrily after him.

EJ shows up at Sami’s. She lets him in and thanks him for bringing the scarf, but says it wasn’t necessary, as she knows she is constantly yelling at him, and that he probably doesn’t like her. EJ admits that he didn’t just drop by to give her the scarf, and says there is something he was hoping Sami could do with him. She asks what that would be. EJ says it is a strange request, but it would mean a lot to him, and he thinks it might actually be helpful for both of them.

Brady tells Melanie that he is normally good at owning up to his own shortcomings. When he screws up, he admits it, but this time, Arianna screwed up all on her own. Melanie guesses that that means something did happen, and Brady nods, telling her that he and Arianna have broken up for good. Melanie asks if he is saying this is all Arianna’s fault, since there are usually two sides to every story. Brady snaps that Arianna’s side can’t be defended. Melanie begs him to talk to her about it, but Brady refuses. Melanie guesses it must be pretty bad. Brady insists hat he won’t talk about it, and changes the subject, asking Melanie if the feelings she is having for Philip means she is in love with him. Melanie says she could be, and Brady asks her to think of how Philip has treated her. He reminds Melanie that Philip broke her heart the last time the two had a go-round, and tells Melanie not to give Philip the chance to do it again. He gets up, saying that he has to get back to work, but he warns Melanie one last time to be careful.

Nicole meets Stefano at the pier. He asks her where the baby is, and she explains that Sydney is with Mary. Stefano tells Nicole that he has good news for her. She says she has to hear this, and Stefano informs her that EJ is softening towards her. Nicole gasps, saying that he will never believe what she just thought he said. Stefano says it’s true, and that if she has patience and plays her cards right, it’s possible that EJ will take her and Sydney back.

Sami and EJ stand at Grace’s grave. Sami admits that she is surprised EJ wanted to come here, but she doesn’t know why he feared she wouldn’t approve. EJ reminds her that this was the scene of one of their biggest fights, and admits he’s shocked she left the tombstone as ‘Grace DiMera.’ Sami sighs, telling EJ that she has no intention of playing dueling headstones with him. Besides, the baby was just Grace, and she belonged to everyone that knew and loved her. EJ nods, wishing he could have been one of those people. EJ then admits that he has been thinking a lot about what Sami said earlier. She asks if he is ready to admit he was wrong about Nicole and Sydney. EJ says he didn’t mean Nicole—he meant Sydney. He says that when Sami called today and brought Grace up, it made him want to think about Grace with Sami. He chokes up, saying he just wanted them to mourn her together. Sami takes his hand in hers, saying that she understands.

Melanie heads into the Kiriakis mansion and greets Philip, who is getting off of a business call. Philip asks what brings her here, and she explains that she came to see Brady. Philip offers her some coffee, but Melanie gets up, saying that this isn’t a good idea. Philip asks what she means, and Melanie explains that her talking to him isn’t a good idea.

Nathan grins, telling Caroline and Stephanie that the woman is breathing. Caroline exclaims that Nathan saved her life. Nathan blushes, saying that he just did what he thought was right. Caroline eyes Tom’s bag and tells Nathan that it’s no longer his grandfather’s medical bag—it’s now his. Nathan beams.

Nicole asks Stefano what makes him think that EJ is starting to change his mind. He claims that EJ was in a contemplative mood this morning, and he thinks EJ was thinking of Nicole and Sydney. Nicole asks why, and Stefano explains that EJ told him he wasn’t going to press charges against Nicole. Nicole sighs, saying it’s scary to think that EJ not wanting her thrown in jail is an improvement in their relationship. Stefano assures her that it is important, and asks her to be patient and to not push EJ, as this is a big step for him. He adds that he thinks time has softened his son, and that things may change quickly once he learns Chad isn’t Sydney’s father. Nicole hopes all of this is close to being over. Stefano sighs, saying all they can do is hope it is.

Arianna finds Rafe in her room and asks if he is mad, since he practically ran away from her. Rafe says he knows she means well, but it’s been a tense day for him. Arianna assures him she is just trying to look out of him. He changes the subject, asking her why she was talking to EJ. Arianna says she tried to walk away from him, but he just kept talking. Rafe calls him a jerk. Arianna explains that he was gloating that Rafe was out of the picture. Rafe scoffs, saying that EJ is going to find out he’s back very soon. He asks Arianna if he ever saw Sami and EJ together while he was gone, but she says she didn’t. Rafe says that of course she didn’t, since it’s not like they’re together. Rafe says that he is sure it’s over between Sami and EJ. Arianna isn’t sure that EJ would agree with him on that.

Sami explains to EJ that while she was pregnant, she was nervous and scared from being in witness protection, and she was worried her baby would be jumpy and nervous, too. Instead, she got Grace, who wasn’t like that at all. Sami says she had a real gift—a big, goofy smile that made you feel like everything was going to be alright. Sami chokes up, saying that even when she knew she was going to lose Grace that night in the hospital, Grace was so calm, and she looked at Sami as if to tell her she wasn’t scared of what was going to happen. Sami then tells EJ that she is sorry for not telling him about Grace, and that she hopes one day he’ll forgive her. EJ takes her face in his hands and tells her that he stayed mad at her for too long. Sami leans on his shoulder as he tells her he doesn’t want to be mad any longer. Sami says she doesn’t want that, either.

