Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Justin asks Bo what his friend is charged with. Bo explains that it’s a ‘she’ actually—Carly Manning. Justin gasps, remembering reading about Lawrence’s murder in the papers. Bo nods, telling Justin that Carly is in a hell of a lot of trouble, and that Lawrence’s men are after her, and out for revenge. Bo tells Justin that Carly needs his help, as he is the only person she can turn to.

Gus, Vivian’s servant, heads into her room and awakens her, saying he has news. She grumbles that this has better be about Carly Manning, and Gus says it is. He explains that his men have advised him that they are close to pinpointing Carly’s current location, and that he will have specifics shortly. Vivian snaps, asking what shortly means—a week, month, or a year from now? She tells Gus angrily to light a fire under those idiots, because time is of the essence, and she needs specifics now. Gus promises to get her some answers and heads off. Vivian grins, saying to herself that Carly can run, but she can’t hide from her.

Hope heads into her bedroom at her house and draws back, startled, as she notices a woman sleeping under a blanket on the bed. Carly rolls over and groans, calling out for Bo. Hope glares.

At her place, Arianna claims that she has no idea where all of this is coming from. Brady shouts at her to stop lying to him and demands that she tell the truth for once, and admit that she is a drug dealer. Arianna sobs, admitting that she sells drugs. Brady glares furiously.

At Sami’s house, Rafe places a toothbrush, presumably Sami’s, into a plastic baggie and heads out the door. As he starts to head off down the hallway, Sami walks by and stops short. Aghast, she asks Rafe what he is doing here, as she never thought she would see him again. Rafe stammers. Sami asks where he has been, bur all Rafe will say is that he has been a lot of places, and that it would take a long time to explain what happened. Sami claims she has all the time in the world, but Rafe pleads with her to be patient with him—just for now. Sami asks if he is back for good, and Rafe nods, saying that he is. Sami asks about the two of them, saying that Rafe can’t just show up and expect her to—Rafe interrupts her and moves in, kissing Sami passionately.

Arianna tells Brady that she can explain, but he snaps at her not to bother. He starts to storm off, but Arianna stops him, shouting that he isn’t walking away until he has heard what she has to say.

Justin asks Bo if Lawrence’s people have put a contract out on Carly, but Bo says he will let Carly explain all that. For now, she needs a lawyer that is experienced in international law, including extradition practices. Justin assumes that that means that Carly did kill Lawrence, and he asks Bo what her motivation was. Bo says it’s complicated, and that Carly was forced to take matters into her own hands. Bo says that that is all he can tell Justin for now, and that he’ll have to get the rest of the details from Carly. Justin sighs, asking if Victor knows that she is back in town. Bo shakes his head, saying that no one knows, and that no one can know—especially Hope.

Hope storms over to the door and flicks on the bedroom light. Carly sits up with a gasp, and asks Hope what she is doing here. Hope tells Carly in a fury that this is her house, and demands to know who the hell Carly is and why she is in her bed.

Arianna tells Brady that she knows how upset he is, and she claims that she never meant to hurt him. Brady thinks that she must have been going crazy inside every time he referred to his recovery, as she probably wanted to get him hooked again. Arianna claims she would never do that, but Brady practically spits with rage, saying that he can’t believe he was ever stupid enough to trust her. Arianna swears that Brady isn’t stupid, and that he trusted her because he was falling in love with her the same way she was falling in love with him. Brady scoffs, wondering how a recovering addict such as himself could ever be in love with her.

Sami breaks off the kiss and she and Rafe head into her house, where they attack each other again. Sami stops him breathlessly, saying that they need to talk about this. Rafe admits that he actually has to go. Sami, surprised, asks what he means.

Justin asks Bo if he plans on keeping the fact that Carly is back in his life a secret from Hope. Bo says that Carly isn’t back in his life; he’s just trying to keep her from getting killed. The reason Hope can’t know is that this is all too dangerous for her to be getting involved in. Justin asks where Carly is, and Bo explains that she is back at his house. Justin gapes. Bo admits that he isn’t too thrilled about it, either, but she showed up with no place else to go. Justin asks if that was when Bo decided he had to help her and Bo nods, saying that Carly was driven to do what she did. He reminds Justin that he knows Carly, and that he knows she’s a good person. Bo wonders how he could possibly turn her away. Justin says he understands why Bo couldn’t do that. Bo asks if that means that Justin will agree to talk to Carly and help her out.

