Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Sami’s place, EJ shouts that she can consider this her final warning. A knock on the door interrupts them. Sami tells him to hold that thought and heads for the door.

Outside a door, Rafe knocks and pleads with someone to answer.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Bo assures Carly that everything is going to be alright, and that she is going to make it through this. She sobs, reminding him that she killed her husband, but Bo assures her she only did it in self-defense. Carly says it doesn’t matter, since Lawrence’s men are very powerful. She sighs, saying there is no way she’s not going to pay for what she did.

A man with an urn heads into a room with Eastern music playing. He places the urn on a table and tells a woman that he has come to deliver Master Lawrence’s ashes. The woman, whose face is obscured, stands up and places her hands on the urn.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Nicole explains that she is on edge and having trouble focusing. Stefano reassures her that he will take care of everything, and wonders why that is so difficult for her to understand. Nicole reminds Stefano that Chad is pushing for DNA test, and when the results come back, Chad will know he isn’t Sydney’s father. Stefano nods, telling Nicole that then they’ll have won.

Sami opens her door and Mia rushes into her arms, sobbing. EJ sighs.

Arianna opens her door and Rafe falls into her arms. Arianna gasps, wondering what has happened to him, and where he has been.

Brady is at the Java Café. He calls Arianna and leaves a message, saying that he needs her to call him back before he goes nuts. He explains that he went by the pub looking for her but she wasn’t working today. He says he was just wondering what she was doing. Brady hangs up with a sigh.

Arianna helps Rafe to the bed and goes into panic mode, saying that she needs to call 911. Rafe shakes his head vehemently, saying that she can’t call anyone, and that everything depends on her being able to keep a secret. She asks what he is talking about. Rafe groans. Arianna checks him over, saying that it looks as if he has been beaten badly. She demands to know what happened. Rafe mumbles that it was Meredith. She hit him from behind at Sami’s, and the next thing he knew, he was tied up in her basement. Arianna gapes, asking how he got away. Rafe isn’t sure, saying that the next thing he knew, Meredith or someone else dumped him in the river. Arianna gasps, wondering how he survived, but Rafe isn’t sure. He explains that he is positive Meredith and Stefano DiMera were in on this together, so that’s why they can’t get the police involved. Arianna wonders if she can tell Sami, but Rafe shakes his head. Arianna tells Rafe that she is sorry, but they’re going to the hospital, and then she is calling the police. Rafe refuses to go. Arianna agrees to get her first-aid kit and see what she can do, but she still insists on contacting the authorities, as there is no secret important enough to risk Rafe’s life over. She heads off. Rafe mumbles that they can’t contact the police or Sami, as no one can know about Sydney.

Chad and Tad walk along the pier. Chad tries to explain that Mia lied about being in rehab, and that she really went away to have his baby. Tad chuckles. Will comes over just then, and Tad says he will never believe what Chad has been saying about Mia—that she dropped out of school to have his baby. Will admits that it’s true, and that now Chad has hired a lawyer to get his child back. Tad can’t believe that Chad is a father. Chad nods, saying that he has already scheduled a paternity test, and once those results come in he’s going to get his kid. He adds angrily that he plans on keeping her far away from liars.

Nicole tells Stefano how grateful she is to him. He reminds her that no one must know that Sami is Sydney’s mother, as he doesn’t want that awful woman sinking her claws any deeper into his son. Nicole sighs, reminding Stefano that his whole plan will go up in smoke once Chad learns he isn’t Sydney’s father. Stefano says that that is what they want, since they want Chad out of the picture for good, but Nicole reminds him that Mia will figure out that she isn’t Sydney’s mother if Chad isn’t the father. Stefano admits that Nicole is right, and that it all comes down to Mia. He asks Nicole to listen to him carefully, and do exactly as he says.