Philip is surprised that Melanie doesn’t think they can talk to one another, but she claims that they don’t talk, and that he just always tries to work her. Philip scoffs, saying that he only asked her if she wanted a drink, but Melanie says she knows what Philip really wants. Philip claims she does, and that they both know he wants to be with her. Melanie doesn’t think he will stop until he gets what he wants. Philip retorts that her point would be more valid if he had come to see her this morning instead of the other way around. Melanie insists that she came to speak to Brady. Philip assures her again that he isn’t going to chase after her. He knows that she doesn’t want a relationship with him, and he has chosen to accept that. He asks what Melanie wanted to talk to Brady about. She claims it is none of his business, but Philip informs her that he just got off the phone with Brady, who said he had just finished speaking with Melanie. Melanie grumps that Philip thinks he’s so smart. Philip demands to know if Melanie really came here to see Brady—or if she really came to see him.

Lexie introduces herself to Chad as EJ’s sister. Chad, angry, asks if she plans on threatening him, too. Lexie says that she is actually trying to stay neutral, but she saw him talking to Nicole, and she thinks Chad should be careful about trusting her. Chad asks what she means, and Lexie explains that you can never tell what is going on with Nicole. Chad considers this.

Rafe suggests that he take a walk, but Arianna asks him to relax, as she was just getting ready to leave, anyway. She asks Rafe to be careful again, saying that she doesn’t want him to get hurt again. Rafe says he doesn’t want that to happen either, but he can’t stop this now, as Sami needs to know that Sydney is her baby. Arianna reminds him that EJ will know, too but Rafe says he can’t help that. He admits that Arianna may be right, and that when EJ finds out that Sydney is his and Sami’s baby, he may want to be with Sami again. Rafe says he can’t stop that and all he can do is hope that Sami chooses to love him, and also see EJ for the jerk he really is.

EJ and Sami head into her apartment. EJ tells Sami that the woman at the fruit stand really loves her, but Sami claims it’s the twins she loves, as she is always giving Sami candy to give them. EJ thanks Sami again for going with him to the cemetery, and Sami admits she’s glad they could share that. She just hopes EJ will eventually forgive her. EJ says he will, but asks her not to tell his father, since they both know what his stance on forgiveness is. Sami laughs and promises not to. She then tells EJ in all seriousness that if he would just put all of that aside and remain true to who he really is, then he would wake up a happy man. EJ thinks she might be right. Just then, Sami’s phone rings. She answers and it’s Rafe. EJ excuses himself to put something away and Rafe overhears, asking Sami what the hell EJ is doing there. She says she can’t talk about it now, but agrees to call Rafe once EJ is gone. He tells her he loves her, and that he will talk to her later. She hangs up. EJ comes out of the bedroom, saying that he has to go. He thanks Sami again. Sami says it was no problem and reminds him that babies are special gifts. He asks her if she ever gives up, and she shakes her head, saying that she just wants EJ to be happy. EJ says he wants the same for her, and heads off, kissing her on the cheek before he goes.

Brady sits at the bar of the pub and gets off of the phone as Arianna heads over. She asks if he is here to see here. He says he is—in a way.

Sami leaves Rafe a message, telling him that EJ is gone, and that she’ll explain why he was here later. She says she hopes to see him soon as Nicole walks in with Sydney. Sami gets off the phone hurriedly and greets her. Nicole says she didn’t have to get off the phone on her account, but Sami claims she was just rambling. Nicole tells Sami that she got good news. Sami assumes Chad didn’t show up, but Nicole explains that she and Sydney might be moving out soon. Sami asks what happened. Nicole thinks she’s said too much already, and all she can tell Sami is that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Sami tells Nicole how happy she is for her. Nicole replies that Sami is really a good person. After all, she just told her that she and Sydney are leaving, and that things are looking up for them, and Sami is still happy for her, even though she is raising three kids alone. Sami says that actually, she won’t be alone.

Nathan and Stephanie flop down in the waiting room of the hospital. Stephanie still can’t believe what Nathan just did. Nathan sighs, saying he just wanted a cup of coffee. Stephanie giggles, remembering that he never got it. Nathan says it’s funny, since just last night he was complaining that he wished he had a nine-to-five job. He says he wouldn’t trade the feeling he got when that woman started breathing again for the world. Stephanie hugs him, telling him how proud of him she is.

Melanie accuses Philip of being conceited, and thinking that everything revolves around him. Philip says that isn’t true, and that he is just an idiot, as it took him forever to realize what he really wanted. Melanie thinks Philip is just saying what she wants to hear, but Philip says he is telling the truth. He leans in, saying there’s no games and no pressure this time. Everything is up to Melanie, and she can have whatever she wants.

Arianna asks if there is something Brady wanted to tell her, but Brady says that he just came by to see how Caroline was doing. Arianna asks angrily if Brady came to protect Caroline from her. Just then, Caroline walks in, saying that Arianna is early today. Arianna stammers that she needed to see her, and that she has bad news. She then tells Caroline that she is giving her her notice. Brady glares. Caroline, shocked, asks Arianna why she is quitting.

Rafe calls Tim from the pier, and learns there has been a delay with the DNA test. Rafe asks Tim to call him as soon as he knows the results and hangs up. Just then, EJ walks over and stares at Rafe, surprised. Rafe groans.

Nicole asks Sami what she meant, but she claims she shouldn’t have said anything. Nicole reminds her that the two have been through hell and back together. Sami relents, asking Nicole to promise not to tell anyone. Nicole does, and Sami admits that Rafe is back. Nicole gasps. Sami nods, saying that Rafe is back, and he’s working on some super-secret case. Nicole sweats, asking Sami what kind of case he is working on. Sami isn’t sure, but tells Nicole that Rafe said it would affect her entire future. Nicole practically faints.


Chloe asks, “Can I have a baby? Will I be able to get pregnant?”

EJ tells Rafe, “Samantha and I share a child. And there is nothing that you can do about that.”

Nicole tells Stefano, “Rafe Hernandez is gonna blow up my life.”

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