Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/5/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo suggests that Carly try to go upstairs and get some sleep. She asks sarcastically if she should try to nap while she waits for Hope to turn her in. Bo promises that Hope won’t do anything for 24 hours, but Carly wonders if she can really take Hope at her word. Bo replies angrily that Carly can trust Hope not to say anything to anyone.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Hope what happened when she went home that got her so upset. Hope claims it was the same old stuff, but Victor reminds her that she doesn’t have to protect Bo if he hurt her. Victor vows to talk to Bo himself, as he knows he is right and that something bad happened. Hope admits that that is true.

Arianna sobs at the pier. A man puts his hand on her shoulder. She whirls around, thinking it’s Brady, but it’s EJ.

At the Java Café, Brady mopes over a cup of coffee.

EJ offers Arianna a handkerchief, but she snaps that she doesn’t need anything from him.

Also at the café, Melanie takes out her compact and checks her makeup. Philip strolls in, telling her not to bother to try to improve on perfection. She smiles, admitting that she has a big date with Nathan, and she wants to try to get him to forget about the hospital. Philip wonders why Melanie is going out with Nathan when she could be going out with him.

At Sami’s place, Rafe and Sami hug. He tells her how much he missed her. Sami tells him that she loves him, and despite that fact that she tried to move on without him, she couldn’t. Rafe tells her solemnly that he loves her more than she will ever know, but admits reluctantly that he has to leave. Sami promises not to ask him where he is going. He grins and thanks her. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Rafe stands up hurriedly, asking Sami if she is expecting anyone. Sami thinks it’s probably just Nicole and the baby. Rafe dashes off to the bedroom, warning Sami that Nicole can’t know that he is here. Sami opens the door to find a flustered Nicole outside with Sydney. She complains that she had a horrible day, and that Sydney is teething. She moans, adding that her back hurts, too. Sami heads over to pick Sydney up, but Nicole snaps at her not to touch her. Rafe, who is listening in from the hallway, narrows his eyes.

Bo asks Carly to calm down, suggesting that she pretend she’s in the ER, and it’s chaotic. Carly agrees that he is right. Bo then assures her that Hope is the kind of person that keeps her word. If she says that Carly has 24 hours, then she has 24 hours. Carly thinks he’s being awfully loyal to someone that just moved out on him. Bo doesn’t want to talk about himself, and asks Carly about the charity case she took in, even thought she was on the run and being hunted. Carly reminds Bo that that man saved her life. Bo reminds her he passed out right after. Carly admits that she liked having the man around, since his life is probably even more screwed up than hers is.

Victor asks Hope if Bo threatened her, but she claims it was nothing like that. She then flashes back to finding Carly sleeping on her bed. Victor sighs, guessing that he is never going to get anything out of Hope. He then calls Bo an idiot. Hope isn’t sure what she expected when she returned, and guesses she was hoping to find Bo a little despondent. Victor says that he should be, and that he deserves it, but Hope says that isn’t Bo, and that he has already seemed to move on. Victor is sure that won’t happen, but Hope asks him to look at Bo’s history. He lived fine without her before. She admits he found happiness with her, of course, but he did the same with two other women.

Philip suggests that he and Melanie get out of there. He tells her he doesn’t want to waste any more time, as they are meant to be together. The two kiss passionately. Nathan interrupts Melanie’s fantasy, snapping his fingers and asking why she was a million miles away. Melanie stammers, saying that she was just thinking. Nathan grins, saying it must have been about him, since that sexy smile on her face is screaming ‘Oh Doctor’. Melanie suggests they get going, and promises Nathan that he is going to have the best date in his life.

Brady flashes back to telling Arianna that he can’t bring himself to call the police on her. Brady comes back to the present, telling himself that that is a promise he isn’t sure he can keep.

EJ tells Arianna that it’s just a handkerchief, and there aren’t any strings attached. Arianna snaps that it’s the principle of the thing—a word EJ couldn’t possibly understand. He notes that she is like her brother, and is very quick to pas judgment. Arianna huffs off, but EJ stops her, saying that he isn’t finished speaking with her.

Nicole apologizes profusely to Sami for snapping at her, saying it was uncalled for considering everything Sami has done for her. Sami says she completely understands, as Nicole has been dealing with the DiMeras and a teething baby all day. Nicole says that she isn’t only sorry about snapping just now, but she’s also sorry for bringing up Sami’s past at the pier. She adds that she just thinks neither one of them can pass judgment on Mia. Sami sighs, saying she isn’t judging Mia, but she did lie to her son, and that is upsetting. Nicole chuckles that she just hates women that lie. Rafe grimaces as Nicole and Sami laugh. Nicole then asks Sami if she has seen Sydney’s teething ring anywhere. Sami thinks it might be in the freezer, but Nicole claims she has already checked there. She assumes no one stole a used teething ring. Sami agrees as Rafe listens in from the hallway. He takes the teething ring out of his pocket and looks it over. Sami asks Nicole if she is going to have trouble sleeping, since the DNA tests on Sydney come in tomorrow. Nicole stammers that she is sure that everything is going to be fine. Rafe smirks. Sami says she would hate the idea of anyone taking Sydney from Nicole. Nicole vows that she won’t let that happen. Rafe mutters under his breath that they will see about that.