Sami hands Mia a tissue, and she apologizes for continuing to lose it like this. She then asks EJ if he has thought any more about what they talked about. EJ reminds Mia that Sydney isn’t legally his, so he isn’t getting involved. She protests, but he says that that is his final word on the subject. He claims he has some business to attend to and starts to head off, but Mia stops him, asking how he can think of business when Sydney’s life is about to be ruined. EJ ignores her and heads off. Mia sobs, begging Sami to help her. Sami asks her to calm down and keep in mind that Chad is legally Sydney’s father. Sami assures Mia that she will think of something, and asks Mia to wait here while she calls to check on the twins, who are on a play date. Sami heads off. Mia’s phone rings just then, and she answers. It’s Nicole, who asks Mia to meet her down at the hospital right away, as she has a way to make everything right.

The mystery woman places Lawrence’s ashes on a table and sifts through some photos of Carly and Lawrence.

Bo gets off the phone with someone at the station, promising to deal with something later. He hangs up and Carly jokes, saying she never would have thought Bo would end up as the commissioner of police. Bo shrugs, saying that at least it puts him in a position of being better able to protect her than anyone else. Carly isn’t so sure, but Bo assures that he can protect her for the short-term. Later they can deal with what happened to Lawrence. Bo assures Carly that he will get through this with her, now that he knows the whole story. Carly tells Bo that while she appreciates his understanding, not everyone will see it the way he does. Carly reminds Bo that she took a life, and the men after her are going to want to take hers in return.

EJ heads into the DiMera mansion and gazes at the sofa. He flashes back to cuddling Sydney and sighs. He picks up the phone and makes a call, telling someone that he needs to see them right away.

Sami heads into the Java Café and greets Brady, asking if he has seen Mia anywhere. He says he hasn’t, and asks why Sami is looking at him like that. Sami sighs, saying she knows they have been getting along well lately, but there is something she needs to say. Brady asks what it is, and Sami admits that she is disappointed in Brady. She knows he was helping Nicole all along and she wonders why he abandoned her when she needed him most. Brady sighs.

Mia meets Nicole at the hospital, saying that she came as soon as she could. Nicole explains that she has someone here that Mia needs to meet. Mia asks what is going on, and Nicole tells her about the court order Chad got in regards to Sydney’s DNA testing. Mia reminds her that Nicole said she had a way to make everything right. Nicole says she has no way of doing that—but Mia does.

Bo promises Carly that no one will hurt her, and he hopes that she can trust him. She says she does, and that she wouldn’t be here otherwise. Bo vows to protect her, and swears that the two of them will get through this.

Rafe wakes up, startled, and asks Arianna how long he was out. She says he wasn’t asleep for long, and asks if he is alright. Rafe says he is, thanks to a woman on a boat that saved his life. Rafe explains that he woke up today and saw that they were docked in Salem. No one was on board, so he decided to get off. Arianna is surprised he didn’t say goodbye, but Rafe claims he wasn’t sure if the woman had gone to the police. Arianna doesn’t understand why he is so adamant about the police not getting involved. Rafe explains that he needs more facts, and the police won’t be able to help him if Stefano DiMera is involved in all of this. Arianna thinks he should at least tell Sami what is going on, but Rafe says that Sami and Sydney are the reasons no one can know about this.

Sami tells Brady that Nicole told her the whole story, and that she knows Nicole came to Brady for help, and that he turned her down. Brady grumps that all she wanted was money, and Sami admits she knows that, and that she is surprised Brady got cheap on her, when he would never even have noticed the money was gone. Brady reminds her that what Nicole is trying to do boils down to kidnapping, but Sami still thinks Brady could have found a way to help her. Brady says he did offer Nicole help—he offered her money for a lawyer or counseling if she lost Sydney. He says he would do nearly anything for Nicole, but turning her into a fugitive for life isn’t one of them. Sami quietly admits that she had money, and that Nicole was desperate. Brady groans, guessing Nicole is long gone, but Sami says that she is actually still in Salem. Brady thinks that is a good thing, as it will force Nicole to accept that there is no way around this, and that she has to let go of Sydney.

