Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/29/09


Written By Jenni
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Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s place, Carly picks up a picture of Bo’s family and stares at it. Bo rushes in and lays into her, reminding her that she isn’t supposed to be standing anywhere where someone might see her. Carly isn’t so sure him hiding her is a good idea, since Hope is already suspicious. Bo claims that his problems with Hope have nothing to do with Carly, but Carly knows she isn’t making things easier, and suggests that she just return to the boat. Bo insists that she is staying here, and if she gives him a hard time about it, he’ll turn her in himself. Carly asks if Bo is threatening her, and he nods, saying that nothing else seems to work. Carly agrees to stay with Bo, but explains that she must return to the boat to take care of something.

On the boat, Rafe wakes up to see Sami gazing at him. She moves in and kisses him. Rafe smiles at her, then frowns, guessing that she isn’t really here. Sami shakes her head sadly and disappears. Rafe moans her name.

In Stefano’s hospital room, Sami says that she is glad that Stefano agrees with her that a child should be with its mother, but if that is true, then why is he trying so hard to keep Sydney from her mother? Stefano claims he isn’t, and that that is what he has been trying to tell Sami ever since she stormed in here. He declares that Sydney needs to be with her mother—her real mother.

EJ heads into the hospital and greets Lexie, asking how their father is doing. Lexie says that he was asleep the last time she checked. EJ explains that Stefano needed to speak to him about something important and called him down here, but Lexie says it will have to wait, a she wants Stefano to get as much rest as possible.

At the pier, Chad hands Nicole some legal documents, explaining that it’s a court order to have Sydney’s DNA tested. Chad smirks, saying he’s now one step closer to gaining custody of his baby. Nicole doesn’t answer. He adds that there is no point in fighting him on this, and Nicole agrees. Chad is surprised she isn’t resorting to hysterics in a desperate attempt to get him to change his mind, but Nicole tells him quietly that she is through fighting.

Stefano gets off the phone and apologizes to Sami for the interruption, saying that he believes Sydney should be with her real mother, who is—Sami interrupts, saying that she doesn’t care what he thinks or believes. Stefano thinks that she might want to hear what he has to say, but Sami says she isn’t interested, and adds that now that EJ has kicked Sydney out of the mansion, she is nothing to Stefano. Stefano claims that isn’t true, and that he is Sydney’s grandfather.

At Maggie’s place, Melanie accuses Philip of being arrogant. He claims she knows he is right. She guesses angrily that he thinks he is more interesting and fun than Nathan; otherwise he wouldn’t have told her they were perfect for one another. Philip shrugs, saying that he and Melanie are alike, and neither of them can deny the chemistry between them. He claims they are perfect for each other. Melanie slaps him, warning him to never say anything like that to her ever again.

Stephanie greets Nathan at the hospital, telling him that he was a huge hit at the Halloween party earlier. Nathan thanks her for saying so and congratulates her on organizing it so well. Stephanie starts to hand Nathan a cupcake, saying she wanted to make some kind of peace offering, but Nathan tells her that he can’t accept it.

Sami lays into Stefano, saying that all he cares about is punishing Nicole, not being a grandfather. Stefano thinks she’d agree with him if she let him talk, but Sami shrieks that she will never agree with Stefano. She reminds Stefano that he keeps saying Sydney belongs with her real mother, but that is Nicole. Stefano shakes his head. Sami groans, saying she realizes that Mia is Sydney’s biological mother. She says angrily that if Stefano would listen, he’d know that Mia wants Nicole to have her baby. Stefano grumps that Nicole is irrelevant and Mia is just a confused little girl. Sami screams that she is sick of Stefano’s chauvinism, and claims that he and EJ are a just a couple of pig-headed idiots. Stefano asks calmly if she is finished. Sami yells back that she is just getting started. Stefano sighs and rolls his eyes as Sami accuses him of acting unconscionably when it comes to Sydney.