Carly admits to Bo that she hates disrupting his life this way. He reminds her that his life wasn’t exactly calm when she arrived. He then assures Carly that she will be safe, since local patrols have been keeping an eye on his home. Carly admits she doesn’t like it upstairs. Bo asks sarcastically if he should redecorate, but Carly says it wasn’t; nice to be found in her ex-lover’s bed by his present wife. She doesn’t think it’s right for her to sleep up there, but Bo assures her that Hope wont be coming by again tonight. Bo wants to talk about Justin, but Carly refuses. Bo reminds her that all she has to do to procure his help is tell him what happened between her and Lawrence. Carly refuses. Bo sys he drives her crazy, but admits he has some respect for the way she protects the people she cares about. Carly says that reminds her of someone else she knows.

Victor tells Hope that she is the love of Bo’s life, and that Carly could never hold a candle to her, if that is what she is worried about. Hope admits that she read that Lawrence Alamain was killed. Victor wonders if she is worried that his widow might make her way back to Salem and assures Hope that that won’t happen. Hope smiles, saying that if he says so, it must be true.

Sami guesses that Nicole and Sydney will be moving out soon. Nicole nods, admitting ruefully that Sami is probably sick of them. Sami says that isn’t true, and that she just thinks Nicole wants to be with her family—Sydney and EJ. Nicole admits that she hasn’t given up hope, as she knows EJ loves Sydney. Sami claims that this is all about EJ’s pride, and she warns Nicole to be careful, as he may choose to sue for sole custody if it turn out that Chad isn’t the father. Nicole doesn’t think EJ would try to take Sydney from her mother, but Sami reminds her that EJ did the same thing to her with Johnny not that long ago. She thinks EJ can be ruthless, even with the people he loves. Nicole admires Sydney, who is sleeping in her playpen. Nicole says that she hates to have to wake Sydney up, but she’s supposed to pick up some ear medicine for her at the pharmacy. Sami says that she wouldn’t mind watching her, and Nicole thanks her profusely. She grabs her purse and heads off. Sami tells Sydney that she would love to watch her, since she’s such a perfect angel. Rafe comes out from the hallway and admires Sami and Sydney, telling Sami that it’s nice to see her with a baby again. Sami admits that it feels good since she loves Sydney, and that it will be hard for her to say goodbye to her.

Carly thinks that Hope was right, and that she put Bo’s family into danger, but he says that isn’t true, and that she didn’t know he had a daughter. She admits she knew he had a son, and asks about Shawn. Bo says that he is doing great, and has a daughter of his own. Carly jokes with Bo, calling him Grandpa. She picks up a picture of Zach, and asks Bo who he is. Bo explains that he is their other son, and that he died in a car accident a few years ago. Carly tells Bo how sorry she is, and he admits that he and Hope never really resolved their issues over it. Carly thinks she really needs to leave, but Bo stops her, saying that his helping her isn’t going to change what is going on between him and Hope. He tells Carly that he will always love Hope, no matter what, and that she is a good person. He thinks that if she knew why Carly really killed Lawrence, she’d be the first in line to help her.

Victor asks if Hope is really worried about Carly Manning. Hope says she isn’t, though she is Bo’s ex-fiancée and Victor’s ex-wife. Victor groans, wondering what he was thinking. Hope says that she’s a beautiful woman from the pictures she’s seen. Victor doesn’t think Carly has classic beauty like Hope. Hope rolls her eyes, and asks Victor why he married Carly. Victor explains that she saved his life, and that he was grateful—which turned out to be a mistake. He claims that Carly always finds a way to play the innocent victim, when in reality she is a predator. Victor says that he finally saw the light, but he isn’t sure Bo ever did. Victor says he can’t be sure, and that Bo may have changed his mind over the years. Hope says he might not have.

Nathan shows Melanie his bedroom at his new place, saying that he thinks he got the better end of the deal by moving out. Melanie fluffs a pillow, complimenting Nathan on how comfortable his bed is. Nathan thanks her and suggests they go back downstairs. Melanie claims that she wants to stay right here. She moves in for a kiss.

