Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Stefano’s hospital room, Nicole admits that Stefano is good at making things happen, but EJ hates her, and she can’t see how she could ever get him to take her back. Stefano advises that she go see EJ, and tell him about Mia’s multiple lovers, and the fact that Chad isn’t Sydney’s father. Nicole says she will agree to do it, as long as EJ lets her in, and Mia succeeds in spreading this lie about how she got pregnant. Nicole worries that Mia might decide she can’t do it.

At the pier, Chad demands to know why Mia didn’t tell him about this before. She explains that she didn’t want Will to think she was a slut. She starts to storm off, but Chad says that he won’t have to tell Will, as she can do it herself. Mia whirls around to find Will standing there. Will asks why Mia is calling herself a slut and demands to know what Chad said to her. Chad asks Mia if she is going to tell Will, or if he should. Mia sobs, saying she can’t.

At the Java Café, Sami and Brady leave respective messages for Mia and Arianna. Sami sighs as they both hang up, saying that she has a really bad feeling in regards to how all of this is playing out.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ makes a call, asking someone to do some research on Arianna Hernandez. He warns the person that her brother, Rafe, is ex-FBI, and EJ says that he needs to know if Rafe knows his sister is dealing drugs.

At Arianna’s place, Arianna explains to Rafe that the truth is out—everyone already knows that Nicole bought Sydney from a girl named Mia. Nicole admitted to everything, and EJ threw her and the baby out of the house. Rafe beams. Arianna asks what is going on with him, and Rafe explains that Arianna just gave him the last piece of the puzzle.

Nicole worries that Mia may change her mind about lying, but Stefano isn’t worried, reminding Nicole that gossip usually spreads like wildfire. Besides, once Nicole tells EJ that Mia had multiple partners, and the DNA tests come back showing that Chad isn’t the father, everything will work out perfectly. Nicole nods, saying that she and Stefano will be the only ones that know the truth.

Rafe reminds Arianna that before he dropped out of sight, he was working on finding out what Nicole’s big secret was. Arianna says that the secret already came out, but Rafe doesn’t think so. He explains that he spoke to Sami, Dr. Baker’s nurse, and Sister Teresa before he disappeared. He was able to come up with a wild theory—one that makes a lot more sense now that he knows for a fact that Nicole bought her baby. Arianna asks him what his theory is, and Rafe explains that the baby Sami carried for nine months wasn’t Grace—it was Sydney, and Nicole switched the two babies the night they were born. Arianna gapes.

Brady thinks Mia could just be hanging out around town somewhere, but Sami claims that Mia was too upset. Brady counsels Sami not to get too worked up, as he couldn’t reach Arianna either. Sami asks if things are going well between the two of them, and Brady nods. Sami says she is glad. Brady sighs, telling Sami that playing with her phone won’t make it ring. She puts it down, saying she knows that, but that she is worried about Mia, since her old boyfriend is demanding custody and making things hard for her. Brady asks if Mia has turned to her for help, but Sami says she usually turns to Will first.

Will asks Mia what is going on, and she tells Will the same story she told Chad—that she was partying with her cousin in Chicago shortly after Chad left for boarding school, and that she always said ‘yes’ when guys came onto her. Will demands to know where this is coming form, and why she is saying all this. Mia sobs, saying she is trying to tell him that she doesn’t know who Sydney; father is, and that she isn’t sure that the DNA test will show that Chad is her father.

Nicole heads out of Stefano’s room and runs into Kate, who asks if she was visiting her husband. Nicole nods, saying that Stefano is up for another visit, but warns Kate not to upset him. She heads off. Kate walks into Stefano’s room and tells him that she knows Nicole was just here. She wonders what the two of them are up to.

