Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/3/09


Written By Jenni
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Chit-Chat Haven

Bo shows Carly into his and Hope’s bedroom and explains that she will be camping out here, since it’s upstairs. Meanwhile, he’ll be sleeping on the couch, so that anyone that wants to go upstairs will have to get past him. Carly reluctantly agrees, but insists that this is a short-term solution. Bo agrees, saying that she will just be staying here until they can come up with a way to get her out of this mess. Carly tells Bo that she thinks there may be someone that can help.

Justin heads into the pub and greets Hope, who is sitting across the pub from Ciara, who’s working on a project. Hope explains that she was instructed to make a collage for school about things she’s grateful for, but Hope ruefully admits she isn’t one of them. Justin smiles, “Uh-oh.” Hope nods, saying not only is she unfair for not letting Ciara use her phone for her collage, she’s also as mean as any wicked witch in a fairytale. Justin asks why that is, and Hope sighs, saying it’s because she took Ciara away from her dad and her home. Ciara glares at her from across the room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asks Victor what the hell he just said. Victor insists that he doesn’t like telling Brady this anymore than Brady likes hearing it. Brady asks incredulously if Arianna is really a drug dealer. Victor nods, saying that’s the information he got, though he knows Brady would rather not believe it. Brady promptly calls him a son of a bitch.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asks EJ if he really won’t take Sydney back, wondering if he doesn’t have the room in his heart. EJ claims that he still loves Sydney, but it matters little whether or not Chad is the father, because he isn’t, and he never will be. Stefano shouts that EJ is Sydney’s father.

At her place, Arianna asks Rafe if he plans on gathering DNA and proving a match. Rafe says that that is the plan, but he can’t let Sami know he is back in town until he can prove Sydney is her baby. Arianna asks him what will happen if Sydney turns out to be Mia’s. Rafe admits that he would have wasted his time, but he has a feeling things won’t play out that way. Arianna asks what his plan is, and Rafe says that as soon as it gets dark, he’s heading over to Sami’s. Arianna asks if he has changed his mind and if he plans on letting Sami know he is back in town.

At the pier, Mia whines that she is a loser, and that she never deserved to have a beautiful baby like Sydney, which is why she gave her to Nicole. Nicole reminds Mia how happy she made her, but Mia ignores her, saying that when she told Will that she had slept around a lot, she also knew he’d leave her, but she knew she didn’t deserve him anyway. Nicole claims that isn’t true, and that Mia does deserve Will. Mia wonders why she lied to Will then—just to get Chad to back off and cancel the paternity test? Nicole tries to assure her she did the right thing as Sami walks over. She asks Nicole what exactly Mia did the right thing about.

Rafe tells Arianna that he doesn’t want to get Sami’s hopes up and have it turn out that Sydney isn’t her baby after all. Arianna says she understands, thinking that would be like losing Grace all over again. Rafe nods, saying that this has to be a stealth operation, as he will have to sneak over to Sami’s place and find something with her DNA on it. Arianan wonder how he will get Sydney’s DNA. Rafe has no idea, but vows to figure it out, as Nicole has screwed with Sami’s life for too long, and it’s time for the truth to come out.

EJ guesses that Stefano is thinking of Tony, since he loved him as if he were his biological son. Stefano retorts that he was Tony’s father in every way that counts, just like EJ has been to Sydney. EJ says he realizes that, and he is tempted to take Sydney back into his family, but he just can’t do it. Stefano doesn’t see the problem if it turns out that Chad isn’t the father, but EJ claims that he can’t trust Mia, as she, like Nicole, has lied about everything. He thinks she could be lying about all those parties in Chicago and that she’s just covering for some other boy. He asks Stefano what will happen in a few weeks when Sydney’s real father shows up. Stefano assures him that that won’t happen, but EJ shouts that he has had enough of both Mia and Nicole’s lies, and he’s out.

Sami demands to know what Mia and Nicole were talking about. Nicole asks Sami how long she was standing there, but Sami doesn’t see how that matters. Sami asks if Nicole was telling Mia that she did the right thing by telling Chad about all her partying in Chicago. Mia is surprised Sami knows about it. Sami explains that Chad told her, and asks Mia to tell her the truth—does she really not know who the father of her baby could be?

Hope watches as Justin and Ciara snicker over something on his phone. Hope heads over, asking what is so funny. Justin jokes to Ciara that her mommy has caught them, and he hands over his phone. Hope sees a picture of herself on the screen, but notes that she looks terrible. Justin explains that he has a new application on his phone that allows you to manipulate photos. In this case, Ciara wanted to try out the funhouse option on Hope’s picture. Justin adds that Ciara has decided that Hope is one of the things she’s grateful for, and she’d like to include her in her collage. Ciara nods, saying that she is going to use the pretty picture. Hope kneels down and hugs her, thanking her and telling her that she loves her.