Nicole catches up to Brady outside the pub, asking him to wait. He asks what she wants now, and she explains that she doesn’t blame him if he never wants to speak to her again, but she just wanted to say that she was sorry.

Sami and Rafe snuggle on the sofa. She still can’t believe that he is here, but he admits that he will have to leave soon, since Nicole will be back. Sami admits that it is funny that Nicole is living here, since before, hatred didn’t even begin to describe how they felt about one another. But now Nicole trusts her with Sydney—the most important person in the world to her. Sami admits that she trusts Nicole, too. Rafe thinks she might want to think carefully about that. Sami asks what he means.

Nathan and Melanie kiss on his bed. He asks Melanie if she is sure she wants to do this. She says she is. The two kiss passionately.

Nicole tells Brady that she shouldn’t have asked him to help her leave town. He scoffs, saying that he is glad she finally realized that that was a bad idea. Nicole asks what he means, and he notes that she is still here, so she must have changed her mind about fleeing the country. Nicole admits that her mind was actually changed for her.

Arianna accuses EJ of living up to his reputation, and snaps that she doesn’t like creeps grabbing her arm. EJ apologizes, saying that he only stopped her because he saw that she was crying, and wanted to help her. Arianna retorts that he should look for his wife if he’s in the habit of helping women that are in trouble. EJ isn’t surprised she knows so much about his personal life, considering that her nosy brother probably filled her in. Arianna snaps that she couldn’t be less interested in the DiMeras and their personal lives. EJ says that he can’t say the same for Rafe, and admits that he is glad Rafe left town.

Sami asks if Rafe plans on warning her about Nicole, but he doesn’t want to spend the little time they have left talking about her. Sami tells Rafe that she isn’t naïve, and that she knows what Nicole has done in the past, but she truly thinks having Sydney changed her. Besides, she knows what Nicole did to get Sydney, and no one really got hurt in the process. Rafe smirks. Sami guesses that she won’t be able to convince him and asks him to look at the matter practically—what does she have that Nicole could possibly want?

Brady asks Nicole if EJ had a change of heart, surprised, as he thought EJ didn’t have a heart. Nicole says that the situation changed, not EJ, and that it turns out Chad probably isn’t Sydney’s father. Brady is surprised that Mia would keep a secret like that. Nicole is just happy that this means that she will get to keep Sydney, and grumps that everyone is always worried about Mia. Brady says that she is unbelievable, and reminds her that there are other people in the world besides herself. Nicole asks what is going on with him, claiming that this attitude isn’t like him. Brady says that she just caught him at a bad time. He starts to head off, but Nicole refuses to let him be alone right now, saying that Sami has Sydney, and they can spend some time together. Brady isn’t interested, but Nicole reminds him that she has leaned on him, pushed him, and used him. If anything happened to him, she just couldn’t stand it. She claims there has only been one person in her whole life that ever cared about her, and knew who she was, and loved her anyway.

Arianna tells EJ sarcastically that her brother has always spoken highly of him, too. EJ retorts that Rafe always liked to tell him how to run his life, but that was before he tried to give his child his name, and ran off to leave Sami to her grief. Arianna smirks, saying that Rafe should have just kicked Sami out, like EJ did with his wife and child. EJ replies that she is a lot like Rafe—full of righteous indignation with little regard to the facts. Arianna snaps that at least she isn’t sad anymore. EJ asks what she was sad about, but Arianna claims that that is none of his business. She storms off. EJ smirks, saying that actually, it is very much his business.

Hope heads downstairs at the mansion and greets Justin, saying that she didn’t realize he was back. He notices that she is up late, and asks if Ciara had another nightmare. Hope nods, saying it’s the second one of the evening, and that she really thought Ciara was getting better. Hope wonders if Ciara is picking up on her tension. Justin asks if this is about Carly living in her house, and Hope snaps that she’s just a murderer, so perhaps she shouldn’t worry. Justin doesn’t think Carly is a cold-blooded killer, but Hope says that Victor thinks she’s a predator, and it takes one to know one.

Bo heads into the living room to ask Carly if she wants coffee the next morning, but he finds her asleep on the chair. Bo turns off the light and sneaks off. Carly wakes up with a start as another man enters the room. She gasps as Lawrence turns to face her. Lawrence smirks.

Nathan and Melanie kiss on his bed, half-dressed. Melanie fantasizes about making love to Philip. Just then, Nathans phone rings. He answers with a groan, listens, then hangs up, telling Melanie that there is an emergency at the hospital. He gets up and throws his shirt on, saying he wishes he just worked a nine-to-five job sometimes. Melanie says she does too. Nathan heads off. Melanie goes back to fantasizing about Philip, but then snaps herself out of it, asking herself what her problem is.