Arianna understands that Nicole managed to get her hands on a baby that wasn’t hers, but she can’t understand where the baby switch fits in. Rafe explains that Nicole found Mia through Baker, who was selling babies. He thinks that Nicole was always freaked out at the idea that Sami might take EJ away from her. Arianna remembers that Sami was in witness protection and still pregnant when Nicole had her miscarriage. Rafe nods, saying that Sami possibly telling EJ about their baby would have been Nicole’s worst nightmare. So she had Sister Teresa make sure Sami delivered at Baker’s clinic, and switched the babies the night Sami delivered. Arianna tells Rafe that everyone now thinks Sydney is Mia’s baby, but Rafe doesn’t care what people think. Arianna sighs, asking Rafe how he plans on proving this. He says he will probably have to bend some rules, but he will get the proof he needs. He admits he would normally start with Nicole, but she took a restraining order out against him. Arianna reminds him Baker is dead, too. Rafe admits that he plans on proving that Mia had a connection to Dr. Baker, but Arianna says the story she heard is that Mia gave her baby to Nicole directly. Rafe thinks it’s time for him to have a chat with Mia.

Will tells Mia flatly that she would never do anything like that, and that he doesn’t believe her. Mia claims it is true, and bawls that she is sorry. Chad says she isn’t half as sorry as he is and storms off to try to wrap his head around what he just heard. Mia begs Will not to hate her. Will says he doesn’t, as he knows she just said that so Chad would stop trying to get custody.

Stefano tries to change the subject, telling Kate that Lexie has allowed him to go home as soon as some paperwork has been filled out. Kate is thrilled, but claims that he is avoiding her question. She says she saw Nicole outside, on top of the world after visiting him, and Kate wants to know what is going on. Stefano explains that Nicole might be moving back in soon, but that EJ can’t know that. Stefano asks if Kate will be able to welcome Nicole and Sydney back into their home. Kate admits that she would rather see Nicole hit by a bus, but if Stefano desires it, she’ll keep his secret and welcome Nicole back. Kate says that Stefano is going to owe her, however. He kisses her, saying he didn’t doubt that for a moment.

EJ does some paperwork in the living room. Sydney’s cry interrupts him, and he heads into the foyer curiously. He spots Nicole and Sydney standing there, and asks what the two are doing. Nicole explains that she is here to give him his life back.

Victor heads into Stefano’s room, saying that he was just attending a board meeting, and thought he’d stop by and see how he is. Stefano informs Victor that he is doing well, and is being released. Victor smirks, saying that Kate must be thrilled. She claims she is very happy, since she feels secure and loved for the first time in a long time. Stefano kisses her hand.

Will tells Mia that he is sorry she has to trash her reputation like this just to keep Chad from taking Sydney. He says he gets why she is doing this, but Mia says he doesn’t. Mia claims that what she said was true, and that she did sleep with all of those guys. She says that she is sorry if she hurt him. Will angrily tells her that he can’t believe this, and wonders what else she lied about. He demands to know if she lied when she told him she loved him.

Back at her place, Sami leaves Will a message, saying that she is worried about Mia, and asks him to call her back. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami hurries over, thinking it’s Mia, but it’s Chad. Sami wonders what he is doing here. Chad admits that he isn’t sure, but says that he needed someone to talk to. Sami assumes that this is about Sydney and Chad nods miserably. Sami explains that she has been trying to reach Mia, as she is concerned, and asks Chad if he knows what is going on.

Arianna reminds Rafe that he doesn’t want anyone to know he is back in town until he has more proof. Rafe sighs, admitting that going to Mia isn’t the smartest move. Arianna nods, saying that Mia may or may not be able to tell him what is going on, but she’ll definitely go to Nicole. Rafe admits that that is true, and Arianna suggests he rest up for now and figure out what his plan of action should be. Rafe admits that he does need a hot shower and some clothes. Arianna says she doesn’t have any clothes for him, but Rafe was hoping she could go by his place and get some for him. She agrees to do so, and Rafe also asks her to get some cash and a spare phone he keeps in his top drawer. Arianna agrees, but asks him to get some rest while she is gone. Rafe promises to do so and Arianna heads off. Rafe limps over to the phone and makes a call, telling someone that he needs their help.

Nicole tells EJ that she just talked to Mia, and that she had some interesting things to say that EJ might want to hear. He says he doesn’t care, but Nicole blurts out that Mia told her that Chad wasn’t the only boy she slept with, and that she ‘met’ a lot of boys in Chicago shortly after Chad left town, so she doesn’t know who Sydney’s father is. EJ doesn’t think Mia seems like that kind of girl, but Nicole says that people can fool you sometimes. EJ glares, saying he knows that, and asks Nicole what her point is. She reminds EJ that he wanted to step back and respect Chad’s rights when he thought he was Sydney’s father, but now they all know Chad isn’t the father, and they probably will never know. Nicole picks Sydney up, reminding EJ hat Sydney does have a father who loves her, and a father that she deserves. Nicole explains that the one and only man Sydney wants and needs in her life is EJ.