Bo asks Carly what she needs to do on the boat, and she explains she just needs to check on a friend, and say her goodbyes. Bo wants to drive her down there, but Carly insists on walking. Bo reminds her that her life is in danger. Carly pulls out her scarf, saying she has her disguise. Bo sighs, telling her that her ‘Agent 99’ get-up is pretty conspicuous. He tells her coffee will be ready soon, and asks if she still takes it black. She nods. Bo heads into the kitchen. Carly takes the opportunity and hurries out the door. Bo comes back with the coffee a few moments later, but Carly is gone. Bo curses.

Omar tends to Rafe, wiping his forehead with a cloth. Rafe wakes up and asks where he is. Omar explains that he is on a boat, docked in a town called Salem.

Chad accuses Nicole of playing games, but she shakes her head tiredly, telling him there is nothing left for her to do. Chad smirks, glad that she is finally facing reality. He kneels down and greets Sydney, saying that he is her daddy, and pretty son, they’re going to be hanging out a lot more. Sydney shrieks. Chad jumps back, startled.

Stefano tells Sami that he is jut trying to make sure Sydney is raised by her father. Sami flies into a rage, saying that Stefano doesn’t even know Chad. She is surprised that he doesn’t think a mother has rights, but then remembers that Stefano has never had a problem with ripping a child away from its mother. Stefano reminds her angrily that she kept EJ’s child from him, but she says she only did that to protect her from being raised in a house full of criminals. Stefano warns her to watch what she says, but Sami snaps back that she will say whatever she wants. Stefano notes she is a lot like her mother. Sami agrees, saying that Marlena was classy, which is why she wanted nothing to do with Stefano. However, he decided he wanted her anyway, and took her from her children, and ruined everyone’s lives. Stefano shouts back at her to start taking responsibility for her own stupid mistakes. Sami claims she has, but all her problems started with Stefano. She adds that she shudders to think what might happen to Johnny just because he knows Stefano. Stefano grumps that he is teaching Johnny all about being a true DiMera—an honor Sami doesn’t seem to appreciate. Sami retorts that the DiMera name is a curse—a curse she is grateful Grace never had to be a part of. Sami then decides that it is probably best that Sydney not know the DiMeras at all. She tells Stefano that she knows what he has done to his other children and it’s no surprise to her that half of them ended up dead. Stefano bellows that that is enough. Just then, EJ walks in, asking the two what in the world is going on.

Philip tells Melanie that he is ashamed of the way he acted, and says that he knows he was a fool. Melanie doesn’t think Philip would be saying any of this had Stephanie not dumped him. Philip says that may be true, but perhaps all of that happening was a way for them to find their way back to each other. Melanie interrupts and throws an apple at Philip. Philip asks her why she is so angry. Melanie, having run out of fruit, starts pelting Philip with muffins. She cries and reminds him that she was there for him every time he needed a shoulder to cry on. But when she needed someone, he was never there for her. She has finally met a nice, caring guy that actually likes her, and only now has Philip decided come back, sniffing around her. She cries that it just isn’t fair. Philip begs Melanie to stop throwing muffins. He claims that he isn’t jerking her around, and that the genuinely has feelings for her. Melanie asks him to stop saying that, and pleads with him to leave her alone.

Stephanie tells Nathan that she knows he is probably upset with her, but she didn’t purposely tell Maxine that he and Melanie were dating. Nathan says he knows that, which is why he can’t take her peace offering. Nathan claims that she didn’t do anything wrong. Stephanie says that she still feels guilty, but Nathan wonders why, since they are good friends. She sighs, admitting that she really hasn’t been a good friend lately.