Justin says he disagrees with Victor, telling Hope that he doesn’t think Carly would kill anyone without just cause. Besides, Lawrence was a really bad guy. Hope reminds Justin that Carly was married to him for years, but Justin says that things can change. Hope thinks they are living proof of that, but says that one thing hasn’t changed—Justin’s love for Adrienne. Justin agrees, saying that Hope still loves Bo, too. Hope admits it, saying that she would die if anything happened to him. She asks Justin to excuse her, as there is something she needs to do. Justin agrees and heads off, wishing her a good night. Hope picks up the phone and makes a call.

Carly gasps as Lawrence chuckles, pulling a knife on her. He wonders if she really thought she could get rid of him that easily. He growls that he told her what would happen if she was ever with another man after him. Carly sobs and begs him to stop. Just then, Bo rushes in and pushes Lawrence away from her. Lawrence stabs Bo in the gut, and Bo slumps to the floor. Carly shrieks. Just then, Bo shakes her out of her nightmare, assuring her that everything is alright, and that it was just a dream. She sobs and shakes as Bo tries to soothe her, telling her that everything is alright.

Nicole tells Brady that he is a good person and begs him to let her do something for him. Brady claims that he is fine, and that he has actually been to a meeting recently. She asks if he wants to tell her what happened, but Brady doesn’t want to talk about it, just saying that he had a bad day. He congratulates Nicole on the news about Chad, as he really thinks it’s best that Sydney stay with her. Nicole thanks him for saying that--and for everything else.

Sami suggests that Rafe just stay in her room, since Nicole never goes in there, but Rafe says he has to go. Sami sighs, noting that this isn’t fair, since she just got him back. Rafe promises her that things will get better soon. Sami asks what that is supposed to mean, but Rafe says that she will just have to wait and see. She asks where she can reach him, but Rafe doesn’t think she should know where he is staying for now. Sami agrees not to press him, and asks him to promise to come back soon. He does so, and the two kiss. Rafe breaks it off and heads down the hallway. He makes a call, telling a guy named Tim that he got tied up, but that he’ll see him soon.

Nicole tells Brady that she is glad that she ran into him, even though he stirs things up. She adds that she knows there is no going back for them, not that Brady would be interested now that he has Arianna. Brady explains that that didn’t quite work out. Nicole asks if that is why he is upset, but Brady claims jokingly that things like that don’t upset him. Nicole calls him a liar and wishes him a good night. He asks her to stay strong. She asks him to do the same, and the two hug.

Back at Arianna’s place, Rafe calls Tim again to let him know he has the samples, and needs a test run on them as soon as possible. Arianna heads in, asking Rafe if he got what he was looking for. He says he did, and that he is all set to turn the samples over to his friend at the bureau. He tells Arianna that before she knows it, he will be able to tell Sami that Sydney is her baby. Arianna asks him if he has thought of what EJ will do when he finds out he is Sydney’s father. Rafe isn’t positive, but he’s sure it will involve EJ acting like a jerk. Arianna worries that the news may push Sami back into EJ’s arms.

Sami shows up at the DiMera mansion with Sydney. She explains to Harold that EJ was supposed to drop Johnny off a half-hour ago. Just then, EJ shows up, apologizing and telling Sami that he was just about to call her. Sami says it’s fine, and explains that she is watching Sydney while Nicole fills a prescription. She informs EJ that Sydney is cutting another tooth. He feigns interest. Sami wonders if he wants to hold her, but EJ backs off, saying he isn’t interested. Sami sighs, telling Sydney that EJ just won’t hold her because he wants to be mean. She explains confidentially that men are pigheaded, and Sydney will just have to get used to it. EJ snaps that that is enough. Sami explains that she is just trying to make EJ happy, and says she doesn’t get him, as he has a wife and baby that he loves. Why can’t he just be happy with Sydney and her mother? EJ explains that it isn’t that simple.

Justin comes back downstairs and asks Hope if everything is alright as she hangs up the phone. She sighs, saying that she has to believe it will be.

Carly tells Bo that she can’t stay here. She explains that he has been her hero too many times, and that just because he is one of the good guys, that doesn’t give her the right to take advantage. Bo begs her to reconsider, and asks her if they can talk about this in the morning, but she refuses. She starts to head out the door, but bumps into a man and woman, who claim they are detectives here to ask Bo a few questions. He comes to the door, but the man says there is no need, since Carly Manning is the real reason they’re here. The man heads inside and handcuffs Carly as she looks at Bo helplessly.


Chad asks Nicole, “Lady, what the hell are you up to now?”

Rafe says, “Sami's not gonna kill Nicole, I am.”

Stefano tells EJ, “You made your decision. Now you have to live with that.”

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