Carly tells Hope her name. Hope gapes as Carly tries to assure her that this isn’t what it looks like, and that she is only here because she needs help desperately, and Bo was the only person she could turn to. Hope asks angrily what her husband did to earn that distinction, and says she thinks that Carly could have gone to someone else. Carly shakes her head, saying that there was no one else, and that’s really all she can divulge. Hope asks why Bo never told her Carly was staying here, and Carly says that is her fault, as she insisted that Bo tell no one. Hope guesses that this has something to do with Lawrence Alamain’s murder and Carly nods, admitting that she killed him. She explains that Lawrence’s men are now after her, and finding Bo was her only option. She begs Hope to understand. Hope scoffs, reminding Carly that men are trying to kill her, and she chose to come to her home and put her family in danger. Carly explains that Bo told her that Hope and their daughter were living somewhere else, but Hope explodes, shouting that this is still her home. She adds that she gets it now—she moved out, and Carly moved in—right into her bed, no less. Carly says that isn’t what this is, but Hope threatens to call the police and have her arrested. Carly begs Hope to hear her out first.

Sami reminds Rafe that he just got here, but he assures her that he is coming back. She asks what he has to go take care of, but Rafe says that he can’t tell her anything more than what he’s doing is very important. Sami sighs, saying that this sounds like another of his secrets, and adds sarcastically that she is glad they can pick up right where they left off. She notes that he looks like hell. Rafe thanks her sarcastically. Sami retorts that she could be more sympathetic if he would just let her know what is going on. Rafe says he can’t, but tells Sami that he is doing what he is doing on her behalf. Sami says that if what he is doing is about her, then he should tell her what it is. She assures Rafe that she can handle it, and that he just needs to tell her what is going on.

Bo tells Justin that this won’t be a walk in the park for him, since Lawrence’s home country isn’t exactly democratic. Justin scoffs that it’s hotbed of corruption, and he doubts extradition rules even apply there. Bo says that whatever the case is, Carly needs a friend and attorney. He insists that Carly doesn’t deserve to be hunted down like an animal. Justin sighs, saying he isn’t sure what he can do, but he promises to try to help. Bo thanks him and suggests they head over to his house to talk to Carly.

Carly tells Hope that for a while, she, Lawrence, and their son Nicky lived a normal life. Their son was their focus and their joy, and then he grew up and went off to college. She then explains that Lawrence got sick. He recovered, of course, but he wasn’t the same man she married, and he became paranoid and abusive. Hope asks if that is why she killed him. Carly insists that it was either her or him. Hope wonders why she came to Salem, since this would be the first place Lawrence’s men would look. Carly says that she had to come back because she trusts Bo, and knows that he is the only person that can help her. She adds pointedly that Bo won’t be able to help her if Hope turns her in to the police.

Arianna tells Brady that he is right, and that he could never love her because she’s low-life scum. Brady asks Arianna if she is really trying to play the victim card right now. She claims this isn’t totally her fault, but Brady demands to know whose fault it is. Is it his? Did her mother not love her enough? Arianna reminds him that she tried to break it off with him because she knew him finding this out would break his heart. Brady says the problem with that is that they made up, and that Arianna made love to him just a few days ago. He adds angrily that he gave her every chance to come clean, and she didn’t. Arianna asks if things really would have been easier if she had told the truth. Brady admits it wouldn’t have, but he might have understood if she promised to quit or at least explained why she was dealing drugs to begin with. Arianna grumps that she would have explained, but all he has been doing is yelling that he that he wants nothing more to do with her. Brady agrees to calm down and listen to her explanation. Arianna vows that she will tell him everything he needs to know.

Rafe promises that he will tell Sami everything—but just not now. Sami says that if this has to do with her, then she needs to know, and if they’re going to work things out, then she needs to know where he is going. Rafe explains that he is just going to look for answers, but Sami warns to know what they are. Rafe sighs, saying that he is here now, and he hopes that counts for something. He asks Sami if she trusts him. She says she does of course, but reminds him that he was away for a long time. Now she’s scared that if he walks out that door, she will never see him again. Rafe vows that that won’t happen and moves in for a kiss.

Hope tells Carly that she has only heard her side of the story, but Carly claims it’s the only story. Hope tells her that she isn’t sure what Bo promised her, but now that she knows what is going on, all bets are off. Hope tells Carly flatly that she want her out of her house immediately.