Nicole takes Sydney and soothes her, reminding Chad that he is still a stranger, so he will have to tread lightly. Chad grumps that that isn’t his fault. Nicole says that she is tired of his victim routine and hands Sydney to him, claiming that he can go ahead and have a taste of his future. Chad takes Sydney awkwardly and asks Nicole what he is supposed to do. Nicole suggests that he try being a father. Chad talks to Sydney, but she starts fussing and crying. Chad tells Nicole that this isn’t working. Nicole tells him not to look to her for help, since she won’t be there after he gets custody. Chad asks Nicole to take her back and hands the baby over. Nicole soothes Sydney, warning Chad that babies cry a lot, and that Sydney will be doing a lot of crying after he first gets her. She reminds Chad that Sydney will need him at all times. Chad claims he knows that, but Nicole isn’t so sure. She says that he will be in charge of a human life, and that Sydney’s survival depends on him. She wonders if he is really ready for that, and ready to be a full-time father.

EJ asks Sami what she is doing here, and she snaps that she just wanted to set Stefano straight on a few issues. EJ tells her to do it another time, since Stefano’s condition is still precarious. He asks her to leave, and she says it is her pleasure to do so. She starts to head out, but Stefano stops her, telling EJ that there is something Sami needs to know before she goes.

Philip tells Melanie that he realizes she is upset, and jokes that at least now he knows she has a pretty good arm. She glares. Philip thinks he must have hit a nerve, but Melanie says that she is just sick of Philip messing with her head. Philip swears that that isn’t it, and that he has just finally realized that Melanie understands him and appreciates him for who he is—without expecting him to change. Melanie claims that there are a million things she’d change about Philip right now, but he doesn’t believe that, and adds that he doesn’t want to change anything about her, either. He tells Melanie that he wouldn’t be pushing this if he didn’t think there were sparks between them. Melanie sighs. Philip puts a hand on her arm, asking her to admit she feels it, too.

Stephanie admits to Nathan that she has serious doubts about Nathan and Melanie making it as a couple. Nathan thinks that she is entitled to her opinion, but Stephanie says that she hasn’t just thought it—she’s wished it, too.

Carly heads onto Omar’s boat and greets Omar, saying that she just wanted to check on their patient. She then notices that Rafe is gone, and asks Omar where he went. Bo bursts through the cabin door just then, asking Carly what the hell she thinks she is doing.

Rafe stumbles onto the pier and listens in as Nicole lectures Chad about what it takes to be a good parent. Rafe slumps down behind a bush and passes out. Nicole asks Chad if he is really ready for this responsibly. He claims that he knows that it will be hard, but that Sydney will adjust, and it won’t be long before Sydney forgets she ever knew Nicole. Nicole asks him if he is stupid, and says that it’s scary that he knows so little about babies. She shrieks that her baby will never forget about her, and asks Chad if he understands that. Chad asks her to calm down and give him back his kid, but Nicole refuses, saying that Sydney isn’t his.

Stefano lays into Sami for not knowing who the father of most of her children are, and then hiding the truth once she finds out. Sami goes after Stefano, but EJ holds her back as she thrashes and shouts that her children arm ore important to her than anything else in the world. Stefano scoffs, saying it’s only right that she go home to an empty crib, considering how many fathers’ rights she has violated. EJ shouts that that is enough. Sami goes after Stefano again, but EJ catches her. She shrieks at Stefano, cursing as Lexie rushes in, demanding to know what is going on. Sami rushes out, slamming the door. Stefano claims that he is fine, and Lexie asks EJ to try to keep Stefano calm. She heads off. EJ demands to know what has gotten into Stefano. He claims that Sami just gets under his skin, but EJ thinks he should have known this about her already. Stefano agrees, saying that from now on, Sami means nothing to them. EJ says that isn’t exactly true, and asks his father to try to exercise some restraint from now on. Stefano shakes his head, saying that Sami’s behavior and EJ’s foolish love for her has changed everything. He admits that he nearly made a hideous, costly mistake. EJ asks what he is talking about.