Chad sits on Sami’s couch and tells her about the bombshell Mia just dropped on him—that he may not be Sydney’s father. Sami scoffs. Chad explains that Mia admitted to sleeping with a lot of guys after he left for boarding school, but Sami doesn’t believe that. Chad shrugs, saying that Mia is completely confident that the DNA test will show that he isn’t Sydney’s father. Sami isn’t sure what to say. Chad breaks down, saying that Mia was everything to him, and he can’t handle the idea that she was with so many guys after he left town. Sami guesses that Chad’s heart is breaking because he still loves Mia.

Mia promises Will that all the lies are through, but Will doesn’t want to hear it. She claims that she tried to tell him the truth many times, but Will snaps that she didn’t, and that she never will. Will says that that is fine by him, however, since he won’t be around anymore to hear her lies. Mia sobs, begging him to stop, but Will tells her that he never wants to see her again. He storms off. Mia sinks to the ground and sobs hysterically.

Nicole says she knows that EJ doesn’t want to turn his back on Sydney, since he is the only father she has ever known. EJ tells Nicole that he isn’t an idiot, and that this is not about taking Sydney back—it’s about taking them both back. Nicole says it is, of course, and that she loves EJ, and would love nothing more. She admits that she knows what she did was wrong, and she just hopes that he can find it in his heart to give her another chance. She claims she knows she, EJ, and Sydney can be happier than they have ever been. EJ scoffs, asking if she really knows that’s true. Nicole moves in, saying that true love doesn’t die. She says she hopes he can take her back. She then leans into kiss him, saying that she knows he still cares and loves her. EJ leans his forehead against hers.

Arianna comes back as Rafe exits the shower. She hands him his clothes, and he thanks her, admitting he had to throw out the ones he had on. He then tells Arianna that he made some calls while she was gone and got some information on Meredith. It turns out she went nuts after she got off the plane in Orlando, and she’s been taken to a psychiatric ward in Florida. Rafe adds that she may never get out. Arianna is glad to hear it, considering what Meredith did to him. Rafe admits that he still feels badly for her over what happened to her sister and then thanks Arianna for getting his things.

Victor heads into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Brady working in the living room. He asks what is going on, but Brady says it is a personal matter. Victor demands to know if Brady is still stewing over his break-up with Arianna, but Brady denies it, saying that he and Arianna are doing well, especially since they recently got back together. Victor grimaces, saying that he is sorry to hear that.

EJ and Nicole kiss. He breaks it off, admitting to Nicole that he was never happier than when they were together, but that is all over now, thanks to her lies. Nicole claims she can understand why EJ might never forgive her, but Sydney is innocent in all this. She reminds EJ that Sydney loves him, and that that is her only sin. Now that Chad won’t be able to prove paternity, this is EJ’s chance to raise Sydney and show her how he feels about her. Nicole begs him to admit that he wants Sydney in his life.

Sami brings Chad a soda and he thanks her, asking her if she thinks Mia could be lying about all this. Sami admits that she finds it hard to believe Mia is the kind of girl that would sleep around that much, but why would she make something like that up? Chad thinks Mia wanted him to cancel the DNA test, but Sami reminds him that he could still be the father, no matter how many guys Mia slept with. Sami wonders why Mia would make something like this up that would ruin her reputation. Chad thinks it might be true. Sami worries that Will might find out, but Chad says he already has, and that Mia just told him. Sami tells Chad that if Mia told Will all of this, then it must be true, since she had to know how upset Will would be. She grabs her purse, telling Chad that they have to find Mia right away and find out what is going on.