Vivian asks Gus what he has for her and if they’ve found that murdering guttersnipe. Gus explains that they’ve found Carly, and that she is in Salem. Vivian chortles, saying that of course she is, as Carly is nothing if not predictable.

Downstairs, Carly tries to get Hope to reconsider, but Hope refuses. Just then, Bo and Justin walk in. Hope folds her arms and tells Bo angrily that she has finally met his elusive houseguest. Bo gapes as Hope adds that he failed to mention he was once engaged to her.

Rafe and Sami strip off each other’s clothes and begin to make love.

Arianna tells Brady that the reason she deals drugs is because she has to. Unlike Brady, she has had to struggle, and hasn’t had the same opportunities he has. Brady scoffs, asking if she just decided to push poison on people instead of making something out of herself. She grumbles that he doesn’t know what it’s like. Brady snaps sarcastically that he couldn’t possibly get it, considering the gilded tower he lives in. Arianna sobs, vowing that she never sold drugs to children or teenagers. Brady asks her if she really thinks that makes what she does better, but Arianna admits it does help her sleep at night. Brady tells her angrily that she’ll be sleeping alone for quite a while—unless she can find someone else to accept her lies. Arianna begs Brady not to do this, but he says they are through for good. She begs him to wait.

Bo asks Carly to fill Justin in while he speaks to Hope outside. The two head off, and once outside, Hope demands to know how Bo could bring a fugitive into their home. Bo says that this is Carly, but Hope says that doesn’t excuse the fact that she killed a man. Bo thinks that Lawrence was going to kill her if she hadn’t, but Hope doesn’t want to hear any excuses. She adds that Carly already told her the whole story, and how Lawrence was mentally ill and tormenting her. Hope says that that doesn’t excuse the fact that she took her husband’s life, and that Bo dragged their family into it by agreeing to help her. Bo reminds her that she moved out and took their daughter with her, but Hope claims that she just wanted to give them time to work things out and find a way back to each other. She claims she never realized that taking a break meant that this was no longer her home. She guesses that Bo never considered it or wanted her to come back, since he has had another woman move in. Bo glares, saying that the only reason he even considered allowing Carly to stay here for a couple of days was because Hope took their daughter and left.

Carly reminds Justin that he knows her, and that he knows that she saves lives; she doesn’t take them. She claims that she never would have killed the father of her child if she hadn’t been backed into a corner. Justin asks her flatly why she ran if she really killed Lawrence in self-defense.

Hope reminds Bo that she has explained repeatedly the reasons why she felt she had to leave their home. She says that she would have expected Bo to let her know before he allowed that woman in their home. Bo glares, asking if she means the same way she let him know she was taking Ciara to Doug and Julie’s, or the way she didn’t contact him for days afterwards, or the way she took Ciara and moved into a criminal’s home just a few days ago. Bo snaps that honesty and full disclosure isn’t a one-way street.

Brady starts to storm out of the pub with Arianna close at his heels, but Roman stops them both, and asks Brady what is going on. Brady pointedly tells Roman that there is something he should know about the woman that is running his family’s pub.

Hope reminds Bo that Ciara’s therapist suggested a change of scenery, and so she took her at her word. She knew Bo would be against it, and she couldn’t deal with that. Bo snaps that he knew she’d be against Carly staying here, and he couldn’t deal with that. Hope retorts that she never put her family in danger. Bo sys he didn’t do that either, and in any case, he couldn’t turn his back on Carly. Hope shakes her head, asking him how it will look if everyone finds out the police commissioner is harboring a fugitive She tells Bo to forget all about his career, not to mention the fact that he could go to jail for this. She reminds him of all he went through hiding evidence for Philip and is surprised he didn’t learn his lesson. Hope suspects that something more is going on, and that Bo wouldn’t be so quick to protect Carly unless there is a lot more to the story.

Carly tells Lawrence that her claims of self-defense wouldn’t mean anything to the men chasing her, and she had to get out of there to protect herself. Hope and Bo walk in just then, and Hope tells Carly that there must be more to the story. If she expects them all to keep their mouths shut, then she is going to have to tell them everything.

Gus heads into Vivian’s room to let her know that he cleared her schedule. She thanks him, and he asks her what is next on the agenda. Vivian grins.