Melanie tells Philip that she isn’t the kind of girl that has two guys fighting over her. At first she thought it was cool, but now she realizes that it sucks. She tells Philip that when faced with a decision, she usually makes the wrong one. When she’s picking out shoes, and choosing between a heel and a sneaker, she always goes for the heel. Philip moves in for a kiss, but Melanie pushes him away, telling him that her feet hurt at the end of the day, and she realizes she should have chosen the sneaker. He tries to kiss her again, but Melanie pushes him away, telling him that she wants to be treated right for once. She then asks him to go. Philip agrees and promptly heads out the door, slamming it behind him. Melanie leans against it and sighs.

Nathan wonders why Stephanie wouldn’t want things to work out for him and Melanie, but Stephanie doesn’t think he can be that dense. Nathan blushes, saying he didn’t want to presume anything. Stephanie admits that she is jealous, and that it’s funny, since six months ago, Melanie envied her for being with Philip. Nathan reminds Stephanie that she dumped Philip, and could get him back, but Stephanie doesn’t want that. She says it would have been nice if it had worked out, but that is never going to happen. She then asks Nathan not to say anything to Melanie, as they are friends now, and she really wants to be happy for her. Stephanie sighs, admitting that she needs to work on becoming a better person. Nathan assures her that she is, and that there isn’t any room for improvement. She thanks him for saying so.

Bo shakes his head, saying he should have known Carly would promise one thing and do the exact opposite. Carly claims that this isn’t about Bo, and that someone needed her help. She then tells Bo all about the man they fished out of the water. He wonders why she nursed him back to health instead of taking him to the hospital, but Carly claims she thought the man might have had enemies out there, so she played it safe. Bo asks where the man is now. Carly says that’s a good question.

Nicole claims that Sydney isn’t Chad’s. He vows that the DNA tests will prove otherwise. Nicole says that until then, Sydney is legally hers, and Chad can’t touch her. She snaps at him to keep his hands off her daughter and flounces off. Marco follows her.

Sami hears a knock on her door and answers. It’s Rafe. She gasps and hugs him, asking if he is ok. He says he is, and that he has to talk to her about Sydney. He claims he knows it will sound crazy, but says that Sami has to believe him. Sami promises that she will, and tells him how happy she is to have him back, since she has missed him so much. The dream fades and we pan in on Rafe, who is still unconscious on the pier.

Carly introduces Bo and Omar, explaining that Omar is a dear friend of hers, and that she wouldn’t have made it this far had it not been for his help. Omar shakes Bo’s hand, explaining that he owes Carly his life as well. He apologizes to Carly for letting her down by letting their mystery patient wander away, but Carly assures him that he had no idea the man wasn’t in any shape to get up and leave. Bo promises to check with the station, and see if anyone has reported seeing a man that fits her patients’ description. Carly thanks Omar again for everything, and he asks her not to hesitate to call him if she needs anything in the future. Bo says that he and Carly had better get back to the house, and Carly says her final goodbyes to Omar.

Sami heads back to her place and finds that Nicole is gone. She spots a picture of Grace by the sofa and picks up. Sami gazes at it and sniffles.

EJ asks Stefano what mistake he made, but Stefano claims that he needs to rest. EJ reminds him that he called him down here to speak to him about something urgent, but Stefano claims that it can wait. EJ says it can’t, but Stefano insists he needs his rest. EJ agrees reluctantly and heads off. Outside, EJ complains to Lexie that Stefano called him down here, saying it was something very important, but now he just wants to take a nap.

Meanwhile, Stefano calls Nicole and asks her to come down to the hospital with Sydney right away. Nicole, who is at the café, asks what Stefano has done, but he insists that she stop asking questions and get down here. He reminds her that Marco is watching her every move and warns her not to do anything she might regret. Nicole retorts that she has nothing to lose as it is, but Stefano thinks she might be surprised.

Melanie greets Nathan at the hospital, asking what time he gets off. He says he’ll be off in an hour, but Melanie whines that she can’t wait that long. She complains that he works all the time, and ever since he moved out, she hardly gets to see him anymore. She claims she just wants to show him how she feels and moves in closer. Another doctor walks by and Melanie loudly declares that she is feeling feverish. Nathan offers to call Dr. Carver, but Melanie whispers that this is something only young handsome intern with strong hands can take care of. Nathan sighs, saying that he really loves this side of Melanie, but he has to wonder where all of this is coming from.