Bo gets off the phone with someone at the station, and asks Carly who she thinks might be able to help them. She explains that she was thinking of calling Justin, since he’s an international lawyer with experience in the legal systems of the mid-east. Bo reminds her that Justin is living with Victor, but she is sure that Justin will be discreet. Bo shakes his head, saying that Victor will be all over her within minutes of her seeing Justin. Bo asks if she really wants to risk that, given her history with Victor.

Brady shouts that Arianna would never touch drugs, let alone deal them. Victor asks Brady to quiet down, saying that he is sure Brady is upset and just doesn’t want to believe this. Brady retorts that he doesn’t believe it because it isn’t true. He claims that Victor is trying to control his life, and that he is smearing Arianna’s name in an attempt to break them up. Victor shrugs, saying that Brady can make this all about him if he wishes, but this goes much farther than a little meddling on his part, and Brady knows it. Brady asks what he means by that, and Victor asks him if he can honestly say that he never saw anything related to drugs while he was dating Arianna. Brady flashes back to finding a baggie of cocaine near the bar at the pub.

Will sits at the Java Café and talks to Lucas over the phone. Lucas can tell something is wrong, and asks Will what is going on. Will sighs, claiming that everything with Mia is screwed up. Lucas assumes he is referring to the fact that Mia lied to him about being pregnant with Chad’s baby. Lucas adds that he thought Will was over that. Will says he was, until he found out that Mia isn’t just a liar, but a slut as well.

Sami demands to know if Nicole knew about Mia sleeping around at all those parties, and Nicole nods, saying that Mia just told her. Sami wonders how Nicole could tell her that she was doing the right thing, and Nicole explains that she meant Mia was right to admit to her past mistakes. Sami scoffs, saying that Mia hurt two people by telling the truth—Chad and Will. She says that Chad was devastated to learn that he might not be the father, and so is Will, as he supported Mia through all of this only to learn that she slept with so many people she isn’t even sure who the father of her baby is. Mia admits that she never wanted to hurt anyone, but Sami snaps that she did. She wonders why Mia didn’t just tell the truth to begin with. Mia sobs. Sami shouts at her to stop crying and lays into her for playing the victim this whole time when she clearly wasn’t. Nicole asks Sami to stop talking to Mia that way, and reminds Sami that both of them made some pretty serious mistakes in their own pasts. The both had a chance to fix those mistakes, and she thinks they owe Mia the same courtesy. Sydney wails. Sami suggests that Nicole take her home, but Nicole thinks Mia is too fragile to leave alone. Sami says she has it covered, but Nicole doesn’t want her making Mia feel any worse than she already does. Sami admits that she was wrong to vent that way, but she’s not upset anymore, and she promises that she will show Mia some compassion. Nicole agrees to head home with Sydney and assures Mia that she did the right thing for her baby by telling the truth. Nicole then heads off. Sami sits down with Mia and reminds her that the paternity test is scheduled for the next day. She asks what Mia will do if Chad is the father of her baby. Mia tells Sami flatly that he isn’t. Sami asks how she is so sure of that.

EJ admits to Stefano that he doesn’t like the idea of never seeing Sydney again, but he’s come to a major realization in the past few days that he has spent a lot of his time reacting to things, and he’s had enough. From now on, he is going to be calling the shots, and that starts by refusing to deal with any more drama from Sydney and Nicole, as he gets enough as it is from Sami. EJ then says that he knows what is like for Sydney, as he also grew up not being sure about who his biological father was, but he adapted to it, and so will Sydney. Stefano reminds EJ that Sydney is a child, and that she could be seriously damaged by all of this. EJ claims he is sympathetic, but that he can’t do anything about it. Stefano begs EJ to consider what kind of a life he will have without Sydney and Nicole, but EJ ignores the question, wanting to know why this is so important to Stefano.

Mia admits to Sami that she doesn’t know for sure that Chad isn’t Sydney’ father. Sami guesses that Mia just doesn’t want him to be so that Nicole can keep Sydney. Mia admits that that is true. Sami is surprised she is doing all of this just so another woman can keep her baby, but Mia explains that she knew she could never give Sydney the life she deserved. Sami doesn’t think she could do what Mia did even if she did think her kids could have a better life. Mia insists that she thinks Sami is a great mom, and that she did a wonderful job with Will. Mia claims that she hated seeing his face when she had to tell him all those things. Sami thinks that Will must be pretty heartbroken, and that Mia must be, too. Mia admits that she still loves Will, and wonders if there is a way to get him to forgive her. Sami says that that is a question that she will have to ask Will.