Stefano greets Mia, who stammers nervously. Nicole suggests that Mia might be fearful that Stefano blames her for helping her lie to EJ, and Stefano chuckles, assuring Mia that he doesn’t blame her. He vows that he has grown to love Sydney as if she really were his flesh and blood. He promises that Sydney will always be part of their family, but Mia isn’t so sure—especially when it comes to EJ. Stefano vows that he will handle his son. He then tells Mia that they have to make sure her ex, Chad, never gets his hands on Sydney. Stefano promises to do his part to make sure that doesn’t happen, but Mia has to do hers as well. Mia asks what she has to do, and Nicole explains that she has to lie. Stefano nods, saying that she must lie to everyone, and make sure that no one outside this room knows the truth. He asks her if she will agree, reminding her that there is no turning back once she does so.

Troy heads into the DiMera mansion and compliments EJ on his home, saying that he is looking forward to working with him. EJ thanks him for meeting him, but reminds Troy that as far as anyone knows, he was never here, and has never even heard EJ’s name. Troy agrees. EJ then says that Troy must agree that he works for him and not anyone else—and that includes his father. Troy agrees to that, and EJ then asks Troy to fill him in on the names of the dealers from the north side. Troy takes a slip of paper out of his coat and hands it over to EJ. EJ looks it over.

Will, now alone with Chad, asks him angrily if this is the spin on things he plans on giving to the whole school. Chad says that Will is a liar, but Will meant Mia, not himself. Chad says that Will and Mia are two of a kind, and that they both lied to everyone about everything, and all so they could keep him from his daughter. Will retorts that Chad doesn’t deserve Sydney, and that he doesn’t deserve Mia, either. Will tells Chad to go ahead and show the whole school what a sleazebag he is—at least Will knows that he will always have Mia. He storms off. Chad glares.

Mia asks what she has to lie about, and Stefano explains that he has certain abilities when it comes to making medical tests say what he wants them to say. Nicole nods, reminding Mia that Stefano finagled the DNA test that made EJ look like Sydney’s father. Mia nods, remembering that, and Nicole explains that they plan to make it look as if Chad isn’t Sydney’s father. In order to do that, Mia will have to tell people she had multiple sex partners, some of whose names she doesn’t remember. Mia refuses, saying that she has done enough for Nicole already. Nicole pleads with her not to turn her back on Sydney, saying that she has a responsibility to her because she gave birth to her. She tells Mia that if she abandons Sydney now, it will ruin her life, and Nicole doesn’t think Mia wants that.

Arianna brings Rafe some soup, and as he eats, she asks him about Sami, and why she can’t know what is going on. Rafe tells Arianna that her phone is blinking. She claims it can wait, but Rafe wants her to check her messages and make sure he wasn’t followed. She agrees, and checks the message. She hangs up, saying that it was just Brady. Rafe asks if that is back on. Arianna nods, but admits that they’re keeping it quiet. Rafe asks why, but Arianna says that they will talk about that later. Rafe just hopes Brady knows how lucky he is to have her. Arianna thinks so, and says that Brady really cares. She just hopes he always feels that way. Rafe wonders why she would say that.

EJ asks Troy to never write these names down on a paper again, and notices Arianna’s name. He asks Troy if this is the same girl that works at the pub, and Troy nods, saying that she is the best, actually.

Sami admits that Brady is probably right, and that Nicole will probably have to face giving Sydney up for good. Sami thinks it will break her heart. Brady wonders why Sami is being so supportive of Nicole, and Sami explains that Nicole was there for her, too. She says she always listened when Sami wanted to complain about Rafe, and she helped her see Johnny when EJ was trying to take custody. Sami thinks Nicole might have only been there for her because Nicole’s life was perfect, while hers was crumbling around her, but either way, Nicole has become her friend, and she thinks she always will be.

Mia calls Chad and tells him that they need to speak right away. He thinks that they’ve said everything that needs to be said, but Mia says that she has something to tell him that will change everything. Chad agrees to talk to her and asks Mia to meet him at the pier. She hangs up and sighs. Stefano thinks she made a wise decision. Nicole promises that she won’t regret this, but Mia knows she will. She adds that she is only doing this for Sydney, because this is what’s best for her. Nicole thanks her from the bottom of her heart.