Carly tells Hope that she has told them everything, and that there is nothing else to say. Just then, Hope’s cell phone rings. It’s Victor, calling to let her know that Ciara had a nightmare and wants her mother. Hope promises to be there right away, and hangs up, letting Bo know what is going on. She tells Bo that he and Carly have 24 hours to figure out what is going on and straighten it out. After that, it’s her job to turn them in. Hope storms off, slamming the door behind her.

Sami and Rafe snuggle on the sofa. She admits she is glad her roommate didn’t come home. Rafe asks what she means, and Sami explains that Nicole has moved in with her. Rafe and Sami begin to get dressed. He asks her if she will agree to do something for him.

Roman asks Brady what is going on, but he says he will let Arianna explain, and heads off. Arianna tells Roman quietly that Brady found out she was a dealer. She asks Roman what they are supposed to do now. Roman asks her if she thinks Brady might run with this and start digging around. Arianna isn’t sure, but Roman says it’s imperative that Brady not find out she is undercover, because she’ll go back to jail if her cover is blown. Arianna asks Roman not to count her out just yet and hurries off. Later, she confronts Brady at the pier as he grumbles to himself about how stupid he is. Arianna claims that he isn’t, and tells him that it doesn’t have to be like this. Brady asks what she is saying.

Hope comes downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion, and tells Victor that Ciara is fine now, and is probably just scared about her new surroundings. Victor notes that she was calling out for her father earlier, but Hope retorts angrily that she knows Ciara misses Bo. She adds that all of this is difficult for her, too and that she wouldn’t be putting Ciara through this if she didn’t think it was for the best. Victor wonders how Ciara being separated from her father can be for the best, and Hope explains that there is a lot of tension between herself and Bo—tension that Ciara would surely pick up on. Victor asks if she made any progress with Bo, and if they were able to work thing out, but Hope says that things are more complicated than ever. Victor sighs, asking what his son has done now.

Carly claims that she has told Justin the whole story, but he doesn’t buy it, saying that he will have to know the truth in order to defend her. He assumes that she told Bo the whole story, and tells Carly that she needs to trust him as much as she does Bo. He asks her what really happened between her and Lawrence, and how he managed to provoke her into murdering him.

Brady scoffs, asking if Arianna is suggesting that they forget this ever happened. She shakes her head, knowing that she can’t take back what she has done, but she hoped that she and Brady could discuss it. Brady retorts that she is a drug dealer, and nothing she can say can convince him to be ok with that. He promises that he won’t call the cops on her, but he also knows Caroline deserves better, so he has to insist that she quit working at the pub, and she has one day to do so. Arianna says she understands, and Brady adds that lastly, he never wants to see her again.

Hope tells Victor that it’s nothing he needs to know, but he reminds her that Bo is his son, and that his granddaughter is obviously deeply affected by her separation from her father. He adds that he has a right to know what is going on, and asks Hope what happened when she went home and saw Bo.

Carly accuses Justin of badgering her, and says that she has already told him all she can. She tells him that if he can’t accept that, then she will just find someone else to help her. Justin sighs, saying that until he knows every last detail, he cannot represent her in a court of law. He tells her to call him if she changes her mind and heads off. Carly sighs, asking Bo what she is going to do. She reminds him that no one but him can know the extent of Lawrence’s evil, because it isn’t just her life at stake here—it’s someone else’s. Bo hugs her and soothes her, promising that they will figure a way out of this.

Vivian notes that Gus has been with her for a long time, and asks him what he thinks she enjoys more—meticulously putting together a fool-proof plan, or executing it. Gus guesses that she enjoys executing it, but she shakes her head, saying that the best part is the anticipation. She laughs delightedly, saying she can see it now—all the forces that will come together and crush that bitch. Vivian lies back on her bed and tells Gus she plans on relaxing and putting her plan together, saying she is anticipating the hell out of the end of Carly Manning.

Rafe explains that he is flying under the radar for now, as he is working on a case—an important case that involves their future. He asks Sami to promise not to tell anyone he is back in town, and she agrees. Sami then tells Rafe how much she missed him, and how she tried to move on, but couldn’t because she loves him too much. Rafe says he loves her, too, but admits reluctantly that he should leave. Sami promises not to ask him where he is going. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Rafe asks worriedly if she is expecting company. Sami heads for the door, saying it’s probably just Nicole and the baby. Rafe turns white.


Philip tells Melanie, “We were meant to be together.”

Brady says, “Obviously, you didn't go. You changed your mind.” Nicole replies, “Actually, it was changed for me.”

Sami asks Rafe, “What do I have that Nicole wants, anyway?”

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