Philip runs into Stephanie at the Java Café, and she asks him how it went with Melanie. He says that giving her the citation worked out well enough, but admits that he was thrown when he learned Nathan didn’t move out because he and Melanie had broken up. Stephanie nods, saying that the two are still together and seem to be happy. Philip says it’s just that way for right now, but Stephanie warns him that the two are in a committed relationship. Philip declares that if there’s one thing he learned from being with Stephanie, it’s that things change.

Carly and Bo head back into his house. Carly thinks she is becoming a burden to Bo, since he is putting a lot of time and energy into protecting her. Bo promises that this won’t last long. Carly admits hat she feels badly for sneaking out on him before, but she was worried about her patient. Bo fears that the man still might turn on Carly, but she shakes her head, saying he doesn’t know her, and besides, she can tell that he is a good man—like Bo.

Rafe gets up and stumbles along the pier.

Sami whispers that she misses Grace as someone knocks on the door. She opens the door, and EJ bursts in, asking how she dares to speak to his father that way, and insists that Sami never see him again. Sami groans, wishing God would just shoot her now. EJ wishes that were an option. That way he wouldn’t have to look at her face ever again. Sami wonders what he is doing here, then.

Nicole heads into Stefano’s room. He asks where Sydney is, and Nicole explains that she is in hospital daycare. She wonders where EJ and Sami are, and if they’re gathering the villagers and sharpening their pitchforks. Stefano explains that things didn’t go as anticipated, and Nicole guesses that EJ turned on him. Stefano says that isn’t it, but Nicole rails on him for what he has done, saying that now neither of them will get to see Sydney ever again. Stefano shouts at her to shut up, saying it’s amazing how much she and Sami have in common. Nicole quiets down and Stefano thanks her, saying that at least she knows when to keep quiet. He then explains that he didn’t tell EJ about Sydney, nor did he tell Sami. Nicole asks why not, and Stefano explains that he has decided that they must keep Sydney’s true parentage a secret forever.

Stephanie warns Philip to leave Melanie and Nathan alone. Philip scoffs, noting that he could say the same to her, since she seems especially interested in Nathan’s business. Stephanie claims that she is friends with both Melanie and Nathan, and she doesn’t want to see either one of them get hurt. She tells Philip to back off and huffs out of the café.

Melanie yanks Nathan into the break room, kissing him and telling him that she can’t stand not being able to be alone with him. She suggests they go back to his place and celebrate. Nathan agrees, stammering. Melanie asks him to shut up and kisses him passionately.

Carly flashes back to her and Lawrence leaving Salem together. She then flashes back to Lawrence slapping her and calling her a bitch. She stabs him. Carly comes back from her reverie and sobs, wondering what she has done. Bo watches, concerned.

Stefano explains to Nicole that his visit with Sami reminded him that Nicole is the lesser of two evils. He explains that he could never tell EJ the truth, because he is still embroiled with that bitch, and he would run off and tell her right away. Stefano adds that he believes Nicole should remain Sydney’s mother and EJ’s wife. Nicole tells Stefano that EJ will never take her back, but Stefano promises to make it happen. Nicole sighs and shows Stefano the court order from Chad, saying that everything will come out the moment Chad learns he isn’t Sydney’s father. Stefano assures Nicole that when he wants something, he gets it, and he plans on taking care of everything.

Rafe reaches an apartment door and breathes heavily, saying he made it. He knocks. EJ starts to tell Sami the reason he is at her house, but a knock on the door interrupts them. Sami heads for the door, telling EJ to hold that thought. Rafe waits outside.


Chad tells Will, “You and Mia lied to everyone about everything.”

Stefano tells Nicole, “No one outside of this room must ever know the real truth.”

Carly tells Bo, “I took a life. They're gonna want mine in return.”

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