Bo agrees that Carly didn’t have a choice when it came to killing Lawrence. She nods, saying that if it had just been about her being kept prisoner, she never would have done it, but Lawrence was planning to kill. Carly admits that she sometimes feel as if she deserved to end up in such a miserable marriage. She claims that her marriage went sour years ago, but she stuck around instead of leaving. She says she has no one to blame but herself, and now all she can do is sit around and wait for the hammer to fall. Bo assures her that she isn’t alone.

The woman who received Lawrence’s urn begins ripping up photos of Carly.

Sami says that Mia and Nicole are both really upset. Brady wants to talk about Sami and Rafe, and says that while he had his people look into it, the news isn’t encouraging, as no one has been able to figure out where Rafe is or what happened to him. He says that he is still trying to find him. Sami is glad he is doing so for Arianna, but claims it is over between her and Rafe forever. She thinks he’s made it clear that he has given up on them, and she just wants him to be happy. Brady suggests that Rafe hasn’t given up yet, and that he could be on his way back to Salem now.

Arianna asks Rafe if they can talk about Brady some other time, and asks what is going on with Rafe that is so important. Rafe explains that it has to do with Nicole and the truth about her baby. Arianna says that everyone already knows the truth about Sydney, and that she isn’t really Nicole’s little girl. Rafe gapes.

Mia meets Chad and asks him about the paternity test scheduled for the next day. Chad claims that Sydney will belong to him after it’s all over, but Mia shakes her head, telling Chad that he has to call if off before he comes off looking like a total idiot. Chad asks what she means, and Mia explains that she doesn’t think he is the father of her baby. Chad scoffs, saying she is lying, and asks why.

Bo tries to reassure Carly that she isn’t alone, and that he will help her through this. He promises that once this is all over, Carly can start over and have a great life. Carly thinks that is a nice dream. Bo promises that it isn’t just a dream, and vows that no one will ever hurt her.

The woman finishes ripping up Carly’s pictures and saves one. She rings a bell and the servant from earlier enters. The woman hands the picture of Carly to the man, gives him her name, and asks him to find her. The man agrees. The camera pans up to reveal the mystery woman as Vivian. She vows to take Carly herself once she is found.

Mia tells Chad that she isn’t lying, and explains that after Chad left so suddenly, she spent weeks partying with her cousin in Chicago. She claims that she slept with a lot of strangers, and that had to have been the time Sydney was conceived, since Chad slept with her about a month too early to have fathered Sydney. Chad doesn’t buy it, but Mia doesn’t care. She tell him he can get angry and yell, but it won’t change the fact that the DNA test will prove that he isn’t Sydney’s father. Chad demands to know why she never told him this before. Mia says it’s because she didn’t want him telling Will that she was a slut. She starts to storms off, but Chad says he won’t have to tell Will, as she can tell him herself. Mia whirls around to find Will standing there.

Stefano asks Nicole to stop pacing and promises that Mia will manage just fine on her own. Nicole thinks it’s terrible that this innocent girl has to pretend she jumps into bed with every boy she meets. Stefano assures her that Mia has lied before, and she can do it again. He claims that for him, Nicole, and Mia, lying just comes naturally. Nicole wonders if this is all really going to work out, and if she is going to be able to keep Sydney. Stefano promises that she will. Nicole asks about EJ. Stefano says he is going to tell Nicole how to get EJ back in her bed.

EJ, now alone, chuckles to himself, wondering if Mr. FBI, Rafe Hernandez, knows his sister is the top dealer on the north side of town.

Arianna explains to Rafe that it is common knowledge that Nicole bought Sydney from a girl named Mia McCormick. A grin spreads across Rafe’s face as Arianna explains that everyone now knows the truth, and that EJ actually threw Nicole and the baby out of the house. She notices Rafe’s smile and demands to know what is going on.


Nicole tells EJ, “The one and only man that Sydney needs and wants in her life is you.”

Mia sobs to Will, “I don't know who the father is.”

Arianna asks Rafe, “And how are you gonna prove this? How are you gonna prove Nicole switched babies?”

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