Nicole finds Mia sobbing near the pier and sits beside her, asking her what’s wrong. Mia snaps, asking Nicole to guess. Nicole assumes she told Chad and Mia nods, saying she told him all the lies about sleeping around in Chicago. Nicole asks if he believed her. Mia guesses so and bursts into tears, saying that she was forced to tell Will, too, and he dumped her. Nicole says she is sorry, and urges Mia to give Will some time, as Nicole knows Will loves her. Mia isn’t so sure, but Nicole begs her not to underestimate Will, and that he will eventually forgive her. Nicole promises that she and Mia will both get their fairy-tale ending.

EJ welcomes Stefano home, and Kate heads off to the kitchen to instruct Cook on the new healthy foods Stefano will be eating. EJ thinks she seems concerned, and guesses it’s because her expensive jewelry doesn’t pay for itself. Stefano asks EJ not to be sarcastic, and starts to pour himself a drink, but EJ stops him. He thanks EJ and says he hopes that he can find some happiness, too. EJ admits that Nicole and Sydney were just here. He explains that Nicole said that Chad isn’t Sydney’s father, and that Mia had trouble keeping her knickers on, so she has no idea who the father could be. Stefano sighs, saying it’s a shame that a young girl disgraced herself like that. EJ then tells Stefano that Nicole wants him to accept Sydney back into his life, since it’s likely her biological father will never be found. Stefano asks if EJ is planning on doing so.

Brady asks Victor why he would be upset that he and Arianna got back together. Victor sighs, admitting that he is in a very awkward position, since he received some information recently that was relayed to him by associates Brady would rather not know about. Brady assumes he’s referring to the darker side of the family. Victor says that he just wants Brady to know that he is just the messenger here, and that he doesn’t want to be hated for the news he has to give Brady. Brady promises that he won’t hate Victor and asks what in the world all of this has to do with Arianna.

Rafe tells Arianna that he plans on having his own DNA tests done. Arianna admits that she feels badly for Mia, since it means that her baby died if Rafe is right about all of this. Rafe shrugs, saying that he can’t let that stand in the way of doing what needs to be done. Arianna warns Rafe that he needs to move on this quickly, as Nicole already tried to leave the country once. It didn’t pan out that time, but if Nicole learns what he is up to, she’ll leave, and then Rafe may never learn the truth.

Brady asks Victor to stop screwing around and to tell him what he knows about Arianna, as he can tell Victor doesn’t want the two dating. Victor sighs. Brady reminds Victor that he has a right to know what is going on. Victor agrees that he has a right, but warns Brady that it won’t be pleasant. He explains that some people he knows saw Arianna in a very compromising position, and the short of it is that she is a drug dealer. Brady gapes.

Arianna hands Rafe a ball cap, hoping that it might help to hide his face. Rafe scoffs, saying that a hat doesn’t help disguise you. In fact, it just makes people look at you longer. Arianna apologizes, but Rafe thanks her anyway, saying he wasn’t planning on going out until after dark. Arianna asks if he’s just going to get DNA samples and prove Sydney and Sami are a match, and Rafe nods, saying that he can’t tell Sami anything until he can prove Sydney is her baby. Arianna asks what happens if Sydney is really Mia’s. Rafe admits that his theory will be bogus, but he is pretty sure things won’t play out that way.

EJ admits that he couldn’t take his eyes off of Sydney once he saw her, and Stefano reminds him that it’s because he loves her. Stefano sighs, promising EJ that pretty soon, it’s going to be proved that Chad isn’t Sydney’s father, and that no one knows who the real father is. Stefano thinks it’s time for EJ to admit that for all intents and purposes, he is Sydney’s father. EJ says that he can’t do it, and that he isn’t taking Sydney back.

Chad sits at the café and sighs, thinking to himself that it could be true, and that he might not be Sydney’s father, but he is going to take that DNA test to make sure.

Mia cries and whines that she is a loser, and that she didn’t deserve to have a beautiful baby like Sydney. She adds that that is probably why she was able to lie to Will, knowing that she’d lose him—it’s because she knows she never deserved him to begin with. Nicole says that Mia does deserve him, but Mia wonders why she lied to him if that is true—just so Chad would back off? Sami walks over just then as Nicole tries to assure Mia that she did the right thing.


Bo tells Carly, “The Alamains are after you. They find you, it's over.”

EJ tells Stefano, “Enough of Mia's lies. Enough of Nicole's lies. I am out.”

Sami urges Mia, “Tell me the truth.”

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