Rafe takes the hide-a-key from the top of Sami’s doorjamb and lets himself into her house.

Arianna calls Sami and asks her to come over, as she has to talk to her about something that is very important. Sami agrees and hangs up, telling Mia that she has to leave, and asking her if she is going to be alright. Mia says she will be, and Sami apologizes for being so hard on her earlier, claiming that she was just being protective of her kid. Mia says she understands. Sami again apologizes for what Mia is going through, asks her to call her anytime, and heads off.

Victor tries to assure Brady that he isn’t telling him all this in an attempt to control who he does or doesn’t see—he just knows how hard it was for Brady to kick his drug habit, and he doesn’t want to see Brady have to go through all of that again just because some pretty girl turned his head. Brady snatches his coat and storms off. Victor asks where he is going, but Brady shouts at him to stay out of his life.

Sami heads over to Arianna’s place and asks her if everything is alright, as she said this was urgent. Arianna, confused, says that that isn’t what she meant, and apologizes for making it seem more important than it was. Sami then notices Rafe’s baseball cap on the table. She picks it up, noting that it belongs to Rafe. Arianna says it’s just a Bears hat, but Sami knows it’s Rafe’s because of the mark one of Johnny’s toys made on the bill. She asks Arianna if Rafe is back in town.

Rafe notices all the toys strewn around the floor of Sami’s place, and guesses that Nicole must be staying here. He is surprised, but glad that he can get all the DNA he needs in one place. He spots Sydney’s teething ring and picks it up, placing it in a baggie. He starts to head off to get some of Sami’s DNA, but the sound of keys jingling in the lock stops him. He listens as Sydney babbles and then freezes as Nicole gets ready to enter the house.

Bo reminds Carly that Victor can be a real SOB, especially when it comes to her. Carly thinks Bo might just be upset because Victor is allowing Hope and Ciara to live with him. Bo admits that he is upset Victor isn’t doing anything but helping Hope to destroy their marriage, but that has nothing to do with Carly. Carly insists that she would still like to speak to Justin. Bo sighs and agrees to contact Justin for her, but asks her to get some sleep in the meantime. He then urges Carly to stay out of sight, reminding her that the Alamain family is after her. He adds that if they get their hands on her, it’s all over.

Ciara and Hope get ready to leave the pub as Justin assures Ciara that her collage will be the best in the class. Hope thanks Justin again for everything, and she and Ciara race each other to the car. Just then, Justin’s phone rings. Bo is on the other line, saying that he needs to see Justin right away, and that it has nothing to do with heavy lifting.

Mia heads into the Java Café and confronts Will. She says that she knows he hates her, and never wants to see her again, but she loves him, and she wants to know if there is any chance that he might forgive her.

Stefano tells EJ that the reason why this is so important to him is because EJ is important to him. He claims that he never saw EJ more relaxed and happy than when he was married to Nicole. EJ says that is because he was building a family, but now all of that is gone, and adds angrily that all he can think of when he sees Nicole is how miserable she made him. Stefano thinks they should deal with the facts here. He asks EJ which woman, after having a miscarriage, moved heaven and earth to make sure he had the child he wished for, and which woman kept his daughter Grace from him until all he could do was mourn her. EJ doesn’t think Sami is relevant to the conversation, but Stefano thinks he’s made more than enough mistakes when it comes to Sami, and he doesn’t want to see EJ make an even bigger one when it comes to Nicole. EJ claims he has no regrets, and that Nicole and the baby are out of his life for good. Stefano says that isn’t the end of it, and that he has something to say which may change EJ’s mind.

Arianna claims that she found the hat while cleaning, and thinks that Rafe must have left it here. Sami asks if she has heard from him. Arianna sighs, reminding Sami that Rafe will call when he is ready. Sami thinks he may call Arianna, but that he won’t call her. Sami then reminds Arianna that she called her over here to talk about something, and Arianna explains that it’s about Sami’s grandmother. She tells Sami that Caroline has been working a lot of late nights recently. Sami wonders if Arianan thinks Caroline should retire, and Arianna nods, thinking she might want to spend some more time with her grandkids, since she seemed so excited about spending time with Allie tonight. Sami says she gets it, and agrees to talk to her dad and uncle about it, but she is sure that Caroline would never want to retire. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Arianna answers and Brady bursts in, telling Arianna angrily that they need to talk—right now.

As Rafe hides behind a chair, Nicole bustles around Sami’s house, telling Sydney that she is going to her ready for bed. Sydney fusses. Nicole checks on her and wonders if she is cutting more teeth. She hunts around for Sydney’s teething ring; sure she left it on the table. Rafe hides behind the chair and sweats, clutching the teething ring.

Bo meets Justin at the pub. Justin asks if this concerns personal or police business, and Bo explains that he has a friend that needs some advice. Justin is surprised Bo recommended him, but Bo says shortly that he didn’t. Just then, Justin’s phone rings. He silences it as Bo explains that he needs for Justin to be discreet. Justin asks if this is about a criminal case. Bo starts to answer, but noticed that Hope’s picture has come up on Justin’s cell phone. He demands to know what Justin is doing with a picture of his wife.

Hope makes small talk with Victor at the mansion, telling him how wonderful the new nanny is. She then adds that Ciara is going to need a picture of her and Chelsea for the album, but Hope fears those photos are still back at the house. Victor asks if she plans on going to get it. Hope says she’ll have to, and Victor wonders if she is worried about running into Bo. Hope admits that part of her hopes she will run into Bo, since she misses him. Victor sighs, saying that he has already been accused of meddling once today. But he’ll take a chance again. He tells Hope to go see Bo, and to not hurry back. Hope smiles brightly and heads off.

EJ informs Stefano that there is nothing he can say that can change his mind. He claims he has decided that he has to stop sitting back and letting things happen and begin to take charge of his own life. He gets to decide what does and what doesn’t affect him, and Nicole and Sydney are out of his life for good. Stefano asks what would happen if Sydney were his child. EJ says that he would want her back in that case, and that he would make some arrangement with Nicole like the one he has with Sami. Stefano grumbles that everything’s always about Sami. EJ reminds Stefano that the two share a child, and that they will always be connected for that reason. He and Nicole don’t have that connection, and they never will.

Arianna, flabbergasted, asks Brady what is going on. Sami tries to scoot off, but Arianna asks her to stay. Sami refuses, saying she has seen that look from Brady before, and she doesn’t want to be involved. She rushes off. Arianna checks her phone, but Brady snatches it away, demanding to know who she was calling. She says that Brady is scaring her and stammers, asking what he is doing here. Brady mocks her, demanding that she tell him what she has been hiding. Arianna quivers.

Nicole hunts around for the teething ring. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Stefano, and Nicole greets him by name. Rafe listens in as Nicole asks Stefano for any news.

Hope heads into the house and gets the photo album. She starts to leave, thinking no one is there, but then decides to head upstairs and see if Bo just went to bed early.

Brady angrily rummages through Arianna’s drawers, demanding to know where she keeps it. Arianna asks what he is looking for, but Brady thinks she knows damn well what he means, and again asks where it is. Arianna begs him to tell her what he means. Brady glares, saying he is looking for the cocaine she’s been dealing. Arianna gasps.

Mia says that she knows that she lied, and that Will hates that. She admits that she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, but she vows never to lie again if he does forgive her. Will snaps that she is right, and that she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. He tells her angrily to live with it and storms off.

Nicole tells Stefano that EJ didn’t seem encouraging when she spoke to him, and asks if Stefano has had a chance to do so. Stefano explains that EJ just left to conduct some business, and asks Nicole to get over there right away. She agrees and hangs up. Nicole tells Sydney that her bath will have to wait, since they have to go see her grandfather. She sighs, hoping that Stefano is going to make things right for them, because they both need all the help they can get. She heads off. Rafe stands up, saying to himself that Stefano is on Nicole’s side. He wonders what the hell is going on.

Justin explains Ciara’s collage project to Bo, who seems to be understanding about it. Justin then asks Bo about his friend, and wonders what crime he is charged with. Bo says that it’s a ‘she’ actually. Justin asks who it is, and Bo says he is talking about Carly Manning.

Hope heads into her bedroom, where Carly is sleeping. Hope notices Carly as she rolls over, exposing her face to the moonlight. Hope gapes.

Nicole heads into the mansion, asking Stefano how things went with EJ. Stefano admits that things didn’t go well at all, and he isn’t sure if EJ will ever take Nicole and Sydney back. Nicole throws a fit, reminding Stefano that he promised to help her. Stefano retorts that he knows what he said, but he will not lose this baby, no matter what. Nicole tells him that he can’t tell EJ that Sydney is his and Sami’s. Stefano tells her to calm down, saying that it’s an option, but he isn’t going to do it. For now, he will continue to work on EJ. He assures Nicole that time is on their side.

Rafe heads out of Sami’s apartment. He starts to head off down the hallway, but Sami bumps into him. She gasps.


Justin asks Bo, “You're not gonna tell Hope that Carly is back in your life?”

Rafe tells Sami, “I will tell you everything.”

Carly gasps, “Oh, my God. What are you doing